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Over the last year, Dell has worked to expand its global service programs focused on our corporate business customers.  Since I get a lot of questions about these services, I thought it might be helpful to outline them:


  • Pro Support  We introduced ProSupport earlier this year, ProSupport aims to customize service options for small and medium, public and large business clients by offering different levels of warranty support.  The Pro Support motto is: “Beyond One-Size Fits-All", and with its Fast-Track Dispatch model, certified Dell IT technicians can get their parts quickly from one of Dell's hundreds of 4-hour warranty part dispatch centers.

  •  Partner Direct is a program focused on our global reseller partners, also provides service support for in warranty clients, as well as IT consulting and Dell product sales via the Channel partners. It’s been live in the United States for just over six months, and less than that in other countries. PartnerDirect is now available in each of Dell’s main regions—the Americas, EMEA and APJ. To date, more than 16,000 partners have registered via PartnerDirect globally.


In addition to these offerings, we continue to offer existing programs like Warranty Parts Direct (WPD) is a his service meant for Dell customers who use a  help desk for service dispatch, provide self maintenance or for customers who want to appoint a service provider to maintain their Dell branded hardware.

Programs for established companies are one thing, but, what about partnering with smaller IT vendors, who may or may not have an existing relationship with Dell?  What about extending Dell service offerings to out-of-warranty systems?  

Those are two of the reasons we rolled out the Service Partner Program (SPP Long before we finalized that program, we asked for feedback from ISPs. Two of the needs we heard most often were 1) getting a part fast – and, 2) getting a part at a reasonable price.

That feedback helped shape the Service Partner Program.  Now, technicians can order parts up until 7 p.m. CST with the option for Next-Business-Day delivery upon request.  We also did our homework to make sure our pricing was competitive with other options you have from our competitors. SPP aims to engage the independent service providers and help them improve their own business efficiencies by proving that we stand by our certified parts and warranties and stand by the technicians who are in the field working on our products every day.  


How else can we improve SPP, or any of the service programs that I mention in this post?



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11 thoughts on “Dell Service Options for Business Customers

  1. What good is your warranty service when you cannot supply parts for your technicians? I have waiting for my notebook for 2 weeks to be fixed and they say the parts are on back orer again for another week. Will I then find out that the parts will still be on back order?

    As a president of a small company I rely on my notebook computer and not having acess to it because of warranty parts not being available does not give me much confidence in your products!


    This is wonderful for the business side. But I think you're losing the consumer support side, again.  I'm having a customer support nightmare of my own, and it makes me wonder why I should recommend Dell to businesses. 

    You're welcome to read about it here:

    because more than 9 tech and service reps, even from the outstanding issues group, seem incapable of making a phone call, or arranging to have replacement parts shipped to a NYC house.

  3. On the business side of things, I've been very happy with Dell Technical Support and warranty service. The technicians I have spoken to were always competent and polite, and they showed a genuine interest in whatever problem I called them about. (The "home" technical support division has never been a good experience, but you didn't ask about that, so…)

    Where I ran into problems, however, was with the service side. I'd send my computer (a Latitude D800 that has been one of the best computers I've ever owned) in to Dell for a depot repair and more than once it would come back with the same problem and something else fixed or replaced that wasn't really bothering me.

    The most severe case of this was a noisy fan on the Latitude D800. I'd explain the problem to the tech, and they'd write it down. The last time it was serviced, I even taped a note to the machine in such a way that it couldn't be opened without noticing it. But when the machine came back from being serviced, the same fan was still bad. I wasn't sure what to make of this, but I finally just decided enough was enough and fixed it myself:

  4. All very interesting but when I went to place a phone order for a company desktop yesterday I was told "No XP" even though the one I bought 2 weeks ago had XP. I explained to the phone staff that our company didn't & couldn't use Vista & she said "No XP". So, I wandered down to the local shop & bought a PC off the shelf with XP.


    Later I was looking on the Dell website & saw that I COULD actually get the same desktop as 2 weeks ago with XP (offered as a 'downgrade' that would cost me about RM250 more than 2 weeks ago). Not much use having all these options & programs while your phone staff are busy turning away corporate customers with false information.



    Thanks for providing details about these programs.  I think a lot of people continue to wonder
    how Dell is changing and growing in terms of the services it is providing to
    small businesses as well as regular users since its business model shift.  It seems to me that despite clarification
    there is still some work to do when it comes to defining the full range of
    services being offered by Dell.  But it’s
    a positive sign to see information steadily coming, even if it appears from
    comments it is not exactly what people want to hear.  I would hope that as other companies become “friendlier”
    with partner programs, etc. for many different types of businesses and individual
    users, Dell will follow suit and maintain the customer service reputation it
    has had in the past.   

  6. Recently I bought Dell computer. it still has about 2 years warranty left.
    I have a camcorder with FW, however the PC has USB ports only. If I put FireWire expansion card in the PC, will it affect my warrancy policy or not?
    Thanks for prompt answer


  7. Jana: Feel free to add a FireWire card on your Dell machine. That will not affect your warranty policy at all.

  8. I am sorry to be coming to this comment thread late, but would like to reach out to both "ed drozd" and "Jana" to help find a resolution to your issues.

    Ed, as a Dell marketing program manager focused on parts and small-medium business, I truly understand how frustrating it must have been to wait on the parts.  That is defintely a rare instance to lack a part for in-warrantly systems.  We have a whole team dedicated to resolving parts issues like this, so feel free to contact me directly at the email provided in this comment.  We want to make sure we hear your story and find a suitable resolution for now and the future. 

    Jana, our team looked into the matter and it seems Lionel's advice is appropriate, but there may be a couple things we can do better to help you.  So, if you check back to this post and want to talk directly, please email me as well.

  9. Is there a specific firewire card I must purchase or will any work? I have one, but it seems too wide to fit in the box. Any clue?

  10. @ Fred Wilcox

    What model of system do you have?   If it is one of the slimline cases you may need a specific card to fit.   If you would like to let us know more about what system that you have we can try to find out for you.  Please do not post your service tag or any other personal information.

    You may also want to consider posting your question to the Dell Community Forums where you may get quicker replies than here.


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