Dell Services Helps CoreLogic Build a Modern, Scalable IT Infrastructure


It is estimated that 80 percent of an organization’s IT budget is spent on systems maintenance. That is too much time and money to just keep the lights on. In an era of “do more with less,” CIOs are under pressure to cut back on IT spending while maximizing business effectiveness. Dell believes the solution to address that challenge lies in modernizing applications for better efficiency and aligning IT with strategic business goals.

CoreLogic logoCoreLogic has turned to Dell to do just that. More than one million users rely on CoreLogic to assess risk, support underwriting, investment and marketing decisions, prevent fraud and improve business performance in daily operations. CoreLogic recently announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with Dell Services to re-host its existing IT infrastructure and deliver next-generation cloud computing, technology, security and infrastructure management services.

A significant part of that process relies on Dell’s end-to-end application modernization services from recently acquired Clerity Solutions and Dell’s UNIX-to-Linux migration services. Through this engagement, Dell will provide:

  • Mainframe Re-host/ Re-platform – Migrate a >1000 MIPS IBM CICS transaction and batch Natural Adabas mainframe-based application using mainframe re-hosting technology recently acquired from Clerity Solutions.
  • UNIX-to-Linux Re-host/Re-platform – Migrate more than 1.8 million lines of Java code, up to 150 Oracle database instances and Oracle EBS Financials from proprietary UNIX environments using Dell’s UNIX-to-Linux re-hosting services.

Rather than locking CoreLogic into a single path requiring new hardware, Dell Services is helping CoreLogic deliver results today, working with the company’s existing infrastructure. Consolidating multiple legacy systems to a modern, industry-standard environment will help transform CoreLogic’s infrastructure over the next 30 months to a state-of-the-art technology platform that will provide new functionality, increased performance, and an overall reduction in application management and development costs. Through these and other services Dell is delivering, CoreLogic expects to realize net operating expense reductions of approximately $35 to $40 million per year compared to 2012 projected operating cost run-rates on a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to support enhanced performance and future growth.

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