Dell Streak 10 Pro Coming to China


You may have seen some speculation on when we will introduce a 10-inch tablet based on Android. You may have seen the recent CNET story on the topic. With this post, I'm here to confirm that Dell is indeed working on 10-inch tablet products – an Android-based tablet for “prosumers,” and a Windows 7-based tablet for enterprise customers, due out later this year.

I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the 10-inch Android-based tablet. We will launch the Streak 10 Pro in China later this summer. We will evaluate other regions and segments in the second half of 2011.

Why China?

Well it’s simple. The next one billion people to come onto the Internet will be from emerging countries, with the majority from the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China). These countries present tremendous growth and opportunity to Dell as a company.

In Q1, we noted that revenue from growth markets (which excludes the U.S., Canada, Western Europe and Japan) represented 27 percent of total company revenue and this is expected to increase over the coming year. In China in particular, we’re currently number 2 in the Chinese PC market and we’re seeing a significant increase in the number of small and medium-business users, who are adopting mobility products as part of their growth plans. In Q1, our revenue from China grew 22 percent.

We’re confident the new Streak 10 Pro will help them achieve their professional goals. In addition, we have a significant – and rapidly growing – retail presence in China, with more than 10,000 locations where customers can buy Dell products throughout the region.

Why not also launch in the US and Europe?

In each market where we do business, we want to deliver a product when we’re ready to offer a complete suite of productivity and security services and applications to complement the hardware. Our goal is to provide the complete experience that our customers expect from us. In China, access to Google applications and the Android Market is not available today in many cases. Therefore, the end product (encompassing the hardware, software, and availability of applications, services and solutions) delivered in China will be significantly different to what would be delivered in many other countries. That’s why it makes sense to start there. We will use what we learn in China to shape mobile products we’ll offer in other places down the road.

Offering an Android 10” tablet in these markets at a later date allows developers more time to create robust apps, particularly for mobile professionals. It also allows more time for companies developing services and solutions to optimize their product for Android.

Bottom line, we remain committed to the tablet space. It’s important to remember that tablets are still new in the scheme of things.  There’s no question that tablets are growing exponentially, but it’s important to remember laptops and desktops will comprise the vast majority of computing products for the foreseeable future.  Mainstream customer awareness and business adoption is in the nascent stages. This space will grow and evolve over the next few years, and we want to take steps to ensure that Dell is well positioned to deliver mobile products and solutions that serve all of our customers.

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9 thoughts on “Dell Streak 10 Pro Coming to China

  1. For the last two months I've waited patiently for the release of the Streak Pro because it seemed like it might be the perfect Android tablet, and, well, it's a Dell. I'm not waiting until later this year or next year to purchase. Guess I'll be buying a Xoom instead.

  2. There's no point in introducing a 10" device later into the US and European markets…You'll have been left completely behind in a saturated marketplace.  So GLAD I've remained a faithful customer.  No longer.

  3. I agree with Phobo512. I was waiting on the announcement for the Streak 10 before buying a tablet. Well now I know which one to get, the Xoom.

  4. I was eagerly awaiting the WiFi only version of the Dell Streak 10.  I would prefer to use my Dell account for the purchase of a new Android 3.x tablet.  Rather than waiting up to a year for a Dell tablet, I will be forced to go with a Xoom, Galaxy Tab, etc.

    If the issue with releasing the Streak 10 Pro in the US is due to carrier disagreements for 3G/4G, there shouldn't be an issue for releasing the WiFi only version.

    There shouldn't be a hardware difference between a Chinese version and a US version.  The rumored specs of the Streak 10 Pro are almost identical to existing US Android 3.x tablets that are available to consumers.

    Chrome apps and the Android app sites are already up and running, so what's the problem with accessing them from the US?

    So far I don't really see a reason to release this product in China and not the US, except that it may be cheaper to distribute.   Release it in the US – I'll pay the extra $20 shipping.

  5. I'm trying to think of a condition where "later is better" in the technology field.  Learning about the environment after your competitors?  Introducing products into a saturated market? Spending time developing bloat-ware to devalue the performance and experience the software publishers intended?  

    The ecosystem of developers will care about compatibility with your product less if you're not there, so ideas like 'applications' and 'experience' are pretty weak logos.

    Android is having trouble only 1 year after the Apple's tablet.  Microsoft is going to have a dog of a time 2 years afterwards.  Why do you think that waiting is a rich idea?

    Well, nothing comes to mind.  Guess I'll get a Xoom or a Tab 10.

  6. I too have been waiting for a realease dte, actually I even called in to be added to a notification list to be contacted when the Dell Streak 10 is going to be available.  I had been holding out from buying one other places since I had credit with Dell.  I'm going to school and I'm going to be flying in the near future so I wanted a tablet.  I'm going to open credit at Target since they carry the Xoom.  I already own 2 streak 5's, this would have been nice, but too bad Dell.  Cya!

  7. For the last two months I've waited patiently for the release of the Streak Pro because it seemed like it might be the perfect Android tablet, and, well, it's a Dell. I'm not waiting until later this year or next year to purchase. Guess I'll be buying a Xoom instead.

    I have credit with Dell, l you are doing it all rong

  8. I am disappointed that Dell is waiting to enter the market in the US.  By the time you do, even if your product is superior, you will have missed whatever chance you had of capturing any of it.  You've failed to get my sale.  He who hesitates is lost.

  9. I have been a loyal customer for over 13 years. Ever since the first iPad, I have been waiting for Dell to step up to the 10" android tablet consumer plate, believing you would meet the challenge. Talk about delayed gratification!!! I thought two years was forever in the computing world.

    As soon as I learned of the China release, I went out and purchased the Motorola Xoom (wifi only) tablet. I feel you have overlooked your loyal US customer base in this decision. I understand the overriding economics involved, and the desire to offer a competitive device. The only reason I am making this first ever posting is because you need to hear from folks like me from time to time, who will not be financially able to run out and swoop up another tablet just because it becomes available at a later date.

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