Dell Streak: The versatile 5-inch Android tablet


 I’m pumped to finally get a chance to blog about the upcoming Dell Streak tablet device. Since we first previewed the Dell Streak at CES 2010, it’s been making waves in the blogosphere ever since. The 5-inch tablet will launch first to customers in the United Kingdom in early June. Customers there will be able to purchase it across the UK at O2 stores,, The Carphone Warehouse and later this month on Pricing and data plans for UK customers will be announced by O2 before availability. We plan to make the Dell Streak available to customers in the United States later this summer.

I’ve been at Dell for 16 years, and I don’t think there’s ever been more buzz around a single Dell product than this. In my view, that’s for good reason. Hardware and design-wise, this thing impresses. Add the ever-increasing capability that Android brings to the equation, and you’ve got a mobile device that offers a ton of flexibility while looking cool in the process. The Dell Streak brings together a great web browsing experience, multi-tasking capability, slick turn by turn navigation and a great way to enjoy your photos, movies and music into a sleek device that’s built for mobility.

Update: Here’s a short video we uploaded to the Dell YouTube channel that provides a quick overview of what you can use Streak for:

The Dell Streak is a hybrid device that lives in the space between a smartphone and other larger tablets or netbooks that you might be using right now. We designed it to provide a wide range of users flexibility to do what they need with a mobile device. That’s why we packed the Dell Streak with a lot of features. We’ll utilize that flexibility via over-the-air updates for platform upgrades, Adobe Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 later this year, plus other enhancements like video chat applications and more.  

After using the Dell Streak for a bit, one thing that really stands out in my opinion is the screen. The vivid, 5-inch diagonal display may seem only slightly larger than many of the smartphones making waves out there specs-wise. But when that larger screen is coupled with higher pixel density, it’s surprising how much difference that extra inch and a half or so makes in everyday activities like browsing the web, playing games or watching video. Because it’s made with Gorilla Glass the screen also has a pretty big durability advantage over more fragile mobile devices. Take a look at the Gizmodo hands-on to see what I mean. The Dell Streak is thin (10mm-which is  thinner than a lot of mobile devices out there), and though it’s just a bit heavier than other smartphones, it feels solid and balanced-which makes using it pretty natural across a number of activities. We’ll also offer all kinds of Dell Streak accessories like a car dock kit, battery replacements, a home AV dock and more. 

The Dell Streak is a device designed for accessing entertainment, navigating your busy schedule and connecting you to the friends and family who matter to you. If you want dig into more details, check out this video interview with Kevin Andrew from the Dell Streak development team: 

Hardware-wise, the Dell Streak features the following:

  • A sharp 5-inch capacitive multi-touch WVGA (800×480) display for a great full-screen experience watching video or browsing the web

  • Fast 1GHz Snapdragon ARM-based mobile processor from Qualcomm

  • 5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash that offers easy point & shoot capability and quick uploads to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and more

  • VGA front-facing camera enables video chat functionality down the road

  • A user-removable (and replaceable) battery

  • A 3.5mm headphone jack means many of you can use the Dell Streak as the music source (and more) in your car

  • Integrated 3G + Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) + Bluetooth 2.1 (think headsets, external keyboards, stereo headsets, etc.)

  • UMTS / GPRS / EDGE class 12 GSM radio with link speeds of HSDPA 7.2 Mbps / HSUPA

  • A user-accessible Micro SD slot expandable up to 32GB. That means you can store  lots of movies, music, photos or other kinds of files.

On the software side, here’s what you can expect:

  • A customized multi-touch version of the Google Android operating system that features Dell user interface enhancements

  • Access to over 38,000  apps (and growing) via the Android Marketplace
  • Microsoft Exchange connectivity and integration through TouchDown
  • Google Voice support

  • Integrated Google Maps with voice-activated search, turn-by-turn navigation, street and satellite views

  • Quick access to activity streams via integrated social network app widgets like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Like an increasing number of our laptop and netbook products, Dell Streak will ship with cushions made from compostable bamboo. Take a look at the Streak 5 product page if you want to take a look in more detail.

More Dell Streak details will be coming in subsequent posts. In the meantime, feel free to leave comments or questions to this blog post, or follow the discussion on Twitter by using the #DellStreak hashtag.

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154 thoughts on “Dell Streak: The versatile 5-inch Android tablet

  1. finally, DELL has a unique device to take on the iphone.  why would DELL not sell it for $300 w/o a contract (i.e., netbook price) in the US, so that  existing iphone users would switch.  what a wasted opportunity…

  2. So my first two questions are: Why only 5 inches? and Why is it releasing in the UK first? You would think that it would have a larger screen and launch in the US first to get solid footing against the iPad. Are there other versions coming out soon to accompany this unit? So far this is very underwhelming.

  3. @criptodude: This is the first of a series of Dell tablets. There are other two models with 7" and 10" screens (and powerful Nvidia Tegra 2 co-processors). This is intended as a really portable tablet that also serves as a phone. A 10" tablet is not something you will be carring with you all the time, the Dell Streak is.

    @Lionel:  The O2 site says 512 MB ROM, and then 2 GB internal memory. What does this mean?

  4. I'm very excited. Definitely needs more RAM and a large hard drive. I'm very curious what else is coming out from competitors now.

    Glad it's on Android. I ticks me off how Apple is closed sourced.

    I was expecting the Nexus One to have two cameras and this does!.  And it's GSM! Are there any phone networks it works "best" with, or is it unlocked?

    And you're going to allow us to upgrade to Android 2.2?  We don't have to buy a new Streak to upgrade??

    I would love to be a product manager for this, or do customer research for it!

    I'm so glad I own Dell stock.  Go Dell!

    Okay, sorry for the rant. I'm just very excited.

  5. Hi Lionel, can you provide more info on the phone specs? I'm seeing contradictory information regarding the amout of built-in storage and RAM. Also, I have not seen them mentioned anywhere so I assume no FM radio and no digital compass.

  6. vcespon: Thanks for commenting, Let me check and I'll update this comment with more details.

    The Dell Streak supports 512MB RAM, up to 32GB through a microSD card slot and it also features 2GB of memory used specifically to store applications. Many other devices either use 512MB or 1GB dedicated memory for apps.

    Here are the memory specs:

    To those of you who are asking, here's the Dell Streak spec sheet from the O2 website. You can also click on the image above to go there directly.

    As far as other questions… the Dell Streak does also support GPS. I've used it with Google Maps navigation and it worked great. As far as the video camera capability: unfortunately, 720p video recording is not supported.

  7. @ cryptodude

    Why shouldn't the UK get it first? You get the ipad and we get the Streak.

    @ Lionel Menchaca

    Can we get an official Dell spec list please.

  8. I have been waiting for this phone for FOREVER! Is there any information on pricing? At least a hint like less than or greater than $500? Is HDMI out only available through the docking station? Is there any way to hook up a keyboard and mouse to it? I was just thinking that with the HDMI out it would be cool to hook it up to the TV and search youtube and whatnot. Thanks.

  9. Now Dailytech says that the Dell Streak has 408 MB of DRAM, two microSD slots and 16 GB of flash memory built-in. Can we get the OFFICIAL specs of this device? I mean, I want to get the facts straight before placing the order.

  10. I will gladly buy this.

    Hopefully on a VERIZON (best network) Plan

    Tho Dell tends to go for ther best deal/Worst supplier.

    This is not just a phone with TWICE the screen area of a 3.5" phone, it's a small tablet.

    Big key and number pad and I think even lartge enough for stock monitoring and trading.

  11. Although Dell try its best to make a device to out-perform any competitor from i Pad to Nokia's Tablets, by giving 2 card slots, 5MP rear + front video call camera and all other features normally most of devices have…

    But its lacking in 3 categories to unleash a real monster:

    1.. It must upgrade both SD-slots to support 32GB cards each, so one shouldn't be worry about losing a space

    2.. Its touch interface should be capable of handling "multi touch" & "gestures control" Features

    3.. THE MOST IMPORTANT of ALL is there is hell of the devices support USB-OTG (on-the-go), Dell must put some effort to inject this feature in this device….

    Overall good work by Dell…But plz consider those points…!!!

  12. I am also very interested in the device. But as a Canadian, I'm resigned to my fate. It is highly unlikely that we Canadians will see this device this year, or perhaps even next year. Our carriers have a dismal offering of Android phones.


    Do you happen to know if and when this device might be released in Canada?

    If not, will this be offered on the US Dell site for delivery to Canadian/US customers in an unlocked version?

    Looking forward to getting some answers!

  13.  There is one thing that Dell can do to greatly boost their sales and take away market share from Apple.  They should make it so that the Streak is recognized by Itunes, the same way that the Palm Pre did when it was released.  I believe there are many people like myself that have built themselves quite a collection of songs,podcasts,and  movies on Itunes that want to switch platforms but don't want to go thru the hassle of switching format every day.  This is the number one reason that I have had my Iphone so long.  Help me crossover Dell.

  14. Other forum posts ask how much memory? I'll repeat that.

    Also, in the UK it's restricted to O2. What a missed opportunity. Why restrict yourself to a carrier that has less then optimal UK coverage. (Don't believe the computer generated coverage maps).

    Oh well, iPhone it is. At least that's now unlocked to other carriers!

    iPad? I don't think so!

  15. fester61: The Dell Streak supports up to 32GB RAM with its one user-accessible microSD card. Otherwise, like I mentioned before, the 2GB internal storage is used for Android apps. That 2GB application storage space is more than most devices support. Most phones either offer 512MB or 1GB for app storage.

  16. I can't very well "navigating your busy schedule " if I can't sync with my Outlook calendar that is on my main computer.  I'm sure some hack will create an app in his spare time that will sync most of my appointments but its certainly not something I can trust with my customers who won't appreciate being that one in every 50 appointments that gets lost in the transfer.  Wish there was an option to use windows.

  17. looks interesting… when will it come into the German market … and what will be the starting prize ? – Which telecom / internet provider you will collaborate (hope its not Telecom Mobile) ?

  18. P.S.: Whats with the virtual touch screen keyboard ? You should show that, too. very often the key buttons are too small (especially for men)…

  19. All: Sorry for not responding until now. Thought I had already published. Lots of folks are asking about the amount of RAM. Streak supports 512MB RAM, up to 32GB through a microSD card slot and it also features 2GB of memory used specifically to store applications. Many other devices either use 512MB or 1GB dedicated memory for apps.

    Here are the memory specs:

    To those of you who are asking, here's the Dell Streak spec sheet from the O2 website. You can also click on the image above to go there directly.

  20. Nice machine will get one as soon as O2 and car phone warehouse stop messing about and officially issue prices. It's Wednesday afternoon, it goes on sale on Friday and they still haven't officially said how much.

    Also the O2 shops are saying they are not likely to get the device until 22nd June, so much for the 4th.

    Now Dell, why can't i get the manual from your download site, why has the list of official accessories not been published. Finally £429!!! so you're not going to try to compete with Apple then?

  21. Oh and one more thing, it's said that the streak has 2 microsd  slots but only one of them is accessible, WHAT were you thinking???

  22. Alright!  I think I'll wait for hte larger screen and besides Android, the next thing I have to have is Verizon!!!  I travel too much to trust other networks…don't like going outisde to get a signal in the snow.

  23. @Lionel  Thanks for finally answering out questions. I had doubts because most sites, and an leaked spec sheet showed 256 MB of RAM. Even O2 site showed the phone as 512 ROM and 256 MB RAM for a few days. Then they changed to say that it has 512 MB.

    I'm definitely buying this the moment it's available here, specially if it's free with a 2 year contract like in UK.  For all the people that say it's too big to be a phone, no, it's not. I've using a phone with a 3.8" screen for 2 years and I have serious problems typing on the on-screen keyboard, and have to get out the stylus to click on buttons and links on some web pages. Also, reading news, web pages and PDFs (which I do a lot) will be easier is the 800×480 pixels are on a 5" screen. I know what a 3.8" looks like, I need something bigger.

    @fester61  One of the microSD slots contains a 2 GB card that it's used to store the apps you install. Lionel is right pointing out that 2 GB is more than what you get integrated on other smartphones. Somebody will try to replace it by a bigger one, don't worry, there's always people trying things and publishing ther results on forums.

  24. OK maybe I'm used to bloatware but if there are 2 sockets and one has only been preinstalled with a 2GB microsd card that seems to be a waste. To say that 2GB application storage space is bigger than most, applies only to telephones this device is supposed to be more than that. Which I suppose prompts the question what do Dell think the streak is phone or tablet device? The hybrid position is more of a cop out than an answer.

    Also I fully appreciate that 32GB of storage sounds like a lot but these days it isn't. A few movies, some MP3s and eBook's will make a severe dent in 32GB.

    Prior to any purchase I like to research fully so I'd be really grateful for the answers to my other questions i.e. where can I get the official accessories list and a downloadable copy of the manual so I can see what I'm getting and how it works (alternatively where can I get my hands on one to have a quick play?). All reviews have so far been based on pre-production models with comments like 'the final item will have fixed this'

  25. Lionel, thanks for the information. This looks like the device I've been agitating for for many a year now. I'm glad it's finally come to be. I've got a quick mechanical question. I noted in a tear-down article on the device that there are two microsd slots, but only one that is user-accessible. Is the non-accessible one where the 2GB of internal storage comes from? If so, would it be *theoretically* possible to replace that with a 32GB card for a total of 64GB between the two cards?

  26. Sweet device, can't wait.  

    @fester61 … dude, it only offers 1 slot for expansion memory.  Not 2, the other slot is only for internal memory… which is not accessible.  

    This phone, tablet, mobile device is going to be phat!

  27. Hey Lionel, I wondered whether there was also info on when the rest of Europe can enjoy this fantastic device? 😀

  28. Fully understand the way the device has been built  I am simply questioning whether this was the best that could be acheived.

    Regardless of the above I will be hotfooting it down to the O2 store or carphonewarehouse to get one one today. The Streak provides everything I need in one package only one thing confusing me currently is that O2 are selling device only for £399 whereas Carphonewarehouse are charging £429 for the same box. Half price accessories at carphonewarehouse might make up the difference but I doubt it.

    I'll post my thoughts on it when I've played with it for a few hours.

  29. Hello,

    I have an old cell-phone since 2000 and an PDA since 2004. Every time I said to my friends: I'm waiting until a device with a really big display (for an old man!) and with needed functions "ALL in ONE" are to pay. Now, I hope so, the time is coming with the DELL STREAK. But I am not sure: Is  an autark GPS-chip (~SIRF) integreated? An "A-GPS"  only over the mobile-phone is to low for me! Can I get more informations about this?

    Thanks. Waldi-X


  30. Hi, I found just the specs-page:…/dellstreakspec. For navigation:

       – Built-in GPS

       – 1000s of free apps at Android Market


          – e-compass

          – GPS

          – Google Map

    Is an navigation-app like "tomtom" or "navigon" possible? Thanks.


  31. How will the existing Android apps work on the larger screen?  I would think some apps will re-size well but, others may need to be re-developed.  Is Dell screening the apps for compatibility to avoid customer problems?

  32. Waldi, from experience about a year ago I can tell you that Google maps was good in cities but did require a permanent internet connection, and every time the internet connection dropped you got a huge and annoying series of windows pop to the front of the map that required that you click/acknowledge them (whilst driving) to get rid of them when signal was available again.  If you got rid of them too early and there was no signal they would only pop up again.

    On a Nokia N85 with no touchscreen clamped into a windscreen mount with the keypad auto-locking after a couple of minutes, driving in the Far North of Scotland (Caithness and North West Sutherland) where Orange mobile signal is variable to non-existent for miles this rendered Google Maps completely useless and highly likely to cause a crash.

    As a result I installed TomTom Nasvigator for S60 v3, used an external bluetooth GPS receiver and the problem was solved.  The N85 had Nokia Maps but I'm not going to even touch on why that isn't worth not discussing.

    Since then however, withing the last few months, a friend of mine who lives in Coventry uses his Motorola Milestone (Droid) with Google Maps extensively and says it's brilliant.  I see that Google have taken on board feedback from people like myself and claim to have sorted the problems with areas of no or poor mobile signal.  The proof of the pudding will be in the eating I think.

    Nevertheless, although I don't have the URL handy, I did read a statement from one of the main guys at TomTom which ran something like "naturally we could not possibly ignore a marketplace as important as Android has become and are developing a version of TomTom Navigator for that platform"  (I don't remember the exact words but that was the essence of the statement).

    My experience a year ago was that the volume of data that Google Maps was downloading was not particularly disturbing, we are talking kilobytes not megabytes.

  33. Explanation for the price difference the O2 pay as you go is locked to O2 whereas the device from CPW is unlocked.

    For those interested O2 shops only have stocks of the contract phones, to get a pay as you go you have to get it from the web site.

  34. Hi – I have just purchased one of these and am waiting (patiently, -ish) for it to arrive.

    In the meantime I am looking to source a mono wired headset with microphone that I can plug in quickly and hook over my ear in the event of a phone call but which won't need to sit on my ear all day or that I would need to keep bluetooth on for especially (eating up the battery) just for the occasional phone call.

    I have one or two contenders but the sticking point is that there is no information regarding the pinout of the headset connector.

    I note that the device will be supplied with a stereo headset, but stereo headsets are fine if you have them on your head the whole time, but always manage to tangle themselves up when you pick them up from the desk or from your pocket if the phone rings.  I write from experience having had a Jornada 928 which was a similar size PDA/smartphone.  The optimal quick-fit headset needs to be mono, of the ear-loop type with a boom mic, lightweight and comfortable, such as telephone receptionists and support staff wear all day.

    This device has a 3.5mm socket presumably with a 4-poles.  The fourth pole of the socket (which on the corresponding jack plug would be the band furthest from the tip) will either be the ground (as per my previous handset, a Nokia N85) or it will be the microphone (as per the iPhone 3GS) and can only be one or the other.

    It would be helpful if you are able to check and advise which of these wirings is appropriate so I can order a high quality wired headset to arrive as soon as possible.  Naturally the specialist headset manufacturer I have contacted would be interested in knowing as well so they are able to update their product compatability information and range.

    Many thanks in anticipation of your kind assistance 🙂


  35. @theshocker.  I can only base my answer on what I've seen or read, but there are quite a few videos on youtube and elsewhere showing the Streak in portrait mode.  It has an accelerometer which means it self-adjusts to portrait or landscape depending on how you hold it.

    I queried on the point of memory before purchasing mine and was advised that there is 512mb cpu-addressable ram, 2gb of internal storage reserved for application storage and system use.  The user memory is whatever microSD card you have in the Streak.  Personally I think that is a the only real flaw in the design and is a really major shame.  MicroSD is even slower than standard size SD and restricting user storage space to such a slow storage medium and only one slot at that is going to ultimately put the streak at a disadvantage.  Surely it would have been possible to put at least 8gb internal storage with at least some quantity being user-addressable ?

    With the Samsung Galaxy S now launched (but not available anywhere yet) having 512mb ram + 16gb internal storage plus it still has a microSD slot for up to another 32gb storage, being a more convenient size to use as a phone for those who require that and having a much faster graphics processor it leaves the Streak slightly down at heel I feel.  For the present the Galaxy S is going to be the Android device to beat.

    At least with a bit more internal storage space or a second microSD slot being squeezed in post prototype pre-production stage the Streak would have had a slightly more even footing – but I was aware of these things when I placed my order for the Streak.  To compensate, I hope Dell can push out the OS version update as soon as possible as well as reasonably priced accessories like the mini-docks, additional batteries and car chargers etc.

  36. On other Android phones there is a small coloured LED that flashes when an email / msg arrives. Does the Streak have this feature?

  37. the whole screen flashes and there are icons at the top of the screen indicating missed calls, messages etc

  38. a couple questions about this device:

    1)  Is there portrait mode support?  Or is it designed primarily to be used in landscape, like the Nokia N900?

    2)  I've seen the device being advertised as 16GB but I can't find anything about this in the specs anywhere.  Does this mean there is 2GB for apps + 16GB internal memory + microSD slot for up to 32GB more?  Or does it imply that the device comes with a 16GB microSD card?

  39. Waldi-x

    Co-pilot live 8 should run on the streak but they haven't tested it yet. Only issue is that co-pilot 8 won't run on the streak after it's upgrade to FROYO (android 2.2) expected in September.

    Got my Streak yesterday after a painful hour and half in an O2 store where the computer wouldn't let them sell it as a pay as you go so they had to jury rig the sale.

    First impressions,  I LOVE IT!!

    Quick downside, it only comes with a single charge / sync cable. It'll break or go missing / be left somewhere for certain. So where can I get another, and a sync docking station (not the apparently overexpensive HDMI one) and a car charger or failing all of those a spare battery?

  40. Hi, goy my Streak yesterday, loving the size and slowly getting used to android…I'm a mac guy really, but this was too great to pass up. do I transfer my movies on iTunes across to the Streak? the DEll PC Suite obviously wont load. I've managed to drag and drop audio files, but my movies and tv shows wont go?? ant assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

  41. @theshocker

    The streak has 2 microSD slots, 1has a 2gb card for apps only (not user accessible, why?) the other comes, in the UK, with  a 16gb card for user data. The 16gb can be swapped for upto 32gb.  As I previously posted I see this restriction as a missed opportunity.

    The streak is best in landscape but will automatically change to portrait, a tad sluggishly for my liking but it does it.

    The number of missed opportunities is a disapointment as was my first visit to the android app market place.

    HOWEVER my overall impression is good, I like the size, some say it's too heavy but I find the weight reassuring, it is fast enough (ok thats compared with my not so old WM6 IPAQ).

    FROYO presents the opportunity to correct a number of user niggles with Dell's modifications the Streak could become a true iPad, iPhone, itouch killer.

  42. Please can someone from Dell hurry up the availability of spares and accessories.  The proprierty sync/charger cable is a pain unless a spare or other means of charging are available.

  43. @fester61

    I'm guessing you have your hands on one of these at last ?  Are you certain that the 2gb internal storage is also in the form of a notoriously slow microSD card?  If so is that card physically non-accessible as well as non-accessible via software ?  If one could get to it, one could at least change it for a Class 10 card (current fastest) or even a bigger one for additional apps storage so that at least no apps whatsoever would need to reside on the other card.

    A spare charger cable (for the car / office) and battery is going to be essential so I also hope Dell get chasing on the production / distribution of this.  To be able to use it as a bedside clock stereo a simple charger stand either with speakers or audio out socket would be nice.  The HDMI + USB toting one would be useful as well but a cheaper, more rudimentary stand would be desirable for the bedroom.

  44. This is available on o2 in the UK, I am thinking of purchasing however…

    I hear this ships with Android 1.6, is it updatable to newer OSs ?

    As it has a custom UI will DELL have to spend time to customise the UI to incorpoarate the DELL UI features before issuing to the Streak?

    Also, will O2 brand the devise, and if so, will this also delay the releases of newer OS releases?

  45. From the posts here and elswhere the Streak has two microsd sockets. I understand that the 2GB internal memory uses one of these. It is not visible from the rear so is therefore not user accessible unless you want to void the warranty.  Waiting for one of the techincal sites to do a stripdown to see whats where.

    I have the 'pay as you go'  from O2 which starts with an O2 splash screen. I'm told by the carphonewarehouse that the extra £30 they charge is due to the device being unlocked. Unable to check if mine is actually locked to O2.

    My experience is however that neither stockist was / is prepared for the sale of the Streak. The in store 'experts' know very little about it, 2 boxes were opened in my local O2 store only to find the memory card was missing. Carphone warehouse stole a march on O2 by at least having a case and screen protectors available (yes I know it has gorilla glass and I winced watching the video of the guy stabbing the scrteen with a pen).

    Dell have not covered themselves in glory in the launch of the Streak. Online assitance runs to some quick start guides and nothing else. The support pages don't recognise the Streak's service tag number and there's more technical data on the O2 website than on Dell's. Given that only 1 of 3 local carphonewarehouse stores received the devices but the O2 store had plenty it looks like Dell are allowing (have contracted with) O2 to run the initial roll out.

    Are Dell unsure of the Streak, the lack of advertising and fanfare compared to the Apple products threatens the Streak to a life of obscurity, Not what we want to see happen.

  46. To anyone who has now received one of these:

    What version of Android is on yours please ?

    If you purchased from O2 rather than Carphone Warehouse, is there any O2 branding of the Steak ?

    I believe that with the imminent availability of the Galaxy S, The iPad's arrival and the impending arrival of the iPhone 4G I cannnot stress enough how absolutely critical it is that Dell get the firmware update out into the field as soon as humanly possible, with or without Dell additional software and definitely with or (preferably) without O2 or other operator software branding.

    I understand from O2 that their supply exclusivity of the Streak is only for 3 months after which other operators may choose to sell it on contract.

    It's got to be all systems go now especially on getting the OS update and accesories 'out there' because otherwise it's going to be left standing with a sorry look on its face as an also-ran with large quanties of everything sitting unsold in warehouses I'm afraid.  The marketplace moves onwards quickly and if Dell don't keep up with the pace they'll find it was an opportunity missed.  Tming is **everything** just now.

  47.  The 4th installment of the Iphone has been announced for June 24.  Dell you have seventeen days to make your case.  

  48. Hi

    I purchased a HTC DESIRE phone and was very impressed with the software i have taken the HTC back to 02 and have exchanged it for a streak i must say it is superb in every way the only niggle i have is that when the unit  is on the main screen or when you open up to select a program the orientation  dosnt work and you have to use it inin landscape mode other than that the i give it 100%

    Dell do need to get there act to gether with accesories every phone i buy the first thing a do is fit a screen protector and buy a case they need to realise people will buy this to use in the car and should have ready on the day of release a car power lead an in car holder of some form people dont want to be waiting for these items and just think of the profit oporunity they are missing out on ? come on dell get your act together if you want people to buy the larger screen models when they come out, in todays market it is hard to gain new customers but very easy to loose them.

  49. Spoke to Dell today

    They are indeed way behind with this launch, They don't have any manual available.

    No of their support link for the Streak are there, There isnt even a section for the device type.

    The support rep referred to it as "oh, you mean the new mobile phone". I said "I thought Dell weren't calling it a "phone" " They didnt know what I meant.

    I asked about accessories. They gave me part numbers for both a spare charger  and a spare battery… both of which havent been put on the site.

    Battery – 451-11431  @ £38.99

    Cable –  470-12032  @ £23.99

  50. You know, it's not very appreciated that you're leaving the rest of Europe in the dark.. Can't we like hear any sort of news on whether it's even going to come out in the rest of Europe? Find it a great device from what I've seen of it, but if it's not going to come out here in The Netherlands I'll start scouting for other devices.

  51. Clearly a very promising device, but to be quite honest, the only thing which really worries me is the size.

    At 5", it's merely an inch increase over the HTC Desire which as a very similarly specc'd dedicated phone if more portable, and loses little in clarity or ease of use.

    The Tablet/Slate form factor needs to be centred around the 8"-11" mark. as it's natural enemy is really the A4/A5 Pad, and ideally it should be as large as possible, whilst still adhering to one or other form factor.

    The most important two technological features, at least one of which has been implemented would be Flash support so that people can access the Web as it is, and support not only being accessed as a USB Mass Storage Device, but to also Access them in the same way as other computing devices.

    Finally, of dedicated Mobile Operating Systems, I think you've done well to select Android, however there would be rather a lot of praise for you if you were approach Ubuntu or another fully fledged Open Source project with even minimal support. The most promising other mobile embeddable Operating System being Emdebian which might offer more genuine 'desktop' style adaptability.

    Would be interested to know how the range is expected to develop…

  52. The Video chat applications that will be implemented, will they be similar to Video chat applications on Nokia devices ? ie Can Video telephone the handset directly.

    If this is the case, Is it possible to implement this sooner than later as I bought the phone for the forward facing camera and I am very disappointed to see that its not been implemented.

  53. will this be made available in asia / china? or it dell working separately with china mobile on the ophone platform to make phones for the local market?

  54. will this be made available in asia / china? or is dell working separately with china mobile on the ophone platform to make phones for the local market?

  55. @Biglee15 yes you can use your own mp3's as ringtones, and you'll probably want to.  The default selection is pretty typical of any mobile handset 🙂

    As far as it goes, mine is going back.  With only the ex-factory stuff installed there was only about 1.43gb left of the 2gb for new stuff.  I put a few albums on the microsd card and already the space is running out.  The internal speaker gets a good voiume but is really very distorted IMO.  I would not consider it acceptable for watching a movie in bed or on the move – headphones would be necessary.  On the plus side, the sound through my rather expensive Sony MDR EX90LP earphones was the best I have ever heard and acheived a really good loud volume.

    The screen is extremely good and better than my Palm TX – TFT screens have been improving all the time.  The speed of functionality is very good on the whole.  Having no flash support is driving me nuts as so many web sites rely on it heavily or completely these days.

    Picasa appears to be formatted for a smaller screen device and in portrait mode it only stretches to about 2/3 of the way across the screen and in landscape only about 2/3 of the screen is used.  It is not aware of the actual real-estate of the screen and makes no use of it.  Obviously this is something which will be fixed in the future.

    The lack of storage capacity is a big problem for me.  The likely cost of accessories being outrageous is a big problem for me.  I'm crazy about being tied to Dell for spares if early indicators are that everything is going to come with a hefty price tag.  The proprietary connector (cannot use a micro usb or similar to charge / sync it) is a really big problem for me.  I don't believe volume sales will be high enough to justify 3rd party manufactiurers will make ranges of docks etc etc such as they have for the ipod.   The old version of Android annoys the hell out of me although it will be fixed in the future.  The fact that after a full charge before bedtime, when I awoke the Streak had crashed and refused to power on under any cirumstances until I removed the battery, after which it showed 67% battery left was not a good sign.  The ability to acheive a mobile signal in variable coverage areas – where I live – was reasonable but not as good as some device I have encountered.  It was ok but there was room for improvement.  Incidentally you do look slightly ridiculous using such a large device as a phone, but because it is so thin it is obvious to anyone who sees you that is a brand new and probably very high specification device.  I've found the reaction is more puzzlement and curiosity than ridicule.  You'll be demonstrating it all the time to strangers to the irritation of of your friends who'll have already had the guided tour.  🙂

    It *IS* a good device and I think when it is completely finished with the latest version of Android installed and with a range of hopefully more reasonably priced accessories being available it is well worth having one which doesn't crash overnight.  I do not for one moment believe it merits the price tag Dell have placed on it, and it feels distinctly 'prototype' just now with apps not correctly tailored to it and many things not working quite right.  I'm sure that in six months time the finished device will be a good buy for around £330-£350.

    Ultimately I think I would rather live with a device with a smaller screen (although the size of this is not a particular problem, in fact I quite like it) that is completely finished and has flash support, I defeinitely need more memory than is available on the Streak, and I want a device where there is likely to be a good range of OEM & 3rd party accessories available as is pretty much guaranteed with the Galaxy S which has already sold a million units on pre-order.  It will be nice not to have to take around a stupid proprietary connector lead which is only 1M long so you can't charge it and use it anywhere other than sitting at a desk unless you use a USB  extension cable (not included).

    Sorry Dell, it's a valiant effort and if it were cheaper and a bit more finished I would like one of these but the lure of greater capacity and faster performance in a more up to date product for the same price with the only negative being a smaller (but better) screen is luring me elsewhere.  You'll need to drop your price.  It's good, or will be, but it's too dear.

  56. As I've already posted that I feel the 2GB app storge was a mistake I would however point out that after having installed approx 15 apps I still have 1.41GB of space available.

    I have not experienced the issues HighlandMX5 describes and find the device almost everything I need. I want a decent GPS app but I'm not paying for co-pilot v8 as it will stop working after the upgrade to Android 2.2 (co-pilot get working on the next version please).

    Yes the device is overpriced and there are no accessories or spares available yet, and they look like they are going to be expensive.

    I took a flier yesterday and emailed Michael Dell to express my concerns, I'll post back if I get a response. Not really expecting a reply, after all this is a Dell blog site and no one from Dell has has commented here since Lionel's attempt to justify the 2GB app storage limit on 2nd June.

  57. @izzykareem

    I agree, although I have already got mine and these reviews (one review in four parts) sum up what I think –

    – a couple of problems, both very fixable…/dell-streak-review…/dell-streak-review-android-os…/dell-streak-review-the-first-true-tablet-phone…/dell-streak-review-build-and-touchscreen

    Get it out to the masses and the support for this device will grow. Along with the third part accessories etc etc

  58. I could not agree more.  Dell should fire their entire sales staff.  Why wait until after the big dogs release their phones to announce yours?  

  59. This is what I don't get.  I've been anticipating this device like no other.  I too, like others, forego'd iPhone, many of the early HTC failures and their latest successes, etc.  THIS is the device i want.  This also seems like the device everyone else on the planet wants, seriously.  In the last 6 months, the buzz about the Streak is palpable.  The lack of umph, if you will, of a marketing strategy…breaks my heart.  Does DELL actually want to sell this device?  Seriously.  Right now, ive got lots of actually good choices.  Windows 7 phones are imminent as well.  Does Dell really want me to wait, the iPhone 4, while having that little kid screen, is starting to look like a decent alternative.  What about the HTC Incredible or Desire?  Seriously Dell… loosen the lips about your US release date, pricing, and any plans to upgrade to Froyo.  I know you guys put a lot of time, i'm sure, into the UI and most people seem to love it, as a matter of fact, i've not read one bad review about it.  


    Frustrated US potential buyer

  60. O2 have announced iphone4  prices 2 weeks before it becomes available. The streak's prices were not available until launch day.

    Why is the streak and it's owners, current and  prospective, being treated as second class?

    Getting the streaks launch wrong will threaten sales of the streak 5 and the forthcoming 7 and 10 versions. Time for Dell to to get a grip

  61. It appears I'm not the only one frustrated by Dell's US MARKETING IDIOCY on this device.

  62. Where can I get offical Dell support for the Streak? Its not listed on support page and I need help as my streak wont connect with my home wifi network!

  63. Well, for what it's worth, following my earlier experience with the Streak I had a HTC Desire on 7 day trial and sent that back too.

    I have ordered another Dell Streak, and as long as the replacement works properly I would rather use that.  It's a far better size screen for my needs which relatively seldom involve using the device as a phone.  Must admit the rather poor sound from the speaker is not something I'm looking forward to when the HTC Desire was so much better and was a smaller device besides.  Perhaps Dell can look into sourcing a better quality sounder for their later devices.  I shied away from the Samsung Galaxy S in the end despite it being arguably the most potent handset on the market because of their track record on post-sales firmware updates.

    I look forward to the Android update for the Streak so that it can became the heavyweight player in the Android phone market which it currently isn't, almost totally because nobody really wants to buy a new device with this kind of price tag that runs such an ancient version of Android.  It's a deal breaker and given the R&D costs that have gone into this device it is small change to make the product the proper success if can be if pennies are not scrimped on.

    It will pay Dell dividends to get the OS update out as soon as possible to make some serious sales of this device, but more importantly it will impact hugely on sales of future Dell Android devices as it will prove to those who are currently watching suspiciously from the sidelines and keeping their wallets buttoned that Dell are serious about their new Android products.

    Hardware wise it's a very creditable first Android phone IMO, but Android 1.6 may have worked out cheaper to get the device out ther door quickly but a longer term view needs to be taken.  This isn't just a Dell Streak, the future sales of Dell Android devices will ride on how Dell market and support this one.  You're being watched: don't lose the ship for that ha'penny worth of tar.

  64. Any news yet as to when this will be available at

    The Dell press releases last month say that Dell will be selling this "later in June".  It is now 25th June and no hits yet when it is to be for sale.

    Also, will it be available in different colours?

  65. Hi Lionel

    Can you tell me does this phone sync with Outlook or only with Google and will it work with POP3 emails using the o2 smtp server ???

  66. @Motterz

    Can this phone sync with Outlook = YES

    or only with Google = not only Google., it can do both

    will it work with POP3 emails using the o2 smtp server = YES

  67. So its on sale on but still no colour options?

    All the vids out there are showing the red version which I need in my life!

    Can we have an update please.

    And whats with the fluxuating prices of the accessories – now there even more expensive! Make your minds up.

  68. When when when!!!! Come on guys when is the Streak going to be released to the US!!! This is the device I've been waiting for!

  69. Im confused… my iphone 3g contract is up. Im looking for a phone that is different can do what the iphone can do and more.

    Have looked at the Streak and thought this is for me 🙂  until reading this blog? My question is Iphone 4 or Dell Streak… can any one help. I kneed to make my mind up pretty soon.


  70. Forgot to ad have been in several o2 stores up and down the country where non of the sales assistants believed in the Streak? One member of staff said " We have the streak because we didn't want the Ipad" and she called it a phone with no use!!!

    If the o2 sales assistance are on commission they wont push the Streak because they know very little about the product as we know knowledge is power… Dell you kneed to do a mystery shop on O2 stores find out if they are doing your new product justice.

    I believe in you Dell but and a big but if your sales agents O2 cant push your product it makes you look like you have no intention of carrying on with the Streak 5 i kneed to know where your going when is Android 2.2 arriving and your accessories are far to expensive. I want this product Dell but please clear up my little niggly comments PLEASE…

  71. Dell Streak US release date???  Carrier? Unlocked? This is the phone I have been waiting for…but will not pay into the hype.

  72. So word on the street is that its getting release July 14th. Thats less than two weeks away and we still haven't heard any news from Dell. Meanwhile there are a ton of amazing phones coming out or have just came out like the Droid X, Droid Incredible, iPhone 4, EVO 4G, etc. It seems like Dell should be pumping out info everyday to keep people interested in the Streak instead of running off and getting pre-orders for these new phones.

  73. @ Point Guard, couldn't have said it better, not to mention the so called Carphonewarehouse sales reps who are much more pessimistic about this product.

    As an ardent O2 customer I was one of  the first to own the first generation iphone, alas how disappointed and mad was i (call me demanding) to find out the must in a basic smart phone requirements such as sms forwarding and cut, copy and paste etc was all in absence (the saga of the monopoly game continues @ the expense of …), coupled with the all annoying hanging and crashes. I have not purchased another iphone since then and willfully did not yield to the advent of the iphone messiah: generation 4.

    Cue in the Dell Streak. The manager of the Woolwich Branch O2 outlet (being familiar with my woes with my numerous replacements of the iphone, how impatient i am if my gadgets are a pain and most of all will smother her if she ever mentions the word iphone to me (by the way her mother-in-law strongly shares my opinion of the iphone!!!). Suggested I test drive the streak, wow and truly wow, Dell you are on the path just make sure you finish what you started, this phone… i'm sorry, this SatNav… a thousand apologies, this PDA … oops i did it again, this …  potential is humongous.

    On the other hand. My friends that did acquire the dell streak are fervently furious that not only the streaks accessories are (as some of them eloquently put it) high end priced, not stocked in approved outlets and it takes another decade for the purchased accessories to get delivered ( actually only one of them has taken delivery but still has one outstanding, which is still yet to be delivered.

    So Dell sort your in-house sales process as well as your external sales agents (not excluding accessory pricing), and let the sky be your limit.

  74. why doesn't bluetooth work with a nokia n95 ????

    why on the homepage 1 where facebook and twitter is, when you sign into facebook why does it come up FAILED TO SECURELY CONNECT TO THE FACEBOOK SERVICE??????????

  75. Forgive me for sounding like a Luddite, but does the Streak have an eReader or support applications like Word, Excel, PPT, etc?

  76. There are a few Android ebook readers in the marketplace, I use Wordplayer and I have kindle for android installed. The only downside is a lack of support for DRM copy protected books.

    The preinstalled quickoffice app will read MS office type documents.

  77. Had a Streak for 5 days – great piece of kit but….

    whilst Data connection was enabled it diverts all incoming calls to voicemail.  Changed every setting and took it back to O2 – blank looks all round.  If you disable data connection the phone works great but obviously I lose the data side.  Can anyone help?

  78. When Dell sort out the upgrade are they going to resolve any negative review issues such as:…/dell-streak-review

    Secondly, and much more pressingly, the onscreen keyboard is atrocious for such a large, responsive screen. There’s way too much space between the keys (And an inexplicable numberpad in landscape mode), leaving you with a board that’s actually worse than the stock Android QWERTY.

    You would expect Dell's initial software to have areas of poor design and/or bugginess, but you'd also expect these issues to be resolved.  I also hear that not only there being a spacing problem between keys but also there's a stupid numeric keypad as well.  Why would anyone want that to take up screen space???

  79. Any chance the STREAK will be available in U.S. in the near future, like w/in a month or so?  I am wanting to buy a smart phone but do NOT want to buy the iphone.  The Samsung Captivate for AT&T looks like a good alternative to the iphone but it will not have certain features that the Streak will have, etc.

  80. I was unfortunate to buy this device. The claim about Gorilla glass is absolutely false – I used iphone for 18 months with no scratches on the screen while with this phone there was a huge scratch third day on the screen!!!

    No support from dell, they were not even willing to have a look if this was a manufaturing fault or misuse.

    Design is not impressive either. Selecting text is nightmare. OS version is old. MMS settings cannot be done by a text message from O2. Hangs up several times. Battery life is very low. navigation volume is insufficient (after maximising from all sources).

    In short I was extremely disappointed!!! trapped in a contract with a useless phone/brick.

  81. This product is not tablet, its more like a huge phone. Its beem for so long in the phones and they advertise it like a new feature.. Well, its all about marketing as it seems and not about hardware anymore.



    <a href="">Android Blog</a>

  82. Whats sad is the amount of negative comments that have been removed here with regard to the Streak not being released. Whatever Dell, you already disappointed, I wont make the same mistake twice and will make sure I buy a nice solid competitors product in its place.

  83. I had to sell mine, massive problems. I had a Dell Streak US AT&T version and I used it for a couple weeks before losing patience with it and selling it.

    To list some massive problems.

    1-It was almost unusable as a Speakerphone as it crackled at high volume and often was totally garbled, on the other end callers stated I sounded like I was speaking with a paper in front of my mouth.  

    2-Music also crackled every so slightly on high.   As if the speaker was blown or complete garbage quality.  This phone was new.. not 9years old.

    3-Battery life didn't get past 4-5hours of use.  Some online reviews state it gets better after 4-5 full charge cycles but I didn't see that.

    4-Also when receiving a call the screen flashes, so you had to catch the Answer button in between flashes.   This was very irritating.

    5-The phone becomes unresponsive sometimes after you've just placed a call.. So it doesn't register your END CALL keypress.. so numerous times I ended up leaving whitespace voicemails on peoples machines since my Dell Streak wouldn't register end call….   it eventually allows you but what the hell ???

    6-The ear slit was so small it's ridiculous,  You have to perfectly place it over your ear or you'll not hear anything, it is a fraction the size of an iPhone ear speaker slit and I can't fathom why.  The phone has a massive footprint.  Also the ear slit edges are sharper than they should be, I could feel a cutting sensation on my ear whilst trying to find the perfect position over my ear.

    7-Because you're pressing the phone to your head so unnaturally the Streak registers your cheek as key presses and does cool stuff like mute your call etc.

    8-The native Dell keyboard is extremely poorly designed, using a third party keyboard such as Swype or Swiftkey was the only way to make text input manageable on the Streak.  I've a very large hand as I'm 6'2.  I can't imagine the reach difficulties those with smaller hands would face attempting to reach over the numeric keypad in landscape mode.  Yes try reaching over all that way on the keyboard and not pressing the menu/function keys that run across the right of the phone while in landscape.

    9-The proprietary docking cable drove me mad, especially since the device needed to charge so frequently.  Why Dell couldn't opt for a micro-usb along side with their 30pin  I can't understand.  So anybody thinking of purchasing this better get extra charging cables for your car, office, bathroom, etc

    10-It may be a limitation of Android 1.6 but not being able to copy text from a webpage is frustrating.

    11-The phone is finished in a sort of material that isn't exactly anti-slip or easy to hold onto. This wouldn't matter if you could easily handle the phone, but again with larger than average hands I was constantly concerned it would slip out of my hand and fall to its end.  

    12-The volume keys aren't in the same direction for music and for call volume if I recall correctly, this was another quirk.

    13-There's some issue with menu's and screen prompts being too narrow.  With a massive 5inch screen I again don't understand why menu items are so slender resulting in frequent mis-presses or repeat presses.  The menu across the top is prime example.

    14-The speaker is on the back.. so go ahead, set down your 5inch Dell streak to watch a video.. oh wait.. the sound just became muffled and almost inaudible.  Yes you better pick it up and hold it just right so not to cover the speaker.  Same goes for the speakerphone, you better keep the phone elevated.  Again, design flaw, there is tons of underutilized space across the top and bottom of the phone where speakers could have been placed.

    There is likely some issues that I can't recall at the moment, but on the plus side.

    1- the phone itself in handset mode had good quality voice calls. ONLY in handset, as speaker was beyond rubbish.

    2-reception was good.  I was on Rogers 3G 850mHz and had no issues at all.

    3-Android made the world of difference, allowing you to download third party apps and do things like connect over wifi to a internal network to copy media/music files directly over to the Dell Streaks memory card.

    4-5inches of real estate were great. Made browsing very pleasant.

    I realize Dell isn't an experienced mobile phone manufacturer.  Perhaps a wee bit more work into this product and they'd have brought to market a very decent device.  Sadly the issues are likely far too great to simply overlook as quirks.

    -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

  84. The silence suggests that the delay is, in fact, an AT&T issue. If it was something internal to Dell, then it would be quite straightforward to speak to the issue, but when it's a key channel partner who is likely playing hardball vis-a-vis some priority of its own, and who prefers to keep these details under wraps, then it's nigh-impossible for a new market-entrant to do anything other than what it's more powerful partner wants. The only way we'll ever hear about what really happend, however, is through a leak, or from some disgruntled (former) employee.

    I would actually advise Dell to take a chance on a diferent approach: a pure unlocked strategy. Gear the antenna for every carrier, and put the device into the hands of Dell's usual retailers. If you're breaking new ground with the device, then you might as well take an unconventional route to market. Given the broad-based interest in the Streak, I don't see the advantage in limiting it to a single carrier.

  85. 1. WHEN.

    2. How STUPID can you get using AT&T, who's had network Capacity problems handling the explosion of iPhones and iPads.

    Did AT&T (like Intel before them) pay you a few more pieces of silver to give your customers an Inferior network.

  86. HI…

    Can you tell me when the cherry red hadnsets will arrive in the US market … or would you first release them in UK.

  87. Will it work on the 3G network of Rogers in Canada? Can I just put my SIM card in and it will ork? If yes, I ill order first day.  Do you accept canadian order for the Streak? If not, when will it ship in Canada?

  88. Wow Dell, you sure know how to do PR.  I can imagine every single one of the Dell Streak owners cursing your company at the moment.  Pretty disgusting.  Not only did you bring to market a fairly non-functioning phone. circa my previous post/review.  You've not alienated the 1000 or so people who were using this device daily.  No more PR, certainly no good PR anyways.

    "There's a fascinating discussion going on over in MoDaCo's forums today suggesting that Dell Streak units that were given out recently as part of the company's US beta test in and around Austin, Texas are no longer functioning on AT&T, the result of an apparent IMEI block; voice calls placed from the devices all get re-routed to AT&T customer service, and 2G / 3G data doesn't work at all. Our understanding is that beta testers were allowed to keep their units after the conclusion of the test period — some of those ended up on eBay, naturally, so you can imagine that buyers are probably feeling a little steamed by this. One user has had luck with data by using the iPad's APN and plan settings, but otherwise, there seems to be a bit of frustration going around. We've reached out to AT&T to figure out what's going on; we'll let you know when we have more."

    Above from an Engadget Mobile post.

  89. Based on the way they're handling the Streak, I guess they will be releasing their new laptops with Win 98 installed.

  90. The dell streak is absolutely not worth. After using an iphone 3g for two years i thought i had enough of it as the first one i got broke down within 3 months. I was given a free replacement one which also started to play up after a while. But, as per Dell, the Android 2.2 update should also make browsing better because it will improve JavaScript performance and the overall speed of the Dell Streak should get a boost with the new software, too.

  91. All the angry posts about Dell dropping support for T-Mobile are amusing.  I'm sure it was the other way around.  Dell has been desperately shopping around phones to ALL the major carriers.  None of them have seen anything compelling from Dell that would warrant giving up the shelf space to a Dell "me too" product, or a 5-inch device with NO marketing support and outdated, clunky software.

  92. As an Academic/business user an unlocked 5" device has real appeal.  I own a simple 5" e ink e reader and the format is good for basic reading.(I also have a hacked PDN Novel and a Kindle-a present-)  I have looked at the Captivate and the new RIM Torch as well as the Droid X rumored to be getting Froyo in a few days.  I wont buy until the Streak is out.  The problem with a device married to ATT is that the screens are covered with useless and potentially expensive ATT garbage.  I want to read and answer email, work on Office documents, download scholarly materials from the library (html and pdf) want east "reflow"  I also want to read library ebooks, have a Kindle app B&N and other readers.  I also want Skype and might  even consider an external keyboard.  I also need to be on the web, and have Google maps etc.  I want to set up a nice clean interface organized the way I want it, not cluttered with stuff I do not need and a very simple way to make sure no battery eating apps are running in the background..  Would that Dell could release the Streak unlocked in Froyo.

  93. The FAIL is strong with this one.  $549 for a 5-inch Android 1.6 device?  At around $200 and with Android 2.x, I'd be interested.  It costs more than an iPad for crying out loud.  And this is coming from someone who's eagerly awaiting a decent Android tablet.  This ain't it by a longshot.

  94. anyone having problems upgrading a line on an existing ATT account?

    I am eligible to upgrade on the ATT site, but cannot get this to work on the dell streak page.

  95. I have been a Dell customer for 10+ years. I have signed up for Pre-sale using my 2 emails and cell number. As of a minute ago, I got no information regarding the pre sale. What gives?

    Given the negative reviews, I still want to give this device a chance. But if I miss the boat by this weekend, I will not hesitate to purchase SE Xperia X10.

  96. Sweet. I'll enjoy my EVO that runs 2.2 instead of 1.6, has only a slightly smaller screen, and Isn't tied to AT&T. EPIC FAIL once again for this has been company.

  97. I too didn't receive the presale notification despite reigiering for email and text.  Now I'm reading that exisitng AT&T customers cannot get the contract price.  $299.99 was on the high side for a device in a market that moves far faster than PCs did in their heyday. $549.00 is simply too much to pay for any device that will be antique in a year.  I'm really disappointed as I've been waitng for the Streak since it was introduced.  Perhaps it's time to consider Motorola's offerings on Verizon.  

  98. Been using my Dell Streak for a while.  I would make the following comments:

    1) It's great when you have it at home.  The web browsing is really good.  I also have a HTC HD2 and the difference between a 4 inch and 5 inch screen means that I don't have to double-tap the screen to zoom in.  On the HTC HD2 I use it portrait and double-tap to zoom in.  On the Streak I use it landscape and it is very readable.  Very nice.

    2) It has a proprietory connector for powering and synchronisation.  Problem with this is that the only place you can buy these connectors is Dell and they are VERY VERY expensive and currently there are no third party equivalents to bring down costs.  I mean, why did Dell not use standard mini/micro-usb cables???

    3) Compared to the HTC HD2 it has poor reception.  You won't notice it connecting in good reception areas, but when I'm out and about and in fading reception areas, the Dell Streak is not the best device to have.  It's okay, and reception may be good compared to a lot of other phones, but its not as good as the HTC HD2.

    4) The extra 1 inch makes the phone a little too big to put in my jeans pocket without worrying about it.  Say I get in a car to drive, I'd take the Dell out of my pocket before sitting in the car.

    5) Battery life is better than the HTC HD2.

    But overall its a great device.  If you're at home in bed wanting to watch YouTube through a phone or surf the web its the best you'll get on a phone (possibly iPad may be good for that also), but out and about, I think that the HD2 with its reception and size may be better – whilst larger screen size is important compared to traditional smartphones which have small screens, once you get to the HD2, the Streak doesn't provide any major advantage in speed of navigating a webpage.

  99. Forgot to say – I don't like not being able to easily synchronise my contacts with Outlook and not being able to install software to send a text message via my Windows PC like I can with Nokia PC Suite.  But those are Android issues I guess rather than Dell.

  100. Hey Dell What Gives?

    Why don't you have a data only plan?  I would love to buy a streak, but it is pretty much useless without a data plan, and I don't need another cell phone.  I considered getting the full priced one today when I got my e-mail, but without a data connection, it is usless unless I am at home (with WI-FI), and I already have a Verizon cell phone.

  101. Lionel:

    Why is there no information as to when the Streak will be available in AT&T stores??  I would like to see and hold the phone in person before I spend the $300…

  102. What happened??? I signed up for pre-sale, but unlike others I'm seeing on Twitter, I have not received my email today to order Streak……

    What can I do???



  103. Hi Lionel!!Please answer my questions….First is dell streak coming with 2.1 out of the box in usa?…second is it coming with the dock in usa?Third if I make it prepaid will i still be able to use att 3g?!

  104. I am disappointed it is only available with ATT service.  How about Verizon, which has much better coverage?

  105. I am disappointed it is only available with ATT service.  How about Verizon, which has much better coverage?

  106. @ Lionel Menchaca.

    Is there any information you can give us about a Canadian or unlocked Streak release.? Phoneless in Canada.

  107. Dell Streak: The non-versatile 5-inch Android tablet unless you want to be tethered to AT&T, an already overtaxed wireless network because of the IPhone.  Dell has made a huge mistake here. I already know of a half dozen people who have canceled orders or decided not to buy (Myself being one of them).  Dell = Fail

  108. so i order my Streak on Thursday, cant wait! finally breaking up with my iphone. Had all 4 iphones and i am bored of them now passing the iphone 4 to my wife she loves it,   but wait till she see's my STREAK!….

    how long do we have to wait till we at least get android 2.1? it would make waiting for 2.2 less stressful.

  109. @dre363, the streak wont be in the stores, you have to order it online..

    if you pre register and you did not get your email message in your inbox, check your Spam box! that was where i found mine.

  110. Anyone know when this thing is suppose to be in at&t retail stores? I recently purchased a cacaptivae and only have about 10 days to return this sucker. I honestly don't feel like paying 2-300 bucks again just to get my hands on this amazing looking tablet/phone"

  111. Got the dell streak from O2 (locked) in the UK in june and am so far very impressed, even with 1.6. the screen size is brilliant and despite my initial concerns over the size while carrying it around it is very portable and far more usable than my webbook or laptop. i just wish the product had come from any other supplier who delivers better customer service.

    Im severly unimpressed with the lack of customer service or support from Dell itsself. Out of curiosity how embarassing is it for Dell Employees that their customer base are being forced to support each other with what little news and update they can scrape together over a product that Dell is supposedly very proud of?. I have been searching extensivly for any info on the android updates for the last 2.5 months only to be given cryptic hints that it may appear "later" this year and vague and at times intentionally evasive answers from Dell "customer Service" agents and im appauled to find that the most accurate and up to date product info comes from any scource other than Dell itself, who seamilgly only release product info on their website after its been picked up and reported for at least a week on techradar, engadget etc. Now that the leaked verion of 2,1 has appeared online would it not be too much to ask that Dell now just gives us some genaral Idea of when they expect to release the official version (as in week commencing, not sometime in 2010, possibly 2011), as we have to assume with the leaked version working correctly then Dell must be in the final stages of being ready to release.

    Remeber all those people that send you money for your stuff, they`re called customers and if you dont at least give minimal service they will go elsewhere in future no matter how good your product is. Take a long hard look at yourself Dell and get your act together.

  112. Ahh alright guess i'll figure out something. Sorry about the double post didnt notice they appear at the bottom of the screen. Thanks

  113. A question.  Will the Streak using Dell PC Suite  be able to function as a modem for connection of PCs to the internett?  I have used my Nokia E90/Nokia PC Suite for this previously.  Hope for a positive answer as the Streak looks like the perfect unit for my needs

  114. i just got my dell streak and cant get it to turn on, does anybody knows how long you are to let it charge before using?

  115. got my Streak 8/14.  I have read we can expect an OS upgrade later this year.  Can we get a more definitive timeline?  Later this year is about as informative as the emails I got from Dell about the release date.  I become rather disappointed with my streak when my friends show off their droids and my device cost twice as much and is months newer and I'm running an OS that's 3 generations old.  Dell Help me please!

  116. Lionel, Any reasons why Dell don't sell Streak in stores? (ATT, Bestbuy, etc) I'd love to buy Streak but I want to make sure that it's nicely huge and not ridiculously huge. I just hope Streak wont follow the same path as Nexus One

  117. If you want your Streak to rotate your home screen to vertical, try this app its great!

    ADW.Launcher.  it makes the Streak feels like its updated.

  118. I have had the Dell Streak for a1 week now, and yesterday O2 here in the UK pushed out Android 2.1 update to this amazing device. Yes I say amazing device cos it is now probably the best tablet/phone on the market.

    I am an IT Engineer by trade (An Apple Tech) and I prefare this device to the iPhone 4. The screen is amazing, the 2.1 update made the streak 100% faster. I would defiantly get this phone/tablet if you are thinking of getting an Android Phone or the iPhone 4.

  119. Hello Lionel, I was all for buying a Dell Streak and went to an ATT store only to be told that they dont even have a demo model and I have to buy it in the website.

    Now really, does someone know the ABCs of markeing at Dell. A purchase of 300 bucks and Dell expects to have this huge leap of faith and buy it seeing on a website.

    I later visited Target nearby at Austin and saw a special stall for Droid X there at Target!!!

    Guys – I aint buyin' nothing that I ain't seen!!!!

  120. Where can I see one in the market. I am in Austin, TX. How can you expect me to buy one with just a website presence.

  121. Where can I see one in the market. I am in Austin, TX. How can you expect me to buy one with just a website presence.

  122. Hi Lionel….In 12th August2010, I bought a Dell Streak…..but it is locked to AT&T and in my country no work phone calls….I know that customer robroy90 in forum (see at…/att-sends-dell-streak-unlock-code-to-persistent-customer.html) might get into unlock code for Dell Streak released for AT&T in collaboration with Dell. Please, Lionel, can you help me to same way to get one unlock code for my Dell Streak'……the problem would not be greater were it not that I live in Colombia – Southamerica and this phone no work here…….this situation is dissapointed to me!!!!!!!although the phone is wonderful and I do not want to return.

    Thanks for all.

    Mauricio Villota

  123. This phone is DOA.     Dell has historically been an industry laggard in the amount they spend on R&D, and announcing this device is just another example of their failure to innovate. Marketing 101, "me too" is not the way to succeed, and most certainly not in this space.

  124. I will guarantee you this much. They're certainly not going to come out with a product that is worrisome to Apple and the iPhone. Dell doesn't do quality. Dell does cheap.<a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href=""></a&gt; Their whole program is to buy parts, assemble them, use purchased software, and then put it out into the market along with customer support from India.

  125. Starting at £449 in the UK it's just too expensive. I can buy a netbook that does more for less than half the price of this thing. Which breaks my heart as I was the one that posted the idea on IdeaStorm asking Dell to build this thing.

  126. India, why yes of course, and yet the short drive north across the border is evidently too difficult a maneuver to execute . . .

  127. what level of customisation can we expect in the froyo OTA update? Also can we expect some streak specific apps frm dell at all?! tht wud b a major impetus to the streak users!

  128. why would anyone buy a streak when galaxy tab is just $80 costlier and excels streak in almsot every department.

  129. hello, someone can solve my problem? From today my streak doesn't recharge (ac adapter seems ok) when right side icons are flashing

  130. I have the recharging docking kit. The line out to speakers seems to be amplified. That is, when I connect the speakers directly to the Streak 5 the sound is not as loud as when connected through the docking station. Is there an amp built in? Anyone else notice this?

  131. Is this product still available in the market? I think, a 5-inch wide screen phone belong to smartphone, not a tablet. Maybe, back in the 2010 that wide screen phone still considered as a tablet.

    …and talking about tablet, a device with all those features in 2010 was of course a powerful one! 😀

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