Dell Streak Update: Where We Are


Update (January 15, 2011): To centralize the conversation, I’m closing the comment threads on earlier Dell Streak blog posts. If you would like to comment or ask questions regarding #dellstreak, please see the latest Dell Streak blog post.

Based on the strength of the number of pre-sales registrations for Dell Streak, we know there’s a lot of you out there in the United States and beyond who are excited about the device. You’ve made Dell Streak the most successful pre-sale we’ve ever offered, and we appreciate that. As I’ve mentioned before, in my 16 years at Dell, I’ve not seen (or heard) this level of buzz around a Dell product. Thanks to each of you for that. 

We know many of you have been waiting for more details about Dell Streak. I’ll share those when I can. There are many pieces that need to fall into place to release a product like this, and the reality that we need more time to work out some things before we can share the details that many of you are waiting for.

That said, there are a few points I can clarify now:

  • At this point, we do not have plans for supporting T-Mobile’s 3G network; Dell Streak will not be certified for T-Mobile operation overall. 
  • Like I mentioned in my previous Dell Streak post, the Android 2.2 over the air update (Froyo) will come later this year. We will ship Dell Streak with Android 1.6.
  • Carbon Black is the color that will be available at the US launch. New Cherry Red will be the next color that we’ll offer. I don’t have an ETA for New Cherry Red at this time, but it will be coming soon. 

We will continue to offer the pre-sale to customers in the United States this week at Clicking on the image below will take you to the Dell Streak pre-sale page. See my post from last week for a bit more clarification on how the process works. See our latest tablets here.

Dell Streak - US pre-sale banner

I confirmed a few other  #dellstreak pre-sale things via Twitter last week:

  1. That Streak accessories will be part of the pre-sale for customers who register.
  2. You will be able to upgrade to Next Day shipping from the second-day shipping you will already receive for taking part in the pre-sale.
  3. The email you will receive soon will have both a unique order code + the coupon code for the 99 cent Plantronics Bluetooth headset.

And if you’d rather watch a video, here’s one of Kevin Andrew from the Dell Streak development team. He discusses these things in a bit more detail. On a side note, we did not realize that the close up shot of the Dell Streak running eclair did not show up clearly until after we had finished. I asked Kevin to take a picture of it. That picture is underneath the video.

Dell Streak - Eclair photo

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101 thoughts on “Dell Streak Update: Where We Are

  1. Lionel –  Can you please comment on how this will be subsidized thru AT&T.  I already signed up for the pre-order, but I don't want to end up purchasing it at an unlocked price, and then find out shortly after it will be subsidized via AT&T plan.  This has been the most important question to me, and I'm sure many others.  Thank you.

  2. Lionel…thanks for all….but,  WE NEED PRICES OF DELL STREAK LOCKED AND UNLOCKED!!!!!!!you do not forget now on the market as there are other excellent options like Samsung Captivate, iPhone 4G, etc, etc.

    Thank you again.

    Mauricio Villota.

  3. Lionel,

    Thank you for the information. With "many pieces that need to fall into place to release a product like this", does Dell still plan to release the phone this month?

    Thanks in advance,

    Chris Woods

  4. Lionel,

    I think a lot of people share my frustration about the lack of Streak news.  Does Dell still plan to release this device by the end of July as promised?  When will we get pricing information for AT&T?  I think it would be very unfair to customers to have to make a decision about buying from Dell (Pre-sale) or AT&T without all the facts.  There are only a few days until the end of the month.  Where are all the commercials?  I know communication directives will come down from an executie level and with the strong following for the Streak, people will buy whether you give us information or not.  I just feel like Dell is diong a dis-service to our customers by being so closed about this very popular product.

    Looking forward to your response.

  5. Why would you as a major manufacturer give such bad PR about a product that has been no secret for over 8 months.  You now say that there will be no T-Mobile compatible version??  Your own product managers went on record as saying that you would INDEED release a T-Mobile compatible version even if not branded or subsidized by the carrier.  Were they lying to the general public??  Why have a FCC certified version for the AWS spectrum if you have no plans on releasing it??  Based on the demand for such a device, you must have an idea that a great deal of people would buy it, am I right??  Your company has done a very bad job releasing info to the public about this product, and by not letting the people know that you are now pulling the T-Mobile variant, days before launch… with no apparent offering in the near future… you will have lost a major following of people and in turn created your own bad publicity for a now outdated and soon to be overlooked product.  Hopefully, in the future, you will have a more common sense approach on how to handle a product launch!!

  6. I've been following the Dell Streak since I first caught sight of it on a tech blog. Since then I've been hoping that the rumors of a T-mobile certified version were true. Turns out they are not. Too bad, you guys lost a guaranteed sale.

  7. I'm with "Desmodronic" on this one. I put off buying the nexus one only for it to be all sold out and dell to announce dropping the tmobile variant. this really sucks.

  8. I don't really even understand what's happening with the Streak. It was supposed to be $499. It was supposed to be available for T-Mobile bands. Now we find out that it's $549 and AT&T only.

    Really, I've lost pretty much all interest in the Streak, which is sad, because people were sick of me talking the device up around them, telling them how it was the perfect form-factor, and I'd be getting one on day one.

    Dell…you blew it.

  9. though any news from Dell about Streak is highly appreciated, none of this news is "good news" for Streak fans. neither does it provide "new information" for those who want to buy the device irrespective of carrier info. this is shameful of Dell for letting down it's potential customers by keeping mum on the basic information and doing so for such a long time. all it takes to keep customers interested is to let them in on the progress of the relevant aspects. do you think you are doing a good job at that? if not, why don't you fix it for us?

  10. So $299 with AT&T contract and $549 unlocked.  The Captivate is $200 with contract and $500 unlocked.  O2 offered the Streak for free with contract in the UK.  Even the Iphone 4 is only $200 with contract.  Glad that the page was pulled as someone at Dell better do some quick accounting and realize the huge error they've made.  The streak only stands a chance if it retails with contract less than $200 and without at $450 or less ($500 was even too high for what the Streak currently has).  Lionel, please talk to your superiors and your team and get some emergency changes (price and operating system mostly) made before this product totally goes the way of Kin.  If you can't change the carrier plan, at least change the unlocked price as this is your main and probably only hope left for this phone to be sold (else it really will be just dropped on the market as a freebie in a month or two and lose Dell all its investment and probably kill any future plans for this phone).

  11. I've been waiting for the Streak for a very long time and with each passing day I want this device less. With confirmation that there is no support for T-Mobile I don't think I can buy a Streak. I already bought a Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile which is a cool phone but I was going to take it back and get a Streak but who knows when the Streak is going to be released? And for some reason you guys at Dell have decided to tie your fate to AT&T.  There is nothing about AT&T that I want to spend money on and I'm not going to pay for a Streak with a cell radio that I'm not going to use. Wasn't there going to be a wifi only version of the Streak or was that just a rumor?

  12. Hi Lionel,

    I'm very excited about the upcoming Streak and I'll explain a bit as to why later.  I've been holding out from buying a smartphone (though I've actually tested many available models from the Droid X to the Evo to Samsung Galaxy S US variants).  I've got two important questions which will be crucial deciding factors for me:

    1. Although you say you won't be supporting T-mobile, the phone is compatible with T-mobile's 3 and "3.5"G networks by the factor of its specs released so far.  Thus, will your unlocked version still work on T-mobile's networks (including all data) or will Dell be blocking the phone's ability to work on the network?  I want flexibility in knowing that if I change carriers, my phone will still work as good as before if not better.

    2. It is clear that Dell has an Eclair (2.1) build of Android working on the Streak.  Although the phone is coming with 1.6, I'll be happy to get the phone earlier if I can update to the 2.1 build (even if it is still beta) shortly after getting the phone during the pre-sale (ie. no longer than 1 week after I get the phone).  This would make it more bearable to wait for the 2.2 Froyo update.  Otherwise the lack of functionality with 1.6 basically kills the deal for me (and from what I've read, many users won't buy the unit – even if they've pre-sale registered like me – unless the OS deal is sweetened either by an immediate over-the-air update and/or given a firm date that is at latest beginning of September for update to Froyo).  I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Dell will deliver, even if that hope is getting pretty slim at the moment.

    As for why I'm excited by the phone, it comes from a slightly different angle that I've read so far.  For my business use, I need a mobile platform that I can carry around with me to quickly view pdfs and MS Office files like Word and Powerpoint, do simple edits and send them via e-mail to my collegues.  E-mail is a must and web-surfing is great too, though this is more for personal need than for business.  On most phones, even 4.3" phones viewing these files is difficult and a pretty tedious task with all that zooming and scrolling (and I haven't even touched upon editing).  The extra inch of screen real estate really does make a big difference.  All the videos comparing the UK Streak version with the iPhone4, Galaxy S, Evo and Droid X show it.  Windows mobile is too old and iOS is pretty but is confined to devices which are too small (not to mention hardware problems – I'm a right-handed user and I noticed the problem immediately – the "death grip" is more difficult with larger or much smaller phones as you just don't hold the phone that way – the form factor is largely to blame for the iphone 4's problems) or large enough that I'd just go the rest of the way to my laptop (might be heavier, but weight is less of a factor than size once you surpass 7" for me – a large tablet without true computing horsepower is just a novelty with little practicality in my books).  The Streak is still portable and fits in pockets.  Finally, on flights I want to be able to read books, papers and watch movies.  Here a mobile platform with a larger screen wins (a 7" or larger tablet is nice, but if I want something with size, I just pull out my laptop and use that instead).  Somewhat subjective, but speaks to the practicality I think many of us want.  This is not a phone/tablet for all – if I wanted just a phone with a few extras, I'd be looking at mainly RIM, Nokia and maybe Motorola.  Main thing that is left is for Dell and Google to do is to make this device as efficient as possible in terms of work, play and most of all, energy (as a mobile device, it has to retain good battery life for at least a whole day).  I'm not an advocate of faster hardware (higher clocking CPUs and GPUs) at this point as it will most likely come at a large expense of the battery (one look at the laptop space makes this very clear).

  13. Dear Lionel,

    the following request has been posted several times on older Streak pages, but you have elegantly ignored it… which causes some understandable frustration among a large base of potential customers, could this be your intention? Would surprise me, so here we go once again:

    *Any* information regarding the Streak release plans for the rest of Europe and the World would be highly appreciated. Come on, even Apple is doing a better job on announcing it's releases, so please have a deep look into your crystal ball and enlighten us asap.


  14. Thanks for the update. One question. Why is the Kernel version hidden? Is it not 2.6.29?

  15. The only way Dell can salvage this torrent of negative opinion towards the Streak is to be completely open and free with information. This isn't the 90's, consumers crave honesty when making buying decisions. Honestly, your initial press release should have contained all pricing information. As a Streak fan, I am exceedingly tired of begging/waiting for communications from Dell. It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion.

  16. given this bubble bursting news, how does one un-register for the pre-release sale?

  17. Well, I'm stuck on ATT anyway with my wife's iPhone, so the T-mobile disappointment doesn't hit me.

    I'm very disappointed, however,  to hear the "later this year" language for 2.2 instead of "later this summer".    I hope that doesn't mean anything and that we'll get 2.2 his summer and not way into the fall.  

    Also, maybe you meant to reassure us that you're making progress on the updates by showing us a running 2.1 build, but it also feels a little cruel to show us what we can't have for possibly a long time.   Is there any chance of an OS beta program so the eager among us can get our hands on these early 2.1 (and later 2.2) builds?  

    Or, even better, open source Dell's additions so that others can contribute.  In the developer chat it was revealed that the OS team is about seven people.   That's not a lot for the amount of work to be done.   I bet Apple has seven people just designing icons for the iPhone.   Building in-house customizations is great and all, but you've got to really commit a lot of resources or it will always be behind, buggy, and possibly lame.    If you can't make that kind of investment, let the community help.  

  18. I am becoming abit disheartened…

    The more I look, the less likely I will be an early buyer.

    The captivate looks like a much better buy at this point.

    If I cannot find something to convince me otherwise, the Streak won't make my shopping list…

    Sorry Dell.  

  19. I am not a regular poster but this time I feel compelled.  Dell has done a poor job with this release.  Android 1.6 is not acceptable as well as not allowing the phone to be used with T-Mobile.  Where is the incentive to buy one when you are so far behind the others?

  20. Pre-sale is so so so different than having people buying the device.

    And if any of you had been lurking around forums all across the web you would have known that there is a unified message from the community not to buy the Streak without an OTA update to at least 2.1.

    This is the kind of disconnect that usually destroy great devices. And the Streak will be no different.

    Who is going to buy a NEW device with OLD 1.6? You must be out of your mind thinking that AT&T customers will do that over a 2.1 Captivate with 4" screen.

  21. I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting for the Streak to release.  And I think I'm done waiting.  The reasons have all been laid out in other posts but I'll reiterate:

    The lack of information on release date, pricing etc.  It's good to build hype but at some point it starts to look a lot like foot-dragging.

    The generations-old OS version with (again) no clear information on when upgrades will occur.   Given our 6+ months of pre-release experience, how long do you think am I led to believe I will be humping around a 1.6 device?

    Limited (one) colours at release.  Pre-sales are for the most enthusiastic early adopters.  Giving us a Henry Ford-esque colour palette to choose from only serves to drive down interest.

    No information on Canadian (or other) releases.  I can sign up for the pre-sale, but you won't ship it to me north of the 49th.  No information given on how long I would have to wait to be able to get it here.

    I like what I've read about the Streak.  I've been living with a long-in-the-tooth WinMo 6.1 quasi-smart phone for much longer than I would have liked because I was waiting for the Streak to drop.  For the reasons I outlined above, I'm thinking I will have to defect to the world of Apple when it ships the 4 here later this week.

    Give me a reason to stick around Dell.

  22. I signed up for the "Pre-Sale", but I will not be buying the Streak.

    The delays in getting this to Market, have caused the Hardware to barely meet minimum standards, compared to its Competitor … and by the time it has 2.2 (now "end of year"?), the Hardware will make it an Antique.

    Please do not give up on a Tablet/Phone product after this one fails.  Look in the mirror, and see why it failed, and then go back and create a cutting edge product (like the Streak was at the beginning of the year) that incorporates a vanilla OS (either Windows or Android) … and get it out the door!!!

    P.S. have you thought about doing Phones like you do Computers?  Dell could create Shells, and the Costumer fills them with what they want … we choose the Carrier, the OS, the Processor, the Color, etc … and you just put them together and ship them.

  23. Does anyone think he chose his words to carfully i think upon release it wont support T-mobile but just like in the uk it will release in a week or  2 unlocked and supporting T-mobiles 3g band  lets try and stick in there T-STREAKERS im gunna wait for the unlocked version if it does not support T-mobiles 3g im NEVER doing bizz with dell again!!!!!

  24. So if the Streak ships with 1.6, it seems reasonable to assume that based on the recent federal ruling on hacking your device (…/story), we can legally root the Streak and update it to 2.2.  You can also legally unlock the device to use it on other carriers (like T-Mobile).  Dell would probably void the warranty but hopefully they won't use software upgrades to disable rooted devices.  A Streak running Froyo and HTC's Sense UI would be awesome!

  25. Seriously, Dell, AT&T? Really? Wow! And how did the UK get it first? You're based in Texas and you bring it to the UK first?!

  26. Wow. In light of all the new news that came out, can’t believe Dell still can’t get their story straight. You go to the Streak registration page and under the FAQs “When will the Dell Streak be available for purchase?”, it still says late July. According to Matt Parretta (spokesman for Dell), it will NOT go on sale in July.


    How the lack of marketing (NONE) and flow of information reminds me of the Nexus One. No marketing, no adds, no nothing. Even though it was a great device, where are they now? In less than a year, the phone is pretty much discontinued.

    Lionel. In all your 16 years with Dell, I’m thinking it’s pretty common there’s no flow of information with other employees? Come on….What are you guy and gals over there at Dell hiding? Is the streak not ready for prime time and Dell’s just too scared to say anything?

    Not to mention the lack of T-Mobile 3G support is a total let down. But, in Dell’s defense, at no point in time, ever stated it would work with T-Mobile. Instead they decided to go with AT&T. They decided to go with tiered data pricing. They decided to share the data network with the IP4 and iPad. Two thumbs up on that move Dell.

    And what’s up with the video. Hello people. Check out this cool video we posted of a Streak you can’t have…Ha Ha….

  27. Hi Lionel — when can we expect the Streak to be made available in Canada?

    Btw, our friend Dan Frommer is back at his Streakk-bashing activity?

  28. No T-Mobile, no sale.  I've been waiting for this since Feb.  Dell took far too long to release this and did a poor job of keeping us updated.  Here we are, probably on the eve of the pre-order, and I just find out that there will be no T-Mobile 3G, even after FCC clearance.  if you planned to sell it unlocked, why on earth would you restrict yourself to AT&T?  I was planning on spending $800 with you guys this week with all the accessories….guess I'll spend it on hookers instead.

    Even worse, while waiting for this, I put off buying the Nexus One…..The Nexus sold out last week.  Thanks Dell.

  29. I have to agree with most of the sentiments posted here so far.This has been a strange, disappointing and frustrating product rollout, even more so given the fact that the product has been released already in the UK.

    I will likely still buy the Streak if it's actually released in the nxt week or two . However, given that the Streak has merely comparable hardware to products already on the market and software that's outdated  compared to the market and yet still can't get released, my confidence in Dell as a company and it's ability to deliver timely support and updates has taken a hit and will certainly play a factor in my decision the longer the release takes.

  30. Wow, a lot of people are really t-'d by the poor showing on the release.

    At this point I really have no advice. I'm stuck waiting like the rest, still excited about the device, but not so sure that I'll wait forever. Things are coming to a head and I am going to have to replace my windows phone in the next couple weeks.

    What will I replace it with??

    I'm not worried about the updates, I'm positive I can work that out later with the help of the xda developers forum. I'm now just worried about actually being able to wait long enough to get a Streak.

  31. I don't think many of you realize that an unlocked version from AT&T will not work with T-Mobiles 3G service.  They have 2 different Bandwidth ranges and those that are in the same range are service different purposes.

    Dell submitted 2 types of Dell Streaks to the FCC.  one that would support AT&T GSM network and one that would support T-Mobile GSM.  I expected that Dell would have provided some news regarding plans for the T-Mobile version especially when their roadmap documents leaked months ago that reported exactly that.  But their being quiet about it has left me hopeful.  

    Now that it is confirmed that this Streak model is only for AT&T I can't wait until 2011 for a replacement cellphone.  I'm just going to Sprint and buying an Evo4G.

  32. You guys were all over Twitter two weeks ago talking about BIG Streak news and how we wouldn't be disappointed and what's the big news? We get to register for an opportunity to pre-order a Streak? Seriously Dell? Not order a Streak or even pre-order a Streak but REGISTER FOR AN OPPORTUNITY TO PRE-ORDER a Streak! What does that even mean?

    At this point I think I'm more interested in the true story of how the US Streak release has gone so wrong than I am in the Streak itself. LOL I'm laughing because you guys at Dell are a joke.

  33. Let me give you another piece of my mind please. As a Senior Director of software strategy at a software company I can try giving you a hint. Connect to your customers.

    90% of your potential buyers will immediately get back to loving you if you drop your customized UI and provide at release date Froyo for Streak.

    Yah its a bit hard to think out of the box – but hey that is YOUR JOB! This is what may get people back to actually buy the device and not just read the pre-order mail and send it to the trash.

    Its hard to admit but you have made so many novice mistakes – that its time for some responsible adult over there to take charge and amend what seems to be almost unfix-able at this time.

  34. I'm with the posters on this.  $200 was acceptable, but $300 is stunningly too much.  Sorry Dell, you just lost 8 more sales.  I buy phones for my office, I'll probably bite the bullet now and look at IPhone again.  

  35. Sorry Dell.

    Too much mis-information and dissappointments.

    I just ordered a Captivate.


  36. Like I said to a lot of @…atDell handles on twitter…

    can any1 @dell tell us what the hell is going on? transparency is everything… @mattatdell @michaeldell @direct2dell @dellcares #dellstreak

    Just tell us what the problems/hold ups are and we are 100% more likely to not get more and more agitated everyday that we don't hear about a release date!

    If you say, "hey guys we're getting some push back from AT&T on subsidized price" that will help us understand.  If you said, "hey guys were running into a materials shortage for production" we'd be more understanding.

    The bottom line is just keep us informed!  It's not like the streak is some big secret anymore!

    Transparency is EVERYTHING when it comes to dealing with the general public!

    Twitter: @dzerveviktory

    <Admin Note:email-id removed as per privacy policy>

  37. I certainly would have purchased this product from you but ive waited long enough. You missed a great window of opportunity which now I will take advantage of by buying a competitors product. With Android, alternative devices are pretty plentiful. Heck, my trusty Nokia n810 and not going with your competitors products is even a good choice. Dell just spoiled this thing rotten. Worse PR yet for Dell and I have to agree with a previous poster, Dell is now the joke of individual and professional tech blogs. Samsung will have their 7 and 10" Galaxy tablets out by the time you guys get your act together. Might as well shelf your outdated Android OS test toy because even in unreleased form it is an obsolete product. Your title for this blog, "Where we are", listen to all of us posting – YOU ARE BEHIND. Lots of luck hahahahahahahaha.

  38. Funny how most posts on this blog have 0 or 1 comments, while the ones about Dell Streak have dozens. And most of them are of potential customers being frustrated by no being able to purchase a device they want. Dell needs to get that message straight to division manager. You have been showing this device for 9 months and most of the World cannot purchase it.

    Start selling this Worldwide now! What's the problem? Sell it unlocked and forget about telecom carriers. Better have it unlocked that not have it before Chritsmas.

    Things change very fast on this market. Samsung is talking about 1.5 GHz and 2 GHz dual-core CPUs, 4.3" Super AMOLED or SLCD are normal now. 8 Mpix cameras are normal now. Android 2.1 is normal now.

    Are you going to try to sell a device with inferior specs on November?

  39. And, looking at the amount of people posting here that they got tired of waiting and are moving to another device, has Dell considered the cost of potential sales lost versus hiring the folks at xda-developers, and get them to release a 2.1 or 2.2 ROM this week?  Because they are releasing ROMs for the Dell Streak already. And I think 99% of people reading this would be happy with a plain simple ROM, no customizations, but based on Froyo. I for example, intend to replace the Dell interface by awd.launcher, because it works in portrait mode too.

  40. Hey, Dell, are you guys holding back on a release date for the Streak because AT&T wants to wait until after they announce other devices like whatever it is they are announcing with RIM this coming Tuesday? If so, then maybe you should rethink your carrier partner because you're catching a lot of heat for the way this Streak launch is playing out. Hopefully next time you guys go unlocked only or just leave the cell radio out altogether. Whatever is going on over there, I really wish that I could be in the same room with you guys so that I could point and laugh at you.

    P.S. – You guys are a joke

  41. If Dell knows and states that the stark will not be sold in July, then why when you go to the pre-sale page and click learn more, the next page says it will? Would you want to fix that???

  42. Seriously, I'm trying to be patient. At any given moment I am about 5 seconds away from throwing my iPhone at a very hard surface. From what very little news about the streak there is, it seems like my patience is being tried for nothing. Unknown release date, unknown price, Android 1.6? I love the idea of the device, it's perfect for my job and what I want. The people looking into this phone aren't the people buying an inspiron for their kids going off to college. These are people used to having information and the severe lack of any reliable information is rediculous.

  43. So, I am attempting to understand the premium price of $299 for the subsidized version?  In a rapidly changing market, with other competitors having already gotten to market with 4"+ screens, the latest Android OS on their products, and more coming, why would you put such a price on a "new" product?  It's not like The Streak is in its 4th generation.  It's a new product and don't you want to attract "new" customers?  Maybe I am missing something here??

  44. Seriously

    … The longest time people ever needed to wait between showing a device and buying it. "Getting old" is an understatement.

    … loading a page for "testing" in live with release order date (yesterday) and prices and then taking it off.

    … Availability by end of July and still no availability this week – LOL.

    … 550$ being 10% more for a "getting older" device

    … Releasing with 1.6 and changing the wording to 2.2 later this year instead of this summer. Showing 2.1 in dev but not saying when we can even expect that. You see when you say later the Dell dictionary means as late as possible in that time frame and probably beyond.

    … Colors are restricted at pre-order too 🙂

    … Most successful pre-order for Dell. Pre-order != order.

    … Poor T-Mobile subscribers.

  45. Congratulations to the appalling Dell "mobile division" for upsetting mostly everyone excited for the Streak's US release. What a joke! Your launch has turned into an absolute failure.

    You have turned your innovative product into a joke on most tech blogs. Way to go!

  46. Dear DELL,

    Please let us know when the Streak will actually be available for purchase. Please?

    Pre-Sales registration FAQ's still say "Late July" (four more days). Matt Parretta will only commit to "sometime this Summer."

    Meanwhile, the Streak has been available in the UK for weeks now.

    Is it a manufacturing issue? Is it a network compatibility issue? Is it a "signal attenuation" issue?

    By all accounts the Streak has been doing fine over in the UK. Why can't the US have it too? Or why can't you tell us when we can have it?

  47. I have been watching this product from it's earliest glimpse in the public, and was sure this was the phone for me. I have been patiently waiting and pining over every scrap of information/rumor to squeak out (not by Dell as you have said nothing) for this product.

    After last weeks fiasco and again lack of any news on a (solid) release date the lure of you product is gone, and I no longer trust you. Ships with 1.6, update later this year… Just like Streak release late July? You lied once, I don't trust you any more. And I won't wait every day for the OTA update that may or may not come.

    So, it's a Samsung Captivate for me (bought one for the wife and it's sweet! [sporting 2.x]).

    And as for the larger screen I'll wait till later this year when many android based tablets get released… sorry Dell it will not be one of your tablets… you are now dead to me! (see how bad PR/Marketing can bite back)

  48. Direct2Dell:

    This is my second post on this thread.  My first post was deleted by the admins, possibly because it was found offensive (in your sole judgment).  Is this really what its boiled down to Dell?  I poured my heart out in that comment (… I sold older gadgets in February to make room for the Streak, I defended it against iPad sycophants, I dutifully followed every rumor every day, etc etc etc).  I have not been this hyped up about an upcoming gadget in quite a while …. since the launch of the Dell Mini 9 actually.

    I personally find it offensive, in my sole judgment, that a large and established company is having such a hard time launching a new device and takes its frustration out on customers.  

    Today, I made a decision to not immediately purchase the Streak and instead wait and see what other device makers are rolling out this fall.  I also made a decision to stick with the T-Mobile cell network and starting looking at their upcoming line of phones.  I had already counted on the availability of Android phones from Dell this winter (Smoke, Thunder, Lightning, Looking Glass) and was holding off on upgrading my G1 — after the fiasco with the Streak I wonder if any Dell Android devices will actually launch on time or at all.  So, therefore, I decided to purchase an HTC phone in September (it looks like the HTC Vision/G1 Blaze/Vanguard will launch on T-Mo in September) and not hold out for what will in all likelihood be a vapor phone from Dell.

    So, Dell, you've lost a customer for quite a while.  I'm typing this on a Dell keyboard on an older Dell Workstation tower.  I have two Dell notebooks and a netbook at home.  I have an older Dell desktop sitting against the wall in my office.  I was shopping the Dell website for Vizio LCD TV's and was looking at Dell for my next laptop purchase(s).  Oh and I was also looking to purchase two Streaks, several Dell smartphones and future Dell devices.

    Too bad Dell.

  49. Ok, I've looked into another phone deeply, and despite not being captivated by the idea of settling for a smaller screen than the Streak, I'm giving Dell one last chance to get their act together and announce a release date (even if not immediate) and price. Otherwise, I'm tired of being jerked around and waiting for a phone that's really not cutting edge enough for these kind of delays (especially after being released already in another country).

    You have one week, Dell. Don't let me down.

  50. I've given Dell way too many chances to impress me, and with the Streak delay, they have failed me for the last time. I had to swallow a lot of pride to admit that I actually wanted a Dell product again after my previous experiences with their hardware, customer support, and lack of product availability. Back in February, when the first glimpses of the Streak surfaced, I had to confess I was really looking forward to it. Six months, Dell's sealed lips, a release in another country, a 'just kidding' pre-sale, and a bunch of vagueness later, I'm left with no choice but to move along to a tangible product. What seemed like a revolutionary device months and months ago, sort of pales in comparison to some of the products from other manufacturers that you can buy today. Like others have mentioned, I don't feel as though I can trust Dell to upgrade the OS to a better version in a timely fashion, once I have committed to this purchase. I've allowed Dell to fool me once, twice, thrice, and now, I have nobody to blame but myself for continuing the bear the shame of their home and business products. Sorry, you've lost a customer, and this time, it's for good.

  51. I too, have been patiently waiting for this product for a few months.  I have decided that if I don't hear of a solid release date for both the phone and the upgrade to Froyo by the end of the month, then I will be forced to look elsewhere.  Dell has lost a lot of respect and credibility that affects not only it's budding mobile hardware aspirations, but its reputation as a whole.  Good luck Dell.  You'll need it after this PR fiasco.

  52. I had to sell mine, massive problems. I had a Dell Streak US AT&T version and I used it for a couple weeks before losing patience with it and selling it.

    To list some massive problems.

    1-It was almost unusable as a Speakerphone as it crackled at high volume and often was totally garbled, on the other end callers stated I sounded like I was speaking with a paper in front of my mouth.  

    2-Music also crackled every so slightly on high.   As if the speaker was blown or complete garbage quality.  This phone was new.. not 9years old.

    3-Battery life didn't get past 4-5hours of use.  Some online reviews state it gets better after 4-5 full charge cycles but I didn't see that.

    4-Also when receiving a call the screen flashes, so you had to catch the Answer button in between flashes.   This was very irritating.

    5-The phone becomes unresponsive sometimes after you've just placed a call.. So it doesn't register your END CALL keypress.. so numerous times I ended up leaving whitespace voicemails on peoples machines since my Dell Streak wouldn't register end call….   it eventually allows you but what the hell ???

    6-The ear slit was so small it's ridiculous,  You have to perfectly place it over your ear or you'll not hear anything, it is a fraction the size of an iPhone ear speaker slit and I can't fathom why.  The phone has a massive footprint.  Also the ear slit edges are sharper than they should be, I could feel a cutting sensation on my ear whilst trying to find the perfect position over my ear.

    7-Because you're pressing the phone to your head so unnaturally the Streak registers your cheek as key presses and does cool stuff like mute your call etc.

    8-The native Dell keyboard is extremely poorly designed, using a third party keyboard such as Swype or Swiftkey was the only way to make text input manageable on the Streak.  I've a very large hand as I'm 6'2.  I can't imagine the reach difficulties those with smaller hands would face attempting to reach over the numeric keypad in landscape mode.  Yes try reaching over all that way on the keyboard and not pressing the menu/function keys that run across the right of the phone while in landscape.

    9-The proprietary docking cable drove me mad, especially since the device needed to charge so frequently.  Why Dell couldn't opt for a micro-usb along side with their 30pin  I can't understand.  So anybody thinking of purchasing this better get extra charging cables for your car, office, bathroom, etc

    10-It may be a limitation of Android 1.6 but not being able to copy text from a webpage is frustrating.

    11-The phone is finished in a sort of material that isn't exactly anti-slip or easy to hold onto. This wouldn't matter if you could easily handle the phone, but again with larger than average hands I was constantly concerned it would slip out of my hand and fall to its end.  

    12-The volume keys aren't in the same direction for music and for call volume if I recall correctly, this was another quirk.

    13-There's some issue with menu's and screen prompts being too narrow.  With a massive 5inch screen I again don't understand why menu items are so slender resulting in frequent mis-presses or repeat presses.  The menu across the top is prime example.

    14-The speaker is on the back.. so go ahead, set down your 5inch Dell streak to watch a video.. oh wait.. the sound just became muffled and almost inaudible.  Yes you better pick it up and hold it just right so not to cover the speaker.  Same goes for the speakerphone, you better keep the phone elevated.  Again, design flaw, there is tons of underutilized space across the top and bottom of the phone where speakers could have been placed.

    There is likely some issues that I can't recall at the moment, but on the plus side.

    1- the phone itself in handset mode had good quality voice calls. ONLY in handset, as speaker was beyond rubbish.

    2-reception was good.  I was on Rogers 3G 850mHz and had no issues at all.

    3-Android made the world of difference, allowing you to download third party apps and do things like connect over wifi to a internal network to copy media/music files directly over to the Dell Streaks memory card.

    4-5inches of real estate were great. Made browsing very pleasant.

    I realize Dell isn't an experienced mobile phone manufacturer.  Perhaps a wee bit more work into this product and they'd have brought to market a very decent device.  Sadly the issues are likely far too great to simply overlook as quirks.

    -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

  53. Will a Data Only service be available for the Streak?  I know it is for the Ipad from AT&T, and I believe it's available in the UK with a data only package, but I haven't heard anything in the US.  A data only package for 15-25 dollars (like the IPad) is extremely appealing for those of us that want to use this device for data and e-mail while keeping a smaller cheaper (and disposable) phone for voice calls.   I asked the at&T guy if I could get a data only package for a smart phone and he just looked at me like i was crazy, but t-mobile advertises a data only (unlimited by the way) packages for phones.

  54. The silence suggests that the delay is, in fact, an AT&T issue. If it was something internal to Dell, then it would be quite straightforward for them to speak to the issue, but when it's a key channel partner who is likely playing hardball vis-a-vis some priority of its own, and who prefers to keep these details under wraps, then it's nigh-impossible for a new market-entrant to do anything other than what it's more powerful partner wants. The only way we'll ever hear about what really happend, however, is through a leak, or from some disgruntled (former) employee.

    I would actually advise Dell to take a chance on a different approach: a pure unlocked strategy. Gear the antenna for every carrier, and put the device into the hands of Dell's usual retailers. If you're breaking new ground with the device, then you might as well take an unconventional route to market. Given the broad-based interest in the Streak, I don't see the advantage in limiting it to a single carrier.

  55. By the skin of their teeth, Dell may be able to salvage what is left of this mess by releasing 2.1 or 2.2 at launch, drop the price point down for contract and no contract, release a T-Mobile version and most importantly, give everyone a date for the actual release.

    Funny. Dell in general has been pretty quiet since all this news came to light. Makes you wonder if this is how service on the Streak is going to be.

  56. Dell, you had me so interested back 8 months ago when it was announced with the possibility of T-Mobile AWS 3G support.  Then there was the FCC application spotted which finally made me select this as the device to wait for.  But, now, what was supposed to be the week where you could buy this device is when you finally break your silence that it wont be on T-Mobile????  I'm very upset and personally want to have nothing to do with AT&T.  On top of that, you are fighting against the Apple hold.  Why would you do that?

    You lost a sale to what was another guaranteed buyer.  Goodbye

  57. Those of you patiently awaiting your Streak – believe me it's well worth the wait! I'm lucky enough to be in the UK and have had mine since mid June and it is awesome. I have a call and data plan from O2 and even though it's still running on 1.6 it's incredibly fast. The network is "fast fast" and when using wi-fi at home and at wi-fi hotspots it rally does"streak" along so when the update comes I can only guess at the performance! It's the ultimate pocket PC with calling ability and I use it with a Movon MB80 bluetooth wristband. The selection of available apps more than meets my needs. It's fantastic to have a PC, excellent camera and easy to use phone wrapped up in one bundle in my wallet pocket. Apple certainly blew it when they made the ipad too big and without a phone. It's no better than a netbook really and Dell have hit the sweet spot with the Streak with a screen size and quality that breaks the mould and slips into the vacant niche perfectly. Well done Dell you're a jump or two ahead of the field with this fantastic little machine.

  58. By all means can't you just make the Dell Streak available UNLOCKED? In a resent blog post "Dell streak will be 549$ Unlocked and 299$ locked on a At&t 2 year contract." But now you say it cannot support T-Mobile 3G and you don't even have plans for supporting T-Mobile overall? Then, what is the point of selling the Dell Streak Unlocked when it basically can only support At&t. You guys got to get your act together, you make a mistake saying the Dell Streak will sell by the end of July. Then you Accidentally published a blog about the streak information. With all this frustration, DELL you just seem to like to play with your customers a fool them. We are getting Frustrated!


  60. All I can say that it's quite embarrassing and pretty unacceptable that Dell has made so MANY mistakes regarding the Dell Streak! The worst part is that they let each day go by and not a word…nothing, nada. That's truly unacceptable from a company such as dell. Dell acts like a third world company rather than a leader…which they clearly have demonstrated that they are not in the big leagues. They have no one but themselves to blame when they finally do release this already outdated phone/tablet….no one wants to buy an outdated phone….especially when the people who were going to buy it were lied to, ignored and treated like sheet.

    If no news by the end of the day today then I'm ordering a verizon droid…hummm….the droid DOES where the Streak DOESN'T!

  61. Another buyer lost by not having a T-Mobile version, bye, bye dell.. Guess I have to give my 500 smackers to HTC, now…

  62. "Based on the strength of the number of pre-sales registrations for Dell Streak, we know there's a lot of you out there in the United States and beyond who are excited about the device. You've made Dell Streak the most successful pre-sale we've ever offered,"  

    definitly an absurd statment inlight of the "FAILED" release…  I don't even think they read these posts.

  63. The terrible thing about all this is that buying this thing "unlocked" on AT&T theoretically saves you no money and actually costs you more money in the long run, which is counterproductive to the reasoning of why people buy phones unlocked.

    I myself bought a Nexus One unlocked and run it on Tmobile. By doing that I can get their cheapest non contract plan and save something like 20, 25 bucks a month over the rate plan of the subsidized phone. In the period of a little over one year I've already saved the amount I would have saved had I gone on contract. The longer I hang on to this phone, the more I theoretically save. Plus on Tmobile with this plan I get UNLIMITED data and text messages. The most comparable plan on AT&T has only 200 text messages and 200mb of data, which is TERRIBLE. If I bought this Streak, on contract or not, I would be absolutely RAPED by both the cost of the device and the cost of the service compared to what I have now. Absolutely NO SALE.

    BUT if the Streak were sold UNLOCKED for TMobile, I'd seriously consider it. Because then I could buy it, even at it's inflated $550 price tag, sell my used Nexus One to recoup a lot of my money and keep my low unlimited Tmobile plan. Win, win, win on all fronts.

    Honestly Dell if you want to sell some units, UNLOCKED TMOBILE BAND STREAK. Google knew what they were doing with their two different Nexus One units. They made mistakes in marketing and sales… YOU Dell are making their SAME MISTAKES, only you are only offering ONE phone band. If history is any indicator you will crash and burn twice as hard as Google did.

    Mind the gap, Dell.

  64. Since dell will not be supporting tmobile's network they have lost quite a few sales from me and my company

  65. Honestly my Nexus One experience has been pretty iffy. I never received the Froyo OTA update and had to manually flash my phone myself. Froyo really didn't add a tremendous amount of usability and it didn't fix the Yahoo mail over wifi bug that persists (very important to me, my work email is a sbcglobal based account which it treats as yahoo). Sure Froyo granted some speed, but that speed is only barely noticeable to me. Plus Google dropped their Nexus store so now I have to go to eBay to get a dock or cable (which prices are skyrocketing right now). I kind of want off the Nexus One train… hence why I was so "into" the Streak when rumor mill had it it was going to be Tmobile band. I would still gladly trade my Nexus One for a Tmobile band Streak and live with the older OS just to get the bigger screen. Anyway the Cyanogen guys will have the Streak's rom cracked eventually (provided the darn thing ever gets released in the states) and I'll just root it to that and get all the features I want regardless of Dell… but all that depends on Dell getting off their duffs, reading some of these comments, figuring out they hitched their cart to a falling star and doing something to fix the situation.

    And if I REALLY wanted to give Dell ideas I'd tell them that I went shopping online today and found that I could get the brand new Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) for AT&T right now from for $90… NINETY DOLLARS… with a new line. I'd pay the SAME plan costs as I would with the Streak with the same carrier (AT&T) but I'd get a more pocketable phone with an AMOLED screen running the newer 2.1 OS out of the box built by a company I trust (own a few Samsung TVs) who has boldly charged headlong into the smartphone market with both barrels blazing. Dell technically is AT&T's "sloppy seconds" now. Sorry Dell but the Captivate just sunk your battleship / drank your milkshake / goofy movie quote here in my mind.

    If I HAD to change phones and carriers today, the Captivate would get my business… mostly because it is CHEAP, it is AVAILABLE, it is getting stellar reviews and I like the looks of it. You guys (Dell) just have a bag full of empty, unmet promises for us Yanks. Even if you never promised the Streak for Tmobile, the absence of telling us otherwise just wound up ticking off a lot of people rather than drawing interest. Plus with the recent hullabaloo you've got a lot of distrust built up. After all this… how are we to believe you will roll out 2.1 when you say you will? You've reneged on this launch once already, what will prevent you from reneging on the roll-out of 2.1 for the Streak whenever it finally shows up? At the moment a lot of us feel like our favorite dog bit us… how do we trust that dog to not bite us again?

  66. JsARCLIGHT, please don't give any of the marketers from Dell who may on the slightest chance be reading these comments ideas.  The Nexus one may be worth the $550 unlocked, but that is only because it receives unrivaled support from Google so it is always the first phone with the new operating systems like Froyo.  Its specs are on par with the Streak itself (minus the screen) though it was released several months earlier.

    The Galaxy S sells for $500 unlocked from ATT and Tmobile which has superior specs.  Not to mention there were retailers like Costco selling the Vibrant at $250 unlocked without contract with Tmobile.  A special case yes, but it shows that there was a real genius at the top and realized that larger gains are gotten by selling more and getting more people onto the carrier.  My hat goes off to that sales team as they were the only ones so far that I've seen get the total equation right.  

    High-end smartphones do not cost that much to manufacture unless the operations guys have really screwed up (I assume that since Dell is mostly manufacturing and assembly, that they would get this part right).  The Iphone 4 is about $200.  Above that, profit.  That's why with such a small market share in comparison to the true behemoth RIM, Apple is really padding their bottom line.  Thus if Dell really wants to get into the game, even if they were to release with Froyo (which is highly doubtful – I just hope the Dell team proves me wrong), these phones should not be selling unlocked for anything more than $450.  When it comes down to it, the Streak is a smartphone, not a tablet and needs to be sold as such (though even the Ipad is only $500).  Google even classifies the Streak a smartphone else it would never have access to the Android marketplace at the moment.  My guess is to break even (maybe even already making a little profit), Dell needs to sell the phone for ~$200 unlocked as well.  Thus $300 unlocked would be the best pricepoint for Dell to really start penetrating the market.  Even $400 unlocked would still get most consumers onboard.  This would really open the gate for more Dell smartphones such as the lightning, thunder and smoke.  Right now, with the way Dell has marketed the Streak so far, this bad publicity is just going to impact lots on their future phone releases.

  67. Wow Dell, you sure know how to do PR.  I can imagine every single one of the Dell Streak owners cursing your company at the moment.  Pretty disgusting.  Not only did you bring to market a fairly non-functioning phone. circa my previous post/review.  You've not alienated the 1000 or so people who were using this device daily.  No more PR, certainly no good PR anyways.

    "There's a fascinating discussion going on over in MoDaCo's forums today suggesting that Dell Streak units that were given out recently as part of the company's US beta test in and around Austin, Texas are no longer functioning on AT&T, the result of an apparent IMEI block; voice calls placed from the devices all get re-routed to AT&T customer service, and 2G / 3G data doesn't work at all. Our understanding is that beta testers were allowed to keep their units after the conclusion of the test period — some of those ended up on eBay, naturally, so you can imagine that buyers are probably feeling a little steamed by this. One user has had luck with data by using the iPad's APN and plan settings, but otherwise, there seems to be a bit of frustration going around. We've reached out to AT&T to figure out what's going on; we'll let you know when we have more."

    Above from an Engadget Mobile post.

  68. @cfproserv  Good to know! I made a post on 07-29-2010 9:46 PM  Can you advise if you're experiencing similar issues.. mostly with speakerphone, battery?  Thanks!

  69. @PK Intrade.  AT&T is not blocking the devices.  The ones given out in Austin had trial SIMs that expired after 30 days.  That time is up.  I borrowed one from a friend and replaced the SIM with my own and have used it the last two weeks (and today) to make and receive calls.  That part of the device works just fine.

    However, an update to 2.2 is sorely needed.  Sure wish you Dell guys could tweak the design a bit to relocate the power and volume buttons.  Locking the home screens to landscape is also a bad design move.  

  70. Oh Dear

    I'm in the UK and I've had my Streak since day 1 from o2 who I find offer great customer service. I like my Streak so I thought I'd buy a protective case Premium Wallet. The delivery date slipped and slipped back until it was too late as far as I was concerned so I cancelled. Very poor customer care. Now I'm following the US release or lack of and I fully understand the frustration. In my gut Ive got a very bad feeling about owning a Dell product now just because of the lack of communication with the public. What on earth will happen if there are real problems with the OTA updates will Dell go silent again.

    I'm pondering selling my Streak and moving getting a phone from a manufacturer that talks to its customers.

    Come on Dell just talk to us!!!!

  71. LOL it would be interesting to see the price drop for everyone later on once the HTC Glacier is out, as the rumour said its running a dual core 1.2G CPU or may be ppl just ignor the streak and go for HTC~~~ as they'll prob run 2.2 and as they say, its better than the droid X

    ps i'm now enjoying the streak… but if u guys dun do something about the 2.2 update soon and the US and other release… prob u'd never got a chance to sale it…

  72. @PK Intrade I saw your post on 7/29 and mostly agree with your assessment.  The battery rarely lasts all day for me but I'm used to that with my iPhone.  I've got chargers everywhere.  I haven't used the speaker for playing music much (mostly headphones) and while using the speakerphone, it sounded just fine.  But, like you pointed out, having the speaker behind the phone muffled the sound unless it's elevated somehow.  I did get people telling me I sounded choppy and would break up sometimes but that is likely due to AT&T coverage in some areas.  In other areas, it worked just fine and the speakerphone was plenty loud.

    I did not have any issues with the ear slit or the connector port.  I would like to see something covering the connector port as I would expect it to get damaged from dust and/or items in your pocket or backpack.  A little rubber plug should be easy enough right?  I also agree that the keyboard layout is terrible and the suggested words are practically useless.  When I turned it off and activated the vibrations when typing, it was much better. I also agree that it needs some kind of grip to hold onto better.  I love the design though.  It looks great and feels solid, not like a cheap toy.  I've looked at the Captivate and it felt so light, I thought I would break it just by holding it.

    To me, the recessed power button is an issue and I still can't get used to the volume button functionality.  While it may make sense to change how the volume button operates when holding portrait or landscape, to me, I want it to work the same way no matter which way I hold the device. I still push the volume button the wrong way because I naturally don't think how I'm holding the device.  Also, I would prefer the volume buttons be moved to the other side.  Personally, I'd like to see the power button placed somewhere easy to use when not looking at the device.  I keep pushing the camera shutter to turn on the device.  Speaking of the camera, the lens is in a poor location.  I kept covering up while trying to take pictures and shooting video.  When I did take pictures, they came out best while outdoors and plenty of light.

    My two biggest gripes are the non-responsiveness of the device when I turn it on and the locked portrait mode of the home screens.  Many times when I turn on the thing, nothing happens.  None of the buttons I press would work.  When it finally did respond, it was great.  I too, experienced the inability to answer and hang up phone calls.  My guess is that a 2.2 update SHOULD fix this but who knows.  Since I'm used to picking up the device like a phone (that would be in portrait mode Dell), all the icons were sideways.  I read somewhere that Dell user testing indicated most people will hold it in landscape mode.  Guess I'm the odd man out.  Again, this might be fixed with an update to 2.2 or just rooting the device.  There should be a setting that allows it to rotate Home screen orientation (which I believe exists on other Android devices)

    I haven't ruled out getting one when its released in the US (*Jeopardy music plays in background) as I hope an update to 2.2 fixes some of my personal issues.  I love the larger screen.  Don't really care about HD video or taking pictures as I have things that do those better anyway.  The two cameras are also a nice "gee whiz" feature too.  I figure my two years of iPhone use have me trained where buttons should be placed.

    Hey Dell, the HTC Ace (4.3" screen) is due in October and there's a 2Ghz device from Motorola slated for the end of 2010.  Hopefully you are reading some of the feedback and getting something out to people soon, even if it's a message saying you're going back to the drawing board.  A 5" device with a 2Ghz processor running Gingerbread and some updates to button/lens placement for improved usability would likely sell to a few folks.

  73. I am confused as to the purchasing process-do we order it direct from Dell, receive it at home, and then take it to an AT&T store?

    We plan to get the Streak (if it comes out before September! Ahem), and add it to my existing AT&T service as a second phone.  Will we be able to set this up through the Dell pre-order process?

    Im beginning to worry this whole "Dell Streak" is an elaborate hoax, with the Brits in collusion.  Can you please give out some concrete info, like a release date?

  74. I have been a long time Dell faithful and just can't believe the lack of responsibility Dell is assuming with this fiasco of a release for the Streak.  First they post info about pre-orders, next they post soft dates for the release, then they post figures for pricing and conclude by not telling the community anything but wait on it and we have to figure somethings out.  Well whenever they unscrew their heads, I hope the Streak is a success, because I am a fan of the device but I'm not wasting another moment after this post waiting on a device what will probably get released after the Dell Aero at the rate they are moving and provide the community updates.

  75. When news of the Streak first became public I was excited and really hoping (still do, actually) that the Streak was going to be what the Nokia N810 and N900 should have been – awesome, somewhat cutting edge devices that could be used by the masses and still appeal to the tinkerer/nerd/geek (i.e. – unlocked and root access that if not outright condoned would at least be looked at with a blind eye) with a company that would support them for the "long term" – possibly something to finally take the place of a good, old Palm OS device (Android, at this point, is the best OS alternative and the Streak appears to be the best physical form factor).  akolmogorov's comment on 07-27-2010 5:06 AM  about "let the community help" hits the nail on the head – get the product out and accept help from the community. An awesome device will be supported by the community, especially if you are willing to let them help.

    I picked up a $150 Augen Gentouch78 with Android 2.1 from K-Mart last week, disappointed that the Streak wasn't my first "official" Android device (my N810 can boot Android but w/out the h/w support it really doesn't mean too much). Now I have a personal contest running: will Augen release their software updates (rumored for 10 August, though Augen seems to be in the make up dates mode that Dell is in) before the Streak gets released to the US or vice versa? $150 I could gamble on a device; before I spend $500+ I need to be a whole lot more sure about what I am going to get.

    While I signed up for the Streak pre-sale I am now wondering if I will take advantage of it – the unlocked price at $500 was tough enough to justify and now that it appears to have been increased it is making it even harder to justify and be excited about. Having more time to think about it certainly isn't increasing my chances of purchasing one – now I'm thinking maybe I'll wait and see if Dell can actually do something with the device or if it will simply be worthless by Christmas. I'm thinking that by Christmas there will be a lot more choices and living with either the Gentouch78 or my Nokia N810 and a TracFone until the end of the year will save me cash and possible disappointment – though I'll have to fight my wife for the Gentouch78 as she is thinking that she will use it as a replacement for her iPod Touch (mostly as an ebook reader).

    I'm still waiting for the Streak's release and following any news I can find, but it might be too little too late.

  76. This week's launch of the underwhelming RIM torch, exclusively through AT&T, seems to confirm that the botched Streak release was, in part, a result of Dell being pushed aside in favour of the industry leader in the smartphone segment. I can understand that, as a new market-entrant, Dell has to aquiesce to the musings of its primary channel partner, and also that they need to keep quiet about anything that might reflect poorly on AT&T. But what still doesn't make any sense is that Dell have said nothing at all — there must be some info they can pass along to ease the frustration of their customers-in-waiting. I also wonder if and how their enterprise strategy is playing into this fiasco, as some reports indicate that the corporate market is in fact Dell's primary focus for the Streak.

    Frankly, it's increasingly beginning to look like they would have done better with a purely unlocked direct-to-market strategy — translating the mounting interest the Streak has achieved over the past several months into straight up sales numbers would surely have brought Dell significant carrier interest. In comparison to the present situation, this actually would have put Dell in a position of greater power vis-a-vis the cariers. The challenge now is that, the longer the release is delayed, the less time Dell have before hardware obsolescence (never mind Froyo) becomes an issue: Qualcom are already testing a dual-core Snapdragon, according to several reports.

    In any case, I'd say that some serious damage control is in order: something along the lines of a top of the line Plantronics ear-piece for 99 cents (instead of the cheapo model that's likely in the mix at the moment).

  77. I guess I'm a sucker for punishment.  I bought another Dell Streak US 3G unit.  It has the same problems as my first unit.  The speaker issue is obviously a manufacturing defect.  Speakerphone whilst reasonably loud is not audible as it is garbled.  It's not just myself as a number of people have heard it and concur it is likely the worst speakerphone ever on a device.  The device resonates the crackling and distortion, and while holding it you can feel the device at the highs when it crackles.  Sadly disappointed, I was hoping it was a one-of issue with my first unit.  

    Can't be sure of the battery life as of yet since I just got it, will report back.  But the mind bloggling blinking that occurs while you're on a call is still present.  Example, you call voicemail.  The screen blinks for a few microseconds and then goes blank.. you press power to revive it. (you're voicemail is now prompting for the second time to enter your pin) as you've revived it, it continues to blink.  You've gotta be quick and hit the Dialpad button to tap in your PIN..  

    That better be fixed in the 2.1 release.  Most irritating thing ever.

    Ear slit is not sharp like my first unit, at least I can be thankful for that.  

    I can't wait for the HTC ACE or HTC Desire HD.  Which is quite frankly what everyone should wait for.  4.3" Screen, Android 2.2 8mp camera.  And it's from a company that has experience building and bringing to market phones.   Dell might get it figured out a couple years from now.  

    Immediately installed Swiftkey and Swype for keyboard alternatives.  Native keyboard is rubbish.  

    -Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

  78. Direct2Dell:

    Where is an update?  When will it be available?

    August? Summer technically lasts until September — Will it be before then?

    When this device first premiered the specs were like nothing on the market — Android 1.6, 1ghz Snapdragon, 5" screen ….

    Now, a YEAR later, these specs are entry-level.  And you still have no date on a release.

    You teased that there would be Amazon integration via several apps (Kindle, VOD, AmazonMP3).  There is no mention of this in the press or your own ham-fisted press releases.

    Where is the Netflix App?  An Android device like this, with a large screen, would be a perfect fit for a Netflix app launch.  Nothing ….

    Other Android tablet device manufacturers are launching now or very soon.  And they haven't teased the public like you have beforehand.  Why is it that Samsung has a Galaxy Tab coming within a few months of the announcement and Dell, a YEAR LATER, is still trying to figure out how to launch?

    Finally, a message for your Founder — Michael Dell:

    When you tromp about the world, mingling with the power brokers, the worlds elite.  Every chance you get you whip out an amazing looking device, the Dell Mini 5, to show off.  You hold it up in front of an audience (in Miami) and proclaim that its awesomeness shows how aggressive and forward looking your company is.  Then …. you fumble about and loose most of your customers during a bungled US launch, people that had eagerly signed up to purchase beforehand.


    Just my 2 cents.


  79. Hi Dear:

      Do you think we can get the device before the 2012?

    Please see the comments of others guys. Please do not just say what you want to say. Please take a look at those comments and give some reply.  Do you think your can be self-important as one fruit company?

  80. Well, AT&T has now blocked the beta unit I was borrowing so I guess my own trial has ended.  In some ways I'm happy to return to my iPhone even with its tiny screen.  So the latest news is the Streak will come with Android 2.1 (while other devices are getting 2.2)  With this update, the keyboard issue has been fixed and there's even 720p HD recording.  Great!  So who's idea was it to display FEWER icons on each screen?  And why is there not a dedicated Search button along with the Back, Menu and Home buttons?  Ya got 5" people!  It's not like you're gonna run out of room.

    While you're patting yourself on the back for getting the newer Android OS and "listening to customer feedback", we'll be buying something else.  For me, I'll probably get the HTC Desire HD (Ace) in October (, unless they pull a Dell on me.  Maybe in a couple years when the Streak 2 comes out, I'll give you a ring.  

    Kudos on the idea of a larger form factor as I believe it will catch on in the future.  I was really looking forward to getting this device but after using one for almost 3 weeks, the placement of the camera lens, power button and bass ackwards volume buttons was just not a good fit for me.  Besides, if updates will be as "smooth" as the rollout, it doesn't give me warm fuzzies about support if (likely when) I need it.  

    I'm sure plenty of folks will get one and if it works for them, awesome.  Hopefully, enough will get one to continue development and motivate other manufacturers to create bigger devices.

  81. Alright I have been exceedingly patient. I have been excited about this product for a long time as have we all. Overall I love Dell products and routinely recommend them to other people looking for computers. However this rollout is not doing anything but irritating me. More than irritation but I won't use those terms on a public forum.

    It has been over 2 weeks now since the last update and that was a joke in itself. You can't have it and we can't tell you why. That was the substance of the last official post if not the actual words.

    How about an actual update, at least an estimated release if not a firm date.

  82. Alright I have been exceedingly patient. I have been excited about this product for a long time as have we all. Overall I love Dell products and routinely recommend them to other people looking for computers. However this rollout is not doing anything but irritating me. More than irritation but I won't use those terms on a public forum.

    It has been over 2 weeks now since the last update and that was a joke in itself. You can't have it and we can't tell you why. That was the substance of the last official post if not the actual words.

    How about an actual update, at least an estimated release if not a firm date.

  83. While I totally agree with absolutly everything on this thread (the media release has been god awful compared with almost every other phone being released at the moment, the shocking choice of 1.6 to release with and lack of any info regarding the 2.1 or 2.2 release, other than sometime in the future which is totally unacceptable on every level) i think we are all wasting our time posting, Niether dear Lionel or his employer who makes such a show of waving the 2.1 proudly in our faces while offering no other info than "look how shiny it is" clearly do not have any interest in anything his customers think or feel or he or any other Dell representative would have bothered to have answered or at least acknowladge any one of the 97 posts all basically asking for the same info.

    Congrats Dell, another customer lost. i spoke to O2 this morning and will be returning my Streak for an HTC Desire. I sent a mail to HTC yesterday asking about the stats on the desire and got a response in 15 mins with all the info i wanted and more. Dont know about anyone else but ive yet to find a Dell email address that doesnt either return as undeliverable due to no such mail address, or no one ever replies. HTC clearly the way to go if your looking for customer service.

  84. O2 in the UK have released the 2.1 update for O2 phones

    Still no word from Dell, I can only conclude the the mobile phone carriers are getting as fed up with Dell as the Streak owners. Why not break this silence Dell and tell us what is going on!

  85. I found upgrading is not the more the better, sometime too frequent upgrading often makes your PC get freezing, I use tuneup360 to help me solve this problem!!!

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