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A Culture of Service Enriches All of Our Lives


Each year on November 11, Veteran’s Day is a reminder to honor and share our gratitude for the remarkable contributions made by those who have served or are serving our country in the armed services. When I think about those who have served, including so many employees across Dell Technologies, what stands out to me is the consistency of their commitment to serve others. I see it every day among our team members who are veterans or are family members of those who have served. It takes many forms, from their support of one of our employee resource groups, to participating at charity events, to simply lending a helping hand. This culture of service is deeply engrained in their spirit and enriches all our lives.

“To have the opportunity to increase my technological aptitude has been humbling. I’m proud to be part of Boomi’s training and experience, and I would recommend this program to anyone who has been in the military looking for a job in technology.” – Anthony DiCola, Boomi Veteran Academy Participant

Hiring a diverse workforce, including veterans, is good for business. The skills and experiences shared by veterans are valuable to companies looking to hire individuals with diverse backgrounds, because they can bring discipline, commitment and loyalty to their positions and their surrounding teams.

Research shows that by 2024 there will be more than one million computing-related jobs open in the U.S., yet less than half will be filled by new U.S. graduates based on current graduation rates. Globally, the anticipated tech labor gap will grow to more than 4 million by 2030. The private sector can step up to help address this issue. For example, Dell Technologies’ Military and Spouse Hiring Program was created to attract veterans and their spouses for employment. And with one million individuals expected to transition out of the military in the next four years, this educated and highly-skilled talent pool will be critical to our future workforce.

Serving Those Who Have Served

Non-traditional hiring programs will help us avoid the squeeze of this talent shortage while bringing in the diverse perspectives needed for continued innovation and strong customer relationships. At Dell Technologies, cultivating a culture of inclusion is a business imperative. We know it’s critical to do our part to help prepare and attract the future workforce, and the Military Times has honored us as a “Best for Vets Employer” for our broad initiatives and overall strong support for a wide variety of programs that serve those who have served.

Here are a few of the leading programs that we proudly support:

  • Boomi Veteran Academy: Launched earlier this year, the program has quickly flourished, with a goal to train 1,000 service members, veterans and their families by 2025. The program focuses on technical training and job placement post active-duty.
  • Veteran Jobs Mission: The Veteran Jobs Mission, an organization that Dell Technologies helped to found and continues to proudly support, began as a program to land 100,000 jobs for veterans with about a dozen companies. Since then, the organization has grown to more than 230 member companies representing nearly every industry in the economy, and those companies have hired more than half a million veterans.
  • Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program: Dell Technologies proudly supports this innovative program, providing transitioning service members with professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce.
  • Onward to Opportunity: Too often, the spouses and families of our veterans are forgotten, but they represent the unsung heroes of our armed forces, making tremendous sacrifices as family members. Dell Technologies believes in supporting our veterans as well as military spouses and proudly supports this leading organization. Onward to Opportunity is a free program that provides civilian career training, professional certifications and job placement for transitioning service members, members of the selected reserves, veterans, and military spouses.

At Dell Technologies, we’re actively recruiting the next generation of leaders and innovators, and we think military experience fits the bill. We invite all veterans to bring their dedication and precision problem-solving to a world of enabling affordable and accessible technology to millions of users globally. To learn more about our career opportunities following the military, go to our Military and Veterans career site.

This Veteran’s Day, Dell Technologies salutes our nation’s veterans and heroes – those who are with us today and those who are with us only in spirit – and share our deep gratitude for your selflessness, courage, sacrifice and years of service.

Dell Technologies proudly flies these flags at its campus in Round Rock, Texas, in honor of the country’s military services, including Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. They serve as visible reminders of the respect and support we have for all of the men, women and their families who have served their country.

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