Dell to Sell Inspiron and XPS Machines Through Best Buy


Today, we announced that Dell will offer XPS and Inspiron desktops and notebooks through more than 900 Best Buy locations in the United States in the next few weeks.

What products can you expect to see? As far as notebooks: the XPS M1330 in white, the Inspiron 1420 in black and the Inspiron1521 in blue and black. Desktops: the Inspiron 530, 531 and 531s models. Beyond that, we will also sell the XPS One, our new all-in-one PC through Best Buy. Customers will also be able to shop at Best as well. We'll be adding more models and colors later this year.

Dell will provide service and support for systems purchased at Best Buy. Update: 12/21—My apologies. This statement I wrote was not accurate. When I can pull the details together about the how the support process will work, I'll blog about it and will link to that update from here once it's published.

Update 1/14—Here's the update post that clarifies service and support on machines purchased through Best Buy.

With this agreement, our products will be available in nearly 10,000 stores around the world. We will continue to focus on expanding the number of retailers we work with in order to reach more customers worldwide. Connecting with more customers is what this is really all about. Best Buy joins a list of other retailers we have agreements with. I've blogged about most of them (though I missed the Carrefour announcement in Europe last month).

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  • Anonymous

    As a Kiosk Lead for one of the Dell Direct Stores, I think this is great!  Not only will this help expand the company’s growth in market share and consumer base, it will open up many, great opportunities for every DBR in DDS to exceed in different career paths!

    Kudos to Michael Dell for making this decision…And to be honest, who REALLY didn’t see this coming;)

  • Anonymous

    Blecch.  This seems like a very misguided idea to me.  Best Buy is widely reviled for poor service (pre-sale, mid-sale, and after-sale), ignorant sales reps, predatory warranty sales tactics, and did I mention horrible customer service?

    While Dell will still be providing service and support for these products, having the tarnished Best Buy reputation attached to the Dell name – which has itself been somewhat diminished after the offshore support issues of the past and present – may further weaken Dell’s standing with current and prospective customers. 

    I for one will not set foot in a Best Buy store, least of all for computer-related items.  This is one retail partner that Dell should have declined.

  • Anonymous

    Great move!!  I currently would have to drive 2 hours to find the closest Dell Kiosk when I want some “hands on” experience with a product I am interested in buying.  Now I will be able to not only be able to experience but maybe even purchase a product with only a 20 minute drive.  What better way to gain customers than by making it easier for them?  Although I hope there will be some more color choices in the future(hint:  black XPS).

  • Anonymous

    I’d really like to see Dell’s monitors especially 22″ and 24″ Ultrasharps added to that Best Buy list.

    We want to actual see the monitor’s screen before we buy!

    Otherwise judos to Mr. Dell 



  • Anonymous

    Dude, you should have simply purchased Gateway, who finally figured out how to make money selling through this low margin channel.

  • Anonymous

    I do not agree.

    BestBuy does not have the reputation it takes … and to sell a XPS model of any kind there, really degrades the XPS name/brand.

    As it is too many of Dell products are branded as XPS, by doing so, Dell has really taken the exclusivity of the Name XPS and dumped it low.

    I really wish Dell would limit how many products they badge as XPS.  By comparison, some are no more than a regular product with higher price tag.

    Oh, I forgot, XPS equals better Tech Support!


  • Anonymous

    Maybe that explains why my parts have been put on the back burner twice now . My floppy for my xps 420 have been back ordered twice now, this has never happened before. Maybe on line customers are not going to get the service we are used to getting  . In the email I received of the back order, I must reply asap or the order will be canceled, h’m, doesn’t sound too friendly ……


     Bob Moyer

  • Anonymous

    In what areas first, though?

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was interesting that someone was complaining about Best Buy being widely reviled for things like bad support and ignorant sales reps.  Of course that happens, but guess what, it happens at Dell just as much.  Sales reps telling customers that they need Windows XP Pro (back when that was standard) because you cannot set up a home network without it, for example.  Like it or not, Dell lost their market share to Best Buy in laptop sales last quarter, and if you really want to keep your brand as elite as you believe it to be, the only way is to get involved in a retail partner.  So your choices are Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, and Wal-Mart.  Hmm, well CompUSA doesn’t exist anymore, Circuit City will be out of business within the next 2 years.  You’d honestly rather have Wal-Mart selling your precious Dell machines over a real electronics retailer?  Talk about ignorant sales people.  Even if you don’t like Best Buy, recognize it was probably the only way to keep from losing business and market share.

  • Anonymous

    DELL is like a dumb JOKE, that people telling over and over again. 

    Sorry, but I have been in IT for years and I have worked on Dell machines till I’m sick.  I have seen Dell’s rise and fall.  Now they are just trying to copy the success of HP; very sad.  I mean com’on it was just 3 years ago that Micheal Dell said that “He would never go into Retail…” and that “No one could be successful in Retail…” and that “Direct sale was the best business model…”.  Make up your mind Mikey.

    Can we say “Flip Flop”?

    I can’t wait to see Dell fall flat on this one, they can’t take care of the customers as it is, now they are going to bring in more at Retail. 


    And another thing DELL does not spend money on R&D, they just buy parts from OEM companies and puts them together in grey plastic.

  • Anonymous

    What DELL does not make clear is that if you buy a DELL from BESTBUY, you are stuck with BestBuy's technical support.  I bought an XPS ONE from Best Buy recently.  When I called DELL technical support to troubleshoot something, they said that they could not offer me any technical support on a product purchased from Best Buy and that I would have to carry my (very heavy) desktop over to BestBuy to resolve a minor issue.   THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL.   In the future, I will never buy a DELL again.   If you are going to buy a DELL, you should be able to get DELL technical support and not sub-par BestBuy technical support. 

  • Anonymous

    I'm boxing up my Dell XPS One I bought yesterday and returning it….will buy some other brand. Called Dell and they said basically "sorry contract with Best buy can't help you"  Called Best Buy and get a high school kid that tells me "ummm sounds like its not working.. bring it back and exchange it"


    Thats really what i want to do after loading all my files to have to delete them and get a new PC for a minor issue….


    Great Service Dell!!!!