Dell Ubuntu Systems Launching in Canada and Latin America


Several new developments on the Linux front today.

We're introducing Ubuntu 7.10-based Dell systems in Canada and Latin America. Beyond that, we're introducing the Inspiron 1525n to customers in the United States. Like Daniel mentioned earlier this week, the 1525n is already available to customers in the U.K., Spain, France and Germany. All of these systems will include built-in DVD playback capability.

Lots of customers like Jimmy and Simon have asked for Ubuntu support in Canada. Now Dell Canada customers can order the Inspiron 1525n, XPS M1330n and the Inspiron 530 desktop. More information is here:

In Latin America, initially we will offer the Inspiron 1525n and the Inspiron 530n desktop to customers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Right now, customers can order systems via phone by clicking on that country and clicking the Sales Support, then Call Sales. Systems will be availble online to Latin American customers in the coming weeks. See this post in DellenDirecto for more details.

Update, February 22: These Ubuntu systems are available across Latin America, not just the countries I listed above.

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38 thoughts on “Dell Ubuntu Systems Launching in Canada and Latin America

  1. I'm happy to see this, but what about your limited time promotions?  Why is it that even as you announce this, it's possible for me to find a similar Inspiron 1525, with a hard disk drive 40GB larger, for $100 less, which can't be purchased without Windows Vista?  On top of this, there were a couple of really tempting deals a week ago, such as a Vostro 1400 for $439, and it looks like there would be no way to buy one of those without Windows on it.

    I'm glad that Dell is reaching out to Linux users, and this is big progress compared to a year ago.  However, if buying a machine from Dell with Ubuntu on it means paying $100 more than I otherwise would have, while choosing from a restricted selection, it's hard to feel excited about it.

  2. The Canadian Ubuntu Inspiron 530 is exactly what I'm looking for – though I refuse to order one with a monitor.  Any way I can do this?


  3. Great news for Canadians.

    Sadly, it has been too late for me. After waiting for 6 months, I bought a Mac laptop.
    Maybe some day then. I hope so.

    Continue your great job. Linux rocks!

  4. The Canadian and British configuration wizards offer the 1525n with a 1440×900 LCD, but the US version is stuck back in time at 1280×800.

  5. Is there a new star over Bethlehem…….why did it take so long. In a lot of cases this comes way TOO late !!!!!!!

  6. What about the rest of Europe?
     Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Italy etc. etc.


  7. Well done. This is good news as Dell slowly rolls it out across the world.  Probably Australia will be later this year. I could hold out until Ubuntu 8.04 is released though. Also, I agree with Fabian above, as long as its not too much, I think its worth it.  Over time his last sentence will come true.



  8. I just bought a Dell Inspiron from (Norway) for my daughter, but Ubuntu was not an option!! Please can you extend the Ubuntu offer to the Nordic countries and Norway in particular.


  9.  Super!!!!!

     j'attendais l'arrivΓ©e des Dell avec ubuntu avec impatience, bien que sinon j'y allais pour System76.

    Voyons voir l'offre maintenant. $$$$$$$ 

  10.  Then what about Italy? I know we are more and more a joke than a modern country, but we will be happy to buy some of those.

  11.  Why not release Dell computers with no operating system as a option, at a lower cost, then the user could install what ever OS they liked!

  12. This is great news, but how about giving customers in northern Europe the same possibility. While Linux-enthusiasts in Germany, Spain and the UK rejoice over their magnificent Dell Ubuntu-systems, we here in the Nordic countries have to settle for vista impaired offers. Also after inquiring about the possibility to order one from Germany via Finland's Dell, I found out that it's not a supported option… 

    Anyway keep up the good work!

  13. Simon, my personal opinion is that a Dell computer with Ubuntu on it is worth much more than the extra $100 you are focusing on. See a post I wrote a while ago about why I personally think PCs with Ubuntu should be more expensive:


    However I do think these prices will ultimately level or even be better as more Linux is available and becomes more popular. 

  14. Great to see Canada finally getting some love. Of course, I couldn't wait and bought my laptop a few months ago (and Dell wouldn't give me a refund on my useless Vista with it…) This is good news and when the time comes for my next upgrade or someone asking suggestions for their upgrade, I know where to look.

  15. congratulations! this is awesome. I'll be sending an email right there to someone I know, and whenever my laptop or desktop breaks down, the next ones will be dell (granted it may take a while before they break).

    Keep up the good work, and people will start gaining interest in that. I hear ubuntu is getting popular in quΓ©bec here πŸ™‚ 

  16. Excellent, I've been waiting for a while for Dell to release their Ubuntu PCs/laptops in Canada πŸ™‚ Thank you very much Dell πŸ˜€

     I will definitely be buying one the next time I buy a system (probably in the summer/fall).

    Again, thank you very much,



  17. rmfao glad to see that mac has made a tremondouse come back and that we mac users are stil ahead of the rest of u go usa

  18. The reason why you haven't released Ubuntu-system in any of the Nordic countries is that you first want to test if there is a demand for it first by selling it in a limited amount of countries – right?

    Now – where's the logic behind starting to sell them in Latin America and Canada before starting to sell them in the country which created linux? I believe that Finland and the rest of the Nordic countries have quite a strong open source community – why do you wait and test for demand in less strong open source communities first before deciding if you should release your computers here?

  19. Hello!
    This is really good news. Except why Ubuntu, which is normally built using a Debian unstable tree.

    It happens there are other distributions out there. I prefer Slackware, and I have it running native on two Dell systems, an Optiplex GX150, and a Dimension V400.
    Ideally we should be given a broader choice, and that includes all of the known distributions out there, or to install our own.

  20. Finally… great news for the Canadian GNU/Linux users πŸ˜‰

    Unfortunately, I had to buy a HP with non GNU/Linux πŸ™ for my wife. But, I do hope to buy a Ubuntu DELL between May-July 2008 πŸ˜€

    I guess since you have a ISO file for these machines, one could play around with other distros (Slackware, Fedora, etc). We'll see :-p

    Once again, congratulations and I count with me to support FLOSS on main stream commercial laptop/desktop market (more popular)!!!

    Best regards

  21.  Thank you, I was thinking of buying a EeePC with Linux but decided to wait till spring break. A full laptop from dell with Ubuntu would be better for my needs.


  22. Has anybody else ordered either an XPS M1330 or M1330n expecting to receive the express card remote control unit as standard?

    of Dells on-line literature for the XPS M1330 and M1330n presents the
    express card remote control unit as a standard component. It's mentions
    twice on Direct2Dell on the 26th June 2007. It's there again in the
    nice flash animation on and it's mention in the Open Source PC
    section in the information page for the XPS M1330n as being "standard".

    customers who order from Dell on-line do not receive this component as
    standard. When they enquire about the missing component they are told
    they haven't been charged for it and so must order it from sales.

    think this is a totally unacceptible way to treat customers. At best it
    is simple bad manners to neglect to mention the express card remote
    control unit is an add on. At worst it is blatant false advertising.
    Dell are beginning to make a habbit of breaking it's promises to

  23.  a dell ubuntu was the thing that i was looking for….. and now we have it in canada; a sigh of relief and a new ray of happiness πŸ™‚

  24. Thanks Dell!. Where is your eee killer ?

    Here is a great, inexpensive "real laptop" (1525n)  loaded with linux, for those critizicing the eeePc for not being a real laptop. Go, get this one. That critique, though, is unfair or wrong to say the least. Actually, I have been wondering how long it will take Dell to come up with a device similar to the eee: solid state, low cost, ultra portable. The three things it could have, to actually be an eeePc killer, would be: a slightly larger monitor with a bit more resolution (the only hardware drawback in the eeepc), low power processor (better battery life), and Ubuntu (which would make software upgrades and additions a lot easier than in the eee Xandros install).Oh, I have an eee and I love it.

    My next computer purchase will be a desktop, and it will be a Dell (I always try to vote with my wallet).

    Cheers ! ,


  25.  linux ,nor XP option,instead of Vista,,are not available via latin amer website,according to chat i JUST HAD WITH DELL SUPPORT!


    Dell is losing sales from this  bonehead policy   

  26.  Gregg said: "It happens there are other distributions out there. I prefer Slackware,
    and I have it running native on two Dell systems, an Optiplex GX150,
    and a Dimension V400. Ideally we should be given a broader choice, and that includes all of the known distributions out there, or to install our own."

     Yes, Ideally. But they also run a business, and given the (currently) small Linux market share, the best they can do is offer one distro. Now, they do understand your point, and they always aim at contributing their modifications upstream, so their hardware should eventually "just work" in any distro (once the upstream changes are taken buy the different distros). There is a lot of cool info here (including links to projects they host, etc)

    Installing your own is always an option, I am not sure what you mean. You get a computer with no MS Tax, you can remove Ubuntu and put something else.

    Note: I have no relationship with Dell, and I have actually been very pissed back in 2000 when I spent 3 hours on the phone trying to buy a computer with RedHat preinstalled to no avail … but I do understand things have changed.




  27. hmm…This is a feb.21 article and so far we've seen nothing like this on website. Not to mention that Inspiron Mini 9 is available on the US but not here. I've asked dell's sales representants about inspiron mini 9 availability with Ubuntu and so far all they told me is that 'this information is not available'. I guess dell don't care about latin america. good to know.


    ….gonna get an eeepc anyway.

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