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There’s been a lot of interest in our Dell Venue Pro smartphone that runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS since Bill first shared official details last month.

Today we’re making it available to customers in the United States. Customers can order via, calling 1-800-308-DELL or by visiting one of Microsoft’s retail stores. Like we’ve said before, in the United States we’re offering the Venue Pro with T-Mobile USA service. Also like the Dell Streak, this smartphone will be SIM-locked to T-Mobile USA’s network.

While we are not currently supporting it on other networks in the United States, we’re definitely aware of the feedback from customers wanting the Dell Venue Pro on other networks. When we do roll it out in other countries, we will offer the Venue Pro through additional carriers. Venue Pro availability and carrier details will vary by region. In some locations, we do plan to sell an unlocked version outside the United States. I’ll have a subsequent post on that topic to explain more when I have more details. I'm also going to work to keep folks informed on other issues they have raised.

Here are the pricing details:

  • Carrier: T-Mobile USA, with two-year contract and qualifying data plan are required
  • New Activation: 8GB = $99.99
  • New Activation: 16GB = $149.99
  • Upgrade Activation: 8GB = $199.99
  • Upgrade Activation: 16GB = $249.99 Without Contract: 8GB = $449.99
  • Without Contract: 16GB = $499.99

So what makes this phone cool? Several things in my opinion… the slick Windows Phone 7 interface, the 4.1” AMOLED screen with Gorilla Glass for added durability come to mind… but one that’s really getting noticed is the portrait slider keyboard. In my limited time with one, I can say that the physical keyboard works well. And I definitely agree with Engadget’s take on the virtual keyboard—Microsoft nailed it. I can see myself using the slider keyboard for cranking out e-mails and longer texts, then switching to the virtual one for web browsing and shorter texts, or tweets.

Windows Phone 7 uses a different approach than compared to other smartphone OSes that you may be familiar with. Wired recently published a good post that shows how Microsoft started over with Windows Phone 7. I also think Walt Mossberg did a good job articulating that approach in his review. WP7 organizes information in Live Tiles. For example, the People Hub will show multiple ways you’ve connected with a friend—you will see phone calls, texts, and even status updates from that person’s Facebook feed all in one place. In my view (and Wired’s Tim Carmody), it’s the most seamless mobile Facebook integration I’ve seen yet.

When you look at the tight Office integration and other things like the Music Hub and the Games Hub that features Xbox Live integration, you’ve got a pretty versatile phone. Check out the Windows Phone 7 page to dig into the other hubs in more detail. Beyond all the Windows Phone 7 basics, other pre-loaded applications from Dell including PageOnce, Telenav, and T-Mobile’s Family Room.

If you want to read about the Windows Phone 7 experience in a bit more detail, here are a few others that come to mind:

Dell Venue Pro Specifications

  • Portrait slider with QWERTY keypad
  • 4.1” WVGA AMOLED multi-touch display
  • Windows Phone 7 operating system
  • Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon solution with integrated 1GHz processor
  • 3G + Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
  • Bands/Mode: UMTS 900/1700/2100/AWS, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900; HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.76Mbps
  • 5MP auto-focus camera

Thanks to all of you who have been waiting for the Dell Venue Pro. Feel free to ask questions in the comment thread here or on Twitter—just be sure to use the #DellVenuePro hashtag.

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  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Norberg: Unfortunately, I really don't have dates to share at this point. I will definitely make sure to keep customers informed when we launch in additional countries either here on Direct2Dell or at he #dellvenuepro hashtag.

  • shayneneal


    I need a phone on the AWS 1700/2100 band but not locked to T-Mobile.   I was really hoping that I would be able to purchase an unlocked phone directly from Dell and then connect it to a Canadian carrier.  Your article says that "smartphone will be SIM-locked to T-Mobile USA’s network".  You also say that there are plans to "sell an unlocked version outside the United States".  If I am understanding this right and I cannot connect a phone RIGHT NOW to a Canadian carrier, please let me know and I will mournfuly succumb to the android devices available up here.

    Will your reportings let us know if Dell ever has a Canadian release date?


  • ksrehman

    I ordered the 16 Gb this morning for $199, free 2 day shipping,  with a 2 year T mobile contract extension (upgrade price). Thanks to Damian posting on, I got $50 off with the coupon code FMQLSTFF34SVV5 (good until 12/2)

  • Norberg

    Hey Lionel/Dell, great news!

    I was wondering if  you have any information regarding the release date in Sweden?

    You mentioned that you can't give any specific info, but have you heard anything? Quarter, or in worst case year?

    I'm a big fan and i would really appreciate an answer as soon as possible.

    Best regards

  • cb55555

    I've been trying to purchase this phone with new activation for the past two days, and I keep getting an error during the credit check phase of the activation process. Nobody in the sales department has been able to help me with this. This is beyond frustrating. Has anybody else had problems activating a new T-Mobile account?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @shayneneal: Thanks for the comment, and your interest in the Dell Venue Pro phone.

    Your understanding is correct: Right now, you cannot buy a version of the phone that will work in Canada. As we roll out in other countries, I will definitely plan on writing more posts and will work to keep folks informed via the #dellvenuepro hashtag on Twitter.

  • Jaimo

    Hi Lionel. I have a couple of questions that maybe you could answer. Is there a chance that the Venue will be available to purchase in other retail stores such as T-Mobile or Target? I would like to take a look before purchase as I do not live near a Microsoft store.

    Also I do not plan on storing music and maybe very little in pictures on the phone so would an 8gb phone suffice? Do apps take up lots of memory? Thanks!!

  • hxcsystems

    Lionel, Does the Venue Pro (or will it in the NEAR future) have UMA or the ability to make calls via wi-fi, as do Blackberries with T-Mobile? I really would like to know soon, as I want to order one, but coverage out our home is frustratingly spotty (regardless of carrier). Thanks!

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Jaimo: Unfortunately, the Dell Venue Pro is only available through and 7 Microsoft Stores. I'm not aware of any near-term plans for that to change.

    Regarding your question re: memory… no apps don't take up much space. 8GB will be plenty if you are not worried about storing lots of pictures, videos or music locally.

    @hcxsystems: Believe the answer is no. I don't have a unit though, so will need to check. 

    @cb5555: We are working with T-Mobile to resolve an activation issue that is tied to employee discounts. See my tweet here.

  • pibrahim

    Is the $499 version only locked to T-Mobile insofar as that's the only network whose bands it will work on, or is there an additional lock?  I'd like to buy the Venue Pro to use in the UK on a network with the right bands (e.g. O2) – but am unsure whether it's physically locked to accept only T-Mobile SIMs.  

  • hxcsystems

    Thanks for the reply Lionel!  To be clear, the Blackberries use built-in UMA capabilities to make wi-fi calls, but, unless I'm mistaken, T-mobile also has Android devices that can now make wi-fi calls using an app (or update) that I believe was developed by Kineto.  If the Venue Pro does not have the capability built-in, might I suggest Dell please consider something similar?  You can check out the link below to Kineto's press release regarding the T-Mobile Android app.  Thanks!…/Kineto_Smart_Wi-Fi_App_Preloaded_Android_T-Mobile.php

  • panazeer

    When is it coming to india? And please release an unlocked version or tie it up with AIRTEL. I cant wait for more than a month though

  • joe_z_1

    I really like the look of this phone.  one question, t-mobile is starting to make available "4g" service, why buy a "3g" phone?  people have have to make two year commitment, 4g service will surely spread over the next two years.  is there not that much difference?  Is there something I'm missing?

    I'm not trying to tear down the phone, but trying to understand.


  • gerryf19

    There does not seem to be a mechanism for transferring a number from a different carrier with this phone. I went through the motions of purchasing and when I got to the end I cannot transfer my number. I contacted Dell support and they said it cannot be done by Dell. Does one have to take a brand new number? Kind of a deal breaker for anyone running a small business.

  • Morkin_99

    Dell should supply every T-Mobile store a demo of this phone. I want to touch one before purchase but that seems impossible at this point. Take a lesson from Google with the Nexus phone, people want to see and touch a phone before committing for two-years. Either commit to becoming a first-tier handest maker or get out of the business, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground anymore.

  • OptimizedDesignConcepts

    Lionel, will the Venue work just as a WiFi device without the Sim Card installed like the Streak, or must a activated Sim Card be installed to use the non-phone functions on the device?

  • Ivanc2

    @notebookgrail….I dont mean to get in your business but I think they said they would start shipping the 15th not the 9th.

  • Shinho

    Looking forward to the UK release.

    Only one downside of this phone is the wireless, Why is it not N'Class wireless like the Samsung Omnia 7?

  • notebookgrail

    @Lionel – The device was suppose to ship on 9th Dec. Still  no notification/news yet. The customer service is useless as usual with varying answers each time. Do you have any info on actual ship dates?

  • notebookgrail

    @Ivanc2 – If that's the case, how will the delivery date be 14th?

  • Ivanc2

    @notebookgrail…What I think they plan  to do is ship it on the 15th of December but instead of loading the device into a UPS or FEDEX truck they will load the device on a 1985 Delorean driven by Dr. Emmet Brown. He will then program December 14th 2010 into the time machine and drive the Delorean on a long stretch of highway until he reaches speeds of 88MPH. Once the 88MPH are reached he will disappear from December 15th and reappear on December 14th in front of your house and that my friend is how your Dell Venue Pro will be delivered to you on the 14th!

    @Lionel…On a serious note, will you be selling extra batteries for the Pro anytime soon? Mine is expected to ship on the 21rst and I would really like to have a second battery for it.

  • Kymera77

    I spent 40+ minutes on the phone with Dell (35 minutes on hold), and I was told that there are no Venue Pros in the warehouse, and there is an 8 day build time.  The chance of getting one by the 15th is pretty slim.  I asked, 8 days from when because I placed my order on the 1st?  The woman had no idea. Today?  Tomorrow? The 15th?  She had no other information.  Why offer it for sale so early if there was no product to ship?  Without providing information about the status, and leaving incorrect information in place, all you get are upset customers.  My status screen still says Delivery by 12/15.  Good luck, unless it ships tomorrow and I get a free upgrade to next day shipping.

  • notebookgrail

    Strange enough, Dell officially said as being immediately 'available' both in MS store and  via their Dec 1 press release.…/2010-12-01-dell-venue-pro-en.aspx

    Dell is full of lies all over.

  • Ivanc2

    Guys calm down, give it till early next week until you start panicking. I think Dell is being honest this time and I think the units will start shipping late this week. They would have already altered the links and wouldn't allow you to buy it if that was the case.

  • Kymera77

    First, no one is panicking. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with asking for information about a product that you have purchased.  Third, it IS wrong to withhold information from people so they can make other plans, my expected receive date is still 12/15, and I've been told by Dell that none of these phones are on site.  Finally, deliberately planning the announcement on December 1st, to catch the Christmas crowd knowing that there was little to no chance of these phones shipping before 2011 is insulting to your customers.

  • wyldturkeyman

    What a disaster. When my order didn't ship yesterday I knew I wasn't getting my phone tomorrow and what a surprise, an e-mail today says order delayed to 1/6/11.

    I'm just in disbelief over your handling of this situation. Your communication, however jovial was very lacking. These delays must have been known, at a minimum, days ago, yet Dell lets us know the day before we were promised to receive them.

    In any case, I want to avoid going into "fanboyism" and just have you know that I am and I'm certain many of your other customers are, terribly disappointed in the way the Dell Venue Pro story has unfolded.

    I will be canceling my order in a few moments and at the very least, I hope this means you all get yours sooner.

    Good luck.

  • wyldturkeyman

    Oh and the ship date for new orders on Dell's website still shows 12/30/10

  • cargorates

    I ordered the dell venue pro on December 1st.  and was told that I would have it by 12/12/2010.

    I am now being told that the phone will no ship until 1/10/2011.

    1) A totally different tax year

    2) 40 days for delivery ( it stopped raining for Noah  in this amount of time.

    I called the customer support and the offer was – Hey you could cancel the order

    Or you could cancel and place an emergency order – ( great understanding solutions – shoud be a nice Xmas

    Oh – then they hung up on me –    ( way to outsource to India)

  • Calvinson

    Hi Dear Mr Menchaca:

    Greetings from China!

    This is a customer currently in United States, And i m really planning to buy a Dell Venue Pro cell phone. But since Window Phone 7 is a pretty new operating system on mobile phone, i am just wondering that does the language setting section have Chinese? and does the cell phone has Chinese input?

    Thanks so much for help and happy new year.

  • TTech002

    +1 for hxcsystems

    I would really like to buy the Venue Pro, but without the UMA I will have to goto a android phone that does support it (1 bar at the house, and in a roaming area). If they get a working version on android for it that supports UMA I would dual boot that. But what a pain to get a Calling feature the even a Win Mobile 6.5 phone has.

    If the Venue pro Idea was to get Blackberry users to switch, then they need to have the features that got some of use to use the BB.

  • thunt1

    What about Canada