Dell Venue Pro Now Available on AT&T and T-Mobile with Exclusive Microsoft Promotion


Earlier this month, Dell began offering the Dell Venue Pro smartphone to AT&T customers.That means the Windows Phone 7 based smartphone is now available with contract pricing on AT&T and T-Mobile network, as well as an unlocked version. All versions include a free ultimate gamer package from Microsoft, which includes Microsoft points and a free 3-month Xbox Live gold pass.

Regardless of what options United States customers choose, all of the options include an exclusive Microsoft promotion, bonus .

Dell Venue Pro banner

Contract Pricing and Microsoft Promotion Details


8 GB
Venue Pro

16 GB
Venue Pro

32 GB
Venue Pro

Price with NEW

2-year Contract*


NOW $79.99


NOW $129.99


NOW $159.99

Microsoft Offer**

All Venue Pro Variants Included


8000 Microsoft Points &

3-month Xbox Live
Gold Membership

8000 Microsoft Points &

3-month Xbox Live
Gold Membership

* Upgrade Prices may be higher.
**Customers will receive email from Dell with codes for the Microsoft Points (ALL) and Xbox Live Gold Memberships (16 and 32GB)
    –  approximately 6-8 weeks after Venue Pro order ships.

Click on the banner below to take to from the AT&T, T-Mobile and unlocked versions of the Venue Pro:

Dell Venue Pro - Xbox Live + Microsoft Points

Beyond the Xbox Live goodies, the AT&T version also comes with a few 3-month Zune Pass:


Customers who purchase a AT&T Locked variant of the Venue Pro will be eligible for a 3-Month Zune Pass.  With Zune Pass, the customer will have unlimited access to over 11 million songs that they can instantly stream to their Dell Windows phone, XBOX 360, or PC.  Plus, they will get 10 songs to download and keep each month during the promo period. Offer Period: Through 11:59PM PDST on June 26, 2011, or while supplies last. (AT&T Locked variants only – activated or unactivated.  UNLOCKED variants do NOT qualify.)

And the T-Mobile version  comes with a 3-Month Netflix Gift Pass:

Customers who purchase a T-Mobile Locked variant of the Venue Pro will be eligible to receive an activation code valid for a Netflix gift subscription for 3 months of Netflix service on the watch Instantly (Unlimited) Plan.
Offer Period: Through 11:59PM PDST on June 30, 2011, or while supplies last. (T-Mobile Locked variants only – activated or un-activated.  UNLOCKED variants do NOT qualify.)

Clarification on the Order Process:

Thanks to @MarkBrokeIT who mentioned that we needed to fix some of the carrier links and for asking for clarification on the Microsoft promotion. To take advantage of these Microsoft promotions, you need to add the Dell Venue Pro to your cart. After you do that, you can click on the View Details under the Free Ultimate Gamer Package text as shown below:

DVP Check out process 1

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  • csphobos

    I ordered a phone on the 7th. Am I still able to receive this promotion?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @csphobos: I'll e-mail you to follow up.

  • williammgary

    @Lionel I understand that this promotion is just rolling out but the prices listed in your chart is not reflected during the ordering process…attempting to redeem the $20 difference wasn't of great help….

  • Hitech_India

    Offer looks good

  • williammgary

    @Lionel My Dell Venu Pro will be arriving tomorrow, T-Mobile locked version, can you also follow up with me?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @williammgary: Sure thing.

  • DurkinR
  • roniraymond

    How is it that customers in the US are getting these promotions when in the UK i cant even get my hands on the phone that has  supposedly been available for months.

    I ordered a phone on the 23 of March, and it been pushed back 4 times!!. The current date is June the 12th really dell?. Their support line just bats me btw the UK , India, and US ,   where I assume the phones are coming from and I remember when it used to take 10 days to get a PC.  I came on here looking for an explanation and all I see are people complaining about software/hardware bugs. I think I'll be cancelling the order to dodge this bullet. Tried to do it just now but of course they are not available after 5pm?!

    Being a MS partner I'm pretty disappointed as I was shopping to evangelise….I also ordered a streak 5, which hasn’t turned up either, I assume due to fact it was in same order.  No confidence in DELL. Is anyone else seeing this problem ?

  • musique522

    How do I access the zune 3 month pass? My Venue Pro is activated and in use

  • justin76here

    I ordered the Dell Venue Pro 16 GB package on May 31st.   I was told my activation fee with T-Mobile will be waived and I would receive the Free Ultimate Gamer Package (the Dell representative did not know what it was until I sent her the link)… So the Dell representative created an account for me with T-Mobile, or so I thought!  When I received my phone, my account did not exist!  Then I called Dell to resolve this; they connected me with T-Mobile.  T-Mobile told me I was being charged an activation fee, but I told them that the Dell representative said it was waived (so I'm being charged the activation fee).   Also, I have spoken to 8 different operators about the Free Ultimate Gamer Package…  Not a single one knows what the Free Ultimate Gamer Package is.  They do not know anything about this promotion. Dell customer service are liars and incompetent!

  • kerc

    I ordered my Venue Pro on August 10th. Still waiting for it.

  • justin76here

    I bet NO ONE received theirs.  I called Dell several times about this, spent an hour having them transfer me from one operator to another, 8 in one phone call.  No one knows anything about this.  Eff DELL!

  • justin76here

    @Lionel, why didn't you ever follow up with me?  Are you part of this scam?