Dell Whitepaper: Intel Responsiveness Technologies Setup Guide


Intel has recently introduced three new technologies—Intel Rapid Start, Intel Smart Response, and Intel Smart Connect. The XPS 13 Ultrabook is one the latest Dell machines to utilize these two of these technologiesRapid Start and Smart Connect. With any new technology come questions and a learning curve. To assist getting you through that, our own Nick Grobelny authored a whitepaper that explores the configuration and set up of these technologies in-depth.

We have seen conversations where customers who prefer to run a fresh Windows install or upgraded version of Windows on their laptops are looking for information about how to configure their partitions, BIOS, power management and driver settings to make the technologies work. We’ve done all the work at the factory, but for those who prefer a customized operating system installation we know it’s not always easy to find detailed information on configuration settings.

Dell is here to help. Take a look at Nick’s whitepaper and download a copy if it’s helpful. You can also download a copy by clicking on the image below. If you have more questions, ask away in the comments or tell us what you think.

Dell Setup Guide for Intel Responsiveness Technologies

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2 thoughts on “Dell Whitepaper: Intel Responsiveness Technologies Setup Guide

  1. This has been a very useful document in helping resolve some issues with this tech. Has it been updated? The one area it does not look at in detail could be revisited – and that is the use of a main system disk as SSD. How should that be configured. Back in 2012, this was not too common but is increasingly so as the price of large SSDs comes down. I ask because this has got my current Dell Support case somewhat stumped!

  2. I second the comment submitted by MikeXPSVostro because although I have not read the Responsiveness technologies paper yet, I am about to download it and have also seen an increase in the use of SSD technology.  I have a 'Spare' SSD in my desk at this moment and plan on testing it soon (03/15).

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