Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program



Windows 7 General Availability
Today on the other side of the world, at the Computex show in Taipei, Microsoft confirmed that later in the year, on October 22nd to be exact, you will be able to purchase Windows 7 factory installed on your favorite Dell PC. YEA! We have been working with Microsoft for the last three years to develop the best possible computing solutions for you and we are excited to see our work come to fruition. Globally, Dell will have a broad selection of netbooks, laptops and desktops available for you on both and on the store shelves of our retail partners.  

Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program
Microsoft also confirmed that as with previous Windows launches, they are partnering with PC manufacturers like Dell to offer the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program. Later this summer, if you purchase select systems through retail or directly from Dell you may order a Windows 7 upgrade kit. It’s important to note that the Windows 7 upgrade kits will not be shipped until AFTER Windows 7 has officially launched (Oct. 22 as noted above). Once the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program is officially announced more details will be available including supported PCs, languages and countries.

Windows 7 Release Candidate testing feedback
I also want to provide new details since my last post on how our internal testing and developments efforts are coming along with Windows 7 release candidate code. So far so good…Overall we’re impressed with how well the operating system is working on our systems. Here are some of data points that we have captured over the last 4 to 6 weeks:

  • Solid Improvements in boot time (ie hitting the power button and getting to the desktop)
  • Suspend results are looking much better (versus Windows Vista)
  • Battery life is still trending to be as good as Windows XP (and better than Vista)

And this is more qualitative than quantitative…the systems just feel faster in a good way.

We’re looking forward to adding Windows 7 to our compelling notebook and desktop systems later this year.

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  • lucashale

    I've got a Studio 15 on order and was told last night via email to expect delivery on the 17th of June!

    Should I put the order on hold and wait for the Windows 7 Upgrade program to be announced or will my purchase be covered?

    If it isn't covered am I going to have to fork out hundreds of dollars to get some Windows 7 loving?

  • Dev Mgr

    As the program hasn't started yet, you'll have to buy a Windows 7 upgrade when it comes out. If you can hold out on your purchase you could wait till Dell starts the upgrade program (as the post says "later this summer") and then purchase your laptop.

  • emma97622

    Befor I invest more money in a new os I would like to give it a test drive. So for days ive been trying to download the beta of microsoft 7. ever time it starts to download it pauses and never restarts. chated with microsoft and they said it was the connection?NOT downloaded sp2 for vista 64 in less than 20 min and this was after my multiple trys with 7. chated again with ms now they say its my end or the computer but they have no answer about this problem, so now iam trusting that someone may have an idea on what is going on with my os7 download.

  • Dev Mgr

    It seems that HP has released more detailed information. I would think Dell will follow suit and you can probably expect similar dates for being elligable for the upgrade to Windows 7.

  • robinb9

    what about those who purchased a dell laptop last year with vista home premium on it and want to upgrade to windows 7?  will dell have something to accomodate them?


    I have a vostro 1500 which i purchased in 2008, i still have a 2yr service contract on it and i will need for my business to upgrade it to windows 7.  Will I be able to do so?  I used the microsoft compatablity tool for windows 7 and i pass except for a few drivers that it states i can get after the upgrade.   I want the ability to purchase an upgrade to windows 7 home premium though dell.



  • zr07

    I am responsible for purchasing new equipment for my company and have been buying systems with Vista Business with XP downgrade ever since it became available. While Vista is decent for home use, it simply isn't ready for the workplace.

    I currently have needs to purchase a few laptops and desktops but I will have to wait until July 1st to see if my purchases will qualify. Since W7 is getting a lot of positive buzz and reviews, I'd think Dell would try their best to allow an upgrade path to W7 from what's available now. I know my company is not alone in holding off on Vista. Like it or not, a lot of businesses are skipping Vista and going straight to W7. This is the perfect opportunity for Dell to generate the sales numbers they need, especially considering the slowing tech sector and the economy.

    I understand W7 won't be released until October but why not offer an upgrade path now to stimulate sales? Even it it costs Dell a few more dollars (I doubt it), I think the move to offer W7 upgrade path (even if Dell charges an extra $30-50/machine) will pay off for Dell.

  • ALL1

    Where can I get beta drivers for Win7 x64? I am unable to install the chipset drivers on my new Latitude e6500.  I got most of the drivers to install by identifying the system as Vista x64 but some key drivers will not install. Now Win7 won't recognize the Virtualizationj and I can't install the XP image.

    I'm a long-time beta tester (since windows 3.0) so I know the pitfalls of what I'm asking. No warnings needed.


  • katchi

    I am also getting a Studio 15, i need to know if Dell is going to give me that option of upgrading to windows 7 when it comes out in the fall.  i am gettting the studio 15 be the end of the month,  i hope Dell give us that option to purchase an upgrade kit or have it free with the warranty

  • MysteryMrYe


    I was also going to buy a dell computer this month, but I think it's better to delay the order. According to some sites, the magic date will be July 1st. I'm not sure if Dell will use the shipment date or the purchase date so it may already be too late to qualify for the free/discounted upgrade. (

    However, according to CNET, Best Buy is preselling the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $50 ( That might be a good option for you if Dell won't let you get their free/discounted upgrade.

    Either way, I hope you get W7 without a hassle 🙂

  • Vinay_S

    i did not knew about this program when i ordered my laptop (studio 1555) on jun 2.

    i got delivery of my laptop on jun 12.. so can i not avail this program of has dell not yet decided about the matter..

    i wish the program would have started from Jun 1 rather than July 1 now..

  • lucashale

    Well I just checked the delievery date of my ordered system and it is now 23rd June… Getting pretty close to the reported introduction date of the Win7 upgrade.

    I'm sure that Dell will do the right thing by it's loyal customers.

  • lorax1284

    I placed an order today (june 18th, 2009) and the rep suggested that I would be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 7.

    I can find not written evidence of this anywhere on or

    Have I been "hornswoggled"? or is there a firm date on when customers are eligible for free Win7 upgrade?

  • lorax1284

    You may want to take advantage of Dell's 30 day satisfaction guarantee and return the machine… or ask for compensation so you can purchase the upgrade at retail.

  • lorax1284

    Having just spoken to the rep to confirm again, he has suggested that my order be suspended until June 26th, at which time the order will be released and I will be eligible for free Windows 7 upgrade.

    I admit, I'm still a bit uneasy: given that Dell has free 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I think they should be announcing retroactive free upgrades to those who have ordered up to a month before whatever date they decide… and I am likely to cancel my order if I find out I'm ineligible… after all, the longer one waits, the less costly and more powerful the machine gets…

  • jmfmvps

    This is good news; I'm sure that Windows 7 will get a warmer reception than Vista.

  • Vinay_S

    yes.. they should it..

  • digitaldragon754

    Any updates when this becomes active?

    Random Icon of Evil pizza…. DevilPizza

  • Rick.Sheeley

    The virtualization issue may have to do with your processor:

    Also, try running your driver installations (aka the Dell Vista versions) in Vists SP1 compatability mode. Often these will install and work via this method.


    Also, did you run the initial Upgrade advisor for Windows 7 to see what issues there might be?

    A final suggestion that hasd worked for me:

    Setup your machine as a 100% Vista Business machine, install all yourr drivers, then upgrade to the Win 7 BETA, the WIn7 RC. This has worked well for me as well……


    Rick in Phoenix.

  • rico831


    Can someone confirm at Dell if the Upgrade Program will apply to the Dell Precision range? I'm trying to hold off an order of these machines so we can begin the process of upgrading our machines to 7 (we're still downgrading to XP ugh!)


    My collegue in India had the following response but I'm not sure if he's talking about the RTM or the currrent RC release:


    Further to our discussion regarding offer on Microsoft Windows-7 Operating System, I confirm that the offer is for testing purpose and Dell as the manufacturer want to test how this new Operating System technically works on their Machines.  Hence, this offer is limited only for Consumer models like Dell Inspiron and Dell Studio, and lower end Commercial models like Dell Vostro.


    The above mentioned offer, as of now is not available for Dell Precision Workstations, Dell Servers, Dell Latitudes, Dell XPS, and Dell Optiplex, which forms the group of higher end business class Dell Machines.  The same offer will be launched sometime in future on these machines only after successful testing on the Consumer models.


  • lucashale

    Can you believe that the system I mentioned in the very first comment on this post – Studio 15 – that was ordered on May 27th and was expected on June 17th and then June 23rd, now shows as "Please contact ** for details" and still isn't in my hands. Maybe they pulled it aside to insert the Windows 7 Upgrade paper work?

    When "10 days*" turns into 25+ days and they have already taken your money you start to feel VERY annoyed.

    Dell, lift your game!

  • b1t_zer0

    Any idea if this program applies to the Alienware Notebooks?

  • digitaldragon754

    Hope so, waiting for this to become active so i can order one. The no intrest offer ends today. Does dell offer the no intrest frequently?

  • DELL-Todd S


    I'm not sure which program that comment is referring to.  Without the context of the entire discussion its hard to say.  I've sent out an email to see if I can get some specific answers to your questions but I do know that more details on the program are coming out soon.


  • steveturi

    I'm not surprised at the vagueness of info on this site about the upgrade to Windows 7.  Just what is the window for buying a pc with Vista for the free upgrade?  Is it really so hard to say so on the Dell site?

  • asawyer13

    I had ordered my laptop last week so I set a message to Dell today to put my order on hold until I qualify for the free upgrade. I did that today. Of course, I just got an email that my laptop shipped today.. In looking at the return policy, it says that I have to return within 21 days of the invoice date, and it's subject to a 15% restocking fee. I guess I'm kind of goofed on this one. Seems like Dell would have sent an email or given me the option to put it on hold, but I suspect Dell has to pay for the upgrade?? or something???


  • robinb9

    since the program is starting tomorrow- what is going to happen with the vosto laptops?  None of them have virtulization and in order to run windows 7 pro with virtulization pc xp sp3 you MUST have virtualization on the bios?

    I have clients who want a vostro but need to be able to run their xp programs and without virtualization they cannot do this.

    Is dell putting out new vosto computers and laptops with virtualization enabled in the bios?  because the ones out now do not have it.  I have a vostro 1500, my husband has the 1501 and both do not have virtualization





  • StudMafia

    It started today!!! Woo!!

    See this link!

    My order is stillbeing "built" according to the Order Status so I hope they bundle in the details prior shipping!

  • StudMafia
  • siljaline

    Danke for the URL, Robin Pizza 

    I'll do a fresh H/D wipe when Seven goes Dell OEM.

  • b1t_zer0

    According to this site, it just says come back tomorrow.  I am still sad, no official news yet from Dell.

  • argvargc

    I agree. I placed my order on 23/24th for a Studio XPS – top end machine.

    I hope they don't penalize their loyal customers.

  • argvargc

    I don't think there is anything to 'bundle in".
    You need to register with your service tag once you receive the system. They will check the date of the order and determine if you are in or out.

  • qwerty4

    Hi All,

    regarding the entitlment to the Win7 upgrade offer with a purchase date of 26th June 2009.

    Is it safe to assume I WILL NOT get this if I placed an online order on 25th June BUT the shipment date will be in July?

    I called Dell and was transfered to 3 departments before someone told me I would still be entitled to it since it was dependant on shipment date. Can anyone from Dell confirm this?




  • robinb9



    when ordering a computer with windows7 Pro or ultimate on it make sure your computer has virtualization built into it or you will not be able to run Microsoft Virtual PC XP Pro sp3 version.


    IT CANNOT RUN WITHOUT VIirtualization!

    Virtualization  is built into the motherboard- it is NOT a program


    Or you will not be able to run programs that only run on xp.  Microsoft is providing Virtual PC XP sp3  as a free download






  • ifranks.blogspot

    Hey, I'm really glad to hear that Dell is trying to offer retroactive support.
    Windows 7 should be better than Vista.

    Companies like Toshiba have burnt me on previous products, like their PDAs.

    I'm dreaming about using Windows 7 with a touch screen.
    Any ideas about doing something like this with a Tablet PC?

    Frank Seto in Calgary

  • argvargc

    I am in the same boat.

    I can't believe that I am missing out on this offer by just 2 days. I placed my order on 24th.

  • rmurphy762

    I agree with you. Why would you want to use Vista at all and then upgrade to Windows 7? I never do upgrades you want a strong "foundation" and Vista is "buggy". I would hope that Dell would agree with youperhaps Microsoft will not allow them to sell it before October 2009. It is too bad in these tough economic times the consumer is being held hostage you would think that both Dell and MS would think with their brains they would earn the respect of the consumer and in the long run perhaps see an increase in their profits.

    I am not holding my breath

  • rmurphy762

    I spoke to a Dell rep earlier this morning based on what I was told they will only support the software configuration that the PC came with at the time of purchase. That rules out purchasing the upgrades from Amazon or Microsoft and the big question is will Dell support the software configuration should you purchase the upgrade from them I could not get an answer I still have 3 years of support left on an XPS this is my third XPS so I am pretty disgusted with Dell's warranties and policies. I am very happy with their tech support I have been in th IT field for many years I am honestly very satisfied with their tech support too bad the hardware components aren't as good

  • rmurphy762

    What I am suggesting may be wrong and unethical but if you paid  by a credit card you could dispute the charge personally I think it is wrong that Dell won't give you the upgrade. I don't disagree with the restocking fee too many people buy a product without researching it.( I am not suggesting that you did not do your research) Again my suggestion may be wrong perhaps you can speak to a Dell rep and just ask to speak to a supervisor and keep on asking for on until you get one. Don't fall for the trick that one will call you back you must stay on the line. Also DO NOT be rude to the reps they have a tough job most of the time they deal with angry people it a very hard and stressful job they are not appreciated by the management nor the public

  • mcbat1316

    I purchased  my Dell computer Inspiron 15 in early April. Will there be any consideration on the Windows 7 upgrade program for that time frame?


  • patdakat

    I am somewhat disappointed that isn't a part of the Windows 7 pre-order offer. I would prefer to order through Dell. Is Dell going to give me technical support if I buy it through Amazon or Best Buy. I am planning to buy the Professional upgrade and that will require a complete installation and reinstalling the programs. The pre-order is half the cost. Tech support had no answers and a couple of transferred phone calls had no answer.

    On something that requires this big a change, I would prefer that all the responsibility be in one hand.


  • nmbwmc

    On June 16th 2009, after much research on various desktop PCs, I decided to order a Studio XPS 435 desktop for my home because of my prior positive experiences with Dell products and features of this desktop.  Before the desktop was ordered, I had an online chat with one of  Dell's sales rep. who specifically assured me that if I ordered this desktop PC, Dell would provide me with a free Windows 7 upgrade (I asked him twice in the chat).  After I received the PC on June 20th there was no coupon, paperwork or instructions that would indicate a free Windows 7 upgrade.   I've contacted Dell Customer Support (many times) as well as the sales rep. who sold me the PC (no response). 

    The only resolution Dell Customer Support has provided to me was to return the PC.  The free Windows 7 upgrade was one of the factors that influenced my purchasing decision.   I don't understand why Dell would want to incur the cost of shipping to return the PC, the shipping the new one to me and incurring the loss on selling the returned PC as refurbished unit.

    It seems to me that there is a lot of time, money and effort wasted for the both of us.  I spent the week setting up my personal preferences, bookmarks, software (i.e. McAfee antivirus and firewall, MS Office 2007, Firefox, Photoshop, etc.), setting up my printers, copying data from my old PC and connecting to my home network.

    I understand Dell and other PC manufactures with Microsoft have to set a date for Windows 7 eligibility and that they cannot offer free updates to everyone.   My complaint is with your Sales Representative who deceived me by assuring me that if I made the purchase that evening while on the phone with him I would indeed be eligible for the free upgrade.  I hope this is not a practice that Dell endorses or promotes just to sell more PCs.  In a prior comment -lorax1284 seemed to have had a similar experience with a Dell sales rep.  It would be interesting to see if it was indeed the same sales rep.  As a loyal Dell customer, please consider my request and make an exception for Windows 7 upgrade considering the events that took place for this desktop sale.  Investigate and review the chat logs before the sale on June 16th before 10:30pm.    Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.

  • DELL-Todd S


    Sorry to hear about the confusion with that order.  If you would like to send me  your copy of the chat log where the sales rep informed you that you would be receiving Win7 as part of that order I'll forward that to someone in our sales and customer service group and ask them to take a look at the case for you.

    You can PM me by clicking on my user name and selecting the option to send a message.


  • joskyj

    I bought a XPS 1530 this year (march) I hope that DELL don't forget and launch some promotion to owners like me. And I'm disappointed why this model (XPS m1530) is not supported for dell promotion for win7 upgrade.

  • Vinay_S

    I got my Studio 1555 Delivered on July,12..

    Since i got to know about the windows 7 program after getting the laptop – I had contacted technical support and customer support..

    I have explained my problem several times.I have got only ONE proper response from Technical Support. He said that i am not eligible for FREE WINDOWS 7 UPGRADE.

    The Windows 7 Upgrade program states that system purchased after Jun 26 are eligible for upgrade. Even though i am in 30 day Dell's Return Policy period i was refused free upgrade.

    I am ready to PAY for the upgrade.I have been asking them to inform me the price for for the PAID upgrade for WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM EDITION.

    But i have got no response from 1 week. I have even complained in unresolved issue 3 times and still not even a single reply. I did not expect this from DELL

  • Ajith Vijayan

    I'm having Inspiron 1520 Laptop.When purchased the OS was Windows XP Pro SP2 and later I upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium(not thro Dell) Genuine Version.

    Now is it possible to upgrade to Windows 7 through Dell's upgrade option with my Windows Vista OS ?

    If yes how it is possible?

    If no what I've to do to get upgraded??

  • DELL-Todd S


    If you're having issues registering your systems I would highly recommend you follow the instructions listed above to contact Customer Care.  They can help you resolve problems with registering your systems for the Windows 7 upgrade program.


  • jkscott1983

    I ordered two new Inspiron 15 1545's on July15th, I received them on July 25th. I know for a fact both systems or eligible for the free Windows 7 upgrades. however when I go to register it says the systems aren't eligible. Can someone help me out?

  • dgffrule


    I bought a dell laptop from a retail store in the UK and am having a similar problem to others in that my laptop is registered as being bought on the date it was shipped from dell not the date i bought it from the store.

    I have already registered it and transfered ownership but this has not helped.

    Who should I contact to sort this? The contact link only seems to offer customer services to those who have bought direct from dell and have a customer number.

    Do you have an email that I can contact the UK customer care on?

    I would rather not phone as I do not think I should have to pay to sort a problem that is not my fault.


  • DELL-Todd S


    You can go to and click on the links to contact customer care (make sure you change the dropdown to the UK otherwise it will default to US contact information).   You should be able to find a link to contact support / care via email.  I don't know if online chat can help with this issue, although I tend to think not.


  • wind_jt

    I just bought a Inspiron15 (1545) with Windows Vista Home Premium on 20th of July in Australia, and I received it on 29th July. shouldn't my laptop be eligible for the free Windows 7  upgrade? But why when I try to register and it said the system is not eligible when I validate with my service tag?

  • regis.holtzer

    I have the same issue with my studio 15 (1555) ordered the 9th July in France, received the 21st…Invoiced the 13th. Awaiting explanation from Dell Customer service..

  • Hans.DV

    I have just the same problem with my Studio XPS 16 ordered on 3th of august and delivered on the 13th. 

  • senthilvel

    Finally,  I was able to get the system registered.

  • Jorgelina

    I just bought a Studio 17, that came with vista 32bits eligible for Windows 7.

    Does anyone know if I can get the 64bits version of windows 7?? There was a document (DSN Document ID 158098) that let you get the 64bit vista version if you had the 32bit version..

    In anyways Tech Support says this document doesn't exist, and I cannot register myself in the win7 webpage in order to request the DVD. (Even though webpage says I should be able to register after 10 days of buying the laptop – which was on september 29th – and today tech support says I should wait 15 more days…)

    Can somebody help me out with this?

  • senthilvel

    I bought a studio-xps (435MT) on 9/16. It came with an offer of free upgrade to Windows 7.

    When I go to to register my system, it comes up with this error.


    This system is not in our database yet. It can take up to 10 days from
    date of purchase for your service tag to be processed, so please try
    again at a later time. If more than 10 days have elapsed since date of
    purchase, please verify that you have entered the correct service tag
    and review the eligibility criteria.


    I have tried contacting customer care numerous times. Had chat sessions. Submitted email requests. Still no help.

    Posting here to find if someone can help me.

  • chakrijk

    My Windows7 upgrade kit status is shown as "shipped" with shipper as "DGM4".

    Is there any way I can get more details of this "DGM4" – to track my consignment?

  • onaj22


    I also bought a dell studio xps1340 laptop in uk have tried to access the update in dell au, told to go dell uk cant seem to get it rgistered through dell uk for the upgrade, sick of trying to get sence out of dell uk were to now

  • Carlr Setfire

    How long does it generally take for the UK upgrade orders to ship. We ordered two for our two eligible machines mid to late November, but there is still no shipping update on it.