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Today I am once again proud to be a Dell team member.  Dell has announced that it is contributing one million dollars to Catalyst, a leading nonprofit membership organization expanding opportunities for women and business, to create the "Catalyst Center for Career Pathway Research."

Diversity & Inclusion at Dell is a business imperative. We recognize that a diverse workforce is critical to exploring new ideas and creating innovation. To achieve an inclusive workplace, it’s essential that diverse populations are given equal opportunities and — if they’re not — it’s essential to figure out why. With Dell’s endowment, Catalyst will create a research center to study and identify root causes of gender gaps in business, which will provide companies, governments and others data with which to address potential concerns.

The funds will support new, larger research panels and data sets in regions around the world — tracking an array of previously unstudied trends and demographics about women’s careers. The research will provide a foundation for fact-based information to both document and measure change. It will also provide funding to attract and develop the best research talent with endowed fellowship positions. The center will convene thought leaders, researchers and practitioners in this area to develop practical strategies for eliminating gender disparities.

We’re particularly excited about this announcement as we look toward our Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network event later this month. This passion for inspiring change from the ground up is important to me and important to the company I work for. It is part of our commitment to innovation and our dedication to giving others the power to do more.

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