Dell Wyse WSM Starter Kit is Now Available


The new Dell Wyse WSM Starter Kit first mentioned on our blog in early May (/dell-wyse-wsm-offers-turnkey-virtualization-deployment/ ) is now available to order!

A complete end-to-end desktop and application virtualization system that ships as a single SKU in one box, the WSM starter kit allows schools and companies to quickly execute a proof-of-concept of this powerful and cost-effective virtualization technology in a matter of hours instead of days or even weeks.

With Dell Wyse WSM, your people get the power and familiarity of a locally executing desktop PC while your IT team gets the security and ease of management of desktop virtualization.  It’s the best of both worlds, and now it’s easier and more affordable than ever to give it a try!  The WSM Starter Kit consists of:

  • A Dell 9020 desktop system with Dell Wyse WSM software
  • A compact router/switch with DHCP
  • 3 Dell Wyse D class cloud desktop clients
  • 3 Dell monitors, one for each client (optional, can be ordered without monitors)
  • All elements above pre-configured and ready to plug in and go right out of the box 

With the WSM Starter Kit, testing WSM has never been easier.  And with all of the components within the Starter Kit available for re-use, it’s easy to grow the proof-of-concept into a school district- or company- wide desktop and application virtualization system.

The WSM Starter Kit.  It’s powerful and cost-effective desktop and application virtualization made easy.  You can learn more on the WSM product page here: .  Just click on the “Starter kit” tab.

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