Dell’s new S2340T 23" Multi-touch monitor brings touch to systems upgrading to Windows 8


Like Lionel mentioned in his recent post, Windows 8 is optimized for touch. We wanted to give customers who upgrade their existing systems to Windows 8 an easy way to enjoy the great touch experience that Windows 8 provides. That’s why we made the S2340T monitor easy to use.

Enabling touch, graphics*, audio*, faster Ethernet*, webcam capabilities and access to your range of connected peripherals is as easy as simply plugging in the USB cable to your laptop or desktop. It all works perfectly. You get the convenience of docking with a single USB cable connection.

We set out to design a multi-touch monitor that looks and performs great while offering an intuitive interactive experience. The S2340T is Dell’s first multi-touch monitor, designed to maximize content creation and media entertainment viewing with a beautiful design, and great screen performance. It also features a multi-position, articulating stand, a 10-point touch and Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution — placing a multitude of Windows 8 apps and options right at your fingertips.

Dell’s new S2340T touch monitor makes it easy to scroll, swipe, grab, drag or stretch images and tiles, allowing up to 10 fingers at once for a simple and intuitive interactive experience. The touch functionality is complemented by the S2340T’s multi-position articulating stand which gives you the flexibility to tilt the 23” monitor almost any way – forward, backward, or completely flat. That means you can use the display in any number of ways while you’re kicking back watching the HD movies or playing video games at Full HD resolution.

The Image Enhance feature helps improve your picture quality by sharpening the images, improving the color hues, and boosting the color contrast, while content viewing and sharing is made easy with an ultra-wide 178°/ 178° viewing angle, offering color uniformity from virtually any angle. A high contrast ratio of 1000:1 (typical) and a mega-dynamic contrast ratio of 8 million:1 deliver exceptional clarity. 

Dell S2340T multi-touch Windows 8 monitor (front)

The Dell Display Manager lets you enjoy greater productivity by offering a one stop software application for the following features:

  • Auto Mode: With Auto mode, the color settings of applications now appear how you want them to. Simply select the optimal preset mode of your choice for specific applications and the active application will use the preset mode you have picked. For example: select Multimedia mode for Internet Explorer, so that opening Internet Explorer thereafter will enable you to view your internet pages in the Multimedia mode’s color settings.
  • PowerNap: Conserve energy with the S2340T monitor’s PowerNap feature, which when enabled dims the monitor to its minimum brightness or puts it in to sleep mode when not in use.

Dell S2340T multi-touch Windows 8 monitor

Key specs

  • 23-inch wide (58cm) VIS with LED backlight
  • Full HD, 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
  • Ultra- wide viewing angle 178°/178° (vertical/horizontal)
  • In-plane switching technology
  • 8 million:1 (max) mega dynamic contrast ratio
  • Multi-position articulating stand
  • Integrated camera, microphone & speakers
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, USB3.0 Ports, G/Ethernet, Headphone and Microphone
  • Multi-touch, certified for Windows 8
  • The S2340T is available for purchase now, starting at $699.99


*To enable graphics, audio and Ethernet on your S2340T via the USB cable, please install the software driver from CD or from
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4 thoughts on “Dell’s new S2340T 23" Multi-touch monitor brings touch to systems upgrading to Windows 8

  1. Unfortunately this monitor does not work as advertised.  My Dell computer which is loaded with Windows 8 does not recognize the monitor as a touchscreen even though I have downloaded and installed the current drivers for this monitor ,all it does is act like a standard flatscreen monitor. Even Dell's own troubleshooter does not recognize the monitor as being attached to the computer. I tried talking to Dell's customer service a number of times but they were of no help Instead they referred me to Microsoft.  I was on the phone for over an hour trying to get this monitor to work with Windows 8 and still no luck.  They referred me to a level number two tech which is investigating why it will not work with Windows 8 on a Dell computer.    So for almost $700 all I have is a standard flatscreen monitor.

  2. Has any one had success with this monitor yet and Windows 8?  I am trying to setup a display in my Dell partner direct Computer store and This monitor is the Key Element.  I am not going to invest in this monitor until I can read about a regular guy having success

  3. Sorry for not responding until now @ufoman99. I see that you solved the problem yourself. So for others here like @Joe Meyer who wanted clarification, the S2340T requires a USB cable connection to enable the touch functionality. 

    I let some of our product folks know that point is not clear enough in the install guide. Sorry for the trouble @ufoman99, but glad it's working well now. 

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