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Designing With the Environment in Mind — 365 Days a Year


Now more than ever, our customers look to Dell to help them meet their environmental goals through technology solutions that can reduce operating cost and create long-term environmental value, without compromising the performance that they expect from Dell. Earth Day 2012, observed on April 22, is a great time to heighten awareness of how we and our customers can improve the effect we have on our planet.

But environmental responsibility is about more than one day. At Dell, it’s about incorporating sustainability into every aspect of what we do, 365 days a year. This means a life cycle approach, with programs and initiatives that reduce environmental impact and creates value at every stage of a product or service’s development.

The new video below explains our approach. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • DESIGNING: In a single year, we shipped more than 7 million pounds of post-consumer recycled plastic incorporated in the bodies of select monitors and systems — the equivalent of more than 260 million recycled water bottles — part of our effort to design our products in a more environmentally friendly manner on the front end.
  • BUILDING: We purchase approximately 21 percent of our global energy needs through renewables such as wind and solar — and 100 percent of our global headquarters is fueled by renewable energy. This is part of our effort to minimize our own operational footprint.
  • SHIPPING: We’ve institutionalized the use of sustainable bamboo in our product shipments and are piloting new eco-innovative mushroom packaging as a green alternative for cushioning heavy products.
  • OPERATING: In everything from laptops to servers, we incorporate energy efficiency and cloud technology to help our customers use less power. For instance, we helped one customer consolidate from 135 data centers down to just four.
  • RECYCLING: We offer global recycling in more than 35 countries, and our customers have helped to recycle more than 600 million pounds of used computer equipment.

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