Direct2Dell: Our New Name


The name of this blog is now Direct2Dell. A few pundits have eagerly pointed out that is a XXX site and suggested we change our name and URL. By the way, one2one also is a unit of T-Mobile, an MIT project, and a driving school. It’s also a bar in Austin at 5th and Brazos that, from what I hear serves a decent margarita.

We looked at the site in question before we launched. We were planning to use a sub-domain and felt it would not be an issue. We also were betting that the few Dell customers who ended up there would realize it’s NOT Dell’s blog. Other than that, we just admired their SEO skills.

We’re focused on the conversation and we’re just getting warmed up. Changing our name and URL is a little like moving the furniture in the middle of a dinner party. Having said that, we’d rather spare you an accidental visit to an unrelated site.

From today forward, you'll be routed to our new address.  Sorry for the inconvenience—we look forward to continuing the conversation.

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19 thoughts on “Direct2Dell: Our New Name

  1. Yes!  Great move!  One time, I forgot to put "Dell" in the URL and ended up at  Needless to say, I got out in a hurry!

    Thank you!

  2. Um, large computer maker, um, don’t you check out site names, or did this happen after you named your site?

  3. That banners at bit odd. Perhaps you could make it more Dell related, or apply some neat Photoshop effects.

  4. Humm… Just think of the traffic or how many new members they got because of that mistake.

  5. Did you seriously just link to a XXX site? I mean, I know you were criticized earlier for not linking enough, but have some standards.

  6. John and BusinessBlogWire, did you <i>read</i> the post you commented on? It said:

    "We looked at the site in question before we launched. We were planning to use a sub-domain and felt it would not be an issue. We also were betting that the few Dell customers who ended up there would realize it’s NOT Dell’s blog. Other than that, we just admired their SEO skills."

    So yes, they <i>did</i> check the domain but decided it wasn’t that big an issue. Now they’ve reversed that decision, wisely. But good heavens, read before you comment.

  7. direct2dell is a much better name. I’ve always thought one2one is a bit, obscene…  (now that I’m proven right)

  8. Morons, just like people in the computer industry – trying to point out other flaws instead of their own. Who cares if T-Moble or MIT has “one2one”. The fact is, you guys are wanting better customer service, and you are much bigger than those other companies. Quit making excuses and own up to your problems. Quit hiring over seas “script readers” just so Mike can make a few extra bucks. Get with the program. By the way, I called Dell last week.The sales woman said the part I wanted was exactly what I needed. What she failed to tell me was that the external CD ROM was USB and that the Latitude C400 does not boot from USB. So, I ordered the wrong part.



    Merry Christmas morons!

  9. Rob: Sorry for the incomplete information you received. One thing to check… have you downloaded the A12 BIOS? I don’t know if boot from CD is an option, but if it is, it will be in the latest version of the BIOS.

    If you still need help getting credit for the drive you ordered, please submit a comment with the e-mail address completed so that we have a way to contact you.

  10. Lionel
    Is there any way that Dell can upgrade the bios to add boot from USB device. It is getting VERY hard and expensive to find the special Dell cable, external drive bay and the specific Dell drive for that bay.


  11. Dell just lost a $1700 sale because it was gonna take them 2 months to “paint” my new computer.  I seriously hope that the real problem is more serious than that, otherwise I am ashamed to be an Austonian.   Maybe in 2 years when I replace the Sony I had to go with instead, I might have forgotten about the 1 month run around I got before I got wind of the truth.   Doubtful though.

  12. 8/27/07 

    I have been reading about how the laptops have been delayed going back……what a couple of months?  But no one has said anything about the desktops w/LCD monitors.  You got to be kidding when you dont have one of the most popular items people want with there desktop.  I ordered mine on 8-9-07, delayed to 8-20-07, delayed to 8-27-08 and now currently delayed to 9-4-07.  When I woke up this morning I said to my mife “How much do you want to bet I get an e-mail from Dell that the PC will be delayed AGAIN?”  Then when I called in to keep my PC on backorder, I wanted answers to my questions and the lady must of gotten annoyed with my questions and handed her headset to the person next to her.  That person was VERY RUDE!!!!  I ended up hanging up on her.  I bought my first computer from Dell in ’98, next one in ’03, and now ’07, but may not get it until ’08.

  13. Well, I just canceled my $2,300 Inspiron Notebook order.  It was ordered July 25 and delayed 4 times.  Now I have to try to get the untrained monkeys at Dell to remove that amount from my credit card.  At what point does “just in time inventory” become a “bait and switch” confidence game?  There are criminal statutes in place to protect the consumer from fraudelent behavior as Dell sales staff continues to demonstrate.  Has anyone contacted the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Consumer Affairs Division about this scam?  Don’t sell it, if you can’t deliver it.  I am buying a HP and also buying HP stock.  Dell has already demonstrated a willingness to “cook their books”, now they are trying to
    “milk their customers”.  As an Austinite of 34 years, Dell is an embarassment to Austin.

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