Direct2Dell Week in Review 6-8-08


Here are some items of interest from last week:

It's also worth mentioning that late last week, we upgraded to Community Server 2008—the latest version of our blogging platform software. Right now, we're still working through some glitches. This upgrade will, however, lead to some improvements over time… some of which Direct2Dell readers have wanted for quite some time. Soon, I'll explain more.

Oh, and one more thing.. like Biz and the folks at Twitter, a few of us here will be watching to see what comes out of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

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  • Anonymous

     Does the statement "Dell started shipping Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) to customers in the English…" mean that Dell is now shipping pre-installed SP1 on ALL Vista machines?  Your product websites are inconsistent and confusing; some say SP1, others (such as XPS One, for which I'm waiting) do not mention SP1.


  • Lionel_Menchaca

    navigator717: The short answer is no. There are some products like the XPS One that will not be updated with Service Pack 1. I saw that you've already started a discussion with Geoff Knox over at Your Blog… will let you continue it there.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder who's idea it was to preload your Dell laptops with the Windows Vista operating system.


    Don't you know that this is full of bugs, thus creating lots of problems to your Clients?

    I was told that Vista is a pain in the neck, but I could not believe it.

    Now, I have a brand new Inspiron, that is not in position to connect to the internet because it got stuck when I tried to connect to it a canon printer. I had a conflict and when it prompted me to resolve it, it blocked me from accesssing our e-mails and browse the internet.


    The funnly story is that the computer is in London with my spuce and I am 3250 kilometres away. How on earth can I fix it?

    Nobody seems to be able and fix the problem.  My only solution is to courier another laptop, operating with Windows XP!!!


    Why should I pay $120 to courier the old laptop?  Why am I to blame if Dell makes wrong decisions?

    I wonder whether those responsible for all this trouble ever read my comment, and I am sure they may never bother to contact me, offering a helping hand.







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