Doing the Work to Build a Legacy of Good


This past year was one of significant milestones for both Dell and the world at large with the setting of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement to stem greenhouse gas emissions. As the world evolves, we took stock of our overall corporate responsibility strategy. Are we driving social good innovation? Are we making solid progress on creating a Legacy of Good? Are the goals we set back in 2013 still relevant?

We are confident we are on the right track and that a “business as usual” approach won’t cut it in our rapidly changing world. Our progress and future plans are laid out in our third Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Update for your own evaluation – please let us know what you think. We continue to be inspired by the work of our team members and partners around the world, which bolster our belief that technology combined with expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit can solve many of the world’s most pressing issues and transform the communities we serve.

Our corporate responsibility efforts are also demanded by our customers. About 60 percent of our customer request for proposals (RFPs) ask about Dell’s sustainable business principles and products. Many customers want to operate a sustainable business themselves and do business with responsible companies who embed sustainability in everything they do.  Like Dell.  

Building a Legacy of Good is delivering real value for our customers, partners and team members worldwide.  Highlights include:

This third annual update underlines Dell’s ongoing commitment to our corporate responsibility strategy, pushing us further toward our overall goal that by 2020 the good that will come from our technology will be 10x what it takes to create and use it. With the help of everyone connected to Dell, we have been able to create positive changes around the world. Thank you all for helping us continue to build a #LegacyofGood – 2020 is around the corner.

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