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In today’s “always-on”, digital world, business-to-consumer (B2C) experiences are fundamentally changing business-to-business (B2B) expectations. Delivering great products and services, while important, are now table stakes. So, what will be our ultimate differentiator?

The experience we deliver to all of our customers.

It’s been proven that leaders in customer service outperform the Dow by 93%, the Fortune 500 by 20% and the NASDAQ by 335%.[1] That should not be a surprise, given 74% of companies say they’ll pay more for a great customer experience (CX).[2] It’s clear the future belongs to those committed to innovating and delivering in a differentiated customer experience.

Today, companies from across industries observe CX Day. For us at Dell Technologies, CX Day is every day, and an opportunity to celebrate our team members who deliver outstanding experiences to our customers, enabling them to thrive and deliver great experiences to their customers.

We also take this time to share our perspectives on how every team member across our end-to-end business – from product development, services and marketing to HR, legal and finance – can deliver the very best CX, today and every day.

Dell Technologies’ approach to CX innovation

Every decision we make and every solution we design begins with the customer – and that starts with listening.

We listen through industry benchmarks like our customer Net Promoter Score (cNPS) survey, sales surveys and our leading competitive CX insight platform. We also listen through CXO interviews, social media and conversations with customers every day. As we collect feedback, we translate insights into action, identifying and prioritizing initiatives across Dell Technologies that unlock real customer value.

For example, customers have told us they need our help making their experiences – and their customers’ experiences– simpler, seamless and more connected. So we’re aggressively innovating products and services across the Dell Technologies family of businesses and bringing more integrated solutions to market. Our customers recently saw us do this at VMworld, with the announcements of advancements to Dell Technologies Cloud and Unified Workspace.

They also expect us to harness the power of emerging technologies. Computing power is moving closer to the edge, AI is expanding in various application areas and 5G is enabling faster and increased connectivity. Our customers clearly recognize the opportunities and want to partner with us to leverage data and AI/ML to be proactive and predict events before they even happen. They also want more self-serve and automated experiences across all digital platforms – including mobile, voice and online.

Ultimately, our customers work with us because they trust us, and they want us to help them innovate and deliver great experiences. To achieve this, they need a partner who understands and focuses on their business outcomes, delivering the solutions and services they need to make their transformations real. They are confident in knowing that they have a “customer first” partnership with Dell Technologies.

Grounded in purpose

We are also a company grounded in our purpose of using our great technologies – and our people – to drive human progress. We achieve this through our deep partnerships and by recognizing the incredible work our customers do each and every day.

This is why our customer-first culture is so important to us – it’s the lifeline to our purpose.

So, happy CX Day to our customers and our team members – today and every day! May the celebrations continue throughout the year.



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