Entrepreneurial Spirit and Optimism Will Drive Today’s Global Economic Recovery


I’ve just returned from the Endeavor Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami Beach where I met with several inspirational, high-impact entrepreneurs from Latin America, the Middle East, South Africa and India. The Summit focused on celebrating the success stories of these entrepreneurs and how today’s long-term global recession offers these next generation business leaders from emerging economies “Opportunity in Crisis.”

Though it’s too early to tell if the economy is truly on the rebound, it is clear that these entrepreneurs are rising above and showing they are eager to meet the challenges ahead. It’s that kind of optimism that will push us through these tough times and bring us to the other side stronger and better for it.

Dell is a key partner of Endeavor’s, and I participated in the Summit to listen to the unique challenges these entrepreneurs face and further learn how Dell can better help to meet their IT needs. I also led discussions on best practices for putting technology at the forefront of business strategy to help companies grow faster and more profitably than the competition. The key themes of our discussions focused on strategies for reducing IT management costs and time, smart cost-cutting technology investments, and how to maximize existing IT infrastructures.

While all of the entrepreneurs I met with were technology savvy, the fact that Dell can advise them on the benefits of virtualized environments, managed services and more was still unproven. Through sharing experiences and other case studies, we were able to demonstrate that these types of IT advancements truly help to meet business objectives, and further advance competitive positions.

According to the International Council of Small Business, more than 500 million new businesses are slated to set up shop over the next five years. Many of these new enterprises will come from emerging economies. They will be a wildly diverse mish-mash of industries, sizes, and offerings each with its own unique objectives and visions – but they do share a few things in common. One is the desire to succeed; another is the challenge of making their IT a true contributor to that success.

Dell is committed to helping these entrepreneurs grow their businesses through IT and become more efficient through:

  • Services that are technology-driven, not people-centric, designed to enable the infrastructure to manage itself
  • Fully utilized, intelligent and efficient datacenters built on standards
  • Infrastructures that are automated and cloud-based
  • Desktop and mobile devices that are easy to manage and secure

To hear more from these high-impact entrepreneurs, visit Endeavor’s Facebook page.

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Conner Adams August 19, 2019
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  1. I'm glad Dell is doing this. The Small Revolution is where it's at, and small businesses are a huge part of that. I personally think the economy has a long way to go before recovery, so it's especially important for more established companies like Dell to help out the newcomers.

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