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ERC Report: Employees Take Ownership of Company Ethics Around the Globe


 Recently, the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) released a report on how employees around the globe take ownership of a company’s ethics by speaking up when they see wrongdoing. The report, entitled “Inside the Mind of a Whistleblower,” was co-sponsored by Dell and dispels many misconceptions people have about whistleblowers. I encourage you to visit the ERC website and read it.

We co-sponsored the report because we believe team members who have the courage to raise their hands and report wrongdoing form the front line of a culture of compliance. Our company does encourage team members to act as owners and speak up when they see things that aren’t in line with our core values of winning with integrity and doing the right thing each time, every time. And we maintain a no-retaliation policy when they do.

Dell’s ERC sponsorship is a demonstration of Dell’s commitment to always doing business in an ethical manner. We believe our reputation as an ethical company and trustworthy business partner is one of our most valuable assets and critical to our success. Our commitment to winning with integrity requires that we take all credible reports of suspected misconduct seriously, investigate them fairly and confidentially, and take appropriate corrective action where warranted.

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