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Everything You’ve Been Told About Mobility is Wrong


Man with smartphone looking at tablet held by womanAs a recent TechPageOne story pointed out, to stay productive on the go, today’s workers need to access mainstay enterprise applications and data from an increasingly diverse array of mobile devices.

Here at Dell, our teams are often dispersed across many time zones. When I was in our Small and Medium Business marketing organization, I was part of a team that spanned Australia, Sweden, the UK and the US. Getting us all together for a team meeting was quite the challenge and the flexibility mobile devices give us to work from anywhere was important.

Some organizations may believe that type of environment is not productive.

“The entity moves forward when people are around. It’s very difficult to do that, even with modern communications technology, when people are remote,” Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt, recently said.

I will have to agree to personally disagree with him on that one. But, a white paper from our Dell Mobility Solutions team explores some of the other prevalent misconceptions impacting mobile strategy, including:

  • Traditional mobile device management (MDM) is all you need for BYOD
  • Tablets are only useful as companion devices in business
  • Mobility is a security nightmare for highly regulated organizations
  • It’s just too hard to deliver job-specific applications to the field

They didn’t just look at Dell’s own experience, though; they also spoke with customers in a variety of industries, including the Agricultural Branch at German company BayWa.

Its sales team is almost entirely mobile, traveling to customers such as agricultural businesses to negotiate sales. BayWa wanted to develop an application to provide its agricultural business unit’s field sales team with product information and enable them to quickly fill procurement and sales orders onsite.

“With the app, staff paperwork is reduced, accuracy is increased and manual processing is eliminated. Customer service has improved greatly through speed of service,” says Roland Jocham, Head of Controlling, Systems, and Risk and Quality Management within the Agricultural Branch at BayWa.

I hope you have the chance to join us at Dell World in November, where our executives will discuss the topic of mobility in more depth. But, you can also download the white paper now to learn how wireless innovations, new mobile capabilities, business-ready tablets, application delivery methods and mobile encryption products have the potential to transform your business and workforce productivity.

I’d also love to hear your point of view. Do mobile devices help you be more productive or is it more important to be in the office?

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