Guiding the Next Generation of Engineers

This week and weekend (July 28-30) are a big deal for me, for my family, for hundreds of schools and potentially thousands or tens of thousands of students throughout the state of Texas. Back in 2007, a friend asked if I knew of a robotics club for our kids, then … READ MORE

John Pflueger July 27, 2016

Colourful, Light, Fun, Free… Exactly How a Workplace Should Be

Our Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG) continues to grow and, with 20 chapters and more than 1,700 members based in 35 different countries, is incredibly relevant to people’s lives. Together with our allies, we have a key role in supporting diversity and generating and sustaining an environment where each one of … READ MORE

Doug Schmitt July 26, 2016

Eved: Investing in Women is a Winning Strategy for Dell

Although Dell has outgrown its humble beginning – Dell was founded in Michael Dell’s dorm room in 1984 – the entrepreneurial spirit that launched the global company prevails. Dell’s dedication to entrepreneurialism has grown and evolved over the years but the support for young enterprises has never waned. Today, Michael … READ MORE

Jeanne T July 20, 2016

5 Reasons to Look Beyond HR for Healthcare Staffing

Sure, your HR department can recruit claims staff for you – just as soon as they finish with benefits, employee reviews and the thousand other tasks on their plate One of the hidden costs of employee turnover is that it is a killer for productivity. It increases the workload and … READ MORE

amathy July 20, 2016

But Wait, There’s More!

Beyond the hype you’ll find patient engagement strategies with tangible results I love those TV advertisements that always include the phrase “But wait, there’s more!” and then offer you twice as much product for just a second shipping and handling fee. The products all do something so amazing, you can’t … READ MORE

Stephanie B July 19, 2016

What We Learned When We Studied Work-From-Home

“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” Dr. Emmett Brown’s words are certainly inspiring. Perhaps immortal in some sense. I’d like to say they applied to our Legacy of Good goals. But they don’t. At least not yet. When we announced our Legacy of Good plan in October of … READ MORE

John Pflueger July 14, 2016
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