First Replacement Batteries Shipped to Customers


Spent a few more minutes with J.B. this afternoon in the midst of a very busy day for her and the team. She wanted to share more information on the progress we’ve made, and I am passing it on. J.B. confirmed that we’re already shipping replacement batteries. The first battery shipped yesterday to a customer in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We understand that affected customers are concerned when they might receive a replacement battery. We know how important it is to keep your laptops mobile, and we are working at a feverish pace to accommodate all affected customers. Right now, it will take 20 business days to get it to you. Why 20 days? Three reasons:

  • Once we decided the scope of the recall, the immediate focus was how to communicate to affected customers—we wanted customers to remove affected batteries from their notebooks as soon as possible since it is the safe choice.
  • Some of the batteries we recalled are no longer in mass production, which means we’ve had to reactivate production of these batteries through our suppliers.
  • This recall means we have to secure battery supply for a portion of notebooks we shipped over a more than two-year period.

All of these factors impact lead times. On top of this, lead times may vary depending on which model batteries are in the most demand at any given time. We are doing everything we can to maximize battery supplies from every one of our suppliers worldwide. If there are any change to these lead times, I’ll communicate them on this blog. In the meantime, J.B. and her team remain focused on handling the immediate response we've had from our customers. Every call and website hit means we have protected one of our customers. That's job one and we're committed to the task at hand.

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John Dietrich April 13, 2016
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6 thoughts on “First Replacement Batteries Shipped to Customers

  1. will bulk purchase get higher priority and will there battery s get sent out all at the same time?

  2. So despite the fact that everyone likes to jump all over Dell on this one, some of us understand that it was Sony that made the batteries.  So how badly will Sony get spanked on this one?  Will Dell continue to use them as a supplier?

  3. i got mine in today and was amazed at how quick it was – being in tx probably helps, but that was mighty fast

  4. Well, Is there a way I can know that my notebook battery is among the defected one. Though it gets heated up, I am using Latitude D610…

  5. I found through Dell’s website, that I had a defective battery, and ordered a replacement.  It came in less than 48 hours!  

    I am pleased with Dell in all of their efforts concerning the battery recall. I have always received great service from this company. They will continue to be my first choice for purchasing products.

    Way to Go!

  6. I used the recall service but about 4 months have passed and it has still not come. I got the mail that it has been posted in November, but 20 working days later, nothing. I think Dell might have used normal post but things get stolen here, in Zambia, Africa, via normal post. Only courier is safe. Who do I talk to in Dell or contact via mail about this?

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