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In case you missed it, HP sent out a press release yesterday, mainly focused on greening its printers. Printing and ink cartridges are important, especially for a printer company, so this is a good first step.

As an industry, we can only do more. At the urging our customers, we’re designing more energy efficient products, enhancing our free consumer recycling program, aggressively pursuing our goal of becoming the first carbon neutral computer company and engaging customers in dialogue about their own environmental goals. Our customers recognize that change in the connected era travels at the speed of light, and it’s essential that every company step up its efforts to save the planet. Competition drives innovation.

But we can’t ignore the core fundamentals – energy efficiency across all products, free recycling for consumers and carbon neutral operations. These are our customers’ minimum expectations.  Any business committed to a cleaner planet also has an obligation to empower customers and listen to their ideas. Clearly, there’s much more we all can do and it starts with listening to our customers.

Welcome to The Regeneration HP! Having stuck a toe in the water, we encourage you to come all the way in.

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