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Glance Networks, Inc – 2008 U.S. Small Business Excellence Award Finalist Profile


“When it comes to our service, ease of use is key,” said Rich Baker, CEO & Founder of Glance Networks, Inc.

Glance Networks provides a simple, Web-based desktop sharing service that customers use for online meetings, web demos, remote sales presentations and distance training. With a client list
that includes thousands of companies worldwide, it’s the simplicity and
dependability of Glance’s technology, compared to other web
conferencing tools, that has garnered the company success.

Originally involved in the video-conferencing business and seeing
first hand that many customers found the technology to be too
complicated, Rich knew he could provide a more basic solution.

Based on customer feedback, Rich and his business partners developed
one-of-a-kind screen sharing tool that requires no software
installation on the viewers' side and runs on any computer platform.
With Glance's "remote control" feature, viewers also have the option to
take control of the cursor with their own mouse and navigate through
the presentation themselves. To see just how easy it is, users can sign
up for a free trial of Glance on the company's Web site.

“Our software has changed the way people do business,” said Rich. “There are companies we work with whose business models would not succeed without our technology.
In many cases, eliminating the need for travel, our technology saves
customers time and money, while also helping them cut down on harmful
carbon emissions associated with travel.”

No matter how complex the technology can get on the back end, Glance
Networks has developed inventive software proven to provide customers
with simple solutions to 21st century needs.

If you are a business interested in the technology offered by Glance
Networks or have feedback to share based on your use of their software,
please let us know or contact Glance Networks directly.

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