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GoPro Goes IPO, Dell Boomi Helped Get Them There


Yesterday the company that made it possible for us all to see what skydivers see when they leap out of planes made a leap into the stock market.

GoPro is about to be surfing the waters of Wall Street, and here at Dell we’re proud to say we’ve helped them grow their business and take it to this next level.

Skiier with GoPro camera on his helmet

It’s a pride I felt when on a spring break ski trip I noticed those little cameras on so many helmets shooting down the slopes. I knew that all those people would be able to enjoy their fun videos because Dell had enabled GoPro to overcome technology challenges that could have kept them out of key retailers.

By deploying Dell Boomi, they were able to meet strict electronic data interchange compliance standards in an aggressive implementation timeline. Additionally, they were able to do an SAP translation of XML data across a large volume of transactions for complex movement of inventory within virtual locations.

That’s not something most of us would think about when watching TIME’sMost Mind-Blowing GoPro Videos,” but many of the technology solutions Dell provides make the everyday possible for people who never see them.

They can also turn IT professionals into key business contributors.

“IT can now demonstrate its value in real, tangible and measurable ways that weren’t possible before we started working with Dell Boomi.” said Stephen Baumer, CTO/CIO of GoPro.

GoPro can hire more business analysts and sales managers than order administrators and developers, because their Dell Boomi integrations eliminate the need for custom coding, ongoing maintenance and manual order management required with other integration solutions.

“Dell Boomi makes the nets bigger for catching all of the orders we’re closing on the sales side in ways that simply weren’t possible before,” said Baumer.

You can hear him explain how they implemented it with 80 percent fewer resources and 70 percent less time here:

So go out this weekend and have fun making videos that were never possible before! GoPro will provide the cameras and Dell will help make sure they can get them to you.

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