Great Resolution – And Portability – For the New Year


January is a month of new possibilities. For many of us, it begins with an ambitious list for the new year, and that’s certainly true for Alienware. As a company known for industry-leading innovation, we can celebrate past successes, like our award-winning 18” notebook and Area 51 desktop, but we prefer to toast what’s ahead.

One of the products we’re most excited about is the Alienware 13” OLED, the first gaming notebook to feature an OLED display. Debuting at CES, this is a notebook custom-designed for the mobile gamer, made possible through our partnership with Samsung. OLED technology means higher contrast and better color saturation, creating a more vibrant display with true black. Plus experience the incredible response time of 1ms (typical), 2ms (maximum), for this gaming display that’s ready to play as fast as you are – just the kind of New Year “resolution” that gamers appreciate.


We’re proud to be first-to-market with a gaming laptop featuring an OLED display, the perfect combination of performance, graphics and size for on-the-go gaming. We’re also hoping to help this awesome platform stand out in the crowd with a dark-red chassis. While we will ship an OLED offering in the existing silver chassis in the early spring, the red one is not official just yet.  

With your help, though, maybe we can make it happen; if you want to get this head-turning design please ‘like’ or comment on this blog. Keep an eye peeled this week at #CES2016 and tweet/RT @Alienware with #OLEDinRED to help us make it happen! While the official specs and price will be announced soon, we can tell you the Alienware 13 OLED will be comparable to the existing Alienware 13 configurations in look and price.

For everyone who appreciates a more immersive, realistic and portable gaming experience, there’s awesome news on the horizon in 2016. Resolve to be good to your gaming self. 

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6 thoughts on “Great Resolution – And Portability – For the New Year

  1. A 13 – 18 inch oled gaming laptop with a fast cpu and an equally fast (external?) gpu and at least 16Gb of ddr4 ram (32Gb ideally), lacks only a pressure and tilt sensitive stylus for drawing, in order to widen its target group to artists and graphics creators (like me), who need such a horsepower and its oled display too, running under the bt.2020 color profile or a subtotal of it (like the HPbt.2020 color profile, for example, of the HP dreamcolor Z27X studio monitor), and functioning in tablet mode as well.

  2. Black.. it will be definitely gorgeous if it's black.. or a dark gray. Perfect for the LEDs on the back. 🙂 OLED is the future. nice move Dell (Alienware)

  3. Make the Red, please!!  As a past and current owner of an M17xR2, M17xR3, and M14xR2, this will get bought by me with the quickness.

  4. Wish it was blue, but outside of that. Sounds like it'll be a good laptop. I would like to get a new gaming laptop, as I don't have one. I'd love to see a revival of the M11x, but guessing not enough users who want a small gaming laptop.

  5. How to get the identitymine air hockey game in the review video? I bought an dell xps 18 and now cannot find the game. 🙁

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