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Green IT and a Future Low Carbon Economy


Today, Michael is joining corporate and NGO leaders at the FORTUNE Brainstorm: GREEN Summit in Pasadena, California. The summit is organized to bring together thought leaders on business’ role in protecting our environment.

Michael will speak on the critical role Green IT has in our future low-carbon economy – one that allows for growth and innovation with access to reliable power while drastically reducing emissions.

Dell is making important strides on our company’s climate goals.  Earlier this month, we announced that our 300-acre global headquarters campus is running on 100 percent green power and reaffirmed our commitment to purchase as much green power as is feasible.  We are also ahead of schedule to make our operations carbon neutral beginning this year.

Dell is working towards environmental goals and achieving cost-saving benefits of efficiencies – currently more than $2 million a year in energy-cost savings.  Our customers are seeing equally dramatic savings from switching to energy-efficient IT products.

Also today, we’re announcing plans to convene a formal ReGeneration Advisory Group to help guide its efforts. The group will be chaired by Alexandra Cousteau, president of EarthEcho and granddaughter of marine biologist Jacques Cousteau; Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for the Rolling Stones, conservationist and avid tree farmer; and Laura Turner Seydel, eco-living expert and chairman of the Captain Planet Foundation.

If you haven’t been to in the past 24 hours, be sure to drop in. The finalist designs in the International Green Computing Technology Design Competition are posted on the homepage.

Also be sure to cast your vote in the latest Facebook Graffiti contest.  About 4,900 entries were submitted, many of which have to be seen to be believed.  The 150 entries with the most votes will move on to the judging phase of ther competition.  The text entries that accompany the artwork are being considered in a seperate contest, so if you want the judges to notice your favorites, be sure to vote them up here.

Lots going on, as you can see, but what matters most on this 39th Earth Day is that everyone make a contribution to help improve the planet. You can share your ideas here or at The future will require the cooperation of companies, governments, stakeholders and individuals around the globe to protect our shared Earth.

Happy Earth Day!

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