We’re Honored to be Counted Among Fortune’s Most Admired Companies


The information highway has made the world a much smaller field on which multinational companies must build their businesses and compete for customers. And at the core of every successful business is a strong and positive brand reputation. It’s inescapable. A tarnished reputation can significantly hurt, or even destroy, a business.

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Likewise, having a good reputation among your customers and partners is the foundation on which long-term, successful business relationships are built. It’s because of this that Dell Technologies is honored to be included this year alongside so many exceptional brands on Fortune Magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies for 2018.

There is no single point of view from which to establish your brand’s reputation. Delivering market-leading products and services to meet our customers’ most demanding needs is critical to Dell Technologies’ reputation. As is the amazing quality and award-winning innovation that we drive into everything that we do, from supply chain excellence to R&D advancements.

It’s also important to consider the financial soundness and management of the company; and the market has clearly signaled its approval of our big bet one year ago to combine Dell and EMC, the technology industry’s biggest merger ever.

And you can also look at the significant strides we’re making to help the planet with projects like NextWave, a consortium of companies marshalled by Dell and Lonely Whale to address the issue of ocean plastic pollution. It’s worth noting that our efforts to do well by doing good also led Fortune to name Dell Technologies to its 2017 Change the World List, which recognizes companies for innovative activities that create material business value while also making a positive societal impact.

Perhaps more important than all of these facets of business, however, are the people behind them. Dell Technologies counts some 140,000 team members around the world as its family, and our reputation is built daily at the hands of every single team member across this great company. When you look at the values to which we subscribe, our customer-first culture that anchors our actions and decisions, and the trusted leadership that guides us – it all tethers to and strengthens our brand essence. From our accolades for diversity, to our recognition as a World’s Most Ethical Company, to our award-winning environmental leadership, and to being honored among the top 50 companies where the world wants to work by LinkedIn, industry awards help companies stand out based on their positive reputation. Being included in Fortune’s list of Most Admired Companies this year makes me even more proud to say I work for Dell.

Fortune’s spotlight captures what makes Dell Technologies a global powerhouse.  But there’s more to our story – so our Vice-Chairman, Products & Operations Jeff Clarke has shared more on our Direct2DellEMC blog.

To our customers, partners and business decision-makers – thank you for this validation and recognition. And to our family of team members – I celebrate this prestigious honor with each of you.

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