IdeaStorm Recap – 1/16/2009


Just a quick update this week.  In keeping with my new years resolutions, we added a Lightning Rod question to IdeaStorm this week about your favorite Online Tech Communities.  Some may not have noticed the new Lightning Rod box beneath the profile box, so I will work to make that stand out more in the near future.

We have 2 ideas that were implemented around IdeaStorm changes.  Many are happy to hear about: Restore the "preview" button and New IdeaStorm not Fully compatible with Firefox?.

As for product ideas, we announced the new Studio XPS Laptop line as suggested by chardeen in the idea Studio XPS Laptops.

And while it has technically been implemented for quite some time with many XPS products, I updated the idea ATI Radeon HD 3870X2 from abrarey to implemented with the recently announced XPS 625

There has also been quite a bit of buzz around the new Adamo and Mini 10 announced at CES.  We have quite a few ideas around the Mini 10, but I will hold off on updating the status until it is officially available in the coming months. Same goes for Adamo once the specs and launch dates are released.  Stay tuned for those!

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  • DELL-Jackie C

    These comments were poster prior to August 21, 2009:

    sawaddi said:

    Speaking of products, what is the plan for the XPS 430?

    It was a nice upgrade to the 420 and it eliminated that useless LCD screen on top.   It has the best case Dell offers, very sturdy and expandable without all the unnecessary glitz of the ytrue gaming machines. The XPS 430 was a power users dream. 

    Introduced in early November, it disappeared around the first of the year after less than two months on the market. 

    What happened to it and is it coming back


    DELL-Chris M said:


    The XPS 430 will come back to our sales site in several months. Currently, we partnered with Best Buy to only offer the XPS 430 in their stores. You can get one here.

    DELL-Chris M
    Dell Community Desktop Liaison