Inspiron Notebook Product Delays


Thanks to all of our customers who  continue to wait for your orders despite the delays. We apologize for the frustration that they have caused all of you. I know that many of you have seen the blog posts about the XPS M1330 delays, but many customers are asking for details behind the Inspiron delays.  I wanted to spend a few minutes to try to address some of the fundamental issues we're dealing with.

Regardless of what product we're talking about, generally speaking there are two things that dictate when we will ship your order: 1) the order date and 2) parts availability. There are other variables that factor into this, but in general, we expect to ship products in the order they were received when we have the components to build your system.

Speaking of components, many of you have asked which ones are delaying your orders. The reason that's not a simple question to answer is that the supply picture changes frequently. Once we are aware that  a component is in short supply and will add time to your estimated ship date, we try to indicate that on the configurator in to give you an indication of further potential delays.  

To date, color options are the main source of delay on Inspiron notebooks. Basic colors like black are easier to produce. Premium colors and finishes like we use on the Inspiron models introduce complexity into the process, and that's holding things up. Just as Alex mentioned in his post about colors on the M1330, producing smaller quantities is not the issue—it's mainly an issue of scale. We'll continue to work directly with suppliers to ultimately increase our production on color notebooks. Besides scale, we are also focused on maintaining the levels of quality we established when we designed these notebooks. In other words, we're not going to relax our quality standards to ship more products.

While premium colors are the main reason for delay of our Inspiron notebooks, displays are a secondary reason—some screen sizes are in short supply.

As long as we have lots of customers waiting for systems like we do now, we have some tough work ahead of us. I can assure you that people at all levels in many departments across the company are working around the clock to resolve all the issues preventing us from shipping your systems. Beyond that, we have added dedicated sales and support resources in the United States and around the world specifically to address the customer experience issues that these delays cause. We also understand that shipping your system is key, and we'll continue to work to do that.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to wait for your orders. We appreciate your patience and your business.

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1,337 thoughts on “Inspiron Notebook Product Delays

  1. One color: Black. “You can order the automobile in any color you like, as long as it is black.” — usually attributed to Henry Ford.

    The design factor that was supposed to proudly enliven the new laptop lines is the culprit. How shameful.

    It took about 6 weeks of complaints after complaints before a Digital Media Manager (not a Senior Vice President) was authorized to post some vague words about the production problems regarding the Inspiron notebooks.

    Thanks, Lionel. But, no, thanks. 

  2. I was not profane in my comment so POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. So, for months I was bombarded with mail, flyers, inserts in newspapers and you’re ongoing tv commercials (still running) advertising the color laptops and every color will cause delays in shipment because Dell did not know how to pain them before they started selling the product? When I ordered, there was no notice of delays, as shown in your screen shot. I ordered two Inspiron 1520 on 7/30 and have been delayed until 8/28. I remember when Dell was the best. Maybe you’re too focused on filling your Wal-Mart orders now.

  4. I agree with frustrated supervisor. How about free overnight shipping once the units are completed?

  5. I agree with Inger from Norway. I just ordered an Inspiron a few days ago with a ship date of 9-26. Over several years, I have had nothing less than total satisfaction with everything about all of my Dell purchases. Never, has anything I’ve ever ordered been late. Usually,I recieve things in half the time ( 2 DJ’s, computers, ink, etc). Now that I’ve seen this page, I’m very concerned. This laptop is all for business use, so every day I have to go without it is a problem. I can only hope that DELL will at least have mine to me by or before my shipping date. I surely do not want to become one of the many “disgruntled customers”. If I had known about the color issues, I probably would have chosen “good ol’ ” black instead of red (if it would have helped). I would have sacrificed a cool new thing from DELL in order to get the quality I need without the “fashion statement” that the new colors provide. I guess all there is now for me is to sit back, wait and see what/how long things take. To all of you out there, I wish you luck and I’ll keep you posted….???


  6. i’m so close to canceling my order… in fact I was at Bestbuy earlier today and the hp’s they have there seem really nice… 

  7. Since the last update from Mr. Gruzen, there have been over 500 comments in response on that thread, plus hundreds more on other threads around this site.  This should indicate the level of concern by Dell’s customers and should prompt the company to provide another update.

    thanks Lionel, you at least seem to read the blogs and often answer peoples’ questions the same day on other threads…  Why can’t your boss or Michael Dell himself step up and provide some honest answers regarding these delays?

    I have been a loyal Dell customer for more than 10 years, and never considered going anywhere else for my new laptop.  However, after ordering, I found this blog and was horrified to learn the recent conditions of this company.  Of course my order is delayed like so many others and I currently have no faith in the latest ESD.

     Four suggestions:

    1. Please make the delivery delays more accurate and obvious to your customers before confirming their order and taking their money!

    2. Please provide a regular update (every few days at least) to all the customers waiting for their products instead of waiting until the ESD and then pushing it out 2 or 3 weeks or more without clear explainations.

    3. If a customer’s order is delayed beyond your initial ESD, you should automatically upgrade them to NBD shipping, and if it is delayed again start providing $$credit to their accounts. At least this might cool some of the tempers demonstrated here.

    4. Your CSRs should have better information to respond when asked about the delays instead of the scripted answers. 

    If the management team at Dell wants to save the company, something has to be done to address this crisis.  You are losing customers daily. 

    So far, I have not cancelled, but I have already set up alternate systems in my shopping carts at HP and Sony.  Don’t make me use them.

  8. looks like dell is moderating the comments, I posted one last night, and it is nowhere to be seen.

  9. I have the same sentiments as most of you however i first ordered in june to be shipped july 14th . Of course thaat  changed to the 19th, then the 2 of August. Great got a email on the 31st in transit to shipper will be shipped on the 2nd ABRACADABRA!! order cancelled by the wonderful people at dell because of federal mail order rule (which the company didnt follow) on the first .

    Called and customer service said reorder of course so im30 days and umpteen thousand orders behind in line with new ESD of aug 30th for an order placed  on the 1st and after contacting now less than eight CSR in who knows where all of whom were going to take personal ownership of my problem and keep me updated i have yet to hear anything i have sent about 20 emails now  im afraid i will never get it so we wait

  10. I really don’t care about the delays, because they won’t affect me.  I won’t order this product until it is available with Windows XP instead of Vista.

  11. Norway 25. August

    Thank you for the post about Inspiron notebooks at last.

    Don’t apologize for the frustration you have caused all of us but for the miss of customer service and honesty about delivery time.

    I ordered two Inspion 1720 (blue and green) July 31. and have a estimated delivery date at September 13. Nothing have happend,  no production at all and no promises about delivering in that time. I still hope and wait but if the delivery is delayed to October I think I will give up. My money have been deduct my bank account  even if Dell say they will do this when they have a product for me… You don’t have a product for me and I do not have the money to pay you mostly 2 month before I get my notebooks.

    The  compensation we have been offered is the same small amount as people who have ordered one so we are not earning something at all to have one order for all. May be it also make our delivery late?

    Still I got the weekly advertisement in my mailbox from Dell who is trying to sell more of what they don’t have *|o|*

    I am very frustrated and insecure at this time but I still have a hope… Don’t let me down any more.


  12. Dell’s problem is that they don’t sympathize with the consumer at all. If you have companywide lag with your products, hold your head down low and compensate all your customers. Do you know that customers depreciate by the minute? If you’re delaying orders for months, like mine, we deserve compensation and Dell is just sticking it up to its customers and telling them that they’re not important. No wonder Dell’s satisfaction rating dropped to its lowest point yet again, good job.

  13. Well, I would like to talk to some of these extra ppl they added in the US.  I am SICK of talking to people from India.  They dont give you a straight answer, they talk in circles.  My ship date is still showing as 8/17.  That was more than a week ago and NO ONE can tell me when the new est ship date is.  I have called 3 times and sent 2 emails.  Each time I call they tell me “your ship date is 8/17”.  Do they realized that was a week ago???????????????????? 

  14. We ordered an Inspiron 1521 Ruby Red after a very convincing sales pitch and great deal at our daughter’s college orientation now we are in the same boat as many of you are.  My next ship date is 8/31,  the day we move our daughter into her dorm.  I guess ordering on 7/27 was not planning ahead enough.  The orientation  representative and the advertisement stated they can ship in 3-5 days.  When our original ship date was 8/15 we figured we wouldn’t really have to wait that long.  Now it looks like we will not have it in time afterall.  If I end up waiting 8 more months, maybe I’ll just give birth to a laptop after being skrewed so many times by Dell. 

  15. I still feel that these delays should be compensated accordingly as a gesture of good service and reputation that Dell has. Not doing so would just be damaging the Dell image further. Coming into the 4th week waiting for my m1330, and it seems like nothing has been done about it yet. The apologies issued are hard to take in considering that this is a premium product (as rightly quoted by Dell CSR’s). As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, as a go-to person for anything computer related, I am very cautious about giving advice to people who are interested in looking for a computer and thinking about Dell. I have told them realistically what to expect. While it was easy for Dell to make money off me from this experience, I would say Dell has a much tougher time recruiting new customers from this operations/supply chain management issue. And you know what they say on how much easier it is to deal with existing customers than to find new ones.

  16. This has become the party line. Pretty much exactly what was posted about the 1330…So we are back to paint and displays causing these delays? Sorry, but it doesn’t fly. No other manufacturer has trouble with display supply, why only Dell? As far as the painting, one would think that this would have been resolved long before actually selling these bloody things and if not then at least by now, months after release. A company with the resources and experience that Dell has is being stymied by something as basic as this?

    This is interesting (sort of like a car wreck is interesting): 

    I can assure you that people at all levels in many departments across
    the company are working around the clock to resolve all the issues
    preventing us from shipping your systems.

    Wow…under those circumstances we should feel all warm and fuzzy that we are being taken care of and that Dell is seriously paying attention to our problems and frustrations. But if this were the truth then this problem would not exist at all…but it does exist. A company like Dell is throwing all of their mighty resources into this problem and still can’t ship the products? Paint and displays indeed!

    Then I see this…

    we have added dedicated sales and support resources in the United
    States and around the world specifically to address the customer
    experience issues that these delays cause

    What? Where are these resources? My customer experience has not changed at all over the last 2 months. I still speak with the same characters every time I call to request information on my order and I receive the same lies and misdirection to the same questions, the same language barriers, the same frustrations waiting for someone to pick up and answer a simple question!

    I like the part about dedicated sales staff…just what Dell needs, more sales staff. Keep selling a product you cannot build…don’t you folks see a small problem with that? It leads right back to the original problem…lot’s of us waiting for our orders and orders simply not shipping. You continue to post excuses that we cannot even force ourselves to believe and the waiting continues as you sell mre and more of these ghost-products to unsuspecting folks all over the world.

    To correct the problem you simply need to ship these devices as promised. Stop bumping the shipping dates over and over again. Try an honest approach…stop selling them, start building them, tell us when you KNOW they will ship and stop throwing us shipping dates that you must by now know are completely fabricated. Since when has honesty ever hurt a company, especally a company who had such a huge loyal customer base?


  17. Are you building laptops around the clock to meet these back orders? I’m talking about a 24 hour clock, no a 7am-7pm clock.

  18. I am also very frustrated, because I have been told 3 different things were a problem with my Flamingo Pink Inspiron that I ordered on July 7, I can’t understand the people who are calling me, but I do understand they want me to change my order to something I don’t want.  I have talked to serveral people, on many different occassions, and was told my computer would be done and shipped (on 2 seperate occassions) before Aug 28.  I have already paid for mine, and I am wondering if I might get it for Christmas, instead of for Fall semester at college.

     I do appreciate finally an update on the Inspirons, but what good is it for those of use who are trying to be patient and are getting nothing in return?

     I also worry, because I have already been delayed once, that when I more than likely am delayed again, my order will be cancelled because I can’t take a call or get to an email on time and I won’t get what I want at the price I have already paid.

    So, what are we to do?  I someone at Dell would answer this, I would appreciate it, because I can’t understand anyone who calls me on the phone and any emails I send, I guess go to those same people I can’t understand.  AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you

  19. Ordered on July 22 ESD August 8 . . . three e-mails informing of delays . . My son has started college without his laptop . . .he is willing to wait . . . new ESD August 31 . . .I am not happy with my dealings with Dell or the customer service . . . I spent 1 hour on the phone and spoke to 7 people before I was told that the color was the problem . . . I said, we would change the color . . . too late all colors are unavailable . . .

  20. I ordered a midnight blue Inspiron 1520 on July 7, and recieved it exactly when Dell said I would. So far, I’ve been very happy with it, except for the fact that the internal card reader seems to be faulty. I sent an email to customer service about a week ago, but haven’t heard from them yet.

  21. Thanks for the screen shot – too bad that’s not what most of us were priviledged to see when we ordered our laptops!!!!!!!  Apparently you’re problems with the laptop colors preceded ALOT of our orders and this is frankly too little too late.  You may have product delay problems – who doesn’t experience that now and again.  But your problems excede that – your problems started when you started backordering peoples laptops without offering clear answers at the very onset. Not only that, but if you read this blog and see how very inept your customer service department it in explaining the situation to your customers – your problems go way beyond not being able to put paint on a laptop casing.  That is what will ultimately result in your loss of business.  There is NO excuse for withholding or going about your business as if nothing was wrong – when you should have been keeping your customers informed from the very beginning.  And to backorder customers on the DAY they are supposed to ship – what is that about? 

    I would be more than thrilled to get notification that my Laptop was shipping on the Magical August 28th date.  But since I order a Ruby Red, 17 inch 1721, I’m skeptical.  In fact you haven’t addressed that magic date at all in your blog post.  That is exactly what I’m talking about.  Give us a little bit of info, try to appease us – and basically – I feel like you think I’m stupid enough to fall for that.  How long have the paint problems existed???  How long have the screen shortages existed???  Why wasn’t the check out process we all went through at the time reflecting those situations????  How about addressing our direct questions???  Why can’t Dell adopt an attitude of being up front with their customers????  And why does it take nearly a week of over 200 negative blog comments to get someone from Dell to actually say ANYTHING about the situation??

  22. The “Issue Of Scale” rests with Dell the company, not the paint process. Stop your purchases. Cancel your orders. Dump your shares.

  23. So is everyone receiving compensation?  I’ve been told to call QVC Customer Service and to go to Wal-Mart (by a Dell CSR Manager!) to purchase a different laptop and cancel my existing order?  This is how you treat customers…. telling them to go to a ‘bargain basement’ retailer who doesn’t carry anything close to the system you need???

  24. After several days of complaining and several hours on hold, I was told every excuse they can throw at you, and the final word last night was.

    Sir, we have the blue in stock, for the inspiron 1720, I don’t know why you have not received your computer yet. they did have a slight shipping problem with the colors, there was an earth quake in Malaysia and that did delay the colors, but they are all in stock now.

    I am now starting to think that it was never a color problem for the inspirion,  but maybe they might have had to many people ordering the free memory and hard drive upgrade that they gave away for free. and the color option that was a free choice as well.

    You can’t expect to run a sale with the shelves empty, I did email M. Dell last night and hopefully someone down the food channel replies to my email. 

  25. Well, according to the notice my Midnight Blue Inspiron 1520 is on its way to me, next business day shipping. Like many of you my order got delayed a couple of times and I too had the ESD changed to the ever popular 8/28 however it supposedly shipped on 8/24. Total time from order to reciept (if it actually gets here on 8/27 like it is supposed to) will be six weeks and three days. Best of luck to all of you 8/28ers out there and this is hoping that yours ships early as well. Still no excuse for Dell to have these delays. Dell is still the one of the best PCs on the market, now lets hope their customer service returns to the level it was a few years ago.

    Take care out there!!


  26. Thank you for addressing this issue further into detail.

    “1) the order date and 2) parts availability. There are other variables that factor into this, but in general, we expect to ship products in the order they were received when we have the components to build your system.”

    – Maybe you could be getting orders done so people could be have their systems shipped out 1 week or 2 before their ESD. That way it’ll take a shorter time to get  through all the orders.

    – Those who are still in the Build Stage will get out immediately. ( not that I’m complaining)

    “We’ll continue to work directly with suppliers to ultimately increase our production on color notebooks. Besides scale, we are also focused on maintaining the levels of quality we established when we designed these notebooks. In other words, we’re not going to relax our quality standards to ship more products.”

    – I hope that you do work and have GREAT communication with suppliers and have the parts come in within the next day or so.

  27. Instead of adding more sales and support resources, maybe a few manufacturing plants in the United States would be nice.   Those Malaysian workers are overwhelmed with orders.   There was no mention of a delay (per your screenshot) when I ordered my 1520 Inspiron (ruby red) on 7/27.   Ship date is now 8/31.   I just cannot fathom all the advertising of these new Inspiron computers and you cannot produce them.   Unbelieveable!      I agree with the compensation – maybe shave $100-$200 off  for our inconvenience.   After all the computers will be obsolete when we get them.

  28. Guys/Gals

    I ordered a blue 1520 July 18th and was stiffed with a delay every week until about 2 days ago, when I canceled after it did not make the ship date. I was however given a $100 coupon for complaining. If you call dell and ask for compensation, they will give that, and free over-night shipping if you push for it. I said I was going to cancel if it did not ship on the next date and it didn’t..

    I work with Dell’s all day and love them, so I wasn’t going to drop Dell for this incident. I ordered a Vostro 1500, which is butt ugly (opinion), but has the same stats as the Inspiron for an even cheaper price. Actually, I got a highest screen rez and a 9 cell battery for $100 cheaper than my inspiron had cost. Otherwise, I have the same vid card, processor, etc… These all have been shipping on time, if not earlier. I will get mine in a week.

    Drop your Inspiron, you will be waiting for another month. I have school and need a laptop, so I cannot wait.


  29. If you really have oversold yourselves beyond your supply…you should consider doing what the airlines do…offer some kind of compensation to those of us who are willing to wait.

     All these kids who need a new computer to head off to college could
    “board” and those of us who are only traveling on business and not that eager to get back to the office anyway could be bumped to the next flight…with the incentive of a couple hundred bucks off.

    I mean at this point your popularity is ranking right about the same level as an airline’s would be.  What with one delay after another…and you aren’t even offering STALE PEANUTS as compensation for not being able to deliver your product in a timely manner.

     Here we all are, stuck in those tiny cramped plastic seats….and instead of coming on overhead with some kind of good news, you ‘re just repeating what we already know….things at Dell are not taking off.

    We had noticed the delays so no need to point that out…and most of us don’t care what is causing them because changing our configuration doesn’t mean we get them any quicker so no need to point that out either…


    What we really wanted to hear about is how you plan to SHOW us that you appreciate not only our business but our patience as well.   


  30. I ordered my Dell Inspiron 1520 on Aug. 15 and recieved it a week later.  No complaints, no problems– I simply love the computer (and did I mention that it was black?). 

  31. I purchased a Dell on July 8th, with the expected ship date to be on 7/20.  I was so excited that I was going to get the system (Inspirion 1721 in sunshine yellow, my company’s color).  On 7/20 I received an email from Dell stating that my system has been delayed and would be shipping on 7/27, I got an email on 7/27 that my system would be shipping on 8/3, on 8/3 I got my last correspondence from Dell stating my system will be shipping on 8/27.  To date I still have no system and had no updates from Dell.  I have to say my disappointment with this company is unbelievable.  The company new before the expected ship date that my system was not going to ship.  Customer service which is out sourced to India, have absolutely no answers.  I asked if I could change what is holding up the system to something they had in stock, and the modifications department was just as unhelpful as the customer service department.  I am going out of the country on Sept 9, and no one has been able to tell me if I will have my system before I go.  Who can I talk to so I can get answers?  I have been patient but Dell has been unresponsive……HELP

  32. I also have ordered an Inspiron 1420 for my daughter who will be starting college in a week. I ordered July 19th with ship date of August 9th and of course the current ESD is August 28th. I did forget to mention the color, Flamingo Pink!

    I have read many of the blogs regarding the delays but I have come up with my own theory:

    Many of us have been told the reasons for the delays are: The LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light Emitting Diode), LCD Cover (The painted outside shell) and whatever!   

    With Dell’s constant quest to sell the best product to the consumer they must sub contract to many suppliers to get the best product and best price. While we all speculate where these suppliers are located what if China is resonsible for the LCD covers?

    With China being in the news recently for using paint that contains Lead on childrens toys and a vast array of other products was Dell caught up in this Lead Paint fiasco!!!

    Dell and former customers say they have never experienced delays like we are seeing now. When did the delays start? At the introduction of color choice? China and the Lead Paint fiasco seem to fit into our delay situation  

  33. So…Mr. Dell…whuut’s happening? We have sort of a problem here. I ordered a 1720 in black, so I’m gonna have to go ahead disagree with you that color is the reason my ship date was bumped to the 28th. Ohh, and as for some screen sizes being in short supply, I wasn’t aware there were that many options you needed to…ummm…cover, and really isn’t the supply of that kind of…uhhh…basic component something you should have squared away before you launch a marketing campaign, you know, so we don’t have to sort of play catch up like this?

    People are also asking some questions about that magic ship date, and I noticed you didn’t…uhhh…address that in your memo. So, you know, if you want to say a few words on that topic, it would be great.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a Dell fan. Your products, particularly the 2407FPW keeping me company now, are just super. But I’ve noticed you’ve been real flakey lately, having some problems with your communication and…uhhh…candor with customers, and you’ve lost some people this week. So you should ask yourself, is this good for the company?

    If you could just get to shipping my 1720 as soon as possible, that’d be terrific. But if you you wait much past the 28th, I guess we should go ahead and have a little cancelation talk.

    Bill Lumbergh, Division V.P.

  34. I just want to let Dell know how very disapointed and frustrated I am. I really wanted a pink 1520, which I ordered on 7/9/07. The order was delayed twice then cancelled. I re-ordered in red on 7/31/07 and still am getting delayed and expect to get cancelled again any day. This is simply unbelieveable!

    I can’t get any compensation for my delays and cancellations other than a promise of a $25.00 credit when the laptop finally ships.

    I too, have been given the magic ESD of 8/28/07. I got a bonus from work in July, and was buying myself a pink laptop with that money, but now it looks like it could be a christmas present to myself.

  35. I am sorry, folks, but I was just doing my job. Yes, you have been misled, but what else can I do? I was just copying the party line from the template.

    Oh, and, believe me, it’s the stupid paint process. It’s an issue of scale, okay?

    Check with Alex if you’re still in doubt.


  36. I can do nothing but echo the sentiments of the above posters.  I have been purchasing Dell computers for years — in fact, I am writing this message from an older Dell Inspiron.  Within my home I can count two more Dell systems, not to mention various speaker systems, mouses, and other accessories.  I have helped numerous people purchase their own Dell’s, both family members and friends. 

     When it came time to purchase a new computer, I went with what I thought I could trust — a reliable Dell.  Accounting for possible long orders due to the back to school season, I purchased my Dell in July, all along mentioning that it was imperative that I get the notebook before the last week of August.  I was given an August 16th ship date, and I purchased my system from Dell.  Along came the August 16th date, and no word on my computer shipping– to make matters worse, Dell failed to contact me on the matter (I had been promised they would keep me up to date on any developments).

     After several hours of trying to contact Dell, both online and via phone (at one point I was transfered to another department, placed on hold for nearly forty minutes, only then to be told by the representative that I had been transfered to the wrong department), I finally managed to learn that my computer had been delayed until the 28th of August — an obvious problem.  I explained the situation, was transfered twice more, and eventually was told that my computer would likely ship earlier then the 28th.  I was angry, but what could I do? 

    Yesterday morning, I receive a call very early in the morning (alone a rude gesture), informing me that my Dell would not be shipping until at earliest the 28th.  At earliest!  This is completely and utterly unacceptable.  

    Why Dell has failed on so many levels is beyond me.  If I had been informed on the 16th of August of such vast back ordering (which the Customer Service Representatives surely were aware of), I would have been able to cancel the order and purchase a new notebook in time.  As is now, I am left out in the dry by Dell. 

    I’m not quite sure how Dell can ever recapture my confidence and loyalty.   I’d hope this message received some attention, but I know better — all four emails I have sent the company have not been returned .  I desperately want to continue to work with Dell — the only question now is what Dell will do to help not just me, but the thousands of other customers with similar problems. 


  37. Why didn’t they give us at least a fague idea on the time frame to expect our items??????? They have to have SOME idea on how much longer this will take….

  38. I couldn’t agree anymore with everyone! The display that was posted in the blog was NOT shown when I ordered my Inspiron 1420 on July 7. Actually, I ordered the Inspiron 1501 (the one they keep advertising for $499) because it seemed like such a good bargain. Well when I was finished ordering the 1501, I was dissappointed that the estimated ship date wasn’t until 8/13/07. I am a college student and I was taking summer courses so I really wanted to have my computer for maybe half of my summer courses and I was sure that I would have it by the fall semester (which starts Monday 8/27). I cancelled my order for the 1501 and ordered the Inspiron 1420 which ended up costing me about $300 more than my initial order but I was willing to pay more to receive my computer sooner. Initially, I was told my order would ship on 7/24. July 24th rolled around, it was delayed until July 31st. The 31st rolled around, ship date was delayed until 8/7 and as you already know what im going to say… ship date was once again delayed until 8/28. Upon reading the comments in the blog, it seems most of us are waiting for our computers to ship on “8/28” but its not looking so well as the 28th is only three days away. I have been patiently waiting for almost two months now just to continuously be misled. By all of the dissatisfied comments I have read you think Dell would actually do something. I am amazed by how much advertisement Dell continues to have. Too bad they can’t live up to it….

  39. I have NEVER dealt with a more inept company than Dell.  I have always been an HP/Compaq guy, and I must have been crazy to try another.

    Finally got my 1520, after a month of delays–and it doesn’t have a WEBCAM!  Why not?  Well, after a total of 1 week and more than 5 HOURS on the phone, and being told several times that it does have a webcam (AM I STUPID OR SOMETHING?  THERE IS NO WEBCAM!) they will finally send a replacement. 

    Then, my replacement order is canceled.  Why?  No one can tell me.  Now I have to go thru the whole ordeal again to get this right.

    I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy a Dell again.  I will gladly pay 100’s more to not deal with this lame excuse for customer service.  It isn’t worth it to get a good priced system with a company that can’t back it up.

  40. I ordered a pink Espiron 1521 on 7/30/2007!!! my order status said it would be shipped on the 24th of august so there would be enough time before i move to college on August 28th! well it is now August 24th and i am without a computer and it will not even be shipped until the 31st! Im starting to think twice about ordering anything from dell!!! so basically i have to go to college with a computer!!!

  41. I guess I’m a little disturbed about this whole thing, but because I’m not in a super big hurry I plan to wait. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to order from Dell, but I never had to wait the entire time that they said I would have to. (I also never had a 6 week delay though like I do now.) I really hope Dell gets it together and that I receive my laptop much sooner than I’m scheduled to receive it because this delay may result in a loss of a faithful customer.

  42. Well, the magical date of 28th August has been replaced on my order status as 2nd October…and “my” laptop is still showing as being in the pre-production stage.  This has been its status since the day after I ordered it on the 16th July. 

    I returned from holiday at the beginning of August expecting that the carriers would have tried to deliver my unit.  Instead, what was wating for me was an email which had been sent 2 days prior to the first delivery date that I had been given, to say that the EDD had been moved back to the 28th August.  Then on Thursday 23rd August, my EMEA order status page gave me the October date.  This was followed by an email on the 24th August to inform me of this fact.

    Dell must have been aware that there were problems with parts before I and many many others placed our orders…and there was no warning that I should expect delays.  Even now, when you go in to configure a 1520, there is a notice that the delay is 5 weeks…it’s more than 5 weeks until the EDD that I have been quoted and will have been almost 12 weeks since the order date (and that’s if it ships by 2nd October!).   

    I am as yet undecided whether or not to cancel my order but I had rather set my heart on a green case.  My spec came to just over £1000.00, more that I have ever spent on a piece of hardware.  I am thoroughly disappointed in the lack of communication from Dell: customer services should be sending out weekly updates. I have had two phone calls in answer to my emails, however, but conversation is difficult and I can appreciate it must be hard to placate customers in what is not your first language but we do need a lot of placating because the delay that we have had to endure is totally unacceptable.  I have seen on other forums that American customers seem to have been offered money off, or products as compensation for the delays.  All that I have been told by Dell is that they will “expedite my order”…I’m not even sure if that means that they will give me next day shipping!!

    I suppose my story is not a lot different to everyone else’s, but it has been good to have a rant!

    P.S. The reason I was given for the first delay was that they were waiting for a consignment of Intel chips………!

  43. Can someone please answer this simple question: How is Dell able to continue to take orders when it hasn’t shipped systems ordered 2 months ago? How? Isn’t this against work ethics?

    And my peeve is that new these orders are starving the old orders because if screen becomes available for the old order, the processor may be out of stock because of the newly completed orders. This is freakish scenario and can potential starve many old orders.

  44. I don’t believe a word Dell says anymore. Over the course of just a week I have been lied to 4 times by CSRs, mislead, and hung up on.. My ESD is the Sept 7th. If my 3 Black 1720s are not here on or before this date. I will be canceling and taking my $5000 dollars with me.

  45. Why don’t you hire more than one one-handed monkey with a brush? It’s not like this was unexpectable and I hope that some heads will roll for this.

  46. Compensation would be great.


    I’m not just looking for free handouts. The people that have been waiting weeks upon weeks for a computer deserve something other than a pat on the back or kind words like thanks, or good going, or we love your money.

     If you are taking our money for a product, as far as we are concerned, doesn’t exist we should be rewarded with some small gestures. A Timbuk2 bag would be great or any other small gift.

    Concerned about how much I’m valued at Dell,


  47. I ordered a Dell Inspiron for my brother for college, I’m happy to report that it got here a few weeks earlier than expected which was great, otherwise I would have had to ship it off to him and he would have been in school a few weeks without his laptop. We’ve been extremely satisfied with it as well, runs great, and plays games better then my desktop ; D. Wonderful price as well. Dell continues to surprise me with its increasingly good quality and service, I can’t believe how they manage to improve even though they were already very good.

  48. Okay, so according to the updates, the 1330 and the Inspirons have been delayed because of paint issues. My question is, where’s the Latitude that I ordered a month ago and still hasn’t shipped? There’s no paint options to go along with that to delay the process. I know you said there’s short supply on certain Inspiron screens that are also holding up the process, but some more details on why my Latitude still hasn’t shipped would really be nice.

    It’s frustrating because I start school in a week and needed my new Laptop by then. That’s why I ordered it a month ago. I’m almost certainly not going to have it by the time I begin classes though.

    I’ve long been a customer of Dell but the service and support just seems to be going downhill and this may very well be my last purchase, especially since there’s no compensation or concern for all of our long waits.

    Thanks, appreciate it.

  49. I agree with many above. I ordered on 7/28 and have been told three times my ship date was moved. This is for my son for colleage. He leaves tomorrow with out his computer. When I call no one can coment on if the new date 8/31 is firm or not. This tells me you do not have any quality control over your outsourced suppliers and had not back up plan.

    Compensation is in order. A three year warrenty free would not be out of line.

  50. Has anyone with the magical 8/28 ship date been notified about having their ship date pushed back yet? Also has anyone gotten word or their order shipping early? Thanks

  51. Does this affect international orders outside of US/UK as well? ‘Cause if it does, at the very least a web camera would sound nice as compensation…or 3 year CompleteCare 😉 heh heh heh

  52. That is a very amateurish mistake.

    Now Dell realized that they cannot paint the laptops. Over promised and under delivered.
  53. As I’ve said previously (see my post under the XPS M1330 entry), it isn’t the delay that bothers me, but the extremely poor way Dell has handled it.  The debacle continues, as the Dell automated system for checking order status has been down for most of the last 3 days, and the online chat folks can’t tell you anymore than the online automated system – “you’re in production and I’m sure you’ll be shipped on 8/28 – don’t worry.”

    So I’m thisclose to cancelling my Insipiron order, and going with a Mac instead.  I’ve been considering the switch, but the investment/learning curve has held me back.  Isn’t it ironic that Dell’s delay might just send me over the brink?

    And the damage to the Dell reputation – I know how many of my friends/family think I’m stupid for waiting as long as I have (6 weeks) – you think any of them will consider Dell for their next purchase? Even the friend who reco’d Dell to me is appalled.


  54. Where do I begin…this is the short of it.  I ordered 2 laptops the beginning of june a 1501 and pink 1420. The 1501 arrived within a 7 days the pink 1420 never.  Was told to change the color to black after the 3rd delay. Changed to black and guess what no black then told to change to brown it was in stock.  After 2 delays they were suppose to next day dhl…dell did ground.  Said it was signed for by a receptiontist.  Well I don’t have a receptiontist at my home and no computer here.  Dell promises a replacement with in 5-7 days (remember I have tryed to get this since June but they promise 5-7) still no computer.  I have spent hours and hours on hold only to get someone who has no idea what is going on.  I have repeated myself so much.  I have started to record the conversation of lies told to me by everyone at dell even supervisors.  I have this so documented that I can’t wait for someone at dell to contact me.  I have sent a registered letter to Michael Dell and have written in all blog that I can find about this experience.  Dell probably will not post this but if they do DON’T ORDER A LAPTOP if you need it anytime soon.  I will continue to check back to see if this is posted.


  55. I am also waiting for a Inspiron 1720 Espresso Brown order July 27, ESD Aug 16th. Reading of the previous post was very beneficial.  I spent numerous hours  of comparison shopping and reading reviews for the laptop that fills my needs. Started a new job that I need the laptop for, I have ordered five desktop systems from Dell over the years but this is my first laptop and really thinking about it, the first time I have ever had a major problem with an order.  However, the 16th came and passed, just like  others who had ordered, I went on line to cancel my order, thinking I could reorder and possibly move ahead in the queue. But low and behold, the price had increased by about $300.00. Talk about catch 22. Cancel or stay the course. Hmmm.  I want the dell, it has the options and the price that I want so I will wait a couple of more weeks and then look at other options. In reality, Michael Dell isn’t any different than the CEO of other major companies, why doesn’t he or someone from Dell go on the major networks and tell/inform  the public. Sure this isn’t e coli, but the CEO of Jack In the Box did.  Dell’s bottom line would probably initially suffer, but rebound quickly because people understand as long as they are informed with the truth or source of the cause.  I think I have been a loyal Dell customer  in many aspects, and I understand the economics (the dreaded  customer call center) even though I don’t agree. I just think if Dell isn’t going to be loyal to it’s customers, why not deal with us in good faith.  

  56. Good to know I’m not alone in this nightmare.  I’ve had an ongoing back and forth with some customer service idiot at Dell since I ordered my Inspiron laptop on **JULY 2**.  Basically her response has been:

    “Sorry, we don’t have the parts on hand to build and ship your laptop.  I know you’ve paid us for it, but we’ll ship it it when we ship it.  Compensate you for the wait and all the time you’ve spent chasing us?  Nope, Dell doesn’t do that.”

    When I suggested I would be forwarding the issue to the Better Business Bureau and also BC Consumer & Corporate Affairs I got a snotty email back–here is the quote directly:


    I do understand where you are coming from, however we are
    allowed to advertise products as long as we carry them.  Please keep in
    mind that Dell systems are built to order, and we do not have systems pre-built,
    as the customer is able to configure the system to their
    We are unable to upgrade the order, as we cannot compensate
    for delivery delays or part shortages.  If you would like to cancel the
    order, I am able to process that for you.  Please let me know how you would
    like to proceed.”

    That’s some awesome customer service there, Dell.  Please let me point out the fact that you actually DO NOT have the system you sold to me and according to the authorities that does constitute fraud.

    I actually did let Dell know that and I immediately got a call from a ‘supervisor’ letting me know that magically my system would be shipped within the week.

     What a nightmare. Seriously. Never again.

  57. I too waited and waited for my laptop to ship.  After 1 1/2 months, I cancelled the order, purchased an Acer 5610Z same dual core processor, double the memory the Dell system had, got Vista premium instead of Vista basic all for $100 dollars less money.  I had the new laptop in hand the same day. Cancel your order with Dell and buy an Acer.  This machine is not Sunshine Yellow, but this baby rocks!  I have alot of Dell products, Axim, laser printers, wide screen monitors and had them in 3-5 days.  They fudged this one up big time!

  58. I think my largest complaint was the lack of awareness of these delays.  There was no information on the ordering site when I was purchasing as far as I was aware of on the 31st of July.  I went ahead and ordered the ruby red figuring it would ship relative to the rest.  If I had known to expect such a long delay, I would have gone ahead and ordered the black.  As far as I’ve seen from various post from people on the internet you knew about the problem well before this and you waited to post on the ordering process to expect delays.  Maybe if you had been open about it at the beginning.

  59. As we all know Dell is in trouble with finally a true competitor from HP (nice & AVAILABLE laptops — I can have one in 5mins,hmmmmmmm)  anyways, I beieve to max bottomline results, Dell NOT building out orders but waiting for enough orders so that they can neg. better terms with their vendors/suppliers. The big problem Dell has with this strategy is the longer you keep your customers waiting for they order the longer the competition has to steal them away…

    Anyways, while I’m awaiting for 4+ weeks for my black 1720 to come in, I’m going to see HP laptop today.

  60. I ordered Inspiron 1520 in Brown more than a month back and still dont have any clue whatsoever as to when I will get it. I never expected such a bad service from Dell. Rest assured I will never EVER purchase anything from Dell again and will advise my friends/coworkers/family to do the same. Cheers to DELL.

  61. You guys are building laptops, not Gulfstreams. I understand how a production glitch here or supply problem there could impact output but you make it seem like your are the victim of the perfect storm. You’ve been making computers for YEARS! For God’s sake, waiting a month for a laptop is insane.

    Do yourselves a favor and stop running your ads. You are in no position to offer notebook computers to anyone at this point. If I were you, I’d be running full page ads apoligizing for what you’ve put your customers through, give everyone in the queue free overnight shipping when (or if) their machines ever get finished and while you’re at it include lots of extras and goodies in the box as well.

    My next machine? Anything but a Dell.

    PS: If you’re writing in with a warm, fuzzy feel good story about how Dell delivered ontime, save it for an “Afterschool Special”. I don’t want to read about it.
  62. XPS 700: More than 3 months delay.

    XPS M1330: Colors and led screens delays.

    Inspirons (colors): More delays.


  63. It seems like a nice way to boost sales and put money in the bank for a company… You’ll be lucky if you dont get a bunch of chargebacks on credit cards after you build the units. I know I would right now.

  64. SECOND TIME TRYING TO POST……. I sent this comment yesterday, i guess it doesn’t mean anything to send a comment and then nothing, there is no profanity in this comment, only truth and questions……

    I am so very frustrated, because I have been told 3 different things were a problem with my Flamingo Pink Inspiron that I ordered on July 7, I can’t understand the people who are calling me, but I do understand they want me to change my order to something I don’t want.  I have talked to several people, on many different occasions, and was told my computer would be done and shipped (on 2 separate occasions) before Aug 28.  I am wondering if I might get it for Christmas, instead of for Fall semester at college, which started several weeks ago…………

     I do appreciate finally an update on the Inspirons, but what good is it for those of use who are trying to be patient and are getting nothing in return?

     I also worry, because I have already been delayed once, that when I more than likely am delayed again, my order will be cancelled because I can’t take a call or get to an email on time and I won’t get what I want at the price I have already paid.

    So, what are we to do?  I wish someone at Dell would answer this, I would appreciate it, because I can’t really understand anyone who calls me on the phone and any emails I send thru direct2dell, I guess go to some black hole.





  66. Reading through these posts has confirmed my worst fear — that my latest shipping date of 8/28 for my daughter’s midnight blue 1520 is most likely a cynical placeholder set just close enough to make me think it’d be better to “stay the course” rather than cancel my order and go elsewhere.  I guess I will not be surprised to receive another automated Dell phone message on Tuesday.  Since she’s leaving for college soon, it’s now too late to order from anyone else; we’ll be stuck picking up something that someone has in stock.  How disappointing…

  67. I start school again in 3 days. And those classes happen to be internet classes. But wait… I dont have my notebook. So looks like my company is paying my tuition for NOTHING. And this whole paint problem is a weak response to the simple fact that obviously Dell cant keep up with their advertisments. And where is this compensation that most of you are getting?? I`m getting nothing… how do you get the $20 gift card or whatever lame apology they`re offering. It may not be much but I want mine!

  68. I’ve purchased from Dell for years, and I have recommended Dell to anyone that has asked my advice about computer purchases (I am a manager in the IT field). Based on my recommendations, the company I work for has bought nothing but Dell computers, and we have purchased hundreds of thousands in computers. However, I can no longer recommend Dell and I will be looking hard at their competitors when our servers and desktops need replacing. Does Dell have any idea what their actions are costing them? However, I don’t want to just slam Dell, so here are three recommendations.

    1. Inform customers there will be a delay. 
    I was never informed that there would be a delay until AFTER I had made my purchase. This practice felt like bait-and-switch, because I was sold a product that Dell knew it could not ship in a timely manner. The ESD should have been conveyed to me BEFORE I made the purchase. For those customers caught in an unforeseen delay they should be contacted and informed, and customer service reps should have something to tell customers (no lies). The breakdown in communication is simply inexcusable.

    2. Michael Dell, or at the very least a Senior VP, should address this issue.
    Nothing against Lionel Menchaca but he is the Digital Media Manager, not exactly upper management. The level of personnel addressing this issue is a direct reflection on how critically Dell views this problem. My fear is that it is not taking this issue seriously and this is the main reason I can no longer recommend Dell as a company.

    3. Offer meaningful compensation to customers that have experienced long delays.
    If a company experiences some type of extraordinary problem then extraordinary effort should be made to rectify the problem. Once again, the complete lack of customer satisfaction leads me to believe that Dell is no longer interested in providing quality service to its customers. Why should I believe that the quality of Dell’s products has not suffered a similar fate? 

  69. The fact is Dell has gotten itself into a problem by advertising and prompting products that they had not fully tested the production process for.  If you would like for your customers to be understanding about that situation, you must become transparent and honest.  Giving all customers a ship date of 8/28 and then meeting some shipments and rescheduling others is dishonest.

     Please provide accurate estimates and each time you reschedule a customers order offer some compensation for the inconvenience.  If you were to operate in this manner I would gaurantee the issues would be fixed or the products cancelled (not orders).

    Will Dell operate in this manner, or will they continue to bleed their customers goodwill, by posting misleading ship dates, and stories describing how they are working to resolve these problems.

  70. When I ordered my 1720 on July 17th, there were no indications that anything would delay the shipmenet of my order. Two weeks after ordering, I am told to wait 6 weeks.   I find it insulting that Dell has to post a screen shot of the order web page showing delays as if we, the customers, can’t figure out that there would be delays if we order certain parts.  Just send the laptop I ordered in the timeframe promised.  

  71. Fear not! Michael Dell and his SVP’s will only get a lump of coal for Christmas… luckily, my elves know how to paint a lump of coal so they will get whatever color they want on December 25th and not on April 25th.



  72. Ruby Red Inspiron shipped with a delivery date of August 28th. YAHOO!!! It made it for my dughters departure to college.  Thanks Dell.


  73. Dell’s corporate conduct in this situation is unprofessional, if not unethical. The company is in serious trouble. Its employees tell lies with a straight face, and even sign their names next to the lies.

  74. Too little to late.  One of the worst customer service experineces I have ever had.  My son was left hanging for his college PC.  Thanks Best Buy for the bail-out.

    Dell should check with manufacturing before they start a Marketing ad blitz selling what they don’t have and can’t produce.  Poor management – and it starts from the top.  Great case study on how to alienate customers.

    I will never again buy nor recommend Dell.

  75. I ordered my inspiron notebook on July 20th.  When my ship date was changed, (magic august 28th) I called customer service.  Those guys told me the reason for the delay was a shortage of intel processors.  I have not seen that explaination anywhere else; were they just blowing smoke?  I’m sure Intel would not be happy to hear it, it make them look bad.  Also I would love to change my color to black just to get my system…color was never that important to me, what a waste of my time. I am really mad at Dell, again a long time customer (1992). I doubt I will ever buy again, If I do indeed end up keeping this order…

  76. Why are people who ordered 2-3 weeks ago getting systems when people who ordered months ago with the same config are still waiting?


  77. Today I decided to check up on my order status just to see if Dell updated the system. When I dialed the 800# all there was is music… music……….and more music…? What happened to “checking your order status on the phone?” . To get my answer I also spoke with a CSR today and quite frankly she told me that the “automated phone order status system” was removed. I don’t understand why it was removed? One possible answer could be due to the customers calling and complaining about their order status. My thing is why get rid of this system? What’s going to happen now is that MORE customers are going to be angry and more furious than before. The 2nd thing that will happen is that customers will have a hard time getting through the  Dell’s Customer Service line due to the fact that many of them  will be calling it.  The 3rd action would be that current customers would believe that they’re getting ripped off.

    If Dell is going to continue with deleting this system then the whoever is in charge of the Order Status System online should consider

    a) Providing customers with detailed information on their orders.

    b) If the ESD changes then change it under “My Order Status” section immediately 

    – This is very key. I’m a student in Culinary Arts & Restaurant Service Management and one thing I know that  is obvious and key for customers  is too “be honest with your customers, admit your mistakes, fix the problem  immediately and move the company forward by learning from your mistakes and preventing them in the future.


    – This is my opinion. I just find this a problem when customers such as myself cannot check their order status in detail over the phone anymore. This is my FIRST experience( as far as ordering ) with Dell I’m hoping it’ll stay positive until I receive my order. 


  78. If you are not prepared to lower quality standards, why do so many of your  M1330’s have serious quality issues?

    (why do I find it unlikely you’d dare answer this question)



  79. I recommend Dell systems to ALL of my clients. 

     The systems have in the past ALWAYS shipped before the expected ship date. 

    But recently, the ship dates have extended and been missed. 

    This is a particularly big problem with the people who want a notebook BEFORE school starts. 

    So far I have had to cancel three orders and bought HP notebooks instead because the ship dates have slipped to mid to late September for systems ordered in late July and early August. 

    Dell, who has always been the best computer builder and supplier has suddenly slipped to the level of Gateway. 

    So sad. 


  80. I ordered my Dell inspirion on July 1 with an estimated ship date of July 23, when July 23 came the estimated ship date was moved to July 30, July 30 came and the estimated ship date was moved again to August 6.  On or about August 1 I received an email saying my order was cancelled!!!  I called Dell (and was on hold forever and transferred from department to department and given three different reasons why my order was cancelled!!!!) and was told that I had to totally reorder my computer.  I did so and was given an estimated ship date of August 30.  I am still waiting and hoping that it really does ship out by August 30!!  I am away at school already and will have to have my parents drive the computer to me!!!  Totally ridiculous.  My reorder should have been processed before anyone else’s who ordered after July 1 since I did not cancel it and it was not my fault!!!  I used to love Dell and my parents have always bought from Dell.  Not so sure anymore!!!!

  81. Dell HAVE TO cut some heads!!!



    PS: Stop the bad moderation of comments… 

  82. I’ve tried to post three posts on this page now, to no surprise, they haven’t posted any of them…. I guess there are just some things Dell doesn’t want you to know

  83. I run a small case customizing business and while I understand the issues involved with painting, I can’t understand why they wouldn’t approach a third party if their factories can’t keep up.  Even temporarily.

    The automotive paint we use is probably a bit more involved than what they use but we can even churn out hundreds (if not thousands) of laptop parts (we paint entire laptops, not just top covers) on a monthly basis without any quality issues.

    For a company as large as dell, they should have a dedicated (in-house) customizing team that can produce painted parts and other customized offerings (think Mercedes and their tuning group AMG).  With a dedicated team, they’d probably be able to offer even more than just colored laptop covers.

  84. my “ship date” is currently the 28th of august, if I cancel now is dell going to charge me a restocking fee?

  85. If Dell communicated with its customers effectively, responded to any of the concerns posted with something other than generic statements, educated its CSRs, and shipped products when they were supposed to, there wouldn’t be a backlog of comments.

  86. Ordered Green Inspiron 1520 on July 9.  Two backorder dates given and now the magical date of August 28 (right!).  Pushed hard and got someone higher up food chain who admits that the orders from last week of June are finally shipping, implying that my order will ship by September 7 even though my date is still August 28.  I threatened to cancel the order and rep pleaded to wait until August 31 at least.  Indicated that he believes my order will ship by August 30. 

    He also said the orders for Green (any model) were expected to be 100 per day but exceeded 250, hence the contraints in the supply chain.

    I’ve tried 3 times to put something on this site but everytime the person controlling it refused to post it, or the system wouldn’t take when I said Submit.

    I’m tired of waiting, cancelled the printer order since same rep said they hold the laptop and printer to ship together (printer has been backordered 4 times and has current date of August 31)  I figure that DELL would give my laptop to someone else if they still didn’t have the printer.  So removed it from the equation.

     Good luck to all of you. 

  87. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m glad I didn’t order a Dell.

    Delays that last months, no (or false) explanations, terrible customer service, phone support specialists that can barely speak my language.  I’m not missing those things at all.

    I agree with the poster who stated that it was shameful that the option to “colorize” your laptop is the culprit behind the delays when that is supposedly the major selling point of Dell’s refreshed laptop line.  How can a company this large not have made certain beforehand that there wouldn’t be problems producing what supposedly sets their laptops apart from the competition?  The things setting them apart from the competition now are the ridiculous delays and design flaws.

    It’s beyond me how Dell can somehow forget to include a DVI/HDMI port on their laptops that can be configured w/ a Blu-ray drive.  Why would you pay an extra $700 for a laptop that can play HD media yet can’t output it to an HD display?  Are you trying to force people to upgrade to your XPS line of laptops to get that functionality, because personally, I believe you are.

    And by the way, your new line of 17″ XPS laptops that are about to be released look terrible.  I’d honestly be embarrassed to be seen with one.  And why do the 13″ and 20″ XPS laptops look similar but the new 17″ XPS laptop looks totally different?  Not only does it look hideous, the arrangement of the ports is stupid.  Did you just smack them on anywhere you felt like it?  Do you all have a bunch of monkies making the decisions at Dell HQ?  Whatever group of people that has made these poor decisions should be fired.

    If this comment isn’t posted or removed, you have my word that I’ll never purchase a Dell ever again.  That is, if you can somehow get back on track.

  88. I am a ESDer of 082807 too…was already delayed once…my original ESD was suppose to be on 082407 but like many of you nothing…my only comment (but please believe I want to say a lot) is that Dell should really stop running these commercial ads…etc….until they have all the components they need to get these orders out in a timely manner.

  89. I’d encourage those who can’t wait to consider the Dell outlet option.

    I have a friend who’d had an Inspiron 1721 (Ruby Red) on order since 07.29. We took a look at the outlet and found about (10) of them in that color, and another (10) 1720’s as well.

    He needed the system this week and could wait no longer. He bought a nice 1720 comparably equipped at the outlet and will cancel the original order.

    Some colors were either not present or limited, but it might be a viable choice for some.



  90. I ordered my Inspiron 1520, ruby red, on 7/27 and there was no mention of a delay in ship date (per your screen shot).    First it was delayed to 8/22 – now 8/31.   I think you should credit everyone’s account $100 for our inconvenience.    Who knows how many more times it will be delayed.   I feel sorry for the people who wanted them for school.   Instead of adding sales and support resources, why not add a few manufacturing plants in the United States.    Earthquake in Malaysia!!!!   That’s why they’re delayed.  

  91. I ordered a 1521 on 7/9 and told it would be delivered 7/24 and amazingly enough it was. But not even a month later 8/16 my new computer won’t even start windows – it does nothing and it hasn’t even left my room. I haven’t done anything to mess with it. I called Dell and they replaced the motherboard and memory and it’s still not working. I was told I’d have a new system today. When I looked on the website it’s still in production, not set to ship until thursday!

  92. Seems none of my comments are good enough for Dell to post although I don’t know why… I’m not half as harsh as some of these! Anyway, I just called to verify that my order will ship tomorrow and they say they can’t tell me that… something about “mail order rule.” Whatever. We’ll see if it actually ships or not as the 28th is the magical day for everyone. Poor DHL is going to be very busy tomorrow with all of the promised overnight shipping etc… But, if you ask, they will give you compensation. You just have to ask and explain your frustration. I know some people got $100 credits – I was only offered a $50 credit so I pushed for more knowing that and got the color matched wireless mouse thrown in, too. Of course that’s also on back order and they won’t even place the order for it until my system ships so it’s going to be a while, but at least they’re making an attempt to make good on their frustratingly annoying delays…

  93. Finally, I’ve received my XPS M1330 2 days ago after waiting for 1 month.



  94. Can I just saying waiting hours for these posts to show up is really driving me nuts?!

     For one thing, this is about the only place I can get some idea what is going on with the Eternal Inspiron Delay…since the Order Status page should be called the Order Stagnant page…and I would like to get a better picture of what to expect come tomorrow.

     I’ve read some posts that say they got e-mails over the weekend with Ship Dates…and some posts that say they were given ESD’s even further out.

     I’m still slated for 8/28…no change either way, and the suspense is killing me.  Is it possible all these surprise early shipments are decoys to give me just enough hope to keep me from cancelling?  Or are the ones who have been pushed out into September/October meant to induce me to give up my current configuration/price and accept something else at maybe even a longer delay?

     Hmm…maybe Dell is making enough money off hits to this page to counteract the lost and pending payments! 

    For those of you still out there with the 8/28 date…keep posting, we are all we got right now!  You all can be my customer service, you might be kind of slow “getting back to me” (with the delay in these comments actually appearing)…but that’s not your fault, and so far you have better info anyway! 

    Dell might not appreciate you, but I do!  🙂   

  95. JB & Saffron: My apologies for the delay in publishing the comments. I just caught up with the ones that have come in today so far.

  96. I ordered a yellow Inspiron 1520 on 6/28/07.  My ship date was 7/15/07.  When the delivery kept getting delayed and I found out the ship date was 8/28 – I reordered the system in black on 8/08/07, to see if it would be here sooner.   The yellow Inspiron would have beat the black one, but they shipped it to Pennsylvania instead of Michigan and blamed it on DHL.  They shipped it to the wrong address on 8/15/07 and took until today 8/27/07 to get it from DHL to my address.  In the mean time the black one arrived on 8/24/07.  I took the black one to my daughter to use in college.  She will be home Labor Day Weekend and see if she would rather have the yellow.  I prefer the finish on the black.  The color on the yellow is not the same where the seams are – and what is up with the rubber like finish?  Dell will be paying for the return of one of these laptops – but my daughter did get to start school with a laptop –  only because of my endless e-mails with customer service and handling it myself by orderding another Inspiron in black.    Good luck everyone.

  97. Ok.  Hang on to your hats.  I just checked my order status online – and my Inspiron is showing as “shipped” with details temporarily unavailable.   Just thought since I’ve voiced my opinions on this blog with my unhappiness with Dell,  that it’s only fair that I share potentially good news?  I have the same August 28th ESD as many others, so maybe this is a good thing.  I’m hoping I’m not an isolated incident and I get to see others posting some good news here for a change.  Mind you, it’s shipped – I don’t have it yet.

  98. I do not work outside the home, but I am a Pampered Chef Consultant. I wanted to purchase a laptop to take to shows and input orders, because I am horrible at math (even with a calculator) and my program calculates everything for me. So my big selling season is about to begin and I finally decided to order a Ruby Red Inspiron 1521 on 8/7 with a ship date of 8/31. This was after I almost ordered one at the beginning of July. After reading all of the posts, I wish I had ordered it earlier, but I had to figure out where I was going to get the money to pay for it.  Oh well, I have a desktop, so I am fine for now. 

    I completely understand quality and supply issues, because the company I sell for has put certain items on “stop sell”.  They have a high standard for quality and expect their vendors to meet that standard.  We also have had backorder issues before, but the company generally sets a backorder date farther out than what actually occurs.  One item in particular was placed on “stop sell” because there were too many orders to fill in a timely manner.  The reason? the information they obtained from consultants informed them the item would not be in high demand. 

    As far as I know, NO ONE ELSE OFFERS COLORS on their laptops, except Mac.  Mac is in a different world, price-point, etc, than PC.  So when Dell came out with color, of course that generates a ton of demand. Dell probably didn’t expect to have any issues producing the colors and they probably didn’t expect the high demand. That just means they underestimated, due to polling, and their advertising did a bang-up job!

    I have my heart set on Red, and I’ll wait.  There is a limit to my patience, however.  I have received email correspondence from a Dell CSR, although it went straight to my junk mail.  Don’t delete everything from your junk mail or spam box.  They asked that I reply within 24 hours and I am sure that’s so they can confirm our chat and that I still want my system.  I have been pleased, so far, with the communication. 

    If I don’t end up getting my laptop until Christmas and I have paid it off before I get it, then Merry Christmas to me and yay I don’t have to still pay on it!

  99. After the lack of sympathy I received from the CSR, I canceled my order.  I went out and picked up a Sony Vaio in the spot.  Great computer.

     Consumer power is very influential.  Cancel your orders if you’re fed up.

  100. I too am part of this whole mess.  Ordered on 07/14 with no mentions of delays of colors I chose the 1521 Spring Green.  I was so excited.  The only mention of delay was for the LCD I ordered which was no problem.  I had a ESD of 8/13.  8/13 arrived and no computer and no word from anyone at Dell.  Hmmm.  I had to call and find out that my machine was not ready due to the LCD and the colors.  It was being moved to the 08/28.  I got upgraded to next day shipping.  Thank my lucky stars that I called at the right time because I had someone from the US and not India.

     I have checked on my order a few times through the online chat only to get a lovely cut and pasted script that seemed to tell me what I already explained to the CSR.  Also had seen all these issue on  I really wish that Dell would provide some English speaking customer service representatives.  Nothing makes me more upset to talk to someone on the phone who can’t even pronounce my name Michele.  Just because everyone else has outsourced why should you.

     Also for compensation I have asked for a coupon and was told 25 was it.  I then asked again and then was told they could do 50.00.  I saw on another website that people were being given Timbuk2 bags and Belkin bags.  I asked for one and was told no bags were being given for delays.

    I am sick of being lied to and manipulated.  I have used and bought Dell’s but I am not sure if I will in the future.  My order finally went into the Boxing stage so hopefully I will receive it by the 28th.  I tried going with another manufacturer but I cannot due to the fact that Dell gave me such a great deal which that I cannot complain about.  The wait is just so long.  My husband bought a Mac for his job 2 weeks ago and he is already using it. 

    Please Dell compensate us for our trouble……



  101. Customer service is your problem at Dell.  It is not the customer’s problem that you have manufacturing problems or delays.  Either deliver on what you have promised or stop advertising them all over every paper and magazine in the US.  Someone knows when a computer will or will not ship.  Having to speak to customer service in India about whether or not a computer will ship TOMORROW, is outrageous.  Dell could go a long way in soothing the customer’s anxiety by having a customer service rep contact customers ahead of their ship date.  This needs to be someone in the US, who can give an alternate date when specific computers will ship.  I cannot believe how unresponsive Dell has been and how badly your customers are being treated.  Many, like me, are long standing repeat customers, but never again.

  102. Okay, so throughout Summer I was pretty much set on purchasing the new HP 2000 vt notebook, considering the great price and quality until i ran across the new Inspiron notebooks. I took the liberty to cancel my order with HP so that I may make a new order with dell. I ordered it A MONTH AGO, believing your “supposedly quick service” (which by the way, gave an estimated production time of 6-10 days) and by thus reassuring myself that by the time i move out to college at the end of summer, I would have it. having read all of the previous posts and comments, it would be safe to point out that some people have been delayed as early as JUNE and apparently, Dell had been aware of this “minor cutback in supplies”, note the sarcasm, yet there was NO FOREWARNING of the situation at hand when I ordered my notebook. How can such a huge commercial industry continue to sell products that they obviously do not have? that is ENTIRELY unjust… as a matter of fact it should be dubbed as STEALING. Ha, I wouldn’t be surprised if this entire ordeal merges into a huge incident, covered over the news. It doesnt take much to write a complaint to FOX or ABC. Then EVERYONE would know about this ridiculous supply shortage and entirely dispicable customer service. My entire dell experience so far been nothing but disappointment, frustration, anger and outrage. Dell Customer service lacks consideration, and dedication as it is entirely AUTOMATED. Even the DELAY CALL was an AUTOMATED CALL. Dell cant even get a REAL HUMAN REPRESENTATIVE to explain their lies and faults, maybe because they are afraid that their representatives might slip and just cause more chaos? because customers cant talk back and go off on the automated voice? It just demonstrates dell’s impudence and lack of dedication. Dell really needs to pick up the slack pronto. If i dont get my notebook soon, ill make sure i strongly urge against dell and might even end up emailing FOX. This is just ridiculous. You cant sell Products that you dont have and then pretend to be, its just a huge SCAM.

  103. I wonder if Dell’s competitors know about these delays.  If Apple is paying attention, they should make a takeoff of  the “PC/Mac” commercials.  They could be “Dell/Mac” where the Mac shows up on time – months ahead of the Dell.

  104. I called the day after I ordered my yellow laptop on 7/23 and asked whether changing the color to black would bring in my shipping date. I was told it would not affect the date and that cancelling the order and making a new one would push out the date. I still haven’t received my laptop. So which is it? Does the color matter or not? Or only when it’s convenient?

    You didn’t inform me of any delay until the day before my last ship date (8/10). My new ship date is tomorrow, yet according to your status thingamajobby, the notebook is still in the build state. I just chatted with one of your customer service reps to find out the new ship date (9/28? 12/25? Sometime in 2008?) and he/she assured me that the notebook would somehow launch itself out of the build stage and get shipped in less than 24 hours. Somehow I doubt this.

    I have always bought Dells. I will not be doing this the next time.

  105. I ordered my XPS M1330 on August 1 and have an ESD of August 29th.

    This date will determine my future loyalty towards DELL.


    White XPS M1330 with T7300, 2GB RAM, 120 GB HD, BT, Fingerprint Reader, LCD w/ 2 MP camera



  106.  Well its 8/27 and according to automated line my laptop is still in the build stage.I’m wondering how Dell is going to make the 8/28 ship date-Guess I should expect another last minute delay notification.Im really starting to wonder if Dell upper management cares how serious these delays are to their customer?????????????????

  107. Funny how my first post only stayed on here one day then it was gone.Well Everbody with the August 28th ship date tomorrows our BIG DAY we will all either be getting e-mail notices saying our notebooks have shipped or the dreaded notice that says

    :Due to unforeseen circumstances your order has been delayed again please give your consent for us to continue with your order or we will have to cancel it”‘

    Please dont be the latter.. I have been delayed my shipment 4 differant times. I ordered a Flamigo Pink 1521 Inspiron on July 21th and everytime my ESD comes I come home from work looking for a e-mail saying my order shipped only to find that it has been delayed yet again and they always do it the day it’s suppose to ship..

    The only reason I have’nt jumped ship is because I bought my notebook with my Dell Credit Card. Plus I’ve always bought from Dell and never had this kind of problem..

    I’d really like to know just how many of us are out there waiting on their notebooks. Is it hundreds or even thousand? Does anyone know? I read the posts everyday and the number seems pertty high.

    I will let everyone know tomorrow if mine ships and it’d be nice if all the other people with their ship date tomorrow to let us know if theirs ships Good luck to all.

  108. I have to laugh at how each complaint is tryine to out wit each other.  This makes for some good reading. 

    I just want my computer that I ordered on July 23.  I will say that I was offered $100.00 gift card for the dell site, but I still haven’t got that either.  Looking forward to using my new computer when it gets here.

     Keep up the good work DELL, it is refreshing to have someone care about quality instead of quanitity.  That is why I bought mine from you to begin with.



  109. I ordered my flamingo Pink Inspiron 1720 on July 19th with a ship date of August 8th. When my order was processed my ship date was bumped back to August 16th. August 16th, came and went and in the midst I have been speaking to many different dell representatives in their live chat. Have spoken to a few of them twice. I was given a ship date which I now fear, August  28th. I spoke with Ranganath a small business chat representative today who all he said is that “You are showing an estimated ship date of 8/28/07.” He could/would not tell me if my order was to be shipped. The same day I ordered my dell, I ordered one for my boss’s nephew. It had an early August Ship date. It came before the end of July. Two days after I ordered my notebook, I ordered a desktop for home. In less than a week it was delivered. One of my coworkers ordered a black system about a week after me and received it about a week and half later. I’m just vexed. I do not understand how Dell can be selling a product it does not have. If we get on ebay and start selling these laptops and we don’t have them we would get in trouble. How is that dell does not? I will be speaking with an attorney just so that I can know my rights as a consumer, because this is very disenheartening. School Starts on August 29th (U of MD, Go Terps!) and I do not have my system. 🙁


    Mad in MD


    Just got off the phone with customer (dis) service
    was my first time calling just been waiting patiently
    the person i got was an Indian lady that apologized
    for the whole experience like 20 times and the whole conversation
    sounded like she was reading it off a piece of paper
    she could not give me any information as usual honestly it was like she didnt know how to speak English and was winging it . she seemed
    as confused as the customer. sounded pretty noisy in the background like
    1,000 of calls coming in and everyone running around , or they had to
    setup make shift offices like 3 foot cubes in a big room and just
    crammed 10,000 people that would take money to sit and read scripts all
    basicly all they do is beat around the bush about it .

    im not happy i dont have a laptop

    Oh i noticed today if you build a vostro laptop you can buy Gold level support
    ….. To actually talk to someone from the US …….
    why does this have to cost more …..

    Oh other laptop makers nows a good time to start a sell of premade ready to go units
    ord 7-18-2007
    esd 8-28/2007 … not gona happen /sigh
    Blue 1720
    dual core 2 ghz
    2 gb ram
    1440×900 glossy lcd
    8600 gt 256 mb nvidia
    3945 intel wifi
    160 gb HD
    vista ( to be deleated )

  111. Hello guys, i’ve posted before on the M1330 blog regarding my Inspiron 1720 order.

    I have to tell you that i order my system on 7/20 with ESD of 8/14 that then was pushed to the infamous D-day 8/28. On the same day i order a Notebook Messenger Bag and a surge Protector, which has a different order number as well as delivery date. The delivery date for my Bag and Surge Protector was 8/27…this morning i called Customer Service just to make sure my order was OK and would be shipped today the 27th and they told me YESSSSS.

    Around 2PM eastern time…i received a DELAYED order e-mail. That means, is not only the Paint, the LCDs, the LEDs and what not that is been delayed…it is ALL Dell equipments.

    I am afraid that i will not have my system red ruby 1720 by 8/28 nor by 8/29…..I am definitely putting my faith on the CANCELLATION process.

    DELL  you suck big time 🙁

  112. Thank you for finally commenting on the status of the Inspiron models. I’ve been waiting for my green paint job since June 20th, an estimated ship date that was moved from Aug 3rd to Aug 28th (presumably tomorrow, I’m hoping very seriously that dell follows through). One of the biggest disappointments was proudly ordering my Dell (as I have always done) while my friends and fellow students ordered new Macbooks. The company has always shipped me a solid product and I’m very disappointed by these delays. Here’s the problems with this explanation.

     1. When I ordered this product, “May delay your ship date” next to the optional colors was not there on June 20th. I fully expected to receive my product a few days after August 3rd. This did not happen, and I was not notified about this delay. I had to call customer service about how and why my product was delayed, and it became quickly clear that the customer service representative was reading from a card and could not speak proper English for a job position as complicated as computer care to mostly American patrons. I was offered “next day deliver” for compensation, something that has not been confirmed on my “order status” page, but was confirmed by another representative via email. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    2. Dell’s entire advertising campaign hinged on the cool new “colored lids” in the months preceding the popular “before school” purchasing period. If this were the case, why weren’t these lids produced before the demand? Certainly Dell had to know about this by June 20th. It seems like the management waited as long as possible before acknowledging on the order forms that there even were delays, and took even longer expressing this to its customers who had already purchased their product.

     Bottom Line: The Dell “damage control” team has made serious errors in the handling of this crisis. All you had to do was send a mass email to all of your patrons explaining the situation in detail, offering blanket compensation  (not just when people wait on the phone long enough to complain) or offering an instant, online change to a black lid to promise a faster shipment. In this case, honestly wouldn’t have only been ethical, it would have been good business. As a result of these delays you’ve lost my confidence for future purchases, and I’m not alone here. Learn some crisis management and treat your customers better.

  113. I hate to
    say this but I’m going to – I’m just glad I haven’t ordered a laptop with Dell
    for a while now; I’ve had 4 Dell laptops and received them fairly quickly
    before they came out with this new line of laptops. I’m very sorry to hear
    about the people experiencing these issues but I really do wish that Dell
    realizes that their company has been under fire with customers for the past few
    years. And if they want to keep their current customers and gain more, they
    better bend over backwards to make their customers happier and keep them coming


    If you
    can’t wait around anymore, cancel your order and go with HP (I do not work for
    them – I’m a technology enthusiast) – why do you think they’ve gained so much
    market share in the past 2 years? OR you can switch to Apple in October when
    Leopard comes out; I don’t work for Apple either. Just recommendations for my
    fellow mobile travelers. :0)


    I placed my order for a Inspiron 1720 in the brown on July 16th my order was confirmed on the 17th with an ESD of 7/27 that date was then changed to August 3rd then August 15th and now like everyone else I have a ship date of August 28th.  I started school on the 20th with no computer.  I called today to check my order status and got the recording which says my computer is still in the build stage.  Funny thing is,it also said the case which I received at the beginning of this month is also in the build stage. So obviously the info we are getting there is crap.  I cannot get a CSR rep on the phone.  I got a Dell because Consumer Reports gave it a good review.  I am writing a letter to them today to let them know about this forum and all the problems with customer service.






  115. Well it’s 8/28-Eve, and I’m so excited I know I won’t sleep tonight! I put milk and cookies out for the DHL man. Will Santa Dell be nice and actually ship my laptops tomorrow? I’ve been a good boy. I haven’t yelled at Sanjii Steve and Punjab Bob, in Dell Customer Service for days now!

    I’m not holding my breath. I expect another delay e-mail.

  116. I’m interested in buying an Inspiron 1520 in Italy, and the site states there can be upt to 5 weeks of delay. This message has been there since the beginning of August, so 4 weeks are passed and I expected something to improve, but the message is still there.

    The situation is worse for the XPS, for which the message states there will be 6 weeks of delay plus the usual 10 days of delivery.

    I’m an old DELL customer, and I always bought from DELL my whole home and office hardware, but now I’m considering alternatives. I really don’t want to pay a laptop which is going to become old before I receive it.

    DELL should have planned things better, and, to be really professional, refuse the orders it can’t manager on time.

  117. I just called Dell and was told my green Inspiron 1721 ordered 7/13, original ESD 8/6, new ship date 8/28, will now not be shipped for 4-5 more days.They are supposedly calling me in 2 days to give me an update on whether that estimate ship time is correct.

  118. No company should continue to sell and state a delivery date that they know very well that will not be fulfilled. 

     In my 60 years I have not been so disappointed with the business practices of a “respected” company.

  119. Why does none of my posts ever make it on here? It went from one posted at 3;08 today to 7;11 tonight    you cant tell me no-one has been on here writing about our big SHIP DATE tomorrow . What’s up with that?????

    Every comment I post is either lost or ignored and I HAVE BEEN very nice in my postings…..

  120. You keep mentioning delays within the laptop lines but what about desktop delays? I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for my Inspiron 530. What’s holding up those orders?

  121. I am posting this to as many news programs as I can in hopes that it may help. (CNN, ABC, etc.) Perhaps if more of us do the same it may help the situation. Ordered on 7-24 now shipping date is 9-4 that is far too long of a time. get your stuff together Dell!

    The Dell computer company is having trouble getting their orders out on time.  It has taken some of the customers three months or more to get their computers and others still have not received them. They are telling customers it is because the paint is getting too many dust partials in it during painting and that they are having issues with the LCD screens. This would be fine if they were offering compensation for the long wait but they are not. One of the customers commented that the delay in receiving seemed to coincide with the China lead paint fiasco and I was wondering if that was what might be causing the delay.  The reason why I am writing is to see if you can help me in this matter. I would appreciate any information you can provide me as Dell is not being forthcoming and when you call customer service they tell you to cancel your order and order from Wal-Mart.  Thank you for any help in this matter.

  122. So… how about the Inspiron Desktops that you’re delaying? Ordered mine and never saw anything about any of my selections delaying my order and here I am w/ an order delayed now a full month. Yay!

  123. Not a notebook but my Dell order even a cable I can buy anywhere has been delayed 4 or 5 weeks.

    Needless to say I am calling to cancel my order and I will no longer do business with Dell. 


  124. Have faith….

    My order was twice delayed with the latest ESD of 8/30.  Imagine my surprise to see last night (8/26) that it had shipped. While that is good news for me, it further illustrates the lack of accuracy of the ESD system.

     Anyway, the backlog may finally be lifting.

    I’m glad I didn’t cancel.  If I had, I’d still be waiting.  HP and Sony both quoted 2-4 weeks to build and ship a comparable system.

    Still curious how many of the computers scheduled to ship tomorrow (8/28) will actually go out on time.  Everyone has been so eager to rant and rave about the delays (totally justified, btw).  Please take a minute to let us all know when the orders are shipped.  It will give others faith that there is a dawn at the end of this long nightmare!

    Good luck!

  125. I ordered a laptop and then I found these forums. I’m going to try and cancel my order and go buy a laptop from Best Buy or something. I don’t want in to this drama! And those who are posting upset that they haven’t received their order, why not just cancel it and go to HP or Best Buy or Compaq or something? It’s not like Dell is top of the line anyway.

  126. Still waiting on my blue 1520.  I am on the magic list of 8/28 and according to the order status hotline it is currently in the boxing phase so my fingers are crossed.

  127. Ordered my Spring Green Inspiron 1521 on July 10th, first ESD was 08/06/07, which was acceptable.  When I checked online order status day of shipment it still said “in production” with same ESD.  When I drilled in further to the order Dell had changed the ESD to the dreaded 08/28/07 date.  Unlike many others I never received an email or a phone call from Dell regarding the change in status.  I emailed Dell that same day and it took over a week to get a response apologizing for the delay, but it’s due to the color case.  Of course I went to the Dell website that same day and built another computer with the same components and the estimated ship date throughout the order process said 09/06/07 (only 3 weeks).  So Dell is advertising the computers and the color cases in print and tv media, the website misleads the available date by weeks and all Dell can muster up is “I’m sorry”.   From other posts I see that Dell may or may not compensate for the production problem…I suppose they’re only trying to appease the squeaky wheels rather than accommodate all their customers on an equal basis.  Very frustrated at the lack of communication and overall service being given…Dell corporate officers should be ashamed. 

    BTW – I ordered a printer and router package the same day and received those within a matter of days…too bad they’re useless to me until I get my order.

  128. Hi Guys, good to see that the northern hemisphere is the same as us in the south.  Dell, now does that mean “Delays, Excuses, Lies and Lemon”

    Service requests down here advise that the delay is due to – wait for it – a lack of frames!  Now to those uneducated – that means no computer bodies!  Bit hard to supply a computer when you don’t have one!

    Now this I know is a little bit more robust than color or screen; at least that implies that you have something tangible to start with.

    Good luck to our norther cousins.  May Lionel and Michael rest easy in the knowledge that mediocrity is value, and that value the customer does not exist.

    I for one would look seriously at the staff I employ if I had spent so much time and effort developing a multi million dollar empire to have them throw it to the wind.  Remember todays share certificate is tomorrows burger wrapper.

  129. I ordered my Inspiron on JULY 21.  I just got my second delay notice. (That had “first notice of shipping delay” in the subject line.)  I am getting very frustrated and will probably cancel my order. 

    It would be nice to be treated like a person by a person.  I would like to know what my options are to get a unit faster.  But all I get is a bulk mailing (some might call it spam) telling me I can cancel my order if I want.

    I *want* to know what options there are.  I *want* to know what Dell is willing to do to keep customers.  I *want* free overnight shipping as soon as the unit is produced.  But mostly I *want* to feel like my order and the $1300 that I’m spending is important to Dell.  


  130. Dell is scamming us for more money, it’s as simple as that. Dell is not as stupid as to not think about the “scale” before initiating the whole production of laptops in different colours. The interest Dell earns from the delay as well as dramatic price drops simply due to time makes it a lot cheaper for Dell to produce the laptops. This is a valid theory.   

  131. By the way learn from pizza stores, if it doesn’t get delivered in thirty minutes, then it’s free. We should not beg for compensation, you should give it to us.

  132. I personally am incredulous.  To continue to sell an item that you don’t have item that you KNOW you can’t meet the demands of, to continuously advertise a product you as of yet have been unable to produce in quanity is fradulant behavior…… and no mention of any delays until the order is placed….. All very interesting indeed.  My ship date is 8/31….

  133. I’m hanging in with the rest of you, waiting for tomorrow and my laptop to ship out. When I ordered my machine, the order page didn’t indicate that anything other than black was a “premium” color and it didn’t cost extra. If I had known that ordering a green cover was going to delay my machine so long, I would have ordered the black one. Color isn’t that important to me. I wish Dell would have let me know color was a problem and given the option to change colors. I also ordered the non-glare screen. That also is causing the delay. I notice that these screens are no longer even offered as a choice. That’s one reason I ordered from Dell, its the only place I could find the non-glare screen. Hmmm, that was a mistake, too.

    My family has had great luck with Dells in the past. My son’s survived a tour of duty in Iraq — sand, dust, and bouncing in a duffel bag. I have received my Lo Jack software. Can I use that to find out what point “in production” my laptop is located?

    Waiting for tomorrow.

  134. I just cancelled my green inspiron and am going to order a Sony today.  Word is that they are having no delays and shipping times of 2-4 days.  Just like the good ol’ days of Dell.   What a joke.

  135. I cancelled my m1330 order today (order placed 07/03) after been delayed to 10/11 last friday.

     I payed almost 2000€ placing the order and i got NOTHING for almost 2 months with adn ESD of another month ahead.

     I heard people from the US getting huge discounts and compensations for these delays, instead here in Europe we get nothing.

     I heard of orders with the same spec of mine shipped last week and placed 10/15 days after mine. This is crazy!

     I’ve had enough, after talking with a clueless Sales Rep this morning, i cancelled my order.

     Euros are less important for you Dell than Dollars?

    Why European Costumers are treated like this?

     You’ve got a incredible notebook with no competitors and you screwed everything with delays and lies and then more lies.

     Bye bye Dell.

  136. 30+ day delay with NO help or information on 1520

    Tried to order a dell 1520, asked for the simpilest color to expediate shipping and next day air. recieved an automated message at 4:00 pm pst on the first estimated ship date delaying the order 14 days. Was promised by multiple supervisors to be informed about the supply issue and how to get a system sooner. Recieved no calls back from over 8 calls to dell. System was again delayed another 14 days. I was told all kinds of conflicting information, such as it was the color I chose, to “that supervisor works in india I cannot put you in contact with her”. “your system is being expediated and I will call you in a week to verify the shipping date”….Beware of dell they cant even get an order together and will lie to you in order to stop you from canciling the order.. and its not just XPS units OR THE PAINT ISSUE, I will never order from dell again….
  137. While I feel for most of you, (some of you are just trying to outwit each other or get something for free), I find it refreshing that a company is actually trying to do the right thing by producing a quality product instead of just getting the number of units out on the market.  Wouldn’t it be a terrible thing if they shipped all the lap tops and just had to do a recall because the paint wasn’t right?

     I for one applaud their efforts and while it is frustrating, I’d rather have a quality product over a quick over the counter buy anytime.  I could have done that if I wanted to.  Just like you, I wanted this Dell product because we trust them and probably have used them before.  So why give up now?  Let them get it right.


  139. I ordered a Ruby Red 1520 for my daughter on 7/24. The original ESD was 8/10. It is now the magical (Ruby Red magical) 8/31. Thankfully, she goes to school next month and not last week like most kids.

    We were at Best Buy yesterday. Sony makes a red (“Sangria”) Vaio with similar features that is presently in stock. If our Inspiron is not on a truck on Friday, I will be at Best Buy on Saturday picking up that Vaio.

    Inexcusable customer service and even more inexcusable to still be selling these things. I have been a Dell guy for a long time and have pushed colleagues to buy Dell equipment — and have always had my expectations exceeded. I told my daughter that the original ESD was probably overstated and she’d have the thing in a week — that’s been my past experience. Now she thinks that the laptop is something of a fantasy.

    Proper compensation (as noted by others) would be overnight shipping and the three year warranty. If the supply chain is this screwed up, I fear that quality will suffer.

    Oh, and this was a purchase through my company’s (a Fortune 500) employee purchasing plan. You can bet that the people who manage these relationships will be aware of this issue.




  140. I have that magical 8/28 ship date that EVERYONE else has as well.  But it is 1157pm on 8/27 and I am still in the BUILD stage…

  141. I ordered my 1501 this past Saturday. My shipping date is currently 1/1/0001.  So, either Dell is 2006 years late, or it won’t ship my laptop until my descendants’ descendants’ descendants are dead.  And I can’t get through by chat or phone, to ask when I’ll have a “real” shipping date.  Or if I’ll even get my laptop by Christmas.  😛

    Note – when I ordered, there was absolutely NO MENTION of anything holding up production.  I was expecting to see my laptop the week of Sept 10th.

  142. Dell has until tomorrow – the magical day of 8/28 – to ship my laptop that was ordered on 7/22 or else I am canceling my order. I’ve already relayed this information to customer service and a manager. They said it will ship. We shall see!

     I’ve gotten the same run around as everyone else… I was even told there was no reason for my delay at one point! Let’s get a handle on things!! Instead of “may delay your order” notifications (which were not posted back on 7/22 when I ordered) how about “out of stock – cannot process orders at this time”… I think it will at least save a few more people from the frustration we’re all suffering right now. At least if people know they can’t get their computers from Dell, they’ll have the option of going elsewhere. False advertisement, false promises and useless support and service.

    If I cancel tomorrow, I will never buy another Dell product…. Oh, and I’ll return the peripherals that were already shipped that I can do absolutely nothing with!!!

  143. I am SO EXCITED!  My daughter’s DELL computer is on its way!!! I just went online and checked and her Inspiron 1521 Flamingo PINK laptop has shipped and I EVEN have a waybill number!! Thank you Dell , THANK YOU DELL, THANK YOU DELL! One day before the actual infamous 8/28 ship date….AND they gave me $100 for my inconvenience (driving laptop to daughter 1.5 hours away) AND they gave me Next Day shipping.  If I get this laptop tomorrow, you will have a customer for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

    MR MICHAEL S. DELL – Thank you!  I am so happy, I am so HAPPY!

    ~ an ANXIOUS mother believes in Dell once again!~~!  And guess what!! My son needs a new laptop too…so you have my business….!!! YAY YAY

    I will write again tomorrow once I receive it. 

  144. Count me in for yet another cancelled Inspiron order.  Tried to call several times and got hung up on.  Such a shame to see the juggernaut of computers brought to its knees over a simple supply shortage.  Unless… there’s something more to this than meets the eye.  Draw your own conclusions.

  145. Hey Dell!!!
     You People continue to rock with extra effort and amazing service.. Keep you the momemntum and I am sure I will be seeing you at number 1 Pretty soon.

    Best regards,

  146. Another sad story:

    I ordered my GREEN inspiron 1720 notebook on July 17th and have had my ESD changed twice. It was supposed to be shipped today but come to my surprise it’s been delayed to SEPTEMBER 5th. I have talked to the outsourced customer service department in India twice, and yes no help. I don’t know what to do, I guess I’ll just ride it out. Thanks Dell.

  147. This is my 2d post. My first post was NOT complete. They “convenietly” left out the part that I work at a technical college and I will NEVER recommend a Dell to any of my students.  I teach in the IT division.

    BUT, here is the best part, my niece ordered a Dell laptop on August 11th and she RECEIVED it today. So my question is, where ARE all of our laptops. WHY would someone who ordered after all of us receive her computer first. Again, I will NEVER recomend a Dell computer to any of my students. I am waiting for a reply from someone at Dell. Step up to the plate and start answering some of these questions. 

  148. I have a new date of 9/4 BUT the email I got said:

    “No action is required to proceed with the
    revised estimated ship date; however, if you do not wish to wait, you
    may cancel your order by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 1-877-868-3355.”

    But, b/c I’ve been reading this blog, I went to my order page and guess what, it says:

    We must receive your consent to continue
    with this order with the revised estimated ship date above. If we do
    not receive your consent and your order has not already shipped, the
    FTC requires that we automatically cancel your order and issue a refund.

    So, we have FAR WORSE than a production delay. We have misleading communication, uncaring management, and a problem with ethics.  It’s unethical to keep taking orders for a product you know you will not be able to deliver within the timeframe advertised.  

    If anyone is actually reading these comments, they might be reminded that these are real people whose real lives are being impacted. Students, parents, professionals…there are repercussions for real human beings. These are not just “product delays” that affect Dell–they are major hassles, headaches, and consequences for us. We deserve compensation and an apology. We are not the problem, though it seems some of your CSR’s think we are.

  149. Lionel

    Since you seem to be reading these posts, how about giving us some answers to our questions? I realize that you might not be in a position to do so but even that would be more information than what we have right now. Maybe you could locate someone who is in a position to explain what is really going on. Please know that the last thing we need is someone saying that they are sorry and appreciate our patience. I think we are past that now.

    The delays are now off the charts. How are we supposed to react to this situation, the ever changing dates and excuses? Are we supposed to believe, after all of this time, that the “new” 9/5 date is any more real than the 8/28?

    When will Dell ship my laptop?

    I have followed all of the rules, paid for it and put up with the delays. How about answering this question for me? Where is the item that I paid for? I am not interested in apologies, I really just want to know the truth of the matter. Why is Dell missing the shipping dates so drastically and then simply tacking on another week, only to miss it again? Where is the truth in all of this?

    There is obviously an answer to my question. I hope that you or someone within your organization can explain, once and for all, exactly why we are in this situation and what, if anything, is being done to unravel it.

    I realize that a company like Dell would not “scam” their customers but I can’t help wondering… why market and sell something that on the surface doesn’t seem to exist? Telling us over and over that these devices are being built does not make it so, as many of us are seeing today. I have waited for my order since July 5 and I can’t help but think that this should have been more than enough time for a company like Dell to build and ship products that they are marketing so heavily to the public. Even with limited production one would think that there has been ample time for Dell to have straightened things out.

    Not being prepared for the volume or difficulties with vendors should not have created a situation that has gone on as long as this has. I find it odd that Dell is selling something that they cannot seem to produce.

    I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.


  150. Why is it that this post says the paint colors are the reason for the delays, yet when i called customer service I was told they have the color, parts, etc. but the processor was bad? A guy I work with recommended I stay away from dell, maybe I should have listened.

  151. I just want my xps 1330 that I ordered on Jul 2nd but was coaxed into canceling and re-ordering to fix the 4 cell battery issue, obtain the free bag and use a $150 off DPA coupon sent to me. I was promised that it would be expedited and that I would receive the new order before or at the same time the old order was estimated to arrive. That was last week. I am still in “build” stage per the phone. I have been in “build” stage for almost a month now on the new order and close to 9weeks in total. I could have fashioned a system of higher quality and caliber in my basement with scraps of metal in a shorter amount of time.


    Please get it in gear. I would really love this system as there currently is no equal on the market. Though I am tempted more and more by the similar Sony SZ taunting me at the local mega computer stores.

  152. Although the delay is a serious inconvienence I am more upset about the lies from the CSR’s. If you CSR’s monitoring this blog don’t want to be yelled at tell the truth and advise your co-work to do the same. From the CSR’s I have heard it is your LCD, from another it is the color from another its the camera , form another there are no delays and finally from another its the LCD. I had a CSR guarantee me the system would ship out before 8/28/07. I asked what happens if it doesn’t ….the answer “it will be escalated.” This after ther order has escalted and is being  “personally moitored” by several CSR. I asked what kind of  guarantee is thiis? No answer. The most honest answer I got from a CSR’s so far was when I asked is there no one in Dell that knows what is going on and he responed “No”. If parts are the issue put pressure on your suppliers or offer discounts and pull them from the canceled orders or even the refurbs. Just get the job done

  153. Gotta love Dell. For what????

     My son in the Military, deployed to Iraq. ordered a inspiron 1720 midnight blue on 7/18 orig ship date 8/3 on that day the magical 8/28 came along. called for him three times now. MERCY what a production line if everyone is getting the same ship date!!!!!!!  Oh by the way I have the same date as all the others now Sept 3, oh yea no year here either,   oh why smile doesn’t make me happy either !!!!  maybe it will make it to me on my next bday aug 2008.


  154. Here is what a CSR rep emailed to me regarding the delay on my 1720 I ordered. 

    Dell records reflect that the Ruby red micro station, Intel GMA 3100 and Intel 4965AGN wireless have been back ordered. Due to this the order processing is getting delayed.

     I too have a revised ESD of 9/05.

  155. I ordered a pink Inspiron 1721 on 8/7.  When I started reading things about delays I started to get worried.  I fear that what most, no all, people do is just expect that Dell will handle everything just fine.  This is a good theory, but I am not a fan of corporate business and never have, but Dell just happens to be one.  I have called/chatted with them about 5 times now and every time I get better results.  My ship date is estimated for 9/11.  I do need my laptop for school but am being very patient.  For those of you that haven’t done anything, even though they do not want phone calls about order status, I suggest keeping contact with them throughout the wait time that you experience.  It helps to ease the frustration and helps to get some answers.


  156. Folks: A while back, I made the suggestion that you just cancel your order and buy an equivalent laptop elsewhere because the Dell situation was obviously hopeless. I don’t understand why certain people still have attachment to “color” and “good deal” while they are getting so frustrated. You could have purchased and already enjoyed a new laptop, for roughly the same spec and price, from any other manufacturer, especially HP.

  157. Like just about everyone else here, I received an e-mail today from Dell notifying me of the fourth delay on my ESD.  Hey, delays happen.  But what is infuriating and absolutely inexcusable is that the e-mail states that the reason Dell notified us was because the FTC required them to.  I’ve received no notification prior to that–the only way I found out the shipment was delayed was when I logged on and checked my order status.

     If my business was run so poorly that the FTC got involved and required me to tell my customers that the computer they ordered was, in fact, a fiction, I would be packing my bags to flee the country.  

    I canceled my order as soon as I got the e-mail this morning.  I was required to buy the computer for my job; because of this delay, I’ve lost work and hence income.  I don’t want coupons, partial rebates, bags, peripherals, etc. from Dell:  I want my damn computer. 

  158. I have a great idea for Michael Dell. (This I learn from Bill Gates.)

    Why not go ahead and ship whatever you have today — whatever, it doesn’t have to be complete or even fully functional. Call it Inspiron 1420 1.0, 1520 1.0, 1720 1.0, or something like that. Three to six months from now, issue SP1 that contains the proper Color Cover, and maybe a working LCD. Then, early next year, issue SP2 that contains a working Dual Core2 CPU and maybe a revised Wireless Adapter.

    This will definitely keep the whiners quiet — and even happy and grateful. You may make extra money by charging “nominal fees” for the Service Packs.


  159. My order was delayed again.  Order date:  July 25th.  First ship date: Aug 10th.  Second ship date:  Aug 28th.  Third ship date:  Sept 5th.  Fourth ship date:  (a sweet Vaio awaits me if the third date slips, or HP, neither of which are exeriencing “market wide delays” the Dell is cramming down my throat whenever I call India.  Inspriron 1720, his res ruby red display.

     Above all else, I am most dissappointed with the fact that they took all our orders when they already knew about the debacle in their supply chain.  Its quite frustrating, and in some sence a bit comical, that they are so optimistic with new buyers even today–just go try and go through the customization process with your laptop again, I bet the estimated ship date is way less than the amount of time you have been waiting.

     With as fast as technology becomes outdated these days, I feel that when (if) I finally get my shiney new laptop, it will be yesterday’s news and a little dated. 

  160. This is getting to be more than ridiculous!!  My first order date was 7/5 with a ship date of 7/12.  I was so excited!  This is my first lap top and fourth major purchase from Dell.  I had great experience previously.  First notification of order delay rec’d on 7/19, pushed delivery to 7/26.  Still okay, I am getting what I want and how I want it.  I can wait.  I have gone with out a lap top this long.  7/26 rec’d notice order being delayed until 8/2.  Now I am getting a little upset.  I did as the email stated and called to confirm that I still wanted to wait.  After 6+ hours of being on hold and being transferred I was told that there was a shortage in glass.  I am still okay and still patiently waiting.  7/27 9am, rec’d an email, my order was cancelled since I did not respond.  DID NOT RESPOND!!!!! What the heck…I responded with 6 hours of my time.  After about 8 hours and a dozen transfers and all the hull-a-bolo, I had to reorder, with a ship date of 8/10. On 8/10 rec’d another email stating it would ship 8/28.  The magical date, as it is being called, is here, and guess, what, yeah, I know, no big surprise – It has been pushed to 9/5.  I am being required to respond to let them know if I want to continue to wait.  I have email them and I tried to respond on the web site but that magical hold button was not there on my page.  I am too afraid to call in fear I am going to loose another day of my life dealing with this.

    I have asked for compensation.  I have asked for the upgrades.  The best I have been offered is, free overnight delivery.  What the heck, DELL!!  And they have not charged my DPA account yet, but they sure do have it held hostage! 

    If this order gets cancelled I am done.  The next cancellation will be my Dell Preferred Account.  I will pay in full and take the hit of $10 early payment fee and be done with DELL!

    I do have to have to agree with some of the other posts.  Why hasn’t the national media been reporting on this?  I mean surely, Dell and all their shenanigans is bigger then Vick and his dogs!

    Dell has given me no reason to remain loyal.  My CSR experience has been the same as everyone else’s posted here.

    Oh Dell, I am just so disappointed…………….



  161. Thank you Lionel and indeed the entire Dell Management / Production team. I appreciate you are trying your very best and doing everything you are capable of to provide computers to your customers. I appreciate it must be beyond your capabilitiues but hey, trying is all that counts and second place is good to (or is it third at the moment). I know you feel really really bad about not being able to provide computers in the pretty colours to people that need them so we’ll do what we can to take the pressure off you to produce these computers. It’s good to see all of you friends at HP, Sony and Apple who are willing to help take the burden off your weary, slender sloulders at this taxing time, so you should soon feel better and be more relaxed soon. Love and Kisses …. another ex-client”

  162. I just spoke with a customer service rep about my 4 time delayed order.  She stated that the “color” was holding it up.  However, if I go and order another computer through the system the color I previously ordered shows as being available and not causing delays.  What is up with this????

  163. I disagree with the policy of allowing CRS’s to post here, Lionel.  That particular CSR that is posting is potentially embarrasing your company further.  First, let me say, that I have used the upmost in manners when speaking to anyone from Dell on the phone.  Second, I have spoken to 7 people.  The first one, Rhui – could not speak english (and it wasn’t a Canadian accent I detected either) and could not help me, but would I please write her badge number down and reference it in all my future contacts with Dell?  The second, Cathy, couldn’t find my order either, but blessed me.  The third, a rather young girl, who spoke so fast I didn’t catch her name, was mostly concerned that I didn’t order through Dell direct (?) and used the public sector site – for a discount that a fourth representative, Marcus – couldn’t match.  The fifth gentleman I spoke to – who I could not understand, and when I told him that, politely told me he couldn’t understand ME, suggested I call back and get another CSR.  Finally I happened upon Vernon – we understood each other well, treated each other with respect.  You seem misinformed, dear Dell CSR, that every person we get is respectful and knowledgeable to US, the customers.  Which who, by the way, are part of the reason why YOU have a job.  And I don’t care if I’m calling India, Canada, osh kosh or the North Poll.  I expect to receive Customer Service – not Customer Circus.  You can go back and count the amount of CSR’s I had to go through before someone was able to help me, with the AUTHORITY that you seem to be comfortable with flaunting around.  That is ridiculous. Is it your fault?  Absolutely not.  What is your fault is your not realizing you are in a position that is going to take the brunt of the spectacular debacle that is going on at Dell right now.  And that is generally, sorry to say – not OUR fault.  Speak to someone higher up in your company if you’re feeling sorely abused by all the angry customers Dell has created.  I used to work in customer service – and we were trained, under no uncertain circumstances – were we ever to display the unprofessional behavior you’ve displayed here.  If that is the caliber of CSR that Dell is training – they need to go back to the drawing board – to threaten customers that we can catch more Bee’s with honey – that is abusing your authority and the power that Dell has given you to treat your customers well.    Must make you feel very powerful, to help some and not others based on how they are acting at the time.  Blame the higher up’s in Dell – for the behavior some customers have apparently upset you with.  And I don’t want BEE’s, FLIES or anything else, but the laptop I purchased from Dell over 6 weeks ago.  If you want to spout cliche sayings – turn the other cheek, do the right thing for Dell and your customers, and treat each customer that calls into your service dept how you would want to be treated under those circumstances.  To think you don’t even know how upsetting this can be for people, leaves me thinking you shouldn’t be in the service industry at all.  I feel bad that you’ve obviously taken tons of verbal abuse on the phone.  Take a break if you can’t handle it.  I don’t think it’s going to get much better anytime soon.

  164. I ordered an Espresso Brown 1420 last week so I’ve only been caught up in this backlog issue for a very, very short time compared to everyone else here. I have an ESD of 9.06.07. Although I want my system as soon as possible, I hate to admit that I can understand what Dell is going thru right now.


    I work for a manufacturer where backlog issues are an unfortunate occurrence. We can build the product but only as quick as we can receive the parts. At times we are at the mercy of our vendors and Dell is in the same position.


    This is a business and although ethically they should stop taking on orders and take care of their current customers they can’t turn away new orders. That’s foolish and poor business practice. What they should do and what other customers on this blog have mentioned is compensate the customers who have waited an enormous amount of time. They should either discount the price of their systems; offer other accessories free of charge, etc. Offering Free Next Day is nice but not enough.


    Dell needs to take care of this and they should take care of the customers who have kept their orders instead of canceling them.

  165. Well.. I woke up this morning, didn’t check the website, felt like I was jinxing myself. So I finally checked it just now (3:51 PM EST) and what do I see but 9/5/07. Once again I am nervous. every1 seems to have this new date as well. 🙁 …. School starts tomorrow. With 3 regular classes and 1 online class (which is my whole reason for ordering a new laptop). Depressed but not going to cancel because then I’ll feel like all this was for nothing. However, after this Dell will see the next time that I order from them. Sony does have a pink Vaio @ Office Depot…. but I don’t want to stoop to that… I guess we’ll see what happens on the 9/5/07

  166. They’ve made me CRAZY!  Just called customer service….I was told my inspiron  1520 is on delay for the 3rd time because my son wanted it to be ruby red…AHHHHH.  Finally I told them to make it pink for god’s sake.  He was on the football team and hes fast…he can run!  Better yet just ship it already and I’ll nailpolish it!    Just get him a stinking laptop!!!!!…you know……like the one I ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. It is hard to say whether additional feedback on a very bad situation adds any value.  I would hope that DELL has gotten the message from a large body of frustrated customer which I am one.  If anyone at DELL still has the stomach to read these comments. I would lend this advice. Stop speculating, be honest. Tell us the worst. Those who are hanging on to these orders have already committed for the long haul. Some of us have  to make a decision just how long we can wait. If DELL can provide some useful information it could go a long way towards helping to heal a wound already inflicted. You may lose some orders now – when its obvious that is the only thing that can help your supply problem. And we might come back later. But if we have to hold out until we can’t stand the pain any longer we are not coming back.  My order was placed 7/15 and has been delayed twice. I really really want my flamingo Pink 1721, but back in July I could have compensated with some other bells and whistles. Now its almost Sept. I really really really want my flamingo ping 1721.  I won’t wait till October, and I will probably hate Pink anything by then, and I’ll hate DELL to.

  168. I ordered a pink Inspiron 1521 on July 25 along with a carrying case. My initial ESD was 8/17 for the notebook and 8/31 for the case. 2nd ESD for the notebook was 8/28. Now my ESD is 9/5. Might never get it and needed it for college. What really gets me is the computer case, why does it take so long to mail something that they don’t have to make? HP’s site claims that all accessories: “are in stock and will ship immediately.”

  169. I think all you guys that actually expect your computers to ship on Sep 5 have been drinking the Kool-Aid. I ordered my system in mid July, got informed last week that my EDD was 5 October. Cancelled that very evening – now trying to decide between an Apple and a Sony.

    Do NOT trust these people! I mean you only have to look at the attitude of the CSR posting on this board to see what Dell actually think of their paying customers. I don’t want your damn honey, I want the computer that you have taken the money from my account for, but are refusing to deliver! The excuses just keep getting more and more inventive though don’t they?

  170. I am not sure why they are telling people that Brown is available to be shipped in the next few days.  I ordered a Brown 1720 on July 16th and got yet another delay notification today to the new magical ship date of Sept. 5when I called and talked to a CSR I was told that the color is the problem.  This is ridiculous.  I picked Dell because Consumer Reports gave them a good rating.  I am contacting the magazine and giving them this web site.  I wonder what will happen with their recommendation then.

  171. I ordered a pink insprion notebook at the end of July, which was expected to be shipped in the beginning of August. It is now almost September, and I am very upset. I just started college Monday, and I NEED a computer. I was wondering if it would be possible to get the same computer I ordered and have it not be pink. If the problem is because I wanted a pink one, well I can live with out the pink. My computer was SUPPOSED to be shipped today, but now the ship date has been moved back, again, for the FIFTH time to September 5.

    Thanks. I just need a computer…
  172. If I see one more commercial advertisting the new Dell Inspirons in color, I am going to SCREAM!  Yeah, let’s add more to the backorder that we can’t even fulfill.

  173. I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I’m either never going to get my laptop, or by the time it comes I’ll be old enough to join AARP (I’m 30).

    After reading everyones posts, it seems we’re all pretty much in the same boat, I ordered July 15 and have had my order date pushed back 2 times now. Now, I’m waiting until September 5.

    My issue (on top of the ridiculous delays) is why is EVERYTHING I ordered along with my laptop delayed? I also ordered a couple PS3 games, a sleeve for a laptop and a PS3. Oh, Dell, are you painting the PS3’s too? Is that why that’s not coming until September? Perhaps you’re not aware, but you can seperate one order into multiple shipments. Other companies do it all the time!

    And the free upgrade to next day shipping and free printer are of little solace. I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about Dell printers. Who wants a printer with only 1 ink cartridge…not to mention you can only get the cartridges from DELL! I’m pretty sure I’ll use the printer until the ink runs out and then I’ll give my money to a company who doesn’t jerk me around for almost 2 months (and still counting) – and I will not be ordering any other computers either. Disgusted isn’t strong enough to explain how I feel about this company. With delays like this, you should be offering credits to people for having to wait this long. I already paid for this – so why don’t I have it yet?

  174. To Lionell, or another CSR.

    It seems that someone is monitoring these message boards so I’m compiling the most frequent questions and generalizing them.

    Perhaps someone can give an honest answer?

    Question 1: Why can’t Dell change the color ordered on the notebook without moving the customer to the back of the line. If you have customers waiting as long as two months, don’t you think that swapping their color to something in stock (if they ask) and shipping immediately would placate a number of these complaints?

    Question 2: What colors are currently NOT back-ordered? It seems that red/pink/green are causing the longest delays, what is in stock, or at least coming into your production facilities at a faster rate?

    Question 3: Why do you continously move ESDs back by 7-10 days at a time rather than simply marking the part on back-order and letting the customer know that you don’t have any idea when the product will ship and perhaps it will be tomorrow, but it could as well be January? Giving us an ESD gives us the impression that your information leads you to estimate that you will ship by that date.

    Question 4: When you move an ESD back, why do you do it the day it was supposed to ship, rather than when you know you will be unable to meet that date?

    I’m sure that all of us would enjoy an honest response from someone at Dell, because as you certainly know, when we call your CSRs we are treated to uninformative scripted answers that seldom address, let alone answer, the question asked.

    Thanks for your time,

    Personally, I’m not even giving you guys till the new ship date arrives (and is reset to December), I’m giving Dell until tomorrow to pony up some honesty or I’m taking my business elsewhere.

  175. I am one of the many – I ordered the Spring Green 1521 on July 15th – my original ship date was July 27th.  My daughter left for college on August 15. I was one of the crowd that got set back to Aug, 3rd, then the 28th and now the 5th of September….  I am beginning to feel extremely foolish. 

    Why are we all still waiting?  Why don’t we ALL cancel?

    For one I have my money tied up with DELL and don’t have unlimited resources.  I would LOVE to see this on the news.  Until I found this blog, I thought I was alone in this poor customer treatment.

    When I went online this morning to see if my daughter’s laptop had indeed shipped as promised – I was expecting the date to be pushed back again.  If you would have told me previously that I would put up with and expect to be treated like dirt by a company – after giving them almost $1000 I never would have believed you.

     As I said before, I feel foolish.

  176. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think I’ve seen a single post from someone with an ESD of 8/28 that actually sees SHIPPED today.  Almost everyone now reports an ESD of 9/5.   why should we believe that?


  177. @billg: I’m following the evolution of this issue because other vendors have higher prices for the same hardware, they’re less versatile in configuring your system and their support is, in my experience, not as satisfactory ad DELL.

    DELL’s inspiron 1520 is one of the highest rated notebook in its market, and it’s very difficult to find something comparable at the same price.


  178. Tell us the truth.  What is the real ship date?  I ordered on July 20 and was told the same thing everyone else was – just a few day late, then Aug 28 and now Sept 5?

    I guess since Dell has so many orders placed as a result of their new colors, that they really don’t care about this back ordering nightmare.  They are probably laughing all the way to the bank.

    I just want the truth.  Contrary to what Jack Nicholson says – I can handle the truth.  What I can’t stand is Dell’s lying to us.  They lack integrity.  They’ve shown us their true COLORS.


  179. The fact that Dell Customer Service Reps go online and rudely express their incoherent (and misspelled) arguments is a very bad sign of a company going downhill. No matter what happens, Reps are not supposed to “exchange words” with the Customers, especially when the Customers have all the right reasons to be disappointed. (Note: “Customers” capitalized.)

    You just don’t do business that way!

  180. Ordered a Ruby Red Inspiron 1520 on July 25th, got it delayed to the August 28th date like everyone.  I just checked it and it looks like I’m getting delayed again to September 5th 🙁 

  181. If you are all really fed up – look into the Velocity Micro X25 available at Circuit City – about $1900 gets E6700 Core 2 Duo – 2mb ram – 512mb 8600 GT – 200mb 7200rpm HD, etc.  In stock now – I just called.

    Make a move and stop your complaining.  Dell will listen to the sound of lost sales (nothing else seems to bother them).

  182. Well no big surprise here. I had the magical 8/28 ship date and at midnight on the 28th it was pushed back a week to 9/05. Honestly I can’t say that I’m surprised. This is my 4th delay. I’m actually surprised my order hasn’t ended up being canceled like so many others. I’m just getting tired of being jerked around by Dell. If they know days in advanced that the order won’t be shipped on the ESD why don’t they just update it sooner instead of waiting until the last minute. Well I guess there isn’t anything else to do but keep waiting. I hope everyone else was luckier than I was. I wonder if 9/05 is gonna be the new magical date. Good luck all.

  183. Still waiting for the Dell Inspiron 1520 BLACK. It is impossible to get a reaction from Dell! Order was placed July 31. Delivery is now October 3! And still no idea if that will be the case.


  184. Hey guys, it is my 2nd post on this tread.

    Like many of you my order
    was placed on 7/20 and supposed to be ESD: 8/15 and then 8/28.

    (8/28) i spoke with a CSR and they gave me $50 compensation. Later on
    someone from Dell called me saying I will be credited to my account

    I hope you all get those compensation….in case you need the number to call, there it goes and GOOD LUCK fellow “DELLayers”.

    Dell compensation people: 1 800 624 9897 (good luck)


  185. my esd was and still is 8/28… I seems like it should have either converted to shipped, or I should have a new esd… I wonder what is taking so long.

  186. Just like all of you, I also ordered a Dell that I have yet to receive. After months of being bombarded with emails and flyers telling me about the wonderful colors on the Inpiron notebooks, I gave in and decided to pass my dinosaur desktop on to my child and order a pretty new pink computer. I ordered my Inspiron 1420 July 10, and was given an estimated ship date of August 8. I thought that seemed kind of long, since I have purchased from Dell before and was sure I had received it in a week or less, but figured it was just very popular. I was so anxious to get my new computer I even circled the date on my computer and followed the progress with my emails. Then on August 8, I checked the status of my order in the afternoon. I learned that my notebook was being delayed until August 28. No explanation – just a new estimated ship date. Since I didn’t even get the email from Dell telling me about the delay until the next afternoon, I immediately tried to call customer service to find out what the problem was. I literally sat on hold for 2 hours and 24 minutes before I was disconnected! Then I opened a chat with a CSR. The CSR tried to find my order, and then told me he could not find the specific reason for the dealy. He suggested I call the customer service center!! And wait for another 2-3 hours to be disconnected? I don’t think so…  I seriously considered cancelling my order, by low and behold, Dell had already shipped the surge protector and color-coordinated bag which I purchased to hold my nonexistent notebook. That meant I would either have to pay to send them bag or just hang in there until August 28. Of course, I chose to hang in there until August 28. I was so excited this morning when I opened my email because I was anticipating a tracking number…what I got was a new ship date. Now I’m expected to have my new Inspiron around September 12. Of course, I can cancel the order and chock up the last two months to experience, but I REALLY want that darn notebook. Now it has become somewhat of a quest. Kind of like when they put me on hold when I called…I mean, who really waits for 2 hours and 24 minutes? I did hold another chat with a CSR…this time I was told that my computer had not actually been delayed, it was in the “ship-prepping” stage and should ship in a day or two…hmmm…do they really think I’m buying that? Oh, and now that I’ve read all of your posts, I’m curious where my “compensation” has wondered off to…I didn’t even get the $20!!!! Heck, I still haven’t even gotten an email apologizing for the newest delay! Perhaps they should rename their CSRs (Customer Service Reps) to CEGs (Customer Excuse Givers). At any rate, I’m hoping to get my Inspiron at least before the technology becomes obsolete….but you can be sure it will be the last purchase I make or recommend from Dell.


    Beyond Frustrated

  187. I want to be the first one to say it here….


  188. So, I ordered in July (20th)–Inspiron 1521 Blue, and there was NO NOTICES of anything delaying the build. My order has been delayed twice and I was not given that magic date…but rather the 30th of August. That’s this Thursday. If I get delayed again after Thursday, which, I am almost certain I will, I think I am going to cancel and try my hand at Apple–something different for a change and maybe for the better. I am angry… very angry. I have bought from Dell for years and never had this type of issue. They have one last shot….Aug. 30th. Somehow I think they will miss and I will get the date you all have now….or worse. And I agree with you all about the news….why is this not all over the news? I just saw a commercial for the Inspiron’s last night on a major network. I just laughed and changed the channel. How can they still advertise and sleep at night? I work in the IT industry, and this is pathetic.

  189. I’ve been a Bad Bad  Lady!!!!!   I decided to do something about this now if it helps remains to be seen…   I  went to CBS web site I got their contact Information and I made the Long Distance call to their HeadQuarters in New York, I was on the phone a good 10 -15 minutes explaining as best I could what was going on with the order Delays at Dell….    He was very Interested and asked me to send all my e-mail delays and anything I could reguarding this to his e-mail address. I even sent him the link to this blog…

    Hopefully he’s sitting there right now reading this and maybe just maybe it will be made public how Dell continues to take orders when They can’t even take care of the back log they’ve got . And the 1-2 month delay’s on some of my fellow notebooks waiter’s out there.

    I’m sorry but I’m sick and tired of being put off and gave the run around I will do something about it and No I dont want a damm thing FREE all I want is my Laptop and all the other things I ordered and I’m not gonna take it no more…   It’s time for everyone to say put up or shut up Dell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Signed one Fed up and Tired Lady…………..

  190. customer service is what I do for a living. I work fro a financial company in Ohio. I work with all the Mortgage companies. Most og them moved their cutomer service to India. Atleast with them when you demand to speak to an American, you will get one on the line. All they do in India is read from a script. They have no fundamental idea what the hell is going on.

    With Dell if you demand an American the CSR’s get mad, and say you are insulting their demography. I was shaking my head at that one. Customer service is so important and Dell dropped the ball again! I know one thing. If I make a mistake, my company holds me to it, and makes me fix it any way I can!

    The 8/28 magic date for me wasn’t so magic. I have been move to 9/5-9/6. This loptop and Zune I ordered were fro my fiances birthday…..two weeks ago. That is why I ordered them on 7/13.

    I am going to wait on this…only because I want to givr my fiance what she wants, but Dell after this you have lost a customer, and you will have to work hard to get me back!



  191. Ah, and the Great Dell-ay continues. 

     If you were an 8/28er like me, be sure you check that Order Stagnant Page today…I didn’t get an e-mail about the change (surprise, surprise) but sure enough I have a new ESD in September showing there as of this morning.

      On top of that, the link to consent to the further dell-ay was showing on that page where I might not have known about it in time if I hadn’t been watching it every day. 

     Just out of curiousity, and because the dell-ay isn’t as long this time (although that’s not saying much) I clicked to accept this one….now we will see if they cancel my order anyway like so many other comments have shown they are apt to do.


  192. I too like everyone else ordered a DELL Inspiron 1720 in Spring Green for my wife’s birthday, thinking by ordering it on 7/21, I will get it in enough time.  Almost 1 month after her birthday, I still have not seen nor heard the status of my order change – it is still in Production in the Build phase.  I’ve contacted DELL customer reps several times and after many promises, nothing has changed.

    I ordered this through our company’s Employee Purchase Plan.  I work for a big credit service bureau.  I contacted our Corporate representative and she has informed me that the delays are probaby due to the restrictions on glass.  It delays laptops and flat panel orders by as much as 25 days.  She gave me our contact at DELL which is the EPP Sales Executive.  I am trying this route now hoping I can get my order expedited.

    To the customer care reps who are responding to these blogs, I do not feel your pain as this is your job function.  If you have any complaints, take it up with your management.  Maybe by you guys ACTUALLY escalating the issue, maybe something can be done.  Whatever happened to Customer comes first?  I have a book called Customer Service for Dummies if you guys need a refresher.  When did you guys find the time to respond to these blogs?  No wonder it takes a long time for someone to answer our inquries.  If you do not have anything meaningful to say to ease the burden that these delays have caused us, I say shut up and answer the phone calls.  I’ve been on hold for 24 minutes now.

  193. I ordered my dell inspiron 1521 on 7-17 with esd 8-3.  On 8-3 I recieved a recording about the delay.  On 8-4, I got in my newspaper, an advertisement for the same computer (upgraded to what I had to “build”) for a lesser price.  I called to see if I could get the difference credited back to my acct, and they had informed me that I would have to cancel, and re-order, or wait until my computer has arrived before I could recieve any credit. 

     My daughter had her “sweet 16” without a gift, and starts school on the 31st.  I feel horrible for this, and this company can’t offer any compensation other than NEXT DAY SHIPPING?  Geez.  It may be another freaking 2 months for all we know.  When I talked to CS, I had been informed that it would be shipped NO LATER than 8-28.  Well, Guess what.  I got an e-mail with an esd 9-5, this is SO FREAKING JACKED UP.     

  194. So, I cancelled, and heading to Best Buy and Apple to do some shopping.  At least it will be here in time.

  195. Original ESD was 8/16.

    At 4:45 PM 8/16, computer generated phone call informing me new ESD was 8/28

    Morning of 8/28, online order status gave new ESD of 9/5.

     Afternoon of 8/28 newest “new” order date of 9/10

  196. I CANNOT BELIEVE that my order has now been delayed for the FIFTH TIME.

    Just today alone I went from 8/28 to 9/5 and just now… 9/10.

    This is now pure comedy. I’m laughing all the way to the Sony store.

     See ya Dell. I was a good customer.

  197. Well magic aug 28th has come and my order was delayed again. 

    I finally ended it all…cancele.  I am so fed up I can’t flame right now.    I never recieved any notices about delays or anything ever, no phone or email.

    The good thing is this is the last time I will ever have to go to a Dell website. bye bye Dell. 

  198. You did not publish my first comments where were fairly tame so I doubt that these will make it through either.

     The magic day came and went, and my new magic date is 9/05/07.  It is a disgrace that dell waits till the last minute and then rechedules.  It shows that they lack a clear visibility to their process or are dishonest.  There is no better explination or they would provide one.  Then they close down customer chat.

    Maybe they don’t provide accurate dates because the number of cancellations would tank the botom line.

     What a pitiful pile of junk this company has become.  Every customer rescheduled should recieve 5% of thier order price for each reschedule.

  199. Oh my God how do you Dell people sleep at night? I ordered Jul 4th for my daughter to take to college. Three delays later I call and ask if Aug 28 is REALLY the date. I am told, “of course. In fact, we will try to expedite it.” I hold on thinking I can give it to her when she was home for Labor Day.

    And today I get a new date in OCTOBER!!!!

     Run, run, run.  Dell has no integraty what so ever. Did they really wait all month and to their own surprise my computer was not there coming off the line today?  Tell me two weeks ago their EDD is a big fat lie and I could have simply gone out and bought a different brand. But no, I held on.

     Oh.. and Dell is the official computer of Oklahoma Univ.  Way to make it look like you are the “college students friend” as you leave them hopelessly stranded!!!!

    Maybe I can cut out the picture of the computer Lionel posted to make us all feel so good about Dell and tell her to try typing her papers on that!

  200. Well, I have been royally hosed by this Inspirion color fiasco as well.  I helped my friend, Chandra, order a 1520 on JULY 17th (spring green).  It was promised originally for July 31st.  July 31 came and lo and behold, the order was pushed back to the middle of August. 

    I called, complained, asked what the holdup was…was told the screen.  I asked if I could select a different screen that WAS available and was told that would delay my order further.  For compensation, Dell offered upgrading shipping to next day.  Well this would compensate for  one week…so, I said ok, and patiently waited, then was pushed back to Aug 28th!  This time I complained a little more and they offered a $50 credit.  <sigh> better than nothing I guess. 

    Well, after over a month (42 days for those counting!), the 28th finally got here…and guess what?  The order was AGAIN pushed back, this time until Sept. 5th!  I called today, spent over 45 minutes on hold, and getting shuffled around, finally found out the paint color was the problem and again, nothing to be done but wait…

    I am livid!  How can a company continue to do business like this???  When I ordered on the 17th there were NO indications that ANY option I selected would delay the order, there were NO phone calls, and despite signing up on the website for email notifications, there were NO emails.  At one point, when the order was pushed to the 28th, I had to confirm with Dell that I still wanted it.  I asked what would have happened if I didnt call Dell (as if I did not religiously check the website for shipping info) and they told me the order would have been automatically cancelled!

     All I can say is this is the LAST time I am recommending Dell for anything.  I would NEVER order another PC from them for one reason:  When you order it, you have NO IDEA (and neither do they!) when you will actually get the machine you paid for!  How DARE THEY charge your card then wait to ship the product????  Isnt that illegal?  Shouldn’t they have to pay us back interest?  Is there any recourse left for us?  Someone should come up with some answers!


  201. I too ordered Expresso Brown in July and had a ship date of Aug. 17, then pushed back to the magical day of Aug. 28th. Sure enough I checked today (Aug. 28th) and it was delayed again. Now I have the magical September 5 ship date like everyone else so don’t believe that the brown isn’t delayed. I’m typing this on the HP I bought from Office Max after school today. I give up. School started last week and I’m a Computer Science major so I felt pretty stupid not having my laptop. I’m bummed though because I really wanted the Dell but I waited long enough and I do not believe the Sept. 5 ship date for one minute.

    I hope that everyone gets their laptops…..I didn’t. Good luck everybody.

  202. I orignally ordered a Spring Green Inspiron 1521 on 7/22 with an ESD of 8/20. First delay = new ESD of 8/28. Just like everybody else with the magical ESD of 8/28 I got another e-mail notifying me of yet another delay, pushing it back to the newest magical date, 9/5.

    The most irritating thing for me is that I called customer service last night (7/27) to ask if my computer would be making it out today. The rep in India assured me that my ship date had not changed, and that he would call me if anything did (glad I didn’t hold my breath for that phone call…) yet my laptop hadn’t even made it to boxing stage.

    I cancelled that order this afternoon. I just put in a new order for a 1520 with better specs (with an ESD of 10/4). Hopefully this disaster will be cleared up by October and I won’t have to deal with any more delays.

    In good news- after placing my order I called customer service to request the free upgrade to Next Business Day Shipping I received with my previous order because of all of the problems, and a nice guy named Jason answered. He definitely wasn’t in India, and he even called me back and left me a message when my phone died in the middle of figuring this all out. Hopefully Dell has gotten the idea that we’re tired of dealing with reps in India who have no clue what they’re talking about…

     Hoping for better luck this time…

  203. Update  Ordered Inspiron 1521 Yellow

    Ordered July 14

    1st ESD  Aug 1

    2nd ESD Aug 28

    3rd ESD Sept 9, this date was updated Aug 28th AM

    4th ESD Sept 17, this date was updated Aug 28th PM 


    When oh When will I get my Laptop.  Daugther will be a senior in college before we get it and she just entered college.

  204. I was about to order a laptop but in doing research, i found this site.


    Scratch dell of the list! 

  205. Well I had the magical ship date of today, August 28th like many others. I just checked my status and I have been delayed another week, my new ESD is 9/5/07…I guess August 28th wasn’t so magical after all…

  206. Sigh. It looks like the patient people are doomed to wait forever. Got an email tonight revising the date from 9/4 to 9/5.  But when I went to the order status page, the estimated ship date was 9/10.  Still no word from Customer Service about compensation or clarifying the date.  Still nothing from a human being at all except Lionel on this blog, who clarified something with me.

    If this were my company I’d have people working round the clock to reach out to my customers.  I’d apologize and offer some kind of reasonable compensation.  I’d be prompt in replying to customers and rather than shutting down the means of communication one by one, I’d be focusing on customer care. (As of tonight, the order status by phone and the online status monitoring are “closed.)

    The only message your customers can possibly get from that, Michael Dell, is that you don’t want to hear from us and will *not* make this right. After so many years thinking that Dell was different, I guess I was wrong. 

  207. Well, they’ve done it AGAIN! After getting word from customer service yesterday that they could see no reason why my system wouldn’t ship today – IT’S AUGUST 28TH EVERYONE!!!!!!! – I woke up to a notice that my ship date has been pushed out ONCE AGAIN to September 5th. Anyone else get this new ship date??????? The CSR had the nerve to ask me to be patient AGAIN and then even said it MIGHT ship out before 9/5. I told him/her (can never tell with their names!) to save it, I’ve heard it before… I was told it’s the LCD that’s holding it up… they make it sound like the whole thing is assembled except for the display which I’m sure by now is not true… I informed this CSR person that Gateway, Apple, Sony and HP have no problems getting their 15.4″ displays so maybe I will just start looking at those options. There aren’t enough freebies and credits in the world to make me happy now.

  208. Simply unbelievable.  After receiving my second delay notice this morning and a new ESD of 9/5…


    Two different delays in a single eight hour period.  This is boarderline laughable.


  209. DELL,

    Your consumer products are a very important division.

    Although you may earn larger volume of sales from your business orders, most of your shareholders are purchasing from your consumer product line and experiencing the same difficulties with customer service as everyone else.  

    As a recent shareholder, I see how volatile the company is to environmental factors. While other companies have predicted the shortages and made strategic purchases in advance, DELL has failed in many ways to understand consumer demand and supply issues.

    So DELL, please sort out your management and those who are in charge of planning. From those who were involved with inflating the revenues to the lack of communication within the company, DELL is surely not heading in the right direction.

     – Frustrated consumer waiting for XPS M1330


  211. I ordered my Inspiron 1520 in red on 07/03. Not only has it been delayed multiple times, but also cancelled without my notification. The last ESD was 08/27, and on 08/27 I received an email telling me that my order is delayed again. I finally gave up and cancelled my order yesterday. I am just so frustrated with the whole situation!!! I am starting my search again for another laptop…that is NOT a Dell.

  212. Well, I got word that my Dell Shipment was shipped yesterday. I was promised next day shipping but could not call DHL to find out until this morning. As it turns out, Dell did not give me Next Day shipping even though I was promised by two customer service associates that I would have it.  They expect it to be delivered on Thursday. Now, I am still happy because I am SO DARN happy to get it shipped. I hope everyone else gets the good news today.  Thanks Dell for getting the system to me, even if you didn’t ship it as you promised you would. 


  213. Ok… I was giving you guys the benefit of doubt but you have taken advantage of us patient customers for too long now… I am certain this will be my last experience with you all…  If there is bad paint my goodness, why can’t you find good paint! 

    I orderd 7/25 and my ESD has been pushed to 9/5 but if my computer is not shipped this week, it is over!!!  I don’t know if anyone has tried to build another computer but check it out… There are no wait times now for green, yellow, black, and white!!!  So what about the brown, blue, and red.  How can that be possible?  I am so confused! 

    I got a 1720 Exspresso Brown customized to my liking but I am going to be forced to the store to catch a labor day sale if it is not shipped by the end of the week…



  214. I got a warranty replacement for one of my failing dell systems today, an inspiron in black fully decked out. It said referb on the box and I figure it was a returned machine that they issued as a replacement. It was very nice of them seeing how this machine kills the machine that was melting out the bottom.

    However, and idea came to mind. Is anyone checking the dell depot for computers already to ship?

    Also after reading this and still waiting for the other computer I purchased, I think I’ve figured why peoples dates are getting pushed back as different items go in and out of stock.

    I suspect, dell is shipping orders in parts availability not the order in which they were replaced. So I suspect parts are not getting earmarked for the oldest orders and rushing to fill whatever they can with the current parts. If I’m correct it is a daring and dangerous way to do business.

    I’m pleased with the machine I got. It’s pretty darn fast, would tell everyone to go with the 256mb video card on the 1520 and not the integrated one. Also I don’t like vista one bit, bad move on dells part to make the personal line of computers all Vista. XP is by far nicer to use and with considerably less popups.

     So now I wait for my business machine to come so I can actually migrate from a failing machine to a xp machine.

  215. Ok..First of all to Chris who found my support of Dell to be a little too much to handle. I’m sorry. And yes, they have my money, my son did need it for school, etc…just like you folks.

    However, I still stick with my original responce.  I’d rather have a quality product instead of one quickly put together without caring about the end product performance or appearance.

     Look at what all of you are going through.  You are held up from school, work, play etc because Dell can not get you a finished product.  Dell is no differeant than you.  They can not complete your order if they don’t have the parts.  Jo the manufacturer said it as well.  Try to be a little understanding of the overall picture here.

     I will say that Dell has done a terrible job of communicating all of this to you and should rexamine their entire CS process, but keep in mind that while we are all complaining about not having our computers…99.9% of the folks who have received their laptops don’t “blog” about their satisfaction.  We are still the minority.

    I’m willing to give them one more chance because I wanted this computer…not a HP or Fujisu, or Sony.  All good brands, but I wanted this one and am willing to wait.  Not for much longer, mind you, but at least a little longer.

    So Chris while my opinion was an insult to you and everyone else who is waiting…I’m waiting to.  I just understand tht I was able to get by without the laptop before and I can wait a little longer without it now.

     Get it right Dell….so Chris won’t hate me.

  216. I’ve finally had it. For me, this night mare with Dell has been going on since July 8. I ordered a Spring Green 1521 through EPP. The deal through EPP was sweet. Even sweeter was the $200.00 coupon which clearly stated it was combinable with the EPP discount. Thus the problems began. The code didn’t work online. However, telephone customer service applied the code and gave me my sweet total. Then the confirmation was emailed. $50.00 more than I was quoted. Couldn’t reach my rep. On hold for hours, lied to, etc… Promises made to correct the problem and broken. Cancelled order out of anger. Realized it was mistake. Tried to re-order at the sweet deal. Transferred everywhere. Hours on hold. Lied to multiple times. Asked to speak with management at cooperate. Laughed at. Finally told I would receive call from cooperate. Call came. Later found out it was a customer service rep posing as cooperate. I’m not making this up. Different manager finally came through with same deal. Promissed expidited build and next day shipping for my troubles. Ordered on July 12. Delay, delay, Delay. Cancelled again today, Bought really nice HP from Office Depot. Better Intel processor, 12 cell battery, 200Gb Hard Drive..$849.00 after $200.00 in rebates. In stock. Free next business day shipping. Check it out. This company doesn’t deserve your business.

  217. OK, now what is the problem.  I,too, ordered a Inspiron 1521 YELLOW on July 14, 2007.  The estimated ship date when the order was placed was Aug. 1, 2007.  Then the ship date was changed to Aug. 28, 2007.  Now on the day that it was to be shipped, the ship date has changed again, to Sept. 9th.  I checked the status of this order on yesterday, Aug. 27th, and it was to be shipped today, the 28th.  This laptop is to be used by my daughter in college.  The original ship date, Aug 1, was one reason I odered from Dell because she would have it when she started school.  Now by the way Dell is handling this, she may not get this laptop until the end of the school year. 
    I need to know what is happening with Dell and this system and how will I be compensated.
  218. So my brother-in-law the Techie says why don’t you just change your order to black?  And my response is that despite many revised ship dates since 7/18, I’m holding out for the spring green one, darn it!  That’s why I chose the 1521 model.  🙂  He’s betting there’ll still be no Dell under my Christmas tree this year.

  219. well, like i am sure all others who had that magic date, pushed back to 9/5 after being told yesterday by 3 different people that my computer would ship today and there is nothing on backorder, to just now be told that my paint is the problem and if i change it to either black or brown it can be shipped within 2 to 3 days……..I DON’T WANT BLACK OR BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the time i see my computer, I will have waited over 2 months………………….and if i change my color they will give me $15 yes that was $15 for downgrading my color, I paid $50 for my color, $15 doesn’t even come close………………….


     Hey Lionel,

     Can you tell us what is really going on and how exactly do we get in touch with someone on US Soil for answers to our questions and honest answers?


  220. I have just contacted DELL using their chat service, asking when the delivery delays will be solved, because I don’t want to order in these conditions. Five weeks of delay are too much for an IT product, no matter how new it is.

     The guy, very politely, answered that they don’t know when it will be solved. Then he explained that the delay depends on the configuration of the system, and in special cases I can receive it even before.

    He then suggested to me to prepare the configuration and call by phone to see what’s the probable delivery date.

    Now, considering what is happening, what I read here and on other forums, I really can’t trust their delivery date estimates, and I’m going to buy something else.

    Bye DELL.

  221. Dell;

     I have been a customer of yours from the very beginning you started to sell notebooks and have always been praising them when others showed me their IBMs, HP, Compaqs, etc.

     NO MORE.  Have been waiting almost 2 months now on my XPS 1700 and God knows (certainly DELL does not) how much longer I will have to wait.

    Worst part is the lack of customer service. (Emails go unanswered, very long waits on the phone, etc).

    Remember: “A reputation is easier destroyed than rebuild”.


  222. You’re computer should be shipped by Aug. 8.











    I ordered mine July 17th.











    Okay, we’ll try Aug. 28.




    Okay, we’ll try Sept. 5!




    I’m waiting…








  223. How many more delays are we going to be hit with? I am using trial software for my classes and they are about to expire! I ordered this 3 weeks before my last term ended andd was told that it would be here in time for the Aug 6 start of my current term. MOW they are telling me it will be yet another week?? By the time I fianlly get the computer I won’t need it anymore!! What kind of way is it to run a business this way?? Why do they keep selling computers if they can not deliver??? This is pathetic!! I am about to take my business to their competitors!!!

  224. I now have a DHL tracking number.  I was really hoping to get over here today and see more folks getting their stuff shipped.  I am glad we’ve had the “forum” to get these problems with Dell out in the open.  That being said, I would like to address Kevin, who stated:

    While I feel for most of you, (some of you are just trying to outwit each other or get something for free), I find it refreshing that a company is actually trying to do the right thing by producing a quality product instead of just getting the number of units out on the market.  Wouldn’t it be a terrible thing if they shipped all the lap tops and just had to do a recall because the paint wasn’t right?

     I for one applaud their efforts and while it is frustrating, I’d rather have a quality product over a quick over the counter buy anytime.  I could have done that if I wanted to.  Just like you, I wanted this Dell product because we trust them and probably have used them before.  So why give up now?  Let them get it right”

    Good for you Kevin.  If your reading of this post and other’s, maybe somewhere along the line you could have caught people’s utter fustrations – and instead of adding to it by insulting us with your opinion – you could have just kept going and posted somewhere else.  I find your remarks belittling, insulting and uncalled for.  Do you have a child starting college/school without their computer?  Are you trying to run a business without a computer?  Have you paid your  hard earned money, already deducted from your account, earing interest for Dell now, without so much as a honest answer as to when the item paid for will be delivered?  I don’t think so.  Talking about trying to “outwit” someone – what was it exactly that your comment supposed to do? Help?  This probably won’t be posted by the moderator – and I can understand that – but I don’t know why your post was allowed either.

  225. So like everyone one else here, I had an ESD of TODAY! Now, it’s estimated ship date in the 5th of September, like EVERYONE else!!!!!!!! I can’t help but just wonder what my new ESD will be on the 5th! This game is just so much fun. I also did a rebuild of my computer to see what it would cost NOW for the exact same pink 1721 I’m waiting on, and it was almost a 400 dollar difference. i will be IRATE if this order gets canceled.

  226. On HOLD with Dell right now to cancel my order. They’re experiencing a HIGH CALL VOLUME… NO KIDDING!! I’m sure I’m not the only one calling to cancel my order as today is the 28th and I’ve gotten no shipment and no response. So, I called Gateway and I’m getting a better system and a GUARANTEED delivery date of 9/7… I won’t have to wonder if it’s actually going to happen!! Not only that, they’re willing to work with you regarding financing and deals/discounts to help you get the system you want!!!!!!!! And to top it all off…. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SALES DEPARTMENT IS LOCATED IN NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!! No outsourcing, no Indians not understanding what you’re trying to say…. THAT was the best buying experience I have ever had. I’m now a Gateway customer… Dell can expect my prematurely shipped peripherals back because I’m going home to box them up!

  227. Well, Dell is getting efficient.  They were able to send not only one delay today, but two.  First I got another delay until September 5th.  That was this morning.  This evening, another delay until September 10th.

    I’ve had nothing bud great service from Dell the past 10 years.  The fact that Dell is totally inconsiderate by not stepping up and addressing this is shameful.  I’m sure it’s the lawyers…..but Dell was built on customer service, not legalities.  Michael, you let your great business fall apart.

     If I can get the HP in the next few days, I’ll cancel my laptop and return the two desktops I’ve purchased within the past two weeks as well. 

  228. My boyfriend and I ordered an Inspiron 1721, midnight blue, on July 20. School for me started yesterday, and I figured it would be here in time. My boyfriend uses the home computer for work and multiple other things, and I needed a computer that I could access at anytime for school. My original ESD, Aug 13th. Morning of Aug 14th, date got changed to the infamous 8/28. Now, here it is Aug 28th and the new ship date is 9/5. (I must admit that I’m glad that didn’t change to 9/10 like some others have). What I’d like to know is how some people who have ordered laptops WELL after my order date, as well as the order dates of many others, are getting their laptops with in 2 weeks. A cowoker of mine told me yesterday that her mother ordered the same laptop as me, only in red, just last week, and as of Monday, August 27th, it was shipped. And that isn’t counting the blog posts on here reporting similar occurences. I read in a comment by Lionell under the “What you need to know, US Mail Order Rule & My order status” blog that read: “Therefore, it is critical we receive your permission to continue processing your order or the Federal Trade Commission requires us to cancel it. If your order is canceled, you will lose your place in line.”  I would REALLY like to know WHAT LINE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!   Obviously there is no specific order in which you are sending these out. When I first looked at Direct2dell for an explanation as to the delay, what I saw was that very specific colors (red, white) were causing delays. Now I’m reading that everyone is getting multiple reasons for the delays, changing from one reason to another in a matter of minutes, all depending on which CSR you are talking to. It would be very nice if we could all get some straight answers from someone at dell. Preferably from someone who actually knows what’s going on. And I also agree with everyone else who feels that Dell should willingly, without hesitation, and with out us having to ask (beg) for, give us compensation for our inconvienience, (not a $20 rebate either, that is just tossing salt on the wound) Something that will actually show us that they do really appreciate us NOT canceling our orders, as many of us are very close to that point. For all you spelling maniacs out there, forgive any misspelled words, I’ve been up since 430am, and dont care what I spell wrong, as long as I get my point across,   : )

  229. Yes . . . I woke up with much anticipation! IT’s the BIG DAY!! August 28th!!

    Checked my email . .  . No notice of delay! That’s good news, right?? WRONG! When I went to the website to look for that coveted “Shipped” status, I saw that my order had been delayed AGAIN. The new ESD is 9/5 (Sounds like this will become the NEW 8/28!!) Like JB, I spoke with a CSR yesterday and was assured that my system should be shipping on 8/28 as he saw no further delays. What I hate the most is they just push it back a little bit so you’ll keep hanging on. They won’t just be up front and tell you the true story!!

    If I decide to stick with it, I will be on the phone again this morning pushing for a very hefty refund.


  230. RE: I still speak with the same characters every time I call to request information on my order and I receive the same lies and misdirection to the same questions, the same language barriers, the same frustrations waiting for someone to pick up and answer a simple question!

    I AM one of those “characters” that you speak of and trust me, it is just as annoying for you to sit and wait for us to answer the phones than it is for us to have 130 calls waiting to be answered from yelling customers that blame this back order on us as a person. This back order is not only stressful for you as a customer but it is as well for us frontline customer care reps that are getting the blunt of everyones frustration. WE are only relaying to you the information that head office is advising us. So try to remember next time you call in and take it out on the front line rep you speak with, that WE ARE the ones that CAN do something for you as far as compensation goes, therefore, you can get more flies with honey than vinagar.

    As for the launguage barrier, you are obviously speaking with the wrong dept because I can assure you that I AM CANADIAN and ALL customer care reps are as well.

    Take care, and THANKS FOR CHOOSING DELL!

  231. Received email today telling me my order is delayed again until 9/5 from 8/27. Sure. Ok. Ordered 7/17, and was told at order time 8/3. Called Dell to give consent to delay until 9/5. What do they say? Order delayed until 9/10. Our bad. Sure enough, check my order status online after the call: 9/10.

  232. Yep! The magic date of 8/28 came and my ESD was pushed to 9/5 too- is this the NEW magic date? I wasn’t even sent an email. I had to check the site- which I have been doing daily anyways.I wasn’t surprised since I have been tracking my 1520 since I placed my order on July 22 and mine wasn’t even in the boxing stage yesterday. We bought two 1520’s in July and one finally came last week. This is now my third ESD on this order (green lid) and it messes everything up! I needed this computer by 8/30. CSRs are useless and don’t have a clue as to what to say to anyone anymore about the delays. I have had the exact issues as everyone else on this blog. I was a loyal Dell customer up to this point…but no longer. I’ve had it and this will definitely be my last purchase from Dell.

    Just a reminder……


    Good Luck everyone!

  233. @Ape: You wrote: “DELL’s inspiron 1520 is one of the highest rated notebook in its market, and it’s very difficult to find something comparable at the same price.”

    That may well be true. If that is strictly your buying criterion, and you are so attached to the 1520, please be happy to have Dell continue to grab you by the b… (or make you eat paper cake, sip the moon, or whatever).

  234. All: The previous comment represents the view of one person who is an employee at Dell. Per our blog policy, we do allow Dell employees to respond on the blog as long as the specify they are employed by Dell, and that they provide accurate information.

  235. The reason Gateway, Apple,Sony and HP are having no problems is because they don’t have half the orders we do.. I know because i am one of Dell CSR.. Try coming into 130 plus calls a day with upset customers we deal with a lot in a day and it is not our fault that the systems are on backorder…. We can only give you the infomation that we are provided to us..

  236. RE:However they have no problem sending out the poor CSR’s who have no authority to do or say anything

     I have lots of athority to say whats going on and I am well advised of the issue, as far as “the porr CSR’s” that don’t “do” anything for you, I know from ALOT of experiance with this back order that the more someone yells at ME for this issue the LESS I will do for you… IS NOT “our” fault as a person, we only work here so remember next time you take it out on us, the less we want to be nice and help you……just like my last comment, you can attract more bee’s with honey than vinagar!!

  237. Kevin said:

    However, I still stick with my original responce.

    How about response.

    I’d rather have a quality product instead of one quickly put together without caring about the end product performance or appearance.

    We all would. But they’re not carving Michelangelo here. They’re taking industry standard parts and slapping them together, the giant hold up is either the color, the screen, or some backlight, or because you have a webcam.

    You are held up from school, work, play etc because Dell can not get you a finished product.  Dell is no differeant than you.  They can not complete your order if they don’t have the parts.  Jo the manufacturer said it as well.  Try to be a little understanding of the overall picture here. 

    Were you there when they told you that it would take a month to put together a notebook? Then when the month passed, they told you…”hey, just ONE MORE WEEK!” Later, they told you, one more week. One more week. Just give us one more week.

     If they would have told me 2 months from the beginning I would have cancelled. It is their lying that keeps so many customers strung along.

     I’m willing to give them one more chance because I wanted this computer…not a HP or Fujisu, or Sony.  All good brands, but I wanted this one and am willing to wait.  Not for much longer, mind you, but at least a little longer.

    If I wanted the same product for a more expensive price, I would have picked one of those brands. The fact is, Dell & I entered a contract when they offered a product and a price and I paid it. Now they have to deliver. They don’t have unlimited option on this.

    I just understand tht I was able to get by without the laptop before and I can wait a little longer without it now. (sic)

    Some people are losing money by the day because Dell keeps telling them 8 more days for the product you really want, or cancel and pay more for the product you don’t really want, and also get it in 8 days. (Or buy some POS from a retailer).

    The bottom line is that Dell’s lying is stringing customers along and reducing options available to them if they knew the whole story.

    Kevin — You may be a laidback guy with nothing better to do than chill and enjoy your wait. But most of us are ordering where time = value and these string-alongs are not only insulting, but also tortious.

  238. Well, after many delays in ESD, many hours on the phone, many disconnects from Dell…….

    …..All I could say was “CANCEL MY ORDER!”

     Goodbye Dell (forever), this from someone who has ordered 10+ PCs for family members in the last couple years.

     Hello, HP!  Ordered & shipping today.

  239. I ordered my Inspiron 1721 on July 28th, first ship date August 10th, then the infamous August 28th, NOW, as of today when it should be shipping, it’s been pushed back to September 5th.  Am I supposed to be pleased that the interim delay time is shortening up?  When I bought my desk top, it was here in less than 14 days… but then it only came in one color. 

     I have to say that I’ve never had to deal with what appears to be such a poplular company/product with such absolutely terrible management, of  people, public relations and the supply chain.  Surely, there are suppliers out there willing to bend over backwards to supply such a volume to a company like Dell…. And surely, someone like Dell, should be taking a second look at the suppliers they have that can’t step up. 

     One more delay, and I will cancel my order and, at this point, I’m not even sure I will re-order through them…. And btw, while I did order the Ruby Red, I didn’t upgrade to include any special gadgets/options.  I guess the red paint is the issue? …. so much for great customer service.

  240. and BTW the reason that the “majical date” keeps changing is because the manufature keeps changing it on us…..if you read the terms and conditions it will tell you that back orders are subject to change and estimates are NOT gaurentee

  241. Ordered my Flamingo Pink 1420 7/25…..est ship date of 8/21….well, here we are and the ESD has changed to 9/05.  I needed this for school….I am not going to cancel b/c I have waited this long, but I do expect some compensation for this delay…..

  242. I called and spoke to a CSR last night named Stacey. She told me that my laptop (1521 yellow) was shipping out today for sure, there were no holds on it anymore.

     I check my order today and see that she lied, my laptop now has a ship date of 9/5. I was no happy at all but thought ok, its next Tuesday. Well on a whim I checked again hoping maybe just maybe it would show shipped when I got a rude surprise. My 9/5 ship date is now 10/1…. yes OCTOBER 1st!!!

     Sorry but I’m in college and I need a laptop to write my papers on. My professors could care less about Dells “unexpected delays”, my papers are due laptop or not.

    I called and cancelled the order around 6pm est. The first time I called the CSR hung up on me. So I again had to call back. The CSR made NO effort to save the sale at all. Cancelled it with no questions asked other than “Can you tell me why you cancelled your order” .. to which I replied “Yeah, you can’t fill your orders. Twelve weeks is too long to wait for a laptop”. After cancelling the order we made our way to Best Buy to look at their laptops and this weekend I’ll be visiting Apple.

     This would have been my 6th purchase from Dell but I don’t know if I’ll be back. I had a friend that was going to buy a laptop from Dell but has now went else where because she wants to know that she will get her laptop on time.

    They say its a supply issue yet HP, Sony, Apple have no trouble sending out laptops on time. If color is the only issue then they need to stop selling a product that they can’t produce. Why would you want a larger mess than what you already have?  Oh and one last thing .. it would make a world of difference if you would let people change their colors to ones that you currently have in stock without having to cancel the order. That just defeats the purpose of making an order change if you have to cancel it to make the change.

     Good luck to those of you who are going to wait, I’ve decided that I can wait no longer and have went elsewhere. To Dell, you’ve really let the college students down.

  243. RE:CSRs are useless and don’t have a clue as to what to say to anyone anymore about the delays.

     Obviously you must think that we answer the phone, take the orders AND make the systems. WE ARE ONLY THE FRONT LINE THAT RELAY WHAT HEAD OFFICE TELLS US TO TELL YOU!  We are just as sick of these delays that are beyond our control as you are waiting for your system! If you don’t like what we have to say, then stop calling us and make use of DELL.CA

  244. You know there is a lot of people have a lot to say about us Customer Care people but we are only relaying the infomation to you customers.. You customers have no idea what we go through in a day..  

  245. Dell,

    Wouldn’t it be smart at this point to put someone in charge of damage control?  I mean you have all these customers that blog here that have been treated badly and I am sure that there are thousands more out there who don’t know about this site or who decided it would do no good to post here and you cant put one person in charge of answering their questions in a promt and honest manner?  Seriously why should any of us who have waited weeks  have to ask for any kind of compensation?  Each time a shipping date changed a discount should have been given.  I have had my ESD changed FIVE times.  Do you not realize that if people were compensated for this that maybe they might not be nearly as harsh when telling this story to family, friends and coworkers?  Who is making these decisions?  I wonder what share holders would think of the way this company is currently being run. 

  246. Well, I have also gotten delayed to 9/5.  I didn’t receive an email or a phone call and if I had not checked the status, they would have automagically canceled my order at the end of the day.  What kind of way is that to business? 

    Just for giggles, I tried configuring a system the same as the one I ordered  to see what they would say for ship date and I noticed that the same system is now $600 more!!!!!  I wonder if the are just delaying all the ones they gave the free double memory and hard drive upgrades to.


  247. @Dell CSR’s: I understand you are frustrated and not responsible for what is happening. Actually I had two contacts and the guys I talked to were very polite.

    However, it’s unacceptable that  DELL is going on accepting orders which are systematically delayed.

    DELL has problems, big problems, and should admit them publicly.

    number of orders is not enough to explain this delay. Please make those number public, if they’re so big to put DELL in such a bad situation.

    DELL should at least
    clarify when this situation will be solved. They must know it. If not,
    they should really stop selling the involved products and first reduce
    the amount of backlogged orders.

  248. Hello Dell Customer Care Rep,

     I agree, I do not blame you for anything that is happening.  You as a person have nothing to do with it.  I am the one who posted the “poor CSR” comment.  Now based on what you said: “We can only give you the information that we are provided to us..” that was my point.  You all can only tell us what is being told to you so thus I want to speak to the person that is telling you what to say because what “you” are saying is not helping me at all. 

    Also I have spoken to several CSR’s probably you for all I know and I have never been rude, yelled, or said anything derogatory to any of them.  So this comment: “I know from ALOT of experience with this back order that the more someone yells at ME for this issue the LESS I will do for you… IS NOT “our” fault as a person,” does not apply to me so don’t group me in that category.  Now the only compensation I have been given as such is free next day shipping which I am not even sure will happen because someone else said they were promised that but still got the same 3-5 day shipping.  So your comment about: “So try to remember next time you call in and take it out on the front line rep you speak with, that WE ARE the ones that CAN do something for you as far as compensation goes, therefore, you can get more flies with honey than vinegar. “  Maybe I need to call you directly so I can get the $100 credits, free bags, and all the others compensation I have heard because I surely have not gotten anything like that and I ordered my computer on July 10th. 

    So don’t take it personally but your company sucks and it sucks they are making you and your co-workers into human shields.  I sympathize with you having to go into work a take 130 calls a day, but if “you” were waiting that long for a computer I do not think you would be very happy either, and before you say that is no excuse to yell at CSR’s I have not and do not plan to.


    Considerate Dell Customer who would like more flies because I have honey……

  249. Hmmm….and here I was thinking I was the only one with the problem. Not only is my daughters laptop delayed to Sept 7 (ordered July 7) but the accessories are also delayed because some of the items (the Belkin power bar!) has been delayed – hey I can buy that at Best Buy!

    I am interested to read about free shipping being offered, $100 vouchers and the like, but nowhere am I reading about a POLICY decision by Dell to deal with what is clearly becoming a customer revolt.

     Lionel, with all due respect to you sir, this is way above your pay grade to handle and quite frankly you should be screaming to your superiors for help.

    I have been a faithfull “Deller” since the old days – remember when Dell was number one in customer service?  Frankly, I have been a very large purchaser of Dell equipment for my company. We spend over $1 million per annum on computer hardware and until now, have exclusively worked with Dell.

    Today I advised our representative that I have effectively closed our account with Dell and am immediately switching to HP and Lenovo who have been after our business for years. I placed an order today for $150,000 with HP. The one and only reason for this – Customer Service – or lack thereof to me personally. My reasoning? Well if Dell cannot take care of a single laptop for me personally, and if Dell continues to ignore completely the unbelievable number of complaints from individual customers, then how can I trust them to deal with my much larger mission critical installations.

    I am hoping that the senior executives at Dell are working on a plan to deal with the financial fallout that will result from this fiasco – their stock options and bonuses depend on it. And smaller investors – get out of the way of this train – I predict a huge fiscal impact on the results that will be seen in the next financial report.

    Michael Dell – it is time to take charge again. Someone out there is destroying your company. We need to hear from you directly.

    Lionel, to use a great quote from another era


  250. Just talked to dell and my 8/28 date was of course wrong…delayed another week.  if only it wasn’t so cheap.

  251. You know, Michael Dell, his board and his leadership teams should watch the movie from early 2007 titled “The Queen”.  It would teach them how much could be gained from not hiding in a tower.  But instead talking to the people, making THEM feel like they do count, and that he actually cares about how we feel might actually help this company he founded.  Act like the humans God made you!

     Rhetorically, your princess has died Michael, and while the people care, it doesn’t seem that you do.  So will you hide in your tower or try to be someone we can relate to?

    Two official statements in over a month from your company, you sound like the Queen.  Good movie, why don’t you watch it?


  252. Ordered on July 14. I was also scheduled for shipment today.  Pushed back to Sept. 5.  I will not be pushed back again.  If the laptop is not shipped on or before Sept. 5, I am going to cancel and buy from someone else.  Enough is enough.  The delay is not what really has me ticked off.  The HORRIBLE customer service is what has my blood boiling.  When I call the only thing I get out of a CSR is “I’m sorry”, or  “It is out of my control”, or…..and this is my favorite….”I ordered a laptop too, and it is being delayed also”. 

  253. I once heard that Dell had excellent customer service and has fast delivery so that is the reason why I decided to order a Dell laptop for university. I heard that they delivered in about a weeks time. Well since school is starting up on september 2nd, and I just got back from a vacation I decided to chose dell because of their “fast delivery”. I ordered the laptop on august 20th, and was expecting it to get to be before september 2nd. However the expected shipping date turned out to be Septmber 12th! That means I won’t have my laptop for more than a week in first year university. I am hoping that they are being conservative with their estimated shipping date but will be very disappointed if I do not get my laptop within 7-9 business days. I checked this laptop out on and the only reason why the inspiron 1520 is getting garbage reviews is because of the terrible customer service and late delivery.

  254. I ordered a Spring Green 1720 Inspiron Notebook on 7/14.  My original ship date was 7/31.  Then the date was revised to 8/7.  Then the ship date was revised to 8/28.  And today, the ship date was revised yet again to 9/5.  Not only is my confidence in Dell’s service waning, but I am beginning to wonder about the quality of the product I will finally receive.  In your hurry to fill all your back orders (that continue to stack up as you continue to aggressively advertise), I am losing confidence in your product all together.  I’m very dissapointed in Dell for their lack of pre-planning their sales as well as the equipment and persons needed to fulfull their incoming orders.  For the delays themselves, and futhermore, by not giving forthright and detailed information to each customer for the continuing delays, the company has forever damaged their reputation.

  255. You guys need to calm down,

     I gurantee you if this was a mac problem all their fanboys would not have a problem with this. In fact they would make an extremely lame excuse about apple cares and wants us to wait for better technology. Please give Dell a break, my e 1520 ruby red only took 20 days to deliver to me from date of order, it’s not that big of deal, the quality is awesome.

    It seems to me Dell tested  the color lines in short supply chain settings, when they launched the product they had complications due to high demand of product with dust particles interfering with production process. A glitch that you couldn’t see untill the product was in mass scale. So why don’t you guys settle down, wait a little bit more, and get a good quality notebook? Stop threatening Dell, it’s not worth it, relax and wait for the outstanding quality new notebook line. I Love my 1520 and it was well worth the wait, i could not get this good of a notebook at HP, apple or anything else for that matter. I understand everyone’s lack of patience, but my suggestion to you is: Perhaps get a discount or coupon code for having to wait so long, be happy, relax and stop raising your blood pressure, the notebooks are awesome, i can vouch for that because i love mine!!!! At least Dell let us know whats going on, if it was Apple they would of lied probably, that’s what they do best 🙂


    -Dellfan of the 1520 Ruby red edition


  256. I just found this under DELL’s Press Releases –

    thought it would amuse everyone


    Dell Named No. 1 In Server Customer Satisfaction

    Remedial Action Under Way to Correct Control Deficiencies

    Round Rock, Texas, August 16, 2007

    Dell today was named number one in customer satisfaction for standards-based servers in the Technical Business Research (TBR) Q2 2007 Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study: x86-based Servers1.

    “Dell is focused on delivering the best customer experience, bar none,” said Brad Anderson, senior vice president, Dell Product Group. “Our commitment to simplify information technology — from our ninth-generation PowerEdge™ servers to our forthcoming blade, virtualization, systems management and other solutions — will continue to deliver an outstanding experience for our customers.”

    According to TBR, Dell’s overall weighted score improved 1.1 percent sequentially, while HP and IBM declined by 1.5 and 0.8 percent, respectively. Dell was the only systems provider to show an improvement in TBR’s latest study, with customer satisfaction scores increasing in eight of the nine attributes measured, including server management, phone support, delivery time, value and ease of doing business.

    “Dell has benefited by strengthening its marketing arm, delivery time, overall value and support, and ease of doing business,” said Julie Perron, Manager of Primary Research, Technology Business Research, Inc “This is clearly an indicator of ongoing investments in product design, delivery and customer experience for the past 18 months that accelerated during the past two reporting periods.”

  257. I just initiated a chat with dell customer service… and I just stuck to my guns and requested a one hundred dollar credit. they cannot close the session out without your consent, (so long as you are not abusive) and if you spend about 30 minutes telling them that you deserve compensation, they will eventually cave.


  258. I did not have any slack, when my order was pushed today to 9/5 I called and cancelled.

    While I was calling, I had an order for a new HP in my Shopping Cart at Circuit City for immediate pickup 15 minutes from home.  Almost same exact specs, just not Midnight Blue but I stopped caring about the color 2 weeks ago.  The fact that Dell wouldn’t change the color without me losing my order annoyed me more than anything…well, other than the lack of honesty in providing estimated ship dates that slip only after missing the previous one.

    Gave Dell one last chance but as everyone on this forum knows, there isn’t anything they can do but…nothing.

    When I hung-up, I clicked confirm on the CC order, sorry Dell, something has happened to your organization and I probably won’t be coming-back.

  259. At least many of you are receiving notices that your computer are delayed…. AGAIN.  I can’t even get that.  My order status shows a ship date of July 30, 2007.  Um… hello… if it was shipped, I wouldn’t be here.

    I’ve tried calling Dell… I’ve tried chatting with Dell.  Been put on hold, been transferred, been disconnected, been told they don’t the reason for the delay, been told to call QVC (which I did because I was curious).  I don’t know… nor do I even have a freaking idea… when my midnight blue 1721, ordered on July 16, 2007, will ship. 

    At least y’all have something to look forward to.

    Are any of you noticing that your posts are censored?  I made a post about you know… one of those things where a whole bunch of people are teaming together to obtain compensation, and there is a lawyer or two involved…. yeah…. what are those called???  I wonder why that post never made it to the board???

  260. Well, all of you who have a Aug 28th ship date- guess what- we have been delayed again. Now it’s September 5th-they just didn’t say if that was 2007 or 2008.

  261. Well like a lot of you I had that magic ship date of 8/28 to find out now that it has been pushed back for the fourth time (ordered 7/22) and now will be shipped (yea right) on 9/5.  My daughter was supposed to have it by 8/16.  She’s now left for college, was going to come home over Labor Day weekend to pick it up and it still wasn’t going to be delivered.

    I finally cancelled it just now and was told the “hold” they put on the credit card we used to order it won’t be released for “24 to 48 hours”.

    I can’t believe this service.  Michael Dell should be ashamed at what his company has become.

  262. I have experienced every frustration that everyone else here has posted. Lack of customer service. Unacceptable long waits either through chat or over the phone. Outright lies and excuses. Your manufacturing department should provide real and accurate information regarding products, delays, shipment dates and reasons for delays. Your departments shold have better communication with each other.

    This is not a company that just sprung up overnight. Dell has been around for approximately 20 years. Did you really not consider increases in demand during certain times of the year or for new products? Even if you build products as ordered, you should still have enough parts or supplies on hand for potential increases in demand.

     Your customer service has deteriorated over the years and your shipment delays have increased commensurately.

    I will consider your competitors for my next purchase. I would rather pay more money for a product and have the satisfaction of actually receiving it.


    By the way, I ordered an Ispiron 17 inch midnight blue on 20-JUL-07 and shipment has been delayed 4 or 5 times. It was supposed to have shipped today 28-AUG-07, and now has been delayed until 5-SEP-07.

    Unfortunately, I have not canceled my order because I bought it with a Dell preferred card. So, I am stuck.

     Dell is committing fraud. Call and ask for a supervisor or manager to make things happen. I have been given credits totaling $150.00 and free overnight delivery.

    Dell, are you reading these postings. Wake up! Take action or fade away.

    Without customers, you will go out of business. Get your act together and act in a professional manner.

  263. I can’t believe it …. another delay.  My daughter left for college on August 11th …. without the laptop she was supposed to receive for her 18th birthday. 

    Order Date 7/17

    Original Ship Date 8/2 (18th birthday – 8/3)

    Delayed to Magical Ship Date of 8/28 …… Charlieeeeee!

    Delayed to Ship Date of 9/5 (i’ll believe it when I see it)

    I am so frustrated and now I want to cancel, but my daughter wants to wait for the Flamingo Pink.

     CSRs are very sympathetic and say that they will put a priority rush on this order since it is for college, however every time I call they act like it’s the first time they’ve heard of this.  So I really don’t believe that any priority has been given to those ordering for college. They told me today that they haven’t authorized any credits for anyone….. that they can’t do that until the item ships.  Then and only then can they give rebates and credits…… but yet another CSR has promised me a free printer.  I don’t understand.

    I am mostly upset about two things:

    1.    No notification of the delays.  I found out about them both by checking the Order Status page.

    2.    They continue to take orders for a product that cannot be provided in a timely manner. I’m sick of the daily mailings and the commercials.

    I am extremely surprised that the general public/media doesn’t know about this. I feel really stupid and will probably never order from DELL again even though I am a long time customer.

    So…. I’ll wait for another week.  It’ll give me time to talk my daughter into ordering the pink Sony Vaio. 

    If any of you have received your Flamingo Pink 1420s I’d really like to know….. 











  264. @ Dell Cx Care Rep…

    You are actually threatening your customers, the same people who are ultimately responsible for paying your salary…wow, now I am getting a sense of some of the internal problems at Dell.

     “So try to remember next time you call in and take it out on the front
    line rep you speak with, that WE ARE the ones that CAN do something for
    you as far as compensation goes, therefore, you can get more flies with
    honey than vinagar.”

    So are we to believe that if you simply don’t like a disgruntled customer you will not offer compensation? Folks waiting 2 months for their product are supposed to offer you some sort of “honey” before you will help? This answers the question posed by many, many customers as to why some are getting compensated and many are not.

    You get paid to resolve issues and you have the nerve to complain and
    threaten those folks who are getting ripped of by this whole thing? Are
    you looking to redirect this back on them? If your company actually did
    what they are supposed to do, what they are paid to do then this would
    not be an issue would it? Dell screws this up and you get mad at folks
    who are getting hosed by this situation rather than getting upset at the real

    Interesting that you claim the reason other manufacturers are not having problems is because of volume…nice try. 

    I am pretty certain that your comments will end up on numerous websites along with the all new pushed shipping dates. But thanks for clearing this up for me…you have painted a very clear picture of at least one problem.

    Customer service? Yeah, right.

  265. OK, this is starting to get old real fast. I ordered a blue Inspiron 1720 through the Army’s employee purchase program early in July. Like many others I needed this computer for college. Classes started 8/25, and my first delay gave me the magical 8/28 ESD. I checked today and now have an ESD of 9/5.

    I live 20 miles from campus, which makes it hard since my major is Computer Science….most of my assignments require a computer. My dell dimension desktop is currently out of service due to a bad hard drive and isn’t under warantee anymore. On top of that I need my computer for logging onto the AKO (Army Knowledge Online) website. I know I’m not the only person that really needs their computer yesterday, but I just felt I should voice my compaints as well.

    I’m not going to badmouth Dell because I have had nothing but good experiences in the past. I understand that unforeseen circumstances will always pop up. All I ask is that someone gives me an accurate idea of when I can expect my computer.

  266. Inspiron 1521 Sunshine Yellow

    Ordered 7/28

    first ESD 8/14

    then 8/28 was told on 8/27 it would definately ship today (8/28)

    then ESD changed to 9/5 4:28 AM this morn.

    now changed to 10/1………second change today WHAT DO WE DO?

    That’s just great

    college freshman daughter disappointed she can’t get the computer she worked all summer for….





  267. So funny story,


    It’s the 28th today. I go to check my email and now I have an email saying my ship date is the 28th. Me being dumb for 1.3 secs said O sweet they moved it up from the 5th of Sept. Then I come on here and see that everyone that has/had the 28th is being pushed back to the 5th. Although I still hope for the best that my 1330 will ship today or tomorrow, My expectations are very low.


  268. To everyone:

    Read the posting of Lynne.

    Please follow Lynne’s lead and do as she did. Please read below:

    Please let me point out the fact that you actually DO NOT have the system you sold to me and according to the authorities that does constitute fraud.

    I actually did let Dell know that and I immediately got a call from a ‘supervisor’ letting me know that magically my system would be shipped within the week.

  269. The BBB is an excellent idea!  I’ve been speaking to a few “friends” of mine to get some opinions on how legit all this is.  I have be told my order is expedited…will have free next day shipping…and well not much else.  I ordered on July 21, only to be delayed time and time again.  I was “promised” that my son would have this laptop for school…No Problem I personally will watch”……

     Dell continues to sell a product they CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE,  only warning of delays AFTER you purchase.  In my mind this makes it a very questionable and unethical business practice.

  270. For those keeping score:

    8/3: Ordered 1720 black

    8/21: Original ship date

    8/28: Revised ship date

    8/28: Status revised from “in production” to “shipped” with no details early this morning; tracking number added mid morning.

    I absolutely must have a machine by 9/6, so I was (and am) ready to cancel with any delay, and head to the store.

    Cautiously optimistic.

  271. Two delays in one day… that’s me too. Interesting way it was handled, though. I checked status at 6 a.m. and got the message to verify if I wanted to continue with the order because of the additional delay. I responded yes (glutton for punishment). This same day, my husband received an email from Dell telling him of a delay and giving him 3 different options for responding. My husband knew I had responded this morning, so he wasn’t going to respond to his message.  I’m wondering, Dell, was that going to be a way to cancel our order if my husband hadn’t responded to his email? Did you really need both of us to tell you what to do? (Our kids used to do that when they were little.)  I just want the computer — before I’m so old I’ve forgotten how to use it.

  272. I find it funny that Dell continues to promote the Inspiron notebook for back to school when you won’t have it on time for school. I ordered my inspiron on 7/31 and they did mention the spring green color would add on 5-7 days, but that I will still have my computer for school. I was supposed to receive it today but didn’t even receive an email notifying me of the delay, I only found a new delay out when I checked the website. Now I have been waiting on the phone for 30+ minutes to try to possibly cancel my order and head on over to the apple store. Oh by the way my friend who ordered an apple received it the next week. Don’t promote something you don’t have and charge extra money for color notebooks when you can’t produce them. Oh and the $200 off coupon for students was a joke. The coupon was sent with two links to order a computer, but apparently the recommended bundles which was one of the links cannot be used to with the coupon. This is the last time I’ll ever make a purchase through Dell…..

  273. Here is my thought.  Since Dell would no doubt be accruing interest on my dell preferred credit card until they get all their money.  I think they should accrue a discount on the computer for every day it is delayed.  Delay once, free overnight shipping, delay twice they are hit with a 1% (of original cost) reimbursement for every day past the original ESD until it ships.  Delay a third time and it is 2% for every day past the original ESD.  I bet that would make them a little more forthcoming about the delays up front.  If they want to shoot high they risk losing customers who won’t wait that long.

  274. Nice screenshot. At the time I purchased my machine what it actually said way that it could be delayed, no particular date. I saw the date after my purchase and was not thrilled with it but resigned myself to it.

    Then.. it as delayed again. It was supposed to ship today.

    This morning I check in and DELAYED AGAIN.  6 weeks? I assume i’ll be lucky if that actually happens.

    So therefore, the DELAY DATE that you show at the time of purchase is obviously, untrue. A customer should expect to triple that at least.

    Stop selling these machines until you have caught up. You are still lieing.


  275. Hello All,

    I too have been part of the ”Dell Delay” for my 1521 in Spring Green.  What I was thinking is that we should be more proactive.  I initially ordered one in green and I got it about a week after the ESD.  The thing was that they went on sale by the time I got mine.  When I asked to be given a discount since they were now on sale, they refused and said that I couldn’t unless I ordered a new one and returned the original one.  So on 7/23 I did and guess what?  I was supposed to have a ship date of the 08/16… Then I was moved to the magic ship date of 08/28.  I called the “so-called-customer service number” that really should be called the “we-lie-to-you-in-broken-English line”, and I was told by a supervisor that “There are no further delays in shipping and their manufacturing problems had been solved”.  I was then told that if a FURTHER delay was expected that the supervisor would call me personally and forewarn me of the delay.  Well about that, not so much, TODAY is the 28th and I logged in to see if I had my computer shipped to me today, well not so much, instead I was greeted by a big fat notice that my computer was again delayed for a ship date of 09/05.  I don’t even feel jilted anymore.  When I called customer service back on 8/18 after the second delay I was told by the supervisor that I would get an email for $100 in Dell merchandise.  I never did get that email that Ram!  Ram was the name of the guy who told me that I would get the $100 gift certificate who knows maybe he longs in to this site and just forgot.

    SO I am no longer going to get mad I say we get EVEN and we force Dell to respond to us by GOING TO THE MEDIA because I do believe that our color problems are related to the issues with lead found in the paint in China.  I bet the first computer I got shipped so fast because it was tainted with lead.  Maybe we can get the media to investigate why Dell is not recalling the first few computers that they already shipped.  Oh I know why because that would get the word out that their brand new product had to be recalled already.  I just bet the share holders would love this!

    I say we all contact our Local News stations and see if we can force Dell to talk?  Who’s in this with me?  If we can get just one news station to cover the situation I bet that would get Dell’s but in gear and get us our computers and maybe a little discount for our trouble. 





  276. To the Dell Cx Care Rep, I am really surprised that you know what’s going on. When I’ve talked to your brethren (quite politely, up until the final transaction when the rep was flat-out flippant) they consistently gave me incorrect information and offered zero explanation as to why there were delays. I only found out the source of the delays from poking around on the ‘net.

    Oh, and I didn’t want bees. I wanted decent customer service–real answers and no lies.

  277. I would like to know why Dell is still taking orders when there are all of these delays.  I ordered my Dell 1721 in mid August only to find out that it might ship during the first week in Octoberr.  This is totally unacceptable.  I wend to Toshiba direct and see where I can order the (almost) exact product  at (almost) the same price with a 5-10 day delivery (ship) date.  I have always been a Dell user but now I think I might have to rethink this issue.

    Anyway, going out shopping today to see what is avaliable at the stores.




    Making mistakes is understandable and acceptable.  Manufacturing problems do exist.  What is NOT acceptable is the lack of customer satisfaction.  The only thing that Dell Customer Service says is “we are sorry.  You are more than welcome to cancel”.  After waiting 6 weeks….cancelling is the best Dell can do.  Mine was suppossed to ship today (originally August 16)….email notice now delaying again until September 6.  Sadly, I believe Dell is hoping we cancel to make it easier on them.

    Hey Dell.  Where are the customer satisfaction rebates?  Or at least some decent (e.g., $200, $300) coupons for a future purchases.  You made a HUGE mistake here….we all make mistakes.  But a quality business compensates their customers when they make mistakes that impact them.  You have a chance to stand tall.  Let’s see what you do for the many many customers that have been inconvenienced and pretty much ignored.

  279. Dear Michael Dell,

     I have been a customer of yours since 1993 when I got a XPS 450V for college.  I was impressed with the delivery and service I received.  My 1 support call was handled quickly and correctly.  Since then I have directed the purchase of hundreds of Dell Computers without issue.  Until now.

     I won’t repeat my story as it parallels what everyone else is stating.  However it will be more than two months since the 1st order before we might receive the laptop my 9 year old niece saved up for.

    The reasons I will no longer recommend purchasing Dell equipment.

    1. There has been insufficient communication from Dell regarding delays their delays.
    2. Dell insists on having foreign CSR’s that are no more helpful than the piece of paper from which they are reading.
    3. Dell has not offered any compensation for this situation even after continued requests.
    4. Dell knew of the issues regarding their supply yet failed to adequately provide and estimated time to ship.
    5. Dell has charged in full for the product that hasn’t been built yet let alone shipped.  Most companies typically required 50% deposit.

    Mr Dell, you made your money on quick delivery, affordable prices, and customer service.  While your prices are still competitive, you have slipped in the other areas that will retain me and many others as customers.  I sincerely hope you are taking note.

    Another Ex-Customer

  280. This is my second laptop….and my first Dell. EVERYBODY told me how wonderful the company is etc. I went ahead and orderd the “happy” yellow Inspirion on July 20 with estimated shipping date of August 13th, I paid extra for 2 day shipping. I was very disappointed on August 15th to find a message on my answering machine from Dell telling me that my computer was out of stock and would not be shipped until August 28th. But I was ok with it, just a little bit longer to wait. For some reason, I decided to check on the status this morning and was VERY disappointed to read that it was now delayed again and would not be shipped until Sept. 5th.

    I agree with others that have posted here asking for something in return for our patience. Several friend and co-workers have told me just to cancel my order…but I’m going to stick it out…I hope I’m not disappointed!

  281. Dell Customer Care Rep said:

    reason Gateway, Apple,Sony and HP are having no problems is because
    they don’t have half the orders we do..
    According to industry analysts, Dell has been replaced as the leading supplier.  Even recently when Dell was marginally ahead, HP and Dell were about 15% each of the market.  Check out
    So for you to say something like the above, makes my case on the usefulness of Dell CSR’s.  If I call, I would expect to get more information than a web page.
  282. There no point in having an estimated ship date that perpetually changes and holds no weight what so ever.  If you provide a ship date that means nothing, there is no point in having it.  Dell never used to have this problem.  So that must mean they made a mistake somewhere and need to stop blaming suppliers and their art departments ineptitude.  These problems should have been taken care before marketing the product.  How do you market a product that does not work correctly yet?  Explain that to me.  The process does not work that way, you build the product then you sell it.  You do not come up with an idea and sell that then figure out how to make it work. I mean there must be a problem with this no one I know or by the resounding number of posts on this has had this happen before with Dell or any other company, so please don’t waste my time with that kind of excuse.  Oh by the way I am talking to you Cx Care Rep.

  283. I too had the magic date of 8/28 (after changing from 7/28 to 8/15.  My order was placed 7/14) and now I’m being told that it’s estimated to ship 9/5.  They upgraded me to next day shipping after apologizing for any incontinence….

    Um, I don’t have an bladder control problem.  I have an order problem.  And next day shipping for something that no one knows when it’ll really ship is no way to thank me for my patience.


    I’m debating to pay the extra $ to go to Sony and walk into a store and get my laptop tonight!!!! 

  284. Chatted online with a Dell CSR today.  Got the same “stock” answer many have been getting about their “Dell-ays”: 

    “Thank you for staying online.  As per the records, the estimated date for the shipment of the order is 08/29/07.  We do not foresee any delay as of now.  However, if there will be any, you will get a notification e-mail from Dell.”

    As of 12:25 AM today (eastern USA) the computer is still in the build stage.  I wonder what will happen next?

    1. A new ESD at 12:01 AM on 8/30
    2. Cancellation of order without notice 
    3. Build, test, box, ship by the end of the day

    My guess would be 1 and/or 2 before number 3.


  285. To Dell Cx Care Rep:

    The word “Magical” is spelled with a “g” not a “j”.  Are you sure you’re CANADIAN?   Everyone I’ve communicated with so far on the phone or on live chat has been from India.  And it has been difficult when trying to understand each other.

    Also, what I read in the terms and conditions when I ordered my laptop was that the ship date was not guaranteed but that we would be properly notified if delays occurred which has not been the case for me.  I was NEVER notified of the first delay. 

  286. @ Dell Cx Care Rep 

    “and BTW the reason that the “majical date” keeps changing is because
    the manufature keeps changing it on us…..if you read the terms and
    conditions it will tell you that back orders are subject to change and
    estimates are NOT gaurentee”

    So it’s the manufacturers fault that the dates keep pushing? And we the customer should have read the fine print? I think we have all been thoroughly educated on the estimated ship date situation. After all this waiting I mean…

    So what exactly are you doing to fix the problem? Shouldn’t you be doing something productive other than trying to flame and insult your customers? You have posted a few times and I think we all get it…it’s not your fault, it’s not Dell’s fault, it’s…well…it’s  the manufacturers fault and, yup…it’s the customers fault for being upset at all of this, all we needed to do was read the terms and conditions. Yeah, like that would have somehow prepared us for this kind of delay, misdirection, and unbelievable shipping estimates. The terms and conditions do not create a situation that allows for this kind of behavior from a major manufacturer and their employees.

  287. So now Dell has care reps online talking back to the customers. NICE.

    Just a idea, if we’re ticked – let us be ticked. You’re not helping. Also, please learn to spell.

  288. I work for a fortune 250 company that has a national account with Dell so I assumed that the company was good and I have always been impressed by the machines…. Now with that being said this is the first time I have ordered a computer for personal use ( Inspiron 1721 ruby red ) I ordered it on 7/19 now it won’t ship until 9/5 WOW! impressive I will not purchase another Dell computer. This has been a horrible experiance for a first time Dell customer. Thank you for the great time Dell!  

  289. Yes, I too am waiting for my computer. I waited on the phone for over an hour beging transferred from one person to the next. I was told to change the color from Red to something else only then to have that dept tell me that all colors are backordered, I said ok, just send me the standard color, at which time I was told that would be backorder as well. So finally after geting now where fast, I said fine – thank you.

    I would love to respond to the Customer Service Reps who complain about “us” the customer, calling in and being upset about continued backorders. While I understand you are only giving us the info you have, you choose this job, and with this type of job, comes unhappy people who get a bit upset. Oh, and how thoughtful to know that if you’re upset on the phone, your customer service person will not go out of their way for YOU, the customer. The person who is spending loads of cash at the company they work for.  I’m sorry, but I think that is just wrong…what every happened to customer service?  Truly, if you were good at your job, you would be able to turn your customer, with kind words and a bit of compasion. I know mine CSR dif.

  290. Well, I ordered the Inspiron 1721 in Flamingo Pink on June 28th, with ESD of July 15th (which was a Sunday).  Then it was July 20th, then July 27th, then August 3rd.  I finally cancelled the order and ordered a desktop (which I got in 3 days), but I at the last minute decided to try again wih the 1721, cuz I really wanted a pink one.  That was on 8/3, and I got an ESD of 9/4.  After reading all the comments, I seriously doubt they’ll make the date, and I’ve even e-mailed to get an estimate, but so far, no response.  I’m only waiting cuz it’s on my Dell charge card, and by the way, they have yet to refund the money for the system I cancelled, or to issue the $75 credit they promised!  I’ve ordered Dells for my office and for my home, but once I get this one, unless they create onethat  walks and talks, I won’t be buying another Dell.

  291. @Dell Cx Care Rep: that’s ok, it’s written in the conditions, but
    it’s not a good explanation. Push on the higher ranks to be able to
    give better information to customers. It is really unbelievable you can’t estimate a shipping date with an error smaller than one week, which often becomes a month from what I read.

    If the working chain in DELL doesn’t work, you really can’t
    blame the customers if they are nervous after waiting for an already
    paid notebook they will receive months later, and, as a consequence,
    with a reduced value.

    The only sad things is that this happens
    when DELL starts offering really innovative and competitive products
    instead of the conventional models.

  292. Dell rep you should stay off here..being snippy and threatening people with subpar service if they aren’t polite will just make people angrier. Dell has wasted a LOT of people’s time this summer. I don’t know if I hope they survive as a company or not at this point.

  293. OK….first things first.  No, Dell Reps are Not Responsible for the delays…You are only employes of a company, but hey your earning money from a company that has all mine!  You Are the only link we customers have to a company that has taken our money in exchange for lies and “smoke and mirror” gags.  This was to be my 3rd computer from Dell.  Ordered 7/21 it is to ship on 8/31 now (sigh, I wish… my son is leaving for school soon), if it doesn’t I already have a Thinkpad picked out.  I’m just drained and disillusioned after this comedy of errors and being jerked around. 

    On the other side, DON”T tell me you get more flys with honey…I have called Dell several times.  Regardless of weather I spoke to an Indian rep or an American rep I have been cordal and cheerful as I KNOW it’s not their fault.  One even advised “to be honest if you want that extra item….go to a store honey.”  At least she was honest.  So I bought the sleeve and extras at a local store…guess I may be returning there for that laptop too.  I’m sooooo disappointed and yes I have told all my friends who were going to order from Dell to “run like their hair is on fire” to that same store.

  294. I ordered a 1520 (brown) on July 23 to replace my dying 8500. I was unsure my old computer would last until the new one arrived on the original ship date of 8/3. As soon as I ordered it was delayed until 8/8, and then 8/28, and as of today, until 9/5. I don’t have a lot of money to just buy any machine, and I was relying on Dell to get me a replacement machine quickly. Now the old machine has completely died (power supply issue that would cost me $400 to repair according to Dell), and I’m stuck with no computer. I have to check my order status from work just to keep up with the delays.

     I count myself among the mass of disgruntled Dell customers. If I see a good deal over the Labor Day weekend, I will go for it and cancel my order with Dell. I hope Dell can do something to try to get us back or keep us waiting. Free shipping is not nearly enough at this point in time.

  295. This just in, Ruby Red is on backorder, Last time they told me it was the T7100 processor, whatever, they offered free next day shipping so now I’ll only have to wait three less days, whatever.

  296. Dear Dell Reps, Customers, and ex-Customers,

    Too bad it hasn’t gotten any better with a whole new line in the last 60 days (just got another Vostro mailer). Figured I’d check back in after my post was not posted concerning my Inspiron order the 13th of June and subsequent cancellation July 3rd. I did receive a nice tablet of graph paper from Dell at the end of the week telling me how much they appreciated my continuing business. Wish it would’ve come with an abacus, maybe a pencil too.

    What a shame for a once great brand. Have the stock analysts picked up on this stuff yet? I don’t know how you (Lionel or the Customer Care Reps) do it.

    Best Regards,

    – Chuck

  297. As someone that has worked in customer service for a long time, you may want to rethink your blog policy of letting the reps post.  I’m sure they are frustrated with being in the middle, but telling a couple hundred people that have had the ship date for something that’s a substantial amount of money pushed back 4 or 5 times that they will catch more bees with honey than vinegar and read your terms and conditions is not going to win any friends.  It’s actually a bit insulting to me that someone would feel put out by reading too many complaints, obviously most people here know that the person answering the phone when they call isn’t the one personally holding up the order, whether they are in Canada or any other call center. It would just be nice to hear a consistent answer on what the hold up is and get a real ship date.  Of course a lot of people here are looking for something free for their trouble, it’s the way the world works, personally I’d just be happy knowing that all the discounts, promotions, and updates that have come up since my order was placed were automatically applied when it was shipped, of course this isn’t going to happen without calling to complain, but I don’t even have the energy for that anymore.

  298. I Ordered inspiron 1420 July 14 with ship date Aug 3 Now its going to ship tomorrow Yea Right now i have to drive 300 miles to deliver it cuz My fiance is back at college and they won’t change the shipping address

  299. i’ve been a dell supporter for a while now, but these delays have just been unacceptable i ordered my blue inspiron 1720 on 7/16 with an ESD of 8/2, that got pushed back to you guessed it 8/28 well now it’s 8/28 and guess what another delay to 9/5. also get this the printer i ordered with it has been delayed 5x. there is no excuse for that absolutly nothing you can say to me will excuse that. They can’t even ship the stupid laptop bag and flash drive without delays. i needed this notebook for school but school started for me last week. like the old saying goes “fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me” well i can assure you this will be the last thing i ever purchase from dell

  300. I, too, am one of the delayed yet again orders with my original date being 7/31.  I just have one question:  How is it that someone orders a Spring Green 1720 on August 5 and they already have received their computer???  If it is a color issue as I have been told, then something is not right here and I would very much appreciate a response.  I will give Dell one more week and that is it.  No more after that.

  301. Now in the end for me I had a happy ending but the absolute insanity which is the dell customer service system is incredible. I have a lot of time on my hands at work so for the past week or so I have had the time to wait on hold (30-45 minutes in most cases) almost everyday and in many cases twice a day. Not once have did I recieve the same ESD or status twice. Every single time it was a different story. In a span of four calls over two days I got the follow a)delayed by 2 months to November, b) delayed by 2 days c) delayed by 2 weeks and d)shipped.

    It all leaves me to believe Dell CSR have no idea of the status of peoples order if its not in build. And they make it up on the spot. Dell is so unorganized that they cant even tell there CSR to tell the same bs story.

  302. Hi Lionel,

     I noticed that you wasted NO time in responding to “protect” your employee.  That’s great management.  But how come you won’t respond to our concerns?  That’s poor customer service.

     If Dell simply said and emailed us with something like this:

     “To our customers:  We apologize for the many inconveniences our delays have caused.  To those who have waited more than 30 days, we are offering a $100 rebate to demonstrate our committment to customer satisfaction.  Once again, please accept our sincere apologies”.

     If you did that, the complaints would be greatly reduced and Dell would maintain the image it had before this fiasco.  Don’t be nearsighted and look at what the cost of $100 rebates is….what is the longterm cost of losing so many previously loyal customers?

  303. Dear Dell Customer Service Rep,

     I too work for customer service and part of taking the job comes the RESPOSIBILITY that when customers complain to you it is because YOU are the voice for the company you work for. 

    If you don’t like that you are going to get complaints for company then I would tell you get another Job because 90% of your job is to be the 100%contact for your company.  If you want don’t want to hear customers complain about your service or your company and it’s products, then I suggest that you get job working cleaning out animal cages in a zoo.  You probably won’t hear a Lion tell you off for what a bad job you are doing, but then again Lion may just “bite your head off” with out warning…

    Oh and did I mention it’s the attitude like yours that makes customers in our situation even more upset off.     


  304. In the UK I have been onto customer services 3 times (They are in India) who did not tell me there was a problem with the paint. My email said there were shortages of parts and that is what they have stuck too. This means my daughter will not have her laptop for a school trip or the beginning of term

    If they are going to offer compensation how about a voucher to upgrade the ram from Crucial – as they are much cheaper then Dell and It wouldn’t cost them as much as giving you their own. $20 is not worth it and an insult. If my order does not arrive on time I sending it back an buying a Toshiba. My local supplier has red ones on their shelves. They would deliver promptly if they  only got paid 3 weeks after delivery, no sorry 5 weeks,  no sorry could be longer we only have the old black and grey bank notes the coloured ones are suffering a delay.

    With regard to customer service –  When are they going to stop them reading scripts that tell them to say “is there anything else I can help you with today” just after they have told your laptops not shipping for another month!!

    How patronising….

  305. Definately a bummer about the delays but I thought I’d give a job well done where it’s deserved – I ordered an XPS M1710 and got it in my hands exactly one week from when I placed the order. Nice.

  306. It is very sad that a very good company like Dell is falling apart.  It is not bad that they have delays.  But tell the truth as to why and when we can actually expect our computers.  I ordered mine in july promised 8/13 then promised 8/28  now let’s try 9/5.  I was told that mine was because of color. I ordered the brown.  I was told to call order department and they could change the color.  When they do that however they cancel your order and you start all over.  Dell please let me know by email when I can expect my computer.  I need to decide to wait or cancel

  307. After I ordered my 14 inch in yellow during the tax holiday I got a ship date of the 4th of Sept.  Well after being polite but curious I was on the chat page four different times.  The most recent I was offered two things.  First $75 to my preferred account.  Second, free next day shipping when it was completed..  Honestly, it pleases me because I was being patient and even though anger comes with the lack of information…I was glad to see them just and volunteer this.  I have rarely had issues with Dell.  I work as a tech at my school and we deal with them all the time.  The  paint thing will hurt them as with supply and faith in product.  But the deal is that there is nothing ethical about if they were jumping orders to the front of the line for people that threw big enough fits..  It is just a color.  if you were really in as big a hurry as you claimed to be then you should have thought ” hey the black won’t delay me at all.  I need this soon as I can have it..maybe I don’t need to have a pink laptop.”  I don’t mind waiting it builds character.

  308. Regarding the delay of my Inspiron 1521 laptop, I had ordered it in black, and have experienced the same delay as everyone else. If I do not get confirmation that it is being shipped as promised, I will cancel and shop elsewhere.

     I advise all Dell customers to do the same.

    Maybe the boat from China got delayed?

    Maybe I should call the customer service guy in India and ask?



  309. Just called status line again went from Build this morning Kitting at noon and now I’M TESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YaHooooooooooo  LOL 🙂

     Inspiron 1720
    Ruby Red
    17″ HR Glossy
    128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400
    160G 5400 SATA
    ordered 7-23-07

  310. I keep trying to post but mine mysteriously never appear…..anyway, I ordered the 1521 on 7/26 with an estimated shipping date of 8/14.  I now have a revised ESD of 9/5.   First it was the color (midnight blue) now it’s the LCD screen.  Customer service has been abysmal.  I can barely understand most of the people from Dell.  They told me to cancel my order and reorder with a different color and screen.  I ordered this laptop as a gift for my niece, for college.  She is missing assignments because she can’t run to the computer center on campus every five minutes to check her email.  HP is no better…..I forwarded my Dell laptop specs to HP and asked if they could provide me with a comparable laptop for a comparable price and received an email back–in barely intelligible English–asking if I could tell them what I wanted in a laptop.  I guess I’ll have to buy a Gateway at the local computer shop so that my niece has something, but I have filed a BBB complaint and highly recommend that all of you do the same. 

  311. Notebook VOSTRO 

    Date de commande : 02/08/2007

    Date de livraison estimée (au plus tard) : 28/09/2007


  312. Have been waiting for a month for my daughter’s Inspiron 1420 in lime green.  I directed her toward Dell and she picked the specific PC.  The color availability was a significant selling point with her.

    Now that her college classes have been in session nearly 2 weeks, and with another shipment delay notice, I can’t wait any longer.  Just went to Best Buy and got her the new HP Verve.

    Historically, Dell has always been my first choice.  This whole episode has really soured me on the company.  Never thought I would feel this way. 



  313. Nothing like dropping your daughter off at college today – with out her well planned out, month in advance order of her Pink Inspiron 1521.

    I understand delays, but what bothers me the most is not knowing that there were delays at the time of my order.  I would have gladly bought another Dell, if provided honest, on time information.

    Only buying over the WEB allows companies like this to behave in a way someone would never do if looking you in the eye….it is a shame that since this is probably Dell’s best channel to sell product, they have not put the human touch and common decency around communications. 

    The poor girl that I spoke to yesterday finally was pleasant, but knew nothing.  I know now that I am probably one of 150 people she spoke to yesterday.

    I stumbled onto this communication by accident, not through an email link in yet another email delay notification.

    I will now be forced over the weekend to take my other daughters stand alone from her room and temporarily give it to my other daughter at college. 

    It does help that the kid has a computer to do her homework or perhaps Dell can write a Doctors Note: Sorry your kid can not do any work for class – her computer is being painted by brush and a 60W bulb needs to be installed – pls refund her Dad’s tuition back…

    Only in America…. 




  314. Well it seems that although Dell may not be paying attention to our
    complaints, other sites are. Check out this PCWorld article which uses
    a few quotes from this blog.,136443-c,notebooks/article.html

    I’ve also seen similar articles on many different websites. So while
    Dell may not be paying attention, at least its not their little well
    kept secret anymore. I also found these articles about the delays which
    has me a little bit concerned. Seems these delays may last all the way
    into November.

    In any case just thought you all should know. At least some people
    are taking notice of this problem. Again I am requesting that everyone
    that is still waiting fill out a complaint to the Better Business
    Bureaus voicing your concerns and how long you’ve been
    waiting. Like one poster said, “You actually DO NOT have the system you
    sold to me and according to the authorities that does constitute fraud”.

    Well thats all for me this post. Good luck everyone. 

     – Nicholas

  315. I ordered a Flamingo Pink laptop on the 4th of August along with a messenger bag that matched.  My ESD was and always has been 9/7 for the laptop and 10/12 for the bag.  On 8/15 I ordered a matching mouse and a Belkin mousepad/carrier with ESD of 8/30.  Until yesterday on the mouse and mousepad the ship date remained the same, even though I recieved my mousepad on 8/17 and the mouse shipped yesterday.  So they are shipping merchandise out.  I am a little nervous about not getting my laptop on this date, because of all the orders from July getting delayed to September.  I am really not in a hurry to get my laptop.  I am just really excited and anxious.  I too have dealt with the CSR’s with heavy accents where you have to repeat yourself over and over to get them to understand what you are asking about.  Very Frustrating.  But I will wait this out and hope that Dell gets things straightened out.

  316. I received the email this morning stating they had changed my ship date to 09/05.  Surprise, surprise, surprise…  Any ways I was out shopping later in the evening and got a call from a Dell CSR.  They informed me that my ship date had changed.  I said I know it was changed to 09/05, “which is ridicules”.  She said no your ship date is 09/10.  I informed them that I had received a email that said my ship date was 09/05 along with calling customer support and them to informing me it was 09/05.  This is getting a bit out of hand.  I ordered my pc on 07/14, 1st ESD 08/01, 2nd ESD 08/21, 3rd ESD 08/28, 4th ESD 09/05, 5th ESD 09/10.  Come on Dell get with the program here.  You’re a fortune 500 company and you service right now is pathetic.  One thing that is really scaring me is how well my warranty will be covered if anything happens to this so called laptop.  I’m on the hunt for a different laptop now. 

    Inspiron 1520
    T7500, 2.2GHz
    Spring Green
    2GB, DDR2
    8600M GT
    160G 7200RPM
    Intel Wireless-N
    Dell Wirless 355 Bluetooth Mod

  317. For those of you who are interested here is a link to PC Magazine.,1895,2174169,00.asp

    Please note that the red 1330 will not ship until September 27th!!! I ordered that one on July 5th with a ESD of August 22, then August 29, now September 5th…only to read that it has all along been estimated for Sept. 27th.

    Either this article is completely incorrect or I have been lied to many times over.

    Why did I have to find this out from an outside source? Why could Dell not have been honest in the beginning? Check out the date on that article!

    I have reported this to the Austin, TX Better Business Bureau…and I have contacted some of the online geek sites telling them what’s up.

    I see that there have been no new posts on this blog for awhile…and I see that Dell is not saying a word about these new shipping dates. Do they really think that by not speaking they are somehow going to make this go away? They are not shipping anything lately…look at the other forums.

    I am getting an image of a bunch of snickering Dell execs sitting around the conference room reading some of these posts and betting on how long their customers will hang in there. And to think they don’t even have a product to sell.

    Would it be legal for me to start advertising a non-product, take orders, bank some cash and/or put a hold on credit cards, and then simply keep pushing the shipping date? How long could I get away with it? Is this even legal?


  318. Lionel,

    are you filtering all the posts today…. I’d like to see my comments from yesterday and earlier today appear.  I’m sure I did not say anything inappropriate.  In fact, my comments were positive… I finally got my laptop and wanted others to know about it….


  319. I too am fed up with the delays upon delays.  I ordered a spring green Inspiron 1520 on 7/13 and have not received anything yet.  My last conversation with a CSR today had a ship date of 9/10 – almost two months after my order!  I was told black is available but based on comments above I am SKEPTICAL

  320. I keep trying to post but mine mysteriously never appear…..anyway, I ordered the 1521 on 7/26 with an estimated shipping date of 8/14.  I now have a revised ESD of 9/5.   First it was the color (midnight blue) now it’s the LCD screen.  Customer service has been abysmal.  I can barely understand most of the people from Dell.  They told me to cancel my order and reorder with a different color and screen.  I ordered this laptop as a gift for my niece, for college.  She is missing assignments because she can’t run to the computer center on campus every five minutes to check her email.  HP is no better…..I forwarded my Dell laptop specs to HP and asked if they could provide me with a comparable laptop for a comparable price and received an email back–in barely intelligible English–asking if I could tell them what I wanted in a laptop.  I guess I’ll have to buy a Gateway at the local computer shop so that my niece has something, but I have filed a BBB complaint and highly recommend that all of you do the same. 

  321. Regarding this post…..that laptop is on CC’s website for $1899–more than twice what I paid for my 1521.  Does anyone have any other suggestions??

     Mark said:

    I left a message yesterday about Velocity Micro X25 available at Circuit City online now.  This 15.4″ laptop has stats that beats Dell 1520/1521 for the same price.  But does not have pretty colored lids.  I have not seen anything on this site since that posting but more of the same complaints.

    Dell does not have to worry about customer service, because all its customers do is complain and wait – and wait and complain.  If you want Dell to hear you, do a little reseach on this computer.  Cancel your orders and Buy a better Computer for the same price. 

    Please let hear about some Cancelled Order  or Feadback regarding this alternativeon on this site. Let Dell know that they have real competition and the Dell customer can go elsewhere.


  322. Dear Michael Dell,

    Thank to you and your company we are now #3 in laptop sales. I think you are like #4 or #5, so please update your CSRs. We are selling MacBooks like crazy, while you are screwing your customers.

    Could you also tell your “victims” that if they really need laptops soon and don’t want to deal with viruses and that pesky Vista, please consider our great products.

    Please keep doing business like that, because it helps our marketshare.

  323. I recieved my 1420 White edition today, about 5 weeks it took, i like it the notebook, very bright and fast.I am a tad bit angry at the delay time, but i say it’s worth the wait it it’s good quality 🙂 And i seem to enjoy thusfar, so i forgive Dell



  324. I’m also waiting for a pink 1721.  My husband ordered it for me on 7/30  for my birthday on Aug. 16.  Well, that came and went with no computer.  Yesterday, I also had two delays.  First from 8/28 to 9/5, then within a matter of hours from 9/5 to 9/10.  I’m really getting discouraged.  I have not seen any pink 1720/21s go out at all.  I’m wondering if I’ll ever get it.  I’m really close to canceling.  If it’s not shipped by 9/10 like they said it would, then I’m going to cancel and get a pink Sony.

  325. For my birthday gift, my husband decided to buy me a new laptop.  Being a bit of a geek, I couldn’t imagine a better gift than going to Dell’s website and configuring my own system.  We thought we had ordered in plenty of time for my birthday on August 19 since we placed the order on July 16.  I was disappointed that my estimated ship date was almost a month out (August 14), but I decided to keep the order since it would arrive by my birthday and I was really excited about the system I chose.

    August 14 came and my laptop was delayed to an ESD of August 28.  Yesterday was August 28 and in the morning, my laptop was delayed again to September 5 only to be delayed a second time last night to September 10.  The CSR told me that the September 5 ESD was sent out to many people in error.  Three different CSR’s have told me that they have “expedited” my order and I’m still almost two weeks from my ESD.

    I’ve been given multiple reasons for the delays.  Yesterday morning, I was told that the LCD display was the problem.  After yesterday’s second delay, I was told that it was the color (spring green) and the webcam. 

    I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve been compensated because I’m supposed to contact Dell when I finally get my laptop, but so far, I think I’ve been given a $50 coupon and free overnight shipping.  I suppose I could try to get more by calling more often – I think that strategy has worked well for others, but I really just want my laptop.

    I realize that this is not the CSR’s fault and I’ve always done my best
    to be as polite as possible.  The location of the CSR I’ve dealt with
    has had little to do with the service I get.  I’ve come across very
    good and very poor CSRs in both the US and India.

    I’ve worked for a tech company that had supplier issues and I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Dell with their supply problems.  As customers, we can’t put any heat on their suppliers, all we can do is put some heat on Dell and hope it encourages them to iron out those supplier relationships.  If nothing else, it gives Dell some ammunition to use when negotiating with suppliers. 

    It’s very frustrating that the things that make Dell special – getting to configure your own system and cool color selections – seem to be the problem.  I’ve read posts from really excited people praising Dell for finally shipping their orders and when I get my laptop, I’ll probably be one of them (I’ve heard they really are great!).  I think it’s sad, though, that it’s come to customers being elated when things go right.

  326. This has been a pretty poor performance all around but this takes the cake.  On a Live Chat with a CSR I was told:


    “As you are aware, Dell is not the original
    manufacturer of the product ordered. At times due to the non
    availability of the product from the manufacturer we are unable to
    process the request, which results in an order delay. We at Dell try
    our best to tre”
      at all
    orders as urgent and provide speedy delivery. Only under rare
    circumstances we are unable to fulfill our estimated delivery date

     Since when has tell made the public aware that they are not the original manufacturer of the product ordered?  Components, ok. But the whole thing? Is Dell just eBay only in Texas? What a pathetic excuse.

     Dell took orders from most of here knowing the product would be delayed. It’s sketchy behavior no matter how you look at it. Count me as someone else who’ll never buy Dell again.

  327. I, too, was in the 8/28 group, which I was just notified today was pushed back to the 9/5 group.  However, when I called Dell “Customer Care”, I was told that the date in the system is 10/1!?!?!  How, in the span of 3 hours, does my date go from 8/28 to 9/5 to 10/1?  This has gotten WAY out of hand.

    I work at a university, and am seeing the effects of kids not getting their machines in time, and quite a few unfortunate ones getting their orders canceled with no notice.  How you can advertise “Back to School” (STILL!), is way beyond me.

    Time to pull the commercials and print advertisement, stop sales, and focus on catching up  In all my years in the computing consulting business, I’ve never dealt with a situation like this… 

  328. Has anyone else who ordered Flamingo Pink noticed on their order confirmation the color being “Deep Metallic Pink”??

    I know it sounds trivial…but when I think of “Flamingo Pink”, I don’t picture a “deep, metallic” color at all. I’ve tried calling customer service about 6 times to make sure they got my order right and have been put on hold for literally hours…and no suitable answer when I finally get somebody.

     Anybody know if Flamingo and Deep Metallic are the same??


  329. Like 99% of you, I too am totally frustrated with Dell’s lack of honesty.  I placed my order on 7/14 for a Spring Green Inspiron 1520.  Ship date estimated on or before 8/2, revised to 8/28, then on 8/28 it was revised to 9/5, then on 8/29 it was revised to 9/10 -WILL IT EVER ARRIVE?!?!?!?!

    And like many of you, this laptop is for a college student – as a matter of fact – it’s for my 1st child going away to college.  This delay is also very frustrating in the fact that she won’t have it in time for school and that she won’t have any leadtime to learn the Vista package, which, I’m sure, is a challenge in itself .

     Dell, you should have told us upfront that there were problems in production.  Instead I’ve been hanging in there hoping that today will be the day you send it out.  AND now it’s way too late to cancel and order a different system – if you would have been honest in the initial order timeframe I could have made that decision and I wouldn’t be on this blog telling you how I am so utterly frustrated, angry, and sad with your company.

    I feel betrayed……..

  330. Ordered an Inspiron 1721 July 14.  The ship date has been extended three times now, latest ship date as of yesterday now says Sept 5th, 2007.  I’ve been checking the order status myself since Dell has yet to take the time to contact me when they back ordered my notebook computer three times.   This is the worse service I’ve ever received from a computer company, and the last time I’ll buy from Dell again.  I called Sales about changing the color to black, and at the time of my call they said they had NO COLORS in stock, not black, not white, nothing.  Hopefully this system will arrive at my door before the configuration becomes obsolete.

  331. I find it interesting that the delays for the color tops are now all 10 workdays and below for the 1520.  Yet people who ordered in July are experiencing further delays.  When I ordered my Flamingo Pink 1520 laptop it was at 16 days which would have put the ESD at 8/27, but my ESD is 9/7.  Ok so they add a few days for cushion, I don’t blame them.  I was assured that the color top was the only thing I was waiting on (of course who knows the truth.)  I expect on 9/7 to get a delay message.

     You would think with all the cancelled orders they could actually get some orders out by taking the tops of the cancelled orders and putting them on the next orders in line.

  332. I am sure that it is just coincidence but it is sort of funny that as some customers talk of reporting Dell to the Better Business Bureau and to various news outlets, along with folks chatting with their lawyers about options I am now seeing some folks posting that they received their products quickly, they are so happy, the wait was worth it, and they all are so forgiving. Then there are even a few posts now commiserating with the poor CSR’s. The timing is too sweet for this, I mean, just when the media might actually be reading this blog I start seeing a smattering of positive posts.

    I am so paranoid now.

    A total conspiracy theorist.

    Need therapy.

    Thanks Dell.

  333. Hey everyone that ordered a pink notebook I would advise you to cancel your order ASAP. I finally got through to an operator that was not in India who told me that the pink color was never shipped out in any computer and has yet to be received by the company. She said the earliest ship date of that would be Mid November but there are so many orders from July that anyone who ordered late July or August wont see theres till December or if they cant get the color all pink orders would be cancelled. Dont keep hope and keep wasting your time cancel the order and go to a Best Buy or get the pink SONY which ships out in 1 day.

  334. My previous comments were not posted, even though I didn’t use any bad words or call anyone names.  Kids have started school without a computer and we placed our order in June.  After learning today the ship date has been bumped AGAIN, I am done.  I just cancelled my order.  This was my first and last order with Dell.  The funny thing is I went with them because someone told me they had great customer service.  Sorry Dell, you dropped the ball on this one.  I am very, very disappointed. 

  335. I am glad I didn’t wait for the 8/28 ship date…originally 8/2.  It looks like very few people are getting their machines.  According to the press, probably not until October or November.

    Remember folks, all computer manufacturers use the same chips and suppliers. Dell just buys the parts and puts them together.  They have little if any proprietary parts.  Just the case the machine comes in…so wait if you want for your color.  The guts are not that different.

    There is a reason that HP has caught up to Dell.

  336. Hey all. I just wanted to point out how amazing it is that about 60% of the posts on this page so far came just from the 28th. Just goes to show you have many people (including myself) were holding on for the once magical, now mythical 8/28 ship date. And now most of us are stuck with the new mythical date of 9/5.

    Its nice to hear of the one or two that got the 9/5 date and then a few hrs later the status turned to shipped but far more people (in my opinion way too many) had the complete opposite happen and had their date changed from 8/28 to 9/5 to 9/10 all within a 15hr time period. Thats just plain ridiculous.

    But I guess all we can do is keep holding on to hope that the day will come when we wake up and find our status changed to shipped. Although if you caught my earlier post with the website links about the delays, we may all be in for still more disappoints.

    P.S. An upgrade to overnight shipping is not compensation. I hardly consider something that values around $20 adequate compensation for being repeated misled and lied to. Nor is $20 worth the 8 weeks of my life that I’ve so far spent waiting for this imaginary 1720 system I ordered.

    P.S.S. If anyone actually did get their system shipped out I think we would all appreciate them posting it to let us know. From over 100 posts I’ve read on here today it seems like only 3 or so people actually got theirs shipped.


  338. After Mark’s post about the Velocity Micro at Circuit City I thought I’d share some of my research into alternatives. The Velocity Micro machine is not at all a substitute: It’s a comparable machine, yes, but much more expensive ($1899 for 15.4″), does not have the same quality hardware available (specifically the Nvidia graphics card and 7200 rpm HDD option), and is from a relatively “no-name” manufacturer. I’m loathe to trust Velocity Micro (or Acer, Winbook, etc.).

     The closest substitute I’ve found is the HP 6500US or the Sony Vaio FZ series (in the 15.4″ range), both of which are very similarly priced and configured. Neither of these machines come in color options (the least of my concerns really) and neither of them offer 7200 rpm HDDs or the same quality video card. The NVIDIA 8400M GT is half the speed/power of the 8600M GT. The closest thing in configuration is a Macbook Pro, and those cost ~ $800 more than the Dell.

     So far, having scoured through Toshiba, HP and Sony’s sites, I do not see anything that offers the basic hardware I want in my machine (I’d like a machine that can work as a decent gaming rig) at the price point I can afford. So I’m pretty much a hostage to Dell at the moment — they have my order (since 7/23), a hold on my credit card, and the machine I want. Until I can find a machine with similar configuration options (and within a couple hundred dollars of Dell’s price), I’ll wait… It’s sad, but true…

  339. I ordered a 1521 on August 12, Black, with a ship date of 8-24-07.  8-24-07 came and went.   I called customer service (or should I call it NO

    SERVICE)  person was reading from her script of it was the color – I said no, it is black, she then retracted that and said it was the PROCESSOR.  (No where above do I see anyone else has been told there is an industry wide processor shortage).  I asked to speak to a supervisor, who also did not understand or speak English.  I got the same load of bull and the same scripted words.  I asked to speak to his supervisor and was told I would get a call on Saturday.  When that call didn’t come in, I called back and got “Katherine” , she also gave me the same script, when I called her on the fact that they all have the same exact words, she became angry and asked me “what did I expect, they were in another country”  If I ever hear “I will do my level best to help you” again I will scream.  I told her I wanted to speak to an American so they would understand what the issue was and why I needed this notebook.  That never happened.  I called several more times and was given the same run around.  I finally called sales (I finally got someone who speaks and understands English)  I pretended to order a new system.  Gave him all the specs and he gave me a ship date of 9-6-07.  I then asked him if there was anything that would delay shipment in my order, processors, lcd’s, etc.  He assured me that everything was running smoothly and it would be shippped as promised.  I then told him I was sorry and I had set him up, explaining my problem.  He was very nice and got his supervisor who was also understanding, they were able to move my ship date to today (we will see).  They were both horrified by my experience, and could not believe that customer service was so bad (that part I find hard to believe)  I will be contacting  him again today (yes, I got his phone number and e-mail) to make sure it ships.    This will be my last Dell for that I am sure.  Good luck to us all, we need it.

  340. Well… I too am one of the unfortunate to be delayed. I placed my order on 7/20/07 for a Pink 1721 for my wife. It was delayed from the original ESD of 8/13 to 8/28 to 9/5. I too called and chatted online with Reps from Dell with the same standard response that we all have gotten, it seems. I placed the order when I did knowing that it could take 30 days until I received, that is what the sales rep told me. I placed the order because both my wife and I attend school online and she will be out of town for 2 weeks staring 9/13. You would think that having a 30 day window we ordered well enough in time for her trip. I now have fears, like many do, that she will not have it in time. When the order was delayed the first time I understood as things happen. I therefore called about the status the day before it was supposed to ship on the ESD of 8/28 and rep told me that everything was fine, on track, and would be shipped as scheduled, it was not. But, because of this information and being told it would be shipped we went to Verizon, purchased a broadband card and started service. Now, it has been delayed again and we have to pay for a service we can not use. When I contact a rep today I was not offered any compensation and when I explained the situation to the Rep he stated the same line I had been given every other time. The University of Phoenix Online offers Dell computers to there students with a small discount, a great service to the students to buy a quality product. I am a student but I am also an employee of the school. Because of this experience and that of the others having problems I have contacted a few Executives at the school to inform them of what is happening. I hope that they can light a fire under Dell’s feet with this and further customer service issues. The University has well over 20,000 (just a guess but fairly close) employees and faculty and we all use Dell computers exclusively. This is one reason why I felt comfortable with purchasing their product; I have used a Dell desktop for well over 4 years now with very little problems, if any. We are a major account for them I am sure and by giving them some insight into what is happening they may reconsider maintaining the schools account with Dell. I am not sure if it will make a difference but I have to do something because things can not continue with the Dell the way they have. Maybe losing or the threat of losing a major account will help them understand. That of course is wishful thinking.


    Hoping for no further delays and some resolution,



  341. I read a prior post from Mark and looked into the computer from Velocity Micro. It is  awesome and blows away dell.  I decided to build from the Velocity Site instead of order the stock X25 from Circuit City.  I will get a custom paint job and be much happier.

    Better Processor, larger HD, better Graphics Card, same price and I won’t be lied to about the ship date.

    I CANCELLED MY ORDERNo more waiting for me. A better computer and zero Del-lies.  Thank you Mark.

    Buy Bye Dell! 

  342. And when all this is sorted out, Dell will remove these blog pages and our comments will be forever lost.

    I see also not all comments are getting posted…

  343. I say everyone who is completely unsatisfied with the progress of their order to just cancel it. Why go through this ordeal? Just have some mercy on yourselves and go with either a Mac, HP, Sony, Toshiba, or a Lenovo. They’re all great brands and you’ll get what you’re looking for in a timely manner…

     …that way it pushes my order up to the top 😛

  344. I ordered my Crimson Red M1330 on 12-7-2007

    The shipdate is pushed to 15-10-2007!

    Thats over 3 months!?!?

  345. Today is the day

    My  ESD is today, as many of you have received the Dear Customer email, I am waiting with false hope, I spoke to the Dell Rep 2 days ago, and they said it will ship today. If for some reason I get back ordered from Dell today, I will inform the Government services that I purchased it from about the vendor not being able to handle orders properly.

  346. So I ordered my flamingo pink 1720 on 7/29 and got a ship date of 8/20 on the 20th i looked on line and it was changed to the infamous 8/28 date on the 28th i got yet another delay till 9/4 i looked today and it said 9/5 i looked at it again 5 minutes later and “SURPRIZE” new date of 9/10. The date chaged in 5 minutes??    Come on people.

    LOL after I called and complained to the non english speaking CSR I just got a phone call from dell 4 hrs later informing me of the delay.

    I am in the Customer Service Industry and if I treated people this way my boss would fire me in a heart beat.

    I predict dell will be out of business very soon.

  347. I ordered my pink 1420 on 8/7 and have a ESD of 9/6. The way things sound I’m trying to be positive and hope that by next week a lot will go out. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait much longer without some kind of compensation.

  348. 2nd post on this thread. I just got online and ordered a “mock-up” version of exactly what I ordered on 8-22. It had an ESD of 9-26. That’s two days earlier than my 1st (so far) ESD (9-28). Is it possible that things may just be turning around for the betterment of us; the customer? Anyone out there with any idea/opnion? I know I just ordered but I’m right in here with all of you…wondering/waiting.


  349. I just checked my status and my laptop has finally shipped

    Ruby Red 1520

     Order date: 7/23

    Original ESD: 8/9

    2nd ESD: 8/23

    3rd ESD: 9/05

    Actual Ship Date: 8/29


    Stay hopeful, looks like they are actually shipping some before the 9/5 ESD

  350. @ RebekahC…. I believe it is the same color … because when you look at the pictures (because that’s all we’re likely to see for the next month and a half) the pink color is more metallic than “flamingo-ey” ….


    Just received an automated Dell call that said my product was STILL backordered but that it was to be shipped on or before September 5, 2007. I mean be for real. My only bit of hope is that those who have 17 inch laptops and order dates slightly before mine are beginning to get theirs. I feel sooooo dumb for talkin about my NEW PINK LAPTOP to all my friends who were going back to school with their same old laptops….and here I am in school today with my old Dell Inspiron 9200 from December 04… Where’s your new pink laptop… “don’t ask…”

    Pink Inspiron 1720

    Core Due 2.2 GHz Processore


    Originally ordered 7/19/2007

    Build Stage as of 8/29/2007 @ 7:00 pm EST (for the last 41 days)

  351. Well, Dell and DHL came through today.  This is not a gloating post – but someone earlier on asked if those who recieved their Inspirons would post updates so here goes.  I ordered mine orginally on 7/14 – that order was lost.  Reordered on 7/17 – then the lost order was found and I had two orders.  Cancelled one.  Original ship date of Aug. 3. Pushed out to August 28 via automated phone call from Dell.  Called my CSR August 26th and left a message that I needed an update.  Next thing I know the order status is showing shipped on the 27th.  Laptop arrived today.  It is a 1721, Ruby Red with webcam, 160/200 upgrade, ATI etc.  It’s very nice, and I am happy with it so far.  I’m hoping that Dell is getting  it’s act together for the rest of you folks waiting – I feel bad that more of these orders didn’t get shipped.  It’s a shame what Dell has done with this situation and I hope they intend to speak up and own it. 

  352. How about this one.

    My order of the *Western Digital* passport drive is delayed: it is “in production,” the order status site says. But … Dell doesn’t make these, they only sell them.

    (These drives are available all over the place, without delays.)

  353. HEY DELL………Wanna buy a bridge???????????????????  How about you Lionel????????? Any takers?

  354. Additionally, everyone short-sell Dell stock (NYSE: DELL), this may be the only way to get through to this company.  I ordered a Blue Inspiron 1721 on Saturday and it is saying that the machine will be shipped on 10/2/07.  This is not acceptable because by then it will be a month old and not the “latest and greatest” yet I still paid full price for it ($1,950).

  355. I have just canceled my $2,500 order for my 1720 flamingo pink inspiron along with all the software and extras. Hopefully this will allow someone else to get theirs sooner.

    Just in case someone from Dell reads this, I don’t mind waiting for the computer. I figure if I can’t get any customer service buying my computer, I can’t be assured of receiving the service I paid for either.

    I also sold all my Dell stock today…. before it’s too late!

    Sad to go, but no one at Dell cares anyway.

    Little Blue





  356. Wouldn’t it be interesting if as a block of customers, we could approach another computer maker and get a deal which would make it worthwhile to cancel with Dell and reorder with someonelse.

  357. Kevin – thanks for clearing that up.  I’m not glad you’re waiting for a laptop too, but I admire your support.  And just to clear my position up – I was not upset that you’re supporting Dell.  It was the “outwitting” each other remark that did it.  As you probably can see now, there are a lot of people waiting, and waiting.   And that remark just seemed to invalidate it all.  I definitely agree along with you, that I want a quality product.  And I would have been happy waiting for quality – if that wait was presented to me upfront, so that the decisions I made regarding it were made with all my cards on the table.  Dell took that away from a lot of us when they decided to play things out this way. 

    Dude – I don’t hate ya!

    I’m glad to see some other people have contacted the press. I contacted ABC at the beginning of it all.  I hope this gets more exposure in the Press, because unfortunately, I think that is the only way Dell is going to take ownership of this fiasco.  I am expecting my Dell today via DHL – frankly, even though I have the tracking number, I’m still a little doubtful until it actually gets here.  I don’t know if my 1721 shipped because I ordered it through the Public Sector portion of Dell.  And that’s the crux of the matter – there aren’t any clear answers of why some Ruby Reds, or Greens are shipping and others aren’t.  None of the reasons we have been given make any sense – they are not consistent.  And that just lets the overall feeling of being lied to by Dell permeate the whole sitiuation.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it one more time – I can deal with honesty – even if it’s bad news.  But this feeling of being treated like we don’t deserve a real explanation – sorta makes you feel like Dell just doesn’t take their customer base seriously enough to treat them with the respect they deserve. And that just baffles me. 

  358. In response to:

    RebekahC said:

    Has anyone else who ordered Flamingo Pink noticed on their order confirmation the color being “Deep Metallic Pink”??

    I know it sounds trivial…but when I think of “Flamingo Pink”, I don’t picture a “deep, metallic” color at all. I’ve tried calling customer service about 6 times to make sure they got my order right and have been put on hold for literally hours…and no suitable answer when I finally get somebody.

     Anybody know if Flamingo and Deep Metallic are the same??


    I ordered my Inspiron 1521 in Flamingo Pink and it in fact does say Flamingo Pink. I would say they got your color wrong. Big shock there.
  359. I ordered a 1520 in jet black about three weeks ago, and the site indicated there may be delays if I chose anything other than black or white. That pretty much influenced my choice. 

    It didn’t seem to make much difference though, it didn’t really seem to be built at all during that entire time. ESD was the 30th, and considering it hadn’t finished testing by Monday, I figured it was going to be delayed.

    I figured I’d have to wait a little while longer, and ended up canceling my order yesterday after finding a better deal on a 1520 elsewhere on the Dell website, getting a model with a faster processor and bigger HDD for the same money. I knew essentially I was moving myself to the back of the line. I found this site afterward and was shocked about how so many people were experiencing terribly long and insufficiently explained delays.

    I got my order number today.  No estimated shipping date was provided. That part of the email is blank. 

  360. I just WISH I would have saw this blog before I ordered my laptop.  I ordered a Flamingo Pink 1521 8/27 and I stumbled across this link wondering why after only two days my order has already been pushed back twice….I just wonder why they give out ESDs that don’t seem as bad and then the next day after already charging it they start with the ESD change…..Especially when this has apparently gone on for a number of months…..You think they would atleast post something on their website saying they are experiencing difficulties all around and the orders may be delayed or cancelled……but I guess only responsible companys do that……

  361. I think we should all start posting links to this blog on any message board or forum we visit.  I am sure that there thousands of people out there who think it is just their order that is being delayed.  I had no idea of  the scope of this fiasco until I stumbled upon this blog.  I have been pushed out for the third time.  There will not be a fourth.  If I get another delay notice I will promptly cancell my order and buy elsewhere.  This is my fourth purchase from Dell in the last 5 years.  I have never had anything other than praise for Dell.  All the praise I had for Dell in the past is out the window.  Now when I talk to people I don’t seem to remember the good points, all I remember is how I am being jerked around right now.  I always heard that for every 1 customer you make mad you have to make 10 happy to compensate.  The numbers are rapidly stacking up against Dell.

  362. My husband is a government contractor and ordered one hundred Dell computers for the State Dept. about a month ago. Well, the computers arrived this week—without the monitors! And no notice of when the monitors would be shipped! That’s going to do them a lot of good. We better hope that nothing happens that would require those computers. Meanwhile, I ordered a laptop for my niece on the first of August. She started classes at college this past Friday without a computer. My ship date is still showing as yesterday. No updates, no apologies, no anything from Dell. Shame on you, Dell. When I ordered, there was no mention of a delay in production or shipping. I have Dell’s at home and at work, but this fiasco has made me re-think my customer loyalty. It’s difficult to be loyal to a company that doesn’t seem to care about it’s customers. I’ve e-mailed, called and on-line chatted with Dell several times—to no avail. And there was no mention of any compensation. An upgraded/extra warranty or perhaps free insurance would be appropriate, I think. Anyhow, if the compuuter doesn’t get to my niece within short order, she has asked me to cancel and I’ll shop for a substitute. Too bad the government’s regulations (and red tape) prevent them from doing the same.

  363. Well, August 28th came and went just as i knew it would. Still no Green 1721. Which is exactly as I figured it would be. Ordered on July 19th. ^ weeks ago. I am a project manager at an architectural firm. I have seen complete buildings built in 6 weeks or less, also with a shortage of materials. Dell is a joke. I am even more of a joke for continuing to wait until the new magic ship date of Sept. 5th. Which is another day that will come and go without a laptop. Good luck all.

  364. I placed my order for a spring green inspiron 1521 on July 27. My original ship date was 8/23. That was pushed back to 8/29. Last night before I went to bed, I checked, and my ship date as still 8/29. This morning when I woke up it had changed to (you guessed it!) 9/6/07.

     AN HOUR LATER it had changed AGAIN.

     Twice in one day….

    So, now I’m looking at a 9/10 ship date. To the Dell Customer Care reps, I was very nice to the gal I spoke with despite the fact that she talked in circles and offered me nothing but a $60 coupon (as if I weren’t too gunshy to try ordering from Dell again?!) and an assurance that my ship date is 9/10 and I should receive my laptop by 9/17. Really? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    It wouldn’t be so infuriating except the continued bombardment of ads for the laptop I can’t seem to get on TV, in the newspaper and so forth. It’s like adding insult to injury every time that commercial comes on. Seriously, Dell, is it WORTH IT to continuing advertising something that is causing nothing but ill will with existing customers, to get future customers for a product you can’t seem to produce in a timely manner? I’m trying to be patient… but this is insane.

  365. Nothing new here. Ordered my Midnight Blue 1521 end of July with an original ESD of 8/22, now the ESD is 9/10. I have talked with at least three CSR’s and can’t get a consistent answer other than ” I am so sorry for the inconvenience.” Umm, right. I even asked if I could change the color to black. They said sure but it would place your order at the end of the queue and increase the ESD. Nice customer service there buddy.

    Well I contacted a local news station here and gave them the links to this site and another related site. Maybe they will think it news worthy and run the story. Who knows, it may go national. Next stop – Consumer Reports.

     Good luck to everyone who is still waiting. Some day our computers will come.

  366. This is unbelievable. I ordered my laptop 8/24 (that’s right, August 24). I was really careful not to order anything with the whole “will delay your order” because I needed the computer as soon as possible.

    No mention that my computer would take more than the average of 2 weeks (I have bought a number of Dell’s, both laptops and desktops, before and this was the longest I have ever had to wait).

    The took my money and that was it. The only reason I know my laptop is delayed is because I checked that status online (the email they sent me confirming my purchase didn’t have a ship date).

    And then I had to find this site in the most roundabout fashion.

    What a waste of time. I ordered a Black, no webcam, Inspiron and it is still delayed. Oh and to add insult to  injury, a CSR told me that I didn’t have anything holding my production up. What?? Then why do I have to wait over a month for a computer?

    Will definitely cancel my order if I don’t receive some type of discount on my system or some communication from Dell (and not just a CSR email).

    Should/Will buy a Mac.

    Dell, I will never buy your product again. You lied to me.

    P.S. My bag and lowjack were delayed too 

  367. Cancelled my $2,200 order today.  Could not wait half way into a semester to maybe receive a notebook ordered in July.  Also don’t forget to close your dell revolving account so as not to have too much unused credit sitting there affecting your credit score when you go w ith a Sony or HP from another source.

    For Christ’s sake this is not a space shuttle rocket boooster engine, just paint on a notebook computer.

    What a mess.

  368. OK – I just went to BEST BUY and got an HP laptop!  SO BYE DELL AND THIS IS ONE MORE ORDER YOU WON’T HAVE TO FULFILL!!!! 


     SEE YA!!!!

  369. Was in a store last night and heard a Dell ad playing on one of their TV’s… It was actually using lines like “buy now for back to school” and “yours is here.” I didn’t care about embarassing my husband, I loudly proclaimed “Yours is not there!! They’re lying to you!! Buy Gateway!!!” I had another customer ask me why I said that and I explained… spread the word any way you can. If Dell won’t stop taking orders, maybe we can get people to stop placing orders!

    Anyone looking for a Spring Green 1521 has now been bumped up a spot in line because I canceled mine yesterday! They had the audacity to ask me WHY!!!! Everyone needs a little comedy in their day I guess.

  370. You cannot tell me that at this point you don’t realize there is a problem with the colors you offer for the Inspiron cases and therefore hold up taking new orders.  We just received a new catalog for the Inspiron in colors today!  Go figure!

    We placed our order for a yellow Inspiron 1700 series on 7/11/07.  Here we are, 7 weeks later… no computer.  We have received the printer… which we have already been billed and had to pay for… although we have NO COMPUTER TO USE IT WITH.  Our son is now off at college without a computer. The same computer we were promised by Maribel, Dell employee 01167370, that would be overnight delivered to our home this Saturday, September 1.  That promise was made last Friday.  Low and behold, we were contacted yesterday that there was yet another backorder date.  Arrival is expected to possibly be September 6th.  Eight weeks after our original order date… and that is if it isn’t again back ordered.  Because my sons college classes start next week, we have to drive up to his college again this weekend to deliver him our old laptop and then if the order we placed finally arrives next week… we get to drive back to his school again to deliver the system.  Talk about major inconvenience!  We were offered $50 to cancel our order…. WOW… were the heck would that get us???

    Adding salt to this wound is the fact that I can’t help but wonder if this “color” problem is really the “problem” at all.  The third person we spoke with finally stated that what seemed to be the problem was the color.  That person advised us that we could speak with “order modifications” and possibly remedy the back order.  You see… we don’t really care what color the computer is.  After being transferred a couple of times we spoke to a person that told us “no, color wasn’t the problem… the processor and the video card were back ordered.”  That was all yesterday.  Today… you guessed it, we received another phone call that our order was further delayed.  When we called today, we were told that the color and the web cam were back ordered, but we could not make any modifications to the order.  Tell me….. Who is correct?  If you work for Dell customer service do they just put you on the phone and say “have at it” “use your own judgement”.

    This is our first and right now I would say, our last order from Dell.  Makes me really worry about the 3 year service plan we purchased for the computer.  Will Dell be there to service it and what kind of service will it be?  “I’m sorry you are having a problem.  Our technicians are back logged for 8 weeks.  I’m sorry you don’t have a computer to use and this is a huge inconvenience, but we will give you a $50 credit towards another service purchase at a later time.  Thank you for calling Dell.”

  371. I have bought several Dell computers for work and personal use and this is the first time I have ever had a problem. My order has now been pushed back twice. I spoke with a CSR and CSR supervisor yesterday and was basically told absolutely nothing….the final excuse I was given was that the reason they could not ship on time is because they sold too many units. At the least they should get their stories together.

    Dell is going down hill at a very rapid pace and that is truly a shame.

  372. In response to Give Dell a Break,

    Do you really think you would be still waiting patiently if instead of getting your system in 20 days it had been twice that long and still no computer.  What if you had 5 yes 5 delivery dates?  I bet you would be on here complaining just like everyone else.  Its easy to be patient when you are typing that message on your new Dell.

  373. WHERE IS MY DELL!???!?!?!?!





  374. I ordered a black 1420 on 8/23 with an ESD on 9/19.


    So much for getting a plain color in hopes of expedited service… 

  375. I left a message yesterday about Velocity Micro X25 available at Circuit City online now.  This 15.4″ laptop has stats that beats Dell 1520/1521 for the same price.  But does not have pretty colored lids.  I have not seen anything on this site since that posting but more of the same complaints.

    Dell does not have to worry about customer service, because all its customers do is complain and wait – and wait and complain.  If you want Dell to hear you, do a little reseach on this computer.  Cancel your orders and Buy a better Computer for the same price. 

    Please let hear about some Cancelled Order  or Feadback regarding this alternativeon on this site. Let Dell know that they have real competition and the Dell customer can go elsewhere.


  376. You never post my comments….and I was nice the first time….must be that “preferred customer” list again

  377. It is very confusing how some systems are being ordered later and getting shipped first.  I ordered in July with an esd of 8/13 then it went to 8/28 now it is 9/5.  Why are others being shipped earlier with the same system and color.  Whats up dell.  Customer service is sadly lacking

  378. Oh and i was nice….so publish the last comment i made…since you didn’t publish the one from 2 nights ago…like i said…i WAS nice….now you play nice…..oh i forgot…you work at Dell…no play nice there right???

  379. Dell just left a message and i’m so happy……………delayed again….I’m calling Dell now!

  380. I’m just curious. Has anyone that ordered a 1720 blue laptop gotten any notice of their system shipping yet? Or even in the “boxing” or “testing” stage? Because I order mine back on 7/13 and its been stuck in the “production” stage ever since.

  381. Ok, so here I am reading these boards every day since I also have a pink laptop on order. I also ordered a pink messenger bag which they have already shipped to me and it sitting in a corner in my office crying because it is so lonely without a laptop in it. I finally got around to initiating a Dell Chat today and got the following response.

    Ordered Pink 1521 on 8/5/07

    Original ESD date was 8/31/07

    New ESD 9/4/07

    • Your order number XXXX, for the system is in production. The estimated shipping date is 9/4/2007 and the new estimated delivery date is 9/7/2007-9/11/2007. 
    •   So  it appears to still be on time then?
    •  As you are a valued customer, I can send the request to get the order expedited, however, I cannot commit any particular date in this regard.


    • X, currently the processor of your system is backordered.
    • For how long. This is getting a bit old with the delay
    • I cannot commit a particular date in this regard
    • We have a special team that will stay in touch with you via e-mail and will keep you updated with the information regarding the delay in order.
    • we are trying our level best to ship them as soon as possible

     Unlike most of the blogs, my date has only been moved once so far. I have always ordered Dells and I probably always will. However, I will always make sure I have plenty of time to wait. I dont think that this fiasco will happen again with Dell, but you never know. Also, I have never recieved any type of communication from Dell regarding the orginal delay.

    I will keep reading the blogs daily and wait to see if my date will be pushed back. I saw several people who have ordered before me whose dates have moved to October. So wait &see. I already have a laptop that works fine, I just really wanted a pink one…

  382. Like a few others I ordered through the EPP Buy and got a good deal of about $510 off my notebook which is one reason why I’m sticking it out. My company does have an arrangement with Apple, but the discount is nowhere as good as Dell’s. The other 3 computers I ordered (2 laptops, 1 desktop have long since arrived.)


    Accessories:  I ordered a Belkin Laptop Sleeve in Dove/Peony as well as Lojack Protection with Flamingo Pink 1720

    I received the Lojack Protection CD @ the end of July. I received my Laptop Sleeve on August 1st. Dell broke my orders into 2 separate orders. The notebook was one, the lojack and the sleeve were in the other. Even after my 2nd order was shipped, it was not updated on the Order Status page and when I called Customer Service they didn’t understand why I was getting bits and pieces of my orders at different times. 🙁 Its a sad state of affairs. I’m now on my way to my first class (Computer Science Major) without a laptop… depressing…


  383. It wasn’t until after I placed my order on August 24th that I got an ESD of Sept. 10th. I’ve ordered three Dells in my life and each arrived at my door exactly a week after ordering.

    Dell should have been much more transparent about the fact that so many systems are being delayed over and over. I am very worried that my 9/10 ship date will be pushed back as so many others have. If it is I will immediately cancel my order and buy an HP.

    My laptop is not a trivial purchase. It is downright insulting for Dell to pretend that their supply chain is in perfect order, only to show what terrible shape it’s truly in AFTER the computer has been ordered. Spending $1,600 may not seem like a lot to Dell executives, but as a college student it’s what I make in a month! I expect a lot more from a company when I hand over that much money.

  384. So has ANYONE here recieved a pink 1720/1721 laptop yet??? I just checked my order status and my computer has been delayed ANOTHER 5 days, in just one day! Now i’m not to expect my computer untill 09/10. So what that really means is tomorrow i can expect an ESD of 09/15. I placed my order on 07/30. This is ridiculous…everytime I see the Dell commercial with my laptop being advertised I want to try my tv out the window.

  385. I cannot believe this.  I had a ESD of 9/10 (I ordered it on 8/10) for an Inspiron 1420.  NO SPECIAL COLORS.  I ordered 2 batteries with the thing.  I decided to remove one of the batteries from my order.  BIG MISTAKE!  Just for removing A BATTERY!!!!!, now I have to wait another month!?  Dell, come on now!  You mean to tell me that now I have to wait till September 25th for an order placed on 8/10?  How about using some common sense here?  It’s the same order.  Just take one of the batteries out of it.  Don’t punish me.  Geez!

     Let me pass along to you all something.  I work at a business that uses Dell products.  The company is ordering laptops.  Care to guess what the turn around time is for them?  7 – 10 days.  Yep, no kidding.

    I have been a big Dell Supporter.  Everything I have has came from Dell.  I believe in their quality.  Their quality of customer/technical support has fallen since they have outsourced it. But, I haven’t had to use it much, so I have stuck with them.  However, I have reached a point now where I just can’t overlook this anymore.

    I’ve emailed them with my lack of satisfaction with my order.  I’m not sure if it will make a difference or not.  Dell seems to care for businesses than individual customers.  Why don’t they go the way of CDW and Insight and provide services for businesses only?  If they don’t resolve this issue with me, they will lose another person’s business.

  386. It looks like the 17″ Inspirons are the ones being delayed because of a severe shortage of screens.  I ordered a 17″ and a 15″ inspiron in mid Jul.  I received the 15″ within two weeks but am not happy with the 17″.  The orignial ESD was 8 Aug but that was changed to the 28th and then changed to 5 Sep.  My son left for college without a computer.

    What is happening with Dell’s reliable good service?

  387.  I keep hearing the same thing about the CSR’s: We are told what to say, it is not us personally, don’t blame us, it is the managers, etc, etc, etc.  Lets get this straight I don’t think anyone believes that the CSR’s are “personally” responsible for this Dell delay problem.  It is ridiculous for anyone to believe that.  There have also been posts about the language barrier.  Lets be honest if you call the customer service line and the CSR can barely speak english no offense to them, I am not requiring anyone to learn english, but they can not effectively communicate with the customers.  Especially when you request the language to be english.  If you can not communicate with the customer I would think that would cause frustration on both ends of the call.  So in general no one blames the CSRs they are not responsible.

      Now with that said, I quote one of the bloggers: “And speaking of managers, we were also told never to hand a call over to a manager or supervisor; if a tech asked to speak to a manager, we’d hand the phone to one of the other CSRs, who pretended to be a manager instead. In my opinion, that’s a pretty crappy idea, but that’s what we were *told* to do, and none of us fancied the idea of losing our jobs by sending a call to someone we were explicitly told not to.” (NOT A DELL CSR, quoted from someone who used to be a CSR for another company. link here:

      Reading that makes me very angry as it should any customer.  Customers are told to call the CSR line with any questions about the products they have ordered.  How is it when you call and are lied to in many different ways, and come to realize this fact, are you not allowed to be upset?  If someone repeatedly calls the CSR line getting different answers to the same questions which overall don’t answer the question anyway, why should the customer be happy about this?  Again I want to emphasize this has nothing to do with the CSR’s personally I am talking business practices in general, because as we have seen the CSR’s are being told what to say.  So I understand the complaints of the CSR’s that they do not want to speak to angry customers but when you know you are deceiving the customers, don’t be so naive as to think the customer is going to call talk to you with a smile on their face.  If you know this then be prepared to accept this anger until the companies you work for decide to be honest to the customers. 

      So to the CSR Rep who has been responding on the blog, I understand your frustration, but don’t threaten me with compensation you obviously have no authority to give and I have yet to receive.  Both you and I are frustrated so instead of taking your frustration out on the customers why don’t you talk to the people who are “telling” you what to say.  I can assure you that once you are not told to lie to us anymore I think the customers will be less angry.

  388. Dell,

    Why don’t you pay your suppliers, so that you get off of “credit hold”, then they will send you the components you need to complete your MASSIVE backorders.

    If this doesn’t get published I know I hit the nail on the head.

  389. Is “In Production” the same as “Build” ?If so, why haven’t I ever seen anything but “In Production” ?

    This is really unbelievable…I can’t believe something like this could get me so worked up.

    Kind of like a stampede at a soccer game or waiting to get a seat on an airplane when they’ve overbooked……but WORSE 




    Here’s a copy/paste of part of an entry YOU posted on July 14th under the title Direct2Dell One Year Later.  I made sure certain points stood out

     Just about every time someone wants to talk to me about Direct2Dell, they ask my perspective on corporate blogging. In the past year of running the blog, here are the things we’ve learned that stand out to me:

    • Customers really are in control—and it’s okay. I think more companies are starting to acknowledge this, but it’s a concept that scares the heck out of them. I’m willing to bet that this is still a key reason less than 10% of Fortune 500 companies maintain a blog.
    • Ignoring negative issues is not a viable strategy in the blogosphere. If you aren’t prepared to discuss negative issues head on and actually fix what’s causing the negative conversations, be ready to fail publicly. A big reason why I’m still blogging away a year later is because lots of people at Dell are committed to taking feedback from customers and doing something with it. The action piece is a critical.

    Let me tell ya this. YOU are ignoring negative issues in this blogosphere. And many of us customers are going to take OUR Control and cancel our orders. I have seen nothing that indicates that you or anyone else has discussed this issue head on (which usually means BEING HONEST) and I see no indication of the cause being fixed. I see nothing being done with the customer feedback other than an annoying CSR posting entries that just tick us off some more.  The critical ACTION PIECE is no where to be found.

    While I found your entry quite entertaining, I find no honesty in what you wrote.  How can I, or anyone else who has been waiting for weeks, even MONTHS in some cases, believe ANYTHING you say when everything  you say seems to contradict something else you’ve recently said.

    Hey, Ever hear the saying ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!?

  391. The reason people who recently ordered are getting them more quickly is because they had to pay a heckuva lot more for them.

    Try reordering the same configuration that you ordered in july and you’ll see what I mean.

    If you have a bushel of apples and thirty are already bought and paid for for 22 cents each and you find out you can now get 52 cents each you sell the 52 cent ones before they change their mind and who cares how long (hopefully never) it takes to sell one for 22 cents…..

    maybe I shouldn’t have used apples in my analogy……lol

  392. Well let’s try this post again, since they won’t post my five previous posts..and they were nice. I just called Dell…now this guy starts out telling me the problem with the computer I ordered is the LCD…and suddenly the problem goes from being the LCD to being the color, that you’re having “paint issues”  ….but wait..didn’t you just tell me the problem was the LCD??  Now I see from some of the above posts that people are being compensated $100, so I ask about that….he says: no problem…i’ll put in a request…so I asked him if he guaranteed that request….now this is where the fun begins…..NO, he can’t guarantee the request, all he can do is ask for it…it’s not up to him to give credit.  So to those of you who are expecting a credit, printer, carrying bag, etc…..beware….you probably won’t get them.  This is my third ESD….yesterday afternoon it was 9/5…but all of a sudden last night it has changed to 9/10.  He asked me if there was anything else he could do for me, i told him he could go buy me an HP….you know that went over real well.  So when is this going to end???  He has no clue.  So until then, I’ll wait….with high hopes of $100 off and free overnight shipping…..I won’t hold my breath, not ready to die just yet.

  393. The Flamingo Pink notebooks are merely a preety mirage they are no where in sight…might as well cancel your order if your waiting for one unless u want urs next year.

  394. Ordered my daughter a 1420 on July 15th.  Original ship date was 8/3.  Mid July it moved to 8/7.  On  8/7 it moved to the magical 8/28 date.  Yesterday 8/28 it moved to September.  I called to cancel the order – they took my info, had the nerve to ask why I was cancelling, then said they coudln’t cancel it and had to transfer me somewhere else where I repeated the whole process.  My daughter started college 8/20 so I needed a laptop for her.  Drove over to Staples yesterday and bought a very nice Toshiba laptop with a bigger hard drive, web cam, integrated stereo spekaers, larger screen for the same money including a free Canon priinter (which I didn’t need but will make a very nice Christmas present for my nephew).

    My biggest complaint is the fact that the delay notice came on the actual ship day – the first time at 7:00 pm.  You can’t convince me they didn’t know a week earlier it wouldn’t be ready?  I called a week in advance this last time to ask with what certainty it might be built 50%, 70% and was told it would almost certainly be built. 

    So my advice to all of you waiting and in need – cancel your order and buy somewhere else.  These blogs mean nothing to them.  To make them listen you need to hit them in the pocketbook.

    I had purchased 3 Dells in the past.  So far this Toshiba seems pretty good so who knows what will be running on my desk next time an upgrade comes around – would have said most likely Dell in the past but not so sure that will be the case going forward.

  395. I checked the status page and see that my ESD is now 9/5…that will make it 8 weeks of waiting. Of course that will change again, of that I am certain.

    I think that what we are seeing is Dell trying to keep us hanging on. If they were to tell the truth about the delays then most of us would bail. So what they are doing is baiting us…small, one week pushes, not enough to make us want to bail yet enough to continue buying them some time. At the same time they are selling these products knowing full well that they cannot deliver.

    This is not just a laptop problem. They can’t seem to ship anything right now. Notice the silence? These clowns will not answer our questions because the truth will send us running and they know it. Supply issues? I think not. I am starting to believe that this is a cash flow problem…perhaps a credit problem.

    If it was an above-board problem that wasn’t Dell’s fault we would be overwhelmed with information from the company explaining why we have been dealing with these incredible delays. But due to the silence I am quite certain that this is indeed a Dell problem and they are not going to come clean. It is too late for that now. They have tried to stretch the truth and perhaps lie a little and now they are in a bit of a corner because of it.

    The CSR who posted the feeble tantrums on these threads was nothing more than comic relief…and quite possibly a sign that Dell has some serious internal issues to iron out. Allowing this clown to post flame-bait to your already enraged customers was incredibly foolish if not callous Lionel. Bad move. Of course to see that as a problem would require that you understand what we are going through and actually care a little, something that you obviously can’t do…your silence proves it.

    I have been contacting the major online news outlets and describing this situation. I hope that others here will do the same. This needs to get out in the open. Perhaps a little investigative reporting is in order since Dell will not talk to us about this latest round of delays. I am also contacting the BBB as other here have suggested. 

  396. I also ordered July.  The 26ht to be exact.  I’m still waiting and waiting and waiting.  My son left for school last week.  Thankfully he still has his desktop.  I sincerely hope that the wait is worth it.  I think I will pull my hair out if there is a problem with the processor or something else after all this time, waiting.  This laptop, 1521, ruby red, will be my 6th Dell computer and maybe my last.

  397. OK, My ship date was extended yesterday for the fifth time. I called and tried to get an anwswer, left a message and received no callback. This morning, the ship date was extended five more days……. Will this computer I ordered on 22 July for my daughter to use at college be a Christmas present or what.

    I really don’t need excuses, I want cold hard dates that you can meet. If it is never, then tell me. It sounds like changing colors gets you nothing but additional delays. I think with the amount of disgruntled customers that you have that you would have addressed this issue in this forum and tried to post real ship dates.

    I have had great luck with Dell before, but a new Sony that I can pick up at Best Buy is starting to look good. I will not wait much longer or for too many ship date changes.

  398. I’m in the same boat as all of you ESD 8/15, 8/22, 8/31.  Now today 8/29 after checking my order status it says SHIPPED.  Wow I’ll believe it when I see it on my doorstep. It is still going to be one day late for my daughter to take with her to school. Even though we are willing to wait for this order to arrive, I don’t want to forget the pain and anguish we are all going thru and order from Dell again in the future.  I hope to learn from this mistake. 

    If you are ordering through your childs college,  you can talk to someone (Bradley) from Higher Education Dept.  He spoke english and was very nice to talk to.

    My fingers are crossed for my delivery wish me luck.  Hope all you get yours soon!

  399. Has anyone else who still has the 9/5 ESD…mine has not been pushed back yet at least….called the 1-800 number to check their Order Status and been told they are now in the “Boxing” stage?

    Mine was still “Build” yesterday…and somehow I missed “Testing” (that’s kind of scary)….but I don’t know how much confidence to put in anything I hear these days.



  400. Okay….so I’ve notified that my ESD has been pushed out to 9/5.  Well the CSR that has been tracking my order and calling me every 3-5 days called me after my first post here.  It was a rather interesting conversation.

    She started the call with many long pauses. 

    Me:  Hello (I already knew from the caller id that it was Dell)

    Long pause….Hello?

    Abu:  Is Jennifer there? 

    Long pause, 10-15 seconds

    Abu:  This Abu calling from Dell.

    Me:  Yes.

    Abu:  Your order is in produciton.

    Me:  Yes I know.  I rec’d the email today stating is was going to ship to 9/5. 

    Abu:  No, it is going to ship September 5th, 2007.  All of the delays have been resolved.

    Me:  Why should I belive that.  Are you sure it is going to go out 9/5?

    Abu: No, it is going to ship September 5th, 2007, and they are telling me there are no more delay, that it is guaranteed to ship on or before the 5th.

    Me:  You have told me that before.  That is what you told me last time and the time before that.  How do I know that it is going to ship?

    Abu: I will call you on August 31 with the tracking number. 

    Me:  Okay, just so long as you don’t cancel it again.  I will wait, but I am getting tired of waiting.

    Bascially the call was over.  She kept correcting my date as if 9/5 and September 5th were two different dates.  I didn’t even debate that or the fact that she said it would ship on September 5 but would call me on August 31 with the tracking numbers.

    This is really a joke.  I like the idea that people are contacting the media and attorneys.  Considered running it past mine today.

    I was so in love with Dell.  Even when my techy brother made fun of me.  I defended you DELL!  I even got him to buy a laptop from you.

    When I asked for compensation previously they didn’t understand my question.

    I am shopping around for Mac and Apple now.  If I don’t get my laptop by 9/6 I will cancel and I will never return.  Kiss my DPA goodbye.

  401. I ordered a 1520 Pink laptop on July 30,2007 from the AAFES website. I still have a ESD of Aug 17 and again called to check the status. The CSR was really nice and such but truthfully said the estimated dates are NOVEMBER 3rd. I did not hear September or October at all! I am in a bind on what to do because I got such a great deal. I thought I should throw that out there because of the fact that she was so truthful. *sigh*



  402. Reported to the BBB in Austin, TX

    What a sorry state of affairs when a customer needs to go through this kind of nonsense just to try and get some honesty from a company.

    I used to love these folks… 

  403. h He he he – did you gys read the Press reelase issued in Round Rock posted by Linda anbout Customer Service? Even the Communications Department at Dell cannot get a simple press release right.

    ” Dell today was named number one in customer satisfaction for standards-based servers in the Technical Business Research (TBR) Q2 2007 Corporate IT Buying Behavior & Customer Satisfaction Study: x86-based Servers1. “

    The research company is NOT Technical Business Reaearch (TBR) but in fact TECHNOLOGY Business Research (TBRI).

    In customer service, its attention to detail that counts!

    Oh well………

    Lionel, you still there?


  404. Well, like so many others, my ESD has now been extended to 09/05.  Now I’m waiting for it to move to 9/10 or maybe sometime in October.  The truth is, I don’t mind waiting for my Ruby Red Inspiron 1520.  But it really disappoints me to see Dell conducting business they way they are.  For example, I spoke online with CSR yesterday and they told me this…

    08/28/2007 – 3:09 PM:  “Thank you for staying online.  As per the records, the estimated date for the shipment of the order is 08/29/07.  We do not foresee any delay as of now.  However, if there will be any, you will get a notification e-mail from Dell.” 

    Today they emailed me this notice…

    08/29/2007 – 4:33 PM:  “Although we had anticipated being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected delay and have adjusted the estimated ship date (see Revised Estimated Ship Date below).  Click on the Order Status bar below to view the current status of your order.”

    Frankly, I think the company is either being extremely dishonest or they are really confused.  It’s bad enough that there are so many “Dell-ays”!  (The responses on this forum and others like are growing exponentially.)  But they also seem to be okay with the idea of people cancelling their orders.  To date, they have given me the following option on several occasions…

    “…you may cancel your order by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 1-877-868-3355.”

    It’s obvious that Dell didn’t expect their new line of Inspirons to be so popular.  It is just as obvious that the company probably shouldn’t have introduced the new Inspiron line at the beginning of the school year right beside the new XPS 1330.  And if you do cancel your order right now, you will not only be pushed to the back of the line, but you will also be paying about three to four hundered dollars more for the same computer.

    The bottom line is this.  Dell has already lost it’s number one spot to Hewlett-Packard as the largest computer maker in the U.S.  And I imagine that if all of these “Dell-ays” continue, the company will eventually be pushed down below Acer (which has just purchased Gateway), Sony, Toshiba and Apple.

    Michael Dell just took the helm again as CEO this year (I think it was in January).  And it seems to me that he needs to lend a voice to this situation.  The truth is, it will probably take months for the company to sort out this mess.  But it may help soften the blow, if customers know that those at the top actually care about what’s going on.

    One more thing.  Do you really think it was a good idea for Dell to lay-off 8,800 employees this year?   

  405. MESSAGE TO KERRI (8/29):


    Believe me, you’re not getting your 1520 in 10 days. Dell is lying to you. You’ll see. Bail out now. Buy an Acer. They’re just as good and you can pick one up at Circuit City and take it home with you.

    BTW: Acer just purchased Gateway today. 


  406. My daughter ordered the Inspiron 1420 with green cover on July 10.  Salesman told us “7 to 10 days” to ship.  Like so many others, we thought we had ordered in plenty of time to have the new notebook in hand when she moved to college on August 25.

    We received our fourth “notification of delay” yesterday, with a new ESD of 9/5.  If Dell sent me an e-mail that said the sun would appear above the eastern horizon tomorrow morning, I’m not sure I would believe it.

    No more waiting for us.  We cancelled today, and I walked in to Circuit City and bought an HP tonight.  It’s up and running; all that remains is to deliver it to my daughter at school (200 miles away).

    I am glad to be done with this.  I may not have quite as much computer in my HP, but, what would I have after the rushed-up production process as Dell builds a gazillion computers to ship on 9/5? 

     Good luck to all those with more patience than I have.  

  407. I ordered my Inspiron 1720 in blue on July 25.  My order has been delayed twice now (the new magic date is Sep 9).  I had to log on both times to find out my order was delayed.  I never received a call or email from Dell about it. 

    I received my wireless router, laptop case, and printer (delayed twice) that are no use without the laptop.  Dell has unbelievably bad customer service; none of the service reps have “any information” about the delay.  On top of it all, the foreign reps cannot speak English clearly. Slow down and annunciate please.  An example of my conversation……I said continually that “I do not understand what you are saying” and the rep thought I was confused.  I said “no,  I am not confused but need someone who can speak and pronounce English words and sentences clearly”.

  408. Although there appears little point in doing so, I would like to add my add my comments to echo this long list of dissatified customers and vent my frustration.  On July 22, 2007, I ordered a Dell Inspiron 1521 (Ruby Red) for my daughter who was going off to college.  The original estimated shipping date was August 8, 2007.  We thought that was perfect!  She would have the machine in plenty of time to get it up and running and get used to it before leaving.  Wrong!  As August 8 came and went and no computer was delivered, we began to worry.  We checked the order status on the Dell website and were dissapointed to find the estimated ship date had been delayed to Aug 28 (no call from customer service to alert us to this extended delay, no e-mail, no communication from Dell).  Uh oh!  Her freshman orientation was Aug 23.  Sadly, we moved her into her dorm on the 23rd without a computer.  While her roommate received a courtesy visit from the tech squad at the school to make sure she was up and running without problems, my daughter sat there like an orphan.  She had trouble registering for classes without computer access (fortunately, she was able to use her roommate’s computer after her roommate registered, but she was locked out of at least 1 course due the delay).  We promised to ship her computer to her as soon as we received it the following week.  Wrong again!  On Aug 28th (yesterday), when we checked the order status on Dell’s website to make sure the computer was shipped (again, no courtesy call, no e-mail, no explanation), we learned the estimated ship date had slipped again to Sept 5. 

     I AM FURIOUS WITH DELL FOR THIS TREATMENT!!!  The original order should never have been processed with an estimated ship date of Aug 8. Dell is not being honest with its customers.  Moreover, I should have been personally contacted when the shipping date was moved back by 3 weeks at this critical time of year (back to school season), and yet again by another week. 


     I called Dell today (Aug 29th) to see if Dell will guarantee that my order actually will be shipped on Sept 5th.  I spoke with a nice lady in Dell’s customer service department and her supervisor (in the Phillipines) who both apologized for the delays (which are not their personal fault, after all). I was offered a $75 credit, a Dell carrying case or a Dell printer as a goodwill gesture. (I accepted the credit since I want nothing further to do with Dell products.) After the supervisor “personally verified” my order status, I was “sort of” guaranteed that the system would ship on or before Sept 5.  If not, I will cancel the Dell order (once again, dissapointing my daughter) and buy another computer (in person, in a store) and bring it to her in college myself.  We can’t wait any longer.  The apology, the $75 credit, and the “promise” of Sept 5 shipment, while certainly appreciated, are not satisfactory for me. I feel Dell cannot be trusted. 

  409. I posted earlier today (8/29).  I would like to add the following thoughts to my earlier post.

    First, I have to give Dell credit for permitting the unfiltered criticism of its customers to be posted on its own website.  That takes a lot of guts.

    Second, I just checked my order status and it indicates the Ruby Red laptop I ordered for my daughter at college has been shipped today with an honest to goodness DHL tracking number and an estimated delivery date of 9/3 – 9/5.  Could this be evidence of the reversal of the tide of late orders or simply a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease?

    Third, I hope some of you are seeing the same thing and would appreciate hearing about it if you are. I see from the comments that many of you, like me, are long time, repeat Dell customers.  If my machine arrives during the estimated delivery window, and works properly (and that’s key), I will have to reconsider my earlier pledge to avoid this company’s products in the future.  At this point, however, the jury is still out.

  410. Well my story is pretty much the same as everybody elses.  I ordered an inspiron 1521, Flamingo Pink for my special needs daughter to start in a new computer based school.  I ordered it  on 7/30 first esd 8/22 which was worrisome.  Then changed to 8/29 and now 10/1.  Like everyone else I have been on the phone and online with Dell for hours upon hours and getting the same old party line.  I have spoke with managers in India and the U.S. but still it will be shipped on 8/22 or 8/29.  Now I have noticed that this Blog has been discontinued except for the archive after the last person gave CBS’s phone number.   I also called them and left the particulars and hopefully everyone else will do the same.   Very strange that with all these problems Dell’s stock is still up base on their “Back To School Sales” according to CNBC.   Get the media involved so others wont be in the same situation we are in.


  411. After many many many delays to my red Inspiron, the order was cancelled and I got a nice shiny black Macbook instead. Thanks Dell, I got the computer I really really wanted thanks to your production problems!

  412. I know I am lucky….  My black 1520 arrived this morning.  I actually held it in my hands! Everything looks good, but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

     Anyway, I just wanted to throw out a positive comment.

    Good luck to those of you that are still waiting. Mine took only 20 days from order to delivery.  Longer than I would have liked, but not nearly as bad as some of the sad stories detailed here.

    Dell, please recognize this disaster for what it is and make some changes!

  413. I ordered a Flamingo Pink 1521 on 11Aug.   My ESD was, and still is 18Sep.   I’m hoping that my ESD doesn’t get pushed back, looks likely though as most of you have had yours moved 2 and 3 times already.     As I don’t need for work or school I’m willing to wait until my orginal ship date, but have been exploring other alternatives just in case.   

  414. Me again, I’m now in boxing stage!! Fingers crossed it ships in morning;-) Looks like there is a lot of red tops boxing and shipping. Below is a pretty good site to get info also. Here’s hoping our waiting, LONG WAITING, is coming to and end soon!!!!!

    Inspiron 1720
    Ruby Red
    17″ HR Glossy
    128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400
    160G 5400 SATA
    1st ordered 7-18-07
    reordered 7-23-07 ~ To correct my mistake 🙁

  415. The delays were horrible. First 2 weeks, then 6.  I waited on the customer service line that I was given for over 2 hours without getting through. The order status page was never updated. The IM response in customer service was just stock answers…no solutions.

    My daughter was about to leave for college so I canceled my order and bought an HP.  She is happy with it.

    But here’s the rub, they have debited my bank account even though the order was canceled.

    I like dell products, but not that much.  They should worry.. Acer just bought Gateway.

  416. Well I’ve been checking my order status practically every 15 minutes afraid to get another delay, but I just checked it and it says my order has shipped!! 

    For those keeping track it was a Ruby Red Inspiron 1520 with several upgrades (free RAM and HD upgrade, best video card, better sound card, etc) and I ordered it on July 25th.

    From what I’ve seen it looks like the Ruby Red orders are moving now but the Flamingo Pink is still back ordered 🙁  I wish you all good luck in getting your orders!!!


  417. Also got delay to 9-05 yesterday, called status line this morning and it was in build. Thot I’d try again just now and it said I was in Kitting!!!!!!!!!! Lordie got my fingers crossed that it’s for real LOL 🙂

     Inspiron 1720
    Ruby Red
    17″ HR Glossy
    128MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400
    160G 5400 SATA
    ordered 7-23-07

  418. I
    ordering my red 1521 on 13 July expecting to have it for my return to college
    this past Sunday. Like so many others, I had high hopes for the magical 28
    August ESD, but after being delayed yet AGAIN, I cancelled right away. Today, I
    went to Best Buy and picked up my new red Sony Vaio and I LOVE IT! I think
    the Sonys look so much better than the Dells anyway and all I had to do was
    grab it, no delays or silly excuses and finally, I have my laptop for college!
    I’d highly suggest to anyone fed up just to cancel and go to Best Buy. They
    have plenty of options. I have always owned Dells, but after this little fiasco
    and being lied to about ship dates and delays, I’ve lost all hope in Dell. I’m
    actually sickened to know I have a Dell desktop sitting at home. I’m replacing
    it with a Sony this summer. Never, never again, Dell! I feel sorry for those of you still sticking around!

  419. I just got a new delivery date,,,,19th of october. called CC and they confirmend,,,canceld it and wont come back

  420. It is very sad that a very good company like Dell has fallen apart.  It is not bad that they have delays.  But tell the truth as to why and when we can actually expect our computers.  I ordered mine in july promised 8/13 then promised 8/28  now let’s try 9/5.  I was told that mine was because of color. I ordered the brown.  I was told to call order department and they could change the color.  When they do that however they cancel your order and you start all over.  Dell please let me know by email when I can expect my computer.  I need to decide to wait or cancel

  421. I ordered my Inspiron 1521 on the 13th of August. My ESD was for the 27th. However my new ESD is September 4th instead of 5th like the rest of you are saying. I still have one year of high school left, so I’m not in too bit of a hurry to get but it still is frustrating. Can someone tell me how fast I have to reply to stop my order from being cancelled if it gets delayed again. I’m surprised the news haven’t covered this whole situation yet.

  422. There MAY be some hope.

    I ordered my Spring Green 1520 w/ web cam on7/26. That was originally to be delivered on 8/17. Went through various delays.

    Yesterday alone I went from 8/28 to 9/5 to 9/10.

    Logged in just now and it says SHIPPED and has a DHL tracking number.

    However, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Now, what exactly is holding up my stinking sleeve and mouse?

  423. I Ordered a 1720 BLACK COVER and its STILL delayed 4 weeks!!!

    So this Color talk is nonsense! Why is my 1720 delayed 4 weeks if I ordered the Black color???

     I ordered it on August 11 and shipping estimate is Sept 6……

  424. Well, my first and second ESD came and went, and so did my business.  I won’t be back.  If you had been honest on the first delay, maybe I could have waited till who knows when, but it is obvious that the magical 8/28 date was a big lie.  Shame on me for not cancelling much sooner.

  425. I think we should all start calling the news stations as I have just gotten off the phone with CBS. They think this is a great stroy and are willing to go all the way with it.  They say that all of us having problems with Dell should call.  The number is 818-655-2290.  I am supposed to receive my Flamingo Pink 1720 laptop around Sept. 21 because it is supposedly supposed to ship on the 14 of September. Yeah right! Dell seems to have a pattern of delaying things by at least 8 to 9 days.  The new magical date of 9-5-07 will probably be delayed to about 9 days later, which would be in turn my magical date of Sept. 14, 2007. Do we recognize a pattern here. All I want is my laptop that I have already been charged for.


  426. I ordered the Inspiron 1521 in Flamingo Pink on 7/25. My first ESD
    date was 8/14 then 8/28 and then it changed to  9/5. I decided I
    would just wait and see what happens instead of cancelling. Well, today
    it changed to SHIPPED!!

    RebekahC…mine still says “Flamingo
    Pink”. And I REALLY hope its not a deep meatallic pink because that’s
    not what it looks like in any of their adds or commercial.

  427. Ordered Dell 1405 E (now discontinued) on 07/30. $600.00 ESD 08/20.

    On 08/20 first delay notification ESD now 08/27. This one comes only in one color and is a discontinued line but still had delayed.

    Frantic calls to dell support only sympathies no actual help.

    Order canceled on 08/21.

     Round 2:

    Called up CC. Ordered Toshiba A215-S4697 ($600.00) . Picked up from store after 1 hour. Net time taken – 4 hours pretty much the same price and equivalent configuration.

     Dont think ACT…



  428. i ordered my blue inspiron 1721 on 7/16 original ESD was 8/2 that has been pushed back twice.

    the second part of my order was a carrying case and a flash drive original ESD 8/2 and you guessed it pushed back twice

    the last part of my order was a printer original ESD 7/29was pushed back 5 times i did everything the delay e-mail said to do for it not to get cancelled even recieved a phone call asking if i wanted to cancel i said no i do’t want’t to cancel, but guess what they canceled it anyway and then had the nerve to tell me to go back to sells and place the order over again.For what so you guys can delay me 5 more times and cancel it again no thank you . i’ve tried to be patient, i’ve tried to stay calm, but dell has went to far i’m not re-ordering the printer if you cancel the other 2 i’m note re-ordering them, so in case dell can’t comprehend what i am saying i will never and i do me ever order anything made, shiped , or even carrys the dell logo ever again.

  429. has anyone actually gotten their pink Inspiron….not likely…..if you look at and pretend to order at 1420 pink notebook it is the only color that has the link that says may delay your order. The color can not be made and has not been made from what I have gotten out of the Dell CSR after calling about 30 times. Thye keep hinting at me to change my color but I just gave up all together….pink is like a mirage that will never show up instead people with get continious delays and then finally an email cancelling the order due to the fact the part will never show up. PPL should not listen to these reps and either change their order or cancel it and check out SONYS pink computer its actually a better computer if you look at the configuration details or try Mac they have numerius supplies.

  430. Nicholas… I ordered a midnight blue 1721 on 7/16 and the automated phone system I called says it’s currently in boxing.

     I also just received an email from a Dell CSR stating that my order is in the final stages of shipping and will be shipped in 4 to 5 business days.

    I guess I could rip the email to shreds and criticize everything about it, but I’m not going to.  I’m tired and just want my freaking computer already.  It seems so close… yet… still so far away.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

    And because Mr. Lionel Menchaca was requested to slip in a few extra ‘goodies’ (wireless printer/lojack system/enhanced hardware and/or software/enhanced warranty), and I know he will do as requested, I will post here when the computer is in my hands to let everyone know.  🙂


  431. Ordered a pink Inspiron 1521 on 7/25. 1st ESD 8/17. 2nd ESD 8/28. 3rd ESD 9/05. Just checked email and found it was shipped today supposedly. After already checking out the pink Sony Vaio, don’t know whether to be happy or not.

  432. Finally i am getting my 1420 black, oredered on  08/08

    I just recieved an email saying my oreder is shipped, Hope to get it by tomorrow. lets see!!


  433. It’s highly likely that USA Today will be running a story on this issue tomorrow (8/31) in the Money section in conjunction with Dell releasing its quarterly earnings statement.

     Maybe if the press notices, Dell will be motivated to be more forthcoming with its customers about what is happening.

    I, too, commend Dell for letting this thread continue, but it is not enough to give us a place to complain if, in every other instance, our troubles are ignored and questions remain unanswered.

     A sample of recent inane correspondence:

    “I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write to
    us. Your comments are very important to us. We strive to provide the best
    service available, and your input lets us know that we have made a difference.

     Whether the feedback we receive is positive or negative,
    it remains a crucial tool for determining how we can best improve our products
    and services.”


    Thank you for your response. Your request has been documented. If you
    have any further inquiries, please contact our customer service team via
    the web at, or by phone at 1-800-456-3355 option 4.”

    These are both in reponse to emails laying out the situation in detail and asking for confirmation of the estimated ship date and any possible compensation for the long delay.

    As you can tell, they chose to completely ignore my inquiries and send stock answers that are completely insulting in their meaninglessness.




  434. I just received the new Dell catalog in snail mail today.  Inspiron laptops color for the 1420, 1520/1521 and 1720/1721 are being advertised with a color choice of “Jet Black” only. 

    On Dell’s web site if you order “Jet Black” there’s a $50 discount off the price that wasn’t originally there when I placed my order for a different color.  In light of this new discount I called Dell CS and got that $50 off my system without having to change my order to the color JetBlack, and I also received a free upgrade to next day air shipping.  Total compensation for Dell’s screw up equates to $100.  It’s not that much money in terms of what I’m spending for this system but it’s at least something.

  435. The flamingo Pink is the “deep metallic pink” sales reps have told me not to expect the case to be bright pink. its a darker color with a lot of metallic shades.

  436. Wow..I am seeing some optimistic posts all of a sudden…folks are getting their laptops shipped? And now they are all forgiving of Dell…all about going back to that whole customer loyalty thing…after all this. Dell must be proud!

    I have to re-think my position about Dell…I guess they have had it right all along. Lie, take the money, lie a few more times, waste time, stay silent, ship after 8 weeks or so and the customer will crawl back for more. I really hope that Dell’s competition doesn’t get wind of this or they might try the same thing.

    Good luck with those ship notifications, I truly wish you luck. And please do post a link to photos…I am very interested in seeing them…might be the only chance I get to see one of these. 






  438. To all of you who are complaining, stop waiting!!!!!!!!!!! There are other alternatives and even if it’s an inconvenience to go out and buy one or more money to go elsewhere, the damage it will cause to Dell will be far worth it! Complaining and still handing over your money isn’t going to teach them anything! Everyone waiting is just telling them that they CAN do this and get away with it! Cancel your order and demand instant credit or to have the credit card holds instantly released and GO SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!! I was in your shoes… I complained and read this and complained some more… then I said forget it when I got DELLayed again and went out and bought something BETTER. If Dell loses all of the customers who are on this blog and others, they’ll think twice about what they’re doing… if they have anyone left to do it to! They’re losing life long, dedicated customers who will never go back to Dell… my new computer is a Gateway and if I have to buy another one at any point, it will be that or someone else but it will definitely never ever be another dell!!!!

  439. @ Tom = IGNORED

    Funny how some folks will show up here and preach as if they had all the answers. Been waiting long Tom?

     Seems that this situation has folks climbing the walls, I am certainly one of them. Waiting for Dell to speak out a little…

  440. Order date 07/14
    1st EST ship 08/01
    2nd EST ship 08/28
    3rd EST Spoke with support reviesed to 8/21
    Called back and they bumped back to 08/28.
    4th 09/05  same day 5th 09/10

    Get your act together DELL this is the last delay for me.  Its been nearly 2 months since this order has been placed.

  441. I ordered my Inspiron 1520 on 8/6 for college.  Estimated ship date has always been 9/5 so I’m hoping they do get it out in team.  I don’t actually start college until 9/27, but if they do push it back I think I’ll just cancel and go get an HP or Sony.  After reading all this I have no faith in Dell delivering my laptop in time if they do push back the ship date.  As much as I love Dell products–we have 4 Dell PC’s at our house, I can’t sit around and wait for Dell to deliver a product. 

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they get these shipped out on the 5th like they say they are.

  442. Thanks for the feedback on the color, guys. We’ll see when (if) I get mine if it’s “Flamingo” or “Deep Metallic.”

    ALSO, I’ve been reading another forum on They have multiple threads dedicated to Dell’s shipping problems. But, apparently (a few) people HAVE been getting their Flamingo Pinks! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

    Maybe this is somewhat encouraging after all……

  443. Belkin messenger bags:  I was curious why so long of wait for the bags.  So I did a search and found a Belkin website that had “available soon” by all the bags.  So Dell hasn’t shipped out bags, because they are not available to them yet.

  444. Add me to the list of college students without a computer.  The first ship date I was given was 08/02, so I figured I’d have plenty of time, even with an unforeseen delay, to get my computer set up with all the programs I’d need for my classes that started 08/21.  When my shipping date was pushed back to 08/28, also with no notice from Dell, I was forced to borrow a computer from my employers with a promise I would get it back to them by mid-September.  Now the ship date has been pushed back to 09/05!!  Like most of the people commenting on this site, Dell didn’t notify us other than an email telling us the FCC required us to confirm that we did indeed want to continue with our order.  I wonder if I would have been left in the dark forever if I had not taken the initiative to sit on hold for hours with Dell customer service.  I was also promised an upgrade to next day shipping, which isn’t reflected in my order status at all.  I was offered the same shipping “upgrade” the next time I spoke with a Dell representative, which makes me think that the shipping has never been, and still isn’t, upgraded.   If my laptop isn’t shipped on 09/05, like I was promised by at LEAST three Dell employees, I’m also going with a Sony.  Even though it has a smaller screen, that sacrifice is worth the piece of mind knowing I’ll have a computer before I graduate.

  445. Thank you so much Dell for automatically canceling my order last week (after I waited for six weeks).  It finally made me realize that I’m never going to get a computer from you.  I went with HP and after only three business days they built and shipped my laptop.


    For everybody else still waiting, if you want to experience true customer service call HP.  Even if you are not going to place in order call them and just feel the difference over the phone – they are great. 

  446. Am i right to think that my order is delayed because every one who wanted the colours are delayed?

    i didnt have a colour on mine

    and its been pre production for 2 weeks


    way to go dell


  447. I enjoy Dells a lot, but i would really like an answer as to why there are so many delays.  Supply shortages works for you, but for us…you are one of the biggest, if the the BIGGEST computer manufacturing business for the general public and you should have your supplies sorted out…even if it means not advertising a product until it runs smoothly.  Tom: I agree with what you say with the exception of compensation.  People should be compensated for waiting over 3 weeks, let alone 2 months, for something that not only has been advertised off the wall, but also that it is coming from such a large company. 

  448. I have to agree with allot of the posts here. I ordered my laptop on 1 Aug and there was nothing that said anything about the delay like DELL claims. My ship and received date have come and gone. No updates and no emails. Calling customer service is by far the worst experience I have ever had. First off they can not even speak English, have no clue on how to answer questions and then just transfer you around to another representative. This is even more frustrating then the delay on parts. Way to go DELL and all other companies that out source to foreign countries. Treat your customers like dumb sheep and see how far you get. I think I am going to cancel my order, spend a little more money and buy from there competitor.

  449. I know this is about laptops, but i ordered an inspiron 530 desktop w/ 19″ monitor and have had 3-4 delays(i lost count)now since this is not a laptop color of paint has nothing to do w/ it. i heard there is a shortage of lcd’s or something and yet i can’t find any forums or talk about these desktops having delayed shipping, am i like the only one that’s ordered this model or has had shipping delays on a desktop? please post if anyone has any info.  thanx alot!!

  450. I ordered my dell Inspiron 1420( T7100)on August 9,2007  they keep giving me the run around to. I personally think the company Dell needs to stop running specials until they can completed what orders they have already. Because remember without customers Dell  will not be in business .  The color I am waiting on is  Jet black.   So I hope this delay process is not for ever .

  451. I agree with Kerri

    Last week the delay on the colors was at 16. Now its at 10. Since we’re going by business days, it would be realistic to expect to wait at least another 2 weeks. Trust me I hope I’m wrong about this. The CSR I spoke to wouldn’t give me a straight answer. Keep those BBB complaints coming everyone. 

  452. I have never in my entire consumer life have encountered a company who hires only incompetent employees as well as managers.  Either there is absolutely no training provided by the company or they are too simple minded to understand the definition of customer service.  Either way it boils down to an American company not caring about the American consumers.


    Dell has shifted so far from the image they started the company with that I have not heard anything good about this company or about the service you provide.


    I have spoken to 20 different employees all in all one dumber then the other the latest “manager” told me if I want to reach a resolution call the following # 1-800-367-9444 go ahead I dare you call them as I have, you will be surprised by two things first your call will be answered by and ENGLISH speaking person and 2nd you will notice you have just called QVC channel (oh in case you are wondering about the manager I pray she gave me her real name is Gayetri she is located in Dell Small business Customer Service and she is a case manager in Hydrobat India.


    I am wondering how Dell will wash their image from the minds of American consumers.  Pass the word people I know I will. How will they explain to the millions of us that this company takes our money receives interest on the money we pay, charges us and in turn we are left as suckers with no product but only the bills???  I have yet to receive a REAL resolution; I have had nothing but lies in all possible accents and atrocious English grammar.  No help from Dell Support, no help from the company…

  453. Dell you treat your European customers like 2nd class citizens. I have been waiting for 2 months. Never will i order from Dell again. Why is Europe left waiting on the whole longer than anybody else to get their computers? Big bad joke from start to finsh.

  454. Thank you Debbie. At least you’ve given me some hope. I order my 1720 on 7/13 (49 days n counting) and I was starting to think no Midnight Blues were ever going to ship.

    Its nice to know that they are making SOME kind of progress with the Midnight Blue laptops. I don’t think I’ve heard of any blues shipping lately. However, it seems they just got in a new shipment of the Red lids so congrats to all of you that are finally having your laptops boxed and shipped.

    Like I said before I’m not a big hurry to get my laptop and I think that is the only thing that has kept me somewhat sane during this disgraceful episode. I’m in the military and while I am taking 2 online classes at the moment, my Dell 8600 (ordered Jan04) is still holding up okay so I can afford to wait.

    But if it wasn’t I think I’d be just about ready to take a sniper rifle to Dell HQ like most college students right about now (just kidding. nobody get any bring ideas). In any case I’m overseas right now so I couldn’t even if I wanted to ^_^ (You’re a lucky man Mr. Dell)

    In any case for the moment I’ll keep holding on. To those that are in the same boat i feel your pain. Hopefully our day will come.


  455. Hang in there guys…

    Ordered Midnight Blue Inspiron 1520 on 7/21. Shipped on 8/29…two delays in there. Glad I didn’t need the computer.

    Huge lack of planning on Dell’s part for all these delays. You can go to the order site and see the delay times for things such as the color varies greatly from day to day.

    Thought about cancelling the order along the way, but couldn’t find a better deal. Probably would have cancelled if the price was comparable.

  456. On 7/22/07 I ordered Flamingo Pink 1520 for my daughter to take to college on 8/11.  No computer and delays as everyone else for weeks.  We were only saved by the fact that my boss had received his daughter’s new Dell 1520 which he ordered on 7/15/07 within one week.  Therefore he let us borrow her old laptop.  

    I went through every frustration that everyone else did concerning the frustration with customer service.   

    I rec’d notification on 7/21/07 as everyone else that me expected shipping date was  pushed back to 9/6 or 9/7.  I was shocked this afternoon to get an e-mail from Dell that my computer was shipped today.  I tracked on DHL and it shows to be delivered tomorrow!!  Woohoo!!

    Maybe there’s still hope that folks pushed back will be delivered sooner than expected.  What a total frustration.  But from everything that I’ve read about the computer, it’s a great product.  We’ll see….



  457. Sorry to all those who dont have a laptop yet.  I actually ordered an Inspiron 1721, midnight blue, on Saturday 8/25.  At first the ESD was 10/2, but late this afternoon, it changed to shipped.  I have the tracking number and everything.  I just ordered a mini-card for sound and a mouse that is estimated to ship on 9/10, no big deal.  I just cant understand how orders from July havent shipped yet, but mine did.  I didnt even complain to Dell or anything, it must be luck.

  458. YIPPEE, I have a shipping number.  According to DHL it is on a plane as we speak.  All of my 32 hours of phone calls and customer service chats have finally paid off.  I would have cancelled, but they took the money out of my account and it would have taken up to 30 days (according to CSR) to refund it and I had no more money to buy another one at a store.  Once it is in my hot little hands, all copies of e-mails, chats and other notes will be forwarded to the BBB and attorney generals office.  Good luck to all, as you will certainly need it.

  459. Hang in there guys, there is hope… today, my computer shipped! i ordered on july 17th, was delayed to aug 28th then sept 5th, but today i got an email that it shipped, woohoo! and get this, it’s a FLAMINGO PINK inspiron 1420, so there is hope!! good luck to the rest of you.

    and for those who still haven’t gotten compensation, just call or chat with a rep, ask about the status, hold the urge to get mad and try your hardest to be nice…. that got me a $75 credit, as well as a free lap cush thingie! It was hard acting all nice when I was fuming inside, but in the end it’s worth it… Good luck to everyone still waiting. I can’ twait to get my hands on the computer and hope it was worth the wait.

  460. Are you sure Dell is not in politics?  This was the most vague answer I have every gotten.  It is insulting to think that people expect you to accept half truths when it is your money they are messing with.

    Personaly I am canceling my order.  Dell is a fine product and all but so are Lenovo and HP.  It would be one thing if they just came out and told the truth and said sorry but to avoid answering the questions is resentful.

     Dont sell what you cant produce.

  461.    Well according to the website, if you order a new Inspiron 1420 their are no delays on any of the colors except for flamingo pink which carries a delay of 10 days.  Also none of the screen choices have delays either.  So when I first ordered my Pink 1420 on July 10th which at the time carried a delay of 8 days when I ordered, then was increased to 16 days while I have been waiting, and now 10 days as of today.  How are these delay days working?  Because when I ordered it was a delay of 8 days, then my order got delayed to August 2nd and it was still an 8 day delay however I had waited 12 days already.  Then on August 3rd when it was delayed to August 28th the delay time had increased to 16 days.  By August 2nd I had already been waiting 17 days.  Then on August 29th I was delayed to the now refered to as the “mythical” instead of “magical” date of September 5th.  However I have already been waiting a total of 35 days.  So even if you combine all of those delay days together which you can’t but just for kicks you get 8+16+10 = 34 days, I am still a day over the total and I have not even included the 6 more days till September 5th the new mythical date for a grand total of 41 days.

       So what exactly do those delay days stand for.  It is obviously not delays.  What mathematician do you have calculating those days, because I think they need to go back and check their formula because it has a serious flaw.  Better yet I have a suggestion, instead of spending more time running calculus on the formula to fix it why don’t you just say, “Estimated delay time is: X days.”  This would solve all of your problems.  Making the delay days a variable would mean it could take on any value and that would encompass all the changes that you all make and it would be done automatically.  Either way what’s the difference because the numbers are far from accurate anyway so who cares.

        Oh and RebekahC I have that same Deep Metallic Pink on my order too so don’t feel alone.  I clicked on Flamingo Pink as well and the itemized list of components on the laptop has the color listed as Deep Metallic Pink too.  Apparently when DELL creates a color it has two names not one like the rest of the world.



    ANOTHER CUSTOMER GONE!!!  I ORDERED JULY 25th Brown Espresso cover…  And was told the reason for the delay is because of a shortage of glass to make screens!!! LOL!!!  I tried to post that earlier but it didn’t get posted!  4 weeks is long enough but I am not taking any chances on 6 weeks to 2 months!!!!





  463. To previous comment. We look at each issue on a case-by-case basis. My recommendation is to contact Customer Care directly.

  464. Are there any plans to compensate your Dell customers who will have patiently waited 2 months to receive their dell laptops?

  465. To quote your post… “AND now it’s way too late to cancel and order a different system”

    It’s not too late! I ordered a new laptop from Gateway on 8/28 when I got delayed once again from my 7/22 Dell order and it’s going to arrive on or before 9/7 (which is before Dell’s latest “magical ship date.”) I specifically asked my AMERICAN sales rep if there were any delays, back orders, etc and he promised there were no issues w/ the display sizes or any other such nonsense. I also have a direct number to call this sales person again without having to go through outsourced customer service. He was also very helpful in helping me get the system I want at a price I can afford… something Dell doesn’t do. You get what you get with them – and even then you don’t get anything! I would’t be surprised if your AMERICAN Gateway sales rep could get you an expedited delivery date if you explained your situation. They’re very helpful and understanding (of our problems and our language!)

    It’s also a nice bonus knowing that even if you have to spend a little more money, you’re going to get quality customer service before and after the sale in a language you can understand! You know what you’re getting and you’re not talked in circles until you’re apologizing to them for your computer having problems!!

    It’s not too late….. you can go elsewhere and get something before Dell ships your system – if they ever do. Don’t give Dell your money! You’ll still be waiting to give your child that computer for Christmas!


    P.S. If you don’t want a Gateway, I’m sure all of the other computer companies out there are aware of Dell’s major screw up and are willing to work with all of the former Dell customers who are jumping ship!


  467. As I stated before . . . we ordered on July22 and given a August 7 ESD . . . .we’ve had 3 delays and got 3 e-mails asking to confirm that we still wanted the Red 1520, which my son did.  He started college without it.  Our last ESD was August 30 and the laptop shipped yesterday.  We should be getting it today. 

  468. Ok, my order status is now visible and it says 9/26 as a delivery date.

    I’ve discovered I can get a Vostro with the same specs for pretty much the same. Are there delays on the Vostro, or are they pretty much shipping as normal?

  469. Just wondering if ANYONE is actually getting a laptop? It would make me feel better if at least a FEW are shipping.

  470. Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I honestly don’t know what to think at the moment. I just tried calling the automated order status (800-433-9014) system and I actually got through. Many of you may remember that since before the magical 28th event if you tried to call you ended up on permanent hold with annoying music.

    In an earlier post, Tiffany explained the stages of production. “After an order is accepted, it goes into the “Build” stage – where many folks have been for weeks.  After that, it goes to “Kitting“, “Testing” and then “Boxing” to be shipped.”

    However if you’re checking your status online, which was the only opinion of a lot us, then all you will get for status is “In Production“. Calling is the only way to know what stage of production your order is in.

    My Midnight Blue 1720 has been in the “Build” stage ever since 7/13 but when I just called, it claimed to be in the “Boxing” stage. COULD THIS BE HOPE FOR THOSE WHO ORDERED 1720/1721 W/ MIDNIGHT BLUE COVERS? I should be feeling some sort of joy or relief but after delay after delay and disappoint after disappoint I guess part of me just wont let my guard down just yet. Especially when others have been in the boxing stage and then gotten the dreaded DELL-ay once again.

    So I guess for now all I can do is keep checking to see if the status changes again. I’ll be sure to make another post if I hear any news about my order or Dell orders in general.

    P.S. @Selfish, Thank you for pointing out that fact earlier and giving me credit for the investigating I did into the delays.

    “Selfish said:

    Re: Don

    Those links were actually posted by another annoyed customer, Finally Someone Notices. This person sent the comment @2am.”

    To think. I change my name once and someone tries to take credit for it lol. Oh well. Can’t be help I guess… ^_^

    P.S.S. I’m overseas at the moment and I’m about 15hrs ahead of most of you. So usually when I make my posts in the morning after reading all of yours, its already after 6pm in the states and I guess Lionel or whoever is running the posts right now has already called it a day so I usually don’t get posted until they come in the next morning.   

     P.S.S.S. Sorry for such a long post ^_^



  471. I have always been a Dell customer since 1993 and have never had anything but a Dell computer and have always liked them. In 2000 I bought a laptop and had some trouble in about 2002 and called Dell Customer service and got India and could not understand a thing they said. They were very rude and insulting. I made up my mind then that when I needed another computer, I would buy from someone whose customer service was in the United States. I really was considering a 1330 though until I discovered this blog and it brings back so many memories, I said no way! My advice is cut your losses and buy something else because believe me when you get your computer and have trouble, you will really be frustrated then. 

  472. Inspirion 1520 Flamigo Pink  Order date: 7/23  Original Ship date  8/15, then 8/21 then 8/28 then 9/5 and the very next day changed to 10/1 after being told everything was now in stock.  FRUSTRATING

    Re posts about compensation.   Dell will give a free upgrade to overnight shipping and a $50 coupon towards a future purchase.  It’s not much and they won’t do anything unless you ask.  So call and demand this.

    One suggestion I had is that if color doesn’t matter that much is to check out the Dell Outlet Store – they may have something very close to your original order at a better price and it will ship within a day or so. 


  473. My notebook has been delayed yet again… over a month of waiting… nothing.. but they finally found enough nylon to ship my notebook sleeve but alas I have no notebook. Since they already have my money they seem to think they bought the right to walk all over me.

  474. My 1420 that was ordered on July 10 just got pushed back again to…

    September 27.

     Why?  People who ordered after me are getting their laptops. Pink even.

  475. Weird I posted two comments, but only the second one made it.

     I purchased a Flamingo Pink 1520 on 8/4 during LA’s tax free weekend.  The delay posted was 16 days for that color which should have put an ESD for 8/27, but instead I got 9/7.  I thought ok, I can wait for that.  I bought a Messenger bag at the same time, it’s ESD was 10/12. 

    Then a few weeks later I ordered a matching mouse and mousepad/carrier on 8/15.  Both items had a ESD of 8/30.  The mousepad shipped out the same day I ordered it, although on the order status page is showed it was in the production stage.  It said this even after I had it in hand.  The order stage for this order finally changed yesterday my mouse is on its way.  In fact it is out for delivery today.  I guess I need to hook it up to my PC to test it.

    Now I am wondering if I will get my Messenger bag before I get my laptop, because of all the comments on delays.  I guess I will just have to wait and see.

  476. Lionel Menchaca: I received an email from Dell today. For once it wasn’t an “Order Delayed” email. The email said “Labor Day Deals”, “$120 instant savings” on Inspiron laptops. The “Hassle-Free Shopping” bit made me laugh. My question: Will $120 savings be given to Dell customers who ordered their laptops nearly 2 months ago as a reward for their continued patience?

  477. Happy me

    I have cancelled my order from Dell and feel great *ü*

    Acer, here I come….

    Good luck to everyone who is waiting.

  478. Dell is having some serious design and quality control problems with the XPS 1330. Many who have actually received one of these (yeah, believe it or not some folks have actually received one) are having troubles…CPU whine, poor fit, scratches & dents. Check this out:


    I am not getting a warm and fuzzy. Looks like part of the shipping delay problem is that Dell is busy sending out replacements rather than shipping to new customers. 

  479. “Dave said:

    Ordered an Inspiron 1520, Ruby Red, on Aug 1st. Since day one the ESD was Aug. 30th. Today it shipped. I wish the best of luck to everyone still waiting”
    I ordered my 1720 Ruby Red on 1 August to with an EDD of 29 August.  Today, mine shipped too.
  480. If I had known Dell would pull this I never would have purchased a Dell. Then again that is probably why they DID NOT WARN ME. In fact, I was told when asked that it would probably be only about a week. It’s been almost a month.  “We’re doing everything we can and working around that clock” is a LIE – when I spoke a representative (after being passed around from person to person for answers) I was told the reason for my 3rd delay was that the assemblers were off Sat. and Sunday and Monday was a holiday. This was my second dell purchase – after this NEVER AGAIN. Pass the message on so other people don’t get fooled. I have.

  481. When it came time to order a laptop for law school, Dell was my first choice. I already purchased three other systems thru Dell and was always satisfied with my service.

    Notice I used the past tense. I ordered my Inspirion laptop in mid-July, figuring that would be plenty of time before law school started. Wrong!

    My original estimated ship date was Aug. 3. The date surprised me at first because I usually get my systems much sooner, but it was the back-to-school crunch and it was being custom built, so I shrugged it off. Aug. 3 would still give me time.

    But Aug. 3 came and went, and I received no word from Dell as to any problems. Trying to figure out for myself what was going on, I checked my order status to find my estimated ship date was Aug. 28. I was scheduled to start law school before that.

    I called and emailed to find out what the problem was and was told by a Customer Service Representative that he thought it was the color (midnight blue) being on backorder. He told me the estimated ship day was just an estimate (yeah, I got that), but usually the system ships before that date, so I shouldn’t worry. I’m starting law school, I am going to worry if I don’t have my laptop.

    He suggested I could change my order to black and the item would ship in normal time. I could not take the chance that my laptop would not ship in time, so I did. Of course, tochange my order, I had to hang up, call back, wait and wait and wait and then finally talk to someone who tells me I have to cancel my order and replace it as a new one, meaning I start back at the beginning. Dell should have a process in place where if an order needs to be changed due to fault of Dell, the order is “changed” not cancelled and a new one is placed, making it fall down the chain as far as priority. My system should receive priority since it was actually placed weeks ago, but instead it is treated as though it was just placed.

    Another issue I have with Dell is this: I logged on and went through the process of ordering the same exact computer in Midnight Blue that same day I was told to change the color because it was backordered and found that someone who ordered the exact system as the original one I ordered would have received it three days later than I would have received mine, which was ordered three weeks earlier. That’s customer service for you: “I’m sorry but your system is backordered. If you want to order another one identical to it, though, right now, we can get it to you just as quick.”

    Absolutely ridiculous!

    I was an advertising/public relations major as an undergrad. Take this piece of advice Dell… Don’t advertise something you can’t deliver.

  482. I had to laugh when I read “too funny”‘s comment

    “I am so paranoid now.

    A total conspiracy theorist.

    Need therapy”

    I also think I’m losing my mind because I was thinking “Maybe no one is getting their laptops shipped….maybe the posts that SAY they received their computers are actually DELL employees – just trying to make it look like our place in line is almost here to keep us from cancelling? Crazy? Probably.  But after waiting for 7 weeks for a silly green laptop for my daughter that started college two weeks ago…yeah I’m a bit nuts!

    May everyone’s next on-line purchase be less stressful!

    (It is insane how this lousy purchase is taking over our lives isn’t it?)

  483. Everyone should look for alternatives because those who are still holding out hope are only going to be more disappointed in the end…but your comment about not trusting Acer caught my attention… I had an Acer laptop back in the days when a laptop was a major luxury (it was a hand-me-down to top it all off) and I had no problems with it until it just became so outdated that I got rid of it. Now there’s news of Acer absorbing Gateway and becoming a major competitor in the marketplace. It is definitely quality and maybe with a little more support, Hp and Acer can boot Dell out of their position!



    Dee said:

    Hey everyone that ordered a pink notebook I would advise you to cancel your order ASAP. I finally got through to an operator that was not in India who told me that the pink color was never shipped out in any computer and has yet to be received by the company. She said the earliest ship date of that would be Mid November but there are so many orders from July that anyone who ordered late July or August wont see theres till December or if they cant get the color all pink orders would be cancelled. Dont keep hope and keep wasting your time cancel the order and go to a Best Buy or get the pink SONY which ships out in 1 day.
  485. More Dell Lies:

    Shipping Method: Next Business Day
    Shipped Date: 8/29/2007
    Est. Delivery Date: 9/3/2007-9/5/2007

    DHL Express Ground Delivery is 1-6 business days, So much for Dells Next Business Day promise.

  486. I too have had the laptop claim to have shipped today.  This is after two orders and almost 8 weeks of waiting. 


    But has it shipped or is it another mirage?  Tracking the shipment still shows “Info Acknowledged” which suggests nothing is actually at the shippers.  Shipped?  I think not…. another way to make Billions yet stick it to the little person…

     Good on ya Mr. Dell.  Again, its the last one we’ll every buy…

  487. Dell cannot fix this problem. Why do I say this? Because if they could they would have.

    A short list of what Dell cannot seem to do:

    1. They cannot communicate with their customers.
    2. They cannot build a laptop
    3. They cannot ship products on time
    4. They cannot tell the truth

    What can they do?

    1. They can lie
    2. They can take your money
    3. They can keep you hanging
    4. They can cancel your order without cause or warning
    5. They can allow their CSR’s to vent in public against the customer

    This is pathetic. Dell is telling us that we can expect our laptops to ship around 9/5 even though they are telling the media that these products will not ship until late September or into November!

    There is now a lot of proof that they are lying to us and that they are marketing a product that they can’t deliver. 

     Go to the notebook forum and read the stories from those who have received the 1330…many of them had to request replacements…I guess thats where mine went.


    above asked how to find out more details about what stage of production an order is in.  You can call the order status line at 800-433-9014 and enter your order number to get that information.

     After an order is accepted, it goes into the “Build” stage – where many folks have been for weeks.  After that, it goes to “Kitting”, “Testing” and then “Boxing” to be shipped.

     My spring green 1520 went into “Testing” this morning.  I almost dropped the phone – I’ve been hearing “Build” for soooo long.  I called right back just to hear it again!  I was one of the people with two delays on 08/28 and my official ESD is 09/10, but I might actually get it early.  I hope others have the same luck. 

  489. If the pink color is such an issue, why don’t they let us change the color on the order without canceling and starting over.  The prices on the site have all changed, along with some of the options.  The 1521 I ordered had the no glare screen.  That isn’t even an option any longer,  so does that mean for those of us who had chosen it, we won’t be getting it at all? 

    Since my ESD is still so far away, 19Sep, I’m not getting any updates at all, other than this blog.  Has anyone received a Flamingo pink? To answer RebekahC mine says Flamino pink, not deep metallic pink. 


  490. Re: Don

    Those links were actually posted by another annoyed customer, Finally Someone Notices. This person sent the comment @2am.



  491. I’d really like more specifics on the delays….particularly delays by model/part/color/whatever…I ordered a BLACK Inspiron 1721 on 8/17 (I know, I know, just another early whiner), yet I’m not too happy that people who ordered as early ago as July still haven’t gotten anything (and some of them are 1721s :s), so if Dell would be more specific then it wouldn’t be as enfuriating to the customers (:p) or as bad for Dell (again :p)…I only have 30 more days to wait, and after that…Dell gets the shaft and I get my money back (say…you wouldn’t by any chance return it with interests, right? 😉 )

  492. i ordered my daughter a pink 1521 on 07/31 and it had a ESD of 08/29 and I was happy about that.  My daughter said it was not a problem for her to wait another couple of days for her laptop, seeing as though I dropped her off at college on the 26th and her classes began on the 29th.  Now, i go to check the ESD and it says 10/9/07…am i in panic….yes I am… I spent $1800 on this laptop and now they tell me that it is delayed.  Like everyone else I am disgruntled and unbelievably upset at Dell.  I have been a faithful DELL customer since 1998.  Get this, I ordered myself an Inspiron 1521 last week and my ship date is 09/05/07…why is mine going to ship before my daughters or so they say.  And I ordered the 4 years of Computrace the ship date on that is 11/01/07…isnt’ that just software that is loaded onto the computer.  All that matters is that MY DAUGHTER NEEDS A LAPTOP AND SHE NEEDS IT QUICKLY, NOT IN SEPTEMBER, BUT TODAY!!!

  493. Initial order: August 8

    Initial delivery date: Aug 27 – Oh, the memories


    Order status screen today says it won’t ship until Sept 21, over 7 weeks after the order was placed. Just for fun, I decided to give Dell a call to see what was going on, since according to their status screen it’s been “In Production” for two weeks now.

     The person I spoke to had to have been in North America, amazingly good English. She initially told me that there were delays with the graphics cards, and the colour (red). The graphics card would delay things about 10 days, but the colour would delay at least another 25 business days from today. When I specifically asked if that meant they couldn’t make the Sept 21 delivery, she put me on hold for a minute, then came back and said everything was in stock for my laptop, it would be built this week, and I would be getting a call next Wednesday to give me the shipping details.

    I don’t believe a word of it, but it’s interesting to see. I should also mention that I run a medium-sized website that recieves about a million hits a month. I’m keeping the users well-informed of Dell’s production woes, and am proudly displaying “Don’t buy Dell” text on the main page.


  494. Hello to all those customers who are still waiting for those colored portables to show up. Yes indeed who am I, well let me introduce myself. I will use my old military call sign here. “candyman” and I am not only a old dell customer but also an american working at one of the overseas Dell call centers. For some I am seen as a good guy; for others a bad guy. You wonder if I work in cust service no; I’m your cancel re-enter modification agent and you get to talk to me if you feel the need to cancel or modify your order.

     Now why am I posting is an easy answer for me. I am disappointed at some of my fellow workers who fail to tell the customers the truth regarding delays on order or future orders. For the record before I start any modifications on your order I will tell in advance that the order will receive a new estimated ship date and that I will have to cl/re your order for it to reflect the changes you want. I will also let you know that our system will provide you with new order # so this way you won’t be surprised at the end when I’m done cl/re and you had already waited for your order back in June or July.

    Yes we are still going thru heavy call days but I give it my best shot with the resources provided to me to assist you in any mod done on your order. No I am not allowed to give free stuff so don’t even ask but I can garranty an answer based on what I see with the tools I work with and I will tell you that I and sorry to hear your horror waiting stories. As a former corrections officer it’s not hard for me to deal with upset customers but it sure feels sad when disrespectful customers call stating that they were put on hold for too long. Please call when you are not really busy so we can assist you better and don’t forget to use normal phones instead of cellphones with dying out batteries. Plus don’t use your speaker phones since a lot of times we hear more echos than the normal tone of voice we expect to hear.

    Do yourself a favor and don’t have someone call on your behalf specially when your order is being paid with the DPA acct. I can only do changes if the real card holder gives me the “good to proceed” and I have spoken to you to access part of your DPA that I am allowed to view. I believe in protecting your privacy and if you are faking to be who you are really not then I can’t proceed to assist you with you order changes. Yes it is true that there are delays due to shortage of raw materials, colors or other components but don’t expect that changing something with speed the process. You are actually stopping the assembly line so if you ordered today and your friend next week and his came in first don’t blame it on me but yourself.

    Please stop asking for the phone number to manufacturing since I don’t have that number and remember that the company number that your order falls under is what lets me know if I can assist you.  “On behalf of my new employer my most sincere apologies and “Is there anything else I might be able to assist you with???”

    Candyman- CL/RE Dell agent in latin america.

  495. Black isn’t any better.  I ordered my black Inspiron 1520 on 8/14/07.  Estimated ship date was 8/30/07.  When I checked status a few days later, I saw a link indicating “Why is my order delayed?”.

    This freaked me out, so I called Dell, and was assured that my order had not been delayed, and that the link was there just in case it did get delayed at some point (hmmm).

    At 4:00 on the day it was supposed to ship, I got an email indicating that the ship date had been moved out to 9/14/07. 

    What really angers me is knowing that they knew all along that the order was going to be delayed, but waited til the last possible minute to tell me.  They’re just stringing customers along trying not to lose orders.

    This was supposed to be a computer for a college student.  I have no choice, but to cancel my order.  I’m purchasing an HP dv6563cl from Costco.  My first non-Dell computer in over 10 years.

  496. Pink Inspiron 1420 finally shipped!  Ordered on 4-July.   Dates pushed back twice.   On 28-Aug the ESD was changed to 5-Sept.    Notification received that PC shipped on 29-Aug.   I ordered in July so that I would have the PC in time for college which started last week.  

  497. My frustration is similar but more dealing with the customer service side of things and courtesy.  I ordered a Spring Green Inspirion (granted it has a fair amout of the pricier graphics stuff ordered to be installed) on Aug 1st and the estimated ship date was today.  Instead of getting a shipping e-mail, I got one that said it supposedly will be shipped on 10/03 at 5:34 pm.

    Now, if it is going to take another 35 days, don’t you think they would have known there would be a delay before the day it was supposed to be shipped out?

    Dell, just be simply honest and helpful to your customers – they are the reason you can say you are so successful after all!  I’m a teacher and if I gave parents and students the type of service Dell is giving it’s customers – I’d be fired!

  498. If you ever recieve you computer and have a problem, you get to look forward to Dell Customer Service again.

     Be Smart and Cancel NOW or Regret your decision Later


     HP, Sony or Velocity Micro will welcome your Business.


    Do DELL a Favor, Less orders to Fill means less Dell-ays – They need the help.







  499. Ordered an Inspiron 1520, Ruby Red, on Aug 1st. Since day one the ESD was Aug. 30th. Today it shipped. I wish the best of luck to everyone still waiting.

  500. My Dell Inspiron 1520 Spring Green has been on backorder so long that my credit card has expired!  I went into “my account” today to update the card number exp. date, and it won’t take.  So, now are they going to cancel my order if and when it finally becomes available, because my card number on file is no longer valid?  I tried their 800 number and got cut off twice and never got to speak to a “real” person.  I updated Amazon, Chase and other large E-commers with my new charge card number today with no problems — this is another example of Dell being mired in a bureaucratic mess.

  501. Well, supposedly, my computer is in the “boxing stage”. I’m waiting for that coveted “shipped” status with the lovely tracking # I know will come with it.  I will keep everyone else who is still waiting informed of when I get mine.  I ordered on July 20th, a blue Inspiron 1721. Not that the order date means much from what I see, but it may give some of you at least some insight as to when to expect yours.

     I am, however, perplexed that the carrying case is in the “preproduction” stage. It’s a bag, dont think dell makes bags, so why have I not received it yet, or at least have it in the “boxing” stage along with the laptop.  They are considered seperate orders, and I think, not positive, but I think I should have gotten the bag/mouse order WAY before 6 weeks.  Guess I’ll just have to wait a little more to see. 

    Good luck to all. I really hope all our waiting is even somewhat worth it.

  502. 1520 spring green

     ORDERED: July 28th

    1st Est Delivery Date: Aug 11

    2nd Est Delivery Date: Aug 20

    3rd Est Delivery Date: Aug 28

    4th Est Delivery Date: Sept 5

    5th Est Delivery Date: Sept 10


  503. I’m so mad! I ordered an Inspiron 1521 on 8/1/07. I was told that my order would not come until Aug 31. Then last night at about 10pm when I checked my email before bed, I have a delay notice that now ays the computer will not be shipped until 9/27/07. Are you freakin kindding me? How is a company like Dell, going to advertise to people that you can get these cool notebooks, and then are unable to deliver when promised? I bought a Dell 4 years ago and I received it within a week. Now I have too wait 7 weeks before I get my new one. Its ridiculous. I think we should be compensated, more than an upgrade to fee next day shipping. Next day shipping does no good if our orders keep getting delayed. If they knew there was going to be a paint problem, then it should have been worked out before the computers were advertised.  I need the laptop before my husband gets deployed so we can guarantee communication. Now I have to wait, again.

  504. Look, if you are not confined to a wheel chair for the rest of your life or are not starving in a 3rd world country then get over it.  Be blessed for what you have in your life now and learn to deal with frustrations like delayed orders and bad traffic and annoying stop signs and red lights.  My ordered was delayed but its not the end of the world. I just think God everyday for the blessings I already have.  I’m willing to wait just a little bit longer.  Asks those kids in those 3rd world countries if they’ve even seen a computer before.

  505. I ordered my 1720 Inspirion in the Spring green color….when I went online the order page is not showing a delay for that color…..I wonder why I am still waiting….my order has been delayed 3 times now…Looks like Sept 5 is the date….lets just say I am not holding my breath…I ordered this for my self as a early birthday gift on July 25…my birthday is sept 10… at this point early is kinda out of the question but I am hoping at least to get close….I think I am gonna go check out an HP just in case they decide to delay me again……also I have not been offered any compensation for the delay…I would hope they would offer the same to everyone…not just those who call and throw a fit……nobody like to wait…..especially when we weren’t supposed to have to….

  506. It appears that different people are getting different “compensation”, “incentives”, or whatever you want to call it.  I have seen posts where people are getting $100 or $50 off for the delays.  I even saw one where $75 was given.  Most mention that they are also being offered upgraded shipping.  I just finished chatting with a rep and was offered $30 with no upgraded shipping.  I was purposefully EXTREMELY polite.  It seems that my politeness warranted me the worst discount I have seen or heard about so far. I am now about to call again and light up the poor soul who happens to pick up the call.  Since being nice did’nt work, I am going to convey my true frustration. 

  507. After reading so many people’s posts I’m noticing how differently people are being treated by dell.  I ordered my Inspirion 1521 on July 31 and had an ESD of August 27 but of course it got pushed back a week to September 4.  I’ve called Dell twice to find out whats been going on with my order, the first time I dind’t even complain and they gave me free next day delivery.  I was just calling to find out if it was in the building stage, and that was around August 7th or so.  Something that I find very interesting, kind of shows that they knew all the way back then this was going to be a big deal.  Granted, they have known since it seems July before I even ordered mine.  If the ESD is once again pushed back, I might just cancel my order.  Unless my wanting of this notebook is greater than my frustration..  And the money still hasn’t been taken out of my account yet, different from other people’s experiences.

  508. I can’t believe that a company the size of Dell and with the reputation t has (HAD) had cannot properly respond to its customers.

    I ordered a Ruby Red 1521 on July 30th, received a first ESD of 8/13. Was then pushed back to (and it seems like everyone who ordered one was) 8/28. Obviously someone at Dell just picked this date out of a hat.  My ship date is now 9/5. I called today and it is in ‘boxing” state so hopeully it will make it this time.  If not – I’ll have to wonder why it is in the box and can’t be shipped.


  509. I’d never try to dissuade anyone from lodging complaints to the BBB, but I was somewhat certain that unless the company you’re complaining about is a member of the BBB, there’s jack that they’ll be able to do other than note the complaint.


  510. Red Inspiron 1721 ordered 07/20

    Delayed to 08/30

    Given $50 compensation & FOC O/N shipping

    Delayed to 09/05

    If not shipped then I will CANCEL and stop recommending DELL totally to all my customers – I am a consultant for PC purchasers.

    This is beyond a joke Dell and I am about to go HP on you and take my many customers with me!

  511. And it looks like my “Shipped” has come in at last.

    For those of you who are following this thread trying to figure out what’s going on, and the odds of getting your order:

    Ordered on 7/19

    Inspiron 1721 in Ruby Red with just about every upgrade mentioned here as having had problems; Web Cam, Anti-Glare Screen, Special Color, 9 cell Battery, etc.

    Tracking # showed up this afternoon.

    I was delayed twice, never called CSR, got no compensation or upgraded shipping, and I will post again when it arrives.

  512. Mine shipped today THURSDAY next day air..but wont arrive till next TUESDAY…great..what a sweet “NEXT DAY deal”

    1720 BLACK

    Ordered 8-11-07

    Shipped 8-30-07


    19 day wait. Too long. Next time I go to HP as a Penalty to Dell.

  513. ordered date: 7/19

    1st esd 8/16

    2nd esd 8/21

    3rd esd 8/28

    4th esd 9/5

    ………………………………. then i checked the website and the t7300 isn’t an option anymore. my setup has that cpu so if that is causing the delay at least do a cpu upgrade so i can get my laptop? i dont see yellow as being delay anymore.


    this is like waiting in line at the dmv….  d’oh! 

  514. This morning I ordered a BLACK Dell Inspiron 1521 notebook over the phone. The representative told me that it would be shipped on or before Sept. 15.  This evening I chatted with somebody from Dell who shocked me by informing me that the shipping date is Sept. 27.  This change happened in the space of eight hours or so. Then finally my order appeared in my online account (under order status) and the shipping date was Sept 24. Then the order disapperead from my online account.   

    Maybe I don’t understand something (I’m a foreigner) but is it possible for a company of such stature as Dell to behave in such an offensive manner to its customers?  I’m shocked. Tomorrow I’m gonna cancel my order and never buy anything from Dell again (I’ve bought about $1600 worth from them over the last years).  How can a respectable company behave in such a suicidal way with its customers? 

  515. My patience has finally run out.  I purchased a 1420 in pink for my daughter as a birthday present.  I have been told there is no backlog, the parts supply issue was resolved in June, I have nothing to worry about regarding my next esd (September 7), they are doing the best they can, no one can tell me whether the notebook has been built yet, no one can tell me whether they have the parts to build it…whatever it took to try to get me off the phone.

    I finally cancelled my order on 8/30 and ordered a Sony Viao in Pink for about $200 more.  Apparently, Sony knows how to paint!!  It will ship on Sept 2, and arrive by the end of next week!

     I have purchased at least 6 computers for home and business from Dell over the past 5 years.  Never again!  I suggest that everyone spread the word about the Evil Dell Empire and their pack of liars!!

  516. After the second delay in producing my green 1520 I cancelled the order.  I will be going to Fry’s to pick up a Sony after work.  It would have been SIX WEEKS since I ordered.  The waits to get to an operator were very long, and then they didn’t know if I could change my order without being put back at the end of the queue, so they transferred me to the group that would know.  They said I had to cancel my original order and the new order would put me back at the end of the queue, so I said no, and they transferred me back to the original group, with each transfere taking about 20 minutes on hold.  That group then asked me if I wanted to just change my order instea of cancelling, and they would gladly transfer me…  Just cancel the order, I will get a Sony from Fry’s. 

  517. chancel your orders … thinkpad T61 is so nice delive 1 day yehaaawww 1 DAY .. best keyboard ever nice perf.

    thats all

  518. I tried to post here–half an hour ago–a critical, but certainly not offensive, comment on the Dell Inspiron delays.  It has not appeared yet.  I related my frustrating experience with an order.  Why has not my comment been posted? 

  519. Now I REALLY am astounded!

    I just received an e-flyer from Dell regarding Inspiron laptops entitled “GET IT BEFORE THE FIRST SCHOOL BELL RINGS!”

    Evidently the marketing team is out of touch, as this comes off as a slap in the face to all the students who are still hanging in there waiting for Inspirons ordered in July.

  520. You know, for years Dell has been touted as one of the best systems on the market.  I researched and studied and decided that I would purchase my laptop at DELL.  Boy am I surprised.  I just learned that Dell is an acronym for Deceitful Egotistical Lousy Liars.   Ladies and gentlemen, SHAME ON YOU!!!!  You have treated your valued customers with arrogance and out and out lies.  Mr. Dell, you should REALLY be ashamed of yourself as well as the company that you founded on the basis of providing your customers with a quality product, on time, at a fair price.  Remember the word QUALITY???    Remember the word HONESTY???  Remember the SOUL OF DELL?????  Let me remind you.

     “Customers: We believe in creating loyal customers by providing a superior experience at a great value. We are committed to direct relationships, providing the best products and services based on standards-based technology, and outperforming the competition with value and a superior customer experience.”

    Remember that your CUSTOMERS are the ones who provide you with your paycheck ?

    Get on the ball people.  Remember your roots and your customers.  Stop lying and the deception.  


  521. My order for a itty-bitty Inspiron 531s has gone sour by one day. I will wait until next week to post an angry comment. I will say though, I’ve called 4 times already, and have been supplied vague answers each time. My order status is “delivery preparartion” so my fingers are crossed. I fell for all of you guys though.

  522. Lionel,

    Are you reading your emails, I’ve sent you 2. Not that I really think you can help me, but it’d be nice to know that you’ve atleast recieved and read them.

  523. Well they have done it again!  I ordered an Inspiron 1721on 7/29 with an original ESD of 8/10.  That has come and gone along with several other ESD’s, my most current was today.  To my surprise or lack there of I was faced with another delay this morning to 9/5, I accepted this delay as it has now become a game.  Now I just get back on and it has been changed to 10/4?  I just got bumped another month in a matter of hours.  If there are no more delays why are we still getting pushed back?


  524. Well i ordered from Dell UK on Friday, July 27, 2007 with an expected delivery date of 6/9/07. I have had 2 emails saying that the system is in production and will meet its target delivery date. I have seen my order advance to production for 10 mins on the order tracker and then revert back to pre-production (after 1st email). I want to live in hope that it will be delivered on the 6th but after reading this i am seriously doubting it. This was my first order with dell… might be my last as well.

  525. WOW…655 comments since last week.  In the consumer product field it is said that one complaint affects an additional 18 people.  That means this mess might cause Dell to lose 12,000 potential buyers.

  526. Just got off an online chat with someone in India.  All they could tell me was that the delay to 10/4 in my previous post was in fact the truth.  (Thanks)  I did get an upgrade to Next Day Shipping as well as a $75.00 dollar credit.  I asked why on this blog people were being offered $50, $75, $100 and what was the determining factor in each amount.  The response was that $75.00 was the max they could give, which was then followed by my supervisor has authorized $100 credit.  I thought $75.00 was the max but hey I’ll take it.  I guess I will hold for now Good luck to everyone waiting.

    Inspiron 1721 Ruby Red
    AMD Turion 64 x 2 TL-60 (2.0GHz/1MB)
    2GB, DDR2, 667MHz 2 Dimm
    Anti-glare, widescreen 17.0 inch display (1440 x 900)
    ATI RADEON Xpress1270 256MB HyperMemory
    160G 5400RPM SATA hard drive