Issue Fix: XPS M1330 CD Eject Freezes System


Thanks to Notebook Review user nexas for pointing out an issue with the XPS M1330. When a user presses the eject button on the optical drive, the system may hang for a few seconds.

Dell Community Forum users like Vishnu M. issue reported this issue. We've identified the issue and corrected it with the latest BIOS revision posted yesterday, version A10, which will correct the symptoms.

Again, users that have encountered this issue can click here to download the BIOS.

There have also been reports of this issue on the XPS M1530. The next BIOS revision is being tested now, and will also correct the symptoms. That revision is slated for web posting in June.

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7 thoughts on “Issue Fix: XPS M1330 CD Eject Freezes System

  1. This is a start to resolving the issues with the M1330.

    How about a more official announcement with regards to a more pressing matter please?

    29 pages of forums, dozens of people with M1330's not of merchantable quality due to inherent faults with the design and the system hardware, notably in this case the graphics card/GPU/motherboard.

    See below:

    I haven't heard anything official from Dell about the matter yet, but given the level of discussion about it and the customer sentiment involved, I only hope that some words of encouragement/recognition are on the way?

  2. I'll piggyback on the vertical lines issues from GPU motherboard overheating.  I'm thinking that the issue is related to the system actually cooling down…much like the xbox.  I'm currently waiting for the motherboard to be swaped out and in my process of getting all my finance files for paying bills, I've noticed that I can never get the system to work on the first or second boot.  I end up doing the Fn+power test boot about twice and then I can log in up until about the login screen.


    Something else, if I wait for the screen to go completely white, after about 2 mins the sysem boots like nothing actually has happened and I get even further into the OS before the screen does this wavy blue line lockup on me.  All this says to me is that it's probably a thermal heating then cooling issue rather than just heating.  The problem probably wouldn't surface if we never turned the system off…but that's out of the question.  Anyhow, please pass this info on and good luck.   

  3. I'm wondering what about the A10 Bios for the XPS M1530, because it was promised for in june, and nowadays its allready july and he isn't still posted. Maybe anyone could give us some more information? Thanks in advance.

  4. I haven't had the problem with the CD eject issue yet.

    My problem was that the preloaded Windows Vista Business edition froze on startup.When it goes into standby you cannot get it out of standby.

    I disabled the added flash cache card but that didn't help.Format and installed Vista again.Disabled all standby and hibernating.It was working 100% for 2 months until the morning of 20 August 2008.Now it is freezing when you need to press Ctrl, Alt & Delete to login.

    Any suggestions?

  5. OK, what about when you can not eject a cd from the bios or using the eject button?  Why is the emergency release?

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