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Dell 30 More: Keeping our Eye on the Future


Blue pennant with the words: To 30 More - Est. 84This month we are celebrating Dell’s 30th birthday. That’s 30 years of finding a better way for companies, communities and people everywhere to use technology to achieve their goals. Thirty years of entrepreneurial spirit and passion which we’ve harnessed to help our customers grow, thrive and do more.

But we’re not just looking back, we’re looking forward to 30 more and beyond. We see cloud, mobility, data analytics, and security ushering in the next technology revolution.

Just as we did with the PC 30 years ago, we are making these innovations simpler, more affordable and more accessible, putting more power into the hands of more people than ever before.

None of this would be possible without the dedication of talented Dell employees and over the next several days we’ll bring you stories from some of them that have spent half their lives making it happen. They see as many “glory days” in front of them as they have put behind them and are engergized to be part of the future.

As Michael Dell noted in his post on today, we are going back to our entrepreneurial roots – but with a lot more capital, an expert global team, incredible scale and the best portfolio of solutions in the industry.

To kick this blog series off, here’s a video that shares how excited we all are about what Dell is doing today and what is possible tomorrow: 

To our customers and all of those who have been part of this amazing journey – thank you for the last 30 years and here’s to #Dell30More!

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