Konnichiwa: Dell Enters the Blogosphere in Japanese


Folks who keep up with this blog have heard me mention it a couple of times. Today, we're launching Direct2Dell in Japanese. I think it's worth noting, not only because it is the fifth language that we've added to the Direct2Dell family, but because it's one of the most important ones: according to Technorati, Japanese is the most common language in the blogosphere.

Japan leads the world in Internet download speeds (check out the report from speedmatters.org—note that Japan's average broadband speed is 30 times faster that of the United States). And that kind of leadership also extends to the mobile phone space thanks to technology like NTT DoCoMo's i-mode service and competing technologies. That translates into millions of users who routinely use text messaging, access video and other multimedia content on mobile phones. That's one reason I think that services like Twitter—despite the fact that they just launched service in Japan—are really taking off there.

Today, Michael Dell will mention the Direct2Dell Japanese blog in a speech to students and media at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, part of  Hitotsubashi University.

So why is this important to Dell? Because we want to enable more direct conversations around the world. We understand that social media is global. Other recent studies like this one from Universal McCann show just how global it is. Click here for the PDF of that report.

If you are interested in following our Japanese blog, go here: http://japanese.direct2dell.com


Konnichiwa – こんにちは。 デルが、日本語のブログワールドに参入します。


日本は、インターネットのダウンロード速度 においても世界をリードしています。(speedmatters.orgレポートによると、日本のブロードバンド速度の平均値はアメリカの30倍に匹敵するそうです) NTTドコモのi-modeのようなテクノロジーに代表される携帯電話の世界でも、日本の先進性を見ることができます。何百万人もの人が日常的に携帯電話でメールをし、携帯電話から動画などのマルチメディアコンテンツにアクセスしているのです。Twitterのようなサービスが、日本語でのサービスを立ち上げたばかりにもかかわらず、非常に人気が高いのも、こういった理由によるものでしょう。



日本語のDirect2Dellに興味のある方は右記URLにアクセスしてみてください:  http://japanese.direct2dell.com

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  1. Heh…Hate to nitpick, but you should've used 'konbanwa' ( こんばんわ), instead of 'konnichiwa' ( こんにちわ) 😉 ' こんにちわ' is more appropriate as a daytime greeting, whereas 'こんばんわ' is more appropriate given the timeframe you posted (night/evening)

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