Dell Adds New Commercial Laptops to Latitude E Family


Today Dell announced the first products of our second generation of E-family notebook computers, Products included in the announcement and currently available on are the E6410, E6510, E6410 ATG.

The second generation E-family systems are launching at an opportunistic time in the IT industry. Corporate spending is improving after 18 months of economic stagnation, and the industry is now 6 months into the life of Windows 7. So, as budgets loosen, now is an ideal time for customers to refresh client systems and migrate to Windows 7.

Customers buying new systems will find that the new E-family systems offer improvements to performance & productivity, durability & design, and system manageability.

Featuring new Intel Core I5 and I7 processors, the new generation of systems includes faster memory, longer battery life, and improved graphics processors. Higher resolution webcams and digital array microphones provide users with better hardware for unified communications. The Latitude ON Reader/Flash options are now available on the E6410 and E6510.

Building off of the first generation E-family industrial design, the new generation improves on durability and design. The systems feature more rounded edges for more comfortable daily carrying and use. They also introduce Slate Silver as the standard back cover paint, improving the appearance of the system under normal wear. Slimmer 90W AC and auto/air adapters make for easy travel packing, and complement an improved battery offering that features long-life battery designed to last for 3 years.

The new generation also features improvements to manageability. All new systems support standard Intel AMT 6.0 manageability, with vPro support on the E6410, E6510; all systems can easily be managed using the Dell Management Console, the Dell Distributed Device Manager or the KACE KBOX Systems Management tools. The systems also benefit from a variety of deployment automation tools, including the Dell Client System Deployment CAB and the Client Configuration Toolkit, which can be used to simplify driver deployment and BIOS configuration during system rollout. Finally, with the new encryption offering from CREDANT Technologies, all Latitude systems now support policy-based software and hardware encryption for improved data protection and encryption management.

Watch the video below for an overview of the new E2 laptops.

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Frank Azor June 7, 2017
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  • Todzilla68

    Great…more Nvidia graphics. I am extremely hesitant to purchase another Latitude when my last one only lasted 2 years because the Nvidia graphics burned out and trashed the mother board and you want to charge me $400 to fix it. This machine is going to run even hotter…right?