LCD Lines: Common Causes


Back in April last year, Lionel blogged about a vertical line issue that could potentially affect customers who own 17" Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XPS Gen 2 notebook LCDs.

After engaging our engineering and product group teams, as well as the LCD manufacturer, to investigate and isolate the cause of this issue, we narrowed the problem down to a specific part within a certain date range. During that research, we found that the part may also affect the Inspiron 6000, 8600, Latitude D800, D810, and Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70 LCDs. That led to Lionel's second blog post on the topic.

We've taken steps to contact those who may be affected to offer a warranty replacement and also put in place measures to rectify any out of pocket expense incurred by out of warranty customers who replaced the affected screens in the past.

Since then, comments have hit our forums and blog site about other potentially affected systems and possible causes and fixes for them. We've gone back to our engineering and product group teams and verified that the part causing this issue:

  • has been purged from our production line, and
  • has not been used in any other system type

Both of these questions have been confirmed and no other system outside of the date range or listed system types are affected by this part.

That said, there are other variables that can lead to vertical and horizontal lines on other system types regardless of size or model. Lines on an LCD can appear sporadically, at random places on the screen, and for what appears to be for no reason at all. These lines can be caused by normal LCD failures brought on by a multitude of variables, which I'll try to cover here. Vertical lines tend to be a more common issue in notebooks, primarily because they are subjected to more wear and tear on a daily basis than a desktop LCD.

The most common cause of these lines is simply a loose connection. As notebook systems are carried around, no matter how careful we try to be, they have a tendency to be bumped, jarred, and even sometimes the heart stopping drop. Though  today's notebooks are designed to better absorb and dissipate small shocks, it can still have adverse affects on the notebook's internal components. A good bump or series of bumps and random movements can cause the LCD cable to become loose. The connection remains intact, but some breaks in the signal can lead to impurities in the reproduction of the image on the screen. Think of a loosely-fastened garden hose… water will still be directed and outputted through the end of the hose, but some water is lost at the connection. This is easily fixed by tightening the hose. Similarly, the LCD can usually be fixed by simply making sure the connection is secure. (Service manuals for Dell systems can be found here on

A golden rule of any seasoned technician when it comes to cable connections: don't just check the connection, reseat it. This applies to more then just cable connections (memory, wireless cards, hard drives, optical drives, etc…) There are a few reasons for this, the first being temperature. With so many components designed into such a small case, heat is inevitable. These temperature variations can lead to things like "chip creep" and oxidation. Removing the cable and firmly, but carefully reseating it should solve this problem by not only making sure that the connection is properly seated, but also that the pins are free from oxidation.

The second reason is debris. If you've ever opened up your notebook to clean the keyboard or for maintenance, you might see any number of things such as food particles, hair, paper, dirt and dust. Some of these objects are small enough to get into the connections and cause problems. This is one of the reasons that regular cleaning of your notebook and desktop PCs should be done. The problems caused by debris can usually be quickly cleared up by a can of compressed air and a little time and effort.

If these simple fixes don't seem to work, then we need to look at the actual failure possibilities. Vertical or horizontal lines that don't disappear after the basic troubleshooting are usually caused by circumstantial failures. The most common type of failure that leads to lines on the display is an open circuit connection between the driver IC (flexible circuit board) and LCD glass. This is usually caused by external stresses (mechanical, thermal, etc…), which causes the flex circuit to detach from the glass. The variables leading to the detachment are wide and are dependant on individual cases. With the amount of travel and various operating environments of a notebook, pinpointing the exact cause can be near impossible, unless of course the problem immediately follows a catastrophic event such as dropping the notebook or prolonged exposure to heat or cold, such as leaving the system in a car.

Investigations into technical problems, including which systems, batches, and date ranges are affected, are rigorous, and we strive for accuracy. Unfortunately, not every technical problem can be traced down to the root cause. But in every case, we try to proceed appropriately and in all fairness to affected customers.

If you are experiencing any problem with lines on your LCD and your system is not one of the potentially affected units, or in the date range outlined in Lionel's earlier posts, please contact technical support to troubleshoot and identify possible fixes. See below for details on how to do that.

For customers in the United States:

  • U.S. Inspiron Technical Support: 1-800-624-9896
  • Say "Technical Support"
  • Enter your Express Service Code or say, "I don't have it"
  • Is your system for Personal or Business use?
  • Say "Notebook"
  • Is your system an Inspiron, XPS, Latitude or Precision

For customers outside the United States:

Go to

  • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
  • Choose Contact Us
  • Choose Technical Support
  • Choose Call Technical Support
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79 thoughts on “LCD Lines: Common Causes

  1. Thanks for your timely post. I’m currently in the throes of communicating with Dell about vertical lines on my (15.4″ 😉 Inspiron 6000, and while it doesn’t seem like my system is affected by the recall, this is some useful information about loose connections of the
    LCD screen. I’ll be sure to test it!

  2. I don’t have this issue, but I have a newer XPS M1710 (purchased mid-December 2006) and I’m on my 2nd LCD. The first was replaced after about 3-4 months due to dust INSIDE of the LCD. On this LCD, I have the same problem… again, after about 3 months. I’ve just lived with it this time.

    Now, I am pretty OCD about keeping my laptop very clean. I use Klear Screen screen cleaner/polish regularly, and dust out everything probably weekly. I simply don’t get how dust is getting in my LCDs besides the edges not being sealed tightly.

    I called to get a CompleteCare replacement LCD sent out and they insisted that tech be dispatched to do it, when the first time I did the replacement myself just fine. They said the first time was a “favor”. Umm, aren’t I doing the favor by doing the work myself? I’ve seen dispatched techs do work and some are pretty sloppy. And slow.

    I simply wish that if I asked to have part-only dispatched for myself to do the work, that they would do just that. 

  3. Nick,

    As a Dell technician maybe I can answer your question.  If we send a part directly to the customer and that does not appear to resolve the issue, we usually try to convince the customer to allow an on-site technician replace it the next time,  It is no reflection on your skills, but sometimes it helps to have that second pair of eyes on the problem.  As far as I know it isn’t a Dell policy, but it is what any good technician should try.

    To your specific issue, LCD panels are made up of a lot of layers of material and it may be possible that dust could be trapped between the top layers, but if you can see it, it is above the actual working parts of the screen and should not cause the screen to fail.

  4.  Yes DELL contacted me by phone on November 2007 to (quote): 'put in place measures to rectify any out of pocket expense
    incurred by out of warranty customers who replaced the affected screens
    in the past'  but then nothing happened.

     How long should I have to wait ?

  5. I too am having the Inspiron 9300 monitor issue. I am so stressed out with this monitor. I was told by a rep. on Tech Support chat that my monitor part number does not fall in the bunch to be replaced. It is ironic that I got this PC in January 2006, which is within the allotted timeframe. Maybe it is time to update the parts that should be recalled because there are many people complaining that their part number isnt in the batch but still they have the problem. I live in Jamaica, and it would be hard for me to buy a new monitor. I tried calling the Jamaica line, and I got a busy signal everytime. I don't know what else to do. I am very frustrated and disappointed at this point because I have 3 white large lines down my screen, and I can't see anything…

     Will someone PLEASE help??


  6. I have an Inspiron 9300 17" notebook and I am experiencing the "vertical line" issue, and there are currently 7 1-pixel vertical lines on my screen. My warranty is expired, and I am having difficulty getting in contact with Dell and haven't received anything in the mail regarding this issue.

    As suggested above, I tried calling the technical support number (from within the US), and before I was able to speak with a techniction, I was informed that there would be a charge for the technical support and was asked to get my credit card ready (by the canned phone system voice).

    I also tried sending email (support ticket) and was not able to open a support ticked due to my expired warranty.

    Does anyone know how I can contact Dell about this issue without having to pay for out-of-warrant service?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  7.  I am one of the many individuals affected by the Dell Vertical Line issue on my laptop, an Inspiron 9300.  Initially, I was very well taken care of, as a box was provided to return my laptop within a day, and the return of my laptop from repairs within two days.
    When I opened my box to my disappointment, I realized that I had been down-graded to a non-glare screen.  Upon calling Dell, I was told by Nisha (010122340) that I could have a glossy screen.  However, because this was a one-time replacement and the initial issue with these screens HAS NOT yet been resolved (Even though you are still charging $150+ for these screens new), it was not suggested that I choose this route.  Being an understanding customer I agreed with this logic, but when I asked for a refund on the original costs of the upgrade, I was only offered a $50 coupon!
    I would additionally like to point out that I have had three other issues with this same laptop in the short less than three years that I've owned it.
    Please tell me that my business means more to Dell by refunding the full amount of my original Truelife LCD upgrade.  And for future customers, Dell should be more upfront.

  8. Jo-Ann and Doug: I've asked someone from our Tech Support teams to contact both of you. My apologies for the frustration.

  9. I use my laptop (510m) basically as just a desktop computer. I never take it anywhere and it always sits on my desk. As I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, the only time I ever even touch it is to press the ON button or to clean it. (I turn it off with a button on my wireless keyboard). So I don't really buy that the vertical line problem is caused by knocks, heat, or rough handling, as I have 13 vertical lines which have all appeared in the last few months and it has never left its current position on my desk. I've had to hook up an external monitor just so I don't get driven insane by the lines. Anyway I'm not interested in a replacement or anything any more, I just wanted to share my story.

  10. @Mario: Heat is definitely a possibility if your computer remains on your desk. The fan and hard drive both ventilate on the bottom.

  11. Maria Rose: Sorry for the trouble trying to get your notebook repaired. I will ask someone from Tech Support to contact you directly.

  12. Joe: Sorry to see this happened to you. I will ask someone from Customer Care to follow up with you.

  13.  This is for Lionel Menchaca Digital Manager:..I recently sent my Dell Inspiron 6000 Notebook for repair at one of the Repair Depot for rainbow line effect in red on my laptop screen. It is out of warranty and I was charged $527.00 to get it fixed. Waited about a week, got it back and turned it on, and to my surprise the problem still exist. The Corrective Repair Action Form says LCD Display. The problem still exist. Called again and I was given a round a round in 6 different departments and the whole time I was explaining the problem and that all I wanted is another box to send it back to get fixed since I can tell that the technician who ever handled it, did not put much effort on fixing it. Also no one had called us to rectify the out of pocket cost for if you have this problem and if you are out of warranty. Im still trying to get a box from Dell and right now I just got tired of dealing with the call center..I shall try again, maybe I will get lucky and get someone who knows where to send me..I sure hope to get a reply from you…

  14.  Thank you for your response Mr. Menchaca. I braved it today and called Dell again, got hold of the right person, but his attitude is by far less to be desired. I have red an article posted in this site that "More System Now Part of Vertical Line Issue" updated issue January 16,2008. I was told by the technician at the out of warranty department that my pc is not part of that, but it clearly states it on the article that any systems shipped between December 2004 and December 2006 are potentially affected. Bought my laptop July 2005. Now in your opinion do I have to pay the labor charges of 199.00 and for the parts of 299.00. Dell is sending me another box to ship my laptop back to get fixed (hopefully this second time ). I just wonder after buying four computers with Dell, would Dell step up to the plate and get my laptop into working condition again and would they compensate for something that clearly states in the article is a defective part? I greatly appreciate your time in responding on our concerns here in this site. It is nice to know that someone takes the time to do so..thanks again.

  15. I have an out of warranty Inspiron 6000 that has just developed the vertical line issue. I tried calling support. Spoke to a "Sarog". He wouldn't give me any information about swapping the screen since I was out of warranty. When I pressed the issue he asked for basic contact info and then told me he couldn't help me because my name didn't match what's on Dell's records for this service tag (which may be a glitch somewhere, I don't know, he wouldn't tell me what name he had). I purchased the system in 12/05 so I'm not sure what the problem is. I asked him to escalate me to a supervisor and he said he would try to find out if he could do that. Then he hung up on me.

    Can someone contact me to see if I qualify for a replacement LCD? Thanks.

  16. So I just had my M1330 screen replaced yesterday by a Dell on-site tech. Left it sitting for a day and there is now a blue vertical line running through it.

     I am going to try reseating the cables first before I call tech support again.

  17. This happened 2/5/08 @ 11:30pm US Central time.  100% true, no exaggeration.  

    I often help friends with their pc problems, being the techy knowledgeable type myself.  I've been a reader of this blog since the beginning and was able to get very capable help from Dell to solve a problem with another dead laptop previously(older 5150 model, they replaced it).   Now its time to detail my adventures a second time.    I was given an Inspiron 9300 that would not boot.  After doing a checkdsk on the hard disk, that problem was solved.  

    Once the system came up, I immediately noticed it had 3 vertical lines on the lcd panel.  No problem, Dell has issued a recall, should be easy.

    I called the 800 number listed in the Vertical Line blog entry and explained the problem to the Indian tech support.   After some checking, he said the system was out of warranty and could not help.  At this point I said there must be some mistake because it clearly said on Direct2Dell that the company would fix this problem. I read him the verbage on this blog about the terms of repair.  He stammered a bit then put me on hold for 14 minutes(cell phone timer) to talk to his supervisor.   When he returned he said that yes, Dell could fix the problem.  I asked him why he refused to do this until I forced the issue.  He said he didn't have the authority to offer the repair on his own, even though he knew there was a recall on the lcd and had the documentation about it in front of him.  In other words, had I been the average consumer and called in to the vaunted Dell support system looking for help, I would have been lied to by their phone representatives because they didn't have the authority to 'do the right thing' on their own.  His own words.

    Once past this point, we moved on to actually verifying the id of the system.  It was here that I again ran into trouble.   He wanted to know the name and address of the original purchaser.   Since it was 11:30pm at night my time, I could not call the owner to verify this information.   I was given a ticket number and a phone number to call with the info so the problem could be resolved.   I was also told they would send an email to me to make it easier to complete the incident.

    It's now 1:00pm the next day, no email has shown up.  The contact phone number is on the laptop at home(I'm at work), so I don't have it to call with the owners info which I now have.  I also gave them 2 telephone contact numbers, one off which is my personal cell, so no excuse not to be able to find me.

    Lionel, you've been writing since the inception of this blog that Dell is working hard to get their customer service in order.

    How long does it take to allow a customer service rep to honor Dell's word without having to provide exact url that says what he's supposed to do??

    HE WORKS FOR YOU!!   He should know, and have authority to take action on, ANY VALID PROBLEM THE CUSTOMER HAS.   Especially  where Dell has publicly stated they will fix the problem! 

    It's like one arm of Dell is making promises to the public but not letting any other arm know about it.

    In short, while its possible that I may get this vertical line problem fixed thru the normal customer channels,  I just thought that you should know that, from the outside, the years of 'trying to improve customer service' have not been very successful. 

  18. I have a Inspiron 510m which developed vertical lines all over my lcd screen. This morning I have try the above solution step by step to opening up the cover and try to disconnect and reconnect every single LCD cable firmly and cleaning up all the dust or particle from my laptop, still no luck, still the same 30-40 vertical lines color appeared on my laptop lcd screen. All this while I never carry my laptop anywhere, it just sitting right on my desk and no bumping or shocking or whateva. This is obviously show that this model 510m also has the same reason as the other model which mention on this blog. Well Im pretty sure Im not the first person who complaint bout this model 510m having the same issue. Below are just some of the people from all over the world who complaint the same issue on their Inspiron 510m
    the list go on and on and on, to summarize this list, will be better I just mention the person name who complaint the exact same issue on their Inspiron 510m

    Ryan Wong, LeongTeck Ang, Ben Edwards, Fabiana, Arun, Killy, Li-Pei Wong, MANAV, Dipak, Chris Bowes, cheng, Murray Duncan, Santosh Singh, Robert, Mark, me
    These names are just from one of this blog thread
    there's another thread with ppl has the same problem.

  19. Hallo,

    I have the problem with my Dell 510m too. I mailed to Dell, refering to other Posts and People with the same Problem (some of them get excange their 510m display out of warranty). I was waiting and get no Answer, after some weeks I mailed again, still no answer, then I tried the contact formular on website several times, no answer. Than, after a few weeks I just got a Mail with the offer to repair it. Absolut no sentence about my post, that many other 510m user have the problem and so on. I can't believe that dell didn't recongize than there are definitly more than average users with a 510m Dell Display (LGE Panel LP150E07) with the vertical line problem.  For me I will never again buy any Dell Product again 🙁




  20. Finally got a response from Dell via email. They came back with "your Dell is not covered by this recall". Even though the screen is covered now with vertical lines. Alas. So I went to Dell's site and started specing out a new system to buy to replace this one. I had it narrowed down to two models and called my wife over to discuss which one we should get. She looked at me like I'd gone insane and I didn't understand why. She said, "We have had two Dell laptop screens go bad in the last 3 years. Why would you be shopping on Dell's site?"  And then it dawned on me… oh, yeah… there ARE other laptop vendors. What the heck was I thinking… I've been a Dell customer for so long that it honestly never even occurred to me that I could do something else. But now I realize there may indeed be a solution to the Vertical Line issue:  Cya!


  21. I have an Inspiron 9300 that was purchased in May 2005. I have developed the vertical line problem, as there are currently about 25 lines on the screen, of varying widths. I am not sure if my system is still under warranty or not, but I use my computer daily, and I cannot be without it during the time it would take to send it in to hve the problem fixed. Is it possible to have Dell send me the parts, and to do the repair myself? It would be an exteme inconvenience to have to give up my laptop for the repairs, and that is a severe understatement. Any advice?

  22. I live in Jamaica, yesterday I got a band of lines on the right side of my Inspiron 9300 17inch. Can i get some assistance please?


  23. Dell customer service arranged for DHL to pick up my computer to have it fixed twice.  I received it back the second time and now I have more vertical lines than ever.  My LCD screen was never replaced. What are they doing?  Why are they treating consumers as if we are braindead?  I am calling "customer care" yet again in an attempt to remedy this problem once and for all.  I paid $1600 for my Inspiron 9300 back in 2005.  The customer service reps tell me that they cant help me because my system is out of warranty.  This is not acceptable.

  24.  Inspiron 9300 vertical lines follow up:

    Once Dell agreed to fix the problem, the actual repair went flawlessly.

    Had the system back in my hands inside of 7 days.

    Just remember to quote the repair policy to the Indian tech support when they tell you they can't fix the problem.   It changes their attitudes.


    Thanks for fixing this Dell.


    How about investigating ALL user vertical line complaints with the same tenacity as the 9300's?

  25. I have an Inspiron 9300 that I purchased in June of 2005 which falls in the alloted time frame and a yellow line is now going up and down my monitor. I only had a year worth of warranty so when I try to call the customer service department I get prompted to have my credit card ready. Is it possible to get around this so I can get this issue resolved?

  26.  My Inspiron 6000 is out of warranty.  It just recently developed a single vertical line just left of center on the LCD.  Is this failure covered by a general recall?  The DPN for this LCD is RC909.  Where can I get a replacement LCD?  I use this PC for some CAD work and this line is a problem.  Thanks for your prompt reply.

  27. Hello,

    I have an Inspiron 8600 that was shipped in 2004 but instead of vertical lines, I have horizontal lines that fade out from the top right of the screen. Has anyone else encountered this? It's like a sunburst effect, sort of, but the LCD is NOT cracked or bleeding. I used to be able to push on the screen and they would go away but not anymore. I have to view windows on the left of the screen because anything in the top right quadrant of my screen is not viewable.

    I have tried to contact Dell but run into the same issue as many of the people on this site, they want $$ before anything. I realize the initial warranty is up but this is obviously a known issue.

     I've already had to replace the hard drive so it would be a real pain to have to front the bull for a new screen. HELP ME DELL PLEASE!!!

    Does anyone know how much they cost to replace anyway?


  28. I, too suffer from the vertical line problem on my Inspiron 9300. I purchased the laptop in November 2005 as a factory remanufactured unit with full warranty. I only use it when traveling, bought it for the big screen DVD viewing, and so useage has been light. About one month before the warranty expired I saw one vertical line on the right side of the screen. I didnt think much of it and didn't use it for a couple of months. The next time there were several vertical one pixel lines on the right side of the screen. There are now too many to count, mostly on the right side of the screen. Service tag # HKS7B81, serial number #38261993617. I have contacted Dell, Case# 188306159, but have never received any kind of an answer as to what the problem is, or what they would do about it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You, Dave

  29. I have a Dell Notebook model Inspiron E1505 with Windows XP. Sometime last week it came up with a problem on the display. I'll try and discribe the problem. To start off the display is normally set at 800 x 600 pixels, then all of the sudden it came up with 2 solid black bars extending from top to bottom on the far left and right side of the screen at that resolution. When you move the cursor toward those black bars it wont go into them it just stops. We changed the resolution to 1280 x 720 pixels and it removed the the black bars from the sides and put them on top and bottom extending across from right to left. If Dell can help me out with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. The computer just got out of warranty. The service tag is 7TRKXB1 and the express service code is17037321373.

  30. Our Inspiron 6000, purchased in Dec. 2005 had the vertical line problem. It took over a year and a half to be included in the recall, Dell fixed it in July, 2007 and THE SCREEN JUST WENT OUT AGAIN. Dell had better honor this second screen warranty but it makes me sick to have to get on the phone with India again.  

  31. I got my Inspiron 710m in Jan 2006 and suddenly after 2 years of light usage at home the screen just pop up around 2 big vertical line. At first I call the 1800 no and were told that mine is out of warranty. Than an agent of Dell contacted me and quoted around US 280 to fix the problem.

    I call the dell support again once I realised that direct2dell confirms this is a defect and Dell would replace with no cost. After much explanation to the Dell support rep(a guy name Leo) he told me that my laptop is not in the list of recall, it is out of warranty and this will make Dell bankcrupt if they were to entertain such issue. I was so disgusted with him that I asked him where else can I make my complaint.

    He gave me another 1800 no for me to contact which is a customer care dept. This time a lady pick up the line and straight away became angry with me once I mentioned my vertical line problem. It's like she is sitting next to this Leo guy and were teaming together to bug me off.

    I kept cool and try not to loose my temper but persistantly said to her no matter what I will push this matter. Than suddenly a guy pick up the line while on hold(forgot the name) and told me that he will escalate my problem to the top level. He asked me to wait 48 hours. This happend today 26 March 2008.

    This is real nightmare for me. I hope that dell support somewhere out there please tell your Malaysian rep to be more co-operative. I do not expect to have this kind of defects on dell products. I want my screen replaced!

  32. I have the vertical line issue on my Inspiron 9300, which was purchased

    between the given date limit. Does anyone know if DELL officially stated

    the faulty part numbers or announced a recall. If yes, where to find them.

    Also, I'm looking for an authorized service provider in Hungary or Eastern

    Europe regarding the vertical line issue.

    Finally, I submitted my battery recall request on 25th January, two month ago. I haven't got the new one yet. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get the replacement if you're outside the USA ?





  33. Ditto, ditto, ditto, to much of the above.  Inspiron 9300, bought in 2005; even received a letter in the mail from Dell that the screen may develop a vertical line and if so will be repaired free. So far just got the runaround from two Indians.

    If this is the state of customer (non) service at Dell, I will tell every person I know to never buy Dell.  Surely you can do better than this.  It's disgraceful.

  34. This is my 10th e-mail about vertical likne issue on certain DELL computers. I dont know what's going on, but so far I have no answers.I really wonder if DELL officially stated which part numbers fall under the potentially affected displays.If yes, where are they displayed?

    Also, I cannot find any authorized service partners in Eastern Europe.

    Moreover, something fishy is going on with my Ispiron 9300.I purchased it in the states back in 2005,but when I logged in to check my account,it says it was bought in Canada. Now I live in Hungary.

    Something else: I have a faulty battery as well.I submitted my application on 25th January, 2008. No replacement yet.

    I dont know how important  that I dont live in the USA any more, I think I'm still a DELL costumer,not a happy one though.

    Lionel, if you have some time, please consider my E-mail.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  35. Inspiron 9300 purchased 06/05 with a  color gradient of 100+ pixels across the screen.

    One and a half hours on the phone, repeating information repeatingly.

    Three customer reps.  Three different answers.

    Five years at Dell, thousands of computers assembled, I know how to troubleshoot.   The screen is faulty.

    Two hours later,  " We will send you a box to ship your laptop in for repair, no charge."

    Don't give up, stay on the phone. 



  36. I have a brand spanking new Dell Vostro1500 with the vertical line problem (bought Jan08)

    A 1px yellow line shows up about 2 inches in from the left side. Obviously I will contact tech support, but you know, its a disappointment. I can't live without my computer even for one day since I do online investing.

    BTW: I also have another major design issue compliant, but I know I am basically screwed on this. My compliant is that the exhaust vent on the left side of the computer constantly blows out extremely hot air on my hand when I use my mouse. (I am left handed) This gives me severe cramps in my hand every single day. Yeah, I noticed the fan before I purchased it (online, the picture was very small), but honestly, I had no idea the force and heat blown out would be so unbearable.

    I posted a message on Dell's forum to see what other lefty's say about this, but I don't expect any action. Since I just bought this system and expected to use it for the next 5+ years, I can't tell you have disappointed I am in having to deal with this problem. In truth, I had planned to by an iMac for months, but in the end I thought I found a great deal on this Vostro (1.4MHz Core2Duo, 2GB Ram, 160GB HD, 2MP built-in webcam (cost $625 including shipping). Now I regret going cheap.

    I was also suppose to get the newer shiny screen with this, but I was shipped the non-glare old model.

  37. I just found this entry after researching a replacement screen for my Inspiron 9200 (got curious of the cost of replacing it on my own after all this time).

    My screen has had vertical lines for two years now, and I haven't really used it due to this fact. Also due to the fact that the lines became too bothersome and continued to grow, and since Dell Support would not help me since my warranty had expired and they deemed it my own fault, I went ahead and purchased a Macbook Pro as a replacement.

    I knew back then, and still know now, that this issue was a faulty monitor. I take excellent care of my computers, and I could not understand why on earth my screen would have these issues after only a year of use. I've owned monitors that lasted forever until I replaced them just to upgrade.

    I was never contacted by Dell about this, and I'm not surprised. They have rarely been helpful or supportive. So now I'm wondering, will I finally get the customer service I deserve?

  38. Although I've owned over 10 laptops in the past, I thought I would take a chance and finally purchase a Dell.

    I should have gone with my first instinct and get the iMac. I definitely regret this purchase. So far all customer service has done is shaft me from one rep to another.

    Now I have a brand new computer that I can't use a mouse with because a.) my  hand cramps up after just a few minutes of use and b.)  I have a feeling my mouse blocks the air circulation and causes LCD panel to go bad. (the vent being on the left side exactly where I use my mouse)


  39. i have an inspiron 6000 … and  i have rainbow lines n my lcd.. i got it around 2004 – 2005 it started a little while agoo but sometimes when i shut the screen and opened it the lines would go away.. now it has become all the timee .. who do i contact about getting my dell repaired even tho its out of warranty? 

  40. I bought 2 of the Inspiron 9200's at the same time.  A little over one year later one of the monitors developed the vertical colored line problem.  At first Dell was not supporting the problems as it was past their one year warranty date.  Then they decided to extend it to 3 years on the bad monitors and replaced mine for free, after several months of waiting.

    Now the second computer has had it's monitor go out with about a 1 inch wide vertical line.  This of course was a couple weeks after the 3 year date and so is not covered.  After wasting time with the really thick headed customer service people I finally got a quote of $400 for the LCD.  Now a 3 year old laptop is not even worth that so I won't be buying it.  I can get the part for around $200 thru some ebay dealers but honestly may just junk the computer instead.

    The computer overall has served me well.  I have purchased a total of 6 Dells over the last few years.  But the customer service has always left me so frustrated that I do not buy Dell anymore.  My last two have been Sony & HP. 


  41.  I too am having problems with a verticle line running through the screen on my Inspiron 9300 (17") and can not get any help from Dell support

  42. To all the people complaining above: just give up on it. I've been struggling through the Dell Vertical Issue Customer Service Thing for more than six weeks now. Lots of promises, lots of angry "We cannot help you, you have to purchase a new screen and our services for much money"'s, but – right – no help. No help at all.

    Give up, go buy something else, and don't forget to tell all your friends and colleagues about the super experience with Dell.

    And – as I am willing to share more of the super experience with you guys – there's more in for anyone willing to have some fun: try following the advise given above by your friendly Dell Customer Service Bloggers (or whatever they are), and contacting Dell Support outside the States. Imagine being one of the lucky Dell customers sitting at places like, say, Japan (- because sometimes that's life and you are stranded working away in one of these countries…), not being able to read or speak Japanese:

    Go to

    • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
    • Choose Contact Us
    • Choose Technical Support
    • Choose Call Technical Support

    I can tell you – it's so much fun!

    Honestly – for me, it's down to no more Dell. Never again.

  43. e1705, bought 3/31/06. I only use it at home – rarely moved around.

    it now has around 30 vertical lines. I called dell and they told me it would cost around $500 to fix it.

    after browsing through the messages posted here, it is clear that many people have the same problem as I do. It is obvious that there is an inherent problem with this inspiron model.

    they said that the common cause is a loose connection. if they manufactured laptops that develops loose connections, then they should take responsibility for it.

    I don't trust dell anymore. I will never buy dell products again. I will make sure that none of my friends or loved ones will be tricked or deceived by dell's fraudulent schemes. I will tell others who are planning on buying dell products to buy other brands instead.

  44. I am so disappointed in Dell. I have an Inspiron E1505 that developed a thin horizontal line across the entire monitor almost exactly 3 weeks after my warranty expired. It has never been dropped and rarely even leaves my house-I take really good care of it and I know nothing I did caused this problem. An LCD screen should last 2-3 years, not 1! Tech support told me I needed a new screen, and expired warranty parts repair told me it would cost $500 to send it in and fix it. There is no way I'm paying half of what it cost to buy this thing to get it fixed a year later! I complained and got angry and to his credit, the guy on the phone did try to put in a "special case" to get this taken care of for free, but it apparently didn't go through.

    This problem doesn't even really fall into the "vertical line issue", as it's not one of the affected models and I bought it in June 2007; however, I really don't think I should have to pay for it, as clearly Dell has faulty monitors across the board! I have no time or patience to spend hours on the phone with customer service, so I'm trying to find an alternate way to get my computer fixed. I am so, so disappointed and angry with Dell. I did SO much research before I bought this computer, and I knew I wanted a Dell, because they seemed like such good computers. Now I'm having second thoughts and I plan on telling everyone I know NOT TO BUY A DELL.

  45. Dear Mr. Dell:

    Maybe you should take time to understand what is happening here. LCD issue is a mistake. DELL and responsible engineers should own up mistake and contact customers for general recall. You know where we are – we gave you our email address and mailing address when we shipped units.

    You are losing customer base and faith. If you do, you would win my loyalty, if not I'd think I lust wasted $1400 never to buy DELL again.


    BTW – Please keep this forum open for comments and not have a forum commissioner – "Tod" here seems to have decided to censor what we want to post – telling us what we should post.


  46. I have had a great Dell experience when they replaced my defective LCD back in April of 2008. 3 months later the replacement has developed 3 vertical lines inside of 2 minutes – 2 of the lines blink sporadically. I removed the bezel to re-seat the connection and see that the connector has a label indicating the display was manufactured in 2005. it seems Dell is using replacements from the same time frame as the malfunctioning displays (allegedly). I suppose this is because they are the only models that will fit the laptop design. I can't really see having it replaced a 3rd time with another ill-fated LCD from the same ship date. I think it's time to change laptops 🙁


  47. Larry and others,

    I am Koay from Malaysia.
    I support you all because my 510M (bought in Aug 2005) is line-growing for weeks.

    Well, as expected from every "victim" here, no news from Dell.

    And, yes, next laptop, NO MORE DELL!

    Let's keep this forum active.
    Others, pls come join us and voice out loud here!


  48. I just spoke with Dell regarding the vertical lines on my LCD screen.  Like some of you, I was told that my computer does not fall under the recall.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this resovled?

  49. After some time on Dell's support line, over the course of two calls and speaking with four courteous individuals, I was informed both times that the Inspiron 9300 I am working on (purchased Decmeber 2005) did not have one of the defective and recalled LCDs although it is now covered with the 1-pixel white vertical stripes (8 of them).

    This was ridiculous. Due to a lifetime of postive Dell experiences I remain a fan of Dell, yet I consider this an obvious failing on the company's part.

  50. Hi,

    I have a 9200 and these verticle lines are appearing all over my monitor. I have emailed tech support as I cannot get through on the phone.

    I got my laptop December 2004 and I think it is guarenteed by the recall, however I have had no correspondance from Dell regarding this fault and had to look it up for myself.

    Any ideas of whether I will be getting this fixed free?


  51. I have a 510 inspiron that already has like over 40 of vertical lines, I call Dell Malaysia to replace this for me, they said I have to pay for the replacement because it is out of warranty period and this model is not cover for free replacement, but this is obviously not my problem, im not the first 510 inspiron customers who complaint about this. This is obviously a manufacturing problem. Hello Michael Dell in America, did you actually read this forum? Michael Dell in America, stop counting your money, please stand up and wake up and help us out, please…

    After 6 months later, Michael Dell is still sitting in his room counting his money ticking and no response or action taken by him. To satisfied myself, this is what im going to do; here we have like 3 times Computer fair exhibition every year, go to the Dell booth and set all of the demo laptop/desktop web browser homepage link to these 3 threads, let their new customers understand how dell really care about us after sales service

    Michael Dell, you are a wealthy & happy businessman, we are your unhappy customers. why you treat us this way? If you are too busy to help us, why not instruct few of your guys helping us out?

  52. Hi,

    I started facing this problem with my Inspiron 9300 laptop, since July 27, which was purchased on 10/13/2005.

    I had mailed [email protected] on 27 July and again on 30 July but have not received any reply.

    I am in Chennai, India right now and would
    appreciate if I can get some number where I can talk and get my laptop
    repaired immediately.



  53. Hi,

    I also have an Inspiron 9300 with vertical lines. The problems with getting one fixed looks very grim so how about this? DELL could make the replacement part:

    a) available without hassel

    b) cheap enough that we can afford it (no charge since it is not our fault)

    c) provide a real phone number (someone who will actually answer the phone and take an order for the new, free, replacement part) that real people can call to get the part.

    Poor customer service is the fastest way to loose a customer. Bet I never buy DELL again!!!

  54. I dread having to deal with this, but on my Insprison 9300, I have 15 lines "growing" through my 17-inch screen.  The colours varies, but granted, they all belong to the rainbow.

    So what is my recourse? 

    Nothing, I suspect, after reading this board and dozens and dozens of others.

    I've been a Dell customer for over 2-decades.  If I don't get resolve to this situation, I'm going MAC.



  55. Just got a thin vertical line running across my dell inspiron 9300 screen. Bought it in November 2005. How can i get this fixed? Most customers who have posted on this forum see to have lost faith in Dells customer support. Quite sad indeed.

    If any Dell Customer Support representative is listening, please contact me.




  56. I purchased my Inspiron E1505 in January of 2007.  It was almost $900 and within the first 6 months of having it I had to replace the keyboard, cd drive, motherboard twice, and charger 5 times.  I haven't had any problems with it since then until about 4 months ago horizontal lines started coming up straight across the top.  It wasn't a big deal to me because I could still see everything.  Then a month later they started coming up down the right side.  A week ago 1 horizontal line started showing up about 2 inches up from the bottom of the screen.  At first it would come and go depending on how the screen was positioned, but now it stays all the time.  I followed the support wizard that was supposed to help the problem but it didn't.  I also obviously don't have a warranty anymore since it expired and was completely outrageous to extend, so I was told I would have to send it in and pay $500 to get a new screen.  With the problems I have already had within the first 6 months, and the first problem happenin within the first month and a half, I shouldn't have to pay for my screen to be fixed.  I use my computer everyday because I take online college classes and must do them everyday.  I bought this computer to replace my previous Dell that completely crashed for no apparent reason for almost 6 months, and out of nowhere began to work again.  Something needs to be done soon.  I can't keep going around and around with these people on the phone when nothing is getting done.  Someone needs to contact me and let me know what is happening.

  57. There is NO fix for permanent lines running down your screen. They're dead pixels and the entire LCD panel must be replaced.

    I have a dell LCD screen for one of my servers and the same thing happened. Buy Phillips LCDs or Sharps/Sony's instead.

  58. ACK!… So Annoyed with Dell…

    I spent over $2000 for a Inspiron 9300 in early 2006 and have loved it until this month.

    I now have Vertical Lines.

    After finding this post and I called Dell and stated, VERY NICELY, that I see Lionel Menchaca helping people here and some people getting results.

    No one seems to know anything about this vertical line issue.  I eventually got someone (Shaun O'Donnel) to go to this website, but he still says it is out of warranty and Dell will not help.

    I'm sure other people say this, but I have been responsible for a number of businesses I work for leasing Dell's and a number of friends purchasing.

    Almost been a Dell Fanboy… but this is it for me.  I will NEVER recommend Dell again, and I'm heading to my procurement manager to investigate other providers for work. 

    NOT the Dell Michael started and I became a fan of.

    Lionel… if you can help… please do.  

    If not… time to abandon Dell for Apple.



  59. Hi,

    I bought Inspiron 9300 in Nov. 2005. From last 5-6 days i have started getting thin vertical lines. Now i have 3 lines which started with 1. Two yellow and one red. I called Dell support but i was told that my part MC887 which is not affected by this problem. So i looked for the problem on net and found this link. Please help me. I am in India just now for some time. I bought it from USA. I bought dell because i had heard it's service is good but It's really sad that i am getting this kind of service after paying 2000$ for a laptop. Today again i called Dell India and i got my complain escalated and i spoke to the manager. And guess what i was told "it's been working for 2.5 yrs. so what more do you expect?" !!! I am really frustrated with the way he spoke and kind of service i got. Hope the blog helps address this issue and dell executive take congnizant of the same.


  60. I have a dell inspiron 9300 17 inch lcd truelife that has developed the vertical line issue mine was bought in 1995 it is out of warranty is there a recall or something that will repair this defect without any out of pocket money. It has about 5 vertical lines in it now and seems to be getting more as time goes on.

  61. @ Sterling Spell

    I'm assuming you meant 2005 and not 1995?   I would recommend that you contact our Technical Support groups as quickly as possible to see if your LCD is eligible to be replaced.   Our replacement progam is limited to 3 years from the date of purchase.  The policy is in place for replacement of specific production models of the LCDs by specific vendors and I can't be sure whether yours is covered or not, but Technical Support can let you know.

    You can find the contact information to reach Tech Support on our support site,  I hope this helps.

  62. I had the same frustrating problem with my Dell inspiron 8600. Although DELL customer service admitted that the problem was caused by the defective produced parts in the LCD (vertical line problem), they refused to exchange it since the guarantee had expired 3 months earlier.

    A good customer service looks different. It is especially frustrating, since my Inspiron laptop was used almost all the time on a desktop and only 20 times mobile.

    I guess I will buy a lenovo laptop next time.


  63. Yup, bought my Inspiron 9300 in March of 2005.  Just developed a vertical line today.  Looks like I, along with a lot of other people, are out of luck.  I will NOT be buying a Dell computer again.  Maybe that's why their product is no longer as good as it once was. 

  64. I bought my inspiron 9300 in July 2005.  About a month ago the vertical lines started to appear.  After getting the run around by the first representative I got a manager on the line.  The best he could offer was a replacement screen and a refurbish of the laptop for $299.  Is Dell crazy?  The inspiron 9300 was over a $2000 machine at the time, you would think that we would be the customers Dell would want to keep long term. 

    As a software engineer and a long time dell user it really gets me to say that after this experience I'm thinking about that new MacBook for Christmas.

  65. My Inspiron 9300 which I have had since 2005, started putting vertical lines a couple of months  ago.  I am up to 20 lines now.  This is a machine that has been taken great care of.  Hopefully Dell will be faithful to its customer base if the issue is really a defective screen.  I would be curious to know if the screens of other pc makers have a long life (much longer than 3 years hopefully!)

  66. @ jay

    If you have not, then I recommend you contact Dell's tech support immediately.  The replacement policy is only in effect for 3 years from time of purchase and if you purchased it late in 2005, and it was manufactured with one of the affect units, it may still be covered.  Support will be able to let you know if your system is eligible or not.

  67. From Geoff Blundall

    I am having the same problem with my Dell XPS , so far 4 thin white vertical lines have appeared. It was bought May 2006 so is in 3 year period for replacement. Have emailed [email protected]  7 days ago but still no response.

    Are Dell UK going to resolve this issue ?

    I would really appreciate a reply

  68. I have just purchased a new Dell INSPIRON 1420 during PC Fair in Penang and just got the notebook yesterday (15/12/2008). When I first turned it on yesterday after took it home, the LCD screen display was fine. However, when I turn it on today for the second time, I noticed a vertical orangey line appeared across from top to bottom of the screen. I have tried restarting the notebook and also turned off and on again but the line still there! What a BIG frustration as the vertical line already appeared on the second day and the notebook is still brand new and just turned on for the second time!!

    Can anyone please kindly assist me as it hurts to pay so much but getting a low quality product like this! I was hesitate to buy Dell at first but I put my negative thought aside and go for it but this is what I get in the end. So sad..

  69. For everyone's information, here is a copy of the letter I got so time ago, before I had any issues….

    Thank you for purchasing a Dell Inspiron Notebook

    Dell has learned that the liquid crystal display (LCD) on your portable computer may develop a thin vertical line. This line may develop on a small number of systems over a period of time. As a result, Dell is notifying all customers with systems that may be affected.

    If this problem develops on your Inspiron 9200, 9300 or XPS2 notebook within three years of the date of purchase, Dell will replace the LCD at no charge for parts of labor. This offer only applies to LCD screens that develop a vertical line.

    Dell values you as a customer and we apologize for any inconvenience this problem may cause. Please keep this letter for your reference. If in the future the LCD on your portable computer develops vertical lines, please call Dell at 1-800-624-9896.

    If your portable computer has already developed this problem, and you paid Dell to replace your LCD, Dell will issue a refund for the cost of the qualified replacement. Please contact Dell at 1-800-624-9896

    Best regards,
    Kevin M. Brown
    Dell Product Group

    Even with the letter I still did not get any help from Dell. To date I have a massive amount of lines on my 9300 that I see EVERYDAY!

    Bobby C

  70. Purchased: 2005

    Location: Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

    Problem: LCD, Multiple Vertical Lines, Single pixel lines, One Red (Center), One Green/Yellow (Right side on screen)

    Computer is used for ArcGIS mapping, 17 inch screen comes in handy when working right

    Telephoned Tech Support: 1(800) 624-9861 at 9:15AM Pacific Time on Tues, Feb 24, 2009

    9:15AM, First Customer Service Agent requests for me to pay $49 for tech support. I indicated that the problem was noted in over 100 letters I had viewed in Dell Community Forums so I would not be paying for tech support. I was told that because my warranty expired one year after I purchased the computer, that I must pay. I indicated that people had gone over the warranty and still had their faulty LCD’s replaced. I was told that I would need to be transferred to somebody else. I am transferredfrom the customer service center in India and wait for the next person to respond.

    9:25AM, Second Customer Service Agent named Pamela asks for my Service Tag number. Pamela begins a repeated effort at securing a $49 tech support payment. I indicate that this is not a problem which I need to pay $49 for, the matter of a defective LCD which I need to have addressed. Pamela proceeded to swindle $49 in 5 different methods, to which I called her out and told her that she was attempting to take money for defects that had already been diagnosed. Pamela proceeded in battle for nearly 10 minutes before I finally asked to speak to a supervisor. I was instructed by Pamela that a supervisor could only repeat what she had discussed with me. I indicated that this would be fine, to please transfer me to a supervisor. Pamela placed me on hold as she attempted to locate a supervisor. At 9:40, I was told by Pamela that a supervisor was not available, but she would transfer me to a tech support manager to address the RECALL ISSUE.

    9:50AM, Third attempt, A Tech Support service agent came on the line and asked for the Express Service Code, to which I also offered the Journal ID # 09055LY0NJ from Wizard ID 341382, from the pages at Dell which troubleshoot your problem. I was asked to hold so the agent could check his resources.   When the tech support person came back on the line, he was familiar with the Vertical Line issue and asked for me to bring another monitor to the laptop to see if the vertical lines appeared on another screen. They did not. The technical support service agent then asked me to power down the computer completely, then power up and press the F2 key 5 times. This brought up a grey screen. The technical support service agent then asked what was on the screen, which I indicated that a black and grey backdrop with white lettering was present. He asked if the lines were still there, and I indicated that they were. At that point, the technical support service agent indicated that the LCD would need to be replaced. He immediately went into suggesting that I purchase a $197.26 warranty, which I could be offered a deal for $149.00. I was told that the Warranty was normally $337. I responded by asking why he would perceive that I needed the Warranty. He indicated that it would be offered in case I had any future problems. I asked why he perceived that there may be future problems and how that might be applied to my LCD screen. He then indicated that the money would not at all be applied toward the current issue with the LCD. I then asked if the $149.00 amount was supposed to be the amount for replacing the LCD screen. He indicated that it was not the amount to replace the screen and that he would not be able to offer a price or a discount for the LCD. I then proceeded to say that if the $197.26 was not affecting the outcome of the LCD being fixed, then why was it suggested? As the technical support service agent was hesitant, offering that in the world, there are these problems and these things happen, I agreed with him, but asked if I could speak to his supervisor. The technical support service agent indicated that his supervisor was only going to reiterate what had already been talked about and probably could not do anything. I indicated that it was alright, that I still wanted to speak to a supervisor. At 10:20PM, I was transferred to a Tech support supervisor.

    10:35AM, Fourth attempt, A tech support supervisor came on the line. It was a peculiar situation, as the person on the line sounded just like the person that had just talked to me. They repeated almost word for word the problems that had been discussed with the tech support service agent I had just spoken with. Upon repeating these problems, I was placed on hold for a moment. The next time somebody came on the phone, the accent of the person speaking was different than that of the person I was speaking with before I was placed on hold. This manager asked what I would like for them to do. I proceeded to say that like the 100 letters that I had in front of me indicating that this is an ongoing problem with the Inspiron 9200, 9300, and 9400 versions, I would like to have the problem with the lines in my LCD rectified, if that meant sending a container to send the product to them or having a technician look at the problem. I was asked by the manager where I got my information. I indicated that I found three sources:

    Upon giving the manager these three sources, he proceeded to tell me that the information in these sources really is not accurate a great deal of the time. I proceeded to ask the manager that since I know four people on these sites that have indicated they have had problems, so are you then implying that my friends are lying to me. He said he was not saying that they were lying, to which I replied, “but then you are merely implying that they may be lying.” He then asked for the URL link, and then proceeded to say that it was not working for him. I asked for his e-mail address so that I could send it to him, but he was reluctant to provide one. I finally stated that what I believed that I was experiencing with Dell was a lot of finagling. I also indicated that as a seasoned journalist, I would be inclined to publish the conditions that I had experienced on Dell community forums as well as in other publications.  I indicated that with the number of computers and businesses that I have that use computers, while we use HP and Toshiba among others, it is unlikely that we would wish to purchase equipment from Dell again, based on the treatment from customer service that we had experienced. He then said that the request was really out of his hands, but that he could generate a case number for me, if I wished, where somebody would get back to me within 3 days. He placed me on hold again. When the manager returned, he indicated that I could use this case number he generated as a reference and anybody would be able to use that number to give me a response on the status of my request. I am now waiting to find out how Dell will proceed. Stay tuned.

  71. I have bought my computer Inspiron 9300 exactly four years ago. And I am just 'shoot' out of luck since my problem occured two months ago past the "3 year" deadline. I called anyways and the Tech support in Canada did not know about this problem and that Dell would not help me anyways since my computer is no longer under warranty! He nicely offered me a discount on my next computer!  I think Dell is not fessing up to its manufacturing fiasco that it recognized having in 2007, and cannot afford to fix its issues properly.  This computer has had so many issues, SD card not working (had to pay lots to have it fixed)  same with my DVD burner!  I can't believe I purchase such a lemon! I want to give it away to my nephew when I get a new one, but I love him too much to do such a thing to him. So to the Dell people writing on this, thanks but really no thanks for your poor service.  I am going to bring this to the attention of the Dept of consumer affairs in Québec and see what we can do with them.  I will also try with a couple of TV programs that defend abused consumers like us.  I will let you all know whatever happens.

  72. $1500 on an Inspiron 9300 with a 3 year extended warranty that I bought in 2005. Within months I had the purple line problem. They replaced the screen. Within months I had the purple line problem again. They replaced the screen a 2nd time within months I had the same perple vertical line problem. Soon my 3 year warranty was up and I was disowned by Dell thereafter. This was the 1st computer I ever bought and it has been a never ending diappointment.  I live in Austin, TX and wanted to support my local businesses. I will never make that mistake again.

    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L675 17.3" Laptop for 1/3 the price of the 9300. It's faster, better, and so far I have heard nothing but good things about Toshiba. I will never buy another Dell product.

    My girlfriend just had a problem with her refurbished iMac.  With Apple Care they just gave her a brand new iMac.  Dell knew the problem with the vertical lines, tried to deny it and replaced my lemon LCD with 2 more lemon LCD screens. What a terrible product and greedy company. DON'T BUY DELL COMPUTERS, YOU'LL BE SORRY. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

  73. My Inspiron 15 which I bought last year and which the warranty expired yesterday has developed two dark pixel lines, one is approximately 1/4" long and the other directly below the first is approximately 1/8- 3/16" long.

    They are located about 3/4" in from the left edge of the screen and about 2 1/2" up from the bottom.  Is this something that would be covered as well as the other defects, in the original post?

  74. @bkapalo – This post was written in regard to systems sold in 2007. If you are experiencing issues with your system purchased in 2014, please contact technical support to troubleshoot and identify possible fixes.

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