Let’s Create a Clean Energy Future

Right now, Paul Bell is part of a global conference call with the CEOs of TXU, Waste Management and The Climate Group  to announce that our corporate headquarters is now powered with 100 percent green  energy, an important milestone in our commitment to become the first carbon-neutral computer company.

This is an exciting day for the entire Dell team, not only because we’re taking another step in becoming the “greenest” technology company on the planet, but also because we’re challenging other companies to join us in integrating renewable energy into their operations. Put simply, by striving toward a clean energy future, we have an opportunity to further empower the ReGeneration – people of all ages who care about the planet.

We’ve already saved more than $1.2 million and avoided nearly 8,200 tons of CO2 by replacing lights and retrofitting air conditioning units throughout our central Texas facilities. The power-management initiative we’re running with 1E has saved $1.8 million and avoided 11,000 tons of CO2 globally. Also, as a result of the hard work of thousands of employees, we’re running ahead of schedule in achieving our carbon neutrality goal. See the vlog of me below for more details, and if you're interested in learning more, take a look at www.dell.com/greenpowernews.

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Our challenge to you: let’s work together to create a clean energy future. Let’s open dialogues and make the environment part of our daily conversation and actions, following the well known advice of Gandhi and ‘be the change we want to see in the world.’

If you haven’t already, be sure to join the ReGeneration and add your voice to the thousands of others working toward a “greener” future. To join, look for this image on the right job section of the ReGeneration.org site. Clicking on the image below will take you to the main site:


Change begins with each and every one of us. Together, we can change the future for our planet!

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  • Anonymous

     That's great news! 🙂

    Would be even better if we managed to make green energies as cheap as traditional ones, so you could become the greenest IT company without having to fire so many employees…  

  • Anonymous

     By all means, make the effort to save fossil fuels, but dont be duped by the myth that CO2 has anything to do with global warming.

  • Anonymous

     wow, that is wonderful if it saves the corporation money that it puts back into better products and better customer service.  But if it keeps shipping its high end laptops (xps) with poor quality screens and ignores customer complaints, saving energy won't mean a thing: the company will be green and out of business.

    The only responsibility a corporation has is to its customers.  Good economics makes for good environment. Environmental dogma rarely makes good economics.