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This is one of those days I really enjoy as a Dell employee. Today in New York, Alex Gruzen and Ed Boyd are unveiling an update to our Dell Design Studio, and it’s pretty amazing – a phrase I don’t use lightly. If you’re the kind of person who likes to make a personal statement or share your passions, you’ll want to click on over to the new Dell Design Studio to see some cool new ways to personalize your Dell laptop.

Just in time for the Major League Baseball playoffs, Dell is unveiling more than 90 unique designs that tie back to all 30 of the MLB teams. Starting today, baseball fans can declare their support choosing one of three designs for each team that range from “understated” to “loud and proud”– we call them classic, fan, and die-hard. Sharing these designs internally has lead to some interesting revelations. In my group alone, colleagues have claimed the Seattle Mariners, the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays and my favorite – the Red Birds of St. Louis. We have posted images ALL of the MLB designs on Dell’s Official Flicker account, and of course you can “try them on” in the Design Studio with several Dell laptop models including the Inspiron 14,15, and 17 laptops, and the Dell Studio 15 and 17.

We are also announcing a unique relationship today that resonates with most of my female colleagues. We are partnering with OPI, the world’s No. 1 maker of high-fashion nail lacquer. Starting next month, you will be able to personalize your Dell laptop or Inspiron Mini with one of 20 OPI classic colors, like “I’m Not a Waitress” and “Princesses Rule!” plus six Holiday Collection colors like “Dear Santa.” We have posted a few sample images in the Dell Flicker account, and the full collection will be revealed next month.

We also are continuing to update and expand the original artwork and design collection in the Dell Design Studio. Today we are unveiling the Illuminations collection, organized by Curator Godon Hull of Surface to Air New York, which features cool new designs created just for Dell from a cadre of hip young international artists. We’ve also added several new (PRODUCT) RED designs that generate a donation to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa. Finally, past best-sellers have been move to the Classic section.

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  • sanjoybhatta

    Dear Friend,


    I have 13 month old Dell Studio 1535 Laptop. My screen bottom centre is getting heated up while I am working with AC power on though rest of the laptop surfaces remains at normal temperature. What could be the problem.? . I dont play any game on my laptop and use it only for internet and other office purposes.  Kindly help…


    Sanjoy bhattacharjee



  • crzyal12

    It is just the poor design of the dell studios, I have the 1537 and it feels cheap and my friends 1555 also feels cheap. It is a growing trend of dell now building their computers/laptops cheap and of poor quality.

  • lalijesy

    I've just got my studio 1557 based on i7 core the new one that was released recently.I bouhgt it in France .But I was amazed when seeing the packaging and the laptop because it was made in CHINA.Could you believe it? I dont know if the quality is good if compared to made in EU or FRANCE. Do you have any idea about it? I mean the quality made in china.Should i return it?