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MedApps, Inc – 2008 U.S. Small Business Excellence Award Finalist Profile


The healthcare industry is currently experiencing its fair share of
challenges including high-cost coverage, a nursing shortage, and a
society full of non-compliant patients. Kent Dicks, president and CEO
of MedApps, Inc.,
sees solutions to problems like these in the technology available
today. MedApps utilizes advancements in cellular and wireless
technology to produce a mobile wireless health monitoring system
capable of examining and keeping tabs on patients’ health from a

How does this device help with the problems we see in healthcare?
“Previously, the only form of remote health monitoring was very
costly,” explained Kent, “and because of the high cost, only
chronically ill patients could receive it.” Now, by employing Telemedicine 2.0
technology, MedApps helps the existing healthcare system connect to
more patients at a significantly reduced cost, while also serving to
remind patients of important daily activities like taking vitamins and
exercising. This motivational component also serves as a prevention
technique that can ultimately result in even more savings.

Aside from being cost-effective, MedApps services can handle nearly
70% of calls that are currently tying up precious nurse resources,
routing the most urgent needs to live calls and allowing the MedApps
system to address less vital symptoms and requests.

Kent recognizes the needs of the healthcare industry, and with
MedApps uses his extensive background in technology to present viable
solutions to an industry truly in need of his innovation. 

If you are in the healthcare industry and interested in MedApps services and solutions, please comment here or contact Kent directly.

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