Meet the new Dell Venue Pro Smartphone with Windows Phone 7


Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 (back view)It’s true! Get ready to experience a more productive you with Dell’s new Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone with T-Mobile service set to be available in the U.S. this holiday season. It’s about mobile productivity…doing more in fewer steps…just the way you want it.

Update from Lionel: I just published an updated Dell Venue Pro post. To centralize the conversation, I've closed comments on this post. If you want to comment or ask questions about the Dell Venue Pro, please go to my updated post. 

Bill Gorden here, Smartphone General Manager within Dell’s Communication Solutions Group. Today I’m here at Center 548 with my colleague Julie Hrudicka in New York City, representing Dell at the launch event for Microsoft’s all-new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Center 548 is a hip international cultural arts exhibition and event venue located in Manhattan’s Chelsea gallery district. We’re here talking to media, bloggers and attendees about the benefits of the new Windows Phone platform, the Dell Venue Pro, and new experiences customers will enjoy. I'm willing to bet reaction from Windows Phone 7 will continue to drive the front page of Techmeme for a while.

Update from Lionel: Click on any of these Dell Venue Pro images to see larger versions. 

You might ask, who the Dell Venue Pro is for?  We see the Venue Pro for everyday people with a diverse range of full and busy lives. They need to stay connected, be productive and keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family. Dell designed the Venue Pro to be a multi-purpose always-connected device to help people be more efficient, always connected and entertained.

So, while we're not yet ready to share all details of the Dell Venue Pro, let me highlight some of its key features:

  • Stunning 4.1” WVGA AMOLED capacitive, multi-touch display
  • A full portrait QWERTY keyboard to provide a  better viewing & messaging experience
  • Supported with T-Mobile service
  • Elliptical, slender form provides elegance in a pocket-friendly size
  • Gorilla Glass for unprecedented durability and scratch resistance

And, since we’re here in New York participating in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 launch, let me call out some of the highlights and use cases for the new operating system:

  • People hub:  Enter social central to scan Windows Live and Facebook feeds and photos, in addition to dialing or texting friends in the address book.
  • Pictures hub:  Share photos easily from pictures saved to the phone, Facebook and Windows Live. Go from pocket to picture in seconds with a press of the camera button, and send photos from the hub to friends or post to Windows Live or Facebook.
  • Games hub: Play games with friends, track scores and wins in the gamer profile. With more than 50 popular game titles available at launch, try-before-you-buy demos, Xbox LIVE leader boards, turn-based multiplayer, achievements and more, Windows Phone 7 brings the quality, consistency and community of the Xbox experience to gamers on the go.
  • Music + Video: Play movies, TV shows and music quickly. Enjoy custom playlists, listen to podcasts and recommend favorite songs to friends.
  • Office hub:  View, edit, share and sync Microsoft Office documents. Collaborate with co-workers through SharePoint Workspace Mobile.
  • Marketplace hub: Get quality applications like games, music, entertainment, news, sports, social networking, productivity, travel and many more. Apps are tested and certified to deliver a consistently great experience.  Marketplace is also accessible through a PC client that is integrated into Microsoft’s popular Zune software.

Want to hear what people are saying about the all-new Dell Venue Pro? Follow the conversation on Twitter using the #DellVenuePro and #windowsphone hashtags.

Stay tuned, as we prepare to soon announce additional information for the Dell Venue Pro including pricing, plan options and available purchase paths.

Thanks and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Bill Gorden

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116 thoughts on “Meet the new Dell Venue Pro Smartphone with Windows Phone 7

  1. Can we expect to see 5" and/or 7" versions?  When?

    When can we expect to see different carriers (Sprint, AT&T)?

  2. Please out a horizontal slider with the same form factor I would buy it in a heartbeat.  I am a power user with big hands and this is the exact reason as to why I don't use a blackberry.

  3. Folks… thanks for the interest in the Dell Venue Pro. There's not a whole lot I can share at this point. When that changes, we'll publish more posts on Direct2Dell. In the meantime, I recommend following the #DellVenuePro hashtag on Twitter.

    @npnMD: It has a micoUSB port on the bottom. Take a look at this shot in the photo gallery from Engadget's hands-on.

  4. Will the Dell Venue Pro be sold in Canada or at least sold unlocked? Or is it exclusive to the United States and on T-Mobile?

  5. thanks for the response lionel.

    i was reading that it would have an 8gb storage — will it also have a micro usb slot?


  6. This phones doesn't offer anything not already offered by other smart phones. Where's the incentive to buy?

  7. @Firestorm and Vinegar: Thanks for the interest.

    All we said yesterday is that it will be available to customers in the United States from T-Mobile. When there are more details to share, I will do it here on Direct2Dell and on Twitter using the #DellVenuePro hashtag.

  8. Hi Lionel,

    When I read your posts it seems to me that Dell doesn't deny that the Dell Venue Pro will hit the markets in europe at some time(hopefully also in the Netherlands). Is that correct?

  9. @Firestorm

    Be prepared to wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . .

    I’ve been months asking Lionel et al when we might expect the Streak (first released on June 4 in the UK) to make an appearance in Canada, and there’s not even a hint that it WILL happen, let alone when. They’ve made the effort to take that unique device all the way to far away markets such as Australia and now India before sending a truck across the border to us.

    Breath-holding definitely NOT recommended . . .

  10. @J.M.S. Noted. If things change with the Dell Streak and Canada, I'll be sure to let you know.

    @aikiwolfie: Several folks like the portrait keyboard, and from some limited time with it, I can say that the both keyboards work well. The virtual WP7 keyboard is solid. Could definitely see myself using the slider KB for e-mails (and maybe tweets), and using the virtual keyboard for other things like web browsing, searches, etc.

  11. I would like to know, if i buy it from Dell UK if are true the voices that it will getting a UK release before Christmas.

    If I bought it unlocked from UK ( I leave in Italy ) I can use it in my country, and change language in italian?

  12. Hi  Lionel,

    I have been hearing that the Venue Pro maybe getting a UK release before Christmas. If it is please make sure that there is an unlocked version as I and many others are willing to buy it offline for £400-£500. This phone is to good to be exclusive to just one mobile operator you won't get many people buying the phone if it is. If you do make it exclusive to one operator please give the option for consumers to buy an offline version directly from you and with at least 16gb memory.

    I know that this seems like a big request but it would be good to see what the consumer wants as HTC hasn't in the UK and I and many others are disappointed about how many of the new phones are exclusive to different operators and have limited storage space. But please sell an unlocked version as I really want this phone and it will sell loads if it is more available to all. It worked for the Galaxy S and now the iPhone.


  13. can i clear up the 2 variants coming out, based on pdadb specs 2 variants will come out

    one is the EU-US version with 900/1700/2100 3g bands obviously for Tmobile US and othe EU carriers

    and the US( version with 850/1900/2100 for 3g bands AT&T and possible other carriers in AU and CA

    can we conform these two models because i will get the US-EU/Tmo US version since im on tmobile US and needs those bands, having 900 also opens up 3g possibilities if incase i go to europe

    which of the 2 units will be sold globally?

  14. I want this but I have to use the O2 network (UK), as it's by far rhe best for coverage in my area in the UK.  Orange is particularly useless.  So, I'd like to see it available across poroviders, or just O2…..

    I've been holding off for the new Windows Phone 7s but I also need the right handset.

  15. I have to say, you guys deserve a standing ovation. The aesthetics of the Venue Pro trully matches WP7's UI paradigm and as far as I am concerned, it is the de facto Windows Phone 7.

    Now would you guys be kind enough to build a few supporting 850/1900MHz and sell it without a contract or carrier branding so I can buy it on day one? Please? I even bought an onyx Adamo just to match with the Venue Pro. 😀

  16. I have two questions: 1) Will this phone be coming to Canada?

    2) Does this phone have a slot for microsd cards?

    Can't wait to get my hands on this!

  17. It would be incredible it this were offered off contract with 850/1900/2100 3G…I would lose my mind.  Canadian carriers don't look to have the strongest WP7 lineup out of the gate.  

    Venue Pro looks like a dream come true

  18. Is the Dell Venue Pro going to be released in Germany/Austria? An unlocked version would be awesome…. Hope so 🙂

  19. I'll second the various comments here and ask in the UK if you'll make it available for buying 'of contract' and not via 1 supplier and if it was available via with various memory options (I'd go for 32GB like my Zune HD) that would be fantastic (a dreamer I've been accused of frequently but if you never ask you never get in my experience)

  20. I'll second the various comments here and ask in the UK if you'll make it available for buying 'of contract' and not via 1 supplier and if it was available via with various memory options (I'd go for 32GB like my Zune HD) that would be fantastic (a dreamer I've been accused of frequently but if you never ask you never get in my experience)

  21. Awesome device.

    Please let it come to France and Europe.

    We need a 16GB version or, even better, a slot for expandable storage.

    In Europe most WP7 devices proposed come with 8GB only, which is not sufficient.

  22. This is kinda frustrating.    I'll end up buying a second-rate phone because this one isn't out in Canada, and won't get a new one for two or three years.  I want to buy this phone, you should want to take my money.  It really should be as simple as that.

  23. I'm currently a Blackberry Bold user and this phone looks really appealing to me, particularly the portrait slide out keyboard (I've had the landscape slide outs before and they are way more cumbersome) and the gorilla glass (I'm a farmer so the phone will see much more hard use than average) – please either release this phone on Orange (UK) or at sim-free – the sooner the better!

  24. Since there isn't much reaction from Lionel, here I go:

    – Dell Venue Pro is currently being sold (pre order) at They expect the firts order to come in at november 8. The other good news is that it wil be sold carrier free AND the fact that Clove delivers over the whole world. THAT'S amazing news. Oh…ehm, also read that it wil be shipped with 8 GB or 16 GB, but couldn't find it on the Clover site.

    Hope that I've brought some good news 😉

  25. "Stay tuned, as we prepare to soon announce additional information for the Dell Venue Pro including pricing, plan options and available purchase paths."

    It's less than three weeks from the U.S. launch.  Your fans/customers want details.

  26. Warning, those who are thinking of purchasing from The Dell venue pro they are selling is 900/2100 3g bands. Those are not supported by T-Mobiles US 3g bands. In order to get USA T-Mobile 3g you need 1700/2100.

    We'll have to wait till Dell decides to put it up for sale. I'm really hoping for it to be up VERY SOON.  first / second week of nov.

  27. Hello Dell,

    It would be great if you can share if this phone will be available at launch on Nov. 8th. Yes, I have heard that it will be available on the 8th but I don't recall hearing it officially by Dell.

    This would be my first choice but I fear that if there is no annoucement and/or information to availability come the 8th, I may have to go with Samsung Focus or HD7. My contract is up with AT&T and I am more than happy to jump to T-mobile for this phone but I don't need it that bad.

    So, you have a customer waiting (I'm sure there are MANY waiting inline in front and behind me) to purchase this phone…. provided it's available very soon….

    Just thought I'd share one consumer's interest… you know, in case you haven't heard from us, the consumer 🙂

  28. Hello Dell,

    It would be great if you can share if this phone will be available at launch on Nov. 8th. Yes, I have heard that it will be available on the 8th but I don't recall hearing it officially by Dell.

    This would be my first choice but I fear that if there is no annoucement and/or information to availability come the 8th, I may have to go with Samsung Focus or HD7. My contract is up with AT&T and I am more than happy to jump to T-mobile for this phone but I don't need it that bad.

    So, you have a customer waiting (I'm sure there are MANY waiting inline in front and behind me) to purchase this phone…. provided it's available very soon….

    Just thought I'd share one consumer's interest… you know, in case you haven't heard from us, the consumer 🙂

  29. @ microhaxo:

    Thanks the additional info.

    I only looked at it from a europeans perspective, cause it is known that the venue pro will be released in the US but unknown if it would be released in Europe.

    It's to bad that Dell isn't coming forward with more info. IMHO this could push early adopters to other brands.

  30. This is probably the only Winows7 mobile smartphone that appeals to me, primarily due to the inclusions of a conventional QWERTY keyboard ( & the only Winows7 device to date to offer as such ). While your announcments are with US phone carriers, I'm wondering what is the plan for the Canadian market place, will it be available in Canada, what is the est. retail and where on site would I find it? This is an attractive looking phone, but can I find more details on the specs of this unit?

  31. I don't get it. Are you all trying to lose sales? This is the way to do it.  To many other great phones out to be kept in the dark.

  32. it is expected to be release on 8th of november in europe by expansys

    i love this phone and it would be nice to have the release date confirm before people start to look elsewhere. i just dont get it why manufacturers try to keep the release date secret. people dont like to wait for new phones for long and the competition is quite large at the moment. just an advice as an owner of the iphone 8gb memory is not big enough. i have 16gb and just 10gb is filled with an apps so 16gb and 32gb would be nice to see if there is no momory card slot available on windows phones 7.

  33. Please announce details for the US release for the Venue Pro soon! HD7 is now up for pre-sale and I admit to being a little impatient after waiting 9 months for a Windows phone. I really want the Venue Pro, could you at least give us an ideal of when it will be available in the States.

  34. Just watched Engadet's show. I must say, now that I've seen the Venue in hand, rotated, in use, etc.  that is one great looking phone!

    Please, more informaton on pricing. The person from MS said that he knows the price but can't say. Dell, what's the secret here? It's 2 weeks away and we don't have information on prices?

  35. It really is too bad that the only version that has surfaced appears to be 900/2100 3G.

    The WP7 buzz will lead to countless people settling for what is available at/near launch, myself included…despite the fact that the Venue Pro is the MOST exciting of all WP7 devices, if it isn't ready for the US/Canada it will fall behind the likes of Samsung/HTC.

  36. Is there any special reason why there is absolutely no info on the Dell Venue Pro? Are you planning a surprise, like its been cancelled or even worse it will run android like the rumours are suggesting? Its not as though its getting more valuable as time goes by, with preorders of the HD7 available you are likely to lose more than gain.

  37. I was really interested in buying this phone, but Dell's completely dropped the ball on it. We have many questions and zero answers.

  38. I sort of have to agree… with announcements of availability and pricing on several other WP7 handsets, I would think it would be prudent for Dell to have as much info available as possible, and even a specific site dedicated to the Venue Pro… especially when the HD7 is less than 2 weeks away.

    With T-mo pushing the HD7, there's going to be a lot of HD7 owners out there who will never even have heard of the Venue.

    With that said though, I am waiting for the Venue.  I miss not having a physical keyboard, and I'm loving that form factor.  Please Dell, the sooner we find out about it, the better!

  39. @aikiwolfie

    Besides a phsycial keyboard (that many of us want), Venue also has AMOLED screen, which the HD7 does not.

    Spec wise, all the 1st gen WP7 phones are the same really.  1Ghz Snapdragon, 512 MB Ram… so really your question can be applied to ANY of the WP7 handsets.

  40. OK, I finally found a link to Amazon for HD7 pre-order for $169. Then I found this:…/hd7-black. I don't know much about Wirefly but for $149, I am very tempted to pull the trigger….

    Dell, please, anything. I've been waiting to throw my HTC Touch Pro 2 away and for $149, it's very tempting. As others have commented, I fail to understand what the delay is in providing ANY information to availability….. *gasp*, unless there is some manufacturing delays and the phone will not be available at launch or near future. At this stage, no news is just as bad as, well bad news.

  41. When is this thing coming to the US?  Seriously, guys!  A man only has so much patience.  Also can we get a better product page?

  42. @slayr007

    It is supposedly being released on Nov. 8th in the US nothing has been confirmed by Dell. Also, given the the fact that in the US, the Venue Pro is being sold direct by Dell, I would have figured by now, there might be a "Pre Order" page.

    Come the 8th, not sure what I'm going to do now.

  43. The HD7 is already on TMO and I'm sure you all have lost many people to the HD7 since its the only win7 phone on Tmo site right now & taking pre orders on amazon

    I was set on the HD7 since It was leaked and luckily I saw some videos of the dell venue before I made a pre-order for the HD7

    At least make a cheap splash page for the venue and have a "notify me" button… this is crazy!

    This is a serious issue on your (Dell) part that really needs to be addressed, someone should be held accountable for this failure.

  44. This is hard to believe…

    You could hirer a business intern from a community college and pay them 10hr and they could figure out within 2 days of the launch of this phone that some serious elements are missing.

    Easily over 100 potential venue owners have already pre-ordered the hd7 or are set on getting it already.

    People who don't follow tech news hardcore would never know of this phone. Many people may just hear of the new winphone7 OS and go to Tmoible and see the HD7 and their sold.

    Many have not renewed their contracts while waiting for Winphone7 to release and are jumping on the first pre-orders they see of a nice phone… and the HD7 is nice at $169!

    Others may hear of the Venue some how and decide to Google it and see all the head lines about it going to UK on Nov 8th and simply conclude its UK only like many other win7 phones. You have no "official" real life, in hand photos, no flash 360 view, not official videos. What if no reviewers decided to post videos of your phone?

    Are you really relying on Tech reviewers to market your phone for you?

    This is a great business phone targeted to business users and there is no business promo video?!?!

    look at how well HP marketed there "sub-par" IPAQ glisten to business people (which currently I own)

    They didn't even use a humans voice!

    HTC already has there HD7 video on you-tube and their website…

    On Microsoft's Windows phone7 site all US windows phones are there and the dell venue is the only one with no carrier specified. What going on?!?…/phones.aspx

    Dell this really needs to be addressed and prevented in the future, you are fairly new in the "modern" phone business and this type of start for such a promising device is not helping you grow to a position that you are fully capable of reaching.

    Like others have said no news is just as bad as bad news,

    but at this point no news is actually worse… for everyone….

    By the way I am waiting for the phone, its a great design… But any smart consumer knows you get the most out your product and its accessories when its popular & widely owned…

    And it almost seems like you guys are trying to make it not popular.

  45. -Correction

    The Venue is specified as T-moilbe exclusive from Dell on Microsoft website. But the "Dell" logo link in place of the T-mobile or ATT "logo link" make it at first glance seem to be lacking a carrier

  46. @efjay01

    What are you talking about? Dell originally leaked 3 phones.

    Lightning = Venue Pro (WP7, physical keyboard)

    Thunder = Venue (Android, no physical keyboard)

    Smoke = ??? (Android)

    That article has nothing to do with the lack of news for the Venue Pro.

  47. Interesting and possibly quite sad. The Dell Venue Pro appears at the Microsoft site (…/phones.aspx). However, if you click the link "Learn More from Dell", it brings you this community page!

    So, everyone wanting to learn more about the Venue Pro will get directed to this page, only to read that there is no information about the phone, availablity, or pricing.

  48. @kimck99 Dell has never said that this will be sold Nov 8th in the US. It will be available Nov 8th in Europe. USA still has a "Holidays" tba release date.

  49. @microhaxo

    Hi, fair enough. With the US release of the WP7 phones and the fact that the Venue Pro will be released in the US inferred the 8th release as well. Though I did clarify that there has not been an official statement from Dell.

    With that said, I find it it interesting and disheartening that various places on the Net has it available in Europe on the 8th but NOT in the US. Granted I'm not a marketing person but I don't quite understand why miss the "opening" day in the US? Unless they want to see how the device holds up elsewhere before bring it to the US.

    Regardless, some information is better than none. (Anecdotally, for does who have been following the cablecard tuner development, the same thing is happening with Silicondust's HDHomneRun Prime. I've been waiting for nearly 7 months and they have not releases any information to availability and now, people who have been waiting are jumping to their competitor – Ceton Corp's InfiniTV 4 cablecard tuner –  which is now being sold. Meaning, no news has lead to lost potential sales… But I digressed.)

  50. Dell what is going here?

    I found a link for Dell venue pro notify page

    I found it when I typed "dream phone dell" in google… the first sponsored link was I quote…..

    "Dell's New Android Aero      Lightest Android Smartphone Ever. 5MP Camera w/ Flash & nHD Display."

    when you click it it takes you here……/signup.cfm

    I notify page that looks like its for the venue pro… weird…

    well at least we have a notify page for the venue pro

    hopefully it works

  51. I want this on Verizon as soon as they release the update to WP7 for CDMA.  This is the best WP7 phone I have seen to date!

  52. Can somebody explain why it is taking Dell and M$ so long to post information about this freaking phone!?!?

  53. @AndyNorris1974 – Yeah, that page has been there since I believe Friday the 29th. The link from Microsoft's WP7 page for the Venue Pro now goes to the sign up page.

    Still, more info please! Even the HTC 7 Pro for Sprint is getting more information released and CDMA support is not until next year! (Perhaps Sprint is jumping the gun here but at least information is coming out…. Albeit not from Sprint directly but nonetheless, for a device with service not due until next year!)

  54. Dell, you better get some info out ASAP.

    Walmart is already taking pre-orders for the HD7, i am tempted…

  55. Come on dell ive been waiting forever for a WP7 and I dont want a gay Htc Hd7.You aint got to give us a release date but can we atleast know if its coming out in november rather than december????Plz

  56. I fear this man be another botched and ridiculously prolonged launch like the Dell Streeak….:(  Come on Dell, say it aint so!  

  57. I fear this may be another botched and ridiculously prolonged launch like the Dell Streeak….:(  Come on Dell, say it aint so!  

  58. It is seven days until the U.S. launch and we have no Venue Pro news.  This phone is being lauded as the flagship WP7 device yet there is no word on pricing or availability.  I can promise you this:  Come November 8th I am going to buy a WP7 phone.  It will be the Venue Pro if it's available.  If not, the HD7 is no slouch and at $150 there won't be any buyer's remorse.

  59. We really need an update…  Even if its an update saying we are still working out the details etc.

    The phone launches in 7 days. I would gladly wait a week or two longer to get the dell venue pro but if i dont hear any information on a release soon, i'm afraid i'll have to just settle for the HD7.

    We really need an update ASAP.

    Is the phone coming out in NOV or not?!?!

  60. I echo the other sentiments here…  I've been anxiously awaiting for more details, with none to be found.  Unless we see more details on when the venue pro is coming and how much it will be, I'll be getting an HTC HD7 come Nov 8th.  I'd gladly wait a couple weeks for the venue pro if I knew when it would be coming.

  61. Good news about it passing the FCC, how about some actual news from Dell now?  Or should I continue planning to head over to my local T-mobile store on Monday to pick up an HD7?

  62. Hello Dell…. are you there???

    I see that in the twitblog, some of the folks are starting to pre-order the HD7 or deciding to get the Samsung Focus. Really, is it that difficult to provide some information to availability? Really?

    Or, are you waiting until the 8th to announce something? Unless the annoucement on the 8th is to say "we are taking order", anything less will be very disappointing. Oh well. Last post on this pathetic topic. Getting tired of no news. Guess I'll check out Focus and HD7 on Monday.

    Good luck to you other frustrated WP7 buyers…

  63. This one have the best looking among all WP7.

    Will Dell release a "without QWERTY keyboard" WP7?

  64. @trash.cameraman: No plans for a Windows Phone 7 version without the Qwerty keyboard at this point.

    @kimck99 and efjay01: Understand the desire for more details. I work for a big company… for now that means I have to wait. When I have more information to share, I absolutely will.

  65. The news about Dell dumping it's Blackberry inventory to switch to venue pro is awesome for the platform in general, but it sucks that no launch date has been set, and I NEED a new phone Nov 8th.  Even if we could get some launch data, and it was a week later, I would consider waiting…but this lack of info is a non-starter for me.  

  66. I really wanted a Venue Pro but im not waiting any longer than the 8th so i'm picking up the HD7 as soon as T-mobile opens its doors on monday

  67. I was at the Microsoft Store grand opening at the Mall of America today.  I asked about the Dell Venue Pro.  The MS employee said it would not be available on the 8th but would be available a week after that.  That it for what it's worth…

  68. Congrats ghez. Pls post some details as you know info about this handset is about as rare as hens teeth!

  69. PLZ make this and other DELL phones available to other carriers!!!!! We need GOOD reliable products like yours!

  70. found this info page when browsing there phone sales page…/pd

    phone sales page is here…/default

    Dell, its sad we (consumers) have to become data miners in order to find out more info on the products you are selling. You have lost many potential buyers, and yes that is only a dent in your overall sales, but it shows how much you really care about the consumer.

  71. (OK, couldn't help myself for posting after I said I was done…)

    @ghez – Lucky you and congratulations. Now tell us about the device!

    As for Dell, wow, this has to be the worst product launch for a new product ever! On Twitter, someone from Dell (LionalatDell) said last week that information will be released but waitng for approval. So, here we are at launch day and no official information on availability from Dell. I've learned more about release and availability from folks who searched this site, talked to MS Store employees, and hooving it to the MS Store just to get information.

    Again, I'm no marketing major but it doesn't take a genius to figure out how excited people were about this device – all one had to do was to follow this blog and/or see Josh Topolsky on Engadget show to see that the interest was there to come up with the marketing plan to drive more interest and communicate information about the device. (Perhaps the Product Marketing folks don't follow tech sites for trends or get insight to learn what consumers think about their product. If so, they should be fired!)

    Anyway, enough ranting and time to head to the AT&T store to check out the Samsung Focus – and it's accessible Micro SD slot… You listening Dell, at least Samsung had the brains to let potential customers know that their device is upgradeable – which is an important feature.

    OK. Last post – for sure this time. Good luck to you all.

  72. According to the web and my sales guy this will be available through Dell on Nov. 15th which is next Mon.  I can wait another week.  But yeah, the lack of information that Dell has withheld from the consumer is just uncalled for.  Why wouldn't anyone from Dell have "permission" to give out valuable information?  I came very close to getting a HTC HD7 yesterday.  

  73. I do hope those of us who have registerd for more info actually get notified when the Dell is avaialable to order.

  74. T-Mobile? What a let down. I've never understood this carrier to be anything more than two steps behind the big three (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint). Why push this great device to a 2nd rate carrier? I've been with AT&T for quite some time and have always been a fan of HTC because they seem to gear their devicesto the business/tech savvy. I'm not getting any of the garbage WP7 devices that hit for AT&T. The Venue Pro has all the makings of the next big smartphone. Stick with the design, don't lose the qwerty with AT&T. We need this phone.

  75. @Phaia

    eh? All Windows 7 Phones have a Zune HD built in and they all have Metro styling.

    The Focus has a Super AMOLED screen as opposed to the Venue Pro AMOLED screen.

    The focus big selling points are, Super AMOLED 4" screen, up to 40GB storage, super quick focus camera, Tethering, Samsung hub

    The Dell Venue Pro big selling points are: only Windows 7 phone on T-mobile with a AMOLED screen, 4.1" screen. and super sexy styling, (except for the slide out keyboard which I'll never use).

    These are VERY connected phones, the OS beckons it. What's keeping me from jumping is that ATT only offers a 2GB package and T-mobile offers an unlimited data package. with streaming to the cloud, slacker, Netflix, XBOX Live, Sirius XM (hopefully that will come soon!) I can easily see this phone going over 2GB a month. So that really leaves me to choose on T-mobile and right now all there is is the HD7, especially since DELL isn't really offering any compelling news for the device. The Venue Pro is just a darn sexy phone, and if it came without that darn slide out keyboard it would be a slam dunk.

    The other thing that irks me that, this isn't a laptop, typically with a phone, you want to touch it, see how it fits in your hand, compare the size to another. I don't think this phone will even be able to be held. You just buy it off the web site and pray you made the right choice. Not a smart move. ughhhh. The launch of this phone is the worst I've ever seen. The only news on this device is bad news, wifi and batteries. What the heck is Dell doing? Where is your marketing department? Mercy.

  76. @The Michael

    I think you'll regret it if you go with any of the other phones that are out right now.   Those of us who have a ZuneHD and love metro have been waiting a LONG time for these phones,  I'm willing to wait a few more weeks.  I know I'll regret it later if I take my second or third choice now.

  77. Why do we have to find out info from other sites?

    25,000 Dell employees with new Venue Pros and not one of them can use their new phones to post an update?      UGGGHHH!

  78. OK. I said that I was done posting (twice now) and this will be my last – I really mean it 🙂

    I got tired of waiting and waiting and waiting. So, got the Samsung Focus for my wife. Great phone.

    I will wait one more week and after that, if the genius marketing effort continues, I too will get the Focus. At least we know it tethers – which is something I use at least 2x a week.

    Again, not the first to say this and not the last, DELL, who ever is in charge or making decisions on releasing (no) information should be fired. What a debacle. First the engineering samples at launch. What a joke! Then posting the sign up page but absolutely no information what so ever communicated. Then the product page that apparently was up taking orders for a very short time before removing. Now saying coming soon… WP7 users have been patiently waiting but I believe DELL, you take the cake for the most idiotic campaign (lack thereof) of for a product release/launch. Someone doesn't deserve a job for this mess. Fair to say, I have purchased my last Dell product as I hear SAMSUNG is now gung ho on WP7 phones. I bet they will have some really great products coming next and years to come.

    Bye Bye Dell… You lost half of a customer family and you are about to lose the whole family. Not to mention all the friends and co-works that I talk to about WP7 phones who are very interested.

  79. Ok now I just read that the head of your mobile department just left or got fired from your company. I hope that's good news.

  80. I had planned to grudgingly migrate to T-Mobile because of this phone and had placed the renewal of my contract with sprint on hold. Thought I should let you all know that I eventually got the HTC EVO 4G (White) and renewed my contract with Sprint for another 2 years. I also got the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet from Sprint too (Nice Stuff). So far that android 2.2 is excellent and the HTC EVO white color got my son (who has an iPhone) oohing and ahhing. I would have loved to get the WP7 on the DVP but cannot continued to be played by Microsoft and Dell. Hopefully by the time I am due to renew my contract again with Sprint they would have gotten their acts together. I really do wish them well and sincerely pray for the success of both WP7 and DVP.  Methinks the mobile phone world would be a lot  better with the three heavy weights (Apple, Google and Microsoft) providing us all with excellent products.  I am indeed excited for what the future holds for this industry.

  81. pez154 and others: We are currently ramping production so we can launch the Venue Pro on a bigger scale. We still have more work to do. I'm working on a blog post I'll be publishing a bit later this afternoon.

  82. Update from Lionel: I just published an updated Dell Venue Pro post. To centralize the conversation, I've closed comments on this post. If you want to comment or ask questions about the Dell Venue Pro, please go to my updated post.  

  83. It's pretty obvious to everyone by now that this isn't part of some well planned, nefarious marketing scheme: someone, somewhere has made a mistake. Now, we're all human, we understand mistakes and the sooner someone admits this to be the case the more likely we are to sympathise, pat them on the back and still stay on friendly terms with them. By not admitting your errors or staying silent the sympathy becomes replaced with dislike.

    Personally, no matter how attractive a product is I am unlikely to purchase anything from a company I dislike (hence only owning a single Apple product that I was trying to replace with the Venue Pro). This debacle is not only tainting the product, but also the name Dell. I'm starting to wonder if there's other companies I can advise my clients to get their IT equipment from.

    With this sort of attitude, and guilt by association, do you really MS are going to run the risk of letting Dell release another Windows phone?

  84. What a disaster. When my order didn't ship yesterday I knew I wasn't getting my phone tomorrow and what a surprise, an e-mail today says order delayed to 1/06.

    I'm just in disbelief over your handling of this situation. Your communication, however jovial was very lacking. These delays must have been known, at a minimum, days ago yet Dell lets us know the day before we were promised to receive them.

    In any case, I want to avoid going into "fanboyism" and just have you know that I am and I'm certain many of your other customers are, terribly disappointed in the way the Dell Venue Pro story has unfolded.

    I will be canceling my order and at the very least, I hope this means you all get yours sooner.

    Good luck.

  85. Hi All,

    I'm lover of that smart, do you know when it will be available in france? We can buy it actually but it's again very expensive and the keyboard is still in qwerty.

    thanks for answers.

  86. this is really a gorgeous professional phone. any plans of marketing this in the philippines?

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