Microsoft Windows 10: Partnering for Security and Peace of Mind


Security is top of mind for all companies. We live in a world today where large data breaches and security incidents are on the news every day. One major security incident could really damage a company’s reputation. Dell leads the industry by delivering the most secure PCs in the world and Dell and Microsoft partnered to make sure Windows 10 on Dell is the most secure commercial offering on the market today.

Windows 10 on Dell has a multitude of built in safeguards to deal with malware, phishing and viruses, which are prolific in this connected world. Windows 10 also builds in Secure Boot which will only allow your PC to start up if all of the software on the device is trusted. And, Windows 10 on Dell is even more secure when paired with our Dell Data Protection suite of products. We’re also the only vendor to combine encryption, advanced authentication and leading malware protection software for a comprehensive solution carefully constructed to work in harmony to secure your organization’s data. 

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Ray Wah September 14, 2017
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One thought on “Microsoft Windows 10: Partnering for Security and Peace of Mind

  1. This is nice news IF we Dell computer owners were able to upgrade to Windows 10. My N5050 model states that drivers have not been developed for the computer and problems will occur. There are other models which are said not to be supported for W10.  I can assure you if I must purchase a new computer, with only 3 yrs on this one, it WON'T be a Dell.

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