More AMD Processors in OptiPlex 740 Desktops


A couple of weeks ago, Lionel cleared up questions around our commitment to AMD. Today, we’ve introduced new AMD processor technology in our OptiPlex 740 desktop. Here’s what customers can expect:

  • We’re the first to deliver new processors from AMD including those with a “B” as part of the model name that identifies them as long lifecycle processors that bring 12-24 month longevity that is essential to our business customers
  • We will offer more energy-efficient AMD processors with “E” as part of the model name that can reduce energy consumption by 5-10 percent
  • RAID 0 and RAID 1 support for performance or data backup hard drive configurations
  • Capability to support AMD Phenom performance processors in the future

At the core of our OptiPlex desktop line of products is stability. Business customers want longevity so they don’t waste time on routine image management and spend it on innovation. It makes sense for us to offer the AMD processors, in addition to other features that provide more stability, such as ImageDirect service and ImageWatch. You’ll hear more from us on efforts to provide even more stability for our customers.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, Dell customers in all regions will be able to choose AMD processors on the OptiPlex 740.

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4 thoughts on “More AMD Processors in OptiPlex 740 Desktops

  1. What about Latitude?  Are you going to refresh the D531 with the new AMD Turion products?  We love these in our organisation for both price and stability.

  2. I appreciate that you guys still have a commitment to AMD on the corporate side.  We've been pleased with the deployment of Optiplex 740 systems so far, so we're rolling them out a dozen at a time to the rest of our Corporate HQ.  We might even do some AMD servers depending on how talks go with our rep…

  3. At work, we've got Dell Optiplex 745 with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors running Windows XP.They run pretty well.

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