More Configuration Options on the Inspiron 11z


Today I am delighted to share an update on the Inspiron 11z.

When we first announced the Inspiron 11z, we took a Henry Ford approach – for $399 you got a compact ultra-thin laptop with limited configuration options, and one color -Obsidian Black. One of the benefits of this minimalist approach is it allows us to make the Inspiron 11z available via our FastTrack program, which ships a system within 24 hours of the order being placed. In fact, a solid $479 configuration with a 250GB hard drive and Vista Home Premium (with Windows 7 upgrade) is available today

However, for customers who enjoy the full configurability experience, I urge you to take another look at the Inspiron 11z, starting at $399. We've added more processor, memory and hard drive options, and expanded our trademark color choices, including Alpine White, Ice Blue, Jade Green, New Cherry Red,  Passion Purple, and Promise Pink (with a $5 contribution to Susan G. Komen). 

As I explained in my Inspiron 11z introduction post, this is a very cool system that combines netbook-like portability (weighs about 3 lbs) with laptop-like capability, because it is powered by Intel's CULV processor family, and the new options reinforce that. For example, starting today you can order an Inspiron 11z with an optional dual-core CULV, the Intel Pentium SU4100.  If more system memory is a priority, then look at going with the optional 4GB, and for you digital pack rats we offer a 320GB hard drive option, which can hold up to 80,000 songs or 142 hours of DVD quality video.  And according to the lab, a system featuring the Intel Pentium SU4100 averages a little  more than 3 hours of battery life with the 28WHr 3-cell battery and double that with the optional 56WHr 6-cell battery (mileage may vary based on configuration, operating condition and other factors).  

This is a great system for individuals who have become comfortable with the lighter weight and smaller size of their netbook, but need a bit more horsepower to power through emails with attachments, preparing photos for uploading to share online,  or preparing MP3s for taking on the road.

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  • DELL-Anne C

    Sindhudweep -just learned that there was a glitch and the fully configurable version won't be available until tomorrow morning, The picture gallery was updated however, so take your time choosing your color 🙂  

  • jazzbent

    I'm not happy.   I just purchased an 11z laptop and it is still in transit.  When I asked a rep when these new options would be available, I couldn't get an answer.   How can I exchange my laptop (that hasn't even arrived yet) for one with the options? 


  • Sindhudweep

    Glad to see dell is offering  a faster cpu on the 11z. Although for some reason I can't seem to find any model other than the fast track one on the dell home website.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    jazzbent: Sorry for the frustration. Can you either private message me or e-mail me here with your order number? From there, I will try to help.

  • Tom8273

    Wow, Dell, you really need to work on your customer service.

    I ordered an 11z last week w/SU4100 and some other options. It was supposed to ship on 10/2 and be here 10/8. For some reason, you guys cancelled the order, placed it again, cancelled it again, and placed it again. New expected date? 10/28. Thanks a lot!

    On top of that, my order was subject to a Bing Cashback, which was associated with my original order which you cancelled, but you didn't report your replacement order to Bing for the same amount. (Did you change the order because of the cashback – are you trying to discourage customers from using that?)

    So I called customer service to find out (a) why you changed the order in the first place, and (b) if you could fix the Bing cashback. An hour later, having talked to at least 15 Dell reps, still no good answer about the order or cashback. In frustration, I finally cancelled the order. Of course to do that, I get transferred to yet another department, talk to someone else…even that was a pain.

    I was excited to get the machine this week, but my experience was completely spoiled by what I can only perceive as pure incompetence. I'm sorry to be so frank, but you guys really do need to get your act together.

  • smcooper

    "When" will broadband be available w/11z?   Solid state hard drive?   Waiting . . . . impatiently . . . but waiting. 


  • jazzbent

    Thank you, Lionel, for helping me connect with the right Dell staff person!!    After being transferred to at least five different Dell reps, I ended up with a not-so-nice rep who pretty much told me that I had no recourse.  I was later contacted by Corporate Headquarters who offered to help.  Gerard listened patiently to my dilemma, and did everything possible to remedy the situation.  He has been extremely efficient throughtout the return process and has continued to followup.  This has now turned out to be a very satisfying experience and Gerard has restored my faith in Dell's customer service.  I can't wait to receive my new 11z laptop!! 

  • Aleksandrex

    Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad