More Systems Now Part of Vertical Line Issue


Update: January 16, 2008—Mike Bukowski, a Technical Analyst from our Dell Customer Advocate team recently published a post that discusses other potential causes of vertical lines on notebook displays.

In April, I blogged about vertical lines appearing on some of Dell’s notebook LCDs. At that time, we found that a small number of 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks may develop a one-pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time.

In the time since then, we have found that there are other systems that are potentially affected. All of these shipped between December 2004 and December 2006:

  • Inspiron 6000 and 8600
  • Latitude D800 and D810
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70

The cause of the vertical lines has been traced to one specific component used on a small number of LCDs shipped on the potentially affected systems. Dell uses LCDs from several manufacturers and many notebook models are manufactured with screens of the same size from more than one vendor. We have confirmed that the component in question was not used on any other Dell notebook LCDs.

Even if you have one of the potentially affected systems with the confirmed component, it does not mean your LCD will develop a vertical line. This specific issue happens on a portion of the 9 systems we're calling out as potentially affected. If you have a notebook display with a vertical line that's not called out here, we will provide traditional technical support to try to resolve the issue.

So what are we doing with customers who are affected with this specific issue? The same thing we've done with affected 17” displays: We will replace any LCD that develops a vertical line associated with this specific issue within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor. Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace LCDs affected by this issue.

So what do you need to do next? Please contact us. For customers in the United States, there are two ways to reach us.

Via Phone Number:

U.S. customers who are experiencing this issue, or who have paid to replace an LCD for this issue can call the appropriate Technical Support phone number listed below:

  • U.S. Inspiron Technical Support: 1-800-624-9896
    • Say “Technical Support”
    • Enter your Express Service Code or say, “I don’t have it”
    • Is your system for Personal or Business use
    • Say “Notebook”
    • Is your system an Inspiron, XPS, Latitude or Precision

Via Dell Chat: This is an option for customers with systems that are still under warranty. If you are out of warranty, please contact the U.S. Inspiron Technical Support phone number: 1-800-624-9896.

For customers outside the U.S. Please contact Dell via phone for support:

Via Phone Number:

  • Go to
  • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
  • Choose Contact Us
  • Choose Technical Support
  • Choose Call Technical Support

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324 thoughts on “More Systems Now Part of Vertical Line Issue

  1. I am from Australia.  I have a 9300 (shipped June 05) that started developing the vertical lines issue since late last year. The slowly increasing number of lines got over me in March 07 so I got in contact with Technical Support.  They arranged for an support agent to come and replace the LCD, no hassles and quite pleased.

    However, within a month the lines start to appear again!  I have now got about 20 lines and have just lodged a request with Technical Support again.

     I hope that the article above means that Dell finally know what the root cause is and would not continue to send out parts with the same issue…

  2. Does the DELL laptop Latitude D600 that displays a permanent color (red, green or yellow) vertical line warrant a replacement screen?




  3. I sent an email in to [email protected] on May 1st after having recieved a letter from Dell stating I could get a refund for the screen I replaced that developed this problem.

    I haven’t recieved a reply yet…

    I also tried calling the number refered to in the letter about 4 times and gave up in frustration when they people on the other end had no idea what I was talking about, even after I had given them the DSN mentioned in the letter.


  4. I have a Dell Inspiron 510 M with 30 vertical lines on the LCD. 

    That’s 30 VERTICAL LINES !!!!


     So in April Dell admitted to Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, now in June they add Inspiron 6000 and 8600, Latitude D800 and D810 and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70.


    Maybe one day when I have no screen left and it’s all a rainbow the Inspiron 510 M’s will also be included.

     Or I could just give up and buy a computer that’s not from Dell.

  5. Lionel,

    Please address these serious concerns from these troubled customers, or at the very least make it known that their concerns have been met. It would be a shame to see more customers go because of faulty parts from bad suppliers. This obviously isn’t the first time Dell has had trouble with faulty hardware from suppliers. Maybe the company should learn more from the experiences of the Sony battery recall and take ownership of these problems, even though it wasn’t Dell who caused the faulty hardware in the first place.

    It is a sad day for Dell when a customer can’t have confidence in what the company sells them, no matter the benefits in initial cost for a system. Both the customer and the company lose, but the comapny loses much more. It loses the customer.

    Remember: The customer experience is the most important!


  6. Hi Folks,

    I have an Inspiron 5000 from 02/2000 that first hat the line issue and then completely went black except for flickering pixels (in the line).

    I am actually surprised that the problem has been there for such a long time.

    Is there any chance that I get a replacement?



  7. I am located in Singapore and my Inspirion 510m (bought sometime in June/July of 2005) developed 2 vertical lines within 2 years of use. I believe I am not the only one who has this problem, as I have seen other posts on 510m in this blog here previously. I am quite disappointed with the quality of Dell’s product and their refusal to acknowledge the problem reflects their service level of their customer support.

  8. I have a Latitude D420 that has just developed a problem where a single pixel vertical line is showing up about 2 inches from right side of display. I see that Dell are acknowledging issues with 17″ LCD, has any one else had issues with the smaller displays

  9. I had about 19 vertical lines on my Inspiron, which shipped in 8/05.  I followed the Dell Chat link above and in less than a week a tech came to my house to replace the screen free of charge.  It would’ve been even faster but the first screen that Dell sent was damaged in delivery.  I can’t believe how fast and easy this was.  Dell really stepped up the the plate on this one.  Thanks, Dell.

  10. Could you please post the part numbers of the faulty components? I have a Insp 6400 with this problem, and was just told today by some Indian that it was not part of the recall. I would like to compare my part numbers to those found to be faulty as I am sure this model also suffers from the same defects.

  11. Well, a 3rd line just appeared on my Dell 510m… Now I have one orange line, one pink line and one green line. Soon, a rainbow is going to form…

  12. I just wish Dell would acknowledge that this problem extends to the Inspiron 510m.  I guess all Dell is doing is waiting until they are out of the 3 year period and then they will say, “oh yeah, sorry there was a problem with the 510m but you should have let us know sooner”  I have had no luck with Dell so I guess the next option is to take it to consumer affairs.  I think the simlarities between what is happening to my 510m and other Dell laptops will be obvious enough to a magistrate.  Pity Dell couldn’t settle this issue for all owners of faulty Dell computers before it has to go to court………….

    PS Have a look at the photos of the vertical lines see if the Dell Inspiron 510m isn’t affected then

  13. Hi have a look at my photos and see if you can honestly say, (without your nose getting longer) that the Inspiron 510m isn’t affected by the vertical line issue

  14. I hope 9400 get included to list someday because now i got 2 more lines(a blue and a purple, in total 6 lines) showing up at any moment. I post a message at the blog of vertical line issue before this one and I post again letting you know that the problem got worse. Its been almost 1.5 month trying to notify about my problem to Dell but no one wont help me. Ill stay in touch with this blog at anything that would help me, Thanks.

  15. Same problem on my Precision M60, I’ll let you know it they will answer to my email.


  16. My Inspiron 9200 LCD panel developed vertical lines after 19 months but after many letters, e-mails & phone calls, I finally managed to persuade Dell to replace it FOC in September 2006 (as a ‘one-time goodwill gesture’, they said). Now, just 9 months on, 3 vertical lines have appeared on the new panel but Dell will not entertain any suggestions that their product is not fit for purpose, even though they acknowledge that there ‘was an issue with some LCD panels shipped before Jan 2005’. All they are interested in is whether or not I took out an extended warranty (I did not, as a matter of principle). I have sent all the same letters and e-mails of complaint as before but a rather rude individual in India has since phoned twice to say that I could ‘write as many letters as I liked’, I would still get him phoning me back to tell me Dell would do nothing to sort the problem out.  I am completely disgusted with their attitude and when this screen finally gives up the ghost, as it surely will in a matter of weeks, the replacement laptop will most certainly not be coming from Dell.

  17. I’m in Switzerland and I have an Inspiron 510m purchased January 05.
    The vertical lines started appearing about 1 week ago.  I have a 2 inch black dead band in my display and the display has a very strange color with a lot of colored lines flickering the whole time. I had to buy an external display as emergency solution because I need the computer every day.I contacted Dell some days ago but they said if I wanna to replace the LCD screen, I have to pay for it!!!! I’m wondering why they say that Inswpiron 510m is not affected…I hope that Dell will include Inspiron 510m in their list very soon!!!

  18. I thought this was a direct to Dell Blog, I haven’t heard too many replied from Dell yet on the 510m Vertical line issue.  I guess they are using the approach, ignore them for long enough and they will go away. 

    Feel free to respond Dell, after all you are the moderators of this site

  19. I turned on my $2000 Dell Insprion 9300 today and saw a vertical line on the screen. I did live chat (had to try for quite a while to get in the que). The technician gave me instructions to run diagsnotics and said to let them if know if I need any more help. So I spend hours running the diagnostics (and some of the instructions for the tests are badly written–I’m pretty computer literate and couldn’t figure out what they wanted me to do on some of the tests). Nothing shows up. I email them back saying “Now what?”

    And then I decide to do a little research, and find out Dell’s been having this problem. What a waste of my time! As soon as I told the technician the problem, he should have started the process for sombody to fix this, instead of me wasting time on a Saturady afternoon running useless diagnostics.  Doesn’t any company do business with integrity any more? Or are they all out to see if they can put one over on you?

  20. On Friday my Inspiron 9300 developed the purple vertical lines.  I called Dell around noon (the customer service rep knew exactly what I was talking about)…DHL was here by 2:00 and my laptop was back in my hands on Tuesday.  I was VERY satisfied with how quickly it was replaced and returned.

  21. My Inspiron 9400 that shipped June 2006 (i.e. now 1 month out of warranty) has just developed a vertical line in the centre of the LCD.

    Clearly this defect is not limited to the models listed by Dell, otherwise how can the presence of a vertical line on my LCD be explained?

    Anybody else experiencing problems with LCD on the Inspiron 9400?

    I’ll let you know if I get anywhere!

  22. I bought a Dell Inspiron 510m in April 2005 for over $2000 from Dell Australia. Following occasional evening use, it recently developed an increasing number of vertical multi-coloured lines. Dell Australia support have confirmed that Dell is excluding the 510m from the
    replacement program, and invited me to pay to fix the faulty item.

    This is clearly a wrong and ridiculous decision by Dell Customer Services. It’s an unacceptably poor level of service. Of course, I will reject their offer to pay for a replacement screen myself. Such a decision could only be arrived
    at by Dell having some quite stupid senior staff.

    I will never again purchase a Dell product.

    As an IT consultant who has a strong influence on purchasing decisions, I vow to prevent the purchase of all Dell products and services, both professionally and personally, including used items.

    The market is full of wonderful alternative choices, and it’s only my laziness (or a slick Dell sales and marketing system?) which caused me to buy Dell in the first place. I’ve paid for that lesson now, and won’t repeat it.

    To help Dell re-instate a level of respect for their customers, I urge you all to boycott Dell products.


  23. i called dell’s techincal support line, and they’ve transferred me 4 times, and no one seems to know that dell is ‘supposedly’ covering this on products that are out of warranty, nor have i heard back from the email that i’ve sent. dell.

     dell inspiron 9300  

  24. My Inspiron 9200 has since developed this issue.  Purchased before the above mentioned date which suggested faulty parts.  No response yet.

  25. Starting with – ONE – vertical line on my 510m Laptop, I have now about 100.

    Emails and phonecalls to DELL:

    – Sorry, your model has been identified as “Not Affected” according to the study we did.

    I tell you DELL, your study is wrong. 510m is affected also. Admit it.

  26. I have fixed my problem – I went and bought a HP DV2518.  I throughly reccomend to anyone who is thinking about buying a dell -DON’T!!  They are a piece of junk and poorly backed up.  My mission in life is to link as many laptop blogs to this site so people can be aware of what to expect when purchasing a Dell. 

    I have since shown my Inspiron 510m to a number of colleagues including the IT dept and they have circulated a memo to purchasing and we won’t be purchasing Dell Ever.  Thaks for the great 2 way discussion on this DELL.  Your Web Page may as well be called bang your head against the wall for all the good it has done.  You know where you can stick your 510m – where the sun don’t shine 

  27. Dell,  you are just being a complete joke, they really are.  I fix laptops as my job.  Customers bring me more Dell broken things than any other make, all believeing it was a quality company – ha.

    Every time i contact them, they have no idea what i am talking about, as if common faults are ‘imagined’ by customers.  And unfortunatly the paid for warrantees aint worth 2 cents.  Even with a 2 year, next-day business plan, my customers laptop still sits here while Dell try to read the paperwork, yet it says on the website it still has warrantee – the customer thinks it’s MY fault 🙁  on a 2200 model, the technician even wanted to know if id upgraded my keyboard drivers when the keys broke 😮  i thought he was joking with me, but he wasn’t.

    I have honestly never met a company that makes so many mistakes, or low quality hardware than Dell – they are worse than TIME or TINY ever were.  Their staff should all do the honest, decent thing, and quit.

    Im seriously considering refusing to repair any Dell’s in future, it takes too much effort.  It’s just soul destroying work.

  28. I purchased the laptop from US by March 2007. I brought it to India and now I am facing the problem of vertical line for the past 3 months. Hardly it was fine for about 10 days. Need resolution for this issue. When I mailed Tech support they replied that they can’t help me and I should find DELL support in India and resolve the issue. Seriously I am not happy with DELL.

  29. I got a letter from Dell around April-May time telling me about the lcd issue. A weeks ago my lcd got the vertical line. Tech support had me try several things to rule out various parts. Long story short the tech support guy issued me a dispatch number and sent a box out. My laptop came stock with a WU
    SVA lcd and XP Media Center. Dell replaced it with a SVG part. Once again I called Dell explained my problem. They reissued a dispatch number and off it went again assure me they would “get it right this time”. Got it back today and it still had the wrong lcd. I called “sigh” again and elevated the issue to a “tier 3” manager that is supposed to call me tommorow. The explanation for the first 2 parts was “the lcd in question was not part of the bad batch of parts” and he began to explain the part numbers covered. I told hi, the letter in my hand from Dell doesn’t give me part numbers it gives me model numbers and mine was one of them. It just seems they are trying everything they can to not put the right replacement part back in my laptop. Time will only tell and I will update this entry.

  30. Guys I am truly sorry to hear about all your ordeals. I am from a small country called Trinidad in the Caribbean. But I am fortunate to report that I am fully and truly impressed and satisfied with dell’s response and service I own an inspiron 9300 17″ monitor and about a month ago I saw a vertical line appear on the far right of my screen. I said oh dear somethings wrong, but it was not to bad as it wasnt on an important part of the screen. However a couple of weeks later a second and then a third just off centre. Now I was more than a little worried I researched the problem on the net and came up with this site which then directed me to which told me what to do. I sent of my email to the email address on that page and cc’d a copy to my salesman from dell on the 6th Aug 07 10.45am my time. After reading all the posts I was very concerned. I got a response from my salesman right away giving me two numbers, both had me on hold for over an hour with out response. I emailed back my salesman with the problem and told him I would prefer to deal with them via email as the calls are not toll free for me but costs me international rates. At 5.36pm that same afternoon I received an email from Latin_Techsupport informing me of an email address and a format in which to submit my request. I sent off the new email on the 7th Aug 07 9.22am and by 1.02pm I had my reply:- A service call has been created in order to replace the LCd of your system, with the dispatch number: The part  is available  in your country. The service should be completed in 2 or 3 business days.Remenber your system is out of warranty from 2007-01-21, these is exception because dell have a policy for these issue on these system.As soon as the onsite tech receives the part, he/she will call you to set up the appointment to complete the service. Today is the 8th Aug’07 not only did I get the call from the techie this morning but he came to my office and replaced the LCD screen it is 2pm and i am typing from my dell with my new LCD screen. Thank you very much Yuri and Eduardo….

  31. It is shame that Dell will not take responsibility for the affected displays for Inspiron 9200’s out of warranty. 

    I have called technical support (in India apparently) multiple times and each time they said I am out of warranty and out of luck. My Dell Inspiron developed it’s first vertical line last June 2006 and now it is up to four lines.  I have spoke to others in my parent corporation that have 9200’s with the same issue.  As corporate IT manager responsible for purchasing computers for all employees in all locations, I have been fairly satisfied with Dell in the past.  In the future I may need to evaluate my options on future purchases rather than automatically head to the Dell web site. Especially when it comes to notebooks which the majority of our employees use.



  32. I am having the same problem with my XPS M140 laptop, which has a 14.1″ display.  About two weeks ago a 1-pixel wide vertical line appeared on the left side of the display.

    I called Dell customer service yesterday and was told that my particular model was not part of the replacement program described by the moderator, and that it only applied to laptops with 15″ and 17″ displays.

    Has anyone else had this same problem with their 14.1″ display? 


  33. I have a Inspiron E1505.  Purchased in July 2006 and it is now August 2007 and it just started to show a red vertical line on the right edge of the screen approx. 3/4 from the edge.  I think it is time for Dell to take responsibility for this defect and make good.  Thank You. 

  34. Lionel,

    I have recently purchased an Inspiron 1521, in midnight blue.  It hasn’t even arrived yet and I’ve already decided that this will be my last dell.  My current PC is a dell and I’ve had it for 4 years.  The only reason I’m upgrading to a laptop is the hassle of taking a desktop with me to my internship.  I know that dell says it is doing it’s best, but I’m finding some serious flaws.  Customer Service is a disaster, because once you hang up with one person, it is almost impossible to ever speak with them again.  Problems bounce around and finally, after being on hold, waiting for a new person to explain your entire situation to, the frustrated customer simply hangs up.  This would not be a problem if your company had follow through.  Consistent follow through.  You have every customer’s phone number and email address.  I have no doubt that they would love to hear from Dell.  You opened idea storm, which is a fabulous idea, but once again, it requires that the customer be more concerned about your company’s problems, than your company is.  With my current PC, I have called your tech support once and I only called them because that’s what Dell says to do.  After that conversation, I called my father.  He used to be an IBM Programmer back in the day and has, ever since, been my techie.  He has been able to fix EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that your computer has forced upon me.  I currently have a computer that has been so modified – to work properly – that YOUR DELL TECH SUPPORT, will NOT speak with me.  I find it ridiculous that someone who has learned over the last few years about detailed troubleshooting and has personally cleaned dust bunnies out of her computer cannot be talked to by your tech support.  I feel very sad about your company’s future.  I hope that you and any of your future customers can take my comments here seriously.

  35. My Inspiron  B130 just developed the lines today.  It’s 16 months old

    and I also was told my model was not included in the recall.   The person

    I spoke to didn’t help the situation either.  She spoke to me like I was

    a naughty child.













  36. I would like to retract all my previous statements about Dell been unhelpful and useless.  They have since contacted me and replaced my faulty DELL Inspiron 510m screen.  Good on you Dell

  37. Ben, good to know that your 510m screen has been replaced. Is Dell being selective in replacing faulty DELL Inspiron 510m screen? I am having 8 lines on my 510m screen and increasing, but I do not get any response from DELL on the fault. I am very disappointed that DELL is not being transparent in their dealings of the 510m screen faults…

  38. My unit acted up with one vertical line about July 23.  I read this thread, and called Dell.  Took quite a few minutes and give and take before the rep acknowledged that my Inspiron 9300 was qualified for repair after the warrenty period.

    Received a reference number, and confirming email with directions to call DHL for a box and pickup. 

    I was away, and did not do this sequence until last week, now with four lines.  DHL picked up the computer on TU Aug 15 and wow! it was back (Sarasota to Memphis to Sarasota) on TH Aug 17.

    No lines on the replacement display.  I will have to trust that it is new or newer than the old display and the same type. 

    Of course, fishing thru my computer bag upon my return, I found the June 1 letter from Dell informing me of their decision to replace the displays, even if out of warranty.  I had put in there “just in case” but was clueless when the need arose.

    So, to DELL, a big thank you for doing right!  (and thanks to this board) 





  39. I have a 510m as well. I bought it from Dell Australia in Feb 2005. I just got my first line last night. After reading this article, I am anticipating more to spring up any minute. I’m not sure I can be bothered to ring up and ask about it, if they’re just going to ignore that 510m has this problem… sigh.

  40. I have a 2 1/2 year old Inspiron 9300 with the same problem. 2 vertical lines appeared last month and yesterday and today I got another 2. My laptop is not covered by any warranty but I called Dell today and told them that this is a known issue for Dell and that Dell replaces the lcd. They tried to troubleshoot it just in case; obviously they couldn’t fix it so they are repairing it for free even though it’s not under any warranty. Great service as always and very helpful!!!

    I called 1-800-624-9896




  41. I have XPS M140 –

    Called in customer support on April 07, problem not sloved (3 vertical lines)

    Calling to customer service at this moment now  – August 07, 10 vertical lines – I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE …

    Dell don’t fix it since M140 is not in the list of replacement – BUT IT’s NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY FOR YOUR DEFECTIVE LCD.

  42. I was gratified that my Inspiron 8600 (purchased 12/2004) was finally covered under the vertical line problem replacement program.  However, Dell’s & DHL’s follow-through on it has, so far, been less than stellar.

    I called on August 9 and told that I would be receiving a DHL mailer for the machine’s return to the Memphis repair depot. 

    After a week, I called Dell again and was told that I needed to call DHL with the Service Call number and have them pick up the machine.  I did that, and a DHL courier picked up the machine at 6:11PM on Thursday 8/16 to be flown out overnight from National Airport (literally a 10 minute walk from my house) to Memphis for repair.  The Dell estimate for turnaround was 7-8 working days.

    However, after 7 work days (today) I still didn’t have my machine, and a check with DHL revealed that my machine had, indeed been delivered to National Airport for the trip to Memphis, but rather than being overnighted, it was stuck at National for the past 11 days. It didn’t leave National until last night (11 days after DHL picked it up from me) and was finally delivered to the Memphis repair depot this afternon.  What the heck is wrong with DHL?  For that matter, what the heck was wrong with the Dell phone rep who didn’t tell me on August 9 that it was my responsibility to call DHL for pickup at that time?

    After my initial call to dell on August 9, I should have had my machine fixed and back to me no later than August 21. However, it’s now August 28, and the machine has just arrived at the repair depot.  Not good at all. 

  43. I bought a Inspiron 9300 back in April 2005.  It came with a 3 year warranty.  Since then, my job transferred me from the US to Brazil and I now have the vertical line issue.  In reality, it’s a vertical bar issue.  There’s a two inch wide vertical white bar on the right side of my screen. I’m still able to work with my computer, but I would like to have it fixed.  Would I be able to have it worked on here in Brazil or would I have to have it worked on in the US?  I’m scheduled to be back in the US sometime in March-April 2008.  That’s cutting it close on the warranty.  What say?


    L G


  44. Update to my last entry of Aug 28, 2007 7:59 PM:

    Although the laptop I sent for screen replacement under the vertical line problem does appear to have been stuck in DHL shipping for 11 days, it was turned around quickly at the repair depot in Memphis and arrived back to me this morning.  Issue resolved.

  45. Hi

    My LCD screen on laptop inspiron 9200 developed three vertical lines in the past few weeks. It was shipped in November 2004.  I am located in Ireland. I emailed  Dell on Friday last. Yesterday I got what appeared to be a generic mail in the Post offering me a new screen if mine had this problem. I contacted them by ‘phone and arrangements were made to replace it. An engineer arrived today at my home and replaced the screen.

    This is excellent service and Dell are to be congratulated.


  46. I have to post my negative experience with Dell due to repeated attempts to resolve a customer service issue.  Namely, the lack of customer service, poorly trained employees in the call centers(not their fault – shame on you Dell), extreme wait times in queue to spend money and rude employees working in an outsourced center in another country.  I soon realized that I would prefer to be part of Dell’s “lost market group”.  I made a decision and moved on.  I would have been purchasing my fifth Dell computer.  However, instead I visited the Sony store in eastern Pennsylvania, found the staff both courteous, knowledgeable and well trained.  My son is now off to his first year of college with a fine product which exceeds our expectations.  Thanks to you Dell I did not have the frustrations of most people on this site.  Sony Vaio was our way to go. 

  47. I have just purchased a dimension 9200 from dell, and within a month of purchase, the infamous purple line has appeared going vertically down my widescreen flatscreen monitor. I tried calling dell tech support today, which happens to be saturday, but according to dell there computers only brake monday-friday, so i cant do anything about it.

     Please help!!!

  48. I have one of the covered laptops that is out of warranty.  When I called Customer Support they said I had to pay $49 for diagnosis.  Is this correct?  I thought this was a known problem that should be resolved directly, since they know my machine from my service tag.

  49. glad I am not alone. Dell Dimension PC monitor [dual core] 400/9150 developed red single vertical line left hand side early august. ultrasharp 19″ monitor. Not just laptops then.

    will be interesting to see how things work out.


  50. Oh dear, I discovered this morning that my 2.6 yrs old Inspiron 510m companion also developed the same one pixel green vertical line across my LCD screen!!! I’m from Malaysia and having read the guide to contact my region’s Technical Support team as advised above, I gave them a ring immediately.

    However, after a round of identifying the possible cause, they told me that the faulty is not under the supposed warranty program. And in order to rectify that, I’ll be quoted a new part so as to replace it and all cost to be bourned by me. Am very disappointed to learn that Dell Malaysia refuse to acknowledge this problem alike our fellow affected users from Singapore, Australia!


  51. same here, using inspiron for 2 year then now 3 vertical line on my lcd, i just hope dell malaysia would include and recognizes inspiron 510m as a faulty model as well. i also would like to know how Ben Edward got his replacement? dell pls look into this problem as it is not jus a single unit problem as there are hundred of complaint from around the world, so how can u still say it is not faulty.. most of them are 2 year old unit, which mean came from 1 same manufacturer.

  52. I purchased my Inspiron 2200 2 years ago (out of warranty). I started to get intermediate vertical line on the left side of the screen about 10 months ago. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Couple weeks ago, 1 line stayed on even on boot up. I hooked up a external monitor to it and its fine. I called Dell, we went through a procedures of taking the computer apart and unplug and plugged back in the LCD connector – didn’t help. Finally they said, I have to send in my computer to a service depot but will cost me to fixed it. I asked how much, they said around $400 to $500. LOL. I might as well get a new computer for that price. I bought about 4 computers from them in the past few years. I feel left out cause my computer is not part of the list. Oh well, not sure I will do any more business with Dell any more.

  53. i bought my dell 9300 back in may 2005 and i called dell from the number above about the verticle lines. they tried to charge me for a diagnostic fee in which  i refused. and so the operator found out that he can replace the lcd for free. ill keep you guys updated.

  54. Re GS and wenn,

    My 510m (from Australia) was manufactured in Malaysia. There is obviously some issue with the Malaysian 510m.

  55. Hi, this is Emanuele from Italy. I bought my Dell 9300 about 2 years ago, 2 days ago I have seen 1 vertical yellow line on the left LCD side!! What can I do to resolve my question in Italy?? For me this issue is incredible!!!

    Thanks a lot. Bye.

  56. I am the head of the IT dept at my company and we have a 9300 with this issue.  Does anyone know the exact part number(s) that Dell is replacing for free? The LCD in my 9300 is an LG/Philips LP171WX2 – not sure of the Dell part number as there are several different strings of digits allover the LCD.

  57. I purchased a E1705 (a modified 9400) in March of 2006. A couple weeks ago I received a vertical line down the middle of my 17″ WUXGA screen. Upon closer inspection of the screen with a magnifying lens I could see that the blue pixels were going out (pulsing as if it was having a low voltage problem). I went online to find this was a major problem. I called Dell and received the usual run around from India. First the CS rep said he had never heard of the problem. Next he said he would do an over the phone diagnostic for $40. I asked if the laptop would be repaired for free if, after the diagnostic, the hardware was found faulty. He said no. I told him I could plug the laptop into another monitor to check if its the hardware hence I don’t need to waste $40. I was put on hold and when he came back he told me my screen wasn’t covered and that I would have to pay to send it in. I asked what part and/or what model number was faulty. He said he had no idea. More interrogation about the faulty part revealed nothing. I asked how much to replace the screen. He said I would need to talk to someone in that department. After being transferred, I spoke to a lady who made me go through the whole process of defining who I was and what the problem was a second time. I asked how much the replacement screen would cost. For some reason this lady could not understand what I was asking her even though she apparently spoke pretty good english. She kept giving me the price for the whole laptop. Finally I got really frustrated and ask for the part number for the screen so I could look it up myself. When I got off the phone I found out she gave me the part number for the whole laptop. I emailed Dell twice and got no response. Several weeks later I received a short response telling me my screen was not one on their faulty list and hence I am out of luck.

    I took apart my laptop screen to find the serial number for the screen (DF028). Dell has instruction manuals for doing this and it is really easy. I suggest everyone do this and post the number so we can really evaluate how many screens are affected. I recently learned that my company (a branch of GE) is supposed to be switching from HP to Dell as our computer supplier. I am definitely going to try to persuade them otherwise and pass on the horrible stories that I have learned about online.

  58. Last week a Dell technician came in and replaced the LCD on my D420. So far no reoccurence of the problem.

    Thanks to Dell for your service also thanks to this site for facilitating the result.

    A much happier Dell user.

  59. I
    purchased a E1705 (a modified 9400) in March of 2006. A couple weeks ago I
    received a vertical line down the middle of my 17″ WUXGA screen. Upon
    closer inspection of the screen with a magnifying lens I could see that the blue
    pixels were going out (pulsing as if it was having a low voltage problem). I
    went online to find this was a major problem. I called Dell and received the
    usual run around from India .
    First the CS rep said he had never heard of the problem. Next he said he would
    do an over the phone diagnostic for $40. I asked if the laptop would be
    repaired for free if, after the diagnostic, the hardware was found faulty. He
    said no. I told him I could plug the laptop into another monitor to check if
    its the hardware hence I don’t need to waste $40. I was put on hold and when he
    came back he told me my screen wasn’t covered and that I would have to pay to
    send it in. I asked what part and/or what model number was faulty. He said he
    had no idea. More interrogation about the faulty part revealed nothing. I asked
    how much to replace the screen. He said I would need to talk to someone in that
    department. After being transferred, I spoke to a lady who made me go through
    the whole process of defining who I was and what the problem was a second time.
    I asked how much the replacement screen would cost. For some reason this lady
    could not understand what I was asking her even though she apparently spoke
    pretty good english. She kept giving me the price for the whole laptop. Finally
    I got really frustrated and ask for the part number for the screen so I could
    look it up myself. When I got off the phone I found out she gave me the part
    number for the whole laptop. I emailed Dell twice and got no response. Several
    weeks later I received a short response telling me my screen was not one on
    their faulty list and hence I am out of luck.

    I took
    apart my laptop screen to find the serial number for the screen (DF028). Dell has instruction manuals for
    doing this and it is really easy. I suggest everyone do this and post the
    number so we can really evaluate how many screens are affected. I recently
    learned that my company (a branch of GE) is supposed to be switching from HP to
    Dell as our computer supplier. I am definitely going to try to persuade them
    otherwise and pass on the horrible stories that I have learned about online.

  60. I’m glad Dell is finally addressing this issue (much thanks to, but i think they have yet to cover all of the affected models.

    I have an Inspiron E1505 purchased in April 06 that has been steadily developing more and more lines over the past few months. I now have seven lines in various colors and they seem to just keep on coming. I’m gonna try Dell support and see if they’ll replace my LCD, and i wish the best of luck to the rest of you with laptop models not on the Dell list.

  61. I like to update my previous message (September 7, 2007). After posting the message, few days later I received a email from Dell Canada wanted more info from my computer so he can forward it to their tech management team and will contact me shortly. Surely they did and offered to send a tech guy to come over to my house replaced my LCD screen at no charge. Well tech guy came and gone and all fixed. I really appreciated Dell for this and you have won back my business in the near future. I also thank this message board.

  62. I want to let you all know that a technician sent by Dell came last week and replaced the screen of my Inspiron 9200. Zero problems. I couldn’t even read the S/N on the sticker (bad idea to place it on such a weak media) but they didn’t even ask (I gave all the data I could see on the invoice, though).

     When I contacted them I counted 134 lines on my screen (…). Now I feel like being out of prison 🙂 Dell has finally chosen the right way, and therefore I trust them again.

    By the way, the box of the “new” screen had a big red sticker on it that read “REFURBISHED”… I hope it will give me no problems…

     Thanks to this page and others like!


  63. purchased a Dell Dimension 9150 just over a year ago and have experienced numerous problems with same. mainly with media center but a couple of weeks ago one red vertical appeared on left hand side of monitor. I contacted Dell straightaway and within a week was sent out a replacement [refurbished] monitor. Dell even made the mistake of sending out a second monitor [which was not accepted and returned] due to crossed wires in the system. Initially I complained bitterly about problem, but was really surprised when it was replaced so promptly. what can I say – Dimension 9150 does not even appear on recalls.

    thank you Dell.



  64. I just got off the phone with Dell … again.  I have an Inspiron 9300 that I purchased in ’05.  I reported the “vertical line” problem to Dell in late May and they replaced the offending panel (still under warranty by 3 weeks) in early June.  They sent a technician with a new panel and fixed the problem.  The tech was super.  Sounds great, eh?

    Within 2 months, I had 3 lines (now up to 6) on my “new” panel.  I figured that Dell would own up to the problem and replace it, just like before.  Well … not quite.  They want me to go the DHL route, described above.  I’ll get the box, but there will be a note inside with the laptop asking them how they feel about losing another customer.  That’ll probably add another 60 days to the “repair.”

    Good luck folks.  This is not the same Dell we were used to dealing with.


  65. Well. Dell let me down in a big way and I will NEVER buy anything from them again. I called the number this morning and whoever this guy on this site is that says “Dell will take care of the problem” is full of it. The support guy on the phone was no help and he said it was probably my display drivers that needed to be updated. What a buch of junk that is. he also gave me this line that he “had to get special permission” to tel me that beacuse my warranty had expired. I’ve only had this laptop for 2 years and have 5 vertical lines now with another one showing up about every week. Thanks for nothing Dell…

  66. My 510m has a fair portion of the right quarter of the screen full of different coloured lines, if joined together would easily add to 2.5 cms (almost an inch). I did the Dell Vertical Line thing about 6 months ago, contacted Dell Australia but it was just a waste of time, I couldn’t get past the “but sir your model is not on our list of affected systems” – I gave up!


  67. My inspiron 510m now has 6 lines in colors green, red and blue. Last week it was only one. With the rate the lines are appearing, I will not be surprised if I have the same scenario as Mark’s.

  68. ive had 2 lines pop up in 1 month’s time on my 510m.

    I feel like I am lucky they are appearing so slow. lol.

  69. I bought a Dell Inspiron 2200 about 2 years ago, and a few months ago it developed a red vertical line.  It’s exactly the same as how so many other people have described.  Unfortunately, Dell does not acknowledge that there is a vertical line issue with the Inspiron 2200.  I have been on the phone with tech support many times, but all they do is read from a script that says the vertical line issue is only with other systems.

    Why doesn’t Dell acknowledge that there is a vertical line issue with the Inspiron 2200?  I can prove there is a problem!  I’ve offered to give them my system to test and determine there is a problem, but tech support people just read the script on their screen that says there is no problem.  It’s like talking to a robot that is not allowed to think for itself.

    Besides this issue, I actually like Dell, and think they have fairly good support, but I don’t know if I can ever buy a Dell computer again, because I will feel bad for supporting a company that simply ignores me on this issue.  At the moment, I need to buy 2 more laptops for my business, and now I’m finding myself looking at what other companies are offering.


  70. I read through this post and my Inspiron 9300 had the same issues (vertical lines). I called dell and ran some diagnostics and found it wasn’t the video card, but the display. So I later called back and told the tech about this post. He checked my service tag number and my computer qualified to be fixed, although OUT OF WARRANTY:) DHL picked up my laptop Monday of this week, fixed the screen and returned it to me today (Wed). I”m typing this comment on my laptop and the lines are gone, plus they updated my BIOS. Total time spent talking to several techs and getting all the tracking numbers, etc. was about 2 hrs total. Dell has renewed my faith in their service. And THANKS for this post….the first person I talked to at dell (before I found this post) said I would have to pay for a new screen.

    good luck.

  71. Dave, (Dell Inspiron 2200) welcome to the club.

    I have just been reading the introduction to this blog again:

    “In the time since then, we have found that there are other systems
    that are potentially affected. blah blah blah…

    We have confirmed that the component in question was not
    used on any other Dell notebook LCDs.”

    I can’t understand Dells absolute refusal to acknowledge that there are other systems out there (eg my 510m) that also have this problem. It’s staring at me right know as I type this.


  72. Here is a photo proving that there is a vertical line issue with the Inspiron 2200

    You see that red line?  You see where it says DELL INSPIRON 2200?

    Dell needs to admit that there is a vertical line issue with the Inspiron 2200

    It must be someone’s job at Dell to determine if there is an issue with certain systems.  That person should be very interested in talking to me.  Send me an email, I’ll help you do your job.  Dell can have my LCD screen to test it if they want, just give me a new LCD screen.

    If anyone from Dell wants to contact me, I had to enter my email address to make this post.  Put that email into your system and you should see all my customer info.

    By the way, in recent days I’ve noticed there is another line beginning to appear on my screen.  It’s not as visible as the first one yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.  Come on Dell, stop burying your head in the sand, and pretending there’s no vertical line issue with the Inspiron 2200!

  73. I have a Dell Inspiron 5160, bought in March 2005, in the UK. This developed a red line about 2 months ago, now I have 4 lines (3 red 1 blue). I have emailed the vertical line address above and got no response. I have spoken with tech support who tell me this is not covered by warranty – even when I tell them about this issue on lots of other systems.

    To replace screen by dell will cost in excess of £250 ($500+) – no chance, I can get a new Laptop a little bit more.

    As a buyer of computer systems for my company I will steer the company away from Dell in future, and also never buy one personally again.

    If anyone knows the cause (ie which actual component) I’d love to change it myself!


  74. A friend of mine is having a simialr problem with a 9400, Contacted Dell they said it wasn’t covered. A shame since I bought 2 more Dells because I was impressed with how cool they ran and their super use. Anything black shows up as a radioactive red. Really stinks that such a nice product has such poor support.


  75. I’m in the UK and have the vertical line problem appearing on a 30mth old 510m. First one line, now several have appeared in a week. 

    Dell say tough luck, this 510m isn’t one of the affected systems.

    Notebooks are mainly made from the same components but now there is a reason to advise people to avoid Dell.

  76. I was ready to purchase a replacement screen on Ebay, but thanks to and this site, Dell is replacing my 9300 screen for free.

    If I hadn’t entered a search phrase that allowed me to stumble across this site, I don’t think I would have been so lucky.

    What about all the other folks with this problem who don’t know about this free replacement?

     Shouldn’t there be a recall announcement?

     I’m pleased Dell is making good on this product, but it shouldn’t have been such a struggle to find the information!

  77. Hooray! It took a bit of pushing (and a reference to Ben Edwards post above on 17th August) but Dell have agreed to on-site replace the screen on our 510m.  I’m very happy about that.

  78. Robert, congratulations!  Do you mind telling us who you contacted at Dell to make this happen?

  79. I went through the normal tech support (by online chat) and they escalated to a manager, who telephoned me.

  80. I have had this problem for over a year — a few lines appearing at a time every few months.  I was not pleased but knew my warranty was up and didn’t think I had any chance of getting free help.  Tonight, however, my monitor instantly developed a 4″-wide vertical dead band and I freaked. 

    Found this site right away, called the tech support line, and after a few minutes learned that Dell is indeed willing to replace the LCD for free.  Now I feel like a huge idiot for not doing this a year ago.  They should be picking up the machine in a few days — I’ll let you know how this process goes.


  81. I also have a 510m with 3 vertical lines – I’ve emailed the supplied address and waiting for a reply.  The comments above have me worried – hoping I don’t have to go to Fair Trading…  I’m in Australia

  82. MeMyself: If you send me another comment with your e-mail address field completed, I will ask someone from Tech Support to follow up with you.

  83. I’ve got a Latitude D820 with exactly the same lines….5 of them currently. Red, 3 aqua blue, and 1 yellow!

    I have tried technical support route to no avail. seems that no one at Dell Technical knows about this issue. I even gave the very friendly tech guy the URL to this page so he could learn about this issue.

    Help Dellllllll, please.

  84. Lionel, any chance someone from Customer Care might like to follow up with me about my Inspiron 2200 with vertical lines?

  85. Hi, I am having these vertical lines on my 510M. Have contacted DELL and they would not replace it. However I saw that some of you got your panels replace. Who can we contact to help solve this problem ? I am sure there are some other 510M user who are in the same position as I am. I hope some DELL people are reading this forum and can offer some help to your customer.

  86. We can add the Inspiron 1200 to the list.   I bought this one in June 2005.  About a year later it developed one vertical line.  I lived with that and didn’t think much about it.   Now there are 15 lines.  I called Tech support.   They did not know anything about the vertical line problem.   After referencing this and other Dell blog sites, they put me on hold for several minutes.   At that point they acknowledged the problem but told me my computer has a 15″ display and doesn’t have this problem.  

  87. Seah, I’ve noticed the same thing about some people getting their screens replaced even though they aren’t on the list of models that Dell acknowledges there’s a problem with.

    It sounds to me like if you just annoy Dell enough on the phone they will eventually give in and replace your screen.  I haven’t done that because I don’t like being that kind of person, but unfortunately it sounds like if you become that annoying person, then you get results.

    I’ve politely emailed Dell, phoned Dell, and posted photo proof here that my system has a red vertical line, but Dell does not care.  Being polite hasn’t got me anywhere.

  88. Hi,

    My Dell inspiron 6400 has recently developed a vertical one pixel line as well and has just run out of warranty. Has this been included in the recall now? I noticed that other people have also commented about this model. How do I go about getting the screen replaced?


  89. I have a 2.5 year old Inspiron 9300 that developed this issue today.  I called customer service as directed above and was told that the issue is not covered and Id need to replace at my own cost.  I told him that this is NOT what I had read on several forums, both on and off the Dell website, but he would not agree.

     How can I get this taken care of as other people have?


  90. I’m in Australia and have a 510m which currently has 4 vertical line. I have emailed from the address abover and am still waiting for a reply.  The comments above have me a bit worried that this is going to get worse and I dell may not fix it! 

  91. Mark trough Matt: Sorry for the unprofessional response method, but please know that I’ve asked Customer Care to follow uo with all of you.

  92. Lionel – you seem to be doing great work here but by the time you get involved Dell’s reputation is probably already in tatters.  I think most people have a sense of what is reasonable, and it seems to take far too many calls to Dell to get a resonable response.

    It seems to me that Dell could probably reduce its support burden by two thirds if only it resolved problems at the first call. 

  93. Dell: Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your Insiron 6000 display.

    May I ask you to submit another comment with the e-mail address filled out? That way, I can have someone from the Tech Support team contact you.

  94. Lionel

    I appreciate your efforts also. However, until Dell recognise that systems other than those listed on the recall list are also affected, I will remain “anti-Dell”.  

    I emailed Dell, had a call from Dell Asia Pacific and was told a service rep would call me but to-date I have not heard from anyone.

    All I want is some-one from Dell to look at my screen and tell me it is not affected by the “vertical line” issue – they won’t be able to.

  95. Lionel

     If you don’t mind, can you also have someone to contact me regarding my Inspiron 9300 vertical line issue? Thanks!!

  96. I agree with Mark,

    I challenge anyone from Dell to look at the screen of my Inspiron 2200 and tell me it is not affected by the “vertical line” issue – they won’t be able to.

  97. I had the vertical line problem on my Inspiron 9300…started with one, eventually increased to 3.  Thanks to this blog, I called Dell’s support, they sent DHL out at my requested time to pick up my laptop, and 2 days later I received the laptop back!  My screen is like new…I am very happy, and thank Dell for the response.

  98. Lionel

    I have been contacted by Dell Support, thankyou.

    Unfortunately they continue to give me the standard answer “The Inspiron 510M is not on our list of affected systems” and if I want it fixed I have to pay. I even gave them references to this site where 2 other 510M owners have had the screens replaced – very frustrating.

    I am ready to give up on Dell – that is probably what they want.

    Thanks again





  99. Hi,

    I also have a 510M and am having these vertical lines on
    the screen. The Asia Pacific support team keeps on saying that this
    model is not in the list and if I want it fixed I have to pay for the
    panel, labour free, a sign of goodwill.  I suggested to them to
    inform up the service channel that 510M also seems to have this problem
    of vertical lines as there are other 510M users having this problem in
    Singapore. But they are very sure that 510M is not affected. I guess
    they just follow the memo form HQ.

  100. I also have a dell Inspiron 9300 that has four vertical lines on it. Who would I call locally(in the USA) to arrange to get my laptop looked at or fixed. Thanks in advance for your help…….

  101. I bought my Inspiron 9300 when I was in the US. Currently Im in China and had my vertical line issue fixed yesterday. All I did was contact the Dell support via email. Within one week they’ll arrange an appointment and send someone to help your problem. Great customer service!

  102. I have a Dell 9400 with the nice screen option and now it has a vertical white line on the left side of my screen starting this morning. It exhibits the same problem everyone else is having. I bought it early May of 2006.

    I just called Dell and I was told that this computer is not covered out of warranty for this problem. The rep had an attitude and REFUSED to connect me with a superior when I asked. I was very very cordial with him and in no way sarcastic or even raised my voice so it was definitely undeserved.

  103. I have to give props to dell. My Inspiron 9300 develop the vertical line problem two weeks ago. After reading the posts on this site, I contacted Dell technical support. Initially the Tech support guy told me that my system was not covered in the LCD replacement program. After checking with his supervisor he said that he would extend the service to me even though my computer was not covered in the program. Immediately after I hanged up the phone, I received an e-mail with detailed instructions on what to do to get my LCD fixed. I contacted D.H.L. as instructed on the e-mail. They offered to pick up my laptop the same day. D.H.L. picked up my laptop on Tuesday night. I got my laptop back Thursday morning (of the same week). Not only was the vertical line problem fixed, but I received a replacement anti-virus software cd (six free months of McAfee). They also determined that my AC adapter and needed to be replaced and will send me a new one for free. Needless to say I am very pleased with Dell’s customer service. I will be buying a new laptop in the near future and after this experience it will definitely be a Dell.

  104. I’m Rick from above.  Dell did replace my monitor using DHL for transport.  I sent  my 9300 to Dell and received it “fixed” a few days later.  Again, “sounds great, eh?”  Five weeks later, two vertical lines appeared.  Now, what can I say that hasn’t already been said here?  I’m about to start another line of communication with Dell.  If I can get Dell to replace it, it will be the fourth panel this year.  Anyone out there think this will be the definitive “fix?”


  105. Have the same problem with my 9200.  I have 6 lines. affected….what is it…if this is a problem with most 9200’s why are they going bad. And if out of warrenty what is the cost? Why wasn’t I notified of this problem a long time ago? Is my 2650 or my 51 inch TV or my 2500 or the desk top affected??? Need to know………!!!!!!!!

  106. Another 510m with 1 vertical green line at the moment. I e-mailed the Dell address at the top of this blog two weeks ago, but have still not received a reply. Clearly there are quite a number of 510m customers affected by the same issue, but we are all getting different levels of response (or non-response) from Dell. I will obviously be looking elsewhere for future purchases of IT equipment, and advising family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

  107. I have an Inspiron 9200 that has a severe vert. line problem. I emailed Dell at the address provided above 2+ weeks ago, but have not heard back.

  108. I too have the vertical line issue on a Latitude D800.  I started a chat with tech support and was told that only the 17 inch LCDs were affected.  Called tech support and they told me that since it was not under extended warranty it was not to be covered.  I emailed vertical_line and it took 13 days to get a response.  Was told that while I have a model that was affected, I do not have the specific part number affected and since it is out of warranty it is my problem.  The LCD on my latitude D800 is only 1 year old.  It was replaced under warranty last year because it would go dim sporadically.  I have owned IBM and Toshiba as well as HP and the Dell is by far the worst quality laptop that I have owned. 

  109. My Inspiron 9300 is not quite 2 years old.  I started seeing a thin line on the right side of my LCD screen several months ago.  One line quickly developed into a band about 2 or 3 inches wide, and nothing (no settings, no resolution changes, etc.) will let me work without that band being in the way.  Sometimes the band is black.  Sometimes white.  Sometimes multi-colored stripes (pretty!!!).  However, for the past month, my laptop has remained tethered to an old CRT monitor.  Today, we found this weblog, and my son called Dell.  After a fairly lengthy wait and conversation with someone in technical support in the Phillipines, we DID get the issue resolved (at least for now).  We’ll remove our hard drive, call DHL for a box, wait for a pickup (hope to God it gets shipped quickly and to the right place), and could then sit and wait as long as 3 weeks, depending on the problems.  The tech first said 8-15 business days but, when pressed for the worse case scenario, said it could take 3 weeks or so if it proves to be more problematic.  My laptop did not have an extended warranty, but they are honoring this replacement with another LCD screen (until my 3 years are up!).  So, if the next one fails, too, it better happen within the next 6 months!!!  I’ve had terrible service in the past with Dell support, but I was pleased that this tech support representative was kind, patient, and willing (WILLING) to research the issue before saying “Sorry, it’s no longer under warranty.”  People, send Dell the hyperlink to this webpage if they claim it’s not their problem anymore.  The tech might not know about it, but they can start their research from here.  Our tech did… and it seems to be worth the wait on the phone!  I’ll post updates later.  Fingers are crossed on this one!

  110. My case with vertcal lines on my 9300 started in june 2006, just 3 moths after my warranty has expired.I bought my Inspiron in Ireland, but now I live in Poland. Since Dell has its branch here I thought problem can be solved in country where I am residing.Unfortunately I was directed back to Irish branch in Wicklow.I sent them a letter with description of my problem and reference to numerous web pages and blogs about vertical lines in dell LCD.

    I hasn’t receive any direct answer from them, only man from polish branch called me that they have been informed about my letter but still refused to do anything about it.His point has been that there is no law to claim my consumer rights after warranty is expired.What he said was completley not true because there is EU law of non-conformity to a sale agreement up to 2 years time from day of purchase.

    I turned to The European Consumer Centre to mediate with Dell.It has been another year and I haven’t heard anything from Dell.I have also e-mailed [email protected] but I haven’t receive any answer.

    It looks to me like only cases from U.S. have been solved as they take consumer rights more into consideration there.

    What can you advise me to do before I will go to court next month?





  111. Lionel,

    I have an Inspiron 9300 with the same vertical problem that I bought from U.S in April 2005. Now I live in Turkey and I’ve been exchanging emails with Dell USA and Dell Turkey for about 4 months. They are driving me crazy  First, USA Dell agreed to replace the LCD but couldn’t do it because they can’t send parts outside US. And then I contacted Dell Turkey, they also told me they would place an order for me but then after 3 months of wait, I got rejected from them because I didn’t buy it from Turkey and my warranty is expired. And then I emailed US again, this is the suggestion they came up with: First, I need to find a friend/relative who lives in US and I have to ship the laptop to him, then he will ship it to Dell, Dell will replace the LCD and then ship it back to my friend and finally my friend would ship it back to Turkey 🙂 I even suggested paying the shipping costs for them to ship the parts to Turkey but they didn’t accept that. Now, all of a sudden, a manager emailed me and said my laptop’s warranty is expired. Right now, I can’t find any words to describe my frustration. I hope you can  find a solution for me because this is getting beyond ridiculous!!!!


  112. About a week after my previous post, I was contacted by Dell. The box to ship my Inspiron 9200 came earlier than expected, and I received my notebook back within 2 business days. My display is working again and it’s great to be able to see documents and media on the screen with no distortion.

  113. Hi Lionel,

    Can you pls. push your management to accept that 510m panel is also faulty. Anyway, since your last email to me, no one has contacted me. Just look at all these customers of yours in this thread, and you will know that you have problems with 510m panels in many countries. It is definitely and epidemic problem. Pls. assist.

    Best Regards


  114. I have Inspiron 510m, which was bought in Dec 2004 in UK, so I’m almost in third cut-off year now. Since around Spring 2006 it started to develop more and more vertical lines, and I’ve just stopped counting them after ~15th line. Now I reckon there is around 30-40 of those! Once my friend have sent me a link to this post, I felt a big relief, counting that Dell will quickly replace my LCD. How wrong I was…

    First, I’ve sent email. No response after ~2 weeks. Sweet. So I’ve called tech support here in UK today. Guy on the line was aware of the problem, but wasn’t able to offer replacement, as issue doesn’t concern Inspiron 510m in particular. Quite rubbish explanation for me, as IMHO issue concerns a particular line of displays used in various models, rather than particular laptop models. Anyway, he tried to convince me I’m wrong and then offered to put me through to his manager. So he did, but manager basically told me the same thing, and suggested that I could just buy a new LCD to resolve the problem. Funny.

    I’m going to send a written complaint pretty soon, and BEFORE my 3-year-free-replacement-period passes next month, simply to have a proof that I’ve tried to resolve this issue in time, once Dell will actually put 510m into that ‘magic’ list after some time.

    As a final word, I must say, I’m greatly disappointed with the way Dell resolves (or rather not) that issue. First admits problem with LCDs, and then refuses to replace these LCDs, just because this particular component is fitted into the chassis with different number on it. That’s just miserable… 🙁

  115. I have a Dell Inspiron 5160, bought in March 2005, in the UK. This developed a red line about 4 months ago, now I have 12 lines. I have emailed the vertical line address above and got no response. I have spoken with tech support who tell me this is not covered by warranty – even when I tell them about this issue on lots of other systems.

    To replace screen by dell will cost in excess of £250 ($500+) – no chance, I can get a new Laptop for a little bit more.

    As a buyer of computer systems for my company I will steer the company away from Dell in future, and also never buy one personally again.

    If anyone knows the cause (ie which actual component) I’d love to change it myself!

    This is my second entry on this list. The first entry did absolutely no good and I doubt if this one will either.

    The service and response from Dell appears to depend entirely on your country of origin – US or Canada seems fine, rest of the world – no chance.

    Still, I take great pleasure in knowing that I am telling all my friends, relatives, and everyone I meet how bad Dells customer service is. OK you make cheap PCs…and you give cheap service. Whats the betting that this entry wont get a response either. Feel free to mail me DELL, you have my email address.


  116. I previously posted a couple of months ago about my E1705 with a vertical line right down the center of the screen. Now an inch wide band is coming in and out 2 inches from the left hand side. I haven’t heard anything back from Dell and expect I won’t hear anything in the future. I definitely won’t buy from them again and will tell my customers the same.

  117. My Inspiron 9300 was shipped in July 2005. Vertical lines appeared on the screen in October 2007. Warranty was expired 1 yr after purchase. However, due to this manufacturer defect, Dell sent DHL for pick up and fixed the screen for free. I got my Dell back in 3 days. However, A MONTH LATER, THE VERTICAL LINES CAME BACK AGAIN. The 1st call to Dell, an Indian customer service was rude and refused to fix it for free, and my call was cut off while he transferred me to the warranty department. The 2nd call to Dell, the customer service, in the US area, was nice but it took me more than 30 mins on the phone for authorization. He said this was a very difficult and sensative situation since my dell was already fixed a month ago. Well, they finally approved to fix my screen and hope they really FIX it this time. Pretty disappointed.

  118. Hi Lionel,

    Any good news? far I also have not hear from the local service support in Singapore. I guess they also do not know what to do.

    Please assist. 


  119. Hallo,
    at first sorry for my english, i am from germany i bought my inspirion 510m 02/2005 and now there are two green lines on my display. i contact the hotline from dell, the answer:” you have to pay, because your 510m is not on our list”. But on this blog are so many people with the same problems. what is the problem mr. Dell? i think it is an other thing to buy from a discounter or from a world wide company

    I am very disappointed. I will never buy anything from dell.


  120. I bought an Inspiron 9400/E1705 in April 2006. In July or August 2007, a few months after the warranty expired a one inch white vertical line appeared about one third of the way from the left side of the screen. Last week an additional similar line appeared on the far left side, but it has gone away, at least for now.

    Dell has not done anything about it, saying it was out of warranty and not part of the vertical line issue on other models. I was planning to get a Dell desktop, but now I may go elsewhere if Dell can’t step up to deal with this. I may have to send a complaint to my company since they use Dell and have an employee purchase program. I just tried contacting Dell again by email to see if they will address this issue or not.

  121. “Your system isn’t affected”

    My system completely matches the description above…

    It’s an Inspiron 9200, I bought it in March 2005, and it started getting vertical lines a few months ago and now has about 20 of them. It’s bad enough that I don’t like looking at photos on it anymore.

    When I called, however, not only did the tech support guy not know anything about the line problem, he finally looked up the part number for my 17″ LCD (W5410) and told me it “wasn’t affected.” It most certainly IS affected… it might not be on the list yet, but the problem matches exactly.

    I may try to call again, but I would definitely appreciate getting a response from Dell to this comment.

    Thank you,


  122. I have joined the Dell Inspiron 2200 club (The fauly club). There are around 5 visible vertical lines in the LCD now.

    Since I am in Malaysia, Dell doesn’t recon this as an known issue and too bad, the 1 year old warranty has expired. New ‘low quality’ screen cost around RM1,400 (Around 300+ USD). Shame on them.

    Before this, I am in the midst of purchasing Dell Latitude D630 but after this incident I can be very sure Dell will NOT be in my list.




  123. Hi Lionel,

    I guess your service support colleagues does not want to contact me regarding the vertical lines on my 510M screen. It is a month already. Please assist.

    Best Regards

  124. I brought my Dell inspiron 8600 in february 2004 and it started getting the vertical line somewhere in April 2007. Dell recognized that it was their fault in June 2007 and they said the system bought within three years would get their lcds replaced free of cost. It just does not make any sense, what does dell mean by three years, is it my fault I bought the system a little earlier at a higher price, using all the money I had earned doing jobs at school.


    I am really disappointed in Dell since I would have thought that they would replace the lcd screen of these recognized faulty systems and be more sincere in their service towards their customers.I cannot afford a new laptop and have to work around vertical lines. I would  request dell to please help regarding this issue, please look at the faulty systems bought from 2004 onwards.




  125. skseah: I re-checked with the engineering team and the Inspiron 510m is not one of the potentially affected systems. Even in the case of the systems that are listed, only certain displays are affected.

    The reality is that there are a number of things that can lead to vertical lines on a notebook display, and they are not related to the panel issue that I’ve blogged about in both of these posts.

    I’ve asked one of my Tech Support contacts to blog about other issues that can cause a vertical line. More to come later this week,

  126. Hi Lionel,

    Another week has passed into 2008 and still no one from Dell has called me. Is Dell going to accept that the 510M also has this vertical lines issue?


  127. In May 2005 I purchased my Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop via the internet. All was well until about 3 months ago when the dreaded white vertical line appeared in the centre of the screen. At first I thought it might have been a configuration problem and sought solutions. In December 2007 I was directed to the Direct2Dell blog site and soon realised it was a big problem and Dell had actually acknowledged there was a problem with the Inspiron 9300 ( and others now, I believe) and were replacing the screens. I fired off an email to [email protected] explaining the problem on 16th December but have, as yet, not had a reply. From what I read in the blogs Dell are rectifying but it depends where you live as to the speed of the response. Acknowledgement by Dell via my email address including the next course of action by Dell would be helpful.

     Ramon Wilkinson


    I had an extended warranty on my last laptop. Everytime is would go into “sleep mode” it would completely shut down. Windows would load but my icon never appeared.

    They sent me a hard drive, replacement keyboard, we RESTORED & REINSTALLED the entire system several times.

    Finally, after speaking to a tech (got past the foreign support), he suggested I restore my system. He tried running diaognostics & fixing Windows without the restore; Didn’t work. That’s when he came to the same conclusion….RESTORE. I said, this takes hours……we’ve already done it multiple times…..what’s going to be any different this time? He said, “Well, you can either take my advice or speak with Customer Service.” I elected CS. When the lady got on the phone I hardly gave her a chance to speak….. I went through all the replacements, all the hours & lost data, etc… Finally, I declared; “This computer CANNOT be FIXED!”

    So the 1st thing she said was: “So you need us to ship you out a replacement.” I received a newer model because mine wasn’t available anymore!!!  AWESOME! HURRAY!!

    The current extended warranty was transferred to this new machine. It expires next month; Feb ’08. I am going to renew it for another 3 yrs. Believe me….the extended warranty makes all the difference in the world!

    Just a little FYI! I love DELL! I’ve had several & refuse to buy anything else! 

    I am estatic with my new machine. I shipped mine back, from my house, with an airbill included in my replacement. No cost to me what-so-ever!

    Although the extended warranty is a $$$ isn’t that better than replacing an entire system only a few short years later for approx. 10Xs the expense.

    I know it’s crazy but it seems to me that the warranty = VIP status.

    I’m also a techie & have been for years! I’ve tried many other competitors’ products & none compare to the quality & user-friendly Dell. I’ll never buy anything else because I’ve already tried all the others…why do you think I thought the extended warranty was such a great value?

    Every company has a few gliches here & there but….as a company rep for AT&T……we buy none other than Dell laptops. What does that tell you?

    Keep in mind:  all of mine have been individual purchases such as yourselves. So, give Dell another try & PLEASE….invest the little extra in the extended warranty….. you will not be sorry you did!!

  129. I spoke with customer service about this problem and have recieved

    zero satisfaction.



    I would like Dell to replace the LCD display on my Inspiron 9400 as it

    has developed vertical lines. This is obviously a problem which occurs on

    many of Dells models which Dell has admitted as evidenced on this Dell


    I paid $1754.00 for this on 2/7/2006.

    That’s a very high price for a faulty system that’s barely usable.

  130. i have a cell inspiron 1200 and there are at least 6 vertical lineson the screen. i dont know what causes the lcd to damge and i’ll like to know if  that can be repared or do i have to buy a next labtop which i cannot afford.lines have been developing every 2 days or even when i use the labtop. is there any slutions?

  131. This is my third posting since August (i think). Just back to see if there was anything new and noticed David Schuerman’s posting about the one inch wide band on the left side of the screen that matched my E1705/9400 to a tee. I now have two white bands down my screen and the pulsing vertical blue line. What is the chance that several of the exact same models have the same problem? Sure looks like a production problem. Not many people posting their screen model numbers on this site. Don’t believe tech support if you ask them what screen model number you have. Take your screen apart and check for yourself. Instructions on how to do so are on the dell site. Mine is a DF028. It’s a WUXGA screen (1920×1200).

  132. My XPS gen 2 suffers from the 1 pixel wide vertical line. I have made over 9 attempts to contact dell to fix the screen but they refused to do so because my system was baught off ebay. I paid good money for my computer and it shouldnt matter if i baught it from a ebay or a freind or watever… I'm never buying a dell again!!


  133. My Dell 6400 developed the same issue literally 1 week after the 1 year warranty expired.  1 pixel wide line across the screen.  Dell support was not helpful at all.  I first had to make them aware of the issue and the recall notices above, then they claim the 6400 is not affected.  I wish that weren't the case as I'm starting at the picel line now.  This life long Dell purchaser says "Never agian!"

  134.  Dell in France didn't want to change my Screen Inspiron 9300 just because I didn't bought the guarantie. I had the vertical lines 14 months after my bought. It's not just. I paid it 1600 CHF (1300 $) So now I tell my friends that Dell has Problems – BAD advertising make 20 times more effect than a good advertising-.

  135. Like Josh, I purchased directly from Dell Inspiron E1705 in April 2006 and since mid to late 2007 the white vertical line about 1 inch wide appeared intermittently on the glossy / glare WUXGA lcd panel.  Earlier this month it's become permanent.  Followed instruction to contact dell tech support. Routed to India. Asked to pay $39 for over the phone diagnostic. Then upon finding the root cause being the fault hardware (LCD), Dell still refused to cover this under the well known vertical line provision, quoting only *certain* 9200 and 9300 Inspiron systems are covered for 3 years replacement.

    I've given up on Dell and their "award winning support", unless they correct this. I'll contact my employer's IT director and share the story. We are one of the top Fortune storage providers and buy a ton of Dell.

    I certainly won't consider Dell ever again.

  136. I would like to know the faulty part or component that is the cause of the vertical line issue. I have an Inspiron 1150 that upon plugging in an ethernet cable (same cable I have plugged in many times before and since) caused the system board to fail. ?!? I had to pay a lot of money to have the board replaced. Now my screen has vertical lines (4 now). I believe that the replacement board is used or refurb. Mainly because I needed to use the headphone and mic jacks a few weeks ago and found that one channel on the headphone jack is dead (both speakers work) and the mic jack is REALLY tight. The case is chipped on the seam next to the headphone jack. It came back that way. Is it possible that this faulty part could be on an older system board that is now in my laptop? Or maybe poor workmanship that has caused a video connector issue?

    Perhaps if that is not the case someone could tell me if a Sony TX38D83VC1CAA LCD would work as a replacement screen in a Dell Inspiron 1150. Its the same size and resolution as the original 15" screen.

  137.  Called the number, wasted time, no help what so ever. (here's a hint bring tech support back to America)  Don't know if this is a real Dell web site or not but this is one customer that won't be coming back.  I have an Inspiron 9300 with the 17 inch screen, too bad I can't see anything on the right side without seeing the lines running through it.  Was flat out told there was no program to fix screen issue and in fact there was no screen issue I was describing, so what is a person to do?? How much time can you waste on the phone going round and round.  I hear the new Lenova laptops are pretty good, guess I'll take a look at those.


  138. Hi Lionel,

    I understand that LCD panels can fail from many reasons, but in this case, from the many 510m owners, there is definitely an epidemic problem,…if the LCD panel is not faulty, then maybe the panel drivers are faulty? so what are we suppose to do with our notebooks with all these vertical lines. I have easily mire than 100 lines now.

    I have written to the GM of DELL Singapore, almost 1 month ago, and up to date, no reply or acknowledgment of my letter. I really do not understand DELLs commitment to customer service.




  139. Hi, my dell inspiron 6400 also developed this vertical line issue. I've been looking online and even on this forums a lot of people with the same notebook model are complaining. Come on people do something. This is my dad's computer… No wonder why I returned my recently bought laptop from you guys.


  140. I forgot to comment that I sent and email to the address provided and NEVER got any kind of reply. 

  141. Add one more to the record – my 510m started to develop vertical lines since 1 year+ ago and now it is a distracting 40+ lines.  As with many other victimised 510m Dell users, I have written numerous times to Dell Customer Careless only to find myself wasting fingerworks. Gave up.  The most disgusting is, what makes Dell think that the verticalline problem only happens in certain models and FULLY recognize the problem by replacing the LCD free of charge.  And on the other hand it completely ignore the same symptom sufferers of 510m users. Excuse given by their Technical saying they found no problem with 510m is just plain self-denying and completely DISGUSTING.

    Just ordered a new notebook, yeah, of course it's not a Dell, and never will be a Dell anymore. Action speaks for itself.



  142. Hi guys~! I'm really glad that i was able to stumble upon this blog post. I had about… 20 vertical lines appear on my screen in a span of 4 months. I have an Inspiron 9300 with the shinny screen. To get to the point, I tried my luck with the tech support. They observed that I was no longer on warranty so they directed me to the "off warranty" tech department ( the number is 1(800) 385-4455 in case any of you are off warranty…and I'm sure a lot of you are). I called this department and after a 10 min wait I told my tech that I had 20 vertical lines on my screen and that I read on this Dell blog to call tech support. He put me on hold to double check to see if my computer was in fact one of the affected systems. Upon confirmation, he instantly said he would set me up with a dispatch number and a shipping box to get my screen replaced. In addition he gave me a case number as reference to this transaction. As a tip (or to cover their asses) he told me to remove my hard drive (probably common knowledge) before sending it in, as they are not responsible for any information loss/damage that your hdd may incur during the repair process. That's my story. We'll see if i get these boxes. I'll try to update as this situation progresses. Good luck~! Hope this helps someone.

  143. My Inspiron 9200 has had a vertical line problem in the past before and was taken care of by Dell because of my warranty. Now, the problem has resurfaced, as i see about "10" vertical lines now. I am currently speaking with tech support, and they do not know of this problem at all. Please help!

  144. OK, the wife's Inspiron 6000, still under warranty,  has the purple line o death.

     We followed the directions on this page and got an e-mail back asking her to plug it into another monitor so see if the line goes away to determine whether it is the display of the video card!

    Did I mention it's still under warranty?

     I don't care if it is the video card or the monitor:  It's under waranty, it was expensive and it's malfunctioning–troubleshoot it and fix it, Dell!

    C'mon now, what kind of nonsense is this.

  145. I have yet to hear from a representative from Dell on my issue with the vertical lines. I have about 10 running up and down my laptop screen. I have the Inspiron 9200, 17" Model. I am sure it should be covered under the blog posted by the Direct2Dell Team. Please help! Thank you

  146. Evan,

    Dell was trying to troubleshoot your issue by asking you to plug it into another monitor. It's standard troubleshooting to see if it's the display or the card. Dell will not replace any hardware without troubleshooting. I will escalate your issue for you.


  147.  Well that was useless. Back a little while ago a blue/purple line appeared (single-pixel) on the right side of my dell D420 – because of that I found this and several other websites. I find it a little too suspect that this problem – one which I have never had before – would happen with a Dell when it seems to be happening with all these others. An email inquiry revealed a polite but curt 'sorry' that there would be no help forthcoming. If I had dropped the unit, poked it or exposed it to lots of dust I would imagine this sort of thing could happen, but that it would appear out of the blue (no pun intended)?


    If the posts above are true, Dell seems to not follow a fixed pattern, since several people seem to have had their D420 LCDs replaced. I wonder what sort of stink I have to deal with to get mine fixed- I know the squeeky wheel gets the grease, but I prefer these things just work instead of having to climb a ladder and gripe to everyone you can find at a company.



  148. I have an Inspiron 6400.  It also has the 17 inch screen and I bought it in September of 2006.  I have gone through all the channels I know of at Dell support to no avail.  I have seven lines in my screen.  I got two new ones last week.  All the others appeared within the last month. 

     I'm so frustrated.  I treat this damn thing like it's a kitten.  I have never dropped it and I work in a home office.  There's no way it was caused by environmental anything.  I can't believe Dell thinks that this problem doesn't exist and can't help me. 

     Guess I've learned my lesson.  Next time it will be an ibook or something for me…

  149. Evan,

    Dell was trying to troubleshoot your issue by asking you to plug it into another monitor. It's standard troubleshooting to see if it's the display or the card. Dell will not replace any hardware without troubleshooting. I will escalate your issue for you.


    OK, we checked it—no lines on the other monitor, just the LCD.  We e-mailed back the info and got a response with a ship date for the new LCD and a request for a date to install it for us.

     Life's good.

    Dell's doing right by us–I'll tell my pals and colleagues the goodness of Dell.

  150. I have an Inspiron 6400

    4 vertical lines

    dell say it is not under warranty and that I need to purchase a new LCD

  151. I have an Inspiron 1501 and it's about a year old ( just out of warranty of course ) … I recently had to format my system and after doing so … I get black screens that won't go away. I need to reboot my system. Then, 15 mins back online and the whole screen becomes solid vertical blue and white stripes and won't go away. I can't see my screen when they are on as they are solid colors and the computer won't shut down unless I take out the battery and pull the power cord plug.

    I have called dell and waited and waited on the phone and never had any solutions with them. I got upset this morning and I went to the computer store near my house and purchased a 'real' computer.


    Any ideas on what could this be ? Trying to call stupid dell won't work and I am NEVER EVER buying another dell product again! ( I have 4 dell computer/laptop ) at home. When they die.. they will stay dead as I am not putting money into them.

  152. So yeah i have ONE vertical line on my XPS M170.  Basically the M170 is a slightly improved XPS Gen 2, all they changed was that you could get a better video card (nVidia 7800) and a slightly faster CPU. 

    The first time i called the guy was very pleasant and helpful and basically told me everything was great and they would send someone out to my house to fix it (yes send someone out).  I was told they should be getting a hold of me in a couple days to setup an appointment. 

    Two weeks later i called back and i was told that my request was rejected by "the system" …. I then proceeded to inform this new guy about the issue and pointed him to this page.  He insisted that this had to do with flat panel desktop monitors and not notebooks.  I informed him he was wrong and to read it again.  He then pointed out that my model was not listed but the XPS Gen 2 was.  I foolishly believed that he knew what he was talking about.  After getting told to call "Spare Parts" I hung up feeling dejected and used.

    I then looked into the m170 / XPS Gen 2 thing and found out that they are basically the same computer.  Mine was built in December of 2005 which is when this article identifies that the faulty monitors were being built into the systems.  Everyone knows that Dell was just playing a stupid name game by renaming XPS Gen 2 to M170 (with minor enhancements) so they could charge more money for basically the same computer.  It is possible that M170s could be affected as well.

    Please include the M170 in the list of affected systems.


  153. Lionel,

    I'm also in the category of being disappointed in Dell's response to this issue.  I have a Dell Inspiron 9300, 17 inch 1920×1200 panel.  I have several vertical blue lines (sometimes they very briefly shift color).  I called the number you provided above and was told by the call router that this is a known issue that would be handled free of charge.

    Once being connected to tech support, then describing the issue in detail, I was asked to perform several diagnostic steps.  In the end, the response was something to the effect of:  "This is a known issue for certain models and replacement is covered by Dell.  You do have the same model laptop as the one identified in the issue, but the problematic part isn't in your specific laptop.  You'll have to pay for a new display".

    This type of answer certainly makes the caller distrust Dell as specific statements are being withheld.  (Like, 'you have part #xyz and there aren't issues with that part').

    Can we, once and for all, get a list of the defective part(s) so we can prove or disprove what is being received as a shady reply by our Dell technical support folk? 



  154. I also have an inspron 6400 with the exact same issue. The screen developed vertical lines when I turn on the machine and know it have a blue streak with vertical lines. When I contacted customer service they told me that this computer is not part of the recall. Since I am seeing other people with the same computer and same issue, maybe its the process of manufacturing that is causing the problem. My problem started 3 weeks after the warrenty expired. Dell support will not help me and say it's out of warrenty. What a crock. This may be the last dell I purchase. What ever happened to customer service and quality control.

  155. Just got a yellow vertical line today on my Dell Latitude D505…flickered then went away…Now I'm scared…

  156. Just a follow up on my Dell 9400 with the white line issue. I bought it in April or May 2006 and about fourteen months later got the 1" wide white line one third of the way from the left side. Now I have a similar line on the far left side. It almost completely covers the Start button. Dell has never stepped up so they have lost my business. I think my next step is to open the screen to see if it is just a matter of contacts or what. I will probably have to convert it to a stationary machine with a dock using my existing monitor and keyboard.

  157. I have a Inspiron E1505 with 2 verticles lines on the left side on my screen that changes colors when I move the screen back and forth. Dell wants me to pay $300-$400 to replace just the LCD screen. I was like Heck no, I rather just buy a new computer with that price.

  158. I have a Inspiron 9300 Purchased 5/17/05. I was on the phone for 49 minutes resolving this issue. My advice to people is to be able to reference this site when calling tech support because most of then have never heard of it. Of course they will fight you on getting work done out of warranty. Word to the wise have your responses prepared because the odds that it will be an easy task are 1 in 10,000 at least.

  159. Derek S, Interested in knowing if support claimed your 9300 didn't have the internal parts affected by the issue prior to ultimately agreeing.  My 9300 was shipped on 5/9/05 (a full 8 days before yours) and I've gotten no cooperation.

    Moral, just because you have a 17 inch Inspiron 9300, purchased within the date range, and showing the precise issue doesn't mean Dell will help you at all.  You apparently need to get hostile to get results.  Shame, shame Dell.

  160. Bought Inspiron 9200 in 12/2004.  Screen developed white vertical "band" and I had it replaced for $532 in 10/2006.  Recently it development the single vertical white line in the center of the display.

    Irritated that to talk to tech support since warranty has expired, they want a credit card.  Last dell that I will ever get and I will share that opinion with my peers. 

  161. I got a Inspiron E1405 and have the same problem as everyone else with the vertical line on my screen. I hadn't noticed anyone mentioning my edition so I thought I'd throw it out there.

    I just love how this didn't happen until about 5 months out of warranty. How are we seriously suppose to consider Dell for our next computers if we can't trust them unless we have an outrageously priced extended warranty? 

  162.  I sent an email to [email protected] in Nov, 2007 and have not gotten any response.

    I have a Inspiron 9300 with LCD screen part # J9662 which has 1 pixel wild oscillating blue/red vertical line from the top to the bottom, about 1/3 from the left side of the screen.

     I am sending another email today.


  163. My daughter's Inspiron 6400 developed a vertical line on the left side of her screen and after reading the postings and statements in this blog I called Dell Customer Service.  First let me say that whenever I have called them for known issues such as keys popping off the keyboard or loose hinges on the screen that cause wobbling they have consistently been less than helpful and have caused great frustration.  I'm not impressed needless to say.  This time they claim to have no knowledge of this issue for the 6400 or any other model and have asked me to provide proof that this blog actually exists.  My overall impression is that it's just not worth dealing with Dell.  Any future purchases of computer equipment will not be from Dell.   

  164. I have a dell Latitude D505 and I also have the green veritical line problem. What are they doing about this?

  165. Hi all,

     I have the same problem as David Schuerman, I purchased a Inspiron 9400 on August 2006 and now after 16 months, two vertical lines appeared in the screen. As my laptop is not included in that list, I was told that I need to pay if I wanted to repair it. I just hope that Dell includes the 9400 in the list before I move to another branch. This is so frustrating…

  166. I have this problem, with Inspiron 9200, first line is purple in colour and just today I got my second line which is red.  I phoned tech support and my warranty was up Jan. 26th 2008. 

    They wanted some $40 automatic tech support fee to see if they could fix the problem and I said no and decided to check around online.

    But I did fire off an e-mail to that [email protected] we will see what they say.

    I was actually looking to purchase about 6 new Dell laptops very soon but I think I will be looking into HP or Toshiba.

  167. I have an inspiron 9300, that i purchased a couple of years ago. I googled the problem regarding a vertical line that has appeared on the screen, about 1/4 away on the left. I found this site and read with interest that I am not alone. I have built many a large computer and various servers over the years and run a mammoth system in my office. This laptop, the compmay and the goods are the worst i have seen. If you do read this consider the following.

    There are numerous points people right about various companies over the Net, some good, some bad. This is bad, the customer service that Dell have clealry not offered to most consumers is pathetic. I am now going to start the long and hard slog of contacting Dell and getting a replacement screen to get rid of this problem. I know it wont be easy, they are simply not interested. Would I buy Dell again – NO. I have three other laptops, two of which are XP and one Apple. As expected, brilliant perfomance and reliability. This 9300 cost me £1,300 and without a reliable monitor, it is worthless to me and the graphics I need to display.

    So, consider this, think Dell, think again. Go do yourself a favour, buy another brand, something more reputable and something where the parts are not bought from good knows where.

    After reading this informative site, I know I am not alone. However, take heed Dell, there's an email off to watchdog, just to let them know of the grief you cause and the lack of customer support you provide. What a poor service for your customers. Read this dell and hold your head in shame. I am suprised you have lasted this long in the business.



  168. My E1705 17" has developed a white vertical strip from top to bottom.  It's about 3/4" wide and about 3/4" from the right edge.  Dell tech support first said not covered, then covered and now not covered.  This is obviously a manufacturering defect that Dell needs to take responsblity for and replace – at their cost – any defective LCDs.  If they refuse, I will not do any more business with them.  Further, as the word of poor customer service and defective products spreads among my co-workers Dell will feel a finacial impact as I work at a large institution that buys lots of Dell products.  What's more, I'm a buyer.    

  169. All they told me on the phone is that my laptop is out of warranty and then offered to transfer me to the "out of warranty department". Presumably to purchase a new part.  Funny how everything breaks right after the warranty goes. I just had to shell out $85 for a new ac adaptor two months ago!

    Someone did email me back quickly.  All they have done so far is ask a few questions.  We will see what happens now.

  170. Friends of ours have an Inspiron B130 that just developed the same white-line problem.  Absolutely inexcusable for a product that is just over a year old.  They called Dell and were told, "too bad, so sad" because that model is not on the list.  I say to Dell, "too bad, so sad;" with customer support like that and a lousy product, I won't be buying any of your merchandise.

  171. I also have an Inspiron E1405 and it has about 5 vertical lines right now.  My friend has the same model and it developed a green vertical line around the same time.  So, it seems like other models besides the ones Dell has listed are having this problem. 

  172. Well 1 more inspiron 6400 to the list i have like 25 lines now i did write to the vertical email and get a response to do the troubleshooting i did everything im asked for and now im waiting for an answer i hope everything will go well….

  173. Is anyone getting a response from [email protected]?  I emailed them a few days ago asking for any updates on the Insiron 9300 vertical line problem.  I'm also a victim who has been denied coverage under the recall, and after the runaround on the phone, I thought I'd try email. But so far, no answer.



  174. I bought a Dell inspiron 9200 laptop in 2005. Now there are many vertical coloured stripes appeared on the laptop's screen. It's apparent that the screen has been damaged as the computer works fine when it is connected to an external display.

  175.  I was contacted by someone with a email address via email after I complained using the email link above. The asked for my address so someone could pick up my 9300 for repair, and said it would be returned in 7 – 10 days. This seems a bit odd to me – to hand my computer off to someone I don't know. Is this the normal process, or am I getting scammed? I can't really be without my primary business computer for that long either – what do most people do without a computer for that period of time? Move all your work to another computer?

  176. I have a Dell Latitude D820 with tons of vertical lines now. I did get a response from Irene Stewart at Dell but she told me that my system (the D820) was not included among the "affected" systems.

     The computer is now getting to the point of no return and I'm going to have to replace the screen myself. I'd love to hear that Dell has added my system to the affected ones but i don't see that happening any time soon. I supposed it's a numbers game in the end for these large companies that sell faulty equipment.

    The problem is that some of the "few" affected by this problem are the loudest. Consider me one of them, Dell, because not one person at my company is allowed to purchase Dells any longer because of my insistence to buy with a reputable manufacturer. Many are switching to Apple, which I refuse to do, and others are making the move to HP. Then there's always companies like Everex that will give you about the same thing as Dell for $450, too. I just wish Dell would fix my screen!! 'cause I love"d" my D820.

  177. I bought a Dell Inspiron 6000 in January 2006 and after using for 1 and half year it started showing vertical lines. Till date I did not enquire with Dell thinking my warranty has expired but today I came to this article while looking for service centres and price quotes for repair. I called the number provided and gave my service tag. They informed me that the LCD I have is not part of the deffective lot and that I will have to change it on my own expense. How is Dell determining that it is not a manufacturing defect? What process is being followed? My purchase falls under the same time period and model. It started to show the problem after only one and half year of use. Moreover the part numbers they have on their record are not the same as the one I have on my copy of the invoice. The company needs to look into this more closely.

  178. I contacted Dell, just like Mike Bukowski suggested in his article. Guess What? Total waste of my time. I was told that my Inspiron 9300 wasn't part of the recall and then told I could buy a new screen from Dell.

     1st – I would never purchase any of their overpriced replacement parts.

    2nd – Why would Dell post a blog that states that it will help you with the issue when they won't? They should just tell the truth which is, "If you face this 'verticle line' issue, your option is to buy another screen. Not our problem, we won't help you.

    That's better than being lied to. Thanks Dell.

  179.  Sitting online with support now, I've been trying to resolve this issue since Aug. 05…  Every time I called I was told this was not a defect.  One MANAGER in India hung up on me.  When I did get transfered to the USA it was to the standard 800 number, as soon as America realized I was out of warranty I was told to buy "support" but the LCD would NOT be covered because I've called about it and it's a pre-existing condidtion.

    That was about 16 months ago.  I read this blog tonight and called Dell again.  I was just as polite as before in asserting this was a Dell owned issue and was told IT WAS NOT.  I pointed India to this page and she transfered me straight into the USA.  20 minutes later and I''m getting a box to ship my laptop in.

    I'm 50% happy.   I'm in this industry. I know how it is. I'm not very comfortable sending the whole machine in for service, but I will.  It has an upgraded 100GB hard drive, and although the LCD died a horrible death by yellow line, it's never had the plastic off the brushed metal back, it IS flawless. the laptop has been pampered since new. 


    I'm willing to bet on a few posibilities based on my experience… at a minimum I get back (my) laptop with someone else's scuffed up bezel. OR  I get back (my) laptop AND bezel only to find the OS reinstalled to factory.  OR I get back said reload  on a 60GB drive identical to the one I replaced 1 year ago. OR…  …I could go on.


    Basically, the tech said it'll take us 5-8 days to fix or r… fix your laptop.

    Yes, Replaced was never spoken, but it _is_ implied. *cringing* 

    I had ONSITE SUPPORT with this laptop, the LCD has been defective since 1 month before the warranty ran out.  It should be replaced onsite.  PERIOD. and for the record, when I called DURING warranty, I was told it was a software issue, to reload the drivers.  It took time to get around to, and by then it was "too late"

    I will mark my hard drive, LCD bezel & case.  If all 3 come back I'll write Michael Dell and tell him I'm considering NOT not recommending his company anymore based on customer service.

    *crossing fingers* here's to writing a follow up in 2 weeks with the Gen2 in my lap instead of this P-III / 300.  




  180. My laptop is the E1705 and the vertical lines have just begun. I've read a few posts about other Inspiron E1705's. Has anyone been able to get this issue resolved? I've gotten nowhere.

  181. We have a 17" Inspirion E1705 that is approx. 2 yrs. old & has been having odd color changes screenwide for approx. 6 mos. Two days ago we got our 1st vertical line in a lovely shade of tourquoise. Today, a 2nd line is beginning to form. It appears to be red. I've not seen our system noted anywhere w/in this Blog. Any others w/this system experiencing this?

  182. My Inspiron 9200 with 17" screen developed the vertical line problem, and eventually had a 3 inch section in the center of the screen that was unusable.

    I contacted Dell as described above, at: [email protected]

    Although my system was out of warranty, and even though it was a couple of months past the 3 years from purchase date, they still replaced my screen at their expense!

    I got a brand new screen to replace my old screen.  And I didn't even have to pay for shipping.  They sent me a pre-paid box to pack the system in.  The estimated repair time was 7 – 10 business days.  However, the shipper picked up the system on Wed. afternoon and returned it, repaired, on Fri. morning.

    I have recommended  Dell computers to others in the past, partly because they are ranked in the top group of the annual PC Magazine Service and Reliability Ratings.  Now I have another reason.  (BTW: I have no affiliation with Dell).

    For me the Dell customer service was outstanding!

  183. One of my Inspiron 9200's has developed the problem 3 weeks after the 3 year deadline.  Can anyone say what the 'small component' is so I can replace it?  (I have state of the art IC rework equipment available).


  184. My computer developed a vertical line on Tuesday. I found this blog after Googleing and phoned Dell. First I got through to India but could not understand what the guy was saying – not because of his accent but he was too feint, as if his microphone was on the other side of the room – so he put me through to the UK. I then explained my problem and as the guy had not heard about this blog, I emailed a link to this page. He spoke to his supervisor and they agreed to replace my screen free of charge although the system is nearly three years old. They also thanked me for bringing this blog to their attention and would be circulating it around their team. A service call was arranged for the next day and they even agreed to replace my screen with a lower resolution as my eyesight is not as good as it was and things were getting a little small when run at native.

    All this took just one call and a little holding now and then but nothing excessive.

    On Wednesday, less than 24 hours later, a very professional, competent and pleasant engineer called at my house after first phoning to inform me of his expected arrival time and expertly fitted a new screen.

    Service cannot get any better.

    Thanks Dell.

  185. i am absolutely frustrated.

    i got my inspion 9300 in april 2005. in april 2006 the screen was replaced because of serious issues (although not the vertical line). my three-years NBD warranty expired in mid-april 2008, on may 6th i found my first vertical line, on may 8th the second, and on may 22 the third.

    dell offered to extend my warranty, but only AFTER i have my screen repaired – and i am supposed to pay for that myself.

    EXCUSE ME????

    seriously, i don't get this. i was always happy with dell and the service offered, but i am about to go mad with this issue now. if dell does not offer a solution – SOON – i will definately have to reconsider my choice when buying my next machine. and i will let friends know.

  186. Niki,

    I have sent you an email requesting additional information so you can talk to another group handling that issue.


  187. I feel for the people who write in and say they tried to get Dell to fix it but they said it was past the warranty. I have an Inspiron 6000 and they told me that it was out of warranty and I said I wanted to talk to somebody else and that I would keep wanting to talk to somebody else until someone recognized my problem. I gave the url to this website and told him that the blog post says 3 years since the purchase and laptops that were shipped between December 2004 and December 2006. The unhelpful guy transferred me to someone who transferred me to a friend because he didn't know about laptops. The last guy was painfully slow but helpful and he said they would replace my LCD at no cost to me. The box is coming in 1-2 business days i'm told. It was 47 minutes out of my life but I'm getting my computer fixed. Hope this helps some people.

  188. My girlfriend bought me a Inspiron 1520 with a nvidia 8600GM for x-mas last year. Yesterday, I noticed a vertical light blue line that is about a pixel or two wide. I contacted Dell, and they are sending me a box to ship it to them, so that they can replace the LCD. They said that they will have it back to me in 5-8 buisiness days.

    I hope this fixes it for good…many posts here are making me nervous. My warranty is up in October (my g/f is an early x-mas shopper!), and I'm thinking about paying xtra $$ to have my warranty extended.

    Oh, and one more thing…my LCD is a glossy screen…not the non-glare. I've heard that they've had problems with the glossy screens.


  189. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 and the Infamous "blue lines have appeared on my laptop".  The unit goes on with NO PROBLEM and with my first request. ..The entire screen is covered by blue lines within the normal screen.  The unit must be totally shut down to close.ANY SOLUTIONS..Dell did not provide a manual or start up disks..

  190. Bought Inspiron in 2006, developed blue lines within the last month. Contacted Dell several times and they won't replace because I don't have the extended warranty.

  191. Update: spent another 45 mins on phone with Dell only to be transfered 3 times and disconnected. Sending complaint to Better Business Bureau and see what they can get done about this. Being a D.O.D. employee, I need a reliable laptop for demonstrations without blue lines on the screen. Looks very unprofessional.


  192. I have an Inspiron 17" laptop that has developed the vertical line problem. I called the Dell number posted on your website and the tech person said the posted information on your web site was false and that Dell would not fix my out of warranty problem unless I paid for it.




  193. Hello, I live in the north of France and I bought a inspiron 9300 in may 2005 without a extended warranty. Recently, several vertical lines had appeared  and I called DELL the 11/06/2008. Three days later, my screen has been changed by a service engineer.

    If a tech person said that DELL don't change the screen, it's false. Because, when the tech person, that I had called, had seen the detail of my command, he said to me that the problem appear as warranty by dell on his screen.



  194. After six different phone conversations I would like to compliment Dell Call Center Customer Service Tech.s. They really know how to stick to a SCRIPT!!! Do a wonderful job not talking out of the box. Terrific at politely telling you in a DELL sort of way your out of luck. Reminds me of the insurance commerical – a tree falls on a house, homeowner calls the insurance company it's not covered because the wrong type of tree fell! Sound familiar??? I purchased an Inspiron 1501 November 2006, vertical lines started one month after warranty expired. Not covered because it's not one of the "identified" models. Oh but I can pay to speak to a technician and ship it to Dell and pay to have them fix it. NO THANKS!!! Will not give Dell another dime and will do my best to spread the word.

  195. Ugh!  I have an Inspiron E1505/6400 and within the last month there have been 3 vertical lines that have appeared!  I called Dell and of course my warranty is expired, so they wanted me to pay $40 for someone to run diagnostic tests!!! Are you kidding me? They need to realize that more people than what they initially thought are running into this problem! Done with Dell for good!

  196. Well after many many unreplied to emails, I finally had my LCD replaced the other day. I must admit that once I finally got contact from Dell the whole process was very quick (computer came back within 5 days) though they said the free replacement was a 'one time goodwill gesture' rather than admit any fault on their part. After all this time, I couldn't be bothered arguing with them.

    My LCD started to go wrong not long after my warranty expired and although it was gradual, it had got to the point where more than a third of the screen was obscured.

    The email address I got a response from was [email protected]

  197. Okay, figured it out. JUST KEEP CALLING THEM (DELL)

    That's what I did. It took three or four calls but finally someone agreed to replace the screen free of charge. I suggest that you call and SPECIFICALLY reference this web address. After that they will put you on the phone with another person who will take you through a series of diagnostics (about 10-15 mins) and then they agree to replace the part.

    Also, they told me that it would take up to 14 days to get my computer back but within one day I received a box with instructions and after removing my hard drive and battery and sending out the laptop I got it back in two days. JUST BE PERSISTENT. Getting them to agree to help me was stressful but the actual servicing of the system was great and I'm very happy.

  198. How ironic that my post yesterday has never been posted.  I too have a 6400/E1505 that has vertical lines that are being ignored by the Dell staff.  Shame on you Dell for ignoring facts (defective LCDs in the 6400/E1505) and for not posting my earlier message.

  199. Hi Mauro,

    My name is Todd and I'm one of the Admins for our Communities & Conversation team.  I sent you an email yesterday after reviewing your comment but I could not publish it as it was written.  If you would like to resubmit your comment I would be happy to publish it if it does not violate our Terms of Service.

    My email may have been blocked by your email client but there are also instructions in there how to contact me to have your issue reviewed. 


    Admin, Communities & Conversations

    Dell, Inc.

  200. Todd:

    If you are so sure that my part is not defective, why does Dell refuse to publically identify the manufacturer's part or parts that has been deemed defective.  Why is that question never answered?  I did read the letter written by Mike and as I stated to Dell many times, that Laptop has not been moved from atop a desk.  The battery is shot making my laptop a virtual desktop. Therefore the poor connection issues that may cause vertical lines are non existant.  How do you explain that upon turning it in the morning the lines appeared?  No one moved it… no one touched it except for the power button.   Face it PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE by your company and refusal to do what is right!



  201. Edited to meet Terms of Service:

    Bought a Inspiron 6400/E1505 that has developed two vertical lines.  I didn't really do much until the 2nd line developed.  I googled "vertical lines on dell laptop" and came across this forum.  I contacted Dell to begin my journey to what has been correctly termed Dell Hell.  Dell Customer service associates need to master the english language before they are put into a position requiring communication and also need to remove the marbles out of their mouth when they do indeed utter words.  In understanding every third word, I found out that my computer is not affected, will never be affected and I am just out of luck.  Ironically, one article used to words "fesses up" when Dell included more models to their growing list of affected computers.  Google "dell fesses" and then after enough jaw dropping time, read how Dell is not so quick to admit to what another article states "their high-profile production problems".  When their "Team Leaders" are given this url and respond with "your model is not affected" they obviously need to realize that they have a problem with their LCDs.  I've mailed a letter to Michael Dell.  I'm sure, much like his foreign employees, he couldn't care less!

    UPDATE:  Dell will not admit that they have issues with the Inspiron 6400/E1505.  They will not disclose the manufacturer's part that is affected.  I was told THREE different part numbers for my LCD by three different techs only to be REASSURED that the parts are the same, nly given different numbers for inventory purposes.  I have an idea that its done so they can skirt recalled parts and issues involving them.  I URGE all 6400/E1505 users that have developed lines to post on this forum so we can show the true number of users affected by this problem. 

  202. Mauro,

    I am sorry that you feel that way, but Mike blogged previously about common causes for lines on LCDs.  When we originally became aware of the situation our engineers did a series of failure analysis tests and determined that there could be additional models potentially affected, which led to this second blog on the topic by Lionel.

    I recommend you read Mike's post on this issue as I think it will help explain some of your questions.  And as always our tech support reps can help you to troubleshoot your problems to see if its possible to find out what is causing the lines on your system.

  203. UPDATE:

    Dell Corporate office called to inform me that my Inspiron 6400/E1505 is not a system that has a defective LCD.  The corporate employee that called, informed me he was responding to the Better Business Bureau complaint I filed and not the letter to Michael Dell.  Once again another "corporate" employee based in another country.  He refused to give me a phone number to contact Dell headquarters in Texas and was told there was no such thing.  Amazingly enough, Dell Corporate Headquarters in Texas are working without the benefit of technology as modern as the telephone.   He also refused to disclose the defective part that has been a mystery to date.  He mentioned that it might not be so much as a part issue as it is a design issue.  So, how is the Inspiron 6000 designed differently than the 6400???  

  204. Yet another call from "corporate"…. amazingly enough, today IT IS a part issue and not a design issue like yesterday.   When asked why the first recall did not include all of the systems involved but just some, I was told that they ran tests on all systems and the 6400 did not receive a negative analysis and thus was not defective.  When asked to see the results of the study or test, I of course was denied access to such information.  After all, why provide proof if they are definitely sure that the 6400's LCD is not defective… When asked how come so many people that own the 6400/E1505 have posted on this forum regarding their LCD having vertical lines, the response was "they are just trying to get their LCD replaced" or"not telling the truth".  The response when asked why they would want a replacement LCD if there was nothing wrong with theirs or "why would they make that up?" was "I'm sorry Sir the decision is that we (Dell) will not be able to replace your LCD because DELL has determined that it is not defective… of course, once again, consumer affairs in Texas does not have a phone number where one can reach their US headquarters.

  205. Hi All,

    I have a problem can anyone please help me out, i have
    dell inspiron 1420. It has a Sim Socket under the battery, can i use
    the sim device to access internet with a sim card. I installed driver(
    downloaded from dell’s website) for that device, but the driver gives
    error ‘No Device Detected’. Also can you tell me is that sim device is
    mobile vendor specific or i can use it with any company sim card,
    actually i am in India.
    Thanks in advance


  206. It's been almost 12 months since I started on my quest to have Dell acknowledge the screen on 510M has a problem. I thought I might re-visit this site and it's good to see nothing has changed, good luck everyone!!

  207. And now I have three blue-purple lines on my D420!


    I bought the D420 because I had the idea that it was, if not the most powerful or cheap, at least a very reliable notebook based on reviews. Looks like that was a dumb mistake.

  208. WOW.  Amazingly enough, another line appeared overnight.  Turned  the laptop on this morning and now we have 3 lines on the defective (defined by Dell as not being included in this recall) LCD of my 6400/E1505.  Overnight!  I hope this forum in some part may provide those who are researching which laptop or computer to buy, a true vision of Dell products and their committment to customers.  If you dont shell out $$$ for an extended warranty, Dell could not care less. 

  209. I purchased the dell Inspiron 9300 in June of 2005.  We started having trouble with the vertical lines about a year ago, but figured it was out of warrantee, so nothing to do about it.  Then this weekend I searched the web and found this site.  I am a Boeing Employee customer. 
    The phone number published above will not allow me to enter the express tag.  It offers to let me talk to paid software support only.
    Could you please help me with this.  The screen has gotten so bad as to be practically unusable.  I was not sent notice of this problem, thru any mailing.  The problem arose well before 3 years after purchase.  I just had no way of knowing this was a mass problem.
    Please tell me how to procede.  Thanks,

  210. I purchased an inspiron 1501 in December of 06 for a christmas present to my mother.  Well as most have already stated a few months out of warranty the vertical lines appear.  I researched to find out if any others were experiencing the same problems & I ran accross the letter from Dell detailing the LCD defect.  Ofcourse the model I purchased was not listed in the recall, it being a lower end model, way to go Dell. I'm just glad that I was able to find out about how they handle their customers before I purchased my 30" monitor for home, and upgraded my entire offices pc's.  HP here I come.

  211. Please publish this and do not censor it. Anyone who owns a Dell 6400/E1505 that have experienced vertical line issues please post online for evidence that there is indeed a problem with the E1505's LCD that Dell does not wish to address. The more E1505 owners that post here the better. It will clearly show that Dell is being negligent and knew or knows about the defective parts that were placed in these laptop, much the same as the ones recalled in the above article. Please spread the word and encourage all Dell 6400/E1505 laptop users to post on this forum that have experienced Vertical Lines on their LCD.

  212. They got me too! Mine is an Inspiron E1505 purchased in June of 2007. It now has about a dozen lines of varying colors on the screen rendering it more and more useless as they appear. Until today they had mostly been on the left side of the screen but today two new ones appeared on the right side. Oh Joy! Of course, I'm out of warranty and this model supposedly doesn't have the problem according to Dell so their solution of course is GET OUT YOUR WALLET!

    Well, I'll get my wallet out but it won't be for Dell ever again. This is three Dell laptops in a row for me that have developed some kind of annoying issue shortly after the warranty runs out. Time to try another company. I hear HPs are pretty good these days.


  213. Yesterday my daughter brought her e1505(17") to me to show some problems she had. Beside her problem I saw three or four vertical lines of different colors. She said that they started appearing few months ago! I bought the laptop myself sometime in 2006, and I feel really bad. I have bought 6 laptops, and this is the first one with such problem. I think that Dell should look into this model for the problem too.

  214. sice 2 weeks my Dell precision M60,manufactured in 2005 with an LG Philips Display WUXGA, got also one vertical line in the middle of the display.the same in DOS mode or with Linux. Now the line is gone, but instead of that the displaycolors are wrong. viewing pictures is terrible.I talk to Dell  support  on phone, but Dell only said, I would be out of warranty since March 2008 and they could only offer a new panel for about 260 Euros with selfservice. A joke.

    I´m very angry, after reading all this blog sites, cause now I know, that it seems to  be a production  fault.

    I was very happy to use my M60, cause I was looking for a good notebook with a good display for a long time, but now I can´t use it any more and don´t want to compare notebooks again to buy a new one.

    In my opinion Dell should change all faulty display with production error, cause which customer, who gots 3 years warranty and is ignored by Dell afterwards will buy a Dell product again? Me not. I have sent again an email to Dell support and  now I´m waiting  for an positive reaction  and change  for  free  like other customers.

  215. comment to my Precision M60 with vertical line an d now wrong colors on display, but nothing appeared here

  216. I bought an 17" Inspiron 9300 in July of '05.  Vertical lines began appearing a couple of months ago.  Now more than 20 lines appear on my screen.  After going through the runaround with Dell, I'm told that without my warranty, it would cost me $818.99 to replace it!!!  They also said that the sites information was false, and they could not replace it for free.

  217. This is the answer I received in an email asking for the laptop, E1505, to be repaired at Dell's cost.  "

    Also, our tools will not be able to process the dispatch, even if we create it because the system is out of warranty.

    ".  Dell, a supposed technological leader whose products are, according to them, second to none, has no means of creating a repair order because my laptop is out of warranty.  They don't have the tools.  Anyone who is inquiring about buying a Dell computer, do you really want to buy from a company that does not have the tools to take care of the customer after the warranty expires?  Do you want to buy from someone who tells you that they have run extended studies on the E1505 yet does not have software to create a repair order for $0.  Wow.

  218. This is my third post, but I noticed my 2nd post (that fully abided by terms of service) has been deleted. Dell, deleting posts isn't going to get you anywhere!

    Anyway, to the point. I now have 4 lines on my 9400 screen. Two blue ones, a red one, and a yellow one that seems to come and go. This yellow line also seems somewhat responsive to whats on my screen and if I'm moving windows around across my screen.

    So I tried following dells link here:

    that says I should remove my screen then put it back together. Unfortunately the instructions were too poor, and I got stuck trying to remove the bezel. It just wouldn't come off. But I reseated the cable that attached from the screen to the base.

    The lines are still here. My guess is that its caused by "The most common type of failure that leads to lines on the display is an open circuit connection between the driver IC (flexible circuit board) and LCD glass."

    But all lines appeared while my laptop hasn't left my desk for months.

    Dell, you think you are saving money by not replacing our screens. But when my friends ask, 'why are there lines on your screen?', I just tell them the truth – 'oh, its a common problem with dell laptops.' You've lost several customers already.

  219. @John


    Must have to to with the Name Dell 😉

    Got a new offer from Dell

    since march out of 3 years warranty wuxga 15.4" display.

    Full Price of new display minus 10% and again minus 15%.

    with the comment that here in the blogs is readable, that Dell only offers change for free in 3 years warranty time.

    Strange that there are other customers notebooks, where it was changed OUT OF WARRANTY.

    Strange Delleting!!!!!!!!!!!!


  220. I too am having problems with the LCD on my 9300 purchased 1-06. My issue is a bit different. It started with several colored vertical lines right of center on the lcd. It is now a solid 1 inch wide white line. After over 5 hours and multiple phone calls to Dell's CS. I have been informed that yes there is a recall but my particular LCD (model WC222) is not included. THis is ridiculous customer service from one of the leaders in the industry. This was an almost 2,000.oo laptop with a known issue and they will not stand behind it.

    From a very disappointed FORMER exculsive DELL customer……

  221. Dear,

    i'm in Vietnam.I have a inspiron 9300, and it has the same problem above. there are 3 one-pixel lines that appear on the screen.

    i want to know that where can i solve this problem in Vietnam??

    replay me as soon as possible!!

    Thanks alot!!!

  222. I too fall under the vertical line problem on a Inspiron 6400. I also tried to call tech support and got the "the 6400 is no affected" line from them even though my lapotp was purchased during the time that they were having the issues with the displays (april 06).

    I also asked if I could get the part numbers of the displays that are experiencing the issues and they refused to give me the information. So here you have a customer that is willing to do the tech work and confirm info by pulling apart their device but yet you get no help. Unless Dell is willing to play ball I will be sure everyone I know to stay away from Dell if they are looking to purchase a PC laptop.

    I am very dissapointed in Dell as they wont even help someone wanting to help them.




  223. Hi all,

    I am also facing the same issue on my Inspiron E1505. I bought this in Oct'06. A single red vertical line started appearing on my laptop screen 2 months ago. After googling "dell laptop red vertical line", I found that this is a common problem. From the posts it appears, it will be difficult to get the lcd panel replaced for free. Moreover, I am not even in US. So its better to stay away from Dell in the future. Good going Dell !!

  224. Jay:

    I couldn't agree with you more.  Unfortunately, they do not publish my remarks although I follow the terms of this website.  The same exact thing happened to me.  Although, I was told i had 4 different parts in my computer from four different Dell associates.

  225. I decided to call up Dell and of course got their outscurced support help (I loosely call it help) to try and get some information on the affected LCD's. I was looking for Manufacturer part numbers and dell part numbers. I know these are out there because I've worked break/fix and it's needed for any of repair on devices. I have also gone through the possible issue stated before in the blog and it all checks out OK.

    Here is the odd thing, they refused to give me that information and just kept saying my model is not one of the affected ones. That's all great and dandy but I am not asking about my model. I wanted to know the part numbers of the LCD's of the affected models.Best part was he refused to give me that info and then when I escalated the issue he refused to pass me on to anyone. WOW that is great customer service.

    Obviously there is an issue with the 1505/6400 that were manufactured at that time. Look at the number of people here posting on this fourm about it. In my opinion they just didn't test that particular model or the failure rates was not high enough for them to admit there was an issue but there is an ISSUE! If the 6400 was not affected then why does it say "All of these shipped between December 2004 and December 2006" Why not april 06 just before the 6400 came out?

    What's so precious about this info, what is it Dell doesn't want us to know? It's got to be something big based on the lack of support I am getting on all this.

    Based on this I know my next purchase will not be a dell. All manufacturers have problems with devices. It's how they handle the customer support is what will keep people buying their product. AS you can see, DELL gets a big F on that one.

  226. Just got a E207WFP 20" VGA/DVI-D (HDCP) LCD monitor. It occassionally displays a pink vertical line one pixel wide about an inch from the right margin. Along the pink line are flashing bright light green streaks that keeps flickering.

    I will have to call Dell Support to follow-up, but dread the experience given the past encounter when I bought an Inspiron laptop several years ago. Should have avoided Dell. Will very likely return the LCD since it is just a few days since I got it.

  227. Just to add my experience to the comments:

    I have an Inspiron 6000, purchased June 5, 2005.  It's out of warranty and past the three year purchase range stated in this blog.  I had my LCD replaced and got my laptop back in 4 business days.  I got the box to ship it on Tuesday, and received it back today (Friday). 

    Some advice to those trying to have their issue resolved:

    1) When you call Tech Support, *insist* that your LCD be replaced due to "defective components, as stated by Dell on their website." 

    2) Don't let them tell you that it can't be fixed if out of warrany or out of the three year purchase range.  If your laptop was shipped between the dates specified about (Dec 2004 and Dec 2006) you *will* have your LCD replaced. 

    3) It took asking to be transferred to a second tech to get someone reasonably competent who was willing to help.  Again, don't let them talk you down or contradict your claim. 

    4) Cite this website specifically – I had to read the URL to the tech but it supported my claim.  Dell techs aren't aware of this issue (Great going Dell), so don't blame them if they don't know what you're talking about right away. 

    To reiterate; INSIST that your LCD be replaced.  Accept no alternatives.  Warranty and purchase date (as long as between Dec 04 and Dec 06) are not an issue.  This is a defective component, as confirmed by Dell on their own website. 

    Good luck to all.

  228. I have commented once before, regarding the vertical line problem on 6400/E1505 (purchased in 2006). Out of curiosity while I was fixing some software problems, I very lightly twisted the LCD display panel (lid). Surprisingly, the lines were disappeared. Not only they disappeared, but also the display was perfectly functionning. However, as soon as I released the tension the lines were back. I don't know exactly what this means, but it looks like some physical tension (on the panel) could create the lines.

    Anyone saw the similar?

  229. I've noticed the same with my Insp. 6400/E1505 Laptop, that if you squeeze the left from the back ,the lines go away….definately something fishy going on here.

  230. Well, I just found this information today … my wife's 9300 started showing vertical lines early last year.  It now has 72 lines of varying colors.  I've written to the the supplied e-mail address and attached photos of the screen in hopes of replacement.

    I thought the same as some others that have posted here … the warranty was gone and I didn't come across this info when the issue first arose.

    She's just been dealing with the lines for over a year now and it just keeps getting worse.  We never got around to purchasing a replacement monitor or video card and I guess it's a good thing.  I hope Dell responds quickly and can replace the defective unit.

  231. Reply to AP,

    I had same doubt on using SIM socket in Inspiron 1420, thats y i called DTS singapore, that time only DTS engineer came to know Inspiron have SIM socket,   Just kidding….

    They reply me SIM Socket application only at USA.

  232. eui kim, your issue sounds like it could be a connection problem.  A loose connection can cause the same vertical line issue.  You could try reseating the ribbon connection on the monitor and vid card/motherboard to see if it helps.  Good Luck!

  233. HI,

    I've a DELL LATITUDE D510, and since about a half year I have 40(!) vertical lines on the display which are very dark and make the laptop nearly useless!!!


  234. I have a dell inspiron E1505. My laptop is fine but when we open it, the screen and front cover seems to break apart at the right side hinge. I have noticed the same problem in another laptop of the same model.  I am afraid after a point it may break.  Is there anything we can do?

  235. Tony Flagg –  Read my above post; my Inspiron was out of the 3 year warranty.  I only had a one year warranty when I bought it in 2005. 


    I told them they will replace it because it met the conditions listed on this page:


    1) Purchased between Dec 04 and Dec 06.

    2) My model (Inspiron 600) is listed as defective.


    Do not take no for an answer.  Insist they repair it.  Cite this page directly.

  236. I got my dell1501 last year and it has  vertical lines in it and i wrote to dell  to have  them to fix  it or send  me a new screen to fix it and they wrote back and said mine was not on the list to be fix and it not right. you buy some thing from them and it not right.. they should  fix it,

  237. :: UPDATE ::

    I wanted to report that Todd Smart from Dell did contact me and verify that my wife's computer was part of the affected batch.  We're working on a solution now and I'll report back.

    As a note, I wrote to the "vertical_line" address and did not receive a reply, but Todd saw my post here and was able to route my info to the correct department and get things rolling.  So, thank you Todd.  I'm glad that Dell is standing behind their product and replacing the defective parts.

  238. Mr Coffey,

    This website specifically says "We will replace any LCD that develops a vertical line associated with this specific issue within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor."  I purchased mine 3 years and 2 months ago.

    When I contacted Dell Tech Support (India), they claim that they do not have access to this website and likely it is not an official dell website.  Repeatedly.  I read them the address; Nothing.  I gave them the search query; nothing.  "We do not have access to this website you say".  I then asked to be transfered to an American technical support agent, only to be told that he cannot promise I will be connected to one.  I was transferred three times, all to Indians( "Andy", and I think "Sue".) 

    And also for the record, The one agent ("Trevor") that I spent the most time with was not aware of any vertical line issues with the LCD displays in any notebooks. 

  239. I have a 9300 that I purchased just around 2 and a half years ago, and now I have the verticle line issue.

    I DID try calling the number but no one knew what I was talking about and they refused to look at this address. One lady even wanted me to pay $49 to have a diagnosis since I was out of warrenty…but it hasn't been three years yet so I am still eligible for a replacement monitor right?

    I use photoshop on a daily basis for my work but now I find that I
    have to go use the library's computers for such tasks because of these
    lines. I purposely choose a Dell instead of a Mac years ago, but with the service I'm recieving I'm starting to regret my decision.

    I'll email Dell and see what happens there.


  240. :: UPDATE ::

    I just got word that my new LCD is on the way.  I've been instructed to repackeage the defective LCD and send it back to Dell.  They are providing a shipping label for the return.

    @ Drew: If the proble used to get better when you physically did something to the machine then it could be a connection issue.  Have you tried reseating the monitor cables?

  241. I started have problems with my 9400 within the first year of purchase, I received it April 06. I'm sure Dell is aware that these models are a problem too… greedy company.  I've purchased two machine from them since. And they better believe I won't purchase anymore.

  242. To Dell Tech Support:

    I am regreting buying a dell inspiron 9300 system.  Dell technical supports are all clueless or they are just playing dump to avoid taking care of their defect systems.  Why everytime I call more than 3x, even, with the case # they seems to not knowing or understand what is the issue. 

    To Dell Customer Care:

    3x I called, they sound very sincere and get to the problem right away and nothing is done.  You just lost this customer. I am all Mac now.  Thank for getting Dell computers out of my system.


  243. i have a 2.5 year-old 9300i and now have a variation of this common vertical line issue: i have a solid horizontal band of 3" vertical lines! Yikes! I was able to make it go away by fully opening the lid, but no longer.. sad day!

  244. :: UPDATE ::

    I just received a reply from Dell.  My system is covered and they gave me the choice of a depot repair (box and ship) or to just send me an LCD "kit" and I can replace the monitor myself.  I've requested the LCD ki to reduce downtime since my wife is anxious to have the machine usable again.

    I'll update again when I have more info.  Again, this is a 9300 purchased early to mid 2005, so it seems that they are still replacing screens outside of the 3 year period.  It may have something to do with when the issue starts as ours started nearly 2 years back.

  245. @Matt: i started to, but decided i should wait to hear back from Dell first. I sent the email at the same time i posted that first post. I am comfortable trying to reseat the cable, i simply don't have instructions on how to do it. thanks for any url's etc..

  246. I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 Just barely over one year old and it has now developed a very annoying vertical yellow line one 1-2 inches from the right side of the display. I called DELL and the NON AMERICAN rep told me that i would have to pay 400 dollars to repair it and that my llaptop was not affectede by this condition listed here. COMON!!! It's barely a year old and pampered. I have 2 other laptops from HP that are over 8 years old that don't have a single problem.

    Take my advice NEVER BUY DELL again…I will tell everyone i come into contact with about this and show them mine as proof. I will alos post about this problem and advise people to stay away from this company for the remainder of my life.

  247. I guess there are two threads about this problem so I'll copy and paste my comment from the other site:

    I'm in the same situation of having the Vertical Line issue.  I have the Dell 9300 purchased in Mar 2005.  My lines just started appearing about a month ago and of course like everyone initially only had one line, then it grew to 2, then 3 now I have 5 lines and I'm sure there will be more to come.  I contacted their customer service and after being bounced around from line to line for 25 minutes, I finally was able to discuss the "vertical line issue" to the customer service rep that acknowledge they were aware of the problem (even though he initially said they were not aware of any vertical line issues until I told him that I searched the web and found many sites with people complaining about this issue.  Then I pointed out this web site specificcally and he then changed his response to "ah yeah, that's right… we can do something about this problem".  OMG, even my roommate's jaw dropped (who was next to me listening since I was on the speaker phone) because she couldn't believe how bad Dell's customer service acted.  Well, after discussing this issue with him for another 15 minutes, he came back and said "oh, your computer is passed the 3 year warranty" and this was after assuring me that they can "do something about this to fix it". I responded by saying that just just because my computer didn't get the lines until a few months after their "3 year" warranty extension for the "vertical line issue" shouldn't mean that they should not fix my monitor when they clearly knew about this defect.  After much arguing he said that he would have to pass this on to their escalation dept. and I would get a call back.  About an hour later, I received a call back from his supervisor and he also said that this has passed the 3 year warranty. I then requested to speak to his manager because this is unacceptable on Dell's part to not correct this because I happened to not have this happen until a few months after the three year mark. I told him to expect a lot more people calling them because of this "vertical line" issue because after doing more googling – I've found over 200 complaints about this issue.  I am now on the waiting to hear back from Dell group.  I will let you know what happens since Dell said they would call me back in 24-48 business hours.  I think if we (the after 3 year warranty group) keep calling them to report that it is happening all over again, maybe they won't make us jump through hoops to have them fix what they clearly knew was an issue like they did with the intial group that had this occur to them in 2007. 

  248. @ Drew:

    I'd say the cable referenced in step 7 is the likely culprit if the issue is indeed cable related.  That same cable also connects to the rear of the LCD panel and you could try reseating it as well, but it's a pain to get to and takes about twice as long.

    I'd also suggest checking the cable where it basses in to the monitor bezel near the hinge as it could have developend in to a pinch point.

    If you see no damage to the cable and re-seating doesn't help the situation the LCD could be the issue.  I only suggest that the cable could be the issue because most peple with the LCD related vertical line issue can do nothing to make it go away.  In your case it was affected by physical movement which usually indicated a cable issue.  I found this when initially researching the issue.  Good luck with a solution.

    BTW, an update on my situation … My LCD is on the way but has been delayed due to Hurricane Ike.  It should ship mid-week.

  249. This is my 4th post. At one point my 9400 had two blue lines, two red lines, and one yellow line. When a new line forms, its more of a dashed line at first that comes and goes, and appears to respond to movement of windows on my laptop screen.

    After my last post, Dell emailed me and sent me a new screen. yaaaay! So I replaced the screen, but removing that darn bezel is difficult. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry it open from the screen side, really helps.

    Anyway, it appears my new screen is probably refurbished. There are two dead pixels, and has a pressure spot at the top left of my screen about an inch wide. It ripples like water when I move/touch my screen, but otherwise I don't see it. Googling around I found others with a similar problem. So I took my screen apart again and reseated the bezel, but that didn't fix it. I just sent another email to William Bivin (the second dell rep who emailed me).

    Not perfect, but better than the last screen with the lines! =)

  250. :: UPDATE ::

    Got a message from Dell on Tuesday to let me know that the monitor is on backorder.  No timeframe for shipment.

  251. :: UPDATE ::

    I received and installed the new LCD yesterday.  It was a refurbished unit and came with what looked to be a new ribbon cable.  I replacement was fairly simple (thought I did crack the bezel by not following the instructions as I should have).  The new LCD is free if vertical lines and Katie is extremely happy.

    The only issue is that the new LCD seems to have some small dust specs under the "glass."  I assume this is from the refurbishing process.  One of the specs could be a dead pixel, but I really don't think so.  Either way, the new LCD is a vast improvement over the 70+ lines that existed.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the machine was past the 3 year mark by a few months.  There were no issues with the replacement other than the slight delay in response from Dell.  Todd got my info to the correct department and it was fine from there.  Good luck to everyone still trying for replacement.

  252. I bought a Dell Inspiron 9300 in May of 2005.  I started noticing the infamous vertical blue line, right of center, on my laptop screen. After doing some searching online, I found this website and others dealing with this problem. Many of the comments on here were really helpful.  I call Dell and told them about my problem.  Now my computer is like 4 months past the three year coverage date, but after speaking with Dell for about 2 HOURS and getting transferred from Technical Support, to a Tech Support Manager, to Out Of Warranty Dept, to Out Of Warranty Dept Manager, back to another Tech Support, and finally to another Tech  Support Manager, I find that I have pretty much spoken with everyone in India about my laptop.   Either they got tired of transferring me or them just eventually did the right thing, who knows.  Anyways, the last manager finally agreed to replace my screen at no charge even though it was out of warranty. During my call I pretty much heard every excuse not to fix my laptop.

    – Sorry, your computer is out of warranty.

    – You need to purchase a 50 dollar tech support before we can help you.

    – We want you to pay $480 to replace it.

    – You missed the three year cut off so we can't replace it.

    – The blue line is due to software not hardware.

    – Are you sure you see a blue line?

    -Did you drop your computer?

    – Do you have a Dell printer? Do you want to buy some ink?

    Finally the last guy who was a manager acknowledged that they KNEW about this problem. He even agreed with me that Dell should not use the three year guide but instead cover all computers between 12/04 – 12/06 with this problem because it is widespread.  I told him that as a business owner who has bought many computer's from Dell, their behavior and lack of action was the right way to lose customers.  I had to speak with six people to get results.

    So my advice to others out there with this problem, and I am sure there are many, is to be persistent and complain, complain, complain. Demand they replace the screen even though it is over the three years of recall.  Also some reps are much more qualified so if the one your talking with is not helpful, get transfered to another dept or ask for the manager.  Don't give up and let them know why they should replace it. Also mention this site.  Customer service should not be this hard.

  253. Hallo again,

    after 40 days of trouble I got a by Dell changed
    display WITHOUT vertical lines and strange colours.

    Dell changed it, 3 year warranty is gone since March 08

    1. since 07/08 vertical lines and strange Colours on Precision M60 with LG Philips display WUXGA 1920×1200, part name LP154WU1 (A1).

    2. Talking to the Hotline results in an offer by Dell to change the display finally for EUR 260 including 25% dicount and nothing else, cause my 3 year warranty was gone. I don´t accept at this point.

    3. Looking for a new or used display was difficult and expensive for WUXGA.

    4. Found this webpage, very helpful. Posted some posts.

    5. Wrote an email to

    [email protected]

    Next day I was called by Dell, desribed my problem and after some mails, I got the offer by Dell to send in my M60 and let control whether it is really the display and nothing else. Display change would be free, costs for other parts were mine, if they would find something and would ask me what to do.

    6. Dell sends me an empty box, I send it to their repair station. After 15 days I got my M60 back, well repaired and only the display was faulty, for free for me.

    Important: Insist that your display is changed. This posting here of Michael Coffey was really helpful.

    I quote:

    Michael Coffey said:

    Just to add my experience to the comments:

    I have an Inspiron 6000, purchased June 5, 2005.  It's out of
    warranty and past the three year purchase range stated in this blog.  I
    had my LCD replaced and got my laptop back in 4 business days.  I got
    the box to ship it on Tuesday, and received it back today (Friday). 

    Some advice to those trying to have their issue resolved:

    1) When you call Tech Support, *insist* that your LCD be replaced
    due to "defective components, as stated by Dell on their website." 

    2) Don't let them tell you that it can't be fixed if out of warrany
    or out of the three year purchase range.  If your laptop was shipped
    between the dates specified about (Dec 2004 and Dec 2006) you *will*
    have your LCD replaced. 

    3) It took asking to be transferred to a second tech to get someone
    reasonably competent who was willing to help.  Again, don't let them
    talk you down or contradict your claim. 

    4) Cite this website specifically – I had to read the URL to the
    tech but it supported my claim.  Dell techs aren't aware of this issue
    (Great going Dell), so don't blame them if they don't know what you're
    talking about right away. 

    To reiterate; INSIST that your LCD be replaced.  Accept no
    alternatives.  Warranty and purchase date (as long as between Dec 04
    and Dec 06) are not an issue.  This is a defective component, as
    confirmed by Dell on their own website. 

    Good luck to all.

    quote end

    I´m happy about my new display. It´s an Sec3155 how everest tells me. Seems to be a Samsung one.

    I wish everyone success in getting a new display. Write an email to [email protected]

    good luck


  254. I just want to profusely thank Michael Coffey.

    After being told my Inspiron 9300 was out of warentee by tech support, I was ready to discard the machine and get a new one.

    Instead, I researched the vertical line (vertical band in my case) and found his posts on this blog.

    I wrote an email to [email protected] yesterday stating my problem, citing Michael's info and INSISTING the problem be fixed – today a supervisor called, apologized, agreed to fix the problem. He is sending me a shipping container as I write this!

    Thanks again Michael.


  255. I contacted Dell by email as instructed and received a phone call from India a couple of weeks later that my Inspiron 9300 wasn't covered — just more of the same Dell customer non-support.  This, among other ridiculous experiences with Dell, is just one more reason to cheer when this thing finally dies and I can get Dell out of my misery forever.

  256. I just received my refurbished XPS 1530 today and upon booting up, I was greeted with vertical yellow lines across the display. I went thru the whole setup process anyway and after completing the Windows Vista updates, the lines disappeared.

    Should I be concerned about this?

  257. @ Shane

    It probably was just the driver being updated and once the driver finished loading with the updates it resolved itself.  I would keep an eye on it though and if it happens again contact Tech Support.  They can lead you through some pretty quick and easy troubleshooting steps to check it out.

  258. Thanks for the reply Todd. Unfortunately, the driver update didn't resolve the issue. If I tap the ESC or "1" key hard enough, the yellow lines flicker on and off. I've called Support and they are sending a tech out to replace the "LCD Assembly". Hopefully that takes care of the problem.

  259. Shane, that sounds like a connection issue and not the screen.  Those of us with faulty monitors can tell you that they don't change once they appear.

    I know it's a machine you just got, but I'd suggest removing the cover and checking the connection and the wire where it passes to the monitor at the left hinge.  this can easily become a pinch point and has damaged wiring in some cases.

    Check the wire for abrasion and pinching and re-seat the monitor connection at the base of the monitor.  Hopefully that will help.

  260. This is my 5th post. My first refurbished screen had problems as mentioned earlier, so Dell sent me a 2nd one a few weeks later. 10 months after my first post, no more lines! yay!

    My thoughts on Dell . . . The whole screen replacement shipping process is incredibly fast and simple, and all email communication with Dell has been great. But the Dell phone reps seriously need better training – you don't want poorly trained people having direct contact with your customers!

  261. My Dell XPS M1330 can no longer be used due to vertical lines. Every time I try to start the notebook, vertical lines appears and nothing legible and I can't proceed further. I have to press power button to shut it off.

    I purchased my XPS M1330 in Australia and it's still under complete cover coverage program and next business day on-site until early next year. However I'm currently located in the US. I tried to contact both Dell Australia and Dell US. Dell Australia said they are unable to support me since I'm currently located in the US and asked me to contact Dell US. When I called and emailed Dell US, Dell US said they could not find my service tag since it's not purchased in the US and they are unable to support me. I've tried to email [email protected] , I'm still waiting for reply.

    I still have a lot of warranty remaining in my notebook. Can Dell from either country assist me at all, please? I can't use my notebook due to the vertical lines issue. Thanks in advance for any reply.

  262. @ Nur

    I'm sorry you've been running into trouble getting help with that system.  I've sent you an email to get more information so I can have someone contact you to help.

  263. I simply want to share you my experience with Dell, experience which indeed ends and which will have lasted only some days.

    I purchased a laptop Inspiron 9300 in December, 2005, until this summer no problem without in July, 2008, vertical lines seemed on the screen one by one they appeared and I had now 10 of it.

    I thus decide to communicate on October 16th by email in [email protected] by mentioning " Vertical Line Issue, CANADA " as subject. On Monday on October 20th I receive an answer by email in which we ask me to communicate with the technical support department of Dell Canada in the following number: 1-800-847-4096 option 3 what I made.

    Besides being able to speak to a representative in my mother tongue, French, an agreement is taken and a technician is come at home today (in October 21st) and changed the screen LCD of my laptop, free of charge!! The probleme was settled in 5 days! I have only good word to be said on Dell Canada's service.

    Good luck to you in your steps.

  264. I would like to say thank you very much to Todd for the prompt communication and Dell US & Australia to finally resolve my issue. Dell US technician had come to fix my notebook just now and now I can login and use the notebook without vertical lines. I hope the issue will not happen again in the future. Keep up the great service, Dell!


  265. Inspiron 9200 purchased on 12/24/2004 began having problems a few weeks ago.  When the line count exceeded 20 lines, I used dell chat to get my screen replacement scheduled for the next business day.  not bad.

  266. I have a 3 1/2 year old Dell Inspiron 9300. I have now started to get a single vertical line on my screen. After reading other posts, I assume that this will only get worse. Is there any way that Dell will replace this defect? If not, do I have to buy another display?

  267. I am also one of the victim of vertical line LCD. I bought a Dell Inspiron 9300 in June of 2005. I got a vertical line about 3 months ago, now expand to 7 lines. I almost go for a new laptop, coz of irritation of screen. My friend asked me if my vertical line laptop is dell, coz many people has the same problem. That why i found out this site. It give me very good information. So i decide to call dell, and mention about this site. Since my warranty is expired, i got the same experience with everyone here. Talk to many representative, they try to
    – sell printer ink, sell other stuff
    – ask for fee for replacement screen
    – avoid anything that they will replace their faulty screen on their expenses.

    The last Dell representative said "no no no", my machine was being produced during that time, but it was purchased more than 3 years ago. And they start to throw in ridiculous conversation eg if you got it like 10 years, and you have problem are you going to claim from Dell? etc. Give me order number of the customer who can successfully do this outside 3 years of purchasing. And i explained to him nicely about it is normal practice to replace faulty component from manufacturing to its customer, and in 10 years, i am sure in common sense no one gonna claim anything. He said I don't understand what i said. Of course i got what he said, about the system is purchase more than 3 years. A conversation went nowhere, so finally I asked him to respect my point of view, coz i knew he did his job.

    Yeah i really think that his final goal is that he want me to accept that i need to pay for replacement. So Dell will generate sales from faulty component. I got so with how they responses, but i will not stop demanding for now. If anyone who has successfully replacement outside 3 years time, could you help us post your order number.. I think that the majority of dell representative don't listen to the customer, but try to let us believe in them.

  268. I have been hit with those lines as well (Inspiron 9200). Dell never contacted me about the defect. Subsequently, I have purchsed Inspiron 9400 and used it ever since (yeah, that another Dell ordeal with Vista upgrades). I decided to check how to fix those lines and discovered that I was not alone. Class action, anybody?

  269. I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased on 2005. I started to see few one pixel vertical lines cropping up in the screen. Called Dell support staff and they promptly replaced my LCD screen free of cost. Was quite happy with the service. However after a month, I am seeing one-inch thick vertical lines in the new replaced screen. Its quite bizarre, as I was able to work with one-pixel lines initially, now 25% of the screen is gone. Called Dell again, but this time they told me that the motherboard needs to be replaced. Not sure why they came to this conclusion before doing any diagnostics. Can anyone give any explanation for this screen behavior? Thanks

  270. The yellow line appeared on my Dell Inspiron 9300 screen just 1 hour ago and I found this site. I bought my laptop in September 2005 in Canada. I'm not pleased either because my extended 3 year warranty expired in September 2008. I have send an email per the above article. And to think I just had ordered a RAM upgrade for this laptop! I sure hope Dell replaces the screen and I don't have to pay for it because I likely would not. I was considering a second computer, a Dell mini 9, and now I probably will go with an asus if this doesn't work out well.

  271. OK, Dell has really taken care of this one. I just got off the phone with an agent (I called the 1-800 technical support number). She new immediately what I was talking about with respect to the vertical line issue. I mentioned this forum topic, but it didn't seem like it was necessary b/c she said she knew what I was talking about. After asking for the Service Tag, confirming identity etc, she put me on hold for a minute or two, came back, and said they would replace the monitory without charge. Phew. I still have my Dell shipping box, so all I have to do is call Purolator, they will bring me a label, and then will pick up the computer; Dell will pay for the shipping. She said I should back up my data just in case. If they pick up my computer today I should have it back in 3 to 4 days. Yes a bit of an inconvenience but at least I didn't have to jump through hoops to get it done. Thanks to all before me you did the legwork! Maybe I'll get that Dell mini 9 anyway!

  272. I just got off the phone with Dell Tech support.  My Inspiron 9300 started to show lines yesterday.  I found this blog and followed the instructions.  I wasn't sure of the purchase date and this call was made to verify this but the tech told me that it had expired in September 2008.  However, she proceeded to talk to her supervisor twice and she then told me that Dell would approve the replacement.  She then gave me the instructions for shipping back the laptop, the case number, the phone number for Purolator, and I received an email listing the same information about 10 minutes later.

    I was thinking happy thoughts towards Dell at that time and what a swell company it is.  However, the happy thoughts are now gone.  This evening, I received a call from the same technician telling me that the powers that be had reviewed the case and decided to rescind their decisions.  Apparently, yesterday, it didn't matter that the laptop was 4 months over the 3 year period allowed for the replacement but tonight, it does matter.

    I could have lived with being refused during the call because of the laptop being over 3 years old.  I would have been disapointed but I could have handled it and then moved on to look for replacement LCD screens.  Now, I'm mad at Dell.  When the problem was identified, they could have contacted the owners of these laptops and offer to replace the screen at that time, instead, they wait for the screen to fail and hope that the laptop has lapsed over the 3 year period so that they don't have to do anything about it.

  273. Where to begin?  Today (20 January 2009), after talking to 12 people at Dell from Customer care to Tech support of all levels, they have finally agreed to replace the LCD panel.  I'm back having happy thoughts but I've got to admit that there are way too many people to talk to at Dell.  It really is a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing or even what it is capable of doing.  After spending 4 hours on the phone and going through 2 rechargeable phones, I have finally talked to someone in customer care that could escalate the issue to a higher level and could give me an answer.  The gist of it is that, although the warranty expired back in September 2008, Dell has agreed to replace the LCD screen of "pippi63" who is in the same situation as me and that has set a precedent.  If your warranty is over and you develop the lines, don't despair but be ready for a lenghty fight over the phone.

  274. I have had the same issue.  I bought my 9300 December 2005.  In the middle of December 2008 i noticed a Red vertical line down the middle of my monitor.  Luckily my onsite warranty hadn't expired yet and after the support person tried a few things to fix the problem they agreed to send me a new LCD.  The item was on back order and just arrived yesterday (After warranty has expired).  Everything looked great after the tech installed the new LCD, but now 1 day later I have a blue vertical line showing up.  Needless to say I'm not too pleased and will need to contact their customer support again.

  275. Dell Vertical Line Issues continue.  I have an Inspiron 1520 with the Dell Vertical Line Issue.  Vertical Line appeared just after 14 months of use.  Phone call after phone call.  A very frustrating customer experience to say the least.I've been told by Dell that there has been no issues with the Inspiron 1520.  If you don’t acknowledge a failure by documenting it, I guess you can say that this model has “No Issues”.





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  276. Dell Vertical Line Issues continue !  I have an Inspiron 1520 with the Dell Vertical Line Issue.  The Vertical Line appeared just after 14 months of use.  Phone call after phone call with Dell.  A very frustrating customer experience to say the least.  I've been told by Dell that there has not been any issues with the Inspiron 1520.  If you don't acknowledge a failure by documenting it, I guess you can say that this model has no issues.  My Inspiron 1520 has this issue. 

  277. Purchased: 2005

    Location: Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

    Problem: LCD, Multiple Vertical Lines, Single pixel lines, One Red (Center), One Green/Yellow (Right side on screen)

    Computer is used for ArcGIS mapping, 17 inch screen comes in handy when working right

    Telephoned Tech Support: 1(800) 624-9861 at 9:15AM Pacific Time on Tues, Feb 24, 2009

    9:15AM, First Customer Service Agent requests for me to pay $49 for tech support. I indicated that the problem was noted in over 100 letters I had viewed in Dell Community Forums so I would not be paying for tech support. I was told that because my warranty expired one year after I purchased the computer, that I must pay. I indicated that people had gone over the warranty and still had their faulty LCD’s replaced. I was told that I would need to be transferred to somebody else. I am transferredfrom the customer service center in India and wait for the next person to respond.

    9:25AM, Second Customer Service Agent named Pamela asks for my Service Tag number. Pamela begins a repeated effort at securing a $49 tech support payment. I indicate that this is not a problem which I need to pay $49 for, the matter of a defective LCD which I need to have addressed. Pamela proceeded to swindle $49 in 5 different methods, to which I called her out and told her that she was attempting to take money for defects that had already been diagnosed. Pamela proceeded in battle for nearly 10 minutes before I finally asked to speak to a supervisor. I was instructed by Pamela that a supervisor could only repeat what she had discussed with me. I indicated that this would be fine, to please transfer me to a supervisor. Pamela placed me on hold as she attempted to locate a supervisor. At 9:40, I was told by Pamela that a supervisor was not available, but she would transfer me to a tech support manager to address the RECALL ISSUE.

    9:50AM, Third attempt, A Tech Support service agent came on the line and asked for the Express Service Code, to which I also offered the Journal ID # 09055LY0NJ from Wizard ID 341382, from the pages at Dell which troubleshoot your problem. I was asked to hold so the agent could check his resources.   When the tech support person came back on the line, he was familiar with the Vertical Line issue and asked for me to bring another monitor to the laptop to see if the vertical lines appeared on another screen. They did not. The technical support service agent then asked me to power down the computer completely, then power up and press the F2 key 5 times. This brought up a grey screen. The technical support service agent then asked what was on the screen, which I indicated that a black and grey backdrop with white lettering was present. He asked if the lines were still there, and I indicated that they were. At that point, the technical support service agent indicated that the LCD would need to be replaced. He immediately went into suggesting that I purchase a $197.26 warranty, which I could be offered a deal for $149.00. I was told that the Warranty was normally $337. I responded by asking why he would perceive that I needed the Warranty. He indicated that it would be offered in case I had any future problems. I asked why he perceived that there may be future problems and how that might be applied to my LCD screen. He then indicated that the money would not at all be applied toward the current issue with the LCD. I then asked if the $149.00 amount was supposed to be the amount for replacing the LCD screen. He indicated that it was not the amount to replace the screen and that he would not be able to offer a price or a discount for the LCD. I then proceeded to say that if the $197.26 was not affecting the outcome of the LCD being fixed, then why was it suggested? As the technical support service agent was hesitant, offering that in the world, there are these problems and these things happen, I agreed with him, but asked if I could speak to his supervisor. The technical support service agent indicated that his supervisor was only going to reiterate what had already been talked about and probably could not do anything. I indicated that it was alright, that I still wanted to speak to a supervisor. At 10:20PM, I was transferred to a Tech support supervisor.

    10:35AM, Fourth attempt, A tech support supervisor came on the line. It was a peculiar situation, as the person on the line sounded just like the person that had just talked to me. They repeated almost word for word the problems that had been discussed with the tech support service agent I had just spoken with. Upon repeating these problems, I was placed on hold for a moment. The next time somebody came on the phone, the accent of the person speaking was different than that of the person I was speaking with before I was placed on hold. This manager asked what I would like for them to do. I proceeded to say that like the 100 letters that I had in front of me indicating that this is an ongoing problem with the Inspiron 9200, 9300, and 9400 versions, I would like to have the problem with the lines in my LCD rectified, if that meant sending a container to send the product to them or having a technician look at the problem. I was asked by the manager where I got my information. I indicated that I found three sources:

    Upon giving the manager these three sources, he proceeded to tell me that the information in these sources really is not accurate a great deal of the time. I proceeded to ask the manager that since I know four people on these sites that have indicated they have had problems, so are you then implying that my friends are lying to me. He said he was not saying that they were lying, to which I replied, “but then you are merely implying that they may be lying.” He then asked for the URL link, and then proceeded to say that it was not working for him. I asked for his e-mail address so that I could send it to him, but he was reluctant to provide one. I finally stated that what I believed that I was experiencing with Dell was a lot of finagling. I also indicated that as a seasoned journalist, I would be inclined to publish the conditions that I had experienced on Dell community forums as well as in other publications.  I indicated that with the number of computers and businesses that I have that use computers, while we use HP and Toshiba among others, it is unlikely that we would wish to purchase equipment from Dell again, based on the treatment from customer service that we had experienced. He then said that the request was really out of his hands, but that he could generate a case number for me, if I wished, where somebody would get back to me within 3 days. He placed me on hold again. When the manager returned, he indicated that I could use this case number he generated as a reference and anybody would be able to use that number to give me a response on the status of my request. I am now waiting to find out how Dell will proceed. Stay tuned.

  278. I find it insulting that Dell puts a warranty (90 days, I have learned) on a part–the LCD screen–that obviously, based on so many victims, continues to have an issue. As I had posted elsewhere on this site, I was told that the "new" LCD that was installed on my Inspiron 9200 usually has a 90 day warranty. Warranty, I now understand, protects the manufacturer rather than the consumer. Warranty apparently means the manufacturer is not liable after the company-set period of time. So much for warranty. And so much for quality.

  279. @ David_and_Mark  If you would like to PM me the case number they provided you I will look into this case for you.  I'd be interested to see who stated they were not aware of this policy and that this was not an accurate source of info.  I will say that since your system was purchased in 2005 it would be outside the 3 year replacement period that our policy calls for so I'm not sure what, if anything, can be done for you.  I would like to contact that supervisor you spoke to, though.

  280. I am so frustrated!!  Just spent almost an hour on the phone, with nothing being resolved.  Actually, the call finally ended because I got disconnected — even though I gave the tech a contact number (in case we were disconnected) no one has called back.

    I have an Inspiron 9300 that was purchased in December 2006.  I started having the vertical line issue about 8 months ago.  Called support and after a few transfers, spoke to a technical person who understood the issue.  Shortly thereafter, I received a box, and had my repaired laptop returned to me in the end of August 2008.  Now, I've got the same issue again. 

    When I called this time, I explained to them that it was just repaired a little over 6 months ago and that I was having the same issue.  The response I received was the repair was made with a part with "no known issues", so if I wanted it repaired I would have to pay for it.  Yet, this part with "no known issues" is giving me the exact same problem that I had before!

    I do not understand how this is remotely acceptable customer service.  Seems like someone at Dell would realize that even the replacements have issues.  Honestly, between my teens and I, we have 6 Dell computers in our house — this is the only one I have issues with (of course, it was the most expensive).  Frustrating beyond belief……


  281. Maybe it's time to revive the site or something similar to it. With what appears to be many victims of this issue, there may be some wisdom in documenting once more all our experiences,

  282. I just got the yellow line on our laptop.  I called Dell tech support.  They were very polite but didn't help any with the issue.  It sounded like they were well aware of the problem and I had to talk with out of warranty.   So I will try that tomorrow.   Why is the web site refer you to dell support and was changed?  Any advice on how to resolve this issue?   How hard is it to replace the screen on  your own?

  283. Todds12, it is not that difficult to replace the LCD screem but it will cost you around $300. And if Dell indeed replaces your LCD screen for free, that replacement part may not last long as well, as what I experienced and several others as well. As to the website, I am not certain as to why that site was discontinued. Maybe because Dell "listened" before? As you may check other threads on this site, I myself mention several times that, for me, Dell has NOT resolved the issue. Dell replaced a dud with a dud and now Dell refuses to have mine replaced.

  284. I certainly appreciate that at least there appears to be attention given to others who have posted here.

    Of course, I and maybe ksgarza are of a slightly different issue. Well, it's the same if you ask us, the only difference is that we've had our LCDs replaced, only to have the SAME issue all over again. And yes, we've been "explained" to by Dell that there are a million and one other reasons why we're experiencing the issue all over again, and that the lifespan of an LCD varies, and that the replacement LCD was (only) on a 90-day warranty. And, if Dell only asked us, we'd say simply: the issue was never resolved. Simple.

  285. I have the line issue now…looks like I am out of luck…no phone number for direct help?

  286. poppachuck,

    You can call into any of our tech support numbers (If you're in the US the phone number is 1-800-624-9896) to receive assistance.  Support will determine whether your system was manufactured using one of the affected subcomponents and if you're within the 3 year period where we're covering the replacements.  If so, they'll arrange for you to get your system serviced.

    If you aren't in the US then you can go to our support site,, and use the dropdown on that page to select the country / region you need help in.  The pages will redirect you and you can find contact information there.

    Hope this helps.


  287. Sure seems like a lesson in how to lose customers and market opinion to me.

    Dell knows there is a problem with units shipped Dec 2004 to Dec 2006.  There's no notice of the problem/potential problem sent to those customers, but in January of 2008 they put a policy into effect that covers anyone that has it happen in the first three years.

    So in short, they cut out 1/3 of the systems sold during that timeframe out entirely right off the bat.  Then customer service refuses to talk to and/or acknowledge the issue for another year or so, eliminating another 1/3 of the people that could have filed in the three year period.  Basically, they only cover the people they charged for it that happen to find out and ask for the refund and the people that griped their way to someone that would acknowledge the problem Dell obviously knew about.

    I have a customer that called Dell and was told multiple times that they wouldn't even talk to him without payment in Aug – Sept 2007.  Then in Mar 2008 when the lines started getting worse, he called again and was told they had never heard of the issue.  Sadly , he actually bought a monitor to avoid the issue.  Now he's looking at a line that's a good 1.5 inches wide right down the screen near the start bar and the machine is completely unusable as a portable machine.  That's just pitiful customer service.

    Guess its time to start recommending HP or Lenovo to clients.

  288. I have been experiencing the vertical lines since March 09.   I have been contacting Dell since April and they are not going to help unless I spend dollars for a new LCD screen.  I bought the Inspirion 6400/E1505 in August 2006.  Now that I have found this blog I see that I am not the only  Dell user having this problem.  Most of the calls have ended with, they are not aware of the problem and I am out warranty so I need to purchase a new LCD.  Other calls, they acknowledge the problem exists but I am out of warranty so I need to buy a new LCD.

    After reading about the 3 year window from the date of purchase for replacing the LCD, I was hopeful that maybe I would not have to buy another laptop as spending $300.00 for another LCD is too much.  When  I called Dell representatives about  the 3 year window, they knew nothing about it and because I was out of warranty I could only buy another LCD.

    My 3 year window is expiring  and hopefully someone will help me find the right Dell representatives.




  289. smackes23,

    The 6400/E1505 models are not covered by this policy so unfortunately there is nothing that any Dell reps can do to help you.


  290. My Fiance has also been having the vertical line problem for about 6 months now it was just one line then 4 lines. Now there is a wide stripe about 2 inches wide down the center of the screen. The comp has been well taken care of it's whole life. I also called TS and after 4 people acknowledged the problem I was still told I would have to pay. It is an Inspiron 9300 17inch LCD I have done and followed everybody's guidance in sending emails calling doing everything I possible to have this thing fixed. I have gotten no where. This is a sad day for me?  Between myself and my family who I am the tech guy for them we have 3 Dell laptops, 1 Dell LCD TV, 1 Dell Projector and 2 Desktops all purchased within the last 2-3 years, the only exception is my fiances' 9300. If any dell rep wants to check on any of these I would be happy to provide the service tag numbers. I also have a friend that is a consultant and he was an HP guy for ever I got him to start recommending Dell servers. It looks like the company that I had faith in failed me.

    The best part of everything I have read on this subject is  from the orig april post 

    ''Dell values our customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    We will send letters to all potentially affected customers whose systems are out of warranty. We have already begun mailing them—letters will be sent to our customers at their last known address.""

    My fiance not only still has mail going there but her mother once aweek sends her a package with anything with her name on it. She has never gotten anything from Dell citing this problem.


    I'll wait and see if this blog gets me any responses. Anybody know an actual email address for dell with out going through the website.

  291. Wow, I researched this problem tonight because my Inspiron starting getting lines about a month ago and now has about 8. I didn't realize it was a Dell problem and wish I had before I purchased my daughters college computer.  I just bought a new Dell laptop for her and have two other Dells in the house.  I would have purchased a different brand if I knew how poor their customer service was.  They are always so nice when you buy the computer.

    I'll call tomorrow and see about a replacement just because I love to talk to service people, but I  bought my 9300 in Dec. 2005, so it is going on 4 years old.  I think the take away lesson is to listen to my co workers and go to a Mac.   My corporation gets a Dell discount but everyone in my department says don't buy Dell because of problems they have had.  Up to now I thought they just had bad luck. 
    Thanks to all for blogging about this.  It helps to make informed decisions.



  292. Inspiron 6000 Vertical lines.  Laptop was purchased August of 2005, developed 2 vertical lines in September of 2009.  I had the 3 year warranty which has been exceeded.  I spoke with Dell tech support (in India) for over an hour telling them how this is an issue of being sold a defective part, not something wearing out.  I pointed them to this blog and after 2 techs and 1 manager, he agreed that Dell would pay for the repair.  I can understand how they are going to try to talk you out of Dell paying for the repair, be persistent.  They sent me a shipping box within 2 days, I shipped the laptop the next day and had it back within 8 days.  Looks great, works great.  I've been a Dell supporter for a long time and the way they handled this has kept me as a customer.  GOOD JOB DELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and thank you "Richard" in Chennai, India.

    Dave from New Hampshire

  293. I am in Canada and this problem has started happening on my work laptop: The first line showed up 7 months ago, just before I went on leave for 6 months (so stopped using my laptop), a second line showed up the week after my return and a third, inch-wide line showed up this morning. The last line makes it very hard to use the laptop.

    I called the Canadian service number and the person I talked to did not know of a service or warranty extension and only offered a paid repair.

    My laptop was purchased in November 2006, so the 3 years is coming up. Can someone confirm if there is a repair program for this problem in Canada? If so, what can I tell the tech support folks?

    Thanks in advance,


  294. Nicholas: like you mentioned, if your sysem is affected by this issue specifically (note there are many other causes of vertical lines on displays), it depends on the warranty period of your system.

    Know you already sent me a private message on the topic. Can you please respond there with your service tag?

  295. Just wanted to share my experience.

    I purchased an Inspiron 9300 in December 2005 (just under $2000, ack!) and a week ago the dreaded yellow pixellated line of death appeared slap bang in the middle of the screen.  I guess it was feeling lonely, because now (a week later) its joined by blue and violet lines.

    If it wasnt for blogs like this I would have never realised that this was a problem with certain machines shipped between certain dates. 

    Its pretty annoying to know that whilst Dell knew of this problem no correspondance was mailed to me (or probably other affected users).  Alienating customers because their affected machine didnt display symptoms until after 3 years of invoice/purchase just seems so wrong. 

    You'd think with the Dell support software, which typically runs in the background, some kind of alert could have been raised to the user.  It looks like theres nothing stopping the same situation from occurring if I buy another Dell.  I don't want to find out the hard way the product I have has a defect, and because it didnt manifest in some arbitrary time, i'm all out of luck.


  296. I purchased my Dell Inspiron 9400 way back in April 2006. I never received communications from Dell mentioning about this particular problem as I have changed my residence after I bought this laptop. The laptop was allright untill Dec 2008 when it started troubling me with vertical lines. It started with one narrow vertical line and in the next month it became two and then three four..and gone on…and on.. I never thought this is because of a faulty component until I see this thread here. Now the laptop is verse than ever and I can't even see the screen images becuase of these lines(Now I have these lines almost all over the screen).  I have contacted the Technical Support Team through e-mail and they have given me a case number and asked me to call the support on phone. I rang today and they directed me to the out of warrenty section in dell as I was on out of warranty. The person I have spoken to was very nice and as she wanted me to try some troubleshooting on my laptop I have been told that she will be calling me back in the evening after I back from work to my laptop. She pormised me that there won't be any charges to replace the screen if it is due to faulty screen, but she wanted to make sure it is because of faulty screen and not because of the faulty video card. I am really impressed with their response and I hope Dell will help customers to use their products even longer than three years. I will update tomorrow with the results.

  297. I have the same problem: my inspiron 9300 start to develop the vertical lines issue. I'm French so I've contacted the French technical support that never have heard about the problem !!! They just recommand to buy another laptop since the price of a new screen is much expansive than a new computer ! (I have bought my inspiron 9300 for about 2300 euros)

    I've read many forum about this issue and it seems that obtaining a free replacement of the defective screen don't really depend on the purchase date (3 years after buying according this thead), but on the person you'll get on the phone and the time you'll spend arguing.

    My question is simple: Is there a reliable way to obtain a free replacement since I don't have had the "chance" my screen got the problem in the time Dell decide to support a known defective product ?

    How Dell can accept that the replacement of the screen is just a lottery ? I must admit that I'm quite diseapointed 🙁

    I really hope that Lionel Menchacca (the chief blogger) could help me…

    Thanks by advance

  298. I see there are so many clients like me. I have Dell Inspirion 6400 that I bought in May 2007. The first time I had a blue line is in Dec 2009. I contacted dell, Customer Support in phillipines explained me that I do not have warranty on the machine and it will cost me C$ 321.99. Dell does not have enough stock of item so I have to book it other wise I will not even have part.

    Lets start a new forum where we can exchange old computer. If someone want to sale me (private sale) their not functional 17" LCD screen at a resaonable price, I am willing to buy it.

    Lesson learned from DELL: NEVER EVER BUY DELL product. Just like FORD and CHRYSLER and GM very poor quality and do not stand behind to suport their own product.


  299. <!–
    @page { margin: 0.79in }
    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in }

    I contacted customer support 4 months
    ago and after speaking with a customer service representative for
    hours, the representative notified me that an upper level technician
    would contact me. They contacted me and left me a message stating
    that they would call me back and they never did. Four months later,
    I called to again state the problem that my Dell Latitude D820 had
    vertical lines appearing on the screen. But, to no avail, I was told
    that because my computer model was not one of the computers listed, I
    could not receive a replacement screen. After hours of speaking to
    various Dell Customer Service Representatives, and being transferred
    to various departments and being placed on hold for various reasons,
    I ended up having no resolution, except to purchase a screen via a
    warranty. I wish that Dell could recognize that this vertical line
    screen problem is a pervasive problem on various models of Dell
    laptops, not solely the ones listed above. I, as others in this
    forum, as well as many other forums, have recognized this problem. I
    just wish that Dell would.

  300. About 2 years ago the vertical line issue (two vertical lines) started on my Inspiron 9300. I’m Danish, so I called the Danish technical support but I was told that they couldn’t help me because the warranty on my PC had expired. I decided to not spend money on the repair since it only was 2 lines. Unfortunately the number of vertical line has increased to about 25.

    Then this summer I talked we a friend about this problem and he proposed that searched on Google for a solution on this problem. During my search I came across this forum/thread.

    So I contacted the Dell Technical support again, the person I talked to said that he never have heard about this problem before. When I referred to this forum and other links he said he would check with the manager after 5 min. he was back and claimed that they (Dell DK) never had heard about this vertical line problem. He actually alluded that threads and links like the ones I referred to often couldn’t be trusted.  

    Based on the different thread I have read my conclusion is that obtaining free repair of the screen doesn’t really depend on the purchase date, but on the person you'll get on the phone, the time you'll spend arguing and how good you are in arguing.

    The worst thing is that Dell DK is lying about the problem.

    I must admit that I'm very disappointed with Dell.

    Support at Dell is just a lottery.

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