“My name is John, and I am a customer advocate at Dell headquarters.”


Since joining the team in July, I have typed these words hundreds of times, and I’ve always taken for granted the words would be believed by the recipient. Until a blogger voiced concern about my honesty several weeks ago, I didn’t realize people were placing a large amount of trust in me by merely responding when I contacted them.

When the blogger questioned my veracity, I was decidedly taken aback, but it did make me think. There really wasn’t any reason for this person to believe me other than evidence posted by other bloggers I’ve contacted; bloggers who were happy enough with the results I’d provided to chronicle the exchange on their blogs. For the first time, I felt it necessary to reach into my collection of success stories to provide a blogger I was contacting evidence of my authenticity.

In a previous post, Downs Deering introduced us as a team of Customer Advocates who were reaching out to customers in the blogosphere. Every day, we receive reports from a search string in Technorati and other blog search engines, and we meticulously analyze the results. When we find someone who has an unresolved issue with their Dell computer or our services, we reach out to offer assistance.

The job has been one of the most rewarding I’ve ever had. I’ve had an MP3 player named after me, was able to disclose my opinion about a Hasselhoff music video, worked with our European representatives to solve a problem for a customer halfway around the world, and even had the opportunity to try to reach out to Jeff Jarvis.

In this vlog, you’ll hear more from me and some of my counterparts on the team. If you need help with your Dell, let us know. If you don’t have a blog, you can send us an e-mail at [email protected]."

See the Ogg Theora format for our Linux readers out there.

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179 thoughts on ““My name is John, and I am a customer advocate at Dell headquarters.”

  1. So those are the guys that helped make good on a dead 5150 inspiron??  Thanks go to all.  Strangely enough, about a  week after that was resolved, another person found me and asked if I could help them with a laptop problem.  Guess what…it was another 5150.   I directed them to this blog hoping they would receive an equally good resolution to their problem.   Don’t know what happened in the end..but again, thanks to you guys at Dell trying to make customers happy.

  2. Hey Dell CA Group,

    I’ve been in contact with a few people from the Dell Customer Advocacy group.

    Overall, the work you guys are doing is great, and I hope you keep going strong.  I’ve had both great, and disappointing experiences in my interaction with you guys so far, but in the end you’ve been very helpful and have done good by me.

    The two issues I’ve seen that need the most work from the Advocacy Group are:

     1) Some E-mail to your group either doesn’t receive a response, or the response takes.. weeks.  I’m sure you guys have had alot of E-mail coming in, and it’s likely not easy to keep up, but please see what you can do about this.  I’ve directed quite a few people to the [email protected] address to seek resolution with ongoing (and imo easily solvable) issues, but some of them have stated they never heard back from anyone at Dell.com and just returned or resold their equipment. 🙁

    2) Follow up.  In my personal experience with your team, I’ve found a few minor, but very noticeable issues were overlooked. They’d fall under the heading of follow up.. going back over the original E-mail thread you have had with a customer, to make sure you’re not missing a detail.  This is a time killer, but I believe it makes the difference between a happy customer, and a customer who walks away with a solution but isn’t satisfied with the experience.

    A small example of issue #2 would be as follows.. a customer with an Inspiron 1710 is looking for a way to play surround sound with their 5.1 speaker system.  After a few E-Mail messages back and forth, the customer is informed he requires a special cable/adaptor to use an RCA/coax s/pdif audio connection with surround sound speakers.  These Dell cables come with either component video, or composite video connectors with the audio connector they need on each type of cable.  Early in the E-mail conversation, the customer mentions they have an hdtv that has component video, wanted the surround sound while enjoying DVD’s, but the actual question the customer first posed was “How do I get surround sound from my laptop to my 5.1 speakers?” 

    The advocate in the end, provides a link to buy a cable with composite video and the audio s/pdif connector, which directly provides a solution to the actual question asked. But, it does not take into account some of the information provided during the discussion. The cable with component connections would have been appropriate for this customer.

    I’ve noticed this type of situation has occured a number of times in different ways, to both myself, and others, and is an issue of attention to detail, or someone being too rushed to push out an answer and move onto the next customers issue.  Simple mistakes do happen, but when the same type of oversights occur regularly, it’s not an issue of making a simple mistake here or there.

    I’d like to reiterate, the work you guys are doing is great, and even with the issues I’ve mentioned, I have also seen ALOT of good resolutions being provided to Dell customers by the Advocacy Group. I’m hoping my feedback can only help to improve the customers experience, and my own in the future.

    Also, Lionel… the Flash video solution in this post, functions far better than the WMV control did. Being able to use the slider to seek through the video would have been very useful in past posts, and will likely be for future video blogs. Thanks!


  3. John, your colleauge Richard Binhammer sent me the link to this post.  Yes, I was impressed how you guys track customer issues because Richard reached out to me after I posted my complaint online on my blog.

    So keep up the good work – things are changing at Dell, as I myself noted in a subsequent post.

  4.  I can’t imagine any Dell user to be “happy enough” with the “results” provided by anyone from Dell.  I was approached by someone who said they were from Dell about a post I made on my lifejournal, and I can’t help but notice that mysteriously, this user named “dellca” is now the owner of a suspended account.  Which is it–did Dell suspended it, or did livejournal realize what a fraud it was?  Seriously, is this where my warranty money goes?  Why not hiring more people to pick up phones so I don’t have to wait on hold for a half hour only to be hung up on?  Why not hire more people to read emails so I can get a timely response?  Why not hire more people to make defective products to replace the defective products in people’s machine.  I had to wait over a week for Dell to send me my last defective motherboard.  Now they told me one business day.  Two business days and counting.  Not surprising when I call and ask about my order status, after talking to a machine that can’t understand me, I have to talk to a person I can’t understand who tells me that Dell has no record of me even existing.  Not at all surprised.  There is no communication between any department at Dell.  Everyone I talked to said [email protected] is a fraud.  You don’t even let your employees know what’s going on, why should you tell me.  Trolling people’s blogs seems like an inefficent use of resources, especially considering that there must be so many people dissatatisfed with the piece of utter worthlessness that Dell calls a computer.  This comment does not even begin to express how dissatisfied I am with Dell.  I’ll end on a high note.  After over 12 hours of complaining on the phone and getting hung up on, I got stuck with a totally useless computer for 21 days until a refurbished one can be sent.  After just under 2 hours of complaining, by dad got me a sweet deal, supposedly, I have no faith in Dell’s ability to follow through, wherein a tech would be sent out, was it today, surely not, and a new, not refurbished, computer would be sent to me in 10 days.  Why should I believe this is anything other than sexual discrimination?

  5. I was here yesterday and authored some of the above comments. Actually, I should have given Dell’s C.A. another day. This evening, I received his response.

    Dell is addressing my RAM issues and I couldn’t be happier. While I had a rough go of it with Calcutta Tech Support, I’ve got to say that the C.A. Program has been smooth.

    Presently, I’m running on two of the four modules, so my inconvenience is minor. It may be another week before the new RAM modules are here and I’m fine with that as well as popping them in myself if that gets it done quicker.

    As a suggestion to the others, get in touch with the C.A.’s if Tech Support is giving you fits and it can’t be resolved. They really do have the power to do something, providing it’s within reason.

    No, I don’t work for Dell. I’m happy with my E510 which has been dependable until the RAM issues surfaced. Thanks Dell/John!

  6. Eric: Thanks for commenting. Hopefully, when you decide to buy more machines down the road, we’ll offer a product you’ll want to buy.

  7. John,You

    approached me a while back and I believe you were sincere in helping me out.  I didn’t believe you at first, but when I saw the path you were taking to visit my website, I could see it was coming from a legit Dell address.  Other than that, I did of course believe you, but in the end I couldn’t surrender my laptop even for a few days.  The service you supplied was very noteworthy, but when it came time to buy another high-powered machine, I went another direction.  Nothing to do with the service, but I just didn’t like the way my Dell was built, the endless pre-installed software, or the way it keeps lagging in WOW after about 45 minutes of play. (I believe that it has something to do with the machine heating up).  Side by side with the new machine (HP), you can definitely see that Dell is putting out an inferior product in the $1,500 laptop range.


  8. Chris, I know John, and he’s a good guy. He was telling the truth—our facilities in Round Rock were closed for nearly three days due to ice storms.

  9. The problem isn’t your people, at least the ones that can speak English.  The problem I have faced is the loonnnnggggg time on the phone to fix issues.  I have called twice and have spent more than three hours on the phone.  That is nuts!  My fancy and very expensive Dell PC (XPS 600) is a piece of junk.  It is the worst computer I’ve ever owned.  I had two other Dells before this one and had a great experience until now.  Calling customer / technical support is similar to buying a car.  It is a terrible experience that I avoid like the bird flu.  I am on the phone right now because another part broke last night.  I don’t know how you expect to stay in business with this type of support and machines of such poor quality.  I used to love Dell.  I can name 4 or 5 people that own Dells because I told them to buy a Dell.  I will never tell anyone that again.  In fact, I have told dozens of people in the last few months of my very poor experience and how Dell has fallen.  Maybe it’s just karma for making outsourcing customer support. 

  10. I too had a bad experience with Dell. For some unknown reason, my brand new Dell XPS 700 system decided to bite the dust to the point it just crashes constantly, blue screens, locks up, and shuts itself off. After dealing with Customer Care for a while I decided to vent some of my anger towards the situation on my personal blog and low and behold to my surprise I was contacted by Larry from the Dell Customer Advocate team. And thanks to Larrys hard work and dedication on the situation and keeping me informed about it, I changed my mind about doing a return on the system and getting a refund. I plan on keeping my XPS 700 and hoping all goes well.

    Larry, if you ever get around to reading this, or my blog again – THANK YOU!

  11. go to all. Strangely enough, about a week after that was resolved, another person found me and asked if I could help them with a laptop problem. Guess what…it was another 5150.

  12. My current experience with Dell customer service and specifically the “customer advocate” is similar to Emily’s in this thread. There has been NO advocacy for me, just the old school run around that has been so well documented in cyberspace already. I am still in the battle though!

    I don’t take it too seriously however, knowing in advance that this would all happen, thanks to the dell community forums. Which BTW I applaud dell for hosting! 

    Perhaps the “Soul of Dell” corporate philosophy has not reached the cold realms of Canada yet, but we hope and dream along with our American cousins!

  13. One of my blog friends said I should re-post my latest blog here. It’s a great idea, so I am. Here it is….

    Don’t buy a Dell!

     Just over a year ago, I bought a new computer. It’s a Dell XPS 400, with lots of upgrades.
    I should have known better, right off the bat I had problems. The hard drive had to be replaced, the memory had to be replaced, it had to be reformatted a couple of times.
    The last time I had serious problems, I still had the 1 year warranty coverage. I spent hours and hours on the phone with their XPS computer specialists.
    There was one point where they thought that doing a “system restore” would help, thing is, this computer won’t do a system restore. The problem was solved without having to do one, but, no one ever told me why my computer which is supposed to be able to do a system restore, won’t, and or can’t do one.
    It’s just over a year now, and my one year warranty expired.
    I now have a Dell XPS computer that cost me approx 1200/1300 dollars, that, will not do a system restore, gives memory errors every time you close a window, and runs as slow on DSL as my old computer on dial-up. (The memory errors started AFTER my warranty expired)
    I don’t have the money or the patience to sit on the phone for hours with them any more to have them shuffle me from person to person, with no one really knowing how to fix it, and no one had the balls enough to tell me I got a lemon, or integrity enough to have offered to exchange it in the first place (when the hard drive went bad within a week or two).
    Lesson learned,… #1. Don’t buy a Dell, #2. IF you do buy a Dell, make sure you buy an extended warranty of, oh, let’s say, at least 10 years.
  14. I was wondering if this site still gets a response of any kind from anyone at Dell???

    I have written in detail about my woes with my 1800FP monitor just dying on me on three (3) different occasions in the last month with no response whatsoever. Even an automated reply would let me know there is someone on the other end. 🙂

    After talking to countless repair techs in this area, I am amazed that Dell didn’t contact me about the very real power supply problem this particular model has. Many of the techs said it should have been replaced or recalled by Dell either way long ago.

    Why is the small business owner the last to know and the last to get a solution when Dell hardware goes bad??? I don’t expect Dell to send me a newer unit, but I do think that they should respond and offer to fix the one I have already purchased.

    I will be looking at other companies for our next upgrades this Spring. I have only purchased Dell’s for the last 7 years and this 1800FP and the one they originally sent(dead pixels) were the only defective purchases I have made.

  15. Hello There,

    In Feb 2006 I bought a Dell Inspiron 1300. Right through my warranty period this notebook was 100%. This morning we switched the computer on and we have vetical colored lines all over the screen, different sized “blank ink” spots, and a green/black portion. 3/4 of the screen is not accessible. It all appears as soon as the computer comes on. I called Dell Customer Service and that mattered to them is that I need to pay $50 for them to address the issue. THIS IS CLEARLY A SYSTEM FLAW, and most probably a LCD hardware problem. Where is the recall for this?

    This is a disgrace..where is the ethics and integrity. We have done nothing to this computer and the only thing that matters is how, after I have already been conned for $500, they can make some more money out of us.So what I am expected to do…pay $50 for them to tell me its a hardware problem, and that it will cost me $500 to have the monitor replaced.

    My wife, 8 year old daughter and I share this notebook. How can a company operate like this….does anything matter besides how much money Dell can get of people.






  16. Hey John,

        I am not very sure whether it was you who left a comment on my blog about Dell at Walmart. But do please see for my reply posted.

    Thanks and appreciate the way you guys got to my blog!


  17. You guys are doing a great job. I posted my issue on a forum and John helped me to solve it. I do appreciate it.


  18. I have 2 dell computers. One older Dimension XPS and one newer E510. My older system works great. But my newer system did work great for about 6 month, then after updating drivers from dell’s website, I have been getting the blue screen. Tech support was not very helpful, as is all tech support, because they do not speak fluent english.

     So, with all of this said, I will just build my next computer and spec out high quality parts.

     Too bad Mike let his company get out of hand. He lost future revenues from me.


  19. i have dell bought 6 month back from dubai and i stay in india and my dell 6400 inpiron doesn not start the scroll light and the caplock light blinks for 45 sec nad the lab top completely shuth down.the screen is blank and no help from dell.please help

  20. I too have a dead 1800fp. After finding so many others online with the exact same problem [bad power board] I am very upset with Dell. There should have been a recall or offer of a discounted replacement. Although I have bought several computers from Dell and never had any problems I will be looking at other manufuctures for my future needs.

  21. I forgot to mention that I have found Dell’s Phone Tech Support team to be OUTSTANDING for the most part.  They have really helped me out in some scary momments!!!

    You all deserve a lot of credit!!!  Great job! 


    Linda Edwards 

  22. I have tried three times to unsubscribe to this useless blog and have only succeeded in subscribing twice.  Booo on Dell

  23. Nancy: I’m sorry that we’re having some problems with unsubscribing at the moment. May I ask you to submit another comment and please fill in the e-mail address field so I can make sure we remove you from the RSS list?

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  24. Working on a Dell Inspiron 5150. It will not power on with AC or battery. Checked the power cord with a multi-meter and it is fine. Battery is fine. The hard battery light blinks orange, and if I move the laptop just right the hdd and battery lights blink green a few times but no power up. No fans, no hdd sounds, just a few blinks and then nothing. Any ideas? Need help asap.





  25. Dear sir,

     Facing problem in webcam installation. Setup is giving error (windows xp, Vostro 1400). plz help



  26. Jeff: A bit late but may be of some use. I had the same problem, the 5150 would only boot with an external monitor attached.

  27. I have also had an Inspiron 5150 like others throughout the post.  It has always worked great, but here recently it just stopped.  I turn it on and the the power up lights come on, but nothing else……no noise or fan or anything on the screen at all.  I have heard of similar problems and on the other hand I have heard of conflicting stories on how Dell took care of it.  My family has also done business with Dell over the years and I would appreciate a response on what will be honored with the 5150 as I need it for my school work and hate to buy another if this one can be fixed.  Thanks again.

  28. My dell xps 600 crashed tonight with a hardware failure message. I attempted restart a few times unsuccessfully, each time the only response being the fan blowing faster and louder, reving higher. Any help I can get in what might cause this would be appreciated.


  29. I have really unhappy with Dell for several reasons:

     1. The Laptop the sent me look used. I returned it with hassle, and got another that appears used.

     2. Customer service hung up on me because I would not tell them WHY I was buying the computer. Like ITS ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS.

     3. I bought the Laptop in December during the "rebate special". But I just learned that my purchase did not quality. This of coarse is after I confirmed my online purchase via the phone with the sales department that it qualified for the rebate. Now the I am being told that I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I WOULD NOT GET THE  REBATE BECAUSE IT WAS NOT LISTED ON MY RECIEPT. What a joke.

  30. Mark: I'm sorry to see you are having problems with the laptop. I'll ask somone from Customer Service to follow up with you.

  31. Wow, I see that the original post I madee on this board was deleted by the mods. Short and simple: I  have  an XPS400 that's an absolute lemon. Thus far, Dell has replaced the video card, the audio card and a hard drive. And at least once a week, I get the blue screen of death which is only resolved by restoring the computer. Until it happens again. And again.

    Dell has been unable or unwilling to address this and to say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I was  truly hoping that someone here would help me resolve this matter. All I want is a fully operational computer that doesn't require a system restore every few days. That's what I purchased, that's what I'm paying for, yet that's not what Dell delivered.

  32. Well, the motherboard that Dell allegedly ordered to replace the one on my nightmare XPS400 has not arrived. I have not received a call from the tech, have not received a call-back from Dell regarding this either. Meanwhile, this weekend, ONCE AGAIN, I had to deal with the blue screen AGAIN. I didn't have an hour to spend with Dell on the phone so I went ahead and restored my system AGAIN. What will it take for Dell to resolve this, please!!!?????

  33. Hi,


    I have Inspiron 5150 laptop. Recently I experiencing a problem when running any video or flash screen, the system shuts off without any warning. I have also experience fan noise more often now-a-days.


    Also, I want to upgrade this laptop. Is there buyback facility available in DELL to get a new one?



  34. The Blue Screen of Death appeared on Friday again and after numerous restores, I can't get the nightmare system up. I tried calling Dell twice over the weekend and after being on hold for 40 minutes and 35 minutes, I had to give up since I do have a life and didn't have all day to wait for a Dell Tech. Once again, I ask this question: DOES DELL INTEND TO FIX THIS PROBLEM FOR ME EVER?? Owning a computer (with a Service Plan until 2010 no less!!) does NOT constitute getting the blue screen of death once a week or spending hours every week with Dell's tech support (or lack thereof). I need this resolved PLEASE!

  35. The technician came out to my home today to replace the motherboard. Upon rebooting, he got the blue screen of death three times. He apparently didn't know what to do next and called Dell. Dell told him I had to restore the sytem and will send me a set of discs. For the hundreth time, I need to ask the question: IS DELL EVER GOING TO RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM? Owning a computer DOES NOT constitute restoring the system every week. Someone at Dell needs to please own up to this and simply replace this system. PLEASE!

  36.  I got 1 second freeze in adobe reader and games, random loss of control of characters in games, blue screens with intel graphics. wheres the help e mail Jeff Jarvis again ?

  37. First off, let me say that after reading through these posts and others that Dell is not given enough credit.  Not only for the amount of business they conduct but also for the amount of people they try their best to help.  Patience and cooperation pays off.  Take notice that I posted a message here on the 14th of February about my 5150 and problems I was experiencing.  Mike B., a Dell customer service advocate, had contacted me on the 20th and promised to do everything he could to fix my problems.  By the 5th of March my laptop was replaced and Dell's product honored.  Again patience and cooperation go a long way these days opposed to negative attitudes and degrading Dell's image.  No one is twisting anybody's arm to buy Dell's products, but I am here to say they stood behind their product in my case.

    Thanks again Mike B.  

  38.  Yes when you got a problem with your computer and have a WARRANTY then your already in the twlight zone, whats more scary is the BOSS wants India more, is he nitwit.

  39. Okay my last experience with Dell two years ago was a nightmare and I swore then to never buy another computer from them again. Well now I am back with a new problem for Dell. This one has to do with my Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop. I have the verticle line issue happening all over my lcd display. I am now going to contact Dell Technical support and see what can be done about fixing to resolving this issue. I purchased this laptop in April of 2005 and did not purchase any extended warrenty. I have read that my laptop could be related to a possible mgf. defect and some owners of the Inspiron Laptop have got them fixed for free. So we shall see what I will end up doing with my $1800.00 laptop.

    Here goes…. I feel as if I am stepping into the Twilight Zone of Horror!

  40. Hello????? Is this set of discs shipping by sea from India???? I've made THREE CALLS TO DELL regarding this and all the Indian techs have told me "yes ma'am, you must be patient. These are being mailed out to you".

  41.   I purchased an Inspiron E1505 a little over a year ago.  Ironically the warranty runs out after one year.  However no sooner did the warranty go out my laptop flashed me a message when I turned it on saying that the battery is still charging normally but will not hold the charge as long anymore.  Ok, now yes the warranty did run out but lets be honest your telling me that the battery in my laptop after being on AC power for most of the year that I have had it is dying already?  When I take it off AC power now it lasts 30 minutes or so.  This is ridiculous. 

      Then when you go to the website that the computer suggests to order a new battery they cost $200 for a direct replacement and $300 for the 9 cell.  Now the most interesting part is that the ratings for both batteries are incredibly low.  When you read the messages every user has written they all say the same thing.  They have all had their laptops for a little over a year and the batteries are basically dying shortly after the warranty expires.  This is not right, this is not a specific issue, many more people than just me are having this problem and it needs to be addressed.  I have an Inspiron 8000 which is now over 7 years old.  I replaced the battery in that laptop once and that was after 3 years of use.  My Inspiron 8000 battery outperforms the Inspiron E1505's battery and the Inspiron 8000's battery is almost 4 years old. 

      How can Dell's expect the customer to be spending $200 to $300 a year on batteries for their laptops, it is ridiculous.  I called DELL customer service and I was told that the warranty on my laptop has run out and there was nothing that could be done for me but that my issue would be documented.  Well if the batteries in your laptops are going to die ironically after your one year warranties are up then there needs to be a disclaimer about this because I would have had the battery replaced before it ran out, or I would have extended the warranty if I had prior knowledge of this.  As far as I am concerned this is a scam.  There is no way DELL could expect me to spend that much money every year on my laptop that only cost me $1200, in 6 years I would have paid for the computer again and this is just for the battery no other replacement costs.  This issue needs to be addressed because your product is horribly flawed if your laptops can not perform after one year.  I attached the website link for the batteries where you can see the low ratings and the proof of the issue with more than just my laptop.  Thank you.  http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/category.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&category_id=2999&mfgpid=167760&chassisid=-1

  42. Just looking for a contact/info.  We are a community of over 3000 in East Texas with an active computer club.  Periodically we are looking for presentations on various computer home / home office subjects.  Does Dell have any service that provide 45 – 60 minute presentations to groups?  Good sales and community relations opportunity.



  43.  I am hoping to reach a resolution for an XPS I recently purchased. I have tried the customer advocate address today and will provide feedback on how well it works! I am optimistic to the end, and more than willing to cooperate even though DFS has now sent my account to collections over the pending dispute over my return.

    Thank you,




  44. I am disappointed with Dell's rude customer service.

    When I called to extend my warranty, I was told that the longer service contract offered an incentive of a $40 gift card.  I informed the rep that I wanted to use the gift code to purchase a new battery that week.  He specifically told me that I would receive an e-mail that day, containing my coupon code, and that I could use it right away.

    Of course, I did not receive it, and when I called to inquire about this, I was told it would take up to 6 weeks to process.  I requested to speak to a supervisor to voice my complaint.  I was connected with Bruce Hampton, who was extremely rude.  He told me that his employee had already informed me of the policy, that the coupon was "just a promotion", and that I should have purchased the warranty to protect my computer, no for the coupon!!  He clarified the policy again, informing me that he did this so that I would not "become confused."   He was not at all interested in the fact that I was directly misinformed.

    I rarely compIain. I am a highly educated person.  I am not "confused," just irked by dishonest, rude, and even condescending customer service!  Very disappointing, Dell.

  45. Linda I am sorry to hear of your frustration. I have escalated this issue. You should be hearing from someone shortly.



  46. I've had two funny days of dealing with Dell customer service.  Let me say first that I've bought stuff from Dell for years – 4 computers, 2 printers, 2 cameras, modems, innumerable ink cartridges, 2 mp3 players.  Last week I bought a refurbished laptop.  When it didn't arrive on time, I called.  A customer service rep said that apparently it hadn't shipped, but they'd be happy to ship me a replacement within 16 (!) business days.  I asked what Dell might do for me by way of compensating me for the wait.  After all, I paid immediately and Dell was supposed to deliver in 3-5 days.  I fully expected some kind of bone – even just free shipping.  But nothing.  Nada.  Zippo.  From here I traveled a road of numerous e-mails and phone calls (twice I was cut off and once I gave up after 12 minutes of waiting), where people with nice Indian accents would repeat the mantra of being sincerely sorry for my troubles and insist that Dell was firmly committed to the best customer service.  The only problem was that each person sounded like a robot reading from a cue card – "Oh, I am very, very sorrow for that arrow sticking in your head, sir.  Dell is absolutely committed to your comfort and we will do everything in our power to assist you.  I am recording this conversation and I will forward it to the arrow-in-your-head department, where they will review it closely to see how we can better serve customers in the future."  I begged each person to give me a reason – any reason – to keep using Dell.  The best anyone would give me is a "sorry" and "we can have your laptop to you within 16 business days."  I used to love Dell's customer service.  Now I wish I could just speak with a flesh and blood person residing in this country.  I'd LOVE a reason to keep buying from Dell.  But it is like a bad Seinfeld episode.  I cancelled my order and now I'm shopping for a non-Dell laptop.  Too bad.  I wish Dell were still a stand-up company.

  47. Tony: Not sure what can be done without more detail from you, but I'll be happy to have someone from Customer Care contact you to see if we can move things forward.

    If you would please send me another comment (I won't publish), or e-mail me directly at [email protected] with some basic details like your order # or customer # and I can have someone contact you soon.

    I can see why you'd be frustrated, but let's see what we can do. Thanks for your business, and sorry for the churn. Hopefully, we can give you a reason to stay a Dell customer.

  48. Anne: I'm sorry to hear that reps were rude to you. I'll ask someone from Customer Care to follow up with you to see if there's anything else we can do.

  49. OK, might as well give this a try. I've got the infamous 1800FP flat panel monitor that has the well known issues for not working properly. My warranty just expired (less than 3 months ago) and of course, the monitor died one morning without warning. Contacted Dell tech support and they walked me through all the usual attempts and determined that, yes, it was dead. Emails back and forth and the last one says "sorry" eiother buy another monitor from Dell (why would I do that since this one dies less than 3 months after warranty expired?? thank goodness Dell doesn't make cars! lol). Tech support says to call my XPS customer service to see what they can do to assist in getting a warranty replacement as I should have been mailed a recall notice long ago to rectify this known issue. Customer service (InDELLia – India) says I need to speak to Tech Support. Now the run around begins 5 times I'm shuffled back and forth between customer care and tech support with neither one providing me any assistance except to say how sorry they are. I mention the know issue and the recall, but Customer Care only says I should search the Dell site for the "recall" info and try to find the form to fill out and send in to Dell! After spending an hour trying to locate the recall info on the 1800FP, I give up, since there are over 28,955 recall posts on the Dell site and trying to drill down to the one I'm looking for doesn't help. Seems like Dell wants its' customers to go away and the India support people really could care less about even trying to assist us. My frustration is at an all time. When I asked why I wasn't notified of the recall for the monitor, the customer care women said; "well your monitor was working until it stop working wasn't it?, so why did we need to notify you of the recall?" Ah, that makes sense, wait until I have the problem happen, then my warranty expires by less than 3 months and now I can't get a replacement or any assistance? Maybe that's the reason the manufacturer is supposed to notify its' customers of potnetial issues and problems! It's called being proactive and providing good customer service to ensure repeat customers.

  50. Well, here it is. As I type this i have been holding for 1hr 31 min after a supervisor asked me to hold while she gets me in contact with the right dept. In total I have been on the phone for more than 8 hrs for a fan assembly. This has been over the course of about 2 weeks. So, to sum it up, I have been transfered from one person to another an extraordinarally high number of times, wrong depts, hung up on, disconnected, been told i have put in a request and will contact you back 3 times and never been contacted, spoken to a lot of people from India , some with good easily understandable english , and some hard to make out broken english, been told supervisors are to busy, in a meeting, not available, put on for a supervisor only to find that i have been transferred to another dept, or put on hold like I am right now and do not expect for them to pick up…..ever…… I will let this sit here until I end the call to let everyone know how long it was Everytime I asked for a supervisor i had to go through this all over again because the employee is supposed to try and help me before i am sent to a supervisor…..this is excruciatingly absurd, rediculous,upsetting,and a whole lot of other adjetives I wont post. The lack of integrity in this corporation is appalling…..policies that dont work……and Dell knows dont work….lack of commitment to customers……the lack to right what you made wrong….the lack of effort to satisfy your customers…..and the lack of responsibility for your products,policies,customers,and employees. Dell will NOT stay in business if this continues. I am a highly upset individual who is attempting to make his trouble with Dell go away, but I still have these 2 Dell computers to deal with, so that wont happen anytime soon. There is more negative dealings to be listed, but I dont like to type this much. I have a Dell Dimension XPS GEN 2 system that had the 2 fans that blow over the cpu go out. I'm trying get new fans so that I can use my computer again. So, my hope is that this is a legitamate effort to resolve problems….unlike the phone based effort. I too, remember the days before Dell chose to go to India…..I had no issues at all with calling Dell…but since then……..hmmf

    The last time I saw my phone was at 2hrs27min…..the next time i checked it, the phone was off because the battery went dead.

  51. I decided to try a complete format and reinstall of the Windows Vista Business 32-bit that came with the computer. After finishing the reinstall and installing all the drivers from the resource DVD, I can't seem to get the webcam to work. The device "Laptop Integrated Webcam" shows up in the Device Manager and indicates it is working properly. However, when I go into the Dell Webcam Center, and go into any of the modes (video, photo capture, etc.) and start the webcam, the blue light near it lights up, but no picture appears. Only a black screen shows up where there should be a picture. I tried the microphones and they do work, just not the webcam itself. How would I fix this?

    I did not try out the webcam before re-installing though. Is it possible that the webcam is physically broken?

  52. I purchased a LCD monitor from Dell, they sent me a $25 "thank you" coupon.
    I went online, found a usb drive on sale for $17.99 and redeemed the coupon and purchased the drive.
    Then I find out they did not honor the coupon because the product was less than the coupon price… which now is void because I attempted to use the coupon.
    And on top of that they billed me the regular list price of $24.99, even though anyone else could purchase it for $17.99 online at the time.
    Some "thank you".

    Couldn't it just tell me when I was ordering that the coupon would not be honored unless I place an order for a larger amount than the coupon was worth?… you can't build that into your online ordering? you can't print that on the "thank you" letter you send out?

    Is this anyway to run a business?

  53. I have a 5150, been problematic since I first got it. Was told power supply, got one and no difference. THen had a motherboard repair, worked for a year now it went back  to random crashes, and finally it will not see the power adapter plugged in even if I jiggle it. I called Dell and am awaiting a call back after they told me there is no recall, for which there is. Any help would be much appreciated.

  54.  What are the reasons for non-DELL products like build your own.

    Then we could have no problems with this bad phone support. 

  55. I have a Dell AIO 810. I cannot print anything with it, because it constantly tels me "print cartridge missing". I went out and bought a new cartridge, and STILL get the same message. Can anyone help????

  56. Actually I find the tech support time if you have a service code has gotten a little better. But after my third Dell just crashed (seems to always come after a partial fix before the warranty expires and with a final crash just after the warranty expires) I was charged $40 bucks for the third call to save my computer. Now I have had three people at tech support say the charge was a mistake but none could get me over to customer service. I have spent 3 hours trying to get the charge reversed when I should be attending the funeral for my hard drive.

  57. How much was I worth to Dell?

     Recently purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop for my son's birthday.  Everything went smoothly until it arrived.

     The mouse / touchpad had a life and mind of its own… it would run crazy all over the screen, click stuff and so on…

     Used the tech support live chat feature.  The tech had me reinstall the factory image, download and install some mouse drivers.  He said if that didn't work it was a hardware problem.  At first all seemed well but within a few minutes of the reinstall the mouse was once again possessed.

     Called customer service.  First agent said their customer order system was down (although I was able to access my information online) and to call back in an hour.  I said I preferred to speak to someone who could process my return / refund manually.  The agent said I could submit the return / refund info online – which I subsequently did.

    Agent said no one can help you.  I asked to speak to a manager.  The agent said that will do not good they will just say the same thing.  I insisted until he agreed to transfer me to a manager – instead he hung up on me.

     So, I waited an hour.

     I called again and was told this time that their system was down, please call back in two hours.  I simply asked to speak to a manager.  Once again had to spend a long time convincing the person to let me speak to a manager. I was transfered.  The "manager" repeated that nothing could be done to help call back in two hours.  I asked what information they needed to process my return / refund that I could not provide to them – I had all my order information right in front of me.  The "manager" could not or would not answer my question.

     I asked to speak to her manager.  She said she didn't have one.  I told her that I know better and asked if she was simply refusing to escalate the issue.  I asked again to speak to her manager or someone who could help. The response: NO.  I said, do you mean you refuse to let me speak to your manager or someone else: Yes.

    I asked for her name and had to ask for her to spell it: N. a. d. a. was the response.  I asked: is that your first name or last name.  Response: That is my name.  Again: First or last.  Response: I only have one name.


    I got back on livechat with tech support and explained my woes… the chat agent said she would escalate and someone would call… no call back.

    The online customer care people got back to me by email.  They said they could not process returns / refunds through their online system (even though it is expressly a form on the dell site for doing so and I was told by one of their "customer service" agents that they could.

    Went back and forth a few times with the online customer care folks.  They finally told me to call customer service and ask to speak to the Customer Retention Team.

    I called customer service.  The first attempt: The agent gave the canned spiel about their system being down – please call back in 2 hours (this 2 hours thing went on all day long).  She did not even give me a chance to say anything she simply hung up after her "we cannot help you" speech.

    I immediately called again.  This time I interrupted the "we can't help you speech" and told the agent that I had already heard that message several times…

    Per instructions from their online customer service, I asked to speak to the Customer Retention Team.  The response: I'm sorry I cannot do that our systems are down.  I explained that I was following instructions from their online customer care and finally convinced this agent to transfer me.

    The Customer Retention Team guy tried to talk me in to repairing or replacing the bad machine I had received.  I said that given my (all day frustrating) experience that I simply wanted a refund.

    He promptly issued and RMA and scheduled a UPS pickup.

     This all happened yesterday.  Right now I am patiently waiting for UPS to arrive.

    I am more than a bit worried that the laptop will be returned and I will have to continue to fight with Dell to get the refund.  This fear is increased from posts I have read today about other people having trouble getting duly owed refunds from Dell.

    Am I going to end up with no laptop and out the $1,100 or so?

    Just in case I have already contacted our credit card company and have talked to them about disputing the charges – does not sound like that will be any problem at all.

    Dell said it will take them 15 days to process the refund… On day 16 I will dispute the charge and I have no doubt based on documentation I have that the charge will be reversed.

     OK, so how much was I potentially worth to Dell?

    Obviously the ~$1,100 for the original purchase.  Plus, both my wife and I are within about 6 months of replacing our laptops.  Mine will be pretty top-of-the-line.  My wife works in the IT dept. of a large organization and is not a purchase decision maker but is an influencer – subsequent purchases will probably not be Dell.  I also run an annual laptop scholarship for a local group.  Won't be a Dell.

    I was worth at least $5k to Dell over the next year and probably more. Judging from googling "dell customer service problems" I'd say there are at least a 100,000 other consumers just like me.  Do the math.

    On the bright side: I did finally resolve the problem (presumably).  I found the tech support chat folks to be helpful.  The online customer care folks were responsive to emails and helpful.

    My questions to Dell: 

    Why did it take an entire day – why could they not have just sent me directly to their Customer Retention Team to begin with?

    Why was I lied to and hung up on numerous times (yes, I was irritated but remained civil at all times)?

    I think M. Dell should anonymously try and go through his own customer service and see how well he thinks it is operating.  Let him ask to escalate an issue and get lied to and hung up on.

     I have asked for a corporate contact to whom I can send a complaint letter.  No one will provide such a contact.  I'll just go to the corporate website and pick whomever seems like the appropriate exec and send my letter to that person.  Although from stories I have seen from others who have sent letters to Dell corporate I do not expect any response at all.

  58.  I really don't want to knock Dell cause I haven't had too many problems ie….the hard drive crash just after warranty(surprise, surprise), the fan in the front of the case I think is done(broken) cause now I keep getting the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH as everyone else calls it, and for some strange reason if my monitor goes in to hibernate(it doesn't ever wake up) unless I turn the computer off and turn it back on. Can you(someone) please explain?

     I own a dimension 3000 desktop computer.(of course its not in warranty anymore so i would be very surprised if anything or anyone gets back to me)

    Heres to hoping to get a response 

    If you need more info please contact by e-mail I provided

  59. I'm in a situation were I just want what I paid for!  I purchased an XPS 630i from Dell back in April because it looked like a great machine with some really nice features. When it arrived, the truth came out that the features advertised were false and the system never had them!  LightFX 2.0 was adverstised. It never existed. ESA compatibility was advertised. The software was installed but its completely incompatible with the Motherboard. Dell knew that and attempted to rig it with a Master I/O board to force it to work. That failed. Now there are various blogs and sites on the internet screaming for assistance with this and Dell is completely ignoring the issue. The Community forum on this topic is now over 300 posts long all we get is, " Yes we know its broken, Legal and PR are crafting a response, no ETA ". I tried to return the machine within my RMA period, but I didn't because I was ASSURED this would all be fixed for me. LIES! No answers, Customer services has no idea there was an issue, and one didn't know even know that the XPS 630i was a model they sold. I can't even begin to express how angry I am at this whole thing.

  60. I have been a Dell fan for many years, in fact, I'm typing this post on my Inspiron E1705; that said, my most recent experience with Dell is making me reconsider doing business with them.
    The problem would be fairly easy to correct, it's not even technical, if I were able to actually reach someone who could help me, but I can't.
    It all started when I ordered my XPS 630 with a 22" flat panel monitor on 5-30-08.  The monitor arrived within 3 days; however the 630 didn't ship until 6-3-08 which is not the problem.  The problem is that it is being sent to the wrong guy in the wrong town.  When I checked my status on dell.com and later FedEX, the computer was being sent to another Daniel Neal in a town 30 miles from here.  I immediately tried to call Dell customer service yesterday, 6-4-08.   A woman (with an Indian accent) told me that the servers were undergoing maintenance and I should call back in 3 hours.  I waited 4 1/2 and called again.  Once again the same woman (at least it sounded like it) told me the same thing, routine maintenance, can't access records, call back in three hours.  I waited unti this morning, a full 24 hours since my first call and was told the same thing by the same lady.
    Of course I've also sent two emails which were supposed to be answered in 24 hours or less; I'm at 26 hours and still no response.
    If I could have just reached someone, they couold have diverted the shipment to me.  Instead, it will most likely show up on someone else's doorstep where it will likely be refused and returned or maybe even kept.  That will mean lot's of hassel for all parties concerned.  If it is returned and then re-shipped to me, the PC will have been knocked around as it travles the U.S.; I can't help but wonder if that might cause issues later.
    At this point, I think I either want to build my own or buy an HP.  My main concern (besides actually getting the computer) is that if this is any indication of Dell's treatment of thier customers, then I would hate to think of how I will be treated if I have a problem that is more technical in nature.
    Anyone have any advice?
  61.  You are not a fool. Dell is making a fool of their customers. We all are fools.
    We buy a Dell product and people in India and the Philliphines get jobs. They dont even care who Dell is.
    I will give you two examples. I ordered a TV online and the next day I got a call from Dell in India saying that TV is out of stock and to get the other one, which was $200 more. I agreed thinking if the $200 more it might be better. I got my TV after 2 weeks, after been promised 2 days and when I saw the Credit card statement, I was charged for THREE TVs. They had charged me for TWO TVs on the Credit Card I used for the purchase and charged another one for my cards which I used more than 1 -year back. It took me 7 weeks to get the money back for the TWO TVs that I hadnt even ordered. WOW, speed of Dell.
    Secondly, I brought a laptop resently and have a problem with it. When I call Tech Support they ask me to call Customer Care. I call them and they tell me to call Tech Support. Most of the times they just hang up. I ask for a manager, I am told one is not available. Its been going on for 3 weeks. I have decided to pack the system and send it MR DELL as a gift.
    I can go on and on, but its not woarth wasting MY time.

  62. I ordered a couple of laptops and was given a $100.00 coupon good for my next order.  I then ordered a 3rd laptop and applied the coupon for this purchase and was given a delivery date of June 6, 2008. I then checked the status of my order only to find out that it had been canceled without any explanation. OK, so lets make a new order, the only problem is that I was told that I can not use that $100 coupon anymore because its now used. (even though the order was canceled) Makes lots of sense. I have been calling some foreign country for 3 days now only to get hung up on many times. Yes, hung up on. Then I try email and I get a response back that asks me to call. How does this company survive? I am very unhappy with Dell

  63. I want to tell Dell. I love the product. I run a laptop a desktop and love how if i trash it, I get a web connection and can immediately find all the drivers I need.

    I am v. dissapointed with your continued support of Vista. I understand you may have a contractual ob. with MS. Still for you to keep up the charade doesn't instill a great deal of love and trust in you. I run xp pro and win2k on my machines. And as I get ready to purchase a new machine, it will more than likely be a Dell, however I will make certain Vista never is uttered in its presence.

    thank you.


  64. I had a bit of the pci retention bracket a little clip broke off, how do I replace if I buy another one. I got 3 year basic warranty, is it covered yes no here is picture to give you idea of what is my problem. what is the install intructions how do I do that.


    pci slot holder

  65. I am in Dell Purgatory!  My Inspiron 530 has not worked properly since Day 1 (May 8, 2008).  After numerous hours on the phone with tech support and in the endless cycle of Dell Voice Mail, Dell agreed to replace the hard drive.  That would be "Express Service", "Next Business Day", blah blah blah.  That would also have been FOUR days ago.  That would also be a service that I paid for.  I did receive a call from a Dell rep yesterday telling me the technician had left me messages.  That is totally not true.  And, Dell would not provide me with a name or phone number so that I could contact the technician.

    I spent $1,000 on a computer that doesn't work properly and never did.  What a waste of money.  The computer, the service and also the DataSave.  See, Dell tells me I'll have to back up my data for the new hard drive.  Except that I can't access the Internet to use the DataSave!

    What is so galling is that Dell doesn't see any problem with all of this!  I have spent hours on the telephone with tech support so that I can fix my brand new computer.  I am so upset and frustrated with this company.  I don't think "Customer Service" exists with Dell.  I just don't know what to do.  Oh yes, I was also told by Dell that I can't return the computer without their authorization.  And they will not provide it because they say there is nothing wrong with the computer.  So, I guess Dell computers that don't work are the norm.

  66. Susan,

    I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I have escalated your issue to a special team. You should be hearing from them.


  67. John,

    This is an issue you will need to call Brazil tech support for resolution.


  68. I have not been able to get any answers back from Dell. I was given a $100 credit and I applied it toward a new laptop. Dell canceled the order because of a incorrect address that they?Dell had placed on my account. Now that I want to do the order over, Dell tells me that I can not use my credit since it was already used. (used on a order that they canceled by their mistake) I can not get this though their head and would love to talk to someone in the United States not the VERY Rude people that they have answering the calls only to tell me that the system is down to call back later then they hang up on you. Now the will not even return my email. If I earned the $100.00 credit and did not obtain anything for it because of Dells error, then why not reissue the credit. This should be a very simple fix, but Dell chooses to send my phone call over seas to people that do not understand and hang up and DO NOT Help in anyway. Please Please Please have someone from the United States email me or call me about this.  If I do not get this resolved, I will email everyone I know and participate in every blog I can find

  69. This site is a scam. The people who answer you are not the people in the photos. The people who answer are rude people from another country. How about getting some Americans with brains to answer the calls.

  70. My first Dell computer was an Inspiron 1000 i got back in 2005.  Worked perfectly then and still works perfectly today.  It got me hooked on Dells.

    Then my wife got a Latitude D505 from her work in 2006, which also worked great.  I was hooked even more.

    So I decided then to shell out the $3k for one of the XPS laptops.  Worked great also when I got it.  However, as soon as the warranty ran out, the woes began.

    First thing that happened was it would randomly not want to boot.  Was giving me the AC adapter type is unknown, a 130w adapter is required to boot.  I'm thinking "how nice, my 3grand laptop is now going to stop working." Well, shortly after that started the battery suddenly dissappeared.  What I mean is, under the power management in Windows, it doesn't even show up.

    Now, the D505 also won't recognise the ac adapter, however it will boot up with a crippled processor, and it will not charge either of the two batteries I have for it.  The funny thing is, if I plug the ac adapter from the D505 into my XPS M1710 it id's it correctly as a 90w ac adapter unfortunately the XPS still refuses to boot. Also, the XPS gives the bsod on a memory parity error when I try to play World of Warcraft which is what I bought it for in the first place.  This problem seems to be a faulty videocard.

    After doing much searching for these problems I have only come up with having to buy a new battery/adapter for the XPS, which isn't so bad I guess, but a new videocard is bad.  The D505, it would appear that I need a new mainboard.  No way am I going to spend almost $400 for a part when I could replace it for little more.  Not even gonna bother with Dell's Customer Service after the thousands of bitter reviews I have read through.  I now have a $3000 paper weight.

    Guess I will be joining the many others that have been burned by a Dell that will be pushing the sales up of some other pc maker.

  71. I recently had to take over the duties of trying to get my girlfriend's Inspiron E1505 fixed.  She has spent the last 1.5 years trying off and on to get it to stop rebooting with the blue screen of death.  After 3 weeks myself dealing with surly customer service reps and now a senior management team member I am on my second onsite service call and have spent about 15 hours on hold troubleshooting only to get contradictory diagnosis.  I have also gotten differing accounts of what my warranty covers from every person I have spoken with to the point where I don't even know why we bothered to purchse it.  I don't remember getting this much trouble when I was buying multiple Dell machines as a systems administrator for a congressional office.  I am now wondering if my loyalty to Dell has been misplaced since it seems they don't care much about normal consumers.

  72. I have a 5150 Lexmark/Dell printer. I have installed a new blach cartridge and I keep getting a error 50C message. Can uo tell me how to fix this problem?

  73. in my 4-5years of dealing with dell i have found them to be the most non cust service responsible company i have ever delt with

    after buying a new computer and it not working properly for almost 2yrs they charged me for services i did not recieve and then discontinued all corespondence

    this is not a company i would recomend or would ever go buisness  with as they still have not attempted to resolved all my issuses

                                                              a verry dissatisfied former cust

                                                               William J. Schultz 

  74. i have a inspiron 9300 laptop. the battery was removed and when it was put back in, the system does not recognize it. the battery light flashes orange. there were no problems before the battery was taken out and as far as i can tell, this battery was not one of the recalled ones. i tried doing a BIOS flash, but that won't run. it requires the battery to be in, but the system does not recognize the battery… any help would be great. i haven't found any info on this problem anywhere.

  75. How does one get Dell to listen to customer with order porblems?

    I have been routed to five different numbers, and the last says try the third again!!!

    I have a order on hold since Dell says my credit card comes back invalid. (for my fifth Dell com puter)

    My bank says that Dell has not contaqcted them, that if Dell would contact them they would approve the charge.

    I believe my bank when they say there has been no attempt to access my card since charges from other companies are going through.

    Soon I go to HP.


  76. Hello. 

    It seems that the only way to get attention is to publicize what is happening.  Each day we do at least one thing to try to resolve this situation.  And today I am writing here.  Tomorrow I will write on another site and contact Dell in another way.  This whole situation is quite absurd.

    We purchased a 420 XPS system on December 21, 2008.  This system blue-screened in the first week.  In "good faith" we spent a great deal of time uninstalling and installing all of the products and testing the system, only for a rep to decide we needed new memory. We were shipped new memory. After installing it, the computer was still blue-screening.  Surely a new 420 box would not have this problem. 

    A customer rep from Dell shipped out a new one.   Hours after being set up – the 2nd one blue-screened too. Working in technology for the past 10 years, I know that this is very uncommon.  I figured it must be some kind of conflict hardware/software conflict.  After "assuring" me that we would get this worked out… I spent many more hours on the phone with tech support.  We got a new hard drive, motherboard, video card (2 different ones) and still we could not keep it working for more than a few minutes.   

    Since we could not get the computer to work, we requested a refund.  But no, no refunds after 21 days (we called within 21 days the first time – but were willing to try to work it out).  After much begging from the technical support rep to give Dell "one more chance" – we said… okay… we will try it one more time.  This time the computer came without the wireless card (well part of it). The date: April 25th…. Over 4 months after our original purchase.  We were unwilling to wait for another replacement part – especially because there was no way to be sure that this computer was even going to work!!! We just wanted our money back. 

    Today is June 23, 2008.  More than 6 months from the date of purchase.  We have received 3 420 XPSboxes,  memory, hard drive & motherboard (with a tech to install it), 2 video cards, we have put in more than 100+ hours calling tech support/customer care, installing/uninstalling, packing/unpacking and we finally got a supervisor to authorize a refund. One would hope that would be the end of the story… but no…

    A refund was authorized and an email was sent on May 7th (after Dell received our computer) stating that we should receive a refund in the next 7-14 business days.  On May 29th, we called and the refund had not actually been authorized, but a note was being sent to the receiving department and we would recieve the refund in the next 14 business days.  However… 14 business days rolled around and still no refund.  Not only no refund… but no one can explain why, reps AND supervisors now hang up on us when we ask for employee numbers and ids. (I would too… would you want to be associated with this case?)  And I have contacted [email protected] twice with no response. 

    Please tell me… what would you do if you were us? 


    (PS I have purchased Dells for work, have a dell laptop and tv, my family members all have Dells… what an unfortunate way to treat a good customer)

  77. Joanne Hamann, Direct2Dell Tool Admin said:


    This is an issue you will need to call Brazil tech support for resolution.



    I live the UNITED KINGDOM, not Brazil. ??????????




  78. "I have a 5150 Lexmark/Dell printer. I have installed a new blach cartridge and I keep getting a error 50C message. Can uo tell me how to fix this problem?"  yes.

    please help :S

  79. I have been buying dell's for some time now and I never had a problem with costmer services untill just a few days ago.  I bought an 1505e a very nice laptop with all the warintes and everything, figuring somthing would go wrong or I would have to get it replaced, accidents do happen.  I'm currently a truck driver that need the laptop due to the limited space i have.  I'm currently on my home time and my girl freind got upset with a comment I made, me stuble around as we was crossing the street and the laptop got drop.  She saw a car coming and pushed me out of the way so that i would not get ran over by the car.  But the laptop got aced, I called into tech support, they told me that this was covered under the accidentlay warrity's but it would be 10 to 12 days, now my home time ends in 2 days.  My question is can i get a new laptop or a refund of all the warintyes that i bought.  My laptop is needed there is not a question, and my next question is if dell cant do this why evan offer this and an option when buying anything.

    Plz contact if you need any addtional infomation

  80. It's funny I contacted tech support but you know you get a it's your fault response. So you hep everyone else but not me ?

    One when I touched the plastic clip it broke off easlier, I know the part to replace but I have not got a clue of how to do it. No one is making this easy are they. I have more pictures to show. I also think that living in the UK, how did you know I live in Brazil ?

    HELP Tech support terrrible.



  81. I have had a dell dim 2100 for 8 yrs i have loved with few problems. We bought my daughter a dell 5150 laptop which took two yrs to pay off only to have it die a few weeks ago . I had no idea of the overheating problem with it. I just bought a XPS 630 from dell which i received friday. I have not been able to even get online yet as I have a wireless set up problem. I bought the only one with xp to avoid the vista nightmares.  Today I tried to get support for this problem and asked to please speak to a us person as I could not understand them. I was transferred 7 times and still could not get what I wanted. I have not been able to find my problem ont he forums and after reading all the complaints and nightmare problems am seriously thinking of sending this pc right back to dell and going to buy anything else. I had to borrow money to even buy this pc which wil take me years to pay back and I cannot afford a machine that is going to have problems or a support service that will not listen.

  82. I have an E1505 with Vista Home Premium and the intel 945GM Express video card. I have also had the Battery problem previosly mentioned (http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2006/11/19/3648.aspx#55961), and in addition to that I cannot get video output to function properly. At first the S-video was functioning when used with part 044ctv, but later nothing was working, all I was able to get was black and white. I checked all video and BIOS Drivers, but no newer versions were available from Dell, I tried this with multiple different TVs, changing settings trying every combination I could think of and rebootingafter every significant change, but I couldnt get it to work. I cannot afford to buy some 40$ part (more in the case of the battery) to fix a problem that shouldnt be happening in the first place. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  83. Unhappy with Dell systems.
    Well the new ones anyway. I got a Dell Inspirion 1520 for xmas 07. Guess what it hasnt even been a YEAR and I've got some major malfunctions with it. I use the Tech Support chat feature and they were NO HELP. They told me to Re-Seat the Hard Drive and they GUARANTEED this would resolve one of my issues…. well it didnt do anything but cause me to have a 3 hour long phone call and for dell to GUARANTEE me something else only to have them recind what they stated in the phone call.

    Problem 1.

    My laptop out of the blue told me I didnt have a hard drive on about 4 different occasions. Problem with that is A. There is one and B. I was working on my computer when the error came up. A reboot cleared the error but it came back.

    Problem 2.

    Your Display Adapter have stopped responding…. This happens every time I try to run ANYTHING that's Graphicly orientated (games and what not). While playing games my monitor goes Black and the entire thing freezes for about 3 mins. I have tried up update the Nvidia drivers at the Nvidia website but guess what… they claim the model of Card I have never existed…. yet i got it out of dell…..When I talked to Tech Support on the phone and through chat Neither one of the reps would even ACKNOWLEDGE THIS!!!

    Problem 3.

    Laptop Will not Boot at ALL. I get 1 light and that is on the right side where the Power, Hard Drive, Wifi Bluetooth icons are. The only one to light up is the power one. The Tech I spoke to on the phone said that I should reseat the harddrive. I Told him that I did that this morning after the chat from last night. I told him we've tried to rule out the AC Adapter and the Batter by using just battery power or just AC Adapter power. I hit the FN key and held the power button down like the rep said to but it still wouldnt boot. After being on MUTE for like an hour and a half total time I really got angry. I told the guy it was rude since I knew he was either talking about me or having a conversation with his co-workers about whatever. He even INSULTED the USA! He said " You do realize you have a Holiday Independance Day over there right? " OMG how stupid can you be! I explained to him that Not all people get the day off * unfortunately I have to work on almost all holidays and I need this laptop to do my JOB!.

    He GUARANTEED me 2 business days till he would ship me new parts, 1 AC adapter, A new Motherboard, and new memory…… then he tried telling me that it wouldnt get to me with a tech until THURSDAY. I told him this was unacceptable and we ended up having a massive clash since he "claimed he couldnt" get me the Tuesday delivery date like He GUARANTEED me. After a total of 3 HOURS ON THE PHONE after I had just worked a 12 HOUR SHIFT I was hungry and tired and quite irratable I know I wasnt the most pleasant but he didnt help matters much. After the conversations we had exchanged he actually asked to put me on hold *GASP* actual manners?!

    He said they would get me a tech Tuesday but I HIGHLY Doubt that I will get a tech or my parts.

    In my house we have 3 Dell Laptops and 4 Dell Desktops *we are a combined family* and out of all of them only 2 of them EVER had issues this current one and our 1 desktop – Dell came to our house with a tech and replaced a Hard drive on a desktop under warrenty It was SWEET they were in and out in under half an hour…. I just spoke with a guy at work while typing this and he said that I might want to try formatting the MBR… Not sure how to do that and I'm sure Dell wont be of any help GOOGLE here I come.

    If you are a Real Dell Rep and you see my case PLEASE help me as I really want my Comp working to it's peak performance I have Vista Premium Edition. I got the best Specs at the time I bought this laptop and lemme tell ya what it wasnt cheap, now that it's paid for though and they have their money is when they dont really want to support anything….

    Thanks for letting me rant sorry it was so long.. I'll update if/when I can find out if my MBR is blown.

  84. Wow.  A lot of angry Dell customers here….and rightly so.  I just bumped into this board because I just ordered a new Dell and was reconsidering the purchase of the 2-year warranty.  I never buy them (except for xbox-360, which always pays off), but for some reason I thought my luck might be running out with Dell.  The reasons:

    I chose and purchased my parents' first and second Desktop from Dell.  Never had a problem. They are using the newest, and their several-year-old Dimension 4100 has been in my family room for 2 years….without problems.

    My Dimension 8200, bought 5+years ago, has run and is running great.  The only problem was a blue screen issue  a couple of years ago.  I checked all of the hardware connections myself, then took it to a shop to have the CPU reseated properly. Fixed.  The result of moving it around a lot.

    I chose and purchased my brother's 2 Dells, my sister's 2 Dells.  All still run with –zero– problems.  None.  The only things I troubleshoot for them are operator error issues.

    So I guess what I am saying is that my experience with the machines has been excellent.

    What I learned here is that if I actually have a problem, I might be in for a hell of a ride with Dell Customer Service. 

    So, have I gambled enough by not buying the warranty?  Or should I skip the extended and hope for the best to continue?




  85. I've ordered hundreds of Dell products over the past 10 years for:

    • Personal Use
    • Company (my company) use
    • Companies I was running
    • Family & Friends

    I've never had Dell fail to deliver until now. I ordered a laptop on 6/13 with a ship date of 7/1. Dell unilaterally stated that they would not ship until 8/8. I've cancelled my order and will start ordering from HP.

    Thanks for the memories. I used to really like your stuff.

  86. I am having the same problem as Gabe described above.  Exactly how am I supposed to flash the BIOS to fix a battery problem when the BIOS program won't run because it "doesn't recognize the battery"?

    I have 2 different batteries and can't get either of them to charge.  If my AC adapter wiggles even a little bit my laptop turns off because it thinks I have no battery.  This is causing HD corruption and major frustration.  I cannnot move from one location to another without shutting down before I move and restartingwhen I get there.  I'm not feeling very mobile at all.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  87. my inspiron 1720 has randomly rebooted and blue screened with a hardware failure: contact hardware manufacturer since I got it.  Three reformats later and still the same thing.  My coworker has the same machine with the same software and no problems.

    I call dell, and get put on hold for 45 minutes.  i gave up and hung up the phone. 

    I'm a PC support guy and I could never buy a dell if this is the support I would receive for my purchases.

    Ryan Morris


  88. Wow, Ryan – I'm having the EXACT same problems, and more that you are.  I've been dealing with this since I got the laptop in December – each time I talk to Tech Support, they swear they have the solution, but they don't.  This last guy I talked to in the escalation team had the audacity to tell me to "trust him because he know's more than I do about technical issues".  Uh, ok.  So, he told me he was dispatching someone to come out and replace my hard drive and memory.  I told him to make sure he sends me the right size – well, not only did they not ship the hard drive, but they sent a motherboard, and a fraction of the required memory.  The guy that was supposed to come out told me to expect a call by 9am this morning, and guess what?  No call.

    I manage a nationally syndicated radio host, so its not like I'm just messing around with my computer for kicks – I needs this for my work.

    They don't care.

    Oh, and emails to the customer advocate have proven fruitless.  I had to spend close to a grand on this computer to get it up to what I needed it to be (it was a warranty replacement) so I'm sitting on a $2300 1720 piece that won't work right.

  89. Scott – get the warranty.  And, if you happen to get ahold of someone based in the US (tech person)… hang on to his number and extension for dear life.

  90. I have an old Dell and my wife has kept in good shape, She has millions of documents on it, or in it? I found that out the other day when I had a slow and unstable problem. I was trying to retrieve deleted emails and missing files pertaining to my wife who has passed away, they are very important. I found just about 705674 documents scanned? took almost six hours accourding to the software, but it is a free download and some of the files come back cannot preview, it says the file is in excellent shape though? I need to get into my computer to search for these missing emails and files myself? how do I get in?  with out having to purchase software I cannot afford? I am sure that  deleting is a hoax, and that the info is some where. I have seen it on news programs and read in magazines on and of the internet.  I just need the info on how to do it. I am not looking to hack into someone's comp.  I looking to I guess hack into my computer. otherwise it is floating around in cyber space and I have to find away to capture it? If you can help GREAT!!!!!!!!!

    Ted IV

  91. Ted,

    Most times, if the hard drive is stable, you can take it to a place, like Best Buy and they can actually retrieve the data for you and put it on a CD.

    Cost depends on the size, but when I did it, I believe it was $100 for under 5 GB of information.

    Hope this helps!

  92. Hmmmmmmm…. Still no response. (Please see post on June 23, 2008).

    What do you think we should do next?

    Dell has our systems (fully returned and received in May).

    Dell has our money (with several promises in email and over the phone to return our money to us).

    I have blogged here.  I have contacted [email protected] twice (no response).  We have gone through the Dell website and through Customer "Care".   When they answer the phone, they now look through the notes – say "oh, I will get you to a supervisor" and then hang up on us in the transfer.

    Hmmmmmm…. what should we do next?

    I promise to keep you all posted.



  93. When booting up my dell server (dell power edge 2900), I recieved the following message "strike F1 to retry boot F12 for set up utility". can any one resolve this problem i have importent data in this server thank you

  94. On 6/27/08, I pruchased a new Dell XPS 420 computer, –No problem with the computer, in fact I love it, even being stuck with Vista.

    The problem is this (may not seem important to most), when I got the computer, my last name was spelled wrong on ALL  the paperwork. I have talked to Tech support (4 times)who assure me it not important that Dell will honor my 4 year warranty and everything that came with it, and that Dell's data base can't be changed.–I have a little experience with data bases and they can be changed.  When I ask to talk to someone higher up, I get a run around, when I ask for contact information for the home office of Dell-I'm told they do not have that information.

    First:That a bit arrogant on Dell's part that they are so perfect that they have no need for the ability to make changes, or is it because it might be an inconvinence someone.

    Second: It's rude and inconsiderate to mis-spell a customers name and then to have Tech support tell you to just go by the incorrect name when dealing with Dell–what kind of answer is that?

    I'm sure if the data base error was with the billing and I paid less then I intended to, an armed SWAT team would be at my door demanding the computer or your money, maybe both plus expenses incurred

    Finally:  If being told by tech support "don't worry about it, your covered" is suppose to make the average consumer today feel all warm and fuzzy after spending apporx. $1700 for their new computer —  Well– "IT DOESN'T!"

    I have been a long time Dell customer, this is my 4th home Dell computer(the last 3 still using), I also have involvement with IT in my job, I spec. computers and have only beern ordering Dells for the past six years, but right now I am a very frustrated and angry customer. This problem has never come before, and funny that it came with one of the more expensive computers I bought.

    This is a silly but important problem to me, and I have read of others having the same problem.  It's silly of Dell not to make this right, or is this the a new style service and support Dell now offers with their computers.  Nobody wants to hear "our data base can't be changed"—FIX THE PROBLEM.—–or should I contact my card company, explain the problem & cancel the sale, packup the computer in the original box(which I've kept)send back to Dell and contact the State Attorney General? 

    Let me say this one more time  "yes I'm Angry," and this whole issue is stupid and shouldn't be happening.



  95. In February, 2008 I purchased a Dell Laptop XPS M1530.  I was so excited.  State of the art and a computer that would probably replace my Dell desktop which was starting to show its age.  The excitement didn't last long (over one month of course) as the DVD drive suddenly didn't work.  After hours on the phone with tech support, I had to reinstall Vista and all my software that I had previously installed.  Ok, one mistake fixed.  Let's go down the road now.  Not.  Another problem came up and again tech support wanted to reinstall Vista.  I wouldn't let them and finally fixed the problem myself.  More hours lost.  Then my internet connection wouldn't work.  After hours on the phone they determined that I had a connection from the cable to the computer but not from the computer to the internet.  I already knew that.  Nothing tech did would fix this problem.  I asked for a new computer but they wouldn't replace it for a software problem.  Again I was on the phone for hours and had to reinstall Vista along with all my software for the third time.  I knew that this was no software problem, but a problem with the computer's hardware that was causing various software to fail.  I thought I would baby the computer, but I didn't spend over $1700 for that.  I used the computer as I normally would which is mainly for accounting.  I knew the problem would show its ugly head.  It did.  Now the sound on my laptop isn't what it was, the sound buttons don't work, Norton (which you advised me to get) doesn't work, QuickBooks doesn't work.  How do I get a replacement for this dud?   Dell makes millions of computers and I understand some are bad.  What I don't understand is Dell not supporting their product.  Having to reinstall the operating system twice in four months to fix problems is not acceptable to me and hopefully not to you either.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that there is some kind of a hardware problem with the computer that you can't identify.  Please replace this computer.  This is my third Dell.  Don't make it my last.

    Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com                                                               " We need to be afraid of our customers, because those are the folks who give us money.  I remind people every morning we should wake up afraid and use the terror as a motivator.  The customers are the folks that at the end of the day are really in control….Customers have a bigger voice online.  If we make a customer unhappy, they can tell thousands of people.  With that kind of megaphone in the hands of every individual customer, you had better be a customer-centric company."

    What is Dell's position?  From where I stand, they don't give a hoot.


  96. Ok Here we go again…

    I am writing this because I have an inspirion 1520. It is less than 1 year old and I've had to have the motherboard, Memory and ac adapter replaced already.

    Dells tech support did a very poor job of handling this situation. They made a "Guarntee" to me that my issue would be fixed by :

    A. Reseating the hard drive.

    B. Getting new Memory, Motherboard and AC Adapter.

    SO After dealing with BOTH A and B. I had a fixed machine. UNFORTUNATELY for me now I have an error that my Broadcom isnt working AND my Video display is all wonky.

    After spending another 2 hours on chat support since it is the only way I can express myself with out sounding irratated and being told to calm down, the guy just got fed up and remoted into my machine – flashed my bios which didnt work. He then remoted in again and did some other wonky stuff not sure what but it didnt work either. he had me go into the BIOS Setup and disable the broadcom guess what… it worked!

    It only took 2 weeks to fix something that shoulda taken 3 days at most with Delivery / installation.

    Oh yeah, when they say they are sending you a part and they say 3 days, they mean 3 days AFTER the monday they put it in. Best to all on a monday so it's fixed by friday.


  97. I recently purchased a Dell laptop for my daughter.  It never did from the day we recieved it nor will it now connect to the wireless web in any way.  The only way it will connect to the internet at all is through a ethernet cord.  We have called Dell customer service, Tech Support and been transferred to every department possible.  The only thing we were told was that our wireless router was bad or non compatible.  Not true!  We purchased a new router the latest version and still nothing.  We have yelled, begged and everything else to get this issue resolved!  After around 10 exassperating phone calls we were offered a solution, HA!  that we pay 69.00 to fix it!  No way!  The last phone call I made, I was told that Dell Corporate Office would call me in 2 hours!  That call never came!  Can I quit paying on this useless laptop legally?  Or can I send it back to them?  What am I suppposed to do with a laptop that can only work hooked to a desktop?  Oh. I forgot to add that we did purchase the extended warranty on the hardware and we were told, that it didn't cover a problem with the wireless card! Are you kidding me!  I want them reported to anyone and everyone who will discredit their cheesey service!  I will never buy anything from Dell again and I will certainly discourage everyone I know to never deal with Dell!

  98. To be fair, I have to say because of my blog, on July 21st, I was contacted by some very nice people at Dell who tell me the problem is corrected.

    I have not recieved anything in the mail to prove that yet, but I feel I need to take them at their word, So thank you very much for the assistance with this matter, and the quick response,

    It's really too bad it couldn't have been resolved the first time I called support, or at least been directed to some one who could help.


    Thanks Once again.

  99. Hi. How are you doing? I am using a brand new Dell Vostro 1400 from last two weeks and all of a sudden from yesteray evening a single pink vertical sharp line is appearing on my display (14.1" UltraSharp(TM) Widescreen WXGA+ (1440×900) 1, TFT Display with TrueLife(TM) ). It runs from top to down on the right side and it starts appearing from the time I switch on the power to the time I switch off.

    Can you quickly help me to solve this issue please.

    Thanks Much !!

    – Sol.

  100. I have a problem starting up my Dell Dimension 9100. When i go to start it as soon as it turns on all it says is R480 VGA DVI TVO XT BIOS BR10204. I am not able to get it to boot off of cd rom or hard drive. I cant even get into the bios or cmos. any sugestions?

  101. It is nice to know there is a customer advocate – I purchased on 7/31 a 17" WUXGA LCP panel and the customer service rep, Katrina Mae Bulawan,  stated I had 3rd party at home service agreement.  She arranged for this ($119) for me only to find out from the 3rd party installer that they do not install LCP panels in laptop per their contract. 

    The technical support people I spoke with said they only replace damaged parts and then only with the same part. They do not remove the original equipment and install upgraded equipment purchased through Dell.


    Can you help me?

    It would be good practice for Dell to inform their customer service reps what the 3rd party installer's contracts do not include.  He said they also do not install mother boards, processors, and several more items.  – What do they install/repair?

  102. I have unsubscribed from Dell mailings three different times for three different names, some of which weren't mine,  but the unwanted Dell drivel still comes.  How do I stop Dell from mailing its detritus to 4801 Wilmar Cir.  Blairsville, GA 30512?

  103. Hi,

    I have got a dell xps 1330 with geforce 8400M GS.

    There is some flaw causiing GPU failiure and got to know dell had stopped producition of xps till recently.

    What about people who have been given laptops with such problems.dell would be recalling such models and replacing them, i guess.

    If you dont have an idea of what I am talking about, you may serch the string "xps 1330 flaw" in youtube.

  104. Hi All,

    if any one is reading this blog before you make your order with DELL, please do not make your order. i had ordered and made the payment for my studio 15 laptop on July 30th am yet to receive it, the sales guys who took the order promised the laptop would be delivered to me within 7-10 days, i have not received the laptop. when i try to call them they hang up the call saying we will get back, they never get back, after that when i tried calling them they dont even answer the call.  no replies for all the mails i have sent the sales people. never knew Dell would treat customers like this. Dont even have a proper place to complain. i dont know where my laptop is and will i even get it.

  105. See Elango that's what they call a bargin. You pay for something and you should get it or complain to hea office.

  106. Here is what I sent to Customer Advocate.
    I bought a Dell E1505/6400 in October 2006. About a year later after my warranty expired the thing started going crazy. This system has not been drop and only has scratches on the top from putting it in and out of laptop bags. Everything I have read says that the mainboard that has gone bad in my system. This would be fine and all if this were and isolated issue. Doing a little digging I have found many people who have had the same problem. Some more recent than I have. And Dell continues to sell this system. Who knows how many more people will be affected. This is obviously a big thing and I think something should be done about it. I bought this system for a little over $800 and I am expected to pay another $400 to fix it when Dell has known about the issue all along? It is all over the Dell forums and all over the Internet. I would just like a satisfactory answer as to why this is going on and what is being done about it.
    Sure would like to here something back.

  107. I can't figure out how to change the print size on my All-in-one Dell Photo A1O 926. When I print anything it is so small I can barely read it……..

    If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it!

  108. I hope a bunch of people read this comment before buying a Dell product. 3 years ago I purchased 2 laptop computers as Christmas gifts because they each came with a $100.00 rebate. Im sure you know what Im going to say next. I SENT EVERY PIECE OF PAPER I GOT IN MY SHIPMENTS in for my rebates. Dell kept jacking me around and telling i was missing this then missing that, until the deadline passed and they effectively did what they set out to do, which is RIP ME OFF completely. I sent everything I had THREE times. Needless to say, Dell will never get any more business from me, not that they care. Too bad- I just spent 1200.00 on a Mac Book, and my THREE children will be getting them too. Enjoy your 200.00 Dell, cuz future sales from this family couldve been approximately 5-10 thousand more as my kids get older. Apple thanks you, I am sure.

  109.  hav Latitude D505… since last 8 months vertical lines are coming up on the screen and the no. has increased to 20 now. lines r of different colors.

    recently i v strated to hav problems with pictures which r online…. they are completely blurred.

    i v got the driver available at Dell site….. reinstalled it.

    please help me out

    service tag no. BKCFD1S

  110. Forget buying a Dell. I have the vertical line problem on my Inspiron 9300. ell replaced the display and three months later it's broken again. Dell refuses to repair it as it is now out of warranty and they said they don't guarantee repairs unless you pay for them. Nice work Dell, you lost yet another long-time customer.

  111. Hi. My Dell Inspiron 4150 is not under warranty.  I am seeking information on what might be the cause of the problems.  If you cannot help me, can you tell me who to call or email?

    1) My Western Digital external hard drive –which I have had for a couple of years–no longer appears on my computer screen; I cannot save documents to it because I cannot find it.  . It had worked fine, but not now.  WD advised me to buy a booster USB cable, but that has not solved the problem.

    2)  Sometimes when I turn on the computer,  it does not give me the home page. Instead it gives me a message to hit F1 or F.  F1 does not work. I do get F2.  I do not change anything on F2; I just go from page to page, then escape, then turn off the computer.  Usually when I turn it on the second time, I get the home page.

    3) Sometimes when I am typing–here for instance or regular emails, I get vertical lines instead of letters.  I must wait for the computer to eliminate these lines and replace them with letters, which it does eventually.

    3) Since these problems began, I purchased an HP Photosmart all-in-one printer.  Sometimes after I print something or scan something, the icon for the printer disappears from the computer screen. If i re-start the computer, the icon re-appears.

    Westgern Digial has suggested that the problem I am having with the WD external Driver may instead be a problem with the computer drive. How do I confirm or correct this diagnosis?  How do I get repairs for my Dell laptop, which is not covered under warranty?  Is the "drive" hardware or software?

    Thanks much for any help.



  112. Yes the forums are a help. But for software and some hardware, but what about computers that need fixing where do you go for help in USA, UK, Europe. Tech support ???? what do they do for you.

  113. My older son bought my younger son a Dell XPS M1530 as a gift for getting in to University a couple of weeks ago. What was a wonderful gesture has become a Dell nightmare. The computer worked for less than 48 hours. After nearly an hour on the phone to Dell Tech Support in India, where the first 10 mins consisted of me yelling "I can't hear you" and then "I can't understand a word you are saying", the idiot on the phone told my son to get a screw driver to disassemble the computer., I grabbed the phone at that point,  and told him in no uncertain terms that we were absolutely not going to do anything so stupid and invalidate our warranty. He arranged for a technician to come to our home 5 days later. I told him to make sure the tech had a new laptop with him, as I was not prepared for it to be fixed when it was a couple of days old. Replace or refund.

    The technician agreed immediately that it was an intermittant fault, which he had seen before, and that the laptop needed immediate replacement or refund. He called India to "escalate" the case and was told no manager was available but that they would call me that morning.I received no call. I called customer services that afternoon, and was passed around from tech line to reception 5 times, with me requesting a manager each time, and I never got to speak to one. The last man to take the call, Kumar, put the phone down on me. All I wanted at this stage, was a returns number.

    I called the Dell service line the tech had given me, and after 2 attempts, got them to email a manager, who called me to "check that I was happy". WHAT????? I think not. She said a manager would call that evening, as I had an appointment to go to. They called when I was out 20 mins later. Useless. The promised evening call never materialised.

    I emailed the customer service address and had no reply. I called India again yesterday, and finally spoke to a floor supervisor. He promised to call me by 6pm. No call. I called this morning, and there is no-one available to take my call. I have emailed customer services yet again. And I have posted all of this on my blog, and my friends are beginning to spread the word. Do not buy a Dell computer.

    We have been Dell customers for over 10 years, and this is not the first time we have had problems. There is no way my son can go to University with a malfunctioning computer. My husband died in the middle of my son's A level studies here in the UK, and it has been a tough time for him. This computer meant a great deal. The look of resignation on his face is something I am not prepared to see.

    My repeated requests to have my call transferred to someone with some authority have been ignored. My requests to speak to someone who speaks decent English? Ditto. Dell, you need to sort out your Customer services. At the moment they are a diabolical mess. And while my voice may be small, it is still global. I will use it well.

  114. I've had problems with my E1505 power adapter since day one.  The laptop doesn't recognize the adapter even though it's the one I bought with the computer, and thus the battery doesn't charge.  Tried a new battery – doesn't matter since the adapter isn't recognized.  Computer is under 2 years old – I can't afford to buy parts guessing at the issue.  Help!

  115. I have two Dells (Dimension 4700)(Inspiron 5100) big mistake. So far I'm on my fourth hard drive. Your thoughts.

  116. Dell would sell more computers if they came with spare hard drives. I have two Dells and I'm going to install my fourth. Whats wrong here? Your thoughts.

  117. See Linds this is called coporate management. Just get a refund and buy from a shop. hope you get that sorted out pronto. But with alot of Dell Techs in USA been getting the sack, bad business for a journalist ;).

  118. I used up my colored ink this weekend and proceded to order more online but because I had changed screen names since I last purchased ink,I could not order because my password was invalid. Since when do you have to provide a password to order ink? If I could afford it I would throw this Dell out the front door and go buy a new HP.That way I would have a few more choices about where I could purchase my ink.Then I finally resorted to calling the phone number on my manual,the repersentive was taking up my time by trying to sell me other products,when all I wonted(after trying online for an hour) was to complete an order for ink and get it on the way.So now it is my bedtime and I dont have the time to do other things I wonted to tonight.

  119. I have purchased 3 Dell laptops over the past 4 years. 2 as gifts (my brother in laws Pharmacy graduation and my sister in lays cytologist graduation). While I'm generaly please with the quality and performance of my purchases, my last purchase insulted and disrespected me so badly that I will never consider Dell products again.

    My last purchase, 04/07/2007, was for a highly customized E1505 for my sister in law. After identifying my needs and working with a phone sales rep, the final customized laptop was quoted at 1264.00 +/- (I don't recall the exact change amount) after my qualifing Intel Corp employee discount. I placed the order with the rep and stated my payment intent using my Debt Card. The Dell rep quickly brought to my attention that if I'd be willing to apply for the Dell preffered members credit card that I could recieve a larger discount which would drop the price to 1211.08. I was very leary of this offer and expressed a clear concern about being able to pay the account off in full before any finace charges could acrew. The rep clearly stated, and I quote "No problem Mr. Buick, as soon as you recieve the laptop just call out accounts payable department and you'll be able to pay it off immediately". This seemed reasonable, and with his assurance I agreed to the Preffered Customer card. The rep also added that my purchase qualified me for a Dell 100.00 gift card which would off set some of the laptops cost. All in all I was happy, The Dell rep appeard to save me an extra 50.00 and I qualitifed for a 100.00 gift card… pretty cool I thought.

    Roughly 10-15 business days later I recieved the laptop just as I had ordered. I immediately called Dell accounts payable to pay off the account, but was shocked to hear I couldn't pay the account off because the account hadn't been created yet. I was told this was normal and I shouldn't be allarmed, the account should be established within the next few weeks and I could call back then and pay it off before finace charges were applied. 2.5 weeks passed and I called Dell accoutns payable back. This time my account had been established and the charged amount of 1211.08 was present. HOWEVER, when I attempted to make payment the Dell rep stated the DELL DOES NOT ACCEPT DEBT CARDS as acceptable payment methods, only personal checks or cashier checks were accepted. The Dell rep appologized and advised that I cold attempt to mail a personal check in, however without the Dell prepaid payment envelope with the in house routing bar code it wouldn't be likely that the check could be recieved and correctly processed prior to the 1st statement, with finance charges, would be issued. The only other alternative would be to provide my checking account and bank routing information which would allow her to direct bill my account in full, however a 25.00 processing fee would be applied to the total. Ultimately it came down to pay 25.00 in processing fees or 22.00 dollars in finace charges. I wasn't happy about either but opted for the 22.00 PENALTY FOR TRUSTING DELL.

    My last issue concerns the 100.00 gift card mentioned by the sales rep. Obviously I never recieved it. Yes, I've called and emailed Dell on mulitple occasions to resolve this issue, but nothing has worked. Dell says that there were no 100.00 gift cards (cash cupons) that were offered or eligable for my purchase at that time. At this point I know there's nothing I can do. Dell says they didn't have such a promotion and there's no record of the sales rep every making that statement. Wow, go figure. The short and sweet of it is that Dell, directly or indirectly, miss lead me on a 100.00 gift card and my ability to make full payment on my account. The net result is the overpayment and lose of 122.00 combined. Pretty lamed if you ask me.

    As a result of my experience I have spoked to many people and searched the internet for simular experiences. It seems you don't have to look to hard to countless stories of Dell reps promising Gift Cards and never following through. The BBB and Texas Attorney Generals office are two places that illustrate this point very well. The presumption is that commision driven sales reps are making these promises to sweeten the pot and close deals. The shear volume of this specific complaint must mean Dell is very aware of the issue but is doing nothing to address, resolve and amend this breach in a good faith verbal agreement (Federal states that any agent authorized to deal on behalf of their employeer is bound by both written and verbal contract agreements.). The promise of a gift card is a contractural agreement. There's no quick fix to this issue, other then to stop buying Dell products untill the company can re-earn the trust of future and existing customers.

    My closing statement is this… My E1705 (purchased for my wife in 2006) recently died, the monitor is shot, and so I once again entered the laptop market. I considered Acer, HP, Gateway and Toshiba before finally settleing on and purchasing a Sony Vaio FW series (T9400 Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, 400 G HD, 4G ram, 16:9 16.5" HD 1080P screen, Radion HD grafics card, Combo Blue Ray drive, extended life battery and Vista 64). Not only do I no longer consider Dell a viable option, I have literally taken my business else ware!

  120. Dell would sell more computers if they came with spare hard drives. I
    have two Dells and I'm going to install my fourth. Whats wrong here?
    Your thoughts.

  121. I got a Dell E156FP Lcd monitor with a small dot thats clearly
    visible when monitor is turned off, also is clear in a full white
    screen like Ms paint or a blue screen desktop image.


    It could be a scratch, stuck pixel is that visible when monitor is turned off. Or maybe a red pen stuck ink ?


    how do I get rid of it. It's near the bottom left of screen just a few centimeters above the start button.


    really small like this . but it looks red on white screen. Also is clear dot when monitor is turned off.

  122. I have been a loyal Dell Small Business customer for many years.  Last year, I purchased a Dell for one of my employees.  The hard drive has crashed twice in six months.  According to the onsite tech at the office,this computer is pure and simple a lemon.  I asked the Gold Tech support people to please replace this computer–I can ill afford the lost work time that a crashed computer takes from my business.  According to the gold tech people, my hard drive has to crash three times before I can get a replacement computer.  They tried to convince me that two hard drive crashes in six months is normal. If that's the case, Dell needs to get out of business.    If this is not resolved to my satisfaction, you have lost a customer.




  123. I have worked in customer service call centers for over 18 years, including positions at leadership levels. My contacts with Dell are always the same. The power supply of my computer was damaged by hurricane Ike in Houston. I called Dell tech support. I made the first call at 9am and paid with my credit card. People continued to tell me they would call back. I called back and after seven calls to Dell at 5 pm that day, many hours after they processed my credit card pymt, I reached a tech support person, he told me that he was transferring me to a sale rep that could tell me how I could get the computer repaired. When he transferred me, the sales rep said he had to process my order and would call me back. He never did. Three days later I made eight calls to Dell trying to complete the service I was supposed to get to find out where to repair my computer. In the eight calls, six people trf me back to the automated system that I had called in on and two hung up on me. Dell pays people to not work and that is very strange. At every call center I have ever worked at csr's who trf customers back into the vru system so they won't have to work are fired when caught doing it with any regularity, like a couple of time. Csr's who hang up on customers rather than work are fired immeditelay. It's easy to catch both of these, I have never worked in a call center that didn't have reports that could be done to show when csr's hang up on someone or didn't show where calls are trf to. On the ninth call, I was trf to a supervisor who told me my money would not be refunded and that as far as not being told how I could get my computer fixed I could just go to Best Buy. I told her that we had just had a hurricane, many stores and most homes did not have electricity, and the roads were dangerous to drive. She made an ugly sound (meaning she didn’t care that the roads were filled with trees to drive around and live electric wires lying across and other hazards – not to mention – there is very little gas – you can’t waste gas – without electricity it can’t be pumped) – I asked if she knew what best buys were open, her answer, "I don't know, I'm in India." This is a supervisor who thought it was fine for a sales rep to handled sales by telling people he will call them back and not doing it. Most companies not only expect their employees to work but have quotas for their sales rep. And every call center I've ever worked in or heard of other than Dell has their reps put in orders with customers on the phone, not tell customers they will put in the order and call the customer back and the customer doesn’t even know what they're ordering nor have approved it. But then he never meant to call back. All of these employees are refusing to work day in and out on every call. The supervisor that I spoke with fully approves of that. Tech support csr trf calls right back to the tech support vru or they simply hang up or some say they will call back with no intention to do so. Dell pays them money, a pay check, to not work. It is so strange. No other company does that, that I know of. Why does Dell hate their  customers so much they pay people to do nothing but abuse their customers They do not require them to do anything else but that. I think for Dell to charge tech support trouble shooting fees and never deliver anything but trfs, hang up, and call backs that never occur is theft. The customers are paying for tech support services, we shouldn’t have to pay to be hung up on. I think this is actually illegal.  After three days one supervisor helped me get my computer fixed by telling me to go to Best Buy. That cost me 10 hours of my time making calls to Dell and 53.00 dollars on my Master Card. I think it’s theft.  Its definitely not customer service. Customer service reps that won’t talk to customers, tech support reps that won’t talk to customers, sales reps that won’t talk to customers, supervisors that answer legitimate customers concerns with “I don’t know, I’m in India.” No one else but Dell.  I think Dell would be better off giving these people weekly checks as charity rather than the farce that it’s’a pay check for not working. Why does dell do this, it's so strange. And can I get my $53.00 refunded?

  124. I want to buy a Dell system-I really do. I want to find out if I can substitute a Viewsonic monitor for the specified Dell one. Simple you might think. Surely I should be able to e mail a question along these lines–but no–I have to phone dublin and then India. I have had a succession of people I simply cannot understand and seem quite disinterested. I think it is quite arrogant of dell to provide such a very poor service.

    If anyone does know a dedicated E mail help line–please let me know!


  125. It could be a little hole in the LCD. Which with all my tech knowledge I do not know how to fix. Also the pci rention bracket how do I fix that. I posted in forums and looked on support no help.

  126. Hi John,

    I wasn't trying to ignore you or blow you off, but was trying to point you in the right direction to get some help.  I understand how frustrating trying to resolve some computer problems can be.

    You may want to check out the online versions of the service manual for your system which is also available on http://support.Dell.com.  There are step by step walk through instructions for most repair procedures and some of them also have either pictures or diagrams that can help show you the steps.

    If there is a physical hole in the LCD or if that bracket is broken I don't believe they can be repaired, but they would need to be replaced. But to be honest I'm no expert on PC repair.

    Blogs and comments are not really the best forum to provide technical support in but if you can post the link to your questions you submitted to the forums I can ask one of the forum reps to take a look at it and maybe they can provide you with more information.

    We provide a lot of self help information on the forums and the support site, and if needed our Technical Support groups are always available as well.  

  127. John,

    You may have better luck getting help with technical questions from our Dell Community Forums, which you can access at:


    The members there will be better able to provide support for technical questions than through the blog.

    If you prefer you can contact our Technical Support groups to see if they can help you as well.   You can find contact information on our support site, http://support.Dell.com.   You can use the drop down window to select the country or region that you need help in.

    I hope this helps.

  128. i have a dell inspiron b130 that my husband orlando nunez bought for me about a year and a half ago.i think. i would like to know if my computer is still under warranty because where you plug the laptop in the back is damaged.when i plug the computer ,i have to move it around so that plug show up on the screen instead of the battery.whenever i move the laptop it goes to my battery and then it shuts off.i bought a new ower cord but that didn't fix the problem.if it's not under warranty where can i take it to be repair and how much?

  129. @ida nunez

    You can check the warranty status of your system online at our support site, http://support.Dell.com

    There is a link on the left side of the screen near the top for Warranty Information.  Click on that and type in your service tag (found on a sticker attached to the bottom of your notebook) and your warranty information will be available.

    You can also call into our tech support groups or chat online at http://www.Dell.com/chatsupport to get that information as well.

    I hope this helps.

  130. My 926 A10 right out of the box. No manual. Just a shortcut page. So, please tell me how to scan or copy (I know how to copy something), then save it to word or some other file so I can email it as an attachment. And how can I fax something? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Next problem. Most of the time when I print a file. I have to shutdown then turn on my Inspiron 1501 before it prints. Have Visa Home Premium.

    Thank you for your help.

    Fr. Peter

  131. I have been a loyal dell customer for almost 5 years. I purchased a domention 2400 back in 2005. When I paid for the computer i purchased a 4 year warranty that expires on October 2, 2009 Last Thursday I talked with an agent named Farsana. She told me that I can only get another year on my warranty for $98.99. Is there a reason why I can't extend my warranty? I have had lots of use of the tech support team. It seems as if dell doesn't care about future business with loyal customers like myself. I am a totally blind customer. If I have to pay to get a sighted person to help me with troubleshooting, something is wrong. I do believe in people paying for services, but if you are disabled and need techsupport that takes a little more time and patients as well as what they have to do, i don't think that it is fair for a disabled person to have to use non warranty support and pay becaude they need assistance.

  132. John,

    I am a army wife, just bought 2 laptop computers so my husband and I could see each other for the first time in 10 months. His laptop is already not working. I been tring to get the thing fixed now for 2 weeks. I have been hung up on at customer service among other things that would take me to long to write. I am now tring to change over the service warrenty to him in South Korea. I can not understand what the problem is. It took me 4 days to get someone to tell me I could do that and now it still is not done. I have never had so much trouble in my life. I have worked in retail before and if I had done some of the things that these people have done I would have been fired. My husband is serving our country and this is unexceptable. I have already sent you a email and I have gotten no reppnse. I have talked to 3 departments and still I have not gotten anything done. I have never bought from Dell before and I can tell you I will never again. If I can't get anything done in the next 2 days I am going to box my laptop up tell husband to box his up and the printer I also bought along with all the extra things I also boght and I want my money back. He can go to the PX and buy one and I would have been better off to buy mine at Wal-Mart. Please if you can help me! I really don't want to have to do this but I will. It took $100 to send his to him. But I will give all this stuff back with the expectations of getting my money back.


    Lisa Scott Thaxton

  133. i am very disturbed. I have seen lots of serious complaints. is this this real? I hope someone is taking a hard look at the various complaints. You guys have a very serious problem on your hands i have held down 2 jobs. I worked in customer service just as you all do. If you are letting agents blindly transfer calls, not care about customers needs and pay them to do nothing, something is very wrong with that. I wish i could have gotten paid to sit and do nothing. i pay for you all to have centers overseas if my taxes are going to have people doing i recent that.

  134. Hi Debra,

    With the ever changing parts for PCs we normally only carry parts for replacement for systems for about 5 years.  After that the demand for those parts is so limited we need the space to store the newer, upgraded, components.

    You can always contact our technical support groups for help if you need it but after five years we won't have the parts to send out to repair the system.

    I hope that helps explain the limitation on extending your warranty.

  135. Dear Mr. Smart,

    I blogged on here the other day and you got back with me on my issue with my husbands laptop overseas. Will he contacted the korean tech people through a korean friend and they sent him the same form online he has already filled out. Is there no one who can tell me when the serevice agreement will be changed. My husband has to march 10 miles when he gets up with a packpack on that weighs as much as he does. On top of all of this his printer I also bought from you is also torn up now. So I told him to just box it up and sent it back to you. Everything I have bought from you is a lemon. I have not been able to talk to anyone on the phone and if i don't before friday I am sending all of it back. I have a good case with the Better Business Bueau. I have saved everything I need to to file the complant. Some one better call me today with the answer to my questions or I am finished. All you people have been doing is sending us in circles to hold us off. It is crazy and I can't believe this is even happening. Dell should be ashamed of thier selves for doing customers this way but you can bet I am going to let everyone know about my experience. I will sell my personal  belongings to fix this mess I have us in because I bought these and I intend on seeing my husband before his birthday. But I will not let Dell get by with this I PROMISE!!!!! and I keep my promises.


    Lisa Scott Thaxton

  136. i am questioning my future loyalty with dell. it seems as if dell doesn't show much sensativity twoards people with disabilities. you all should go around austin and take a good look around. austin is very disability friendly. your customers are also a devirse group of people just you are as employees we are all devirse. devirsity goes a long way

  137. debra price: I definitely agree with you about diversity, and we do care about you as a customer and appreciate your loyalty.

    The reality here is that we cannot extend the hardware warranty for any system longer than 5 years, simply because we don't stock parts for systems beyond that period.

    That said, you can contact Dell for technical support for your specialized setup via chat as you've done in the past, or by calling us, or contacting me on the blog.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, the real answer is that but after 5 years, buying a new system is the only way to get a new hardware warranty.



  138. When I purchased my Inspiron 1530 a few months back strictly for school work that must be done online for portions of my class. I felt a new computer would help with that. Presently all is good with it.,When I purchased my THIRD Dell I was told "I qualified for one hundred dell dollars" when I received the letter with the codenumber to use it on a purchase, I did buy office student 2007 and a few other items with my order I even called and spoke with a LIVE c/s to order and cash in my cupon. When the order was confirmed I was advised that the code was entered and accepted and that I would only be liable for the amount over $100.00.

         Well I received my bill and the TOTAL amount is due (with no dell dollars subtracted).. I was on the phone for almost an hour and as of now no one claims they can help me or send me to someone else who might can. No avail…Maybe your site can help me in fowarding my question and gripe on why im being charged the whole amount (for being a repeat customer).. hopefully this will be straightened out in due time .. If possible send a email to home above and I will supply needed information to show validity of this claim.

                                                                      Thanks  Rob Rotger

  139. I have a Dell desktop 4700c w/ Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition V. 2002 Service Pack 3 installed
     and about 2 years ago I saved some pictures on CD in the HMT format but
     I can't open any of the pictures on the CD. How do I go about opening, transfering or
     changeing the file format to a readable format?
    I'd appreciate any help you could give me. Even if I have to send the CD out somewhere
    to have the files switched to a readable file or open on some other system I'd be willing to do that.
    Thank you, Garry.
  140. Hello,

    I am trying, for more than 2 weeks, to find someone, in Dell, that can help me with two single questions:

    • Notebook Vostro 1510 that I buy in Brazil ( from Dell ) is the same hardware as if I buy it in USA?
    • Will Vostro 1510 run with Linux ( if I buy it in Brazil )?

    I live in Brazil.

    I want a notebook to use Linux. I would like to buy a Dell notebook, but it is very difficult to get some answers. In Brazil, Dell does not sell notebooks with Linux.

    Dell seems to be Linux friendly ( USA ), so, this is the reason I want a Dell notebook.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Best regards.

  141. I'll be interested to see if this avenue gets a response…  On 9/20/08 I called Tech Support because my Inspiron 1720 would not start up.  Saurabh Bhatt could not help but would have someone call back – that never happened.  I did purchase a Zone Alarm Security Suite from him to reduce the risk of getting another "virus", since he was sure that was the problem.  On 9/21/08 I called again trying to get assistance – annoyed by now after having been passed from Karthik to Upma to Ritika to Moses… you get the picture.  After two days Jay figured out a driver installation was overlooked by everyone else-little training needed.  Thought things were solved, waited on software to arrive to protect system.  The box arrived I tried to install it and it is not compatible with my system – go figure, the technician has my information pulled up on the screen and still manages to send the incorrect software.  I called to return the software and was told "I understand" about twenty times before giving up.  Today I tried once again to talk to someone about getting this resolved – as I am typing this I am on hold; it has been 78 minutes since I was placed on hold by Milli ID # 76110.  This is her answer to my asking to speak to her supervisor because she can't help.  We have been a Dell family until now 4 of the last computers coming from Dell- this experience has totally turned me against them.  There seems to be a big cultural divide that causes more frustrations than resolutions.

  142. Cássio,

    The hardware options for the Vostro 1510 are the same in Brazil as here in the US. I cannot verify that Ubuntu will work on this machine since we do not sell it with Ubuntu as an option and  has not been tested to run on the 1510. You can check out http://www.ubuntuforums.com to see if anyone has had any success in running Ubuntu on this machine. There also may be some other version of Linux you could run if Ubuntu does not.

    Thank You,


  143. I am with Cindy! I called Dell and ALL I wanted to know was, what is the part number or the name of the cable that goes from the front power button panel to the mother board because my computer won't power on..the cable is missing!! I think the kid across the street snagged it for his dell. Anyway, after 1 hour of the rep trying to get me to dismantle my PC and telling me to press the power button, I started to get frustrated. After NUMEROUS requests, asking him to just stop trying to troubleshoot my PC and tell me where the cable connects to the motherboard and how do I order one, he asked me to remove my RAM, I told him, NO! removing my ram and holding down a power button that has NO cable hooked up to it is rediculous. He then informs me that my mother board is damaged!!! What? OMG..I almost came unglued..How can he tell that if there is not even any power coming from the on off swithch to the mother board. He then trys to tell me that my mother board must be powered through the wiring harness coming from the front panel to the ….are you ready for this one?..the sound card…What? click….I have been haunting cyberspace for days trying to figure out where I can buy this blasted cable. It has a 16 pin connector that goes to the front panel and a 32 pin connector that goes to the motherboard ( the rep kept refering to the MB as the audio panel) …Don't ask me!! I called dell sales and not only will they not tell me whether or not I can buy the cable, they want my service tag number, express number and my profile updated..I said, can't you just tell me where to order this part without going thru all this? She said yes of course, now could you please give me your service tag number and update your profile? Flash forward…here I am…Where can I get this cable? someone please!!!!!

  144. I may want to mention that my computer is a Dell Dimension 8200 tower. Not sure if I typed that in or not…If not, my apologies.

  145. I am writing because I saw the article in good housekeeping about the invididual who had problems with their dell account.  I paid my balance of $1163.93 on 4/16/07 (this is when the check cleared my account) 

    I am a 66 year retired single women who is living on a fixed income and paid off my bills before I retired in November of 07.  The stress of this situation has made me physically sick and kept me up at night because I don't know what to do.  Dell has proven that they will do whatever they want no matter what they say on the phone.  Their company employees have lied to me over and over again.

    I have been struggling with this issue for a year and 1/2.  I paid off my Dell balance in April of 2007.  They immediately started calling me telling me my balance was not paid in full.  They would never tell me how much I owed them but kept saying that my balance was not paid in full.  I argued with them for several months to no avail as no one would listen to my side of the story.

    Finally, in Jan 08 when a Dell Representative called…I was so tired of the harassing phone calls that I asked them how much I had to pay to close my account.  They told me if I sent in a check for $105.00,  my balance would be paid in full.  Well, since I am writing this email you can only guess that this was a lie. 

    Now I have a collection on my credit bureau for over $400 and have received letters from two credit card companies that I have zero balance accounts with stating that if I use my cards with them again, I will have to pay a higher rate because my credit rating has dropped.  I owe one bill that is a vehicle that I have recently purchased.  The only thing that is decreasing my credit score is dell. 

    They call my house all day and night and several times a day.  The stress of this is very overwhelming to me. 



    Janice Murdock

  146. Janice: I apologize for the frustration we have caused. May I ask you to e-mail me directly ([email protected]) with an order number or service tag?

    Once I hear from you with that information, I will have someone from customer service contact you directly to get to the bottom of it.

  147. spiralout: Thanks for the system info. Let me see if I can track down some info on the cable you are looking for.

  148. I bought a brandnew Dell Inspiron1520 last March2008. Now, everytime my battery gets low and I will plug in the power cable the laptop will set to sleep/hybernate mode. And the screen flickers.

    Please advice me what is wrong with my laptop?

    Thank you!

  149. I am really glad to see that Dell finally has a forum to allow us to tell them about our experiences.  I had an experience with a burned out power supply.  First I spent hours getting them to agree that this was an issue and then all in all I spent about 45 hours (over the course of a week) of online time with them to get it resolved.  Through the process, I was lied to, given false information, and given no avenue through which I could complain to a customer service person.  This happened approximately 3 years ago when I had purchased two computers.  Now I am in a job where I have had the opportunity to purchase 45 computers – NONE WERE DELL.  I teach classes on customer service and relate this as my single worst customer experience.  The experience was so bad that I considered having my online chat published in a magazine to demonstrate how bad Dell was.  I now actually pay more for a machine to avoid buying a Dell.  I appreciate the opportunity to tell you how I feel, but this will not change my opinion of Dell.  Clearly they had good advertising, but ultimately lousy service.  They did not care about the client or offer a process for fixing the problem.  When Dell goes out of business it will be another example of how you can't fool customers forever.

  150. I am really glad to see that Dell finally has a forum to allow us to tell them about our experiences.  I had an experience with a burned out power supply.  First I spent hours getting them to agree that this was an issue and then all in all I spent about 45 hours (over the course of a week) of online time with them to get it resolved.  Through the process, I was lied to, given false information, and given no avenue through which I could complain to a customer service person.  This happened approximately 3 years ago when I had purchased two computers.  Now I am in a job where I have had the opportunity to purchase 45 computers – NONE WERE DELL.  I teach classes on customer service and relate this as my single worst customer experience.  The experience was so bad that I considered having my online chat published in a magazine to demonstrate how bad Dell was.  I now actually pay more for a machine to avoid buying a Dell.  I appreciate the opportunity to tell you how I feel, but this will not change my opinion of Dell.  Clearly they had good advertising, but ultimately lousy service.  They did not care about the client or offer a process for fixing the problem.  When Dell goes out of business it will be another example of how you can't fool customers forever.

  151. I think the first thing we all need to undertand is that Dell outsources their customer serivce to, last I checked, India.  In turn they have employed very poor english speaking individuals.  Next we need to understand that these customer service representatives have to follow a strict line of questioning.  When you tell them your problem they enter that on a screen and the program comes back with the appropriate questions to ask.  The program will not move on unless they have asked and answered all questions.  The representative does not always know something about computers or even your computer.  They are just reading from a program. 

    I know it's not the best practice, but, in Dells defense they have a very large clientel and need to be able to keep the prices down by outsourcing their customer service department.  Which is probably the biggest department they have.

    Now with that said I have had numerous problems with Dell.  But I always keep in mind the person I am talking to.  I also have an advantage of their reps.  I know a thing or two about computers.  I bought a refurbished Inspiron 1501 and with in a week the hard drive crashed, they sent me a new one and that one crashed.  So I bought my own hard drive and I have not had a problem since, with the hard drive.  The keyboard was stuck on the ; key when I would hit the letter L.  So I bought a new keyboard and no problems there.  Then the screen stopped.  Now this I had to buy from Dell.  But the customer service rep was convinced my monitor was good and that it was the connector between the MB and the monitor.  Once again I know a thing or two about computers.  I also own a Inspiron 1500/6400, All with same inner workings as a 1501.  I traded out monitors and wow, it worked and the suspected bad one didn't.  I informed the rep of this and she said OK and a new one was ordered for me.

    As far as ordering and shipping the only real issue I have had was when I was overseas and tried to order a MP3 player and have it shipped.  I never received it, and it showed it was shipped and delivered.  I asked where it was deleivered to and they said it was never shipped because it's on back order. 

    Now my sister-in-law has a bussiness account with Dell and she has had nothing but problems.  Someone ordered 17 items on her account.  She has had nothing but problems in trying to get it resolved.  Her limit on her account is 2500 and what was ordered was over 12K.  So how this was able to be ordered is beyond me and her.  However I did mention that it could be a computer mess up and she didn't order it  but it was erronously placed on her account.  Now of course getting a customer rep to hear her concerns is like pulling teeth froma hungry lion.  It just doesn't happen.

    So if anyone has any way to fix this problem please let me know.




  152. To Whom It May COncern:

    Hello to everyone at Dell. Can you please help me out.  I received an e-mail on a promotional offer from Dell to test and receive for free this particular laptop model XPS M1530. This was a limited time promotional offer. I accidentally deleted this e-mail. Is this  promotion still available? If so, please e-mail me the particulars so I can teake advantage of this or any other offer by Dell.  Thank you.


    Theodore P. WIerzbinski

  153. Theodore,

    I don't  believe that email would have come from us and I would be very careful about agreeing to any email of that type.

  154. @ John

    I tried to email you to see if we could get your sister in law in contact with someone to help her but the email address you posted is not valid and my email bounced.  Can you post again and make sure your email is listed correctly?  Don't include it in the comment itself but I can read the email addresses listed when you comment.

  155. @ Jun

    If you haven't yet contacted our technical support group I would recommend that you try that first.  I would also recommend that you repost your questions on the Dell Community Forums where the members there will be able to give you quicker feedback on what could be causing the problems.

    You can access the forums at this link.

  156. What is to come to solve the NVIDA GPU issues with g84 and g86 model processors? The BIOS update is only to prolong the death of the GPU (a fix that does not correct the processor package type which is the problem), also cuts battery time and makes the system very loud…..

    When I ordered my system I did not anticipate it to be so much trouble.

    I have a m1330 with it's second motherboard installed due to this paticular issue.

  157. would someone let me know if my comments and concerns are being evaluated


    thank you

    vicki watson

  158. Hi Vicki,

    I sent you an email a few minutes ago to let you know we had reviewed your comments and to let you know why they were not published.   I spoke w/ Lionel and he has forwarded your issue to one of our contacts in support.

  159. Dear dell,

    I'm a stay home grandma with a lot of time on my hands I love taking care of my grandchildren to help out my children since I don't have a job right now but I would love to be able to work from home and feel like I'm helping other people and if I could be a product tester for Dell I could do both. I'm 38yrs old and I don't have a lot of experience with computer so I would be the average person.



                                                                            Glennie Jane Lopez

  160. I really need a customer advocate!!!
    This is my story:
    When I purchased my computer I was informed that I would receive a coupon for $100 of Dell products. When I didn't receive the coupon, I contacted customer service who finally e-mailed it to me after almost 2 hours on the phone. The coupon listed a code and conditions but Absolutely nothing about expiration! When I tried to use it I was told that it was expired or already used. I offered to forward the e-mail when they insisted that the e-mail is supposed to list 120 days under terms and conditions but they were not interested. Code was also still within 120 days based on the e-mail date. After 3-1/2 hours on the phone I get the customer care manager, Nadeesh who states that it was their fault but they can't re-issue coupon codes, so he is sorry and understands how I must feel! He said that he would forward my comments to his manager but that his manager will not contact me as he was the highest person in the Dell corporation that I could speak to. I am a good customer, I paid off my computer and can't understand why they would do business like this! I want to warn as many people as possible! I was planning on using the money for a Nintendo DS for my 7 year old for Christmas this year. I really need this coupon and would Love to find someone to talk with about this situation.
    Thank you,

  161. Hi John, I've ordered Studio XPS on 29th last year, got a confirmed delivery date of 6th Jan – co it was quick. But my parcel got lost on delivery – so I never got it , I had to wait another week to close WWI investigation, I had to reorder the PC again, with estimated delivery date on 11th Feb. I understand it is not your fault, however it is very disappointing company like Dell got NO compensation policy. Some free HW update would be nice gesture. In fact I was shocked to be honest. Do you really think customers are paying $$$ for latest cutting edge technology as i7 and are willing to wait 7 weeks to get it? By the time I get my PC it will be ordinary office PC. Can you please let me know if there is any way of the delay compensation? Thank you.

  162. Hi John,

    I have used, bought, and recommended to others to buy Dell products for the past few years, but now I am incredibly frustrated. I bought a refurbished Dell Monitor off of craigslist less than thirty days ago (a Dell 2408WFP). It was new (well unopened) in the box from dell, and the box was still sealed with Dell's packaging tape. The monitor was working well, but I had some problems with it. First in the middle of the screen were two small grey blobs (I believe dust or dirt under the display that cannot be cleaned off). Then some pixels started flashing colors. Now yesterday I am getting red vertical lines on the left side of the screen (It happens no matter what input I use).
    I have contacted Dell's Customer Service and Tech Support multiple times. Every time I call, no matter who I talk with in any department, I am harassed for an Order # and Service Tag. No one seems to understand that you can buy a monitor from dell without a computer. Not to mention 24" monitors do not have service tags. I have tried to contact the original seller for his order # but he cannot find it. I offered to give Dell his name, address, phone number to look up the information, but they refused. I offered to give them the serial number from the monitor, but they refused to accept it. This was not an isolated incident – I spoke with at least 8 different people over the course of 3 hours yesterday in different departments, and they all would only accept an order # (they wouldn't tell me what it looked like or let me even try to give a number I found on the box, hoping maybe it was an order #) and nothing else.

    This has been unbearably frustrating. I don't know what is so hard about honoring a warranty from the date of manufacturing on a monitor when it's clearly at worst case, 7 months old while all 2408wfp monitors come with at least a 1 year if not 3 year warranty. I have never dealt with a company before that wouldn't honor a warranty from at least the date of manufactured if a receipt or order # couldn't be found. What can I do to get some kind of help? All I want is to have this monitor repaired or replaced. Please help me!

  163. Hi Djinnmage,

    If you can PM me some additional information I'll see if I can get someone to help you.   Did anyone you speak to yesterday provide you with a case number?  Providing support for what we called "non-tied" monitors has been standard for us for years and I'd like to find out who doesn't know how to handle that support.

  164. Todd S

    I am not sure how to PM you in this forum or start a private conversation.  I tried clicking on your profile, but there is no way to contact you directly.



  165. You can click on my user name, which will bring up the profile, and there should be a link to "Send A Message".  I just sent you one.  If you check your profile you'll see one PM received.

  166. Howdy from Texas,

    I have a couple of issues that have popped up since ordering a dell studio XPS (435MT).  Please understand i have tried calling 800 numbers at dell and even emailed the [email protected] (this email was not read properly and was not responded to in full).  I would like someone to contact me regarding these problems in case (KMM95566700I57L0KM).  If you can pull up the case you should find my contact info.  Sorry for posting here, but i am hoping someone will be able to help.




  167. Hi,

    The correct email is [email protected].   If you would like to PM me your information I can request that someone review your case.  BTW, that isn't a Dell case number, it's an email routing ID and can't be read by our support database.

  168. This was the email I attempted to send to "[email protected]", only to find that "This mailbox is no longer being supported"

    "I've pretty much given up hope of getting any useful help from Dell, and all the pages with this e-mail address listed seem to be a year or more old, so I have no idea if this will even reach anyone, but I don't seem to have many options left.

    I paid approximately $3,000 (US) for a computer from Dell. I got the machine in late December of 08. Fifteen months later the video card died, within two days I had a replacement card, which I swapped out and things were running fine again. Then six months later the video card died again. I called and they shipped out a replacement card. After five minutes of playing a game the card had heated to 103C. I called technical support and tried to explain to them that 103C was bad, but that the odds on me getting this many faulty GTX 280s were pretty slim, so the dead video cards were probably a symptom of some other hardware problem. Their response was to send me another replacement GTX 280. I replaced it, and again the card heated to 103C after a few minutes of gaming. Mind you, in all the time before that I had never had a card get anywhere near that hot, I played these same games for months with no issues, and even the cards that died did so while running at about 80C-84C at the absolute max. This entire time my fans were spinning, everything was seated properly, and I had run through the "update drivers, rollback drivers, uninstall and reinstall drivers, etc." steps that they ran me through every time I called them.

    Finally aware that the problem was not going to be fixed by replacing the video card again, Dell technical support suggested that I preform a dell factory image restore, and had me write down the steps needed to do that. After finding that some of the options I was to run through weren't actually options in my menu, yet another tech told me to just (re)install Vista from the disc provided with my machine, then install the drivers from the disc provided, then allow Vista to update itself. This had my PC working for a few days, before the video card died again.

    This time (like always happens when one of the video cards die) I could not boot into windows normally without locking up the machine. My only option was to boot into safe mode, disable the video card in device manager, then restart and log in normally. With no video card the screen resolution reverts to 800×600, which is ugly, but it normally displays that resolution properly. This time there were also artifacts all over the screen. I tried to restart and noticed that there were these same artifacts even on the boot screen, which meant there was now obviously something wrong with the machine other than the video card, since on the boot screen the drivers are not loaded and the video card isn't even in play yet. I shut down the machine for about 45 minutes and tried to gain the composure needed to talk to another of your tech support people.

    At this point I should point out that at the end of every conversation they ask me if I'm happy with the service THEY have provided, and I say yes. I say this because it is obvious that they are doing their best to help me. However, I am someone who had never seen the inside of a PC case before running into issues with this machine, and I still feel like I am a step or two ahead of these people every time I talk to them. It seems as if I am talking to very nice people who were hired for their ability to speak over the telephone in a pleasant manner, and the ability to read from whatever script, flowchart, or "step 1 leads to step 2" program they are working from, it also seems fairly likely that these people know even less about my computer than I do. After talking to like ten of these people in a matter of days I get tired of telling them my name, phone number, email, and address over and over again. I get tired of trying to walk them through the entire history of problems I've been having, only to have them tell me to try that which was obvious to me before even calling them. I get tired of feeling that a person I'm calling for technical support has even less technical knowledge than me (which is difficult seeing as I have so little), and still has to talk to me like I am stupid, by suggesting the things that I obviously tried before even calling them, like updating drivers, etc.

    So back to the problem, after cooling off for about 45 minutes I call, I explain the problem, which is now not only a dead video card, but also the hardware problem leading to artifacts on the boot screen. The tech support person actually suggests that I disconnect the monitor to see if the artifacts are on the monitor when it isn't plugged in. I understand that a faulty monitor could have an issue that seemed similar to this, but on a machine with a dead video card that had received multiple replacement cards, it should be obvious to anyone that a monitor isn't killing the video cards. Still, I know that my only option is going through the steps your technical support personnel give me, and hoping they eventually leave me with a working machine. So, even knowing that it will be futile, I power up the machine and get ready to disconnect the wires to see if it is the monitor. Upon powering up the machine it has returned to it's normal resolution, and there are no artifacts. The tech person makes it obvious that he can't help fix something that isn't having a problem. I am at a loss to explain it and tell him "I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and it seems to be working now", so I apologize for bothering him and go back to trying to use the PC. Within 20 minutes the screen freezes, then there are artifacts, then the PC locks up completely (these three symptoms happen in that order, and within a matter of seconds of each other.) Upon restart there are artifacts on the boot screen again. I should also add that these same artifacts are on the screen when booting to the utility partion, and running the diagnostics.)

    I call technical support again and I provide my service tag, and am asked my name, phone number, address, and all the other information which I would have no reason to have changed since the last ten times that week I'd been asked. Finally the person on the other end of the phone begins to understand that I have a problem, and tells me he will be sending someone to my house to replace the video card, the motherboard, and the heatsink. This fixes the machine, and it is even running one or two degrees cooler. Fast forward a few days, and now I am left AGAIN with a non-functional video card, and the only depressing option open to me is to call technical support and run through all of this yet again. Even though I have no confidence that that your company will get this machine running for more than a week straight at any time in the near future. I feel like I am just going to spend the next 800 or so days (the time remaining on my warranty) using my PC for a day or two, then spending longer than that talking to tech support, and waiting for them to provide a "solution" than only fixes it for few days. I would think at some point there would be some financial model in place in your company designed to pick up on the fact that it would be cheaper to have just given me a properly functioning PC in the first place, or even give me one now, as compared to constantly sending me replacement parts that die, and sending out techs that only fix the problem for a few days.

    I would like to add that while I might not be a huge customer that buys hundreds of units, I have only bought two PCs in my life, they both cost me around $3,000 and they were both Dells. I was one of the few guys on the internet forums I frequent who would argue with people that said "Don't buy a Dell, build your own.", and at this point I'm beginning to think that I was in the wrong. If at some point soon I do not have a working machine, I am going to have no choice but to buy another that actually works more often than it sits waiting for a replacement part or a technician to show up. When that happens, I would be stupid to buy another PC from Dell. You know the saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me", well that seems to apply here. I don't know if you sold me a lemon that burns through perfectly good parts, or if you're sending me faulty replacement parts at each step, but neither one is acceptable from a company that I gave three thousand dollars to (double that if you count the last PC), in exchange for what was supposed to be a properly functioning PC.

    Again, I don't actually expect to get any help or satisfaction here, but since I seem to be out of options (other than the perpetual, circular tech support nightmare I am about to re-engage in) I figured this might be worth a shot."

    The closest thing I can find now is "support.dell.com/…/outstanding_issues_tech" which hopefully will get me more than a canned reply, as I am now at my wits end.

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