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More tomorrow on additional products from the DigitalLife event, but since they’re on Engadget, here are some details on the new 32 and 37" HDTVs and the value-priced 20" widescreen LCD display. Starting price point for the E207WFP is $289. The HDTVs both have integrated HD tuners to display over the air high-def signals at 720p.  Both include HDMI inputs to provide digital audio and video connectivity for DVD, Blu-ray, or HD-DVD players. The 3707C has two HDMI inputs.

In addition to televisions and displays, we also introduced the Dell 1800MP, a DLP projector that supports 1024 x 768 resolution for a starting price of $849.

We also launched two new printers, the Photo All-in-One 926 and 966.

Last, but not least, we introduced an updated XPS 1710 notebook targeted at gamers and enthusiasts.  Like it’s predecessor, the 17" widescreen flat panel supports  high-definition resolution up to 1080P. In this vlog, Patrick Desbois,  who leads the XPS notebook engineering team, takes you through some new features (one hint: BIOS-enabled overclocking for the Core 2 Duo processor) and introduces Dell’s LightFX SDK. which allows for integrated lighting effects with supported games and for listening to music in iTunes, Windows Media Player or WinAmp.

For Linux users, you can access the Ogg Theora format of our vlog here.

This product fact sheet has more details on all the products we launched today.

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Bob F July 1, 2016
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10 thoughts on “New Dell Products Unveiled @ DigitalLife

  1. W3707C and W3207C…

    Arghh! Now you tell me!  Wish I knew they were coming out 10 days earlier. After my recent purchases, and with holidays coming up.. *sigh* it’ll have to wait. Would have loved to have either one for the XBox-360 or upcoming PS3.

    How about a nice 24″ 720p LCD TV with hdmi and *dual* component inputs under $500? *drool*

    btw, overclocking in bios for the core 2’s on notebooks… nice. Fluff, but the enthisiast community should love it.

    And lets see some affordable DLPs that support 1280 x 720 for when those presentations break out into an impromptu gaming session. 🙂


  2. The E207WFP sounds like a great deal.  Will this item be available in the UK, and if so, at what sort of price point?

  3. Lee: Don’t know global availability off the top of my head. Will check with the displays team and let you know.

    Update: Lee: sorry for the delay in getting an answer. The E207WFP will be introduced in the U.K. soon, but pricing has yet to be finalized.

  4. It would be nice if the UK had the same options as the USA on the 1710 and other systems. We seem to be behind in quite a few options. The red 1710 would be nice if nothing else. 4Gb of ram, better graphics card, N wireless card, the list goes on.

    Come on Dell, some people want to spend money but you wont let us. I’m sure Dell would love to get more pennies out of us Brit buyers, so let us have the chance to give you them.

  5. You said on here that the starting price point for the:

    Dell 1800MP, a DLP projector that supports 1024 x 768 resolution for a starting price of $849″

    I went on the website and it is $1,289-$190 = $1,099

    Was there a miscommunication?

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