New Dell Venue Pro Firmware Revision Coming Next Month


I know many Dell Venue Pro users have reported issues with connecting or using Wi-Fi and with lockups. Take a look at sites like and or just spend some time reading through the #dellvenuepro hashtag to see what I’m referring to.

The new firmware will be rolled out to customers with unlocked phones globally and to T-Mobile customers in the US around the middle of next month. This will be via the Zune update process. Beginning this week, customers who order the unlocked version of the Dell Venue Pro will receive the phone with version 2.12 of the firmware installed.

The main fix in the updated firmware is that it addresses the Wi-Fi and lockup issues. Here’s what was going on: the Wi-Fi and the user memory storage area both use the same DMA channel. So, if you downloaded a lot of data via Wi-Fi (like a game or other Marketpace app, or even a YouTube video) while the phone was trying to write to the user memory storage location, you sometimes see lockups due to a DMA conflict. In other words, lockups could occur when Wi-Fi data downloading conflicted with writing to the user memory storage location.

Over the past months, we had released previous firmware revisions like 2.06 and 2.10. The reality was that those interim firmware updates solved issues for some customers, but it did not solve all of them. As we gathered data from the other versions, we got more detail to come up with the new firmware revision. Testing-wise, we’ve been working with Microsoft, the carriers and even a few beta test customers like Malcolm Williams (@domineus on Twitter). Based on those tests, things are looking pretty good. Thanks to those of you who served as beta testers (@efjay01, Jesse Jewkes, @notebookgrail and others) and to all of you who have been waiting for this update. Check out Malcolm’s deep dive on the beta test on for more information.

Like I mentioned before, existing global customers and T-Mobile customers will see this update beginning around mid-July . It does require the Microsoft March update and the security update, so if you’ like to get a jump on the process, I recommend that you install those now. When we get closer to the time of the update, I’ll blog about the process to walk you through it like I did for the March update.

To those of you who have been waiting for a fix to this and other issues, we appreciate your support. When I have new information to share on this topic, I’ll do it here. If you have questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment on this post, or ping me on Twitter ( @LionelatDell), or just check the #dellvenuepro Twitter hashtag from time to time.

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  • notebookgrail

    Thanks Lionel for the update. It has been a long patient journey to get this fix in place. Kudos to Dell for getting the issues fixed.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    Sure thing. Thanks again for sticking with us.

  • Necrothug

    Any word on when this firmware will be released for AT&T phones?

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Necrothug: Firmware is still in testing on the AT&T side. I don't have a definitive ETA at this point. Will let you know when that changes.

  • StatVoid

    What are the improvements that have been made since firmware 2250.1500.7004.105 to things like Bluetooth randomly disconnecting, some devices (BlueAnt Q2 in my case) oftentimes reporting back that the phone does not support voice commands when in fact it does (and will every so often), and finally when closing the slider — if it closes in a situation where you just tap it on the top and shut it without bracing it or softening the impact of the close — it just restarts off like you dropped it?

    Overall I love the phone, but those are some major nuances I have with it and I've had it since February. I've not called support due to the horror stories of some and figured I'd just wait until the firmware update.  So, I really hope those issues have been address with the new firmware, or at least addressed in the old firmware and rolled up into this upcoming release.

  • SilverSee

    Good news.  Now that it's fixed, please find a way to bring this device to AT&T in the US…

  • StatVoid

    @notnice – +1, I am wondering the same thing

  • Bazajaytee

    How does the firmware numbers you mention convert to those we see on our phones. Is it the last 3 digits?

    For example, my firmware is 2250.1800.7355.210.

    Good to see a Wifi fix was found and made for this Firmware, thanks for an excellent phone.

  • Mister_C

    There's a  list of what's included here:

    I hope they all made it in. Thanks for the update!

  • notnice

    Is there fixex for the camera in the firmware release because the camera is very poor.

  • kensplace

    Can you please check your pm's lionel.

    I am having a problem with the dell d630 (known fault) nvidia issue, you asked people to pm if they had required help with getting it sorted under the warranty extension.

  • StatVoid

    @Mister_C – Unfortunately no mention of any Bluetooth issues being possibly fixed, how the camera itself might be better (instead it states there's 3 newer options), or how when on far too many occasions just simply plugging in the phone to charge (with still ~25% battery life remaining) will cause it to reboot.

    I would like these issues addressed or at least acknowledged. I love the phone but how can I be certain any of my most frustrating issues, which are listed above, have been fixed to a point where I should trust updating the firmware when it comes out? If Lionel or another Dell rep (who actually knows what's coming) can address them, I'll be happy.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @StatVoid: What version of the firmware are you running right now? Can you send me an e-mail with your service tag and details on the best way to contact you as well? Obviously, the rebooting thing should not be happening… after I hear from you, will ask someone to contact you to see what's going on.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @bazajaytee: Yes, the last three digits are what determines your firmware. You have version 2.10 of it. The new one I'm referring to in this post is a later version.

  • M_Taylor40

    Thanks for the info (And tweet!) Lionel, happy to hear that you know the cause of the issue and will soon have the update out to resolve it.

    Can't wait to be able to use WiFi and have the mango update, loving the phone so far but these will make it a whole lot better.

    Also as a side note; @Bazajaytee, get back to work as you have deadlines to meet lol, less than 4 months to go!  Lol, only joking!  Can't wait until October, just have to keep playing BFBC2 for now though I guess!  To you and everyone else at Dice, keep up the great work!


  • Kazimieras

    Any chance this update will let us unlocked users change our MMS settings? The "EM" application is great and all, and in the newer firmware it does allow for these settings to be changed, and I would like to be able to receive picture messaging.

  • Michael Scherotter

    Thanks for the update! I love my Venue Pro and can't wait to make it even better.

  • Bazajaytee

    @ M_Taylor40  

    That is the first time I have been called out on a site not related to gaming 😀

    It is coming, not long now 🙂

  • Prensescim

    So when is the saving firmware update suppose to come again??  It is the middle of July now…

  • NetDeveloper

    I am still waiting for this irmware but now I start thinking it is just another hope which will never become reality

  • Dimension0

    hi just ordered the dell venue pro…will it have this new update shipped with it?


  • jdblack

    I HAVE A PHONE I PAID HARD EARNED AMERICAN DOLLARS FOR and purchased from THE leading manufacturer of computers in THE UNITED STATES! This phone purchased with said hard-earned doilars came with the IMPLIED PROMISE that the CAMERA WORKED!

    WHY does dell continue to sell these when the camera isn't fixed.???I just got my old one traded from a new one by going through dell. The new ones are NOT fixed, and no fix has been sent to the OLD BROKEN ONES???  

    Listen, I'm a reasonable person but if I sit down at the bar i want to be acknowledged even if I can't be served right away. You've acknowledged the problem months ago, but time to acknowledge it again and let us know that you give enough of a care about the new and current customer base of this phone that you will not abandon this product, or if you do you'll find a way to make us whole with some sort of credit.

    Dell is  not dedicating enough resources to this issue, either in terms of RESOLUTION or COMMUNICATION to have any expectation that we should be happy.

    I'm copying and pasting this to a place where someone will know about this phone before they buy it.

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    @Prensescim and @NetDeveloper: Hang in there… more details coming this week. My tweet from last Friday is still the latest.

  • M_Taylor40

    @ Bazajaytee

    As soon as I saw your name I knew it would be you, and then you posted about the issues you were having with your DVP which just confirmed it lol.

    Really cant wait until October, think I'll be upgrading my GPU in September ready as my 8800GTS is starting to show its age!

    Also, whats this I hear about BFBC2 on the iphone?!  I think WP7 should get some loving as well!

    Only 99 days to go!!! 😀

    All the best!


  • NetDeveloper

    just a little note after doing update I can not see any restore point in zoon software.after clicking on update button again it only shows current OS version. another point here is that (I can not say that 100% but some gradients on aps and saved pictures qualities from PC) are like rasterized. what I mean is that I think after update it lost some sort of smooth gradients

  • Lionel_Menchaca


    FYI… Personally I haven't received the update notification, but have confirmed that the new firmware has started to roll out to T-Mobile customers in the United States and to all other Dell Venue Pro customers outside the United States.

    Here's my tweet on the topic

  • Lionel_Menchaca

    To T-Mo customers in the United States…. really sorry t inform you that the #dellvenuepro update for T-Mo-locked Venue Pro phones has been delayed until next week. Here's my updated tweet:

  • NetDeveloper

    that's right it's already out there I am just installing it on my dell venue pro Thank u dell after all my time foof waiting for this update I think I made right decision not to change device

  • ms_fanboy76

    Great news… but still want to know what's up w/ the reported RAM issue.  I still have yet to have seen an official response that specifically states how much RAM this phone has.

  • Prensescim

    The frustration is over!!! The wifi issue seems to be resolved now… Great!!!!!  🙂

  • StatVoid

    @Lionel – I emailed you this past Saturday with my service tag and issue details in response to a reply on here that you made about my bluetooth/reboot issues. It's coming into Friday and I've yet to hear anything back. While I am sure you and your team have been busy, I do hope to hear back from you regarding my matter soon.

  • Slowmoe

    The following is an excerpt from a comment I made over at:…/19910567.aspx

    I am not advocating for legal recourse, but rather I think there is an opportunity to reach an amicable conclusion to this issue. The first step is to distribute the firmware to fix the phones, and the second is to release a recovery path to the customers with bricked phones.

    Sending in a phone for warranty is not what you do to re flash your phone because this is normally an inbuilt functionality of phones. It makes developing on Dell phones a gamble, it means trying new beta WP7 OS's more of a gamble, and it is not simply ideal to send out a phone where the fix can be done by the individual. More so the issue of a phone being bricked is what Dell is wholly responsible for, the situation with the phone and how Dell has handled this created this tumultuous environment. Dell has been negligent that of which I am certain of, because the phone was/ and is (so long as the firmware is not publicly available) defective. The temporary remedy was to remove and change the SD card, something that voided the warranty. A void label that was not clearly marked or gave enough forewarning, also the act of changing an SD card is fraught with the possibility of bricking the phone, and the phone does not have a restore/ reformat boot loader to even allow one to recover from such a simple task. Also I and some people actually had the SD card just fail and go straight into the bricked state, and the message displayed on the phone suggests the user to remove the SD. Dell went silent over the progress of a fix for a very lengthy time while still selling these phones fully knowing the issues at hand.

    I really think their is plenty of people who are in this dreaded bricked phone state, I would go so far as to say a 10th of DVP owners have bricked phones because it really is that easy to brick from faulty sd's, faulty firmware, and people trying to change sd's … their really is that many points of failure for this phone. The warranty situation is even quite nebulous in the matter as well. How are people with SD's removed handled, how about those with an SD that is borked, most warranties are limited in scope and only cover hardware … what I'm trying to get at is their is no service advisory providing more clarity on the matter.

    Again the best amicable remedy is for Dell to release some software which we can reflash/ reformat our phones from the PC. I mean seriously does Dell intend to be a serious contender in the mobility market without having phones that can be recovered? A restore point is not the same as a reflash/ reformat based recovery … restore relies heavily on the restore point something that can be erased as someone reformats there pc. All the other WP7 phones in the market have this capability, except for Dell … what gives?

  • NetDeveloper

    thank u again for releasing this update I have a quick question for dell team and maybe someone of this community members know answer as well. well I did not pay attention to this before (as I could not use WIFI) but now what I can see is that device downloads only one app at the same time and all the other apps are on pending status is that expected as an OS behavior or it is just a new problem with dell venue pro? What I mean is that does not device and OS support downloading several apps and games simultaneously?

  • Hydro Roel

    When will this fix be coming to att???