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New From the Dell Download Store: Microsoft “Unboxed”


Broadband Internet access opens up some cool possibilities. Downloading software is one example. If you’re a gamer, chances are good you’ve downloaded some games using Valve’s Steam site.  And you probably did it because it’s easier than driving to a local software store or because it was cheaper, or maybe both.

Games aren’t the only kind of software available for download. We’ve been offering productivity apps via the Dell Download Store since January this year. Now there’s one more reason to visit the store: it’s become the first non-Microsoft site authorized to download popular Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel and Outlook.

Weekly traffic to the Dell Download Store has grown to about 10,000 visitors who like the idea of purchasing software when and how they want it. Prices are good too. We offer software from companies like Microsoft, McAfee, Intuit, CA and Webroot.and more.

Since the Dell Download Store is all about unboxed software (as in no packaging material) and lower distribution costs, it’s also part of our green packaging strategy.

So next time you need software and you’re interested in saving time, money or packaging material (or a bit of  all  three) consider the Dell Download store. You can check it out here:

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